Mineral Rock.


Mineral Rock.

items in folder : ill., photos. ; 22 x 28 cm.

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Wilsen, Thomas.

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Jenks, Frank, 1902-1962

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Mineral Rock (Ship)

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McKnight, Steven L.

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Mills, John E.

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Walbridge, Wells D.

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McFarland, Anne

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Mercur, Herbert.

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Neal, Alvin.

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McKay, John F., 1940-

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Cander, William R.

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Ryder, Redmond.

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Thompson, J. Pennock

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Bassett, P. C.

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Walbridge, Samuel E.

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Candler, J. W.

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Keeler, S. C.

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Ward, Eber B., 1811-1875

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In 1807 Eber Ward married Sally Potter (d. 1818). Together they had four children, including Emily (1809- ) and Eber Brock (1811-1875). At various times, the family lived in Upper Canada, Salem (Ohio), Detroit, Bois Blanc, and Mackinac (Mich.). Eber served as the lighthouse keeper at Bois Blanc, 1830-1831. As a young man, Eber B. Ward worked with his uncle, Samuel Ward, a prominent shipbuilder in Marine City (Mich.). Eventually they became partners in "Ward's Line of Steamers" and successfully b...

Vansylch, C. A.

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Candler, Homer W.

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Coyne, Hugh.

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Van Slyke & Notter (Buffalo, N.Y.)

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Chandler, James W.

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