Letters, 1820-1830, Helpstone, England.


Letters, 1820-1830, Helpstone, England.

[1] 1820, February 24, to M[arkham] E. Sherwill, Mortlake, England [3 p.].--Discusses the quality of his own new poems and the unfortuante incidents connected with the Marquis of Exeter's presenting him with a yearly income. [2] 1822, August 23, to H[enry] F[rancis] Carey [i.e., Cary], Chiswick, England [3 p.].--He has "pleasant remembrances" of the days spent with Cary at Chiswick. Regrets the slow progress of Cary's Lives of the Poets. "I have written some things [?] for a new vol[ume] entitled Summer Walks." He sends "14 lines" of verse. [3] 1822, September 18, to H[enry] F[rancis] Carey [i.e., Cary], Chiswick [2 p.].--His illness is getting worse. He would like Cary to recommend some schoolbooks for his daughter. States that Cary's Life of Chatterton influenced him to read Chatterton's poems and suggests that Bloomfield should be included in Cary's Lives of the Poets. He is writing an autobiography and asks Cary to give his opinion of it. [4] 1824, December 30, to H[enry] F[rancis] Carey [i.e., Cary], Chiswick [3 p.].--Discusses the book he is writing and asks Cary to give his opinion of it. [The Shepherd's Calendar; with Village Stories, and other poems]. "I am anxious every month to see the continuation of your Lives of the Poets I always meet disappointment." Lists volumes of verses and individual poems and poets he has enjoyed. [5] 1827, November 4, to H[enry] F[rancis] Cary, London [3 p.].--He is sending Cary a copy of his new poems and asks Cary's opinion of them. [The Shepherd's Calendar; with Village Stories, and Other Poems]. "I am often very anxious to know how you proceed with your Lives of the Poets." Discusses forgotten poets and compares them to "Sleeping Beauty." He refers to Erasmus Darwin as one of these forgotten poets. [6] 1829, January 3, to H[enry] F[rancis] Cary, London [3 p.].--He sends his poem Death which is being published as one of Andrew Marvell's. Disucsses [William] Hayley's and [Erasmus] Darwin's poems. He is sorry that he did not see Cary in London. [7] 1830, January 25, to H[enry] F[rancis] Carey [i.e., Cary], London [3 p.].--He inquires of Cary if he knows the whereabouts of Charles Lamb and if he ever sees Wainewright. "I have had a settlement with Mr. Taylor & feel so far disappointed that if I had known I would never have had anything to do with 'Half profits'." He tells Cary that times are bad for all "classes and conditions of men" in the country.

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