Jackson Kemper papers, 1787-1972.


Kemper, Jackson, 1789-1870. Jackson Kemper papers, 1787-1972.

Jackson Kemper papers, 1787-1972.

Papers, mainly 1801-1870, of Jackson Kemper, the first missionary bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church and the first bishop of Wisconsin, together with papers of the Relf-Poyntell family, to whom Kemper was related by marriage. The collection includes correspondence; church minutes; diaries primarily covering the post-1835 years as a missionary bishop; and lists of sermon subjects, marriages and baptisms performed, notes on religious subjects, and fundraising records pertaining to the General Theological Seminary. In addition, the collection includes biographical information about Kemper; photographs of and related to Kemper, Elizabeth Kemper Adams, and the Adams and Relf families; and the papers of Kemper's two wives, Jerusha Lyman and Ann Relf Kemper; his daughter, Elizabeth Kemper Adams, and various in-laws.

16.2 c.f. (14 archives boxes, 50 volumes, and 1 oversize folder),4 reels of microfilm (35mm),24 photographs,1 lithograph, and1 piece of ephemera in 1 archives box.

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Kemper, Jackson, 1789-1870

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Bishop of the Missionary District of Missouri and Indiana and of the territory later forming Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnensota, Nebraska and Kansas, with visitations to other parts of the west and southwest and Bishop of Wisconsin. From the description of Jackson Kemper papers, 1811-1878. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 658860832 Episcopal bishop. From the description of Letter of Jackson Kemper, 1841. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79423776 ...

Kemper College

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Episcopal Church

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In 1982, the General Convention of the Church deleted the words "Protestant" and "in the United States of America" from the official title of the Church, making it the Episcopal Church. From the description of Records of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States of America, Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, 1823-1975 (inclusive). (Yale University). WorldCat record id: 702152635 ...

Poyntell, Ann Wilcocks.

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Relf family.

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Breck, James Lloyd, 1818-1876

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Kemper, Ann Relf.

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Cadle, Richard Fish, 1796-1857

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Johnson, Samuel Roosevelt, 1802-1873

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Episcopal priest. Johnson was professor of Systematic Divinity at General Theological Seminary. From the description of Papers, 1818-1916. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155474979 ...

Poyntell family.

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Seabury Divinity School

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Tayler, William James, 1810-

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Poyntell, William, 1756-1811

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William Poyntell was a Philadelphia bookseller. From the description of Thermometrical journal, 1803. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 173466175 From the guide to the Thermometrical journal, 1803, 1803, (American Philosophical Society) ...

Kemper family.

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