Stanford University, Department of Biology, honors theses 1978-2011


Stanford University, Department of Biology, honors theses, 1978-2011

Stanford University, Department of Biology, honors theses 1978-2011

Honors theses written by undergraduates in the Stanford University Department of Biological Sciences.

1840 volumes (93 boxes)


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Holsti, Matthew A. (person)

Wong, Kenneth H. (person)

Nguyen, Linda (person)

Narayanan, Divya (person)

Hagan, Catherine Elizabeth (person)

Lee, Doo Young (person)

Jolly, Jenora (person)

Hoerner, Michelle (person)

Beaulieu, Stacy E. (person)

Bassin, Sarice Lee (person)

Lynch, Margaret (person)

Glasson, Julie R. (person)

Renteria, Rene Carlos (person)

Holmes, Eli (person)

Lee, Malinda (person)

Hamerman, Jessica Ann (person)

Mann, Margaret Wing-Yan (person)

Tseng, Diane (person)

Margolis, Todd Paul (person)

Kernahan, Stephanie D. (person)

Vazquez, Jesus (person)

George, Michael Joseph (person)

Lazar, Lawrence D. (person)

Alpern, Eytan (person)

Wang, Frank (person)

Jain, Nick (person)

Shu, Huidy (person)

Rangel, Lara Maria (person)

Sipkins, Dorothy A. (person)

Russler, Emilie (person)

Robinson, William H (person)

Yu, Hee Keun (person)

Ruffy, Mauro B. (person)

Mayer, Joseph (person)

Bachelor, Eric Paul (person)

Stoffel, John (person)

Ellison, David H. and Ruth Whitham (person)

Robinson, Bruce (person)

McCullough, Brendan (person)

Gale, Scott (person)

Elliott, J. Paul and Clay A. Block (person)

Hetzler, Peter (person)

Sohn, Susan H. (person)

Wang, Victoria E. (person)

Zanker, Darlene Ann (person)

Arora, Anup (person)

Stoker, David A. (person)

Tanaka, Tiffany N. (person)

Brand, Frederick Warde, III (person)

Trager, David Kenneth (person)

Griffin, Mark Chrsitian (person)

Wang, Christine D. (person)

Edgington, Bryan (person)

Cheng, Karen D. (person)

Mitra, Devarati (person)

Lo, Jonathan I. (person)

Cornett, Carolyn (person)

Roberts, Jennifer S. (person)

He, Cynthia (person)

Rao, Rekha C. (person)

Layport, Cynthia Anne (person)

Mooers, Mary Gretchen (person)

Rath, Heidi Marie (person)

Viggiano, Vanessa (person)

Cheng, Elbert (person)

Waites, Clarissa (person)

Irani, Neville (person)

Wang, Christina H. (person)

Iyer, Asha M. (person)

Oi, Chieko Munnie (person)

Wong, Christopher J. (person)

Vereschagin, Kenneth S. (person)

Lemieux, Jacob, Alex Apffel, and Martha Cyert (person)

Magnuson, Leif Leuthold (person)

Vyas, Raj (person)

Yang, Ethan Y. (person)

Aladjem, Eva (person)

Mukherjee, Siddhartha (person)

Ochikubo, Clark G. (person)

Lin, Albert shincher (person)

Hahn, George M., 1926- (person)

Mahmood, Naveen Sultana (person)

Chen, Teddy (person)

Fullerton, Anne (person)

Krejci, Niels C. (person)

Simone, Patricia M. (person)

Gulsrud-Liddy, Jena (person)

Chang, Yeachyng Kathy (person)

Silverstone, David Gerard (person)

Alder, Janet (person)

Colamarino, Sophia A. (person)

Fong, Kenton D. (person)

Harris, Ronald Morgan (person)

Myers, Woodrow A. (person)

Trafton, Jodie A. (person)

Wu, Irene (person)

Nowakowski, Dan W. (person)

Ro, Daniel (person)

Ludington, Will (person)

Choate, Keith A. (person)

Tripp, Eleanor V. (person)

Lee, John Halvor (person)

Garcia, Jordan (person)

Hemela, Katherine (person)

McMorrow, Meredith (person)

Kim, Paul Joseph (person)

Sterman, Wesley D. (person)

Zamanian, Maryam (person)

Wu, Joanne (person)

Chan, Bryan (person)

Khanna, Hanwal (person)

Sampat, Roopal (person)

Chin, H. Paul (person)

Pekow, Cynthia Ann (person)

McMillan, Jane (person)

McColgan, Bryan (person)

Oak, Jack (person)

Madhani, Hiten D. (person)

Ho, Alan Lo (person)

Cole, Bonnie (person)

O'Dowd, Diane Kathleen, 1957- (person)

Kang, Thomas (person)

de los Angeles, C. Paula (person)

Rangel, Cuauhtzin (person)

Hollenhorst, Marie (person)

Dierssen, Heidi (person)

Stegner, M. Allison (person)

Sindhu, Camille (person)

Culbertson, Collin (person)

Taylor, Robert, 1940 June 1- (person)

Epithet: of Rockington, county Lincolnshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001151.0x000350 Epithet: shipping agent British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001151.0x000372 Epithet: brother of W Taylor, the elder British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001151.0x000340...

Aslanian, Aaron (person)

Behnke-Parks, William M. (person)

Lee, Alfred (person)

Wang, Cici (person)

Tran, Vy Gia (person)

Livnat, Adi (person)

Nagy, Gizella Sonia (person)

Lee, Margaret S. (person)

Briscoe, Adriana Darielle Mejia (person)

Chao, Jennifer R. (person)

Blackman, Benjamin (person)

Hong, Eugene Kee (person)

Chiu, Lynn (person)

McKeown, Michael (person)

Lam, Alison M. (person)

Merksamer, Philip (person)

Choo, Alexander Daekyung (person)

Yen-Wei Lin, Michael (person)

Brown, Brian Michael (person)

Billigmeier, Steve L. (person)

Ongaigui, Kristine (person)

Luongo, Francisco (person)

Hwang, Bryan J. (person)

Duncan, David, 1964- (person)

Hoang, Phuong T. (person)

Lee, Kimberly J. (person)

Quistgaard, Susanne Ulrich (person)

Kang, Lana (person)

Falcone, Joseph (person)

Zheng, Yuling, 1957- (person)

Shah, Naman (person)

Schafer, Robert J. (person)

Abrash, Emily (person)

Grundmann, Nicolas Krasovec (person)

Ho, Andrew M (person)

Chowdary, Meghna (person)

Chiu, Jennifer (person)

Pfeffer, Thomas A. (person)

Bromley, Bryann (person)

Date, Elaine Satomi (person)

Chan, Trevor. (person)

Lynch-Robinson, Christopher, 1884-1958 (person)

Epithet: Reverend British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001302.0x00013f ...

Gall, Lawrence F. (Lawrence Frederick) (person)

Kim, Eugene Joseph (person)

Cartwright, Kimberly D. (person)

Jung, David Hyun (person)

Kivet, William F. (person)

Lin, Jack (person)

Brown, Steven A., MBA (person)

Matheson, Angus, 1912-1962 (person)

Yen, Michael H. (person)

Wu, Lena (person)

Sison, Aimee Lee V. (person)

Kamber, Roarke A. (person)

Errett, John (person)

Nguyen, Hong-An (person)

Lerrigo, Robert (person)

Kim, Steve (person)

Prints, Yelena (person)

Kiriakos, Lindsay (person)

Chen, Richard (person)

Siperstein, Allan E. (person)

Kongpachith, Sarah (person)

Sun, Matthew Zhuo (person)

Li, Li (person)

Zailani, Atiqah Nadiah (person)

Wang, Tiffany (person)

Maloney, Alan (person)

Dell'Oca, Rosa L. (person)

Copass, Michael (person)

Schiemann, Robert (person)

Bell, Russell (person)

Duong, Nina (person)

Chen, Ludy C. (person)

Alcasid, Matthew (person)

Nguyen, Catherine MaiKhanh (person)

Nguyen, Daniel (person)

Perez, Alejandro (person)

Lien, Tony (person)

Frutkin, Andrew Dylan (person)

Brown, Rhett E. (person)

Gundersen, Britter (person)

Murthy, Ashwin C. (person)

Faust, Rudolf P. (person)

Hays, Allison. (person)

Shen, Sam Hsi-Jung (person)

Tugizova, Madina (person)

Weddaburne, Claudia Marie (person)

Rasouli, Alexandre (person)

Nichols, Timothy (person)

Braun, David (person)

Bennett, Margaux J. (person)

Greene, Warner C. (person)

Troie, Sergiu Zgripcea (person)

Tramblay, Joanne Marie (person)

Lombardi, Carolyn E. (person)

Johnson, Pieter T. (person)

Tam, Marvin K. (person)

Arora, Shobhit (person)

Lee, Eric Anthony (person)

Nolan, William B. (person)

Jacobs, Elizabeth A. (person)

Lee, Soung-Hun (person)

Hoang, Tinya Audrey (person)

Brett, Peter B (person)

Kazemi, Mahmood Reza (person)

Rodriguez, Stephanie (person)

Lew, Cuen Hong (person)

Morganroth, Pamela Anne (person)

Bautz, Benjamin (person)

Pittson, Sky (person)

Munro, Elizabeth (person)

Osmanian, Cynthia (person)

Nguyen, Jackie K. (person)

Bach, Bruce Allen (person)

Jones, Peter (person)

Kwan, Kristen (person)

Thornber, Carol S. (person)

Stevenson, Derek (person)

Liu, Richard (person)

Pitts, Jeanette Marie (person)

Goodman, Laurie E. (person)

Jones, Maggie (person)

Rizzardi, Barbara Eve (person)

O'Mahar, Shannon Eileen (person)

Fischer, Steven Richard (person)

Chen, James S. (person)

Weng, Andrew P. (person)

Jernigan, Laura (person)

Dang, Vu Hung Nguyen (person)

Campbell, Joseph (person)

Cole, Adam M. (person)

Tejeda, Nicole M. (person)

Wang, Jordon (person)

Williams, David R. (David Raymond) (person)

Chang, Felicia (person)

Lanctot, Andrea (person)

Nguyen, Khoa (person)

George, Charles P., 1886-1946 (person)

Arnsdorf, Bobby (person)

Reichart, Roger Alan (person)

Leung, Wesley Bing Guan (person)

Raskin, Aleksandr Borisovich (person)

Liang, Peter Shuang (person)

Goldman, Joshua Joseph (person)

Tomono, Stefani Reiko (person)

Lai, Tina (person)

Chien, Amy (person)

MacKenzie, John DeWolfe (person)

Pai, Shan (person)

Mai, Christopher H. (person)

Gove, Nathan A. (person)

Warner, Gayle L. (person)

Nakamura, Jackie Naomi (person)

Smith, Cynthia Mae (person)

Ma, Beijia (person)

Yu, David Sung-Wen (person)

Yung, John (person)

Hong, David K. (person)

Conroy, Shannon M. (person)

Kolp, Lisa Ann (person)

Mamer, Lauren (person)

Achor, Susan (person)

Ghafoori, Sherine (person)

Gui, Dan Y (person)

Yun, Paul (person)

Goldstein, Lynn (person)

Chen, Joy (person)

Woolf, Alan (person)

Brainerd, Margaret Ann (person)

Waldvogel, Jerry A. (person)

Aufhauser, David (person)

Babcock, Debra A and Narver, Ellen L. (person)

Timmins, William Nathaniel (person)

Hammer, Mark (person)

Brown, Vance Meredith (person)

Lazaro, Rondy Michael (person)

Wang, David Stephen (person)

Thomas, Ann Louise (person)

Hedges, Bruce E. (person)

Sawyer, Allan T. (person)

Parsanian, Lucineh (person)

Vitorovic, Stefan (person)

Robbins, Bruce A. (person)

Comerford, Aurora J. (person)

Speckart, James Riley (person)

Eiken, Patrick Wade (person)

Sherr, Elliott H. (person)

Lin, Peter T. (person)

Goldshṭain, Dov, 1931- (person)

Ingram, David. (person)

Epithet: Sailor, of Barking, county Essex British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001295.0x00002c ...

Burchell, Rebecca Bea (person)

Sim, Shuzhen (person)

Makker, Manisha (person)

Wong, Brian (person)

Nguyen, Michael O. (person)

Nguyen, Anthony (person)

Chung, Jennifer W. (person)

Broughton, Patricia S. (person)

Phillips, Paul (person)

O'Leary, Jacqueline G. (person)

Wong, Esther (person)

Pretorius, James Kevin (person)

Thompson, Luke R. (person)

Levine, Edward Harris (person)

Walsh, Sheila Marie (person)

Feeley, Brian (person)

Germain, David Aaron (person)

Sauer, Frederic G. (person)

Wilkins, Yvonne Diane (person)

Lee, Grace Ann (person)

Payne, Thomas H. (person)

Dehlendorf, Christine E. (person)

Lambert, Scott R. (person)

Redish, Deborah M. (person)

Reddy, Simha (person)

Odom, Raanan (person)

Levine, Michael S. (person)

Han, Jay J. (person)

Yun, David K. (person)

Hunter, A. Decker (person)

Chou, Vivian H. (person)

Mehta, Umang (person)

Agarwal, Priyanka (person)

Ramsey, Ann Elizabeth (person)

Harvie, Christopher J. (person)

Fuchs, Julie Robin (person)

Wang, Hank Simon (person)

Sing, Peter David and Gerald Chang (person)

Young, Kimberly Allison (person)

Gawande, Atul (person)

Min, Hye Yeong (person)

Sageman, W. Scott (person)

Lum, Donald Mun Bun (person)

Reuter, John Edward (person)

Wang, Sam C. (person)

Hayashi, Robert J. (person)

Saenz, Benjamin L. (person)

Huang, Mengfei (person)

Ha, Phong (person)

Lazarus, Brynne (person)

Balasubramanian, Kalaiselvi (person)

Tom, Michael K. (person)

Naghshineh, Sheila (person)

Lyu, Dennis (person)

Gomez, Esteban I. (person)

Atha, Kerry Marie (person)

Cummings, R. Ray (person)

Lee, Dennis Jung-Min (person)

Hyman, Sage (person)

Meade, Stephanie A. (person)

Lam, Chris T. (person)

Luczak, Mary Jean (person)

Levy, Jonathan M. (person)

Nevitt, Gabrielle (person)

Haspel, Richard (person)

Zeitlin, Pamela Leslie (person)

Chen, Eric (person)

Hanson, Barbara (person)

Shaevitz, Marejka H. (person)

Zhang, Susan (person)

Wang, Ping (person)

Glick, Andrew Jeffrey (person)

Cheng, Karen (person)

Kim, Dewey T. (person)

Armenteros, Carolina. (person)

Richardson, Gary S. (person)

Lowell, Clifford Arthur (person)

Cheng, Hugo Quinny (person)

Cho, Min-Hee (person)

Hsieh, Joseph Chia-yu (person)

Harney, Kimberly Susan (person)

Targ, Elisabeth F. (person)

Pahm, Daniel T. (person)

Sabnis, Amit J. (person)

Mills, Christina E. (person)

Wu, Synphen (person)

Unger, Anne Violet (person)

Shames, Richard S. (person)

Ngai, Lynn (person)

Itakura, Haruka (person)

Bursten, Stuart L. (person)

Campbell, Bruce Gregory (person)

Weng, Elaine (person)

Tibrewala, Shruti (person)

Chan, Yvonne Yuh-Ru (person)

Hyman, Jon L. (person)

Ryu, Jubin (person)

Quan, Jeanette (person)

Read, Jennifer S. (person)

Lee, Christen S. (person)

Conlon, Erin (person)

Singer, Morton J. (person)

Harris, John Michael. (person)

Chan, Keith. (person)

Yu, Katherine (person)

Fleming, Anne (Anne L.) (person)

Epithet: wife of Christopher, 22nd Lord Slane, attainted 1691 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001161.0x00037e ...

Lee, Rees L. III (person)

Foo, Wen-chi (person)

Oro, Anthony E. (person)

Page, Jacob (person)

Sekijima, Sally V. (person)

Sambado, Dorene Kay (person)

Meltzer, Joseph (person)

Lu, Derek (person)

Qiu, Mary (person)

Prakash, Saurabh (person)

Larkins, Joan Marie (person)

Kohili, Arunima (person)

Rawa, Agnieszka (person)

Karasov, Ariela (person)

Tartleton, Scott David Daine (person)

Pan, Da (person)

Jindal, Jenelle A. (person)

Chang, Carolyn (person)

Ripley, Beth (person)

Afarian, Hagop (person)

Wheeler, Melissa (person)

Singer, Lisa (person)

Hobday, Alistair James, 1970- (person)

Benton, Cynthia (person)

Mikulec, Anthony (person)

Wong, Elizabeth (person)

Muller, Shaine A. (person)

Phillips, Steven C. (person)

Gordon, Lynn Kathryn (person)

Hua, Ying (person)

Chu, Yun Xiang (person)

Lee, Eric W. (person)

Aghi, Manish (person)

Blackwell, Lola (person)

Angel, Jennifer E. (person)

Brett, Jamie (person)

Chiang, Scott Kevin (person)

Anandasabathy, Niroshana (person)

Munir, Reema (person)

Meffert, Mollie K. (person)

Al-Sadir, Sadick Jafar (person)

Chang, Jeffrey (person)

Umetsu, Sarah E. (person)

Sabar, Fatima (person)

Lo, Leland (person)

Eisert, Susan Natalie (person)

Hu, David (person)

Shih, Tiffany (person)

Barragan, Griselda (person)

Murata, Yoshihiko (person)

Benkoski, Emmanuelle (person)

Hu, Eddie Hong Lung (person)

Hidgon, Lauren (person)

Kedes, Dean Hamilton (person)

Chai, Jonathan T. (person)

Batth, Sukhjeet Singh (person)

Le, An M. (person)

Suster, Maximiliano (person)

Bassett, James B., Jr., and Fisher, George A., Jr. (person)

Trager, Michelle J. (person)

Cheng, Elise (person)

Coufal, Frank Jeffrey (person)

Hsu, Judith Wyne-chi (person)

Hornbeak, Kirsten Bree (person)

Majewska, Anna (person)

Cogan, Martin (person)

Gale, Arnold D. (person)

Sheehan, Jessica M. (person)

Kleiman-Weiner, Max (person)

Lin, Richard Yu-Tsang (person)

Chung, Nancy (person)

Liao, Eric Chien-Wei (person)

Cohan, Frederick M. (person)

Damassa, David A. (person)

Posselt, Andrew Mark (person)

Wang, Jeffrey C. (person)

Dalal, Malika Pankaj (person)

Kempen, John Harold (person)

Doung, Yee-Cheen (person)

Fu, Katrina Marie (person)

Zapala, Matther Alan (person)

Haberer, Jessica (person)

Kim, David H. (person)

Nguyen, Ann (person)

Kolibachuk, Julia (person)

Ponisio, Lauren (person)

Hintz, Susan Ruth (person)

Chang, Patricia E. (person)

Pao, Alan (person)

Clark, Kathryn M. (person)

Zarafshar, Shirin (person)

Chang, Pearl (person)

Goodman, Corey (person)

Weiss, Lisa K. (person)

Potts, Leslie Ann (person)

Zaveri, Maulik S. (person)

Feng, John J. (person)

Agosti, Jan M., 1955- (person)

Chen, Karen (person)

Heidary, Shahriar (person)

Yue, Brian W. (person)

Hu, Stephanie w. (person)

Garcia, Michael A. (person)

Donohue, Kathleen, 1963- (person)

Chang, Steven D. (person)

Nava, Raul (person)

Auyeung, William (person)

Lenox, Marlo (person)

Gensch, erin M. (person)

Karpati, Ronit Lilian (person)

Kim, Dong Hyung (person)

Chopra, Rakesh (person)

Singh, Maneesh H. (person)

Didwania, Aashish (person)

Liu, Chih Long (person)

Simeonov, Kamen (person)

Matsui, Suzanne M. (person)

Irwin, Darren (person)

Kim, Gina J. (person)

Hepworth, Randall (person)

McCluskey, Kevin (person)

Wiser, Celeste Beryl (person)

Pete, Kathy (person)

Kothavale, Avinash (person)

Lerner, Daniel Jeremy (person)

Shah, Sejal (person)

Mattioli, Kaia (person)

Goforth, Matthew H. (person)

Chuong, Joseph P. (person)

Kizer, Kenneth W. (person)

Lee, Jeffrey A. (person)

Callaway, Edward Mathey (person)

Cox, David BT (person)

DasGupta, Hinolda (person)

Lim, Jonathan (person)

Grantham, Theodore (person)

Belmont, Brian (person)

Derman, Peter B. (person)

Effron, Marc Kersten (person)

Wong, Carolyn (person)

Lehrman, Emily (person)

Rodriguez, Edwin Hadalid (person)

Tran, Kevin (person)

Navarro Durán, Rosa (person)

Chang, James (person)

Shen, Katherine (person)

Chang, Arleen An-Ling (person)

Fang, Meika (person)

Wait, William B. (William Bell), 1839-1916 (person)

Patel, Ravi (person)

Neil, Alexander J. (person)

Thu, Chris (person)

Chang, Nicholas K. W. (person)

Wang, Nancy (person)

Brown, Randy A. (person)

Doctor, Vishal Shishir (person)

Lin, Mary (person)

Daggett, Ann S. (person)

Howard, Sarah A. (person)

Keeley, Robert Denius (person)

Skikne, Sarah (person)

Khatri, Pooja (person)

Dveirin, Keith Robert (person)

Upfill-Brown, Alexander (person)

Witten, Daniela M. (person)

Meneshian, Avedis (person)

Lin, Joann (person)

Donnelly, Janice Ann (person)

Logerwell, Elizabeth A. (person)

Suen, Jeffrey (person)

Wang, Bruce (person)

Holbrook, Karen A. (person)

Huang, Jennifer, 1973- (person)

Remsen, Van (person)

Rao, Vijay (person)

Pagon, Garret D. (person)

Garigan, Delia (person)

Adelman, Juliana (person)

Gerry, Jon (person)

Vaughn, Matthew, 1971-.... (person)

Klearman, Micki (person)

Evans, Bruce. (person)

Sherman, Paul Willard (person)

Loer, Curtis M. (person)

Chen, Clark Chin-Chung (person)

DiRaimondo, Charles V. (person)

Chang, Maria (person)

Scheck, Ann C. (person)

Amitai, Nurith (person)

Yecies, Todd (person)

McLendon, Helen M. (person)

Chavez, Jose Fernando (person)

Hoyden, Kenneth F. (person)

Wang, Eddie (person)

Chen, Grace Shirley (person)

Pang, Phillip S. (person)

Oliker, Rachel (person)

Kim, Charles Bryan (person)

Li, Michelle L. (person)

Taylor, Cecille Glynis (person)

Henrikson, Kare Ann (person)

Percy, Matt (person)

Hinds, Heather L. (person)

Rubin, Jeremy B. (person)

Moilanen, Brita C. (person)

Whitson, Heather (person)

Lai, Stephen Y. (person)

Chu, Stephen (person)

Thurber, Mary. (person)

Tzu, Julia E. (person)

Min, Stuart Y. (person)

Willis, Danielle A. (person)

Williamson, Brenda J. (person)

Lin, Ken Y. (person)

Lyles, Frank (person)

Savage, Steven D. (Steven David) (person)

St. Martin, Michele (person)

Gordon, Joseph Robert (person)

Lyo, John Kyungjin (person)

Judson, Olivia (person)

Tong, Lowell Dean (person)

Tom, Candace (person)

Rahman, Maie A. and George M. Hahn (person)

Pham, Krystle Quynh (person)

Tuot, Delphine (person)

Lin, Michelle (person)

Waters, Allison C. (person)

Whiteside, Connie (person)

Chen, Peter Peinshan (person)

Marshall, Jennifer (person)

Brown, Sherri (person)

Hedlin, Margot (person)

Fan Chien-min (person)

Fei, Matthew W. (person)

Douglas, Sarah Michael (person)

Ambardar, Sheenie (person)

Srinivasan, Priya, 1972- (person)

Schaffer, Paula (person)

Moy, Elizabeth G. (person)

Tarlow, Branden (person)

Miller, Leilani M. (person)

Rosenkranz, Ricardo T. (person)

Kim, Leslie (person)

Desmond, Laura J. (person)

Kim, Eva Christina (person)

Urbina, Christopher E. (person)

Ray, Kimberly. (person)

Slovic, Steven Brent (person)

Taylor, Robert N. (Robert Noel), 1940- (person)

Paik, Leo (person)

Lichtinger-Velasco, Eric (person)

Menninger, Marian S. (person)

Lee, Theodore J. (person)

Merchant, Juanita Lynne (person)

Spigelman, Samuel Seth (person)

Corley, David Dickson (person)

Munoz, David (person)

Schnur, Sally Louis (person)

Chin, Raymond (person)

D'Arcy, Nicole (person)

Wickramasinghe, Rasika (person)

Hufty, Mary (person)

Chang, Cherylee (person)

Sun, Bryan (person)

Minjarez, Debra Ann (person)

Friedman, Sonia. (person)

Biggins, Susan (person)

Rangarajan, Radha (person)

Quan, Susan (person)

Wang, John (person)

Simmons, Natalie Renee (person)

De Los Angeles, Alejandro (person)

Keith, Bradley J. (person)

Rubin, Daniel Lee (person)

de Hass-Johnson, Anna (person)

Moayeri, N. Nicole (person)

Bauer, Eugene A. (person)

West, Jeffrey Alan (person)

Kosola, Kevin Ray (person)

Bui, Ahn Lan (person)

Roake, Caitlin (person)

Lin, Sophia (person)

Zhang, April (person)

Otto, Sarah P., 1967-.... (person)

Ficklin, Mary Beth, 1974- (person)

Burchard, Julia (person)

Wu, Sean Ming-Yuan (person)

McGrath, Tory (person)

Lee, David M. (person)

Pitt, Cameron (person)

McClure, Max (person)

Laidlaw, Grace (person)

Kueny, Tucker (person)

Liu, Taylor I. (person)

Ofstad, Tyler (person)

Shingal, Rajesh (person)

Salinas-Rios, Viviana (person)

Lynch, Hannah Bates (person)

Wilson, Hilary Lene (person)

Rose, John C. (person)

Rumah, Kareem Rashid (person)

Sclaepfer, Linda (person)

Brown, Eugene Weldon (person)

Kimura, Joe (person)

Czechowicz, Agnieszka (person)

Gottlieb, Sami Lynne (person)

Lee, Phoebe H. (person)

Sundlass, Karan (person)

Laing, Brian Yoshio (person)

Mecham, Charles Crowford (person)

Cooke, William J. (person)

Rosenthal, Linda (person)

Chaipatanakarn, Lida (person)

Li, Victor C. (person)

Lehnert, Erik (person)

Singh, Meetpaul (person)

Wang, Jack T. (person)

Lin, Otto Schiueh-Tzand (person)

Ko, Cynthia W. (person)

Nager, Charles William (person)

Mann, Michael O. (person)

Gillespie, Anna (person)

Biography / Administrative History John E. (Jack) Gillespie (1921-2003) was professor of Music at the University of California, Santa Barbara for over 40 years. He authored "Five Centuries of Keyboard Music" (1964), "The Musical Experience" (1968), "Nineteenth-Century European Piano Music," "Nineteenth-Century American Piano Music," "Notable Twentieth-Century Pianists: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook," (1995) and numerous articles. He also made a s...

Bergman, Mica Y. (Mica Yael) (person)

Stanley, Susan E. (person)

Sandie, Timothy Joseph (person)

Nunez, David L. and Michael J. Schmitz (person)

Krvstkowiak, Andrew J. (person)

Chu, Felicia (person)

Li, Rhoda Han-Yu (person)

Nigh, Elizabeth Ann (person)

Yoo, Charles (person)

Del Beccaro, Mark Andrew (person)

Lee, Mark (person)

Johnson, Stephanie (person)

Saade, George (person)

Fero, Kelly (person)

Noh, Hansang (person)

Gomez, Richard L. (person)

Hwang, Dick (person)

Hult, James E. (person)

Tao, Li (person)

Cohen, Mark, Ph.D. (person)

Oei, Tommy (person)

Wong, Rachel (person)

Costouros, John G. (person)

Lee, Edward B., Mrs. (person)

Press, Oliver (person)

Awakuni, Jennifer (person)

Zemans, Rachel Lynne (person)

Kuo, Christin S. (person)

Banerjee, Ronadip (person)

Bershad, Anya (person)

Mai, Lan (person)

Yoon, John D. (person)

Bulterys, Philip (person)

Macway, Sarah (person)

Rath, George Daniel (person)

Shaikh, Abe (person)

Liu, Dianna (person)

Camarata, Paul J. (person)

Gaus, Stephanie E. (person)

Mintz, Leslie Joy (person)

Lau, Catherine Yuan-Hsin (person)

Ross, Jason (person)

Green, Daniel E. and Edward E. Luck (person)

Mitra, Siddhartha (person)

Jacobs, Alice A. (person)

Straker, Deborah J. (person)

Soni, Vipal (person)

Kim, Jean M. (person)

Ro, Peter (person)

Billinglsey, Kevin G. (person)

Hofstadter, Laura. (person)

Wong, Kara (person)

Bertrand, Anthony (person)

Brain, Robert Donald (person)

Frank, Bill (person)

Ramkumar, Mukund (person)

Tulloch, Nathaniel (person)

Nishi, Rae (person)

Banatoski, Jill M. (person)

Boyett, Jesse Marie (person)

Huang, Bryan J. (person)

Chang, Alan T. (person)

Sumabat, Taryn (person)

Chen, Carolyn (person)

Chan, Mai-Sie (person)

Goldman, Jonathan H. (person)

Duda, Greg (person)

Olin, Christopher Everett (person)

Juretzka, Margrit (person)

Schmiesing, Clifford A. (person)

Nelson, Larry I. (person)

Seielstad, Mark T. (person)

Wu, Erica (person)

Morris, Jonathan Edward (person)

Burns, Erik D. (person)

Cholon, Annette C. (person)

Yen, Janie (person)

Obana, Kathryn Kiyomi (person)

Wang, Ben (person)

Crawford, Jacqueline Sue (person)

Keiler, Kenneth C. (person)

Talbott, Jason (person)

Khani, Joshua Michael (person)

Theologic, Alexander Antonios (person)

Jackman, Robin M. (person)

Rende, Roberto (person)

Schindler, Joshua (person)

Rosen, Miles (person)

Percelay, Jack Martin (person)

Drewes, Julia Lynn Schodt (person)

Huntwork, Sarah (person)

Wang, Jing (person)

Shen, John (person)

Del Raye, Gen (person)

Kwok, Joe (person)

Ashcraft, Michael W. (person)

Chang, Louis K. (person)

Thompson, Matthew (person)

Epithet: JP WR Yorkshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000350.0x00032b ...

Chang, Victor, 1936-1991 (person)

Kam, Jeffrey Carter (person)

Linsenmeyer, Todd (person)

Zinggeler, Yves (person)

Carlson, Kimberly M. (person)

Simmons, John D. (person)

Brown, Howard Richard (person)

Davtyan, Arpine (person)

Edel, Kent M. (person)

Pierce, Nathan William (person)

Zagha, Edward (person)

Lee, Catherine Tung-Ling (person)

Ma, Jae H. (person)

Rybkowski, Zosia (person)

Howard, Daniel Joseph (person)

Dunn, Casey (person)

Herrington, Todd M. (person)

Zhuang, Anne (person)

Banks, Lauren (person)

Freed, Emily Frances (person)

Lo, Roger (person)

Shpall, Rebecca Leanne (person)

Feng, Felix (person)

Thomas, Ann R. (person)

Hanna, John William (person)

Heer, Eric Martin (person)

Hughes, Luman Harold (person)

Edel, Kentworth M. (person)

Hotson, Andrew (person)

Haqq, Christopher M. (person)

Li, Christopher I-Fu de la Garza (person)

Dexter, Robert (person)

Amirnazmi, Solmaz (person)

Tang, Sherry (person)

Yeh, Wendy W. (person)

Tran, Alyssa (person)

Grymes, Rosalind A. (person)

Ploudre, Jonathan (person)

Boysen, Eric Cornwell (person)

Hayes, Jane Leslie (person)

Nuwer, Marc R. (person)

Morelos, Melissa (person)

Crowley, Jeffrey James (person)

Frisk, Mio (person)

Jiang, Dawei, 1947- (person)

Wang, Charles (Chao) Vin (person)

Benson, Mark R. (person)

Baker, Felix (person)

Hong, James (person)

Demopulos, Christina M. (person)

Nguyen, Thuy (person)

Lozier, Alan Paul (person)

Ho, Jill (person)

Eriksson, Carl (person)

Sanders, Carolyn Jane (person)

Chan, Stephanie (person)

Lu, Elaine (person)

Chang, Anna (person)

Chang, Lihchun Micheal (person)

Kost, Laurie Elizabeth (person)

Brown, Stephen Kenneth (person)

Andersen, Erik (person)

Blazyk, Katherine E. (person)

Tierney, Emily (person)

Hoppe, Bradford (person)

Slaughter, Jacque (person)

Yoon, John (person)

Miyajima, Debra L. (person)

Ku, Geoffrey Y. (person)

King, Benjamin L. (person)

wang, Jennifer (person)

Sdrulla, Andrei D. (person)

Scott, Hyman M. (person)

Lee, Michael Young-June (person)

Sukumvanich, Paniti (person)

Lee, Ernest E. (person)

Manoli, Devanand S. (person)

Mallett, Holly (person)

Belt, Brandis (person)

Liang, Sandy (person)

Lin, Ines Chi-Ying (person)

Rodrguez, Lizel (person)

Kayser, Andrew S. (person)

Qian, Can (Ting) (person)

Patel, Mithun (person)

Lin, Joseph (person)

Arakaki, Ryan (person)

Jones, Kristina Niovi (person)

Greninger, Alex (person)

Devaleria, Patrick A. (person)

Chen, Caroline J. (person)

Brooks, Lisa Delevan (person)

Wallstrom, James (person)

Uhr, Jacqueline Louise (person)

Bock, Clay and J. Paul Elliot (person)

Steinberg, David A. (person)

Katsnelson, Michael Alexander (person)

Haddad, Nick (person)

Lin, Patty (person)

Baum, Linda G. (person)

Kaufman, Dan S. (person)

Brooks, Katherine C. (person)

Mathes, Christopher William, 1966- (person)

Ro, Sandy H. (person)

Randle, Steven (person)

Tarras, Seth Craig (person)

Chang, Doris (person)

Rabinovici, Gil Dan (person)

Gospe, Sidney M. (person)

Fareed, Marcee (person)

Towns, Arlene B. (person)

Small, Kerrin (person)

Kephart, Donald Gary (person)

Levinson, John R. (person)

Yi, Sŏk, 1963- (person)

Cheatham, Michael L. (person)

DePasse, John Mason (person)

Ream, Micki (person)

Chen, Benjamin Kuan (person)

Tseng, Jocelyn M. (person)

Khan, Charlotte (person)

Nguyen, Thienan (person)

Albin, Penny (person)

Tam, Jamie (person)

Yung, Jeffrey Chan (person)

Marcy, Ariel E. (person)

Laane, Christina J. (person)

Thakarar, Sanjiv (person)

Luck, Edward E. and Green, Daniel E. (person)

Dusek, Eva (person)

Rapaka, Rekha R. (person)

Tomalty, Katharine M. H. (person)

Pickart, Michael C. (person)

Lau, Gabriel T. (Toby) (person)

Chang, Bryna (person)

Yusim, Anna (person)

Larson, Carrie (person)

Lee, David Charles (person)

Sinha, Gita Anjali (person)

Li, Jessica (person)

Hornby, Zachery (person)

Tanji, Jeffrey Leonard (person)

Pedatella, Kate (person)

Papanastassiou, Alexander (person)

Khandekar, Melin (person)

Giacomini, Craig (person)

Phan, Tuong (person)

Anderson, Matthew (person)

Epithet: writer of plays British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000562.0x00027d ...

Parker, Brbara Anne (person)

Clark, Sharon (person)

See-Tho, Klaus and Filvaroff, Ellen Hope (person)

Augustyn, Damien (person)

Turovskaya, Yana (person)

Westmoreland, Lori Suzanne Hulden (person)

Hoch, Peter C. (person)

Gu, Eugene (person)

Wang, Chia-Ying (person)

Prugpichailers, Tiffany (person)

Lee, Arthur C. (person)

Chen, Harvey Robert (person)

Kornu, Roger (person)

Jacob, Reza (person)

Gupta, Anurag, Ph. D. (person)

Kuo, Elo (person)

Toochinda, Charerntas (person)

Das, Prajnan (person)

Shugart, Charlene Elizabeth (person)

Lee, Gi Soo (person)

Ritchie, Cayde Daniel Matthew (person)

Nguyen, Quynh Anh Dac (person)

Raymond, Amanda (person)

Chang, Emily Hueywen (person)

Hoh, Brian L. (person)

Fleming-Davies, Arietta (person)

Chang, David (person)

Chen, Katherine Tsia-Huey (person)

Toma, Jonathan (person)

Shimizu, Mari (person)

Miille, Michael J. (person)

Kim, Han (person)

Kan, Tin-Na J. (person)

Fox, Christine (person)

Olsen, Kendall Mary (person)

Moskowitz, Tal J. (person)

Liu, Raymond (person)

Wahlstrand, Ben (person)

Miyamoto, Michael I. (person)

Lau, Camilla K. (person)

Nevin, Zachary S. (person)

Wang, Kathleen (person)

Stevens, Robin J. (person)

Moriarity, John Leroy Jr. (person)

Jin, Michael Y. (person)

Hong, Deborah W. (person)

Vavra, Jay Steven (person)

Kern, Margaret (person)

Klausner, Jill (person)

Beller, Richard A. (person)

Tran, Misha (person)

Atilano, Lorraine Christine (person)

Canny, Susan (person)

Gallegos, Maria (person)

Danford, Christopher J. (person)

An, Andrew (person)

Chan, Albert (person)

Abbate, Nicholas F. (person)

Lin, Carol (person)

Tran, Hien Tranh (person)

Castillo, Diane (person)

Rhim, Sung-Hee (person)

Cheng, Sara (person)

Uyeyama, Irene (person)

Singh, Simar J. (person)

Pitzen, Roger J. (person)

Orive, Maria E. (person)

Henderson, Amy (person)

Cordero, Eric Alejandro Sweet (person)

Zarabi, Hosniya (person)

Fink, Doran (person)

Johnson, Alice V. (person)

Choi, Daniel (person)

Hurvits, Susan Avital (person)

O'Neil, Christine (person)

Jones, Matt (person)

Pinto, Jayant Marian (person)

Seydel, Karl (person)

Cantu, Andrea (person)

Chew, Teri (person)

Johnson, Gregory G. (person)

Brewer, Alyssa A. (person)

Green, Douglas S. (person)

Irani, Afraaz (person)

Patel, Aviva (person)

Swanberg, Stephen L. (person)

Tangonan, Bradley (person)

Mai, David H. (person)

Yau, Vincent (person)

Naylor, Stephen (person)

Narver, Ellen L. and Babcock, Debra A. (person)

Newton, Thomas F (person)

Lonergan, Devin M. (person)

Chuong, Edwin T. (person)

Nunez, Stefanie (person)

Graber, Madeline (person)

Jurisson, Mary L. (person)

Doyle, Elizabeth (person)

Epithet: wife of James Doyle British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000429.0x000238 ...

Huang, Harriet (person)

Park, Lidia (person)

Fullwood, Melissa Jane (person)

Shiu, Vanessa (person)

Freret, Morgan (person)

Debs, Anthony D. (person)

Kim, Hanna (person)

Wilder, Robert Theodore (person)

Sommer, Marc A. (person)

Baldo, Angela M. (person)

Ramachandran, Rageshree (person)

Lau, Ashley (person)

Lee, Chung-Han (person)

Mendoza, Dorinna (person)

Rollins, Meghan (person)

Khan-Farooqi, Waqqar (person)

Le, Stephanie (person)

Klotz, Adam C. (person)

Bollmann, Jyoti (person)

Ju, Kevin (person)

Holt, Catherine (person)

Griffiths, David Wesley (person)

Weiser, Jeffrey Neal (person)

Covington, Chris (person)

Chang, David J. (person)

Boone, Philip M. (person)

Rocca, Monique Elisabeth, 1974- (person)

Nowlis, Matthew Adam (person)

Yuan, Tara (person)

Greaves, Adrienne A. (person)

Barnhard, Michelle (person)

Siao, Pauline (person)

Raut, Chandrajit (person)

Kustan, Jacqueline (person)

William, Jacqueline (person)

Wang, Kevin C. (person)

Wolf, Rose Mary (person)

Kim, Leo (person)

Karasov, Talia (person)

Shunk, Kendrick A. (person)

Cortopassi, Karen (person)

Karp, Daniel S. (person)

Sohoni, Aparna (person)

Kao, Lily (person)

Hardin, Lia (person)

Yu, Caroline Wei-tyng (person)

Watson, Jana Joy (person)

Tsai, Mitchell (person)

Dash, Rajesh (person)

Grosenick, Logan Micail (person)

Fernhoff, Nathaniel (person)

Fong, Katherine Janice (person)

Kim, Arthur J. (person)

Tang, Linda (person)

Baron, Miriam (person)

Grainger, Robert (person)

Cooper, Timothy M. (person)

Hong, Robert, 1954- (person)

Ma, Jeffrey H. (person)

Lin, Tasha (person)

Devineni, Anita (person)

Lin, Margaret J. (person)

Wong, Clifford (person)

Gerardo, Charles (person)

Helman, Terri A. (person)

Zirn, Jonathan Russell (person)

Kim, Grace (person)

Roeder, Adrienne H. K. (person)

Singla, Sheela (person)

Tjioe, Daniel (person)

Rojansky, Rebecca Bloom (person)

Bauman, Jeffrey S. (person)

Eaton, Kelly (person)

Woods, Arthur (person)

Epithet: Colonel US Assessor to the League of Nations Opium Committee British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000562.0x000354 ...

Burriesci, Matthew (person)

Boutwell, Christian Lane (person)

Kharsa, Zena (person)

Parry, Devin Hardison (person)

Melton, Ryan (person)

Graham, Karen (person)

Abdel-Azim, Eiman (person)

Berhanu, Aaron Elias (person)

Maak, Travis (person)

Laddis, Paul (person)

Arshi, Arash (person)

Jan, Amy Y. (person)

Kamdar, Biren (person)

William, Arsani (person)

Molina, Eric Rudolfo (person)

Schaffer, Justin (person)

Beverly, Blair (person)

Wachtel, John S. (person)

Zhou, Yang, 1908-1989 (person)

McGraw, James Bryan (person)

Papazian, Lisa Marie (person)

Yip, Linwah (person)

Hui, Timothy (person)

Alvarez, Yelina (person)

Josephson, Scott Andrew. (person)

Tao, Jessica J. (person)

Lazar, Daniel (person)

Wang, Angel (person)

Margeta, Milica (person)

Wilhelm, Kelly M. (person)

Ley, Catherine (person)

Lopez, Jacqueline M. (person)

Jacobs, Marc David (person)

Appleman, J. Alex (person)

Chou, William W. (person)

Jackson, Debra Francine (person)

Somsouk, Lina (person)

Cravatt, Benjamin (person)

Sun, Edward Chih-You (person)

Liu, Justin (person)

Cornell, Robert A. (person)

Flannery, Brendan (person)

Knape, Jessica E. (person)

Leng, Theodore (person)

Tsuji, Joyce Shizu (person)

Yuan, Ye (person)

Mac Dermed, Dhara (person)

Smith, Leonard F. (person)

Vartanian, Shant (person)

Narayana, Sirisha (person)

Cao, (Carol) Yu (person)

Goehring, David (person)

Pawl, Gary A. (person)

Zhang, Pei (person)

Bercutt, Lawerence (person)

Morrison, Scott A. (person)

Pham, Betty Ngoc (person)

Davidson (person)

Berens, Theresa (person)

Carney, Dylan (person)

Lentine, Krista (person)

Brundage, Suzy Ingrid (person)

Lorenz, Robinna G., 1962- (person)

Kleaveland, Benjamin Monteverde (person)

Yeh, Michael W. (person)

Woods, Ian Gregory (person)

Kacker, Sonia (person)

McNiff, Ceara Coleman (person)

Hall, Allison (person)

Paige, Michael Thomas (person)

Howard, Daniel E. (person)

Tinkleberg, Julie (person)

Multhaup, Michael (person)

Lee, Michael Chun-chieh (person)

Georgia, Senta (person)

Calvo, Ahmed Venancio (person)

Chuang, John (person)

Baisch, Eugene M. (person)

Fung, Randolph S. (person)

Yung, Katherine C. (person)

Williams, Tyler S. (person)

Lao, David (person)

Tseng, Yuh Christina (person)

Kumar, Himanshu (person)

Hung, Tiffany (person)

Clark, Kelsey (person)

Saran, Atul (person)

Milgram, Arthur J., 1964-.... (person)

Weller, Sandra K. (Sandra Knowles), 1952- (person)

Quezada, David (person)

Kratz, Johannes Ruediger (person)

Kim, Joanne Jung-Yun (person)

Rocklin, Michael A. (person)

Jassal, Simerjot (person)

Hampp, Lydia T. (person)

Peace, Ali (person)

Chou, Jonathan (person)

Stanford University. Dept. of Biological Sciences (corporateBody)

Chang, Shihwan (person)

Dea, Stanley Kwan (person)

Hauger, Steven H. (person)

Rhee, John M. (person)

Shih, Karen (person)

Ho, Jason S. (person)

Butler, Constance w. (person)

Yang, Eugene (person)

Holmkvist, Kristina A (person)

Santa, John (person)

Whitten, Kenneth (person)

Freeman, Kimberley D. (person)

Schorn, Victor (person)

Domin, Alexander (person)

Lee, Eurie (person)

Sofos, Elvera (person)

Ha, Taryn Phuong-Thao (person)

Ahmad, Regina-Celeste (person)

Gelber, Shari E. (person)

Braun, Jonathan (person)

Post, Anneke M. (person)

Aakre, Christopher D. (person)

Chen, Charlene (person)

Chen, Jonathan (person)

Venturelli, Ophelia S. (person)

Pge, Stephanie T. (person)

Hsu, Ricky K. (person)

Sherwood, Richard (person)

Edson, Eleanore (person)

Vij, Rohini (person)

Brown, Christine Margaret (person)

Harada, Frederich (person)

Yeh, Patricia (person)

Nelson, Dvora (person)

Kratschmer, Christina (person)

Chuang, Felix (person)

Lum, Daryl Wynn (person)

Cox, Brett W. (person)

Pulliam, Thomas Jackson (person)

Kremen, Claire (person)

Shen, Yu-Min P. (person)

Bartell, Thad Edward (person)

Albright, Shane R. (person)

Quan, Maureen (person)

Glaser, Francis Edward, Jr. (person)

Kim, Ivana (person)

Smith, Hanne (person)

Barton, Kasey E. (person)

Meskell, Jillian Lee (person)

Sohn, Samuel M. (person)

Ye, Albert S. (person)

Gibson, Richard F. (person)

Lee, Alice Jungeon (person)

Zuzuarregui, Rafael (person)

Leff, Maija (person)

Evans, Mark (person)

American author and broadcast personality. From the guide to the Mark Evans interview, 1977, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections) ...

Wang, Lee (person)

Blair, Stuart (person)

O'Keefe, Frank Robin. (person)

Liu, Yisha (person)

Russell, Scott Austin (person)

Thistlethwaite, Patricia A. (person)

Sanghvi, Uma (person)

Helfand, Stephen L. (person)

Kim, Louis Y. (person)

Imsand, Patricia (person)

Manlaplaz, Mariel (person)

Eisner, David Barth (person)

Wang, Sonya Grace (person)

Jessen, Tom (person)

Bard, Shannon (person)

Krishnaney, Ajit (person)

Zhang, Miao (person)

Manchandia, Milan (person)

Suddleson, Edwin (person)

Pursel, Simone Sigrid Marticke (person)

Alexander, Jes (person)

Lee, Brian (person)

Butler, Lindsay (person)

French, Loretta J. (person)

Kamangar, Salar (person)

Chiu, Bill (person)

Rahim, Sita Zarina Zainul (person)

Lee, Suzanne E. (person)

Ling, Jennifer (person)

Catanzarite, Tatiana Lutra (person)

Nguyen, Rochelle (person)

Fu, Irene H. (person)

Yu, Emily Yang (person)

Narasimha, Ajay (person)

Rogers, William M. (person)

Sharad, Jain (person)

Kao, Richard (person)

Joshi, Nirav (person)

Dean, Benjamin Jurrien (person)

Wu, Anna P. (person)

O'Hanley, Jesse Rush (person)

Cha, Yoon-Hee (person)

Hurley, Patrick (person)

Chen, Johathan W. (person)

Sullivan, Daniel P. (person)

Stanton, Maureen L. (person)

Choi, Charlene (person)

Lim, Greory M. (person)

Jiminez, Marcus A. (person)

Hwa, Jennifer (person)

Lee, Michelle (Singer) (person)

Maas, James (person)

Biographical/Historical Note Technical sergeant, United States Army Air Forces; member, 384th Bomb Group. From the guide to the James Maas letters to his parents, 1943-1946, (Hoover Institution Archives) ...

Hackett, Christopher, 1958- (person)

Chan, Roger (person)

Bushinsky, Seth M. (person)

Eng, Soo Jean (person)

Lam, Naomi K. (person)

Kohlstaedt, Lori (person)

Bell, Lauren (person)

Khurana, Rahul (person)

Yang, Cissy (person)

Chamberlain, John R. (person)

King, Donald T. (person)

Choi, John (person)

Chen, Connie Marie (person)

Lee, Amy T. (person)

Garcia, Marco (person)

Hui, Jamie (person)

Grancell, Adam S. (person)

Kamat, Nikhil V. (person)

Fisher, George A., Jr., and James B. Bassett, Jr. (person)

Vinjamoori, Anant (person)

Hsu, Andrew R. (person)

Hoover, Craig Alan (person)

Lee, M. J. (Marcus James) (person)

Ross, Charles Stanley (person)

Epithet: General British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000161.0x000133 Epithet: of Add MS 38983 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001305.0x000052 Epithet: formerly MP; of Add MS 44373 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000161.0x000132 Epithet: Colonel ...

Chang, Timothy H. (person)

Cheng, Jason Simon (person)

Elkins, Duncan (person)

Deng, Chris (Yi) (person)

Kwon, Robert (person)

Imai, Ryokei (person)

Bezdek, Trevor (person)

Nevins, Andrew (person)

Mascharak, Smita (person)

Hammerman, Peter (person)

Chao, James J. (person)

Van Le, Linda (person)

Ackerman, Stuart E. (person)

Ruffy, Ramon B. (person)

Conn, Erika Vienna (person)

Olayiwola, Tobi (person)

McGuire, Joseph (person)

Irani, Plomarz Rustom (person)

Wang, Lena Tse-Ju (person)

Brooks, Alison. (person)

Roberts, Radclyffe L. (person)

Sleder, Julie (person)

Wee, Sue Ann (person)

Hwang, Loris Yehshiun (person)

Everson, Martha H. (person)

Yeh, S, Eileen (person)

Kamel, Luca Christopher (person)

Cohen, Amanda (person)

Cotsirilos, Patricia (person)

Kulahci, Ipek (person)

Shaikh, Nadia (person)

Turner, Eric, 1977- (person)

Meezan, Joshua D. (person)

Swanson, Linda (person)

Shiu, Philip (person)

McClory, Vasey (person)

Vincent, Benjamin (person)

Luu, Minnelly (person)

Khush, Kiran K. (person)

Cushman, Nicole (person)

Porro, Elena B. (person)

Slansky, Amy (person)

Maoyeri, Nicole N. (person)

Widder, Don (person)

Thomas, Molly F. (person)

Huang, Wilmer (person)

Toranto, Jason (person)

Choi, Paul D. (person)

Epino, Henry (person)

Kelley, Scott Donald (person)

Swanson, Kathryn A. (person)

Schmitz, Michael J. (person)

Sinha, Amit (person)

Ford, Beneranda (person)

Yiu, Pannyun (person)

Willenberg, Rafer (person)

Gaeta, Xavier (person)

Frelinger, John (person)

Loh, Ern (person)

Lui, Fred Y. H. (person)

Marian, Melinda Broyles (person)

McCurdy, Helen (person)

Nguyen, Daniel A. (person)

Baron, Rebecca M. (person)

Hoft, Richard (person)

Ozawa, Clara Risa (person)

Kaung, Geoff (person)

Berberian, John (person)

Cortez, Brandon (person)

Flexner, Charles W. (person)

Loehr, James P. (person)

Chan, Nicholas (person)

Agrawala, Geetika (person)

Zamora, Cynthia (person)

Kehl, Devin (person)

Weiss, Stuart Bryan (person)

Baron, Elinor (person)

Berlot, John (person)

Wabl, Rafael (person)

Danial, Nika Nelly (person)

Kaur, Ravneet (person)

Schroer, Katherine Marie (person)

Gelber, Rebecca (person)

Levy, Jennifer (person)

Mammo, Dagem (person)

Wu, Henry Tsung Ming (person)

Steinwascher, Kurt (person)

Robinson, Naomi (person)

Silva, Jose Arturo (person)

Wolfson, Rachel (person)

Groff, Abigail (person)

Gourley, erin (person)

Himmel, Allison (person)

Kim, Michael Sanf-Hak (person)

Kimball, Thomas Richard (person)

Otero, Jesse (person)

Begley, Diana Lynn (person)

Modi, Biren P. (person)

Wolden, Suzanne Leesa (person)

Leung, Gordon K. (person)

Trudeau, Michelle (person)

Moll, Ben and Carol (person)

Liu, David (person)

Alvarez-Saavedra, Ezequiel A. (person)

Baskett, Marissa (person)

Yang, Yue (person)

Gontero, Elizabeth K. (person)

Pham, David Q. (person)

Edenberg, Ellen (person)

Chan, Edward (person)

Wang, Jeremy Cheng-Yuh (person)

Lee, Cadir Batista (person)

Peters, Maurice Robert (person)

Whitham, Ruth and Ellison, David (person)

Lizaso, Knef Villena (person)

Gupta, Naveen (person)

Corbo, Joseph C. (person)

Bui, Nicole (person)

Walter, Louise C. (person)

Durham, William H. (person)

Gewertz, Nevin M. (person)

Pearson, Margaret M., 1959-.... (person)

Sanesi, Catherine Ann (person)

Brown, Edward David (person)

Wilder, Richard Barry (person)

Mill, Susan W. (person)

Wong, Emilia (person)

Rogers, David Bruce (person)

Cipkala, Douglas Andrew (person)

Daboussi, Lydia (person)

Chiu, Edison (person)

Karpa, Doug (person)

Nilsen, Geoffrey B. (person)

Witzer, Julie (person)

Subin, Eric (person)

Nancarrow, Paul (person)

Hsu, Frank J. (person)

Patel, Lisa (person)

Fohner, Alison E. (person)

Shelley, Mark (person)

Alyeshmerni, Aviva M. (person)

Lee, Arthur. (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 34414 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001197.0x0000e2 Epithet: solicitor British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000351.0x00004d ...

Bobson, Craig M. (person)

Goldminz, David (person)

Craig, David, 1960- (person)

Epithet: Writer to the Signet; of Edinburgh British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000680.0x000304 ...

Wei, Mike (person)

Meisel, Joshua Daniel (person)

Tzvetanov, Ivan T. (person)

Peng, Stanford L. (person)

Hwa, Michael (person)

McEvoy, Theresa (person)

Lambert, Christine (person)

Chang, Jacqueline Anne (person)

Rubenstein, James Louis (person)

DeWalt, Kevin C. (person)

Sobolski, Gregory K. (person)

Macklin, Wendy (person)

Kwok, Roberta (person)

Velculescu, Victor E. (person)

Tran, Doan (person)

Lin, Nancy Uan-Tsin (person)

Garrett, Mark (person)

Pincus, Zachary s. (person)

Kim, Julie (person)

Lora, Jessika F. (person)

Trela, Martha Jennifer (person)

Yee, Kevin (person)

Kim, Joanne Y. (person)

Morris, R. E. (person)

Walling, Lisa (person)

Hanna, John (person)

Ip, Miranda (person)

Lim, Lee Paul (person)

Pinson, J. Steve (person)

Dacey, Claire R. (person)

Spain, Brian H (person)

Agersborg, Sally S. (person)

Yilmaz, Melis (person)

Rivera, Kahealani Kamalia`okahokuloa (person)

Cho, Jennifer Lynn (person)

Ueland, Fred Rand (person)

Lim, Jae V. (person)

Lewczyk, Julie (person)

Jaiswal, Siddhartha (person)

Peterson, Michael (person)

Carter, Patrick A. (person)

Aiello, Linnea A. (person)

Bright, Ali (person)

Jeng, Jade-Ming (person)

Sorrells, Trevor (person)

Wong, Herbert (person)

Shin, David S. (person)

Jones, Kendall Maurice (person)

Critchlow, Jonathan (person)

Aguilera, Stacy (person)

Hu, Rollin C. (person)

Leung, Thomas (person)

Chang, Louise L. (person)

Kolkowitz, Ilan (person)

Ho, Cheryl June (person)

Birch, Barry D. (person)

Wang, Mark, 1960-.... (person)

Ford, Michael J. (person)

Dumesic, Phillip Anthony (person)

Hassid, Benjamin (person)

Chu, Albert (person)

Wright, Paul M. (person)

While a fellow at the University of Massachusetts at Boston's McCormack Institute of Public Affairs, Paul M. Wright conducted research for a biography of John W. McCormack. From the description of Research material about John W. McCormack, 1901-1992 (bulk, 1984-1988). (University of Massachusetts at Boston). WorldCat record id: 52846865 ...

Gewurz, Benjamin (person)

Virgin, Charles, Jr. (person)

Shah, Smita (person)

Gandrud, Laura (person)