Oral History interview with Ernst Henry Krause, 1982.


Oral History interview with Ernst Henry Krause, 1982.

This interview examines Krasue's early career at the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) first as a physicist, then as Associate Director fo Research. Also covered is his work at Lockheed, at Systems Research Corporation, and at Ford Aeronuetronics. After detailing aspects of his early life and education (University of Wisconsin, PhD, 1938, physics), the interview closely follows Krause's career at NRL, including his involvement with wartime research, spectroscopic research using V-2 cosmic ray research, and his work with the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC). Central to the interview is Krause's role as a manager of science, as well as his perceptions of the organizational relationships that evolved to made use of V-2s. Additional topics discussed include: Julian Schwinger, Frank Malina, Fritz Zwicky and his experiments, John Wheeler, Applied Physics Laboratory (Johns Hopkins), and the original Wasserfall rockets.

Transcript: 84 p.


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