Ettlinger, H.J., papers, 1909-1981.


Ettlinger, H. J. (Hyman Joseph), 1889-. Ettlinger, H.J., papers, 1909-1981.

Ettlinger, H.J., papers, 1909-1981.

Collection documents the career of H.J. Ettlinger. His student notes on Harvard courses of G.D. Birkhoff, M. Bocher, C.L. Bouton, W.E. Byerly, J.L. Coolidge, H.N. Davis, D. Jackson, W.F. Osgood, and B.O. Peirce (1910-1913) are present. Ettlinger's research interests in analysis and his UT Defense Research Laboratory work on aerodynamics are represented. The collection also contains a computer printout prepared by Ettlinger and Albert C. Lewis on doctoral descendants of University of Texas mathematics faculty. Material includes correspondence, student notes, teaching notes, mimeographed lecture notes, drafts of research papers and textbooks, reports, clippings, reprints, and photographs.

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