F. Weyerhaeuser and Company records, 1892-1940.


F. Weyerhaeuser and Company records, 1892-1940.

Correspondence (1902-1934); agreements, contracts, and other land and legal papers (1895-1903); annual statements (1895-1934); log accounts (1892-1905); tax records (1923-1938); articles of incorporation (1901); and other papers of [Frederick] Weyerhaeuser and Company and associated lumbering and lumber products companies.

6.25 cu. ft. (14 boxes, incl. 10 v.; and 1 oversize item).


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Minnesota Historical Society Library

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Pine Land Investment Company.

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Pine Tree Lumber Company (Little Falls, Minn.).

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F. Weyerhaeuser and Company (Saint Paul, Minn.).

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Weyerhaeuser, Charles Augustus, 1866-1930.

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Mississippi River Logging Company.

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Weyerhaeuser Sales Company (Saint Paul, Minn.)

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Laird, Norton Co.

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Laird, Norton Co. had its beginnings in 1855 with the establishment at Winona, Minnesota of Laird Brothers (or "Laird & Brothers"), a lumber retailing partnership, by William Harris Laird and his brothers Matthew J. and John Laird. In 1856 the Lairds were joined by two cousins, James L. and Matthew G. Norton, and the name of the partnership was changed to Laird, Norton & Co. The firm built a sawmill at Winona in 1857, and became a lumber manufacturer, wholesaler, and retaile...

Musser-Sauntry and Company.

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Davis, Charles Hall, 1872-

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Lawyer. From the description of A partial list of printed pamphlets, other printed papers and unpublishedmanuscripts [manuscript] / by Charles Hall Davis of the Virginia Bar; 1946 July 10. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 648004276 From the description of Charles Hall Davis papers [manuscript] 1906-52. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647943035 ...

Sauntry, William, 1847-1914.

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McKusick, Harrison J., 1855-1937.

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St. Croix Boom Corporation.

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Weyerhaeuser, Frederick, 1834-1914

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Weyerhaeuser and Denkmann Company (Rock Island, Ill.).

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Weyerhaeuser Timber Company

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The Weyerhaeuser Company, founded in 1900 as the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company, is one of the largest forest product companies in the world. Weyerhaueser had timber and logging operations in Klamath County until the mid-1990s. Timber cruising is a process for measuring forest stands to determine number and species of trees, average tree size and volume, and timber quality. From the description of Klamath County timber cruising records, 1952-1955. (Eugene Public Library). WorldCat recor...

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Edward Hines Lumber Co.

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F.C.A. Denkmann Securities Company.

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Rutledge, Edward, 1870-1942

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Weyerhaeuser, Frederick Edward, 1872-1945

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Chippewa Valley Land Company.

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McCormick, Robert Laird, 1847-1911

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Gappa, Paul.

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E.J. Longyear Company.

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