Reborn: Memoirs of a Camp Survivor testimony.


Gundel, Kay (Elkeles, Karla). Reborn: Memoirs of a Camp Survivor testimony.

Reborn: Memoirs of a Camp Survivor testimony.

Consists of a copy of the survivor testimony of Kay Gundel entitled "Reborn: Memoirs of a Camp Survivor." The testimony describes in great detail the persecution of Jews living in Berlin, Germany, just prior to World War II. The greater portion of the testimony is devoted to the graphic description of Gundel's imprisonment at Terezin, Auschwitz, and Merzdorf. The later part of the testimony describes Gundel's return to life in Germany and her eventual emigration to the United States. Also included with the testimony are several letters written to the Berthold family of Wilmersdorf, Germany. The letters describe Gundel's voyage from Germany to the United States and her adjustment to life in New York City. The dates of the letters range from Jan 1947 to Aug 1947.

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