Dana family papers, 1764-1967 (inclusive), 1805-1961 (bulk).


Dana family. Dana family papers, 1764-1967 (inclusive), 1805-1961 (bulk).

Dana family papers, 1764-1967 (inclusive), 1805-1961 (bulk).

The papers consist of correspondence, writings, printed material, lectures, notebooks, photographs, and miscellanea documenting the personal lives and professional careers of members of the Dana family. James Dwight Dana, a prominent American scientist, and his son, Edward Salisbury Dana, are two primary figures in the papers.

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Park, Edwards Amasa, 1808-1900

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American clergyman, theologian, and educator. From the description of Autograph letter signed : [Andover, Mass.?], to [Andrew Preston] Peabody, [1866 Apr. 4]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 743829255 Congregational clergyman, theologian, professor at Andover Theological Seminary, editor of Bibliotheca Sacra. From the description of Papers, 1835-1899. (Andover Newton Theological School). WorldCat record id: 11667718 American theologian. From t...

Dana, John White, 1817-1849.

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Whitney, J.D. (Josiah Dwight), 1819-1896

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Born in Northampton, Mass., Nov. 23, 1819, son of Josiah Dwight and Sarah (Williston) , grad. Yale 1839, read law 1841, traveled and studied in France, Germany, Italy, 1842-45, worked survey of mineral lands of Northern Peninsula of Mich., 1847-49, Ia. State Chemist Ill. State Survey, Geologist of Cal., 1860-74, opened Harvard School of Mines, 1868, elected to Geol. Soc. of London. Author of Metal Wealth of the U.S. and other books. Married Louisa Goddard Howe in June, 1854, had 1 daughter. Died...

Agassiz, Louis, 1807-1873

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Swiss American zoologist and geologist and Harvard University professor. From the description of Louis Agassiz letters, 1854-1858. (Montana State University Bozeman Library). WorldCat record id: 154689919 Agassiz was born in Switzerland; taught at Neuchâtel from 1832 to 1845; and in 1846 moved to the United States to teach natural history at Harvard. Agassiz and his wife, Elizabeth Cabot Cary, spent 19 months in Brazil (1865-1866) to collect zoological specimens for the Har...

Norton, John Pitkin, 1822-1852

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John Pitkin Norton was Professor of Agricultural Chemistry at Yale University from 1846-1852. From the description of John Pitkin Norton papers, 1851-1852 (inclusive), [microform]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 78812292 John Pitkin Norton: in 1846 appointed professor of agricultural chemistry at Yale University, where he remained until 1852; with Benjamin Silliman founded the department of scientific education which became Sheffield Scientific School; author of numerous art...

Bailey, Jacob Whitman, 1811-1857

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American botanist, chemist and geologist. From the guide to the Jacob Whitman Bailey letter to Professor R.W. Gibbes, 1846, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) William Barwell Turner was a botanist and expert on the Desmidieae. He became President of the Leeds Naturalists' Club in 1881 From the guide to the On some new species of American Desmidiaceae, from the Catskill Mountains, by J. W. Bailey, written in the hand of William Barwe...

Dana family.

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James Dwight Dana was born in Utica, New York, on February 12, 1813. He graduated from Yale College in 1833. Dana sailed as a member of the Wilkes Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842. He authored several books and articles on mineralogy and geology, and taught at Yale University from 1849-1890. Dana died in New Haven, Connecticut, on April 14, 1895. Edward Salisbury Dana was born on November 16, 1849, in New Haven, Connecticut. He received degrees from Yale University (B.A.,...

Silliman, Benjamin, 1779-1864

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Benjamin Silliman was a chemist and naturalist, and was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1805. From the description of Correspondence, 1808-1859. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 173466220 Physician and chemist of New Haven, Connecticut. From the description of Note, 1853, Sept. 28 : New Haven, Connecticut, to Isaac Waldron. (Duke University). WorldCat record id: 35359361 Educator and scientist. From the description of Papers of...

Binney, Amos, 1803-1847

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Huxley, Thomas Henry, 1825-1895

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Huxley was an Britist botanist especially known for his work in comparative anatomy and vertebrate paleontology. From the description of [Letter] 1857? May 31, Geological Survey of Great Britain [to] Sir / T. H. Huxley. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 244251868 English scientist. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Ilkley, to W.A. Knight, 1886 Dec. 6. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 269526779 Student, Royal School of Mines, London, Eng...

Dwight, Timothy, 1828-1916

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Congregational minister, president of Yale. From the description of Letters of Timothy Dwight [manuscript], 1894-1897. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647812954 ...

Dana, Henrietta Frances Silliman, 1823-1907.

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Jones, Harriet Dwight Dana, 1820-1882.

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Gladstone, W. E. (William Ewart), 1809-1898

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Civil War photohistorian. From the description of The William Gladstone collection, 1862-1890. (US Army, Mil Hist Institute). WorldCat record id: 24153145 English statesman. From the description of Autograph card signed : to C.E. Pascoe, 1876 Nov. 4. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 269561267 From the description of Autograph note in third person : to Prof. Knight, 1895 Sept. 16. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 269590785 From the description of Aut...

Bache, A. D. (Alexander Dallas), 1806-1867

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Scientist, educator, and superintendent of the United States Coast Survey. From the description of A.D. Bache papers, 1828-1863 (bulk 1836-1863). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70979853 Superintendent of the United States Coast Survey. From the description of Letter, 1858 November 17. (New York State Library). WorldCat record id: 50458533 Physicist; professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Pennsylvania, 1828-1836 ? Superintendent of U.S. Coas...

Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882

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Charles Robert Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England. His father, Robert Waring Darwin (1766-1848), was a physician, the son of Erasmus Darwin (1731-1802), a poet, philosopher, and naturalist. Robert established a successful medical practice in Shrewsbury where he was known for his kindness extended to the poor. He was financially quite successful and willing to support his sons in their various endeavors. Although not a prolific writer, he was elected to the Royal Society ...

Yale University.

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Gray, Asa, 1810-1888

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Botanist, ardent supporter of Charles Darwin, first professor appointed to the faculty of the University of Michigan, and Professor of Botany at Harvard University. From the description of Asa Gray collection, 1871-1885. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 68802268 Asa Gray is an American botanist. He was made Professor of Natural History at Harvard University in 1842 and held that position until 1873. He was the author of several works including Manual of the bota...

Dana, Edward Salisbury, 1849-1935

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Möbius, Karl August, 1825-1908

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Epithet: German zoologist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000688.0x0000fd ...

Herrick, Edward Claudius, 1811-1862

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Edward C. Herrick: Yale University librarian, 1843-1858; treasurer of Yale College, 1852-1862; scientist active in investigating the Hessian fly; also interested in astronomy. From the description of Edward Claudius Herrick papers, 1797-1862 (inclusive). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702168765 From the guide to the Edward Claudius Herrick papers, 1797-1862, (Manuscripts and Archives) ...

Guyot, A. (Arnold), 1807-1884

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Arnold Henry Guyot was a geographer and the first to formulate laws of structure and movement of glaciers. He published geography textbooks, 1866-1875, and was professor of physical geography and geology at Princeton University, 1854-1884. From the description of Correspondence, 1857-1882. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122316399 Geographer and geologist. From the description of Letter of A. Guyot, circa 1857. (Unknown). WorldCat re...

Dana, Harriet Dwight, 1792-1870.

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Sumner, William Graham, 1840-1910

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William Graham Sumner was born in Paterson, New Jersey on October 30, 1840. He graduated from Yale University (B.A., 1863) and studied in Europe (1863-1866). He served as a tutor at Yale (1866-1869) and was ordained as a priest of the Calvary Church in New York City in 1869. In 1872 Sumner was appointed to the newly created chair of political and social science at Yale. He retired as professor emeritus in 1909. Sumner was an educational and administrative leader at Yale, and had a substantive im...

Nicklès, François Joseph Jʹerôme, 1821-1869.

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Dana, James Dwight, 1813-1895

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American scientist. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Utica, New York, to T.F. Dwight, 1865 Apr. 28. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270530661 From the description of Autograph letter signed : New Haven, Ct., to E.W. Hilgard, 1877 Mar. 27. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270870623 ...

Quételet, Adolphe (1796-1874).

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Adolphe Quetelet was an astronomer, meteorologist, statistician, and director of the Royal Observatory, Brussels. He was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1839. From the description of Correspondence, 1822-1872. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 154298244 From the description of Correspondence, 1822-1872. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 84587306 Adolphe Quetelet was an astronomer, meteorologist, statistician, and director of...

Thompson, Joseph P. (Joseph Parrish), 1819-1879

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Dana, James, 1780-1860.

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United States exploring expedition (1838-1842)

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The United States Exploring Expedition under the command of Charles Wilkes left U.S.A. Aug. 1838, returning July 1842. The ships in the expedition were the Flying Fish, Oregon, Peacock, Porpoise, Relief, Seagull and Vincennes. The expedition visited the Antarctic, Sydney Harbour, Bay of Islands, N.Z., various islands in the Pacific and areas on the coast of South America and U.S.A. From the description of Records [microform]. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225845806 ...

Pierrepont, Edwards, 1817-1892

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Lawyer, of New York, N.Y., U.S. attorney general, and ambassador to Great Britain. From the description of Papers of Edwards Pierrepont, 1847-1900. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 81338859 A prominent New York lawyer and politician and Democrat who was against secession and supportive of the use of force to protect the Union. President Lincoln appointed him to try the cases of those who had been imprisoned in the North for suspected disloyalty to the Union cause and after the...

Morse, Samuel Finley Breese, 1791-1872

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z037b1 (person)

Painter, inventor; New York, N.Y. and London, England. From the description of Samuel Finley Breese Morse letter, 1845 Sept. 18. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122599940 From the description of Samuel Finley Breese Morse letter, 1845 Sept. 18. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 233007074 Author of account concerning deportation of 1100 workers and I.W.W. sympathizers from Bisbee to Columbus, N.M., July 12, 1917. From the description of The truth about Bisbee...

Seward, William Henry, 1801-1872

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Lawyer, politician, and statesman; principle residence and law practice was in Auburn, New York; Governor of New York State, 1838-1842; United State Senator, 1849-1861; U.S. Secretary of State, 1861-1869. From the description of Collection, 1828-1936; bulk 1828-1873. (New York State Library). WorldCat record id: 50872192 New York lawyer and U.S. Senator who served as Secretary of State for Abraham Lincoln. From the description of Letters, 1852-1888. (Abraham Linc...