Papers, 1796-1959.


Hanks family. Papers, 1796-1959.

Papers, 1796-1959.

Papers of various members of a prominent Madison, Wisconsin, family, together with genealogical information collected by Julia Hanks Mailer. Primarily documented are banker Lucien Stanley Hanks (1838-1926), his sons Stanley Charles Hanks (1872-1945) and Lucien Mason Hanks, Sr. (1868-1950), and Lucien M.'s wife, Mary Esther Vilas Hanks (1873-1959), but there is also some general information about Madison history.

4.2 c.f.,3 disc recordings,2 tape recordings,0.6 c.f. of photographs,0.4 c.f. of negatives,1 drawing, and2 films.

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