Correspondence with Michael Wardell : 1958. 1958 Mar. - July.


Wardell, Michael. Correspondence with Michael Wardell : 1958.

Correspondence with Michael Wardell : 1958. 1958 Mar. - July.

Correspondence concerning: a statue of Sir Winston Churchill to be erected at the art gallery in Fredericton; Alan Jarvis of the National Gallery of Ottawa to lecture in London regarding the Beaverbrook Gallery; the purchase or photographing of paintings by Gainsborough, Gunn, Hilliard, Sisley, Stubbs, Sutherland, Nash and Gagnon; Beaverbrook's missing school reports; Beaverbrook's disapproval of Canadian art expert, Duval;(CONTINUES). (CONTINUED) Wardell suggests that Beaverbrook hold a dinner in London for the Atlantic premiers to celebrate Watson Jamer's appointment as Agent General of the Atlantic Provinces (Flemming, Stanfield, Matheson, Smallwood); Wardell recommends that Officers' Quarters be made an annex to the Gallery, the Officers' Square a shrine to Lord Beaverbrook and the Archives be built next to the Rink; samples of wallcovering for the art gallery; relative newsprint consumption by eleven British newspaper companies.


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Michael Wardell joined the Beaverbrook newspapers in London in 1926 after a career in the military. With the outbreak of the Second World War he rejoined the army and finally retired with the rank of Brigadier in 1946. He returned to Fleet Street and eventually became vice-chairman to the Beaverbrook organization. In 1950 he came to Fredericton and bought the Daily Gleaner. He then established the University Press of New Brunswick Ltd. with its subsidiary, Brunswick Press. He also launched the A...