Papers, 1868-1917.


Roosevelt, Theodore, 1858-1919. Papers, 1868-1917.

Papers, 1868-1917.

This collection, which covers the period 1868 to 1917, contains photostatic copies and originals of correspondence and miscellaneous papers primarily representing Roosevelt's childhood and aspects of his political life. Included are photocopies of letters written (mainly when Roosevelt was ten to fifteen years old) to his parents and other family members. The letters contain descriptive details of his travels in Italy, France, and Egypt, his relationships with his sisters and brothers, references to family boxing scenes, scientific experiments, pets, humorous sketches of the Darwinian theory, and his domestic life in France. Later letters include comments on his Dakota ranch, the political scene in New York, and a description of a White House Christmas in 1906. The miscellaneous papers contain an original invitation to Roosevelt's 1880 wedding; copies of his signature; a printed speech, with his own marginal corrections; two typescript copies of his 5 October 1911 letter to David Gray (1870-1968) that describes his experiences as representative to the U.S. at the funeral of King Edward VII. Of special note are two original confidential letters between Wisconsin Gov. Francis Edward McGovern (1866-1946) and Roosevelt concerning the latter's opinion of William Howard Taft (1857-1930) and political maneuvering for the 1912 Republican Convention. There is also the rough draft of a chapter of _Through the Brazilian Wilderness_ which Roosevelt wrote in 1914 describing his safari and including details on wildlife, natives and their customs, hunting expeditions, and scenery.

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