Holt, Herbert, Collection 1890-1910


Holt, Herbert, Collection 83-119; 88-281., 1890-1910

Holt, Herbert, Collection 1890-1910

Correspondence and legal documentscomprise the Herbert Holt Collection, 1893-1910, documenting the law practice ofSimon B. Newcomb, Hebert B. Holt, and Joseph Bonham as well as the history of NewMexico as a territory.


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Parker, Frank Wilson, b. 1860

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Stephenson Bennett Mining Company.

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Holt and Bonham (Las Cruces, N.M.)

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Lee, Oliver M.

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Santa Rita Mining Company.

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Fall, Albert B. (Albert Bacon), 1861-1944

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Albert B. Fall arrived in N.M. in 1883, and began prospecting at Kingston. He moved to Las Cruces to practice law and became active in Democratic politics. In 1902, he switched his affiliation to the Republican party and continued his climb through various elective and appointive offices. In 1921, Fall was appointed Secretary of the Interior. While in this position Fall was instrumental in transferring the Navy oil reserves at Teapot Dome, Wyo. and Elk Hills, Calif. from the Navy Dept. to the In...

Frost, Max.

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Otero, Miguel A. (Miguel Antonio), 1829-1882

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Baca, R. L.

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Llwellyn, William H. H.

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Holt, Herbert B., b. 1868

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Herbert Bartlett Holt (b. 1868) was born in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and educated in Massachusetts. He moved to Las Cruces, New Mexico, in 1891 and worked as a court stenographer. After reading the law with Judge Simon B. Newcomb, Holt joined the bar in 1898. Holt inherited Newcomb’s law practice after his death in 1901. The same year, Joseph Bonham joined the practice as a partner, and the practice concentrated on mining law under the name Holt and Bonham. In 1910, Holt forme...

Bonham, Joseph

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Hardesty, R. G.

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Newcomb, Simon Bolivar, 1838-1901

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