Correspondence with Franz Werfel, 1913.


Trakl, Georg, 1887-1914. Correspondence with Franz Werfel, 1913.

Correspondence with Franz Werfel, 1913.

The 1 letter from Trakl (undated) appears to concern the submission of an additional poem to Kurt Wolff Verlag, apparently at the time that his collection Gedichte was in the process of being published (he mentions the poem "Geistliches Lied"). The other item (chronologically earlier) is a letter from Werfel (transcription) in which he expresses his great admiration for poems that Trakl submitted, and informs Trakl that he is making a selection for publication in the company's series for new contemporary writing, "Der jüngste Tag"; this letter can be found in: Georg Trakl in Zeugnissen der Freunde ed. Wolfgang Schneditz (Pallas Verlag, 1951).

2 items (2 leaves).

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Trakl, Georg, 1887-1914 (person)

At the time of the correspondence Werfel was an editor at Kurt Wolff Verlag (which was also his own publisher); he was not personally acquainted with Trakl but received a manuscript of Trakl's poems for consideration at the publishing company. From the description of Correspondence with Franz Werfel, 1913. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155864634 ...