Horace and Anne Montgomerie Traubel papers, 1824-1979 (bulk 1883-1947).


Horace and Anne Montgomerie Traubel papers, 1824-1979 (bulk 1883-1947).

Correspondence of both Traubel and his wife; diary notes and journals (1873-1917) kept by Traubel, including daily record (1888-1892) of his visits and conversations with Walt Whitman; literary files containing prose, poetry, criticism, and other writings, by the Traubels and others; personal financial and legal papers; scrapbooks; prints; and photos; together with correspondence, literary mss., publishing and financial papers, proofs, and printed material, comprising the files of The Conservator, a magazine expressing socialist views, edited and published by Horace Traubel. Includes material relating to the Traubels' support of the literary and artistic avant-garde, the arts and crafts and ethical culture movements, and social and political reform. Correspondents include Leonard D. Abbott, Frank Bain, Leon Bazelgett, Albert Boni, Charles Boni, Richard Maurice Bucke, John Burroughs, Ellen M. O'Connor Calder, Helen Campbell, Edward Carpenter, Charles W. Chesnutt, John H. Clifford, James C. Craven, Homer Davenport, Eugene V. and Theodore Debs, Archie and Elsie Edington, Peter Eglinton, Edgar Fawcett, Alexis and Paul Fournier, Clifton Joseph Furness, William F. Gable, Richard Watson Gilder, Arthur C. Goodwyn, Rosalie Goodyear, Thomas B. Harned, Edmund Marsden Hartley, Carrie Rand and George D. Herron, Elbert Hubbard, Robert G. Ingersoll, John Johnston, John H. Johnston, David and Rose Karsner, William Sloane Kennedy, Mitchell Kennerly, Courtenay Lemon, Oscar Lion, Julia Marlowe, Laurens Maynard, Joaquin Miller, Sidney H. Morse, Thomas B. Mosher, Shigetaka Naganuma, Alfred Noyes, Isaac Hull Platt, William M. Salter, Frederic J. Shollar, Charles Sixsmith, Herbert Small, Alfred Stieglitz, Charles W. Stoddard, James G.P. and Rose Pastor Stokes, James W. Wallace, Samuel Burns Weston, Gustave Percival Wiksell, and members of the Herne family.

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Bain, Frank

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Traubel, Horace, 1858-1919

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Poet, critic, and friend and biographer of Walt Whitman; full name Horace Logo Traubel; married Anne Montgomerie in 1891. From the description of Horace Traubel and Anne Montgomerie Traubel papers, 1824-1979 (bulk 1883-1947). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70980223 American author. From the description of Letter, 1907 July 24, Philadelphia, to [Rufus Rockwell Wilson], Brooklyn, New York [manuscript]. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647814514 ...

Abbott, Leonard Dalton, 1878-1953

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Note in another hand identifies Abbott as Asst. Ed. of Current Literature. From the description of Note [n.d.] New York. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34366273 Leonard D. Abbott was Executive Chairman of the Modern School. From the description of Correspondence with Carl Zigrosser, 1915-1943, n.d. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155902403 ...

Burroughs, John, 1837-1921

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American naturalist and writer. From the description of Poem 1917. (Denver Public Library). WorldCat record id: 49995946 One of America's great naturalist authors. From the description of Memorabilia, 1905-1931. (Hartwick College). WorldCat record id: 27057683 American teacher, naturalist, poet, and essayist of national prominence. Friend of Walt Whitman; influenced by Thoreau, Carlyle, and Emerson. Employed accurate observations of nature, scientific re...

Bucke, Richard Maurice, 1837-1902

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Bucke was a Canadian psychiatrist and psychologist, Walt Whitman's literary executor, and superintendent of the London Ontario Asylum for the Insane. Love was an American and the Director of Physical Training for Women at Indiana State Normal School. From the description of Letters to Edith Maclure Love, 1889-1902. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 78326340 From the guide to the Letters to Edith Maclure Love, 1889-1902., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Ha...

Bazelgett, Leon

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Boni, Charles

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Boni, Albert, 1892-1981

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Boni was born in 1892 in New York City; attended Harvard Univ.; in 1912, with his brother Charles, he established the Washington Square Book Shop, a gathering place for Bohemian intellectuals; about 1914 originated the idea of a very small format for abridged classics called "The Little Leather Library," which were sold through Woolworth's; sold the book shop in 1917 and joined Horace Liveright to form the Boni-Liveright Publishing Co., which introduced the "Modern Library of the World's Best Cl...