Trenton Six collection, 1949-1956.


Trenton Six collection, 1949-1956.

Trenton Six collection, 1949-1956.

Newspaper clippings and press releases relating to the death of William Horner in Trenton, N.J., and the arrest and trial of six black men charged with the slaying. Includes some material on civil rights. The clippings come from both American and French newspapers, including "The New York Times," the "New York Post," "The Daily Compass," "The Herald-News," "The Trentonian," "The Trenton Times," the "National Guardian," the "Pittsburgh Courier," the "Daily Worker," and "Droit et LiberteĢ." The majority of the clippings, especially those from the "Daily Worker," were biased in favor of the Trenton Six. These articles stressed the themes of racial discrimination, frame-up and denial of civil rights. Some newsclippings are in French.

Originals: Destroyed after filming.Copies: l microfilm reel.



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