Historical papers, 1603-1864.


Historical papers, 1603-1864.

Papers of Southampton residents from the 17th to the 19th centuries, principally deeds, with miscellaneous wills and estate papers, receipts, bonds, accounts, letters, military documents, apprentice indentures, election records, highway documents, shipping and whaling records, papers relating to slaves and Shinnecock Indians, and organization records. Individuals mentioned include Obadiah and Jonah Rogers, Samuel Clark; Obadiah Howell; John, Henry, William, Job and Zebulon Wick; Isaac, Joseph and Samuel Post; Samuel, Stephen and George Bishop; James Pierson; Benjamin Glover, and members of the Cooper, Halsey, Fordham and Sayre families.

Ca. 150 items.

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Wick, Job.

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Clark, Samuel David, 1945-

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Wick, John D., 1946-

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Wick, Henry.

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Halsey family.

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Bishop, Stephen

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Dunwell, William K., collector.

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William K. Dunwell was Southampton Town Historian. From the description of Historical papers, 1603-1864. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155563626 ...

Pierson, James H. S., 1929-

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Fordham family.

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Cooper family.

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Bishop, George, 1955-....

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Epithet: heraldic painter, of London British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001439.0x000324 ...

Wick, Zebulon.

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Rogers, Obadiah

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Born in Dana, Worcester Co., Mass., Jan. 26, 1792 son of Elkanah and Tamson (Snow) Rogers; removed to Raisin, Mich., 1831; active in Congregational Church; Apr. 18, 1814, married Lydia M.Reed, and they had eleven children. She died in 1880, and he, Sep. 12, 1873. (from Hist. & Biog. Record Lenawee Co., v.2, 246-47, 48) (blue index cards) From the description of Obadiah Rogers papers, 1833-1937 (Detroit Public Library). WorldCat record id: 607900965 ...

Wick, William W. (William Watson), 1796-1868

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Sayre family.

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Howell, Obadiah.

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Post, Samuel.

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Glover, Benjamin, active 1826-1829

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Post, Isaac, 1762-1842

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Bishop, Samuel, 1723-1803

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Rogers, Jonah.

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Post, Joseph

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