William Wirt Pendergast and family papers, 1816-1986.


William Wirt Pendergast and family papers, 1816-1986.

Genealogical information, correspondence, diaries, account books, speeches, sermons, scrapbooks, postcards, photographs, and similar materials documenting the lives of William W. Pendergast and his extensive family, including the family of his daughter Sophie, her husband Harry A. White (a lawyer and Unitarian clergyman), and their three sons: John, Stephen, and Gerald. Pendergast was a pioneer settler (1855) of Hutchinson, Minnesota, an early Minnesota education official, and an avid horticulturist.

9.5 cu. ft. (16 boxes, 1 oversize folder, unboxed, and 2 microfilm reels).


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Pendergast, Abigail Lowe, 1839-1917.

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White, Gerald Pendergast, 1915-

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White, John L., 1906-

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