Collection, 1851-1886.


Catholic Church. Diocese of Santa Fe (N.M.). Collection, 1851-1886.

Collection, 1851-1886.

Photostats of letters from Lamy to Bishop Zubiria and to Lamy from Don Ramon Ortiz, Vicar of El Paso, and from Martinez and Taladrid; two autograph letters from Lamy to Father Thomas A. Hayes, and one autograph letter to John O'Kane Murray, Catholic historian; a manuscript and a printed copy of Lamy's farewell address of August 26, 1885; two photos of Lamy and several newspaper clippings.

2.5 linear inches.

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Catholic Church. Diocese of Santa Fe (N.M.) (corporateBody)

The area that now comprises the state of New Mexico once belonged to the Diocese of Guadalajara when territory was under the jurisdiction of Spain (1598-1623); it belonged to the Diocese of Durango until the area was annexed to the United States in (1623-1846). Bishop Jose Antonio Laureano de Zubiria y Escalante of Durango visited the area that is now the Diocese of Santa Fe in 1832, 1845 and 1859. In 1846 the American hierarchy petitioned Rome for the selection of a bis...

Martínez, Antonio José 1793-1867 (person)

Antonio José Martínez was born in Abiquiu, N.M. in 1793. His family moved to Taos in 1804. Upon completion of his studies at the seminary in Durango, Mexico he returned to N.M., first to Tomé, then Abiquiu and finally Taos. Martínez, with others was responsible for bringing the first printing press to Santa Fe in 1834. The first printing press was primarily used to advance political, ecclesiastical, and educational agendas. Martínez is recognized as a champion of the common folk, a pastoral...

Murray, John O'Kane, 1847-1885 (person)

Lamy, John Baptist, 1814-1888 (person)

Zubiria y Escalante, Jose Antonio Laureano, 1791-1863. (person)

Ortiz, Ramon Arigoni (person)

Hayes, Thomas E. (person)

Taladrid, Damaso. (person)