Haskell family papers, 1878-1951.


Haskell family papers, 1878-1951.

Include papers of the following members of the family: Edward W. Haskell, some relating to oil interests in Rancho Santa Paula y Saticoy; his wife, Maria Antoinette; his daughter, Helen, and her husband, artist Stephen Seymour Thomas; his sons, Benjamin, Burnette, and Edward. Burnette Haskell's papers relate mainly to labor and unions in California and the Kaweah Cooperative Colony. Also included are papers and diaries of Anne (Fader) Haskell documenting life with her busband, Burnette, and their involvement in the Coast Seamen's Union, the International Workmen's Association, the Nationalist Club of San Francisco, and other trade unions and socialist movements in San Francisco and Kaweah; scrapbooks of clippings and reminiscences, and a genealogy illustrated and written by Burnette Haskell.

Originals : 12 boxes, 7 v. and 1 oversize folder (9 linear ft.)Copies of selected items : 7 microfilm reels : negative and positive.

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Coast Seamen's Union

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Nationalist Club of San Francisco.

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Millikan, Robert Andrews, 1868-1953

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Physicist (photoelectricity, ions) and educator. On the physics faculty at the University of Chicago, 1896-1921; on the faculty at California Institute of Technology: director, Norman Bridge Laboratory of Physics and chairman of the Executive Council, 1921-1946, emeritus professor of physics and chairman of the Board of Trustees from 1946; Nobel Prize in physics, 1923. From the description of Papers [microform], 1847-1953. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 77594601 Millikan was...

Francis, David Rowland, 1850-1927

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David Rowland Francis was born in Kentucky in 1850. He graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in 1870 and went to work as a shipping clerk. In 1877 Francis established a successful brokerage firm and by 1884 had risen to president of the Merchants Exchange in St. Louis. He then served as mayor of St. Louis (1885-1889), governor of Missouri (1889-1893), secretary of the Interior (1896-1897), and president of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Francis was appointed U.S. ambassador to Ru...

Thomas, Helen Montmorenci, 1860-1942.

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Pennsylvania academy of the fine arts

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Art school; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From the description of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts exhibition catalog, 1921 and 1923. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122553237 The Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (PAFA) is an art academy and museum, founded in 1805 in Philadelphia, Pa. Exhibitions and classes began in 1811. Notable academy instructors and students have included Thomas Eakins, Cecilia Beaux, William Merritt Chase, Violet Oakley, Henry O. Tanner, Rembra...

Haskell, Edward B. (Edward Bell), 1865-

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Haskell family.

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Edward Wilder Haskell (1816-1911), who came to California from New England in 1849, was first a miner and later a rancher. From the description of Haskell family papers, 1878-1951. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 122575511 ...

Williams, E. A. (New Zealand architect, contemporary)

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McGroarty, John Steven

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Dillon, Henry Clay, 1846-1912.

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Haskell, Astaroth Victor, 1886-1951?

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Federated Trades and Labor Organizations.

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Haskell, Maria Antoinette, d.1903.

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Morris, Harrison S. (Harrison Smith), 1856-1948

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Harrison Smith Morris was born in Philadelphia on October 4, 1856, the son of George Washington and Catharine (Harris) Morris. He had two younger sisters, Matilda Harris Morris and Jane Walters Morris, who never married. At the age of sixteen he went to work for the Reading Coal & Iron Company to help support his parents, who were in ill health. In 1893 he became the managing director of the Philadelphia Academy of the Fine Arts, a position which he held until 1905. Morris also ...

Haskell, Burnette G., 1857-1907

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Burnette Gregor Haskell was born in Downieville, California, June 11, 1857. A printer and attorney, in 1882 he abandoned the Republican Party, embraced socialism, and began publishing the International Workingmen's Association journal Truth. He organized (1882) the Socialist Labor Party in San Francisco, and on the Pacific coast, the Knights of Labor, as well as the Sailors' Union (1885), Musicians', and other unions. Haskell married Anna Fader about 1883. A founder of the short-lived Marxist Ka...

Haskell, Edward Wilder, 1816-1911.

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Johnson, Hiram, 1866-1945

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Hiram Johnson was the governor of California, 1911-1917, a United States Senator from California, 1917-1945, and a leader in the Progressive Party. From the description of Hiram Johnson papers, 1895-1945. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 82192663 Hiram Johnson served as governor of Calif. (1911-1917), Progressive candidate for Vice President of the U.S. (1912), and U.S. Senator from Calif. (1917-1945). From the description of Hiram Johnso...

Osler, William, Sir, 1849-1919

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Born in Ontario, Canada, Dr. Osler was received his medical from McGill University in 1872. He became Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine's first professor of medicine in 1889. Author of The Principles and Practices of Medicine (1892), Osler has been celled the father of psychosomatic medicine and the "most influential physician in history." From the description of Sir William Osler press clippings, 1905-1920. (National Library of Medicine). WorldCat record id: 14312601 ...

Sheldon, Charles, 1867-1928

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Charles Sheldon (1867-1928), big game hunter, conservationist, and authority on mountain sheep, was a close personal friend of Edward William Nelson. Nelson was co-editor of Sheldon's posthumously published "The Wilderness of Denali," and the author of a biographical memoir on Sheldon. Smithsonian Institution Archives Field Book Project: Person : Description : rid_212_pid_EACP209 Hunter, naturalist, and conservationist Charles Sheldon (1867-1928) collected, photographed, and...

Kaweah Colony

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The Kaweah Cooperative Colony, established in 1886 and inspired by Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward, was a short-lived utopian community organized in Tulare County, California. From the description of Kaweah Cooperative Colony papers, 1886-1890. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702127629 ...

Thomas, Stephen Seymour, 1863-1942.

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Martin, J. J. (James John), 1845-1938?

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Biographical Information James John Martin was born in 1845. The early years of his adulthood were spent in railroad endeavors and efforts related to labor unions. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Coast Seaman's Union of San Francisco in the 1880s. These efforts were followed by his involvement in the founding of the Kaweah Co-Operative Colony. The Colony was begun with the filing of land claims in 1885 and the for...

Haskell, Jennie Helen, (Cryer)

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International Workmen's Association.

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Haskell, Anna, 1858-1942.

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Nielsen, Rasmus, 1809-1884

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Haskell, Benjamin Briggs, 1867-1903.

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Buchanan, Joseph Ray, 1851-

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Louisiana purchase exposition company.

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Stanton, Theodore, 1851-1925

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Son of Elizabeth Cady Stanton. From the description of Letter to F.A. Duneka, 1914 February 3. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 50201401 ...