Herbert Ferber interview, 1981 June 2.


Ferber, Herbert, 1906-. Herbert Ferber interview, 1981 June 2.

Herbert Ferber interview, 1981 June 2.

An interview of Herbert Ferber conducted by Phyllis Tuchman for the Archives of American Art's Mark Rothko and His Times oral history project. Ferber talks about the development of his friendship with Rothko through the Betty Parsons Gallery and Rothko's personality and habits. He speaks of Rothko's work, particularly the Houston chapel, and his feelings for other artists. He briefly mentions his involvement in the lawsuit against the Marlborough Galleries. He recalls Adolph Gottlieb, Clyfford Still, Barney Newman, Robert Motherwell, William Baziotes, Arshile Gorky, Ad Reinhardt, and many others.

Sound recording: 1 cassette : analog.Transcript: 12 p.

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