Papers. 1839-1867.


Papers. 1839-1867.

Seven A.L.S. to various correspondents including Castelnau, Guerin, and Sénarmont, and 6 leaves of ms. memoranda ; in French.

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Castelnau, Henri de (person)

Sénarmont, Henry Hureau de, 1808-1862. (person)

Guerin, J. M. F. (person)

Dibner, Bern. (person)

Chevreul, M. E. (Michel Eugène), 1786-1889 (person)

In 1803, Chevreul began studying with N. Vauquelin at the Musʹeum d'Histoire Naturelle, becoming professor of chemistry there in 1830. In 1807, under Vauquelin's direction, Chevreul began investigating plant dyes. He isolated several natural dyes before turning to the chemistry of natural fats. Chevreul resumed his study of dyes in 1823, and, in 1824, succeeded C. Berthollet as director of dyeing at the Manufactures Royales des Gobelins. From the description of Correspondence and not...