James Willard Oliver Collection of W. V. Quine.


Quine, W. V. (Willard Van Orman). James Willard Oliver Collection of W. V. Quine.

James Willard Oliver Collection of W. V. Quine.

This collection is comprised of materials by and about Willard Van Orman Quine, collected by James Willard Oliver. It includes Quine's reviews of Skepticism and naturalism by P. F. Strawson, George Boole : his life and work by Desmond Hale, and the National Georgraphic atalas of the world, three typescript copies of Quine's paper The pragmatists' place in empiricism, one typescript copy of Carnap and logical truth, and one typescript copy of A proof of Church's theorem (later re-titled Church's theorem on the decision problem). Other materials include one article and one review about Quine and his works from the Times literary supplement, the program from Columbia University 1970 commencement ceremony at which Quine was awarded a Butler Medal, a photocopy of a typewritten letter from Quine to R. Zane Parks, (January 26, 1970) regarding a proof in Quine's Set theory and its logic, and a holograph letter from R. Zane Park to James Willard Oliver (March 13, 1970) accompanying the photocopy. There are also several promotional materials, including four pamphlets from Philosophy International, one advertisement letter from Philosophy in Britain, one advertisement from Washington University regarding a conference on Quine's philosophy, one notice concerning the Academy of Humanism with Quine's name listed as a member, and one typed quote from the New York Times.

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Willard Van Orman Quine was an American analytic philosopher, logician, and mathematician and was for much of his life affilated with Harvard University. His major writings include Word and object, Set theory and its logic, and Two dogmas of empiricism. From the description of James Willard Oliver Collection of W. V. Quine. (University of South Carolina). WorldCat record id: 311081458 W. V. (Willard Van Orman) Quine (1908-2000) was an American mathematician, logician, and ph...