Denise Scott Brown interview, 1990 Oct. 25 - 1991 Nov. 9.


Scott Brown, Denise, 1931-. Denise Scott Brown interview, 1990 Oct. 25 - 1991 Nov. 9.

Denise Scott Brown interview, 1990 Oct. 25 - 1991 Nov. 9.

An interview of Denise Scott Brown conducted by Peter Reed for the Archives of American Art. Scott Brown discusses her family background and growing up in South Africa; her education at the University of Witwatersrand, the Architectural Association, London, a summer school in Venice sponsored by Congres Internationale d'Architecture Moderne, and the University of Pennsylvania, recalling some of her teachers (including Arthur Korn and Louis Kahn); her first husband, Robert Scott Brown, and their travels throughout Europe and experiences in Pennsylvania; her teaching philosophy and experiences at the University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Harvard, UCLA, and Berkeley; the architecture program at Penn from her perspective as a student and as a member of the faculty; meeting Robert Venturi, their work together, the firm and the difficulties encountered in the 1970s and 1980s, some of their projects such as the National Gallery, London, and the Museum of fine Arts, Houston, and planning work; publications such as "Complexity and Contradiction," "Urban concepts," "Worm's Eye View," and "Learning from Las Vegas;" postmodern architecture; critics; and her experiences as a woman in the field.

Sound recordings: 10 sound cassettes.Transcript: 188 p.

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