Andrei Voznesenskii papers 1955-2004


Andrei Voznesenskii papers 1955-2004


Andrei Voznesenskii was one of the foremost poets of post-Stalinist Russia. The collection is remarkable for its volume of manuscripts, which account for 5 of the approximately 29 linear feet (or 9 linear meters) of the collection's materials and include notebooks and pads of paper, all handwritten, original (completely or partially covered with rough drafts and fair copies of poems and articles), as well as handwritten manuscripts, annotated typescripts (or computer-printed texts), newspapers with many handwritten corrections and additions, and galley proofs with handwritten corrections and additions (series 1). Included in the collection are also: -correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, collected notes sent to A.Voznesenskii during poetry readings, and a number of letters / notes from / to other people (series 2); -original drawings, sketches, and graphic art by A.Voznesenskii, along with a few pieces given to A.Voznesenskii by other people (series 3); -numerous clippings from Russian and foreign newspapers, journals, and magazines, as well as whole issues of them, with publications of articles, interviews, and poems by A.Voznesenskii, and articles, mostly about him / mentioning him, ca. 5 linear feet (series 4); -theses and essays about A.Voznesenskii by Russian and Western journalists and scholars (series 5); -over 1,000 photographs of A.Voznesenskii, his family, friends, acquaintances, as well as photo materials related to various cultural and private events (series 6); -posters, flyers, invitational tickets to exhibitions and poetry readings, programs of readings, etc. (series 7); -subject files devoted to important public events (exhibitions, conferences etc.), topics, and / or individuals (series 8). This series includes copies of some documents concerning trial of the poet Alina Vitukhnovskaia, materials used by A.Voznesenskii in preparing his article about the fate of the poet Fedor Demin-Blagoveshchenskii, copies of letters and drawings from the painter Valentin Iustitskii sent from GULAG, as well as numerous poems and short novels sent to A.Voznesenskii by young contemporary artists; -personal files: address books, calendars, passports, tickets and passes, custom declarations, financial documents, publishing contracts, membership cards in professional societies, business cards (over 150), ephemera relating to A.Voznesenskii's trips abroad, and miscellaneous papers (series 9); -awards, diplomas, prizes (series 10); -media materials including an audiotape with the hearing where A.Voznesenskii was denounced by N.Khrushchev (series 11).

29 linear ft



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Kul'tura. (corporateBody)

Petr Fedin. (person)

Viktor Chalmaev; A. Makarov. (person)

Viktor Pelevin. (person)

Kalininskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Ivan Elagin. (person)

Viktor Bokov. (person)

A. K. Kazennov. (person)

Ivanovskaia gazeta; Ivanovskii molodezhno-poeticheskii teatr-club. (corporateBody)

Oleg Rubezhov. (person)

PEN International, Russian PEN Centre; Writers' Club of TsDL. (corporateBody)

Oleg Khlebnikov. (person)

Viktor Erofeev; Katerina Lishankova. (person)

I. Shapkin. (person)

The Plain Dealer. (corporateBody)

Zerkal'naia struia. (corporateBody)

Bob Clougherty; Jacqueline Clougherty. (person)

Novaia gazeta. (corporateBody)

O. E. Buldakov. (person)

Nicole Zand. (person)

Geoffrey Cowan; Rose Styron. (person)

Iarilo. (corporateBody)

Teatr Imeni Evg. Vakhtangova. (corporateBody)

The Sunday Independent. (corporateBody)

Lynda Richardson; Nikita Khrushchev. (person)

Nye Bøger ?. (corporateBody)

Viacheslav Meshkov. (person)

Aleksandr Zapesotskii. (person)

The Evening Star. (corporateBody)

Konstantin Stanislavskii; Alain Bosquet. (person)

Andre Breton. (person)

Andrei Tarkovskii. (person)

Evening Standard. (corporateBody)

Aleksei Rybnikov. (person)

Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Vladimir ? Gusev; Arkadii El'iashevich. (person)

Rodion Shchedrin; Vadim Sidur. (person)

Nagyvilág. (corporateBody)

Georgii Melikiants; Karl Marx. (person)

L. Markov. (person)

B. Roshal'; V. Skobelev ?. (person)

Delovaia nedelia. (corporateBody)

Avram Katsnelon. (person)

Elyria Chronicle Telegram. (corporateBody)

Razvitie. (corporateBody)

Nefertiti, Queen of Egypt, active 14th century B.C. (person)

B. Alenkin. (person)

William Jay Smith; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Edmund Iodkovskii. (person)

Maris Liepa. (person)

Viktor Pelevin; Sergei Dovlatov. (person)

Zbignev Bzhezinskii Zbigniew Brzezinski. (person)

Pierre Cardin. (person)

V. D. Chaika. (person)

A. Osmolovskii. (person)

Daily mail (corporateBody)

Moznaim; Krug. (corporateBody)

Berlioz, Hector, 1803-1869 (person)

Hector Berlioz was a French composer. From the description of Letter : from M. Berlioz, Paris, to Monsieur Busset, ingénieur, Dijon, Côte d'Or, 1836 Oct. 9. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122626765 From the guide to the Letter : from M. Berlioz, Paris, to Monsieur Busset, ingénieur, Dijon, Côte d'Or, 1836 Oct. 9, (The New York Public Library. Music Division.) French composer, 19th century. From the description of Autograph letter signed...

Szinház ?. (corporateBody)

Novoe pokolenie. (corporateBody)

Peter Levi. (person)

The USSR Embassy in USA. (corporateBody)

Aleksei Bunchuk. (person)

Andrei Dement'iev; Rasul Gamzatov. (person)

Padrón, Justo Jorge (person)

Ivana Bozdechová. (person)

France-Soir (corporateBody)

The Gardian. (corporateBody)

Rodna rech' . (corporateBody)

Amurskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Martha Christine Körling. (person)

Sergei Lomtev ?. (person)

Aleksei Alexey Priima Priyma; S. Zigunenko. (person)

Mikhail Bulgakov. (person)

Anna Kern. (person)

Elena Polonetskaia; Mikhail Shvydkoi. (person)

Maiia Plisetskaia. (person)

Veronika Losskaia; Marina Tsvetaeva. (person)

Literární noviny. (corporateBody)

Yeats, W. B. (William Butler), 1865-1939 (person)

W.B. (William Butler) Yeats (1865-1939), poet and dramatist, born in County Sligo, Ireland. From the description of W.B. Yeats collection, 1875-1965. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 173863171 British poet. From the description of Letter : to William Weber, Brooklyn, New York : holograph, 12 May [no year]. (University of California, San Diego). WorldCat record id: 18786005 William Butler Yeats (1865-1939) was an Irish poet and dramatist. From t...

Vladimir Gubailovskii. (person)

Iurii Kublanovskii ? ; Ilya Ehrenburg ?. (person)

Lidiia Norina. (person)

Robert Conquest. (person)

Ronald G. Berquist. (person)

Vladimir Nemkov. (person)

A. Zovtis; Kiril Taranovsky. (person)

Russkii bazar / Russian Bazaar . (corporateBody)

V. Pertsov. (person)

Vasilii Vasiliev. (person)

Mestnoe vremia ?. (corporateBody)

The Publishing House Golos. (corporateBody)

Roman Adrianov; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Iosif Brodskii; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Satirikon Theatre. (corporateBody)

Russian Association of the Nobility Rossiiskoe Dvorianskoe Obshchestvo. (corporateBody)

TV-6 Company. (corporateBody)

Bulat Okudzhava. (person)

M. H. Handler. (person)

Dmitrii Dibrov. (person)

Ales' Kniaziuk. (person)

The Academy of American Poets. (corporateBody)

Galina Papernaia. (person)

Konstantin Bogomolov. (person)

Maree Frances Scarlett. (person)

Avtovaz plant. (corporateBody)

Alex Soldier Designs. (corporateBody)

Zoia Boguslavskaia; Andrei Bitov. (person)

A. Shurkina. (person)

Izvestiia Akademii Nauk Kazakhskoi SSR. (corporateBody)

The University of Kansas. (corporateBody)

Inna Gol'dshtein. (person)

Valeriia Shitikova Valeria Schitikova. (person)

Evgenii Martynov. (person)

Nash sovremennik. (corporateBody)

S. S. Smirnov. (person)

The Gazette. (corporateBody)

Leonid Brezhnev; Andrei Kosygin. (person)

The Vista Voice. (corporateBody)

Berliner Morgenpost. (corporateBody)

Genrikh Sapgir; Nikolai ? Eremin. (person)

Collins, Naomi F. (person)

Il'ia Ilya Sel'vinskii. (person)

The Woodrow Wilson Center. (corporateBody)

Krokodil (corporateBody)

Aleksei Bochelov. (person)

O. Zagoruiko. (person)

V. Liubushin. (person)

Aleksandr Alik Gotlib. (person)

Bayerische Akademie der Schönen Künste. (corporateBody)

Harry Schwartz. (person)

Evgenii Evtushenko Yevgeny Yevtushenko. (person)

Grigorii Iavlinskii; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

USSR Bank for Foreign Trade. (corporateBody)

Vladimir Turbin; Stanislav Lesnevskii. (person)

Komsomolets Tadzhikistana ?. (corporateBody)

Anatolii Peredreev. (person)

Vladimir Ognev. (person)

Natal'ia Rebrova. (person)

Zoia Boguslavskaia; Natalia Volkova. (person)

Zoia Boguslavskaia; Raisa Ishimova. (person)

Nikita Khrushchev; John Kennedy. (person)

Sergei Protasov ?. (person)

Iuliia Tereshchenko. (person)

Waage, Peter N (person)

Vladimir Doveiko. (person)

Konstantin Kedrov. (person)

E. Kulagina. (person)

Kaiser, Robert G., 1943-... (person)

Nikita Khrushchev. (person)

Frederic Starr ?. (person)

Evgenii Osetrov. (person)

Heinz Albers. (person)

Stop (corporateBody)

Okna. (corporateBody)

Glassboro Whit ?. (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Abdulov. (person)

Sonntag. (corporateBody)

Elena Pudozhgorskaia. (person)

Robert Shuman; Boris Grebenshchikov. (person)

Brendan Lemon. (person)

The Daily Californian. (corporateBody)

Larisa Dimitrova Samigullina; Marina Dimitrova. (person)

Allen Ginsberg; Oscar Wilde. (person)

Ales' Karliukevich; Viktor Zhak. (person)

Viktor Zhak; Evgenii Ogurtsov. (person)

Vadim Nazarenko. (person)

Kulisa NG. (corporateBody)

Vishnevskaia, Galina (person)

Vechernii Leningrad. (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Potemkin; Sviatoslav Belza. (person)

Keme;ny Enüre ?. (person)

San Francisco Chronicle. (corporateBody)

Dmitrii Makarov. (person)

David Avidan. (person)

Ol'ga Ignatiuk. (person)

Viktor Shutkevich. (person)

Aleksandr Blok; Andrei Chikatilo. (person)

Sobesednik SUPER. (corporateBody)

Konstantin Kedrov; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

The Tabakman Museum. (corporateBody)

Chris Klein. (person)

The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts; Estee Lauder. (corporateBody)

M. S. Handler; Robert F. Kennedy. (person)

Vladimir Nuzov. (person)

Roman Tabakman. (person)

Artrud. (corporateBody)

Kirovskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Blok. (person)

E. Aksenova. (person)

I. Valin. (person)

Sovetskaia kul'tura. (corporateBody)

Znamia. (corporateBody)

Vladimir Korol'kov. (person)

Sobesednik. (corporateBody)

A. Bunin. (person)

The New Mexico Daily Lobo. (corporateBody)

Carol Cooke. (person)

N. Shishkina. (person)

Sowjetliteratur. (corporateBody)

Vladimir Lenin. (person)

S. Gravin; R. Grinberg. (person)

Jose; González Hernández. (person)

Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts. (corporateBody)

Bol'shoi Theater. (corporateBody)

The Foundation for Support of Nonprofit Publishing Projects. (corporateBody)

Lev Dodin; Tatiana Shestalova. (person)

Lenkom Theater. (corporateBody)

V. D. Dinaburgskii. (person)

Francisco de Goya. (person)

Maksim Trudoliubov . (person)

V. Belov; S. Galkin. (person)

Alla Efimova. (person)

Iuliia Tereshchenko; Vil'gel'm Mikhailovskii. (person)

I. Zumrudov . (person)

Gundars Bojars. (person)

Vsevolod Kochetov; Aleksandr Tvardovsky Tvardovskii. (person)

Ekke Masa ? ; Wolf Birman ?. (person)

Liudmila Tsoi. (person)

N. Kuznetsov. (person)

Robert Lowell; William Jay Smith. (person)

Velimir Khlebnikov; Oleg Khlebnikov. (person)

A. Triukhan ?. (person)

Harry Grodberg. (person)

Andrei Mal'gin. (person)

Iurii Tsvetkov. (person)

The International Herald Tribune. (corporateBody)

Sergei Pasynkeev. (person)

Vladislav Zagorul'ko. (person)

La Nacion. (corporateBody)

Jack Ke;rouac. (person)

NIPEK Corporation. (corporateBody)

Dalos László. (person)

Ogonek Ogonyok. (corporateBody)

Galina Starovoitova. (person)

The New York Times. (corporateBody)

G. Berezkin. (person)

Grigorii Gorin. (person)

Vecherniaia Moskva. (corporateBody)

Trud-7 ?. (corporateBody)

Studentska tribuna. (corporateBody)

Secretariat News. (corporateBody)

Roberto Obregon Morales. (person)

Mireille Boris. (person)

Ibragim Al'-Dzharadi. (person)

Aleksandr Vampilov. (person)

Wostok. (corporateBody)

Izdatel'stvo Viktora Goppe. (corporateBody)

Lev Sorokin. (person)

Iu. Smirnov-Nesvitskii. (person)

Marina Lorenko ?. (person)

Peter Osnos. (person)

Nikita Khrushchev; Kevin Klose. (person)

Sergei Pastushikhin; Mariia Andreevna Pastushikhina. (person)

Liz Smith. (person)

Tat'iana Filippova; Kapitolina Afanasieva. (person)

M. Stanovnov. (person)

Teatral'naia zhizn' . (corporateBody)

Vadim Rabinovich. (person)

The Stylus. (corporateBody)

Publishing House Literatura. (corporateBody)

Frederick S. Wight art gallery (corporateBody)

CARA was a travelling exhibition of Chicano art curated by the Wight Gallery at UCLA. It was a showcase of 140 works of art produced between 1964-1985 by 90 artists. From the description of CARA, Chicano Arts, Resistance and Affirmation papers. Volume II, ca. 1986-1992. (University of California, Los Angeles). WorldCat record id: 320046939 ...

Ia - telokhranitel' . (corporateBody)

L. Liuben? Georgiev. (person)

Apollinariia Zueva. (person)

Ben Neary. (person)

Krasnoe znamia. (corporateBody)

Ėrdman, Nikolaĭ, 1902-1970 (person)

Iu. Ermakov. (person)

Tsentral'nyi dom literatorov. (corporateBody)

Moia gazeta. (corporateBody)

Raimond Pauls. (person)

The University of Birmingham. (corporateBody)

Kristina Patrashkova; Liubomir Levchev. (person)

Aleksandr Tkachenko. (person)

L. Aleksandrov; Semen Kirsanov. (person)

Nasha ulitsa. (corporateBody)

Tikhookeanskii komsomolets. (corporateBody)

The U.S. Embassy. (corporateBody)

Nikolai Gogol'; Mikhail Kutuzov. (person)

Sovetskaia estrada i tsirk. (corporateBody)

Harold ? Taylor. (person)

Tvorchestvo. (corporateBody)

The Publishing House Feniks. (corporateBody)

Petr Stoianov. (person)

Profsoiuznyi kurier. (corporateBody)

Literatura i zhizn' . (corporateBody)

Ruslan Elinin. (person)

Oleg Efremov. (person)

P. Pavel ? Stepanov; Isaak Levitan. (person)

Igor' Moiseev. (person)

Evgenii Evtushenko Yevtushenko. (person)

Velimir Khlebnikov; Ekaterina II. (person)

Dialog-Optim Bank. (corporateBody)

Evgenii Evtushenko Yevgeny Yevtushenko; A. Salutskii. (person)

Arsenii Tarkovskii. (person)

Stepan Shchipachev; Vladimir ? Ognev. (person)

Botschaft der Bundesrepublik Deutschland. (corporateBody)

Kazimir Malevich; Marc Shagall Chagall. (person)

Philip Taubman. (person)

Plotin; Kserks. (person)

Bozhidar {Bozhilov ?. (person)

Rene; Drommert. (person)

Viktor Dmitriev. (person)

Mikhail Glinka. (person)

Peter I. (person)

Serzh Sergei Chugunnikov. (person)

Corriere Della Sera. (corporateBody)

The Oklahoma Daily. (corporateBody)

Ada Pron'ko. (person)

Georgii Melikiants. (person)

MKAU Mezhnatsional'noe kul'turnoe agentstvo Ukrainy. (corporateBody)

Kongress Intelligentsii Rossiiskoi Federatsii. (corporateBody)

Die Welt. (corporateBody)

Il'ia Levin. (person)

Gosudarstvennaia nalogovaia inspektsiia State Tax Inspection. (corporateBody)

Vadim Maksheev; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Vladimir Novikov. (person)

Vitalii Boiko. (person)

Mnatsakanian, Sergei (person)

S. Krivshenko. (person)

Northwestern University, College of Arts and Sciences. (corporateBody)

Russkii bazar. (corporateBody)

Mikhail Skryl'nikov. (person)

Leonardo Da Vinci (person)

Petr Chikhachev. (person)

Daily news (corporateBody)

Soiuz arkhitektorov SSSR. (corporateBody)

I. Fridliand. (person)

A. Petrovskii. (person)

Viacheslav Dolganov. (person)

Sandro Vladykin. (person)

Rosenfeld, Stephen (person)

T. Iu. Sokolova. (person)

Peter Worthington. (person)

Industrial'naia Karaganda. (corporateBody)

Iunost' . (corporateBody)

OOO Klub-restoran TsDL (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Grin. (person)

Viktor Pankov; Viktor Shklovskii. (person)

I.S.Turgenev State Museum. (corporateBody)

Iu. Shishkin. (person)

Ivan Peikovski. (person)

O. Goriachev. (person)

Mikhail Bulgakov; Karl Marx. (person)

Maiia Kaganskaia. (person)

Christian science monitor (corporateBody)

Tatyana Grosman; Aleksandr Liberman. (person)

V. P. Grigoriev. (person)

Ilya Ehrenburg ?. (person)

Antonin Chistiakov. (person)

Georgii Polianovskii. (person)

Dartmouth College (corporateBody)

The celebration of the 150th anniversary of the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dartmouth College Case was held on April 9, 1969, in the Court of Claims, Washington, D.C.; the celebration also commemorated the career of Daniel Webster, the advocate who defended the case before the Supreme Court. During the ceremony Justice Earl Warren, Senator Thomas J. MacIntyre, and Dartmouth College President John Sloan Dickey spoke before an audience of legislators, jurists, historians, and alumni....

Peter Gabriel; Nelly Gootin. (person)

Sensatsiia. (corporateBody)

I. Sokolov. (person)

Nariman Sukhanov. (person)

Jeff Sommer. (person)

Publishing House U-Faktoriia. (corporateBody)

Sergei Kuznetsov. (person)

Russkaia Amerika. (corporateBody)

Ferencz G. Fordítása ?. (person)

Andrei Bitov; Volf Schmidt ?. (person)

Dmitrii Bykov. (person)

Novaia panorama. (corporateBody)

Kapital (corporateBody)

Gerard Leman. (person)

The Green Sheet. (corporateBody)

Vasilii Vasily Vereshchagin. (person)

Israeli Embassy in Moscow. (corporateBody)

Boris Elkin. (person)

Souiz arkhitektorov Rossii The Union of Architects of Russia. (corporateBody)

I. A. Antonova. (person)

Sarah Bernhardt. (person)

Association Programme KEO. (corporateBody)

Lia Papaefstratiou. (person)

Ozgen Acar. (person)

Gelena Velikanova. (person)

Orfei. (corporateBody)

Gaia Servadio. (person)

M. Rekhel. (person)

Ivanovskaia gazeta. (corporateBody)

Mounir Bouchenaki. (person)

Konstantin Somov. (person)

Gosudarstvennyi muzei izobrazitel'nykh iskusstv imeni A.S.Pushkina. (corporateBody)

Iurii Bashmet. (person)

Stanislav Bondarenko. (person)

Latinovits Zoctàn. (person)

Peter Brooke; Jack Nikolson. (person)

Igor' Migar'. (person)

Sovetskaia kul'tura; Moskovskii teatr dramy i komedii na Taganke. (corporateBody)

Mariia Stepanova. (person)

Universal Limited Art Editions (Firm) (corporateBody)

Universal Limited Art Editions, founded by Tatyana and Maurice Grosman, has been credited with the American revival of fine art lithography in the mid-20th century. In the1950s and 1960s, when New York was experiencing intense artistic activity and growth, Tatyana Grosman was an inspired visionary with the ability to choose and attract the best young artists to explore lithography at her home studio. She hired master printers - notably Robert Blackburn, Zigmunds Priede, Donn Steward...

Mark Shagal. (person)

Publishing House Profizdat. (corporateBody)

Alan Forrest. (person)

Vasilii Aksionov Vassily Aksyonov. (person)

R. Leonidov. (person)

Daniel Melnick. (person)

The Hunter Envoy. (corporateBody)

Liusiena Krumova. (person)

Anton Chekhov; Vladimir Lenin. (person)

Alexander Aleksandr Chernyshov. (person)

A. Zheltov. (person)

Plam''k ?. (corporateBody)

Inna Bogachinskaia. (person)

Die Zeit. (corporateBody)

Iuvan Shestalov. (person)

M. S. Handler; Robert Lowell. (person)

Cheslav Milosh. (person)

Aleksandr Oleinikov. (person)

Boris Messerer. (person)

A. V. Petrovskii. (person)

Natalia Ivanova. (person)

Inga Inga - Lina Kuz'menko. (person)

Antonio ? Gaudi. (person)

Iurii Kaplan. (person)

Guguli Keburiia; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Le Quotidien de Paris. (corporateBody)

Nikita Khrushchev; Petr Chaikovskii. (person)

Aleksei Surkov. (person)

Sandro Vladykin; Roman Viktiuk. (person)

Iosif Brodskii Josef Brodsky. (person)

New York Newsday. (corporateBody)

L. Georgiev. (person)

The Russian Performance School Association; Unexim Onexim Bank. (corporateBody)

Playboy. (corporateBody)

Sovetskaia Litva. (corporateBody)

Pavel Kriuchkov. (person)

VIktor Shklovskii. (person)

Rossiiskie vesti. (corporateBody)

The Dartmouth. (corporateBody)

The Observer Weekend Review. (corporateBody)

Smena. (corporateBody)

Viktor Sokolov; V. Chernov. (person)

Hitchcock, Alfred, 1899-1980 (person)

Alfred Hitchcock (b. 13 August 1899, Leytonstone, England–d. 29 April 1980, Bel Air, CA) was an English film director and producer, widely regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers in the history of cinema. Known as "the Master of Suspense", he directed over 50 feature films. He began his career in the film industry in 1919 as a title card designer after training as a technical clerk and copy writer for a telegraph-cable company. ...

Georgi Popov. (person)

Denis Mickiewicz. (person)

Saratov Regional Museum. (corporateBody)

Russian Authors' Society. (corporateBody)

S. Navumchyk. (person)

Sovetskaia Rossiia. (corporateBody)

Liudmila Zykina. (person)

Valerii Dement'iev. (person)

Bulgarian Writers Union. (corporateBody)

Sovetskaia Bashkiriia. (corporateBody)

Teatr. (corporateBody)

Domashnee chtenie. (corporateBody)

Emma Abaidoullina. (person)

Adrian ? Mitchell; Celia ? Mitchell. (person)

Daily Worker. (corporateBody)

Irina Khalip. (person)

Mir obrazovaniia. (corporateBody)

Sviatoslav Richter Rikhter. (person)

Fotobureau de Jong en van Es. (corporateBody)

John R. Rowland; Moira Rowland. (person)

N. Mar; Vladislav Titov. (person)

Ekaterina Alekseeva; Galina Levina. (person)

The New York Review. (corporateBody)

Sovetskii uchitel' . (corporateBody)

Teatr; Leningradskii teatr komedii. (corporateBody)

Sergei Mnatsakanian. (person)

Zoia Boguslavskaia; Anna Saed-Shakh. (person)

Larisa Mekhedova; Alla Pougacheva ?. (person)

Demokratsiia. (corporateBody)

Triumf-Logovaz Foundation. (corporateBody)

Isadora Dunkan Duncan; Sergei Esenin. (person)

Anna Kovaleva. (person)

Stan S. Rubin; A. Poulin, Jr. (person)

Lev Uspenskii. (person)

Oleg Goriachev; Marina Murzina. (person)

Kennedy, Robert F. (Robert Francis), 1925-1968 (person)

Robert Francis Kennedy (November 20, 1925 – June 6, 1968), also referred to by his initials RFK and occasionally by the nickname Bobby, was an American politician and lawyer who served as the 64th United States Attorney General from January 1961 to September 1964, and as a U.S. Senator from New York from January 1965 until his assassination in June 1968. He was the brother of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Senator Edward Moore Kennedy. Kennedy and his brothers were born into a wealthy,...

Y. Hosokawa. (person)

ELBIM Bank. (corporateBody)

Wide World Lecture Bureau (corporateBody)

The Painters' Association of Israel ?. (corporateBody)

L. Grigorian. (person)

N. Dolinina. (person)

Katerina Angelaki Angelaki-Ruk ?. (person)

Cornwell, Neil (person)

Obozrevatel' . (corporateBody)

Berliner Zeitung. (corporateBody)

Igor' Nikolaev. (person)

The Globe and Mail. (corporateBody)

Literaturnaia Rossiia. (corporateBody)

Smena; Ivanovskii narodnyi teatr Ivanovskii molodezhnyi teatr dramy i poezii. (corporateBody)

Gazeta Poeziia. (corporateBody)

N. Dupak. (person)

Itskhak Rabin. (person)

Elena Veselaia. (person)

Taganrogskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Goroskop. (corporateBody)

Vladimir Maiakovskii. (person)

Vladimir Volin. (person)

Igor' Mezhakov Mezhakoff-Koriakin. (person)

Vladimir Spivakov; Frederick Chopin. (person)

New Times ?. (corporateBody)

Kievskie vedomosti. (corporateBody)

Moskva. (corporateBody)

Moskovskii teatr Lenkom Moskovskii teatr im. Leninskogo komsomola. (corporateBody)

Neatkariga. (corporateBody)

V.I.P. (Musical group) (corporateBody)

The News. (corporateBody)

Anthony Austin. (person)

Larisa Ogudalova. (person)

R. Sorina. (person)

Ernst Neizvestnyi; R. Grinberg. (person)

Sergei Kurekhin Kuryokhin. (person)

Literaturnye novosti. (corporateBody)

Alla Pougacheva. (person)

Iuliia ? Filonova ?. (person)

Selma W.Warner Program Services; Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies. (corporateBody)

Vladimir Nabokov. (person)

Common Wealth Trust. (corporateBody)

New York University (corporateBody)

The Class Collection documents selected student and alumni activities of New York University graduating classes from 1843-1966. Formal and informal gatherings were common, and were documented in detail by the participants. From the description of Class collection, 1843-1966. 1880-1900 (bulk). (New York University). WorldCat record id: 477254465 New York University (formerly, University of the City of New York), is an academic institution and, as such, its faculty produces ar...

Georgii Georgy Tovstonogov; Iurii Liubimov. (person)

S. G. Rubchinskii. (person)

Muzei Zverevskii tsentr sovremennogo iskusstva ?. (corporateBody)

Iu. Geriia. (person)

The British Council (corporateBody)

The British Council was founded in 1934 as the 'British Committee for Relations with Other Countries' and in 1936 it was re-named' The British Council'. The aims of the Council were: "to promote abroad a wider appreciation of British culture and civilization, by encouraging the study and use of the English language, and thereby, to extend a knowledge of British literature and of the British contribution to music and the fine arts, the sciences, philosophic thought and po...

William Meredith. (person)

Freie Welt. (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Smirnov; Lazar' Shereshevskii. (person)

Natal'ia Dardykina. (person)

Igor' Severianin; Vera Korendi. (person)

Business Week. (corporateBody)

Ul'ianovskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Pravda; Iunost' . (corporateBody)

Mar'iana Markova. (person)

Rabochii krai. (corporateBody)

Iurii Liubimov. (person)

Kitty Carlisle Hart. (person)

Iuliia Troll'. (person)

Vasilii Kavadeev. (person)

Vladimir Cherniakov. (person)

P. Unnikrishnan. (person)

Rudnyi Altai. (corporateBody)

Martin? Trautwein; Andrei Bitov. (person)

Iu. P. Gnedovskii; Iu. A. Sdobnov. (person)

Randall, Claire (person)

Zoia Boguslavskaia Boguslavskaya. (person)

Stanford report. (corporateBody)

A. Marchenko; S. Vladimirov. (person)

Vadim Verpak ?. (person)

Leninskaia smena. (corporateBody)

Vechernii Rostov. (corporateBody)

Viktor Zhak. (person)

L. Chubarova. (person)

Publishing House Unionsverlag. (corporateBody)

Wystan Hugh Auden (person)

Galway Advertiser. (corporateBody)

The New York Times Book Review. (corporateBody)

Sergei Narovchatov. (person)

Nina Krasnova; Viktor Astafiev. (person)

R. Kleiner; V. Vladimirova. (person)

Nataliia Osipova. (person)

Mikolaïv Nikolaev Regional Public Organization Dobra Nadiia Good Hope. (corporateBody)

Natal'ia Kozlova. (person)

Molodezh' Gruzii; Moskovskii teatr dramy i komedii na Taganke. (corporateBody)

Metallostroi-Fakt. (corporateBody)

Standart. (corporateBody)

Creativity Center for UNESCO. (corporateBody)

Simmons, Ernest J. (Ernest Joseph), 1903-1972 (person)

Aleksandr ? Dymshits. (person)

Rossiiskoe avtorskoe obshchestvo RAO. (corporateBody)

Kuz'ma Minin. (person)

Larisa Mekhedova; Alexei P. Lisanevich. (person)

Liubov' Ptashnik; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Adelina Adalis. (person)

Val. Lednev. (person)

Trud. (corporateBody)

Karen Markarian; Raimond Pauls. (person)

The Sunday Times. (corporateBody)

Lev Oshanin; Evgenii Evtushenko Yevtushenko. (person)

Philippe Douste-Blazy; Jean-Jacques Aillagon. (person)

Viktor Makhonin. (person)

Mstislav Rostropovich; Egor Iakovlev. (person)

T. Chanturiia. (person)

S. Katonova; V. Basner. (person)

Restaurant Peixerot. (corporateBody)

Valentin Iustitskii. (person)

G. Mitin. (person)

Mila Suprano. (person)

Kaliningradskaia oblastnaia filarmoniia. (corporateBody)

Henri, Pierre, docteur ès lettres (person)

Dar'ia Khitrovo. (person)

Russian PEN Center. (corporateBody)

Oleg Kulinich; Nadiia NADEZHDA KULINICH. (person)

Nina Berberova; E. Andronikova. (person)

Galway Arts Center. (corporateBody)

Frederico Federico Garcia Lorca. (person)

Lenkom (Teatr imeni Leninskogo komsomola). (corporateBody)

Molodezh' Gruzii. (corporateBody)

Vechernii New York Vecherniy New York. (corporateBody)

Vechernii Leningrad; Moskovskii teatr dramy i komedii na Taganke. (corporateBody)

Rossiiskaia Federatsiia segodnia. (corporateBody)

Michelangelo Buonarroti; Dante Alighieri. (person)

Literaturen front. (corporateBody)

Ekaterina Grafchikova; Nina Iskrenko. (person)

AOZT Sigmakon, Masterskaia gidroplastiki. (corporateBody)

International Djuna Academy of Alternative Sciences. (corporateBody)

Tatiana Serogina ?. (person)

V. B. Fedotova. (person)

P. Smirnov. (person)

Komsomolets. (corporateBody)

Nikita Khrushchev; Andrei Baranov. (person)

NIVA Inc (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Pushkin; Zemfira Ramazanova. (person)

Sergei Esenin Charitable Foundation Blagotvoritel'nyi fond imeni S.Esenina. (corporateBody)

Steven Spielberg. (person)

Kennedy, Edward Moore, 1932-2009 (person)

Edward Moore Kennedy (b. Feb. 22, 1932, Boston, Mass.-d. Aug. 25, 2009), graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in government in 1956, and received his LL.B. from the University of Virginia in 1959. He served in the United States Army from 1951 to 1953. He was elected democratic senator from Massachusetts in 1962, served until his death in August 2009. He was the Assistant District Attorney for Suffolk County from 1961 to 1962, and sought the Democratic nomination for president in 1980....

Tatiana Shcherbina. (person)

Pogled. (corporateBody)

V. Tsybin. (person)

Kommunist. (corporateBody)

Vechernii klub. (corporateBody)

Time (corporateBody)

The Writer's House (Dom pisatelia). (corporateBody)

Vladimir Salasiuk; Adam Mitskevich. (person)

Obzor. (corporateBody)

Literarurnaia gazeta. (corporateBody)

Z. Cevers; J. Ritins. (person)

Ogonyok Ogonek. (corporateBody)

Theodore Shabad. (person)

22. Moskva - Ierusalim 22. Moscow - Jerusalem journal. (corporateBody)

Government of Russian Federation. (corporateBody)

Jak Iv Kusto. (person)

Knizhnoe obozrenie; Gosudarstvennaia biblioteka SSSR im. V.I.Lenina. (corporateBody)

Sovetskaia kul'tura; Pravda, Literaturnaia gazeta, Literaturnaia Rossiia. (corporateBody)

Robert Rozhdestvenskii. (person)

Leningradskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Feltrinelli editore (corporateBody)

Boris Pasternak House-Museum. (corporateBody)

Andrei Goncharov; T. Kupriianova. (person)

Liubomir Levchev. (person)

Nataliia Orlova. (person)

Donald Schallau. (person)

Kapitolina I. Afanasieva. (person)

Otechestven front (corporateBody)

Nauka i religiia. (corporateBody)

Mary Blume; Evgenii Evtushenko {Yevtushenko. (person)

Mikhail Lapshin. (person)

Susan Kastner Ellman. (person)

Iskusstvo kino. (corporateBody)

Raitis Strautins. (person)

Dora Boneva Levcheva?. (person)

Lidiia Grot Popova-Grot; Nina Berberova. (person)

Metropol Hotel, Moscow. (corporateBody)

Dora Levcheva Boneva? ; Liubomir Lyubomir? Levchev. (person)

Walter Berkov. (person)

Elena Skulkaia. (person)

Valentina Kuznetsova. (person)

Paul Wohl. (person)

Stanley Kunitz. (person)

Makar Dmitriev. (person)

T. A. Slutskaia. (person)

P. Suvorova; Makhambet. (person)

Anthony Astrachan. (person)

Kora Tsereteli. (person)

Vincent van Gogh (person)

Roman Adrianov; Anna Tikhanova. (person)

The Administration of the President of Russian Federation. (corporateBody)

Narodna mladezh. (corporateBody)

Leonard Kossuth. (person)

Vasilii Aksenov ?. (person)

Pavel Stepanov. (person)

Link (corporateBody)

Russkaia mysl' . (corporateBody)

The Montreal Star. (corporateBody)

Shipler, David K. (person)

Takashi Arima. (person)

Uchitel'skaia gazeta. (corporateBody)

Igor' Averov. (person)

Nina Berberova. (person)

L. Monchinskii; N. Krymova. (person)

Liubov' Maksimova. (person)

Gary Light; Genrikh Sapgir. (person)

The Daily Telegraph; Daily Express. (corporateBody)

Nikolai Aseev. (person)

Vechernii Klub / The Evening Club. (corporateBody)

V. Vardugin. (person)

Zinovii Gerdt; Boris Pasternak. (person)

Rab Zsuzsa; Elbert János. (person)

Jens Gerlach. (person)

Wide World Lecture Bureau Inc.; Internal Revenue Service. (corporateBody)

Robert Rozhdestvenskii; Aliia Rozhdestvenskaia. (person)

The newspaper Moskovskii komsomolets. (corporateBody)

Russkaia literatura. (corporateBody)

A. Antonov. (person)

Rodion Shchedrin. (person)

M. G. Essi-Ezint ?. (person)

Vitsebski rabochyi. (corporateBody)

Pravda (corporateBody)

Rigas Balss. (corporateBody)

Judith Ranta; Nancy Dolensek. (person)

Nina Iskrenko; Boris Grebenshchikov. (person)

Il'ia Sel'vinskii. (person)

A. Sosna ?. (person)

Cynthia Medina. (person)

Liuben Georgiev; Dimitur ? Vasilev. (person)

The Moscow Patriarch Aleksii II. (person)

The Russian Nonprofit Foundation of Peace and Agreement. (corporateBody)

Valentin Nikitin. (person)

Leninskoe znamia. (corporateBody)

Embassy of Israel in Moscow. (corporateBody)

Zoia Boguslavskaia; Andrei Voznesenskii. (person)

Zdenek David. (person)

M. F. P'ianykh; Vladimir Lenin. (person)

Vladimir Spivakov; Maiia Plisetskaia. (person)

Georgii Trubnikov; Svetlana Udal'tsova. (person)

Iurii Yuri Bashmet ? ; Mikhail Zhvanetskii ?. (person)

Stanislav Lesnevskii; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Adol'f Urban. (person)

N. Oseledchik. (person)

Arina Sharapova; Velimir Khlebnikov. (person)

Liubomir ? Levchev; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

The Writers' Club of the Central House of Literary Workers. (corporateBody)

Moskovskii teatr Shkola dramaticheskogo iskusstva. (corporateBody)

Iakov Andreev. (person)

Efrem Baukh. (person)

Mikhail Beliaev; Boris Yeltsyn. (person)

Genrikh Mitin. (person)

Sarnov, B. (Benedikt) (person)

Phillips McCandlish ?. (person)

Elena Katsiuba. (person)

William Jay Smith; Vera Dunham. (person)

Viktor Victor Urin. (person)

Robert Rauschenberg; John Lund. (person)

M. Brusilovskaia. (person)

Roman Serdiukov. (person)

Giuliano Zincone. (person)

Alfred Schnittke ?. (person)

Egils Zirnis; Janis Peters. (person)

Molodezhnyi KURIER. (corporateBody)

Segodnia. (corporateBody)

Anne Price. (person)

Robert Falk. (person)

Prof. Albert Leong. (person)

Zoia Boguslavskaia; Rebecca Metlock ?. (person)

Evtushenko, Evgenii (person)

Iurii ? Zubkov. (person)

Iva Iolova; Vladimir Vysotskii. (person)

Kaliningradskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Marina Kaminarskaia. (person)

A. Krupenin. (person)

Sovietskaia kul'tura. (corporateBody)

Pushkin, Katya (person)

Iurii Idashkin. (person)

P. ? Rabina; Israel' Kesar'. (person)

M. S. Bodrov; Vladimir Lenin. (person)

Vladislav Chebotarev. (person)

Aleksandr ? Iakovlev; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Cite; Internationale des Arts. (corporateBody)

Royal Azur Hotel. (corporateBody)

Alfred Tul'chinskii. (person)

Moskovskii literator. (corporateBody)

József Attila. (person)

The New England Poetry Club. (corporateBody)

Publishing House Olimp. (corporateBody)

Ural'skii rabochii. (corporateBody)

Andrei Kharkeevich. (person)

Tatiana Danil'iants. (person)

The Toronto Telegram. (corporateBody)

Evgenii Pasternak. (person)

Sil'viia Borisova; Simeon Rusakiev. (person)

Mikael Tariverdiev; Igor' Starygin. (person)

Narodna kultura. (corporateBody)

Molodezh' Altaia. (corporateBody)

Antonina W. Bouis; Allen Ginsberg. (person)

Novinar. (corporateBody)

Georgi Chatalbashev. (person)

Molodoi leninets. (corporateBody)

Arts (corporateBody)

Djuna Dzhuna Davitashvili. (person)

Valia Stoianova. (person)

Michael Pushkin. (person)

Salavat Sakhibgareev. (person)

University of Oregon. Center for Teaching Writing (corporateBody)

The Univeristy of Oregon was established on October 19, 1872 and began classes on October 16, 1876. In 1915 there were 119 professors and instructors; by 1934 that number had grown to over 174 faculty. From the guide to the Faculty bulletins and scrapbooks, 1914-1934, (Special Collections and University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries) The High School debating league was started by the Oregon Teacher Association. The University of Oregon contributed by publishing th...

Boris Paramonov. (person)

V. Shestopalov. (person)

The Daily Tribune. (corporateBody)

Saturday Review of Literature, (corporateBody)

Russian Soviet PEN Center in Moscow. (corporateBody)

D. Moldavskii. (person)

Thomas Lask; Evgenii Evtushenko Yevgeny Yevtushenko. (person)

A. L. Zhovtis; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Aleksandr Ivanov; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Garden Hermitage. (corporateBody)

V. Bograd. (person)

Victor Nekrasov. (person)

Makhmut Esambaev; Abdulla Esambaev. (person)

Henry Allen. (person)

Monitor (Agency : Great Britain) (corporateBody)

Association pour la sauvegarde du patrimoine culturel russe en France (corporateBody)

Washington Journal Square. (corporateBody)

Giacomo, Balla (person)

Ol'ga Dashkovskaia. (person)

Vladimir Soloukhin. (person)

Vladimir Rubtsov. (person)

Vladimir Valutskii. (person)

Moskovskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Alena Elena Ganchikova; Marc Chagall Shagall. (person)

Sovetskaia Klaipeda. (corporateBody)

Georgii Adamovich. (person)

International PEN Club, Russian PEN Center. (corporateBody)

Vladlen Slavin. (person)

Vesti segodnia. (corporateBody)

A. Skonechnaia. (person)

Zoia Boguslavskaia; Oleg Tabakov. (person)

Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs, USSR; Soviet Writers' Union. (corporateBody)

Konstantin Kedrov; Boris Pasternak. (person)

John Richmond. (person)

Druzhba narodov. (corporateBody)

Sergei ? Mikhalkov; Todor Zhivkov. (person)

MAESTRO USA, Inc. (corporateBody)

Leninets. (corporateBody)

Z oia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Hotel & Restaurant Panorama. (corporateBody)

Svetlana Kalousková Kalousek. (person)

Edward O'Loughlin: James Joyce. (person)

Voiazh. (corporateBody)

Vladimir Giliarovskii Gilyarovsky. (person)

Sergei ? Chekhonin; Petr Chaikovskii. (person)

Silvia Borisova; Nikolai Kinchev ?. (person)

Times Higher Education Supplement. (corporateBody)

Berkeley Daily Gazette. (corporateBody)

Vitebsk Regional State Archive Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv Vitebskoi oblasti. (corporateBody)

Publishing House Vagrius. (corporateBody)

Nikolai Gubenko ?. (person)

Larisa Bel'chikova. (person)

Izvestiia. (corporateBody)

Department of Foreign Affairs. (corporateBody)

Vladimir Vysotskii; Bulat Okudzhava. (person)

Paola Khiusein. (person)

Sturshel ?. (corporateBody)

Novosti nedeli. (corporateBody)

Literaturnyi Fond. (corporateBody)

Akhmet Diusembaev. (person)

LG-Dosie. (corporateBody)

VIktor Lapcenok; Antra Krastina. (person)

Vladimir Spivakov; Iogann Sebastian Bach. (person)

State University College at Brockport, New York. (corporateBody)

Memorial-Aspect. (corporateBody)

Sviatoslav Fedorov. (person)

Ul'iana Lopatkina. (person)

Orakul. (corporateBody)

Sergei Malinovskii. (person)

Alla Marchenko. (person)

Boris Yeltsyn. (person)

Chicago sun-times (corporateBody)

Lev ? Temkin; V. Vladimirov. (person)

Whitney, Craig R. (person)

Muza Zatevakhina. (person)

Las Vegas Review-Journal. (corporateBody)

Mikhail Gorbachev; William Mandel. (person)

Reagan, Ronald, 1911-2004 (person)

Ronald Wilson Reagan (1911-2004) was the 40th President of the United States and served two terms in office from 1981 to 1989. He was born on February 6, 1911, in Tampico, Illinois, the second son of Nelle Wilson and John Edward ("Jack") Reagan. His father nicknamed him "Dutch" as a baby. In 1920 the family resettled in Dixon, Illinois. In 1928 Reagan graduated from Dixon High School, where he had been student body president, an actor in school plays, and a student athlete. He partici...

V. Zemliakin; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Immanuel Kant; Friedrich Schelling. (person)

Martin Heidegger. (person)

Father Aleksandr Men; Andrei Tarkovskii. (person)

Elena Kvaskova. (person)

Marina Gorelova. (person)

Panos Theodoridis. (person)

Art Prestige. (corporateBody)

Novgorodskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Ekran i stsena. (corporateBody)

Irina Khakamada. (person)

Rabotnitsa. (corporateBody)

Oleg Tabakov. (person)

Mary Blume. (person)

Francoise Wagener. (person)

Iosif Josef Brodskii; Osip Mandelhtam. (person)

NA ?. (corporateBody)

Valentin Pikul'. (person)

Vladimir Lenin; L. Dubrovets. (person)

Iurii Kariakin; Aleksandr Borshchagovskii. (person)

Takis Varvitsiotis ?. (person)

Aizek Asimov {Azimov; Ekaterina II ?. (person)

Avrora. (corporateBody)

Whitney, Craig R. (person)

Aleksandra Frolova Kseniia Nekrasova. (person)

L. Vasiliev. (person)

Elsa Triolet; Olga Carlisle. (person)

Panorama (corporateBody)

Viktor Galanter. (person)

Knizhnoe obozrenie. (corporateBody)

R. Mushkina; Aleksandr Osmolovskii. (person)

The Boston Globe. (corporateBody)

Evgenii Primakov. (person)

G. Sokolov. (person)

Inna Karpovich. (person)

Nikolai II. (person)

Mar'iana Markova; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Komsomolets; Moskovskii teatr dramy i komedii na Taganke. (corporateBody)

Sovetskaia molodezh' . (corporateBody)

Northwestern University, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures. (corporateBody)

Andrei Uvarov; Roman Uvarov. (person)

VEK (corporateBody)

L. Lavlinskii. (person)

S. Piterskii ? Sergei Pasynkeev ?. (person)

Iurii Kazakov. (person)

Université de Paris (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Mezhirov. (person)

Anselm Hollo. (person)

Triumf Foundation. (corporateBody)

New York State Council on the Arts (corporateBody)

The position of executive director has been held by the following individuals: Laurence Roberts (1960-1961); John H. MacFadyen (1961-1964); John B. Hightower (1964-1970); Eric Larrabee (1971-1975); Kent Barwick (1975-1976); Robert A. Mayer (1976-1979); Theodore Striggles (1979-1980); Mary Hays (1980-1995); Al Berr (April, 1995-August, 1996); and Nicolette B. Clark (1996-present). From the description of Executive Director's subject and correspondence files, 1960-2001. (New York State...

Tatiana Lavrova; Arkadii Raikin. (person)

Elena E. Musatova; Victor Borisov-Musatov. (person)

Leonid Tartynskii. (person)

M. Nikolaev; Herbert Marshall. (person)

Vera Krutilina. (person)

E. Lesnichenko. (person)

Iurii Kublanovskii; Arsenii ? Tarkovskii. (person)

Igor'-Severianin. (person)

Moskovskii khudozhestvennyi akademicheskii teatr. (corporateBody)

Master Grundy. (person)

Maree ? Scarlett. (person)

Al. Mikhailov. (person)

Ol'ga Korbut. (person)

Kuzbass. (corporateBody)

Stefan Kanfer. (person)

Kris Kel'mi. (person)

Voice of America (Organization) (corporateBody)

The Voice of America Forum Lectures in American Poetry series was broadcast internationally by the Voice of America radio program, which covered topics in the arts and sciences in mid-twentieth century America. From the description of Voice of America Forum Lectures in American Poetry series scripts, circa 1965. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702202512 American governmental agency broadcasting by radio to audiences in foreign countries. From the description of Vo...

Alexander Prokhanov. (person)

Andrei Tarkovsky Foundation. (corporateBody)

Golos Azii. (corporateBody)

Mikhail Kas'ianov. (person)

Ogonek. (corporateBody)

The Daily News. (corporateBody)

Padrón, Justo Jorge (person)

The Denver Clarion. (corporateBody)

Vladislav Malenko. (person)

Ernst Neizvestnyi Neizvestny. (person)

Centre national d'art et de culture Georges Pompidou. (corporateBody)

University of Pennsylvania; IREX. (corporateBody)

A. Bocharov. (person)

Kseniia Klimova. (person)

RAPS Association Rossiiskaia assotsiatsiia Planirovanie sem'i. (corporateBody)

Televidenie i radio SSSR. (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Strunin. (person)

Allen Ginsberg; Diana Der-Hovanessian. (person)

V. Stoliarov. (person)

Gary Snyder. (person)

Dieter E. Zimmer; Lawrence Ferlinhetti. (person)

Mary Hipp ?. (person)

Grigorii ? Ognev. (person)

Sergei Esenin. (person)

Vitalii Pinin. (person)

Orfei Orpheus. (corporateBody)

Liliana Bulatovich ?. (person)

Nina Krasnova; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Sonia Lescaut. (person)

Iurii ? Grunin. (person)

KPFA Folio. (corporateBody)

Sofiiskii universitet Kliment Okhridskii. (corporateBody)

Liubomir Levchev; Vera Chalkova ?. (person)

A. Kouznetsov. (person)

Voprosy literatury. (corporateBody)

Samuil Marshak. (person)

Wolfgang, Amadeus Mozart (person)

Sovetskaia Kuban' . (corporateBody)

O. A. Severgin. (person)

The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts. (corporateBody)

Bella Akhmadoulina; Claude Blanchemaison. (person)

Liuben Georgiev. (person)

A. Chernitskii. (person)

Boris Grebenshchikov ?. (person)

Vasilii ? Rusakov. (person)

Marie ? -Anna Sarda. (person)

Andrei Voznesenskii; Vladislav Starkov. (person)

Judy T. Sternbergs. (person)

Elena Ukhova. (person)

Pablo de Sarasate. (person)

Nikita Khrushchev; V. Golitsyn. (person)

Genrikh Sapgir. (person)

Sergei Nosov. (person)

La Stampa ?. (corporateBody)

Literaturnaia gazeta. (corporateBody)

Igor' Dudinskii. (person)

L. V. Radina. (person)

Megapolis-ekspress. (corporateBody)

Rosellina Archinto. (person)

V. Nevelkii. (person)

PR Company Aksioma. (corporateBody)

Iu. Parkasov ?. (person)

MOL. (corporateBody)

Novaia Pol'sha. (corporateBody)

Iurate Gurauskaite; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Pennywhistle Press; The Poetry Center of New Mexico. (corporateBody)

Martin Heidegger; Arnold Schwarzenegger. (person)

Svetlana Ovchinnikova. (person)

Mikhael A. Ayvasian; Andrei Voznesenskii. (person)

Alena Elena Ganchikova; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Valentin Tirman; Dr. Hart Wegner. (person)

R. Sturua. (person)

Natalia Bondarenko; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Renata Litvinova. (person)

Patriarch Aleksii II. (person)

Elena Belova; Marina Tsvetaeva. (person)

Issei Nomura. (person)

B. K. Kalamapas ?. (person)

Latvian Academy of Sciences. (corporateBody)

Washington Post Company (corporateBody)

The Washington Post Company is best known for its ownership of the daily newspaper, The Washington Post. The paper was founded on Dec. 6, 1877. It was founded by Stilson Hutchins and sold several times. The Meyer-Graham family owned the paper from 1933-2014 when it was bought by founder Jeff Bezos. The paper is well known for reporting by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in 1970s for investigating Watergate Scandal. ...

V. Popov; Anna Iurkanskaia. (person)

Aleksei Anisimov. (person)

Iaroslavna, Efrosin'ia (person)

Leonid Novikov. (person)

Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk; Institut mirovoi literatury imeni A.M.Gor'kogo. (corporateBody)

Life (corporateBody)

Vladimir Shatrovskii. (person)

L. Skorino. (person)

Brian Miller. (person)

Tatiana Iakovleva. (person)

Zoia Boguslavskaia; Keith Dinwiddie. (person)

R. I. Bobrov. (person)

Kafka, Franz, 1883-1924 (person)

Franz Kafka (b. July 3, 1883, Prague, Czech Republic–d. June 3, 1924, Klosterneuburg, Austria) was a novelist and short story writer, widely regarded as one of the major figures of 20th-century literature. His work, which fuses elements of realism and the fantastic, typically features isolated protagonists faced by bizarre or surrealistic predicaments and incomprehensible social-bureaucratic powers, and has been interpreted as exploring themes of alienation, existential anxiety, guilt, and absur...

S. Lominadze; Lev Anninskii. (person)

Aleksandr Pushkin; Mikhail Lermontov. (person)

Marina Rodionova. (person)

International Institute of Electrical / Acoustic Music ?. (corporateBody)

Argumenty i fakty; LogoVAZ. (corporateBody)

Allen Ginsberg. (person)

I. V. Abashidze. (person)

German Pirogov. (person)

Odjek ?. (corporateBody)

Russian Academy of Education (corporateBody)

Dmitrii Nutenko. (person)

David Copperfield. (person)

E. L'vova; V. Linov. (person)

Sovetskaia Latviia. (corporateBody)

Urmas Ott. (person)

Soldat, Hans-Georg (person)

Tiumenskaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Tina Palmaister ?. (person)

Shamai Golan; Zev Birger. (person)

Aleksandr Volovik. (person)

Lia Wainstein; Boris Pasternak. (person)

S. Aliev. (person)

Teatral'naia zhizn' ; Moskovskii teatr dramy i komedii na Taganke. (corporateBody)

Duma. (corporateBody)

UNESCO (corporateBody)

S. Povartsov. (person)

Obshchestvo invalidov-esperantistov. (corporateBody)

Aleksandr Gol'dshtein. (person)

New York Herald Tribune (corporateBody)

Komsomol'skaia pravda. (corporateBody)

Boris Yeltsin. (person)

Münchner Merkur. (corporateBody)

Kazakh auibilti ?. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. (corporateBody)

Moskovskie novosti ?. (corporateBody)

Dr. Ernesto Zedillo; Eva Aridjis. (person)

Viacheslav Polunin. (person)

A. A. Vasiliev. (person)

A. Ter-Akopian; Susanna Gabrielian. (person)

The Pope; Nastasia Nastassja Kinski. (person)

Baltiiskaia gazeta. (corporateBody)

Narodnyi literaturnyi teatr Dvortsa kul'tury moriakov (Kaliningrad). (corporateBody)

Evgenii Dolmatovskii. (person)

Viacheslav Prokofiev. (person)

Alain Bosquet; N. Anastasyev Anastasiev. (person)

Iliia Il'ia Zemskov Smekhov. (person)

Stepnoi maiak. (corporateBody)

Tat'iana Rybakina. (person)

Sovetskaia muzyka. (corporateBody)

Robert Bly. (person)

Iu. Osetrov. (person)

Sergei Musaelian; Georgii Chumburidze. (person)

Georgii Melikiants; Pierre Cardin. (person)

22. Moskva - Ierusalim 22. Moscow - Jerusalem (corporateBody)

Viktor Pankov. (person)

Anna Perel'man. (person)

Ryback, Timothy W. (person)

Dalí, Salvador, 1904-1989 (person)

Salvador Dalí (b. May 11, 1904, Figueres, Spain–d. January 23, 1989, Figueres Spain) was a prominent Spanish surrealist artist. Dalí was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work. His painterly skills are often attributed to the influence of Renaissance masters. His best-known work, The Persistence of Memory, was completed in August 1931. Dalí's expansive artistic repertoire included film, sculpture, and photography, in collaboration with a range ...

Valentin Nikitin; Emanuel Swedenborg. (person)

L. Filippova; Georgii Muzalevskii. (person)

Mikael Tariverdiev. (person)

M. I. Zan'kova. (person)

The Gerald Manley Hopkins Society. (corporateBody)

Chekhov Library. (corporateBody)

USSR State Bank. (corporateBody)

Argumenty i fakty; Triumf-LogoVAZ Foundation. (corporateBody)

Andrei Siniavskii Abram Terts. (person)

Tera Ragan; Mara Ragan. (person)

Georgetown University. (corporateBody)

Raymond H. Anderson. (person)

Derek Walcott; Sigrid ? Walcott. (person)

John F. ? Deeme ? ; Pádraig J. Daly. (person)

Natalia Zimianina. (person)

Nezavisimaia gazeta; Russian PEN Center / Centre. (corporateBody)

Boris Berezovskii; Zoia Boguslavskaia. (person)

Elita. (corporateBody)

S. Tsimbal; Iurii Liubimov. (person)

Valerii Korenblit-Sonin. (person)

The Russian Independent Charity Foundation Triumf-LogoVAZ Triumf Foundation. (corporateBody)

Sovetskaia Abkhaziia; Moskovskii teatr dramy i komedii na Taganke. (corporateBody)

Robert Coalson; Nikita Khrushchev. (person)

I. Motiashov. (person)

Aleksandr Sizonenko; Vladimir Soloukhin. (person)

Vladimir Spivakov. (person)

Maiakovskii, Vladimir (person)

Nikolaevskii Pushkinskii Klub. (corporateBody)