Texas Association notebook, 1873-1882.


Preston, William, 1816-1887. Texas Association notebook, 1873-1882.

Texas Association notebook, 1873-1882.

The notebook contains William Preston's notes on the Texas Association. Preston listed points of argument, cited other cases and recorded supporting evidence to the Texas Association's claim to the Mercer Colony in southwestern Texas. Founded by Kentuckian Charles Mercer, for financing and promoting a contract of colonization in Texas in 1884, the Texas Association, according to Preston's calculations in the notebook, claimed 768,000 acres of land in Texas which had been opened to settlement by the commissioner of the General Land Office. As chief agent, Preston's uncle, George Hancock, had sought an injunction in the United States Circuit Court at Austin, Texas in March of 1875 to gain control of the Texas land he had claimed in his colonization venture. The notes stated the evidence which Preston utilized when he became chief agent upon his uncle's death in August, 1875. Eventually the court declared the contract void because of the failure of Charles Mercer to meet all the requirements.

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