Inventory of the Samuel Erson Asbury Papers 1872-1960


Inventory of the Samuel Erson Asbury Papers Texas MSS 00044., 1872-1960

Inventory of the Samuel Erson Asbury Papers 1872-1960

Educated and professionally employed as an agricultural chemist and researcher in fertilizer and feeds, Samuel Erson Asbury's fame rests primarily with his extensive research into Texas history, particularly his discovery of little known primary resources regarding the Texas Revolution, including those concerning Jonas Harrison, John A. Williams, and the journal of Juan Nepomuceno Almonte. Samuel Erson Asbury was born in Charlotte, North Carolina on September 26, 1872, the son of Felicia Swan (Woodward) and Sidney Monroe Asbury. In 1889, Asbury enrolled in North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College in Raleigh, receiving his B.S. in chemistry in 1893. Employed as an instructor at the college, Asbury earned his M.S. by 1896. Between 1895 and 1904, Asbury worked alternately with the North Carolina Experiment Station, the State Chemist's office in Richmond, Virginia, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, and the State Chemist of Tennessee. On November 1, 1904 he accepted a position in College Station, Tex., as Assistant State Chemist with the Texas Agricultural Experiment Station on the campus of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas. From 1905 to 1915 his work required him to travel throughout East Texas as a fertilizer inspector for Dr. G. S. Frap, the State Chemist. During his business trips, Asbury spent his spare time getting acquainted with the local old-timers, many of them former participants in the Texas Revolution, Civil War, and/or the Reconstruction. Asbury's chief historical interest lay in the Texas Revolution, and he spent much of his time writing an opera, or musical-drama review to illustrate it. Asbury spent the remainder of his career with the experiment station employed in the analysis of fertilizer and feed until his retirement in 1945. Samuel Erson Asbury died in Bryan, Tex. on January 10, 1960 at the age of 89. The Samuel Erson Asbury Papers consist of research materials, correspondence, mainly original contemporary letters and copies of the older correspondence, Asbury's writings and copies of state and national documents, held in eight boxes and one map case drawer occupying approximately twelve linear feet of shelf space. Asbury's broad range of interests is reflected in the variety of topics contained in these papers. Foremost among them are the files of correspondence, the older materials chiefly copies, copies of historical documents, articles and research notes concerning various aspects of Texas history. Also included in the Asbury papers are: articles, short stories, essays, plays, poetry, and a Texas Revolution opera written by Asbury; research notes and correspondence on the cultivation of roses and the growing of plants without soil; articles written about Asbury; correspondence with family members; general correspondence; and photographs of Asbury, his family and friends, and North Carolina A&M College.


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A. H. Jones (person)

A. H. Shearer (person)

William M. Rice Institute (corporateBody)

W. B. Garner (person)

Elizabeth Griggs (person)

San Luis Potosi (person)

Garland F. Taylor (person)

W. D. Robinson (person)

Jim Hogg (person)

M. P. Norton (person)

Steck, Francis Borgia, 1884-1962 (person)

Tennessee Historical Society (corporateBody)

Yale university. Library (corporateBody)

Eli Whitney was born in Westborough, Massachusetts in 1765. Even as a child he showed an aptitude for mechanical work, repairing violins and taking on other mechanical work as it presented itself. Whitney set up shop making nails and when the demand for nails declined, he changed his business to manufacture hat pins, a commodity with increasing demand. Whitney eventually enrolled at Yale College in May 1789, and graduated three years later. He intended to further his education and become a lawye...

C. O. Watkins (person)

S. H. Smith (person)

James Harrison (person)

TAMC (corporateBody)

Sunshine Ranch (corporateBody)

R. R. Royall (person)

Princeton University (corporateBody)

The collection documents the physical expansion of the University from its earliest period through the acquisition of large tracts of land in the 20th century, including the properties around Carnegie Lake and numerous farms. Early records document transactions with such Princeton University notables as Nathaniel Fitz Randolph, John Witherspoon, Walter Minto, John and Richard Stockton, and John Maclean. For the most part, the papers consist of standard legal documents with detailed descriptions ...

Thornton, Mary Lindsay (person)

M. L. Bonham (person)

Noah F. Morrison (person)

Ullman Co. (corporateBody)

H. F. Morrison (person)

Bernardo Montero (person)

South Carolina College (corporateBody)

Library University of South Carolina (corporateBody)

George A. Osborn (person)

Nannie Porter (person)

Americus Book Company (corporateBody)

Clark D. Smith (person)

McFarland, J. Horace (John Horace), 1859-1948 (person)

Eph M. Dagget (person)

Harvard (corporateBody)

O. M. Roberts (person)

Chas. D. Smith (person)

Souther Blue Print & Supply Co. (corporateBody)

William Taylor (person)

Dora Wade (person)

Duval, William Pope, 1784-1854 (person)

Lawyer, U.S. representative of Kentucky, and governor of Florida (Territory). From the description of Memorial of the inhabitants of the city of St. Augustine to William Pope Duval, governor of Florida, 1822. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71009966 Governor, lawyer, judge. At the age of 14, Duval left home for the Kentucky frontier, settling in Bardstown to study law. In 1822 he moved to St. Augustine, Florida, where he was appointed a territorial ju...

W. R. Jillson (person)

East Tennessee Historical Society (corporateBody)

Ramsdell, Charles W. (Charles William), 1877-1942 (person)

Charles William Ramsdell, Sr. (1877-1942) was born at Salado, Bell County, Texas. His entire career was associated with the University of Texas (UT), which he entered as a student in 1900. He received B. A. and M. A. degrees from UT in 1903 and 1904, respectively, and a Ph. D from Columbia University in 1910. On August 26, 1906, he married Susan Griffith, and the couple had two children, Dr. Mary Alice R. Dye and Charles William Ramsdell, Jr. From 1906 until his death on July 3, 194...

John Walker (person)

United States. Department of the Treasury (corporateBody)

The Department of the Treasury was created by an act of Congress (1 Stat. 65), approved September 2, 1789. The orginal act established the Department to superintend the manage the National finances. This act charged the Secretary of the Treasury with the preparation of plans for the improvement and management of the revenue and the support of public credit. It further provided that the Secretary should prescribe the forms for keeping and rendering all manner of public accounts and for the ma...

Juan Bautista De Elguezabal (person)

John Scrutchfield (person)

Frank Young (person)

Julia P. Henderson (person)

State historical society of Wisconsin (corporateBody)

The State Historical Society was founded in 1846, chartered in 1853, and became a trustee of the state in 1855. Chapter 75, Laws of 1967, continued the Society as an independent agency. The Society is charged by statute with the collection, preservation, and dissemination of historical and cultural resources relating to Wisconsin, the Midwest, and the nation. From the description of Agency history record. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 145776528 ...

Joe Hughes (person)

S. W. Geiser (person)

W. F. Thompson (person)

J. L. Bonham (person)

Connecticut State Library (corporateBody)

Prior to the late 1960s, the Connecticut State Library did not rigorously document its acquisition of pictorial materials. This material might possibly have come to the State Library during the war records project of the late 1940s and 1950s. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the Archives, History and Genealogy staff identified, gathered and arranged the photographic material into the Pictorial Archives and its series into Picture Groups. From the description of World War II pos...

Crocket, George Louis, 1861-1936 (person)

Episcopal clergyman, of San Augustine and Nacogdoches, Tex. From the description of George Louis Crocket papers, 1787-1960. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70956242 Educator, historian, and minister, of Nacogdoches and San Augustine, Tex. From the description of Collection, 1849-1943. (Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library). WorldCat record id: 70927287 ...

J. R. Fleming (person)

O. B. Colquitt (person)

Mrs. J. Wallace Brosig (person)

G. A. Stevens (person)

Ashley R. Stephens (person)

Psoro Aresenaux (person)

Alex Thompson (person)

Pedro Procell (person)

Univ. North Carolina (corporateBody)

Martin, T. P. (Thomas Patrick), 1953- (person)

E. M. Coulter (person)

W. O. Stroud (person)

James Bradshaw (person)

Marjorie Rogers (person)

Alabama Department Archives and History (corporateBody)

Mrs. Chas. A. Boineau (person)

Roswell Ingram (person)

Mrs. Walter A. Dealey (person)

Nicholas Trammel (person)

NC Historical Commission (corporateBody)

Miller, Edwin C. (person)

Pevoto, Michel, Jr. (person)

S. S. Goldich (person)

C. E. Nelson (person)

Cheshire, Joseph B. (Joseph Blount), 1882-1961 (person)

Lowry T. Hampton (person)

W. M. Kell (person)

Margaret I. King (person)

S. W. Geisee (person)

Buchanan, Albert, Mrs. (person)

R. B. Whitworth (person)

University of Pennsylvania. (corporateBody)

In 1919 Edward Bushnell was appointed publicity agent for the University of Pennsylvania. His appointment began a long and expanding effort at public relations at the University. In 1954 the Department of Public Relations expanded its work to include two new units, Motion Picture Services and the Office of Radio and Television. These two offices operated until 1975 when they were phased out of a stream-lined department. From the description of University Film Collection, 1915-1989. (...

Ed Kilman (person)

Rosenburg Library (corporateBody)

W. T. Louch (person)

E. C. Atkins and Co. (corporateBody)

Thos. P. Martin (person)

James Morgan (person)

Eugenia Watson (person)

Nannie M. Tilley (person)

Margaretta Jane Dugat Williams (person)

Henry Teal (person)

W. A. Day (person)

John Seguin (person)

American Consular Service (corporateBody)

Jose Antonio de la Garza (person)

C. Chaplin (person)

Bartlett Chemicals (corporateBody)

Josephine W. Bradley (person)

Univ. of Texas (corporateBody)

Bancroft Library (corporateBody)

Iowa State College (corporateBody)

Carrie Harrison (person)

Margaret Shannon (person)

Ga. State Dept. of Archives & History (corporateBody)

F. E. Ullman (person)

Herbert Davenport (person)

Victor Chemical Works (corporateBody)

Victor Chemical Mining Works was incorporated on February 8, 1902, in Chicago, Illinois. The company closed operations at the Melrose, Montana, site on December 29. 1959. From the description of Victor Chemical Works Mining Operations, Melrose Area, records 1959. (Montana Historical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 746053583 ...

H. T. Lyttleton (person)

Mrs. J. D. Weldon (person)

James E. Winston (person)

Buffalo Hist. Soc. Publications (corporateBody)

J. G. DeRoulhac Hamilton (person)

G. C. Richardson (person)

Foster, John R. (person)

Richard G. Hensley (person)

C. A. Kraus (person)

D. Killengh (person)

Walter R. Humphrey (person)

J. H. Mayes (person)

Cole, Arthur C. (person)

Phillip Norton (person)

Shipton, Clifford Kenyon, 1902-1973 (person)

Texas Company (corporateBody)

Mary Raney Smith (person)

Enoch Pratt Free Library (corporateBody)

Leonard Barron (person)

E. C. Pettus (person)

North Carolina Agricultural Experiment Station. (corporateBody)

Tomas Flores (person)

Columbia Phonograph Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (corporateBody)

Extension Service, TAMC (corporateBody)

A. Hunter (person)

R. F. Hall (person)

Ann Raney Thomas (person)

Robert W. G. Vail (person)

Historical Commission of South Carolina (corporateBody)

Rueben M. Potter (person)

Bank of Niagara (corporateBody)

Frank Dobie (person)

W. E. Wrather (person)

Mrs. G. W. Hardin (person)

Ralph Cotlan (person)

San Jose Mission (corporateBody)

Jane Dugat (person)

Mrs. W. J. Truitt (person)

R. S. Hennesey (person)

Louis E. Plana (person)

Morris, Robert C. (Robert Calder), 1912- (person)

Mrs. I. B. McFarland (person)

SMU Law School (corporateBody)

General Land Office (corporateBody)

Gaines, Edmund Pendleton, 1777-1849 (person)

Soldier, U.S. Army; served in War of 1812, Black Hawk War, Florida War and Mexican War; commanded Western Department and later Eastern Department; at odds with War Department over frontier defense during most of his career. From the description of Letter : Sand Hills near Augusta, Ga., 1825 Sept. 30. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 31023735 U.S. Army general. From the description of Papers, 1815-1857. (Duke University Library). WorldCa...

William Harrison (person)

Connor, Robert Digges Wimberly, 1878-1950 (person)

Educator, historian, secretary of the North Carolina Historical Commission, University of North Carolina professor, first archivist of the United States, and author of numerous books and articles on North Carolina history. From the description of R. D. W. Connor papers, 1890-1950 [manuscript]. WorldCat record id: 26319525 Robert Digges Wimberly Connor (26 September 1878 - 25 February 1950) was born in Wilson, North Carolina, one of twelve children of Henry Grove...

Thomas Spencer (person)

J. N. Mayes (person)

Florence A. Emory (person)

Ramsey's Austin Nursery (corporateBody)

F. W. Hunsel (person)

Huntington Library (corporateBody)

The Huntington Library, Art Collecitons 1151 Oxford Rd., San Marino. From the description of Hanover County, Virginia related materials 1726-1901. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122632586 ...

Ignozio Elisondo (person)

Christopher Crittenden (person)

Mrs. Guy A. Blount (person)

Michel Branamour Menard (person)

Burr H. Duval (person)

Daniel Bond (person)

Benjamin Watson Hardin (person)

D. L. Williams (person)

Mills, C. H. (Charles Henry), 1873-1937 (person)

Professor and then director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Music from 1914 to 1937. From the description of [Papers] / Charles H. Mills. 1900-1937. (University of Wisconsin - Madison, General Library System). WorldCat record id: 19803501 ...

Jose A. de la Garza (person)

Ira Ingram (person)

Edna Arnold Copeland (person)

Harrison, James Cooke, 1819-1882 (person)

Mrs. F. S. Asbury (person)

Burton Historical Collection. (corporateBody)

Briggs, Willis G. (Willis Grandy), 1875-1954 (person)

Willis Grandy Briggs (1875-1954) was a Raleigh, N.C., lawyer and postmaster, and served as Republican Party chair for Wake County, N.C. From the description of Willis G. Briggs papers, 1764-1954. WorldCat record id: 25677989 Willis Grandy Briggs (1875-1954) was born in Raleigh, N.C., the son of Thomas Henry and Sarah Grandy Briggs. He was educated at the Raleigh Male Academy, run by Charles C. Holden, and at Wake Forest College, from which he graduated cum laud ...

State Dept. of Archives and History (corporateBody)

Haden Edwards (person)

Sidney A. Smith Dayton (person)

Mary Daggett Lake (person)

James Hill (person)

A. S. Burleson (person)

Almira Caston (person)

Ernest Powell (person)

Marjory Walker (person)

Sallie Hayter Harrison (person)

A. B. Looseau (person)

Edna Huntington (person)

Marion P. Wiltse (person)

General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen (corporateBody)

Hervey Whiting (person)

Eleanor Wilby (person)

Eleanor Harrison (person)

Encarnacion Chirino (person)

Williams, Samuel M. (person)

Jacob Shannon (person)

Price Daniels (person)

G. B. Winner (person)

Mrs. M. D. Lake (person)

Jas. A. Kilgore (person)

Barck, Dorothy C. (person)

Grace L. Jenkins (person)

Louise Gladney (person)

Audet, Francis J. (person)

O. F. Asbury (person)

Bonham, James Butler, 1807-1836 (person)

R. T. Connerly (person)

Department Archives and History (corporateBody)

W. E. Loomis (person)

Jose Bernardo Gutierrez (person)

Florence A. Emery (person)

Mrs. G. A. Wallace (person)

Josephine Connell (person)

Ike Moore (person)

Mrs. Jouett Taylor Cannor (person)

Nathaniel Norris (person)

L. W. Kemp (person)

Maryland historical society (corporateBody)

H. C. Gray (person)

Henry Asbury (person)

C. R. Wharton (person)

UT Austin (corporateBody)

S. H. Yarnell (person)

Clarence R. Wharton (person)

William S. Irvine (person)

Mona Guadalupe de Lucas (person)

C. B. Galbraith (person)

John Warren Love (person)

Mary M. Greenloe (person)

James Grant (person)

J. L. Dugat (person)

Lois Foster Blount (person)

Historical Association (Great Britain) (corporateBody)

Mary Ellen Bridges (person)

Manuel Sambrano (person)

Violette (person)

Carr, Joseph W. (person)

Gibb Gilchrist (person)

Mrs. F. Schenkenberg (person)

K. L. Anderson (person)

Stuart McGregor (person)

Joaquin de Arredondo (person)

H. B. Caroll (person)

I. B. McFarland (person)

Jay Carlisle (person)

Southwestern Univ. (corporateBody)

Mae McFadden (person)

Wm. Hampton Thomas (person)

Samuel Whiting (person)

Miguel Arciniga (person)

Ashcraft (person)

Alexander McLain (person)

Stephen Lyncy (person)

A. J. Schnitzel (person)

North Carolina State University (corporateBody)

Currently, there are 24 University Standing Committees. Members of each of the University Standing Committees are appointed by the chancellor at the beginning of each academic year. The Committee on Committees provides the chancellor with recommendations concerning the composition and charge for each committee, its chair, and its faculty, staff, and student members. These recommendations are in part based on voluntary expressed preferences, on a general principle of rotation, and, whenever appro...

Mae McFarland (person)

Fred G. Gill (person)

John Vanmale (person)

Price Daniel (person)

J. Harrison (person)

Cornell Univ (corporateBody)

Louisiana State Univ. (corporateBody)

King, John C. (person)

Jonathan Anderson (person)

E. H. Wells (person)

D. B. Youngblood (person)

Bessie Partlow (person)

Edna Love (person)

Whitman Cross (person)

Wharton, John A. (John Austin), 1806-1838 (person)

John Seguins (person)

S. M. U. (corporateBody)

John Cleves Short Harrison (person)

Johnson, Luther A. (Luther Alexander), 1875-1965 (person)

Walter Thomas (person)

J. Law (person)

Hugh Blair (person)

C. H. Stolley (person)

J. B. Cazenave (person)

Williams, John A. (John Albert), 1938- (person)

Mrs. W. O. Stroud (person)

Kennedy (person)

T. F. Harwood (person)

Franco. Viana (person)

A. Chonquien (person)

R. B. Duncan (person)

Mrs. Sam Jackson (person)

Mississippi State College (corporateBody)

Carson, Samuel Price, 1798-1838 (person)

Politician Samuel Price Carson (1798-1838) was born to Col. John and Mary (Moffit) Carson, in Pleasant Gardens, North Carolina. John represented Burke County in the North Carolina General Assembly for many years. Educated by his older brother Joseph, Samuel Carson was elected to the North Carolina Senate in 1822. Two years later, Carson ran for U. S. Senate against Robert B. Vance, who charged that Carson’s father was a traitor during the Revolutionary War. Carson challe...

D. R. Pevoto (person)

Holtham (person)

F. B. McFarland (person)

Bartlett Chemicals, Inc. (corporateBody)

J. H. Walker (person)

Státní archiv v Brně (corporateBody)

C. E. Castaneda (person)

M. M. Quaife (person)

E. W. Winkler (person)

Ellen D. Schultz (person)

Alta H. Steiser (person)

Onah Jacks (person)

J. W. Fannin (person)

Ed Kilmer (person)

Hobart Huson (person)

D. H. Newhall (person)

Watson, James A. (James Albert), 1946- (person)

Armstrong Nurseries (corporateBody)

Robt. F. Eldridge (person)

Alice Smith (person)

Mary Ament (person)

Brooks, Mary Ann (person)

Robt. W. Bingham (person)

Dunbar Rowland (person)

Mrs. Herman Wallace (person)

Dienst, Alex (person)

Margaret Wasson (person)

Vail, R.W.G. (Robert William Glenroie), 1890-1966 (person)

Director of the New-York Historical Society, 1944-1960. From the description of Knickerbocker birthday : a sesqui-centennial history of the New York Historical Society 1954. (New York University, Group Batchload). WorldCat record id: 58773027 ...

Margaretta Jane Dugat (person)

John York (person)

White, S. A. (Samuel Albert), 1870-1954 (person)

County Archives Texas (corporateBody)

William Ward (person)

Carie McElroy (person)

Ollie F. Howafe (person)

Mrs. Claude N. Blackwell (person)

Congress of Republic of Texas (corporateBody)

National Park Services (corporateBody)

Fred Kingdon (person)

Martínez, Juan de Dios (person)

Wilby, Eleanor S. (Eleanor Stanwood) (person)

T. B. Smith (person)

Carnegie Library (corporateBody)

Mary Ann (person)

Mrs. E. V. Turne (person)

Mrs. M. A. Hatcher (person)

Elena Zamora O'Shea (person)

J. Anton's Padilla (person)

Joseph O'Donohoe (person)

Harry C. Kruse (person)

Eliza Saffold Fannin (person)

Ephraim McLain (person)

Joseph Bircle (person)

Lois Blount (person)

Jefferson County Library (corporateBody)

Kentucky State Historical Society (corporateBody)

R. L. Biesele (person)

James B. Goff (person)

William Moore (person)

Mrs. Sam W. Jackson (person)

E. C. Barker (person)

Carl O. Katz (person)

Public Library of Cincinnati (corporateBody)

A. H. Brooks (person)

Mrs. N. F. Porter (person)

Alexander Horton (person)

Tabitha Milner (person)

Kansas State College (corporateBody)

Joe R. James (person)

Tulane Univ. (corporateBody)

Fr. John Brady (person)

George L. Crockett (person)

Mrs. Will Stroud (person)

Univ. of NC (corporateBody)

A. A. Hunt (person)

Charles Ficke (person)

James Bowie (person)

Washington (State). Supreme Court (corporateBody)

An agency history is available. From the guide to the Supreme Court Registers of actions indexes, 1895-1940., (Utah State Archives and Records Service) From the guide to the Supreme Court Opinions, 1886-, (Utah State Archives and Records Service) From the guide to the Supreme Court Minute books, 1859-1987., (Utah State Archives and Records Service) From the guide to the Supreme Court Utah Reporter, 1851-, (Utah State Archives and Records Service) F...

Peter Tumlinson (person)

Nelson, Al B., 1902- (person)

L. Dubois (person)

Univ. of Georgia (corporateBody)

University of California, San Diego. University Library (corporateBody)

Pratt, Anne Stokely (person)

Texas. Highway Department (corporateBody)

Ethel Mary Franklin (person)

D. Hays (person)

Floyd Shannon (person)

Jack Howerton (person)

G. N. Fuller (person)

L. Procell (person)

W. A. McLeod (person)

Helen H. Swift (person)

Dallas Historical Soc. (corporateBody)

Arlene Pickett (person)

Michael Riley (person)

Bernardo Gutierres (person)

Mrs. J. L. Brock (person)

Mrs. C. D. Mitchell (person)

Logan, William M., 1802-1839 (person)

Economy League of Michigan (corporateBody)

A. J. Houston (person)

A. Hotchkiss (person)

D. G. Burnet (person)

Mrs. S. L. Avery (person)

Juan Garnier (person)

Henrietta Kemp (person)

Allene Ramage (person)

Mrs. Burton A. Crane (person)

McMillan Company (corporateBody)

Trumbull Cary (person)

L. F. Blount (person)

Richardson, Rupert Norval, 1891-1988 (person)

Teacher, researcher, author, university administrator, churchman, and civic servant. Born 1891 in Stephens County, Texas. Associated with Hardin-Simmons University (Abilene, Tex.) as either a student or faculty member or administrator from 1907-1988. Serving as university president from 1943-1953. Founded (1924) and served as long-time editor-in-chief of the West Texas Historical Association. Best known work, TEXAS: THE LONE STAR STATE, was first published in 1943; its fourth edition was publish...

Webb, Walter Prescott, 1888-1963 (person)

Educator. Historian. Author. Born in 1888 on a farm in Panola County, Texas. Attended University of Texas, receiving his B.A. (1915), M.A. (1920) and Ph. D. (1932). Started teaching at the University of Texas in 1918 and remained on the faculty until his death. Authored "The Great Plains" (1931), "The Texas Rangers" (1935) and "The Handbook of Texas" (1952). Served as director of the Texas State Historical Association, president of the Mississippi Valley Historical Association (1954-1955) and of...

Mrs. W. H. Thomas (person)

Juan Sequin (person)

Alex Dienst (person)

Thomas A. Stanwood (person)

Texas State Library (corporateBody)

J. J. Linn (person)

Lord Fairfax (person)

Governor Roberts (person)

LSU Historical Department (corporateBody)

Burgers Battery Co (corporateBody)

Ethelyn Keays (person)

Wharton, William H. (William Harris), 1802-1839 (person)

B. Dortolant (person)

Foreign Policy Association. (corporateBody)

John leFitt (person)

Ferry, Frederick C. (Frederick Carlos), 1868-1956 (person)

Frederick Carlos Ferry (1868-1956) was born in Braintree, Vt., and graduated from Williams College in 1891. He served as Latin, Greek and mathematics instructor at the College from 1891 to 1894 before receiving an M.A. from Harvard University and a Ph. D. from Clark University. Ferry returned to Williams in 1899 to teach mathematics. Beginning in 1902, he also served as the College's Dean. He left Williams in 1917 to become President of Hamilton College. From the description of Paper...

Express publishing (corporateBody)

Mrs. J. M Porter (person)

R. E. McFarland (person)

Josephus Daniels (person)

The Brazos Valley Cotton Mills (corporateBody)

University of Arizona, 1966-67 (corporateBody)

University of Arizona recognition of 100 years of land-grant colleges and universities, 1862-1962, and the university’s participation in the centennial convocation of the American Association of Land-Grant Colleges and State Universities held at Kansas City, 1961. From the guide to the University of Arizona Land-Grant centennial records, 1960-1962, (University of Arizona Libraries, Special Collections) University of Arizona recognition of 100 years of land-grant colleges and...

US Department of Agriculture; Soil Conservation Service (corporateBody)

New-York Historical Society (corporateBody)

Lulu Shannon (person)

A. Bustamento (person)

Emma A. Bull (person)

Wisconsin State Historical Society (corporateBody)

T. J. Holbrook (person)

Ada Fitts (person)

D. C. DeMent (person)

A. C. Avery (person)

Mosely Baker (person)

Julia D. Welder (person)

D. W. Dobney White (person)

Henry Smith (person)

Cora M. Avery (person)

S. F. Austin (person)

Houston Public Library (corporateBody)

The Old Vault Collection contains documents, records, and correspondence relating to Texas history. The materials date from as early as 1796 to the late 1890's. The accumulation of these early papers began before the establishment of the Houston Metropolitan Research Center, and were originally kept in the library vault for safekeeping. This arrangement of the material explains the diversity of the collection and its peculiarly eclectic nature. From the guide to the Old Vault Collect...

Burgess Battery Co. (corporateBody)

Franco Amangual (person)

G. W. Smyth (person)

John Caruthers (person)

R. B. Vance (person)

Don Antonio Cordero (person)

Ephraim Mclane (person)

A. B. Mills (person)

W. C. Ervin (person)

J. A. Williams (person)

Rosenberg Library (corporateBody)

Elias Ransom (person)

Hottes, Alfred C. (person)

Embassy of USA (corporateBody)

Henry Allen Poe (person)

Williams, Samuel C. (Samuel Colin), 1853- (person)

Albert J. Schnitzel (person)

Angeline McLane (person)

Kate Wheeler (person)

William P. Rose (person)

Texas State historical association (corporateBody)

The Texas State Historical Association (TSHA) was organized in 1897 with the general objectives of promoting historical studies, particularly the discovery, collection, preservation and publication of historical material pertaining to Texas. TSHA publishes the "Southwestern Historical Quarterly," the "Handbook of Texas," and the "Junior Historian," and holds educational programs dedicated to the field of Texas history. The TSHA's permanent quarters are in the Center for American History, on the ...

Peter J. Menard (person)

Fred Merfele (person)

Waldo E. Bailey (person)

Maud H. Bender (person)

Purdue University (corporateBody)

Univ. of North Carolina (corporateBody)

C. L. Bennon (person)

Texas Extension Service (corporateBody)

Amon B. King (person)

Downs, Robert B. (Robert Bingham), 1903-1991 (person)

Professor of library science, and director of libraries and Library School, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus) (later names: Graduate School of Library Science, University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign campus) and Graduate School of Library Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign); d. 1991. From the description of Papers, 1937-1983. (University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign). WorldCat record id: 28416848 ...

W. F. Gericke (person)

R. S. Sterling (person)

Maury Maverick (person)

David C. DeMent (person)

John McNeel (person)

Detroit Pub. Library (corporateBody)

J. G. O'Donohoe (person)

Desanque (person)

John Cole (person)

Methodist Publishing House (corporateBody)

Martha L. Ellison (person)

exas Agricultural Experiment Station (corporateBody)

Branard (person)

Jose Joaquin Ugarte (person)

Sam Acheson (person)

Bradburn, Juan Davis, 1787-1842 (person)

Lois Campbell (person)

E. W. Steel (person)

Fannie Peterson (person)

Hatcher, Mattie Austin (person)

Born near Austin, Texas, Mattie Alice Austin Hatcher (b. ca. 1880-1956) was the daughter of Charles Freeman and Anna Pope Hague Austin and the wife of Maurice S. Hatcher. Hatcher graduated with an M.A. in history from the University of Texas in 1903 and became the university’s first archivist three years later. She wrote and edited numerous books and articles on Texas history, including The Opening of Texas to Foreign Settlement, 1801-1821 (1927) and Letters of an Early American Traveller, Mary ...

E. L. Smettles (person)

Dallas Hist. Soc. (corporateBody)

Paul Macy (person)

Jose I. Ybarbo (person)

Nannie Tilley (person)

John Boden (person)

Jose Antonio Saucedo (person)

L. D. Woodworth (person)

Roxbury Hall (corporateBody)

Thomas L. Asbury (person)

Claude Pollard (person)

H. E. Meyer (person)

Haynes Shannon (person)

Shannon, William T. (person)

W. C. Gary (person)

Cole, John S. (John Selden) (person)

W. G. Howeth (person)

Tom Eary (person)

Harry Arther McArdle (person)

Y. M. Rogers (person)

Brigham, Clarence S. (Clarence Saunders), 1877-1963 (person)

Clarence Saunders Brigham (1877-1963) began his distinguished library career while a student at Brown University. After graduation in 1899 he was appointed librarian of the Rhode Island Historical Society and in 1908 he left that position to accept the offer of the librarian's post at the American Antiquarian Society. He was named director of the Society in 1930 and was made its president in 1955. He resigned fifty-one years after he began working in Worcester. Brigham was a dedicated librarian ...

J. M. Guadiana (person)

Mr. G. B. Dealey (person)

John I. Newell (person)

Hayden Edward (person)

Lynch (person)

Mrs. W. A. Ganning (person)

Thomas Gordon Watts (person)

Hamilton, Joseph Grégoire de Roulhac, 1878-1961 (person)

J.G. de Roulhac Hamilton (1878-1961) was a historian; founder of the Southern Historical Collection at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, N.C.; and professor and chair of the History Department at the University of North Carolina. From the description of Joseph Grégoire de Roulhac Hamilton papers, 1895-1961. WorldCat record id: 27190178 Joesph Gregoire de Roulhac Hamilton, son of Daniel Heyward and Frances Gray Roulhac Hamilton, was born in Hillsb...

Herbert Grambell (person)

Roses Extraordinary (corporateBody)

I. K. Stephens (person)

San Felipe Public Schools (corporateBody)

Beauford Chambless (person)

Jack Eria (person)

Aurora Estrada (person)

W. B. Ellis (person)

Elisha Lloyd (person)

James Gaines (person)

Lewis, Thomas H. (person)

Marquis James (person)

UT Library (corporateBody)

Samuel Norris (person)

John Sanders (person)

Department of Agriculture (corporateBody)

Harvard Memorial Library (corporateBody)

John Appleton (person)

Government of Texas (corporateBody)

W. A. Hanger (person)

Bradley, John M. (John Michael), 1940- (person)

L. A. Carter (person)

Joseph Durst (person)

James Fannin (person)

Georgia Volunteers (corporateBody)

Eliza Hayter (person)

Mrs. Z. W. Copeland (person)

Jonas Harrison (person)

Tulane University. (corporateBody)

Gammel's Bookstore, Inc. (corporateBody)

J. P. Watters (person)

Mary K. Cloud (person)

Fla. State Historical Society (corporateBody)

Leila Bliss Shuey (person)

Dionisio Valle (person)

Daniel O'Quin (person)

Thomas Smith (person)

Ruth John Sanders (person)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Agricultural Experiment Station (corporateBody)

Mrs. O. B. Martin (person)

Henry Foley (person)

T. A. Stanwood (person)

William Dorsett (person)

Moses Hauk (person)

Chilean Nitrate Educational Bureau (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Sam C. Lackey (person)

Elizabeth H. Herney (person)

William Tremmill (person)

Vicente Cordova (person)

Mabel F. Selkirk (person)

Joseph L. Dugat (person)

W. B. Briggs (person)

Margaret King (person)

R. H. Porter; Steck Co. (corporateBody)

James Odell (person)

Welsh, Agatha Maverick (person)

William Barr (person)

R. W. Writol (person)

Peter Furkenite (person)

Mrs. J. E. Hays (person)

H. T. Priestley (person)

Sam'l Hauk (person)

Jose Vicente Cordova (person)

A. C. Horton (person)

E. B. Reynolds (person)

Lucy Fuller Gross (person)

A. F. Watkins (person)

American Cyanamid Company (corporateBody)

NY. From the description of Folic acid and vitamin B-12. Their interrelationships. Technical bulletin no. 1, 1954. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122632877 ...

Cora Glassford (person)

William Clark (person)

Potter, Robert. (person)

Richard Fields (person)

Bernardina Montero (person)

R. R. Royal (person)

J. E. Hewitt (person)

Juan Jose Curgelo (person)

Don Juna Bautista de Elguezabal (person)

Manuel de Godov (person)

James McDowell (person)

Felipe Arciniega (person)

R. Franklin Hall (person)

Mrs. J. D. Welder (person)

Charles E. Dugat (person)

Theodore Dorsett (person)

Nemesio Salcedo (person)

Howard, William E. (person)

J. de Arrendondo (person)

Southwestern University (corporateBody)

Juan Garner (person)

Hamilton college Clinton, N.Y. (corporateBody)

Small college in Clinton, N.Y., originally called the Hamilton Oneida Academy. Organized on Jan. 29, 1793. From the description of Order Suspending Edward Thompson, 1816 April 4. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122629330 ...

Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society (corporateBody)

Mrs. B. B. Sapp (person)

George Sutherland (person)

Dobie, J. Frank (James Frank), 1888-1964 (person)

J. Frank Dobie was a noted Texas author and English professor at The University of Texas at Austin. He was also editor of the Texas Folklore Society's publications during the 1930's and 1940's. From the description of Letter : to W.A. Philpott, 1938 April 12. (University of Texas at Arlington). WorldCat record id: 22699684 Historian, author, folklorist. Born in 1888 on a ranch in Live Oak County, Texas, Dobie was awarded his B.A. by Southwestern University (1910), M.A. by Co...

Castañeda, Carlos Eduardo, 1896-1958 (person)

Carlos Eduardo Castañeda was professor of Latin-American history at the University of Texas. He was the author of Our Catholic Heritage in Texas, 1519-1936. The Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo, San Antonio, Texas, was founded by Franciscan missionaries in 1720. Secularization began in 1794, and the Mission was closed in 1824. From the description of Life in the old Mission of San Jose / by Carlos E. Castaneda, University of Texas, [1933?]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702...

Republic of Texas (corporateBody)

Mrs. Maud H. Bender (person)

Jessie Dugat (person)

American rose society (corporateBody)

Shoemaker, F. C. (Floyd Calvin), 1886- (person)

H. L. Summerville (person)

Harrison, Jonas. (person)

E. C. Barksdale (person)

Mrs. J. Hart (person)

Ellender Harrison (person)

Adina De Zavala (person)

Amelia Williams (person)

Kirkland (person)

Seymour Thompson (person)

Pharoah H. Midkiff (person)

H. E. Brigham (person)

Mrs. Richard Jenkins (person)

John Coffee (person)

Simmons Univ. (corporateBody)

Thomas Hastings (person)

C. W. Anger (person)

McMillen School (corporateBody)

Iturri Garay (person)

Edmund Quirk (person)

M. B. Bernard (person)

Woll (person)

Masonic Home (corporateBody)

Supreme Court of Texas (corporateBody)

Mrs. Button A. Crane (person)

John Minor (person)

Watt Moorman (person)

Elizabeth Peveto (person)

Mrs. P. I. Nixon (person)

Moore, Charles R. (person)

Alexander Dienst (person)

New York Public Library (corporateBody)

The New York Pubic Library purchased Arthur A. Schomburg's collection of books, pamphlets, prints and photographs in 1926 with funds from the Carnegie Corporation and housed at the 135th Street Branch Library of The New York Public Library. L. Hollingsworth Wood was appointed in 1925 by the Board of Trustees of The New York Public Library to purchase and provide guidelines for the Schomburg Collection of Negro Literature. Members of the Advisory Committee of the Arthur A. Schomburg Collection, i...

Ervine and Bishop (corporateBody)

Bess Ferguson (person)

A. S. Clements (person)

V. S. Hillock (person)

Daniel Asbury (person)

Apolinar de Mazmela (person)

Mary Louise Brinkmann (person)

Joseph Rogers (person)

Grant Foreman (person)

Elbert Hines (person)

Greenlee, Mary Margaret, 1892-1965 (person)

Annie A. Nunns (person)

S. W. Decker (person)

Mrs. A. S. Salley (person)

Fred Acree (person)

Juan Sagean (person)

Bessie Portlow (person)

Buron Fitts (person)

Mrs. J. O. Goldman (person)

Lewistine M. McCoy (person)

Robert Potter (person)

Spaulding, E. Wilder (person)

Joseph Doste (person)

Kenneth Ellis (person)

Tx. Centennial Central Exposition (corporateBody)

Helen Daggett (person)

James McCown (person)

Vanderbilt Univ. (corporateBody)

Brown University. (corporateBody)

In 1917 the university established the Brown War Records Bureau, whose intention was to "collect and preserve a record of all Brown men who are serving in the present war". Brown faculty, students and alumni who were in the military were asked to fill out a small card called "Are you in the war?" and to send original letters, clippings or photographs which "have any bearing on the service of Brown men in the war." This collection is partly a result of that effort. From the guide to t...

John Irons (person)

Burton Collection (corporateBody)

Margaretta Jane Williams (person)

Harriet Milledge Salley (person)

Dr. Woolket (person)

Hill, William G. (William Gilliam), 1924-1999 (person)

Mrs. J. F. Dulaney (person)

George B. Dealey (person)

Edward Randall (person)

Asa Lawrence (person)

William R. Hogen (person)

S. Rodriguez (person)

North Carolina Historical Commission (corporateBody)

Susanna Rice (person)

Am. Antiquarian Society (corporateBody)

D. R. Hoagland (person)

J. Appleton (person)

John Knox (person)

Coleman, Ann Raney Thomas, 1810-1897 (person)

Resident of Point Coupee Parish, La., and Port Lavaca, Calhoun Co., Tex. From the description of Papers, 1846-1892. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 19465606 Born in England; came to Texas in 1832. From the description of Papers, 1862-1945. (Daughters of the Republic of Texas Library). WorldCat record id: 70927272 Born in Whitehaven, England, Ann Raney (1810-1897) sailed to Texas with her family in 1832 to make a new start afte...

Pedro Prado (person)

Louise Rau (person)

J. P. Biebel (person)

Michael Pevoto, Jr (person)

F. W. Hensel (person)

Austin Bridge Co. (corporateBody)

Robert Sanders (person)

Pedrer Prosel (person)

New York society library (corporateBody)

Chas. R. Moore (person)

Historical Society of New Mexico (corporateBody)

The Historical Society of New Mexico was created in 1859. From the description of Historical Society of New Mexico collection, 1859-1982. (Museum of New Mexico Library). WorldCat record id: 37397078 Founded on December 26, 1859, the Historical Society of New Mexico is the oldest historical society west of the Mississippi River. During the Civil War, it suspended activities, but soon resumed its role in preserving New Mexico's history. During the territorial period (1851-1912...

Santiago Del Valle (person)

American Antiquarian Society (corporateBody)

The American Antiquarian Society was founded in Worcester, Mass., in 1812, largely through the efforts of Isaiah Thomas (1749-1831). The Society's original stated purpose was to "encourage the collection and preservation of the Antiquities of our country, and of curious and valuable productions in Art and Nature [that] have a tendency to enlarge the sphere of human knowledge." AAS from its inception attempted to be national in its collecting and its membership, which is by election....

Fisher, Hubert Frederick, 1877-1941 (person)

Nancy L. Asbury (person)

Bascom Giles (person)

Amos Pillard (person)

S. R. Gammon (person)

Michael Pevoto, Sr. (person)

Virginia state library (corporateBody)

For many years, the Library of Virginia had no definitive home. Valuable early records were kept at Jamestown as early as 1676 and were then moved to the College of William and Mary for a brief period at the century's end. By 1780, extant records were moved to the Capitol in Richmond. Coincidentally, in 1779, the Virginia General Assembly was presented among its legislation, "A Bill for Establishing a Public Library" drawn up by Thomas Jefferson. The Bill provided for 20...

W. A. Provine (person)

Mrs. Guy Blaunt (person)

Davidson, Theodore F. (Theodore Fulton), 1845- (person)

Theodore Fulton Davidson (born 1845) was a lawyer and Democratic party leader of Asheville, N.C. and attorney general of North Carolina, 1885-1893. He was also a member of the North Carolina Senate and House of Representatives. Davidson was married first to Sallie Kate Alexander, who died July 1887, and later married Sarah Lindsay (Sallie) Carter. From the guide to the Theodore F. Davidson Papers, 1874-1930, (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Library. Southern Historical C...

Soloman Fryley (person)

Robt. B. Downs (person)

John Newell (person)

W. L. Manning (person)

Rebecca Johnston (person)

Antonio Martinez (person)

Florence Emery (person)

Mrs. R. E. White (person)

Elija Lord (person)

Mrs. E. W. Wade (person)

Robert Usher (person)

W. F. Geriche (person)

H. W. Bransford (person)

Jane Antonio Sepulveda (person)

J. D. Clements (person)

Ethel Hutchins (person)

Porter, Nannie Francisco, 1868-1955 (person)

J. A. White (person)

Ann Coleman (person)

Anson Jones (person)

Jno. B. Floyd (person)

J. H. Benefield (person)

Mississippi Depart Archives and History (corporateBody)

Summer, George Leland (person)

Mrs. R. G. Tolle (person)

F. C. Shoemaker (person)

Juan Anto. Urruttia (person)

B. T. Archer (person)

Amilia Williams (person)

Lewis C. Harrison (person)

Sebastian Rodriquez (person)

H. B. Carroll (person)

Fr. Josep M. de Jhs. Puelles (person)

Texas agricultural experiment station (corporateBody)

Hester Jones (person)

Wooten, Dudley G. (person)

Frank L. Fasel (person)

Alex Diens (person)

McKinney (person)

J. P. Breedlove (person)

Hogan, William Ransom, 1908-1971 (person)

Historian, writer, teacher; Hogan was professor of history at Tulane University from 1950 until his death in 1971. He was the author of THE TEXAS REPUBLIC: A SOCIAL AND ECONOMIC HISTORY, the first social history of the Texas Republic. From the description of Papers, 1934-1946. (University of Texas at Arlington). WorldCat record id: 27038452 William Ransom Hogan, historian, writer, and teacher, was born in Toledo, Ohio, November 23, 1908. He grew up in Texas, whe...

Duke University (corporateBody)

Julia Ideson (person)

Sebastian Rodrigues (person)

Mrs. John Trotwood Moore (person)

John Sprowl (person)

Texas Memorial Museum (corporateBody)

Harris Hapden Hickman (person)

S. M. Asbury (person)

Cheshire, Joseph B. (Joseph Blount), 1882-1961 (person)

Nacogdoches Archives (corporateBody)

Mrs. Guy Blount (person)

Evans R. Chesterman (person)

Chabot, Frederick C. (person)

Robert L. Lane (person)

Muir, Andrew Forest, 1916-1969. (person)

Andrew Forest Muir was born January 8, 1916 in Houston Heights, Texas. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree (1938) and a Master of Arts (1942) from Rice Institute, as well as a Ph.D. from the University of Texas (1949). While in Austin he taught at St. Luke’s school and tutored English at the University of Texas (1942-44), also serving as acting director of the San Jacinto Museum of History (1943-44). Muir next traveled to Hawaii where, from 1945 to 1949, he worked as a civilian empl...

Ashbel Smith (person)

W. L. Steele (person)

Samuel Carson (person)

Buffalo Hist. Society (corporateBody)

Thomas A. Standwood (person)

Thomas Burwich, Sr. (person)

A. R. Newsome (person)

Elizabeth H. Hervey (person)

Oklahoma Historical Society (corporateBody)

In 1893, before Oklahoma was officially a state, members of the Oklahoma Territory Press Association founded the Oklahoma Historical Society. The OHS now has 35 museums and historic sites throughout the state, and strives to preserve and perpetuate the history of Oklahoma and its people by protecting, documenting, and sharing that history. The OHS Oral History Collections include more than 7,500 recorded interviews on a wide range of Oklahoma’s history. Source: Oklahoma ...

Greely Ray Riggs (person)

James Wailea (person)

Marjorie Parker (person)

Division of Soil Survey (corporateBody)

E. B. James (person)

Harrison, Benjamin (person)

Philip R. Walker (person)

Jose de las Piedran (person)

Pedro E. Beau (person)

Helen Swift (person)

Don Antonio Elosua (person)

Department of Agronomy (corporateBody)

Southern Methodist University. (corporateBody)

Shared governance had a short life at SMU. The concept was popular from initial research forays into its feasibility for the university in the 1960s until the death of the University Assembly in 1975. The University Assembly grew increasingly unpopular with the SMU faculty over time. From the guide to the University Assembly of Southern Methodist University records SMU 2010. 0421., 1968-1975, (Southern Methodist University Archives, DeGolyer Library, Southern Methodist University) ...

Ruby Nixon (person)

Rice, Paul North, 1888-1967 (person)

William Hardin (person)

Angle, Paul M. (Paul McClelland), 1900-1975 (person)

Author and historian. From the description of Paul M. Angle papers, 1947-1959. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 123391606 Paul M. Angle (1900-1975), historian and author, was secretary of the Abraham Lincoln Association (1925-1932), Librarian of the Illinois State Historical Library (1932-1945), and Director of the Chicago Historical Society (1945-1965). Angle was an Abraham Lincoln scholar and wrote several books on Lincoln and Illinois history, including The Lincoln Reader (...

Harrison Williams (person)

McIntosh, John H. (John Houston), 1879- (person)

Clara S. Paine (person)

American Type Founders (corporateBody)

S. E. Asbury (person)

J. S. Lindsay (person)

Gammel's Book Store, Inc (corporateBody)

Mrs. R. Brown (person)

Carroll, H. Bailey (Horace Bailey), 1903-1966 (person)

Charles Summerfield (person)

Simmons, Frank E. (person)

McMillen, James A. (James Adelbert), 1889-1953 (person)

Mrs. S. A. Brown (person)

William Gayena (person)

Edna T. Bautle (person)

Jones, Luther G. (person)

Porter, Nannie Francisco, 1868-1955 (person)

C. S. Mitchell (person)

Mimms (person)

The National Fertilizer Association (corporateBody)

A. Don Juan Seguin (person)

Paul Greene (person)

Juan Seguin (person)

Vera J. Snook (person)

Commission of Control for Texas Centennial Celebrations (corporateBody)

Ewart Watts (person)

Alchande Legears (person)

Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio (corporateBody)

Watson Dugat Williams (person)

Jose Felix Trespalicios (person)

Manuel Bega (person)

Lewis Procel (person)

Marquis de Casa Calvo (person)

R. D. Brachett (person)

Victor Paltsits (person)

Engle, Paul E. (person)

Thos. Goggan and Brothers (corporateBody)

Howell Eason (person)

G. Page Asbury (person)

Señora Alavez (person)

J. J. Woolket (person)

Carson, Samuel Price, 1798-1838 (person)

Politician Samuel Price Carson (1798-1838) was born to Col. John and Mary (Moffit) Carson, in Pleasant Gardens, North Carolina. John represented Burke County in the North Carolina General Assembly for many years. Educated by his older brother Joseph, Samuel Carson was elected to the North Carolina Senate in 1822. Two years later, Carson ran for U. S. Senate against Robert B. Vance, who charged that Carson’s father was a traitor during the Revolutionary War. Carson challe...

Thos. B. Bartlett (person)

Ellis H. Bean (person)

Rusk, Thomas J. (Thomas Jefferson), 1803-1857 (person)

U.S. senator from Texas, legislator of the Texas (Republic), jurist, and army officer. From the description of Petition of Thomas J. Rusk, 1852. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71015419 Army officer, jurist, Texas legislator, and U.S. senator. From the description of Thomas J. Rusk letters, 1835-1856. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70956387 From the description of Thomas J. Rusk collection, 1826-1978. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70956384 Edwar...

W. S. Day (person)

John Williams (person)

Alexander, Edward Porter, 1835-1910 (person)

Edward P. Alexander was Chief of Artillery, 1st Corps of the Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States Army. He was the author of several books on the Civil War and railroads, including THE WILDERNESS CAMPAIGN, MILITARY MEMOIRS OF A CONFEDERATE, THE CONFEDERATE VETERAN, FIGHTING FOR THE CONFEDERACY, SKETCH OF LONGSTREET'S DIVISION--YORKTOWN AND WILLIAMSBURG, and RAILWAY PRACTICE. From the description of E.P. Alexander circular letter, 1866. (Louisiana State University). WorldCat ...

Robt. Potter (person)

J. D. Priest (person)

Historical and Philosophical Society (corporateBody)

Robinson, James W., 1921- (person)

Mr. James (person)

J. M. Del Curto (person)

Smith, Charles D., 1799-1879 (person)

George Y. Frankle (person)

Augustine Blackburn Hardin (person)

A. L. Grizzard (person)

R. L. Jackson (person)

Chas. H. Rose (person)

Guy B. Johnson (person)

Majorie Rogers (person)

Brooks, A. H., Mrs. (person)

Dixie Rose Nursery (corporateBody)

Burton Hist. Collection (corporateBody)

Mrs. Sutherland (person)

Edw. H. Lum (person)

Detroit public library (corporateBody)

Kimberland (person)

James A. Winston (person)

E. Y. Ames (person)

William Woodbridge (person)

State Cemetary (corporateBody)

Bryan (person)

Peter Bean (person)

Protective Society (corporateBody)

Hester Williams (person)

B. M. Reid (person)

Secretary South Carolina History Commission (corporateBody)

H. M. Lydenburg (person)

Elijah Lloyd (person)

J. Boardman Scovell (person)

Jno. E. Green, Jr. (person)

Owen, Marie Bankhead, 1869-1958 (person)

Marie Bankhead Owen, after the death of her husband Thomas McAdory Owen, became the Director of the Alabama Dept. of Archives and History. She retired in 1953 and during her tenure she was instrumental in having the Archives building constructed (1939). From the description of Family photographs, [18--]-[19--]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122548623 ...

Mrs. C. D. Micthell (person)

Mr. Sprowls (person)

Charles Hogan (person)

T. H. Brenan (person)

Philip Lahaye (person)

Library Indiana Univ. (corporateBody)

J. E. Van Horn (person)

Mrs. B. B. Cheney (person)

Louis Procela (person)

O. Hendrick (person)

Samuel Rich Kenny (person)

Billings Hayward (person)

Canadian Archives (corporateBody)

F. V. North (person)

Brooks, John S. J. (person)

Grace S. Soper (person)

Peter Elias Bean (person)

Marguerite D. Renshaw (person)

Spanish Archives (corporateBody)

E. H. McClure Co (corporateBody)

Fred E. Wenzel (person)

Wm. Cravans (person)

C. L. Benson (person)

Adriance, G. W. (Guy Webb), 1895- (person)

Thomas A. Mayo (person)

Stephen Austin (person)

Asa Pevoto (person)

W. C. Stroud (person)

Albert Barden (person)

Padilla, Juan Antonio, -1839 (person)

Missouri State Hist. Soc. (corporateBody)

Harrison Williams, Jr (person)

Ima Hogg (person)

US Department of Agriculture; Bureau of Plant Industry (corporateBody)

Penn State College (corporateBody)

Aden Bunch (person)

H. B. Parks (person)

Lois Lovell (person)

O. B. Martin (person)

Alicia C. Dean (person)

Fannie Ratchford (person)

Patty W. Washington (person)

George H. Templin (person)

Nathaniel Tramel (person)

Illinois catholic historical society (corporateBody)

Established in 1918 by Frederic Siedenburg, S.J., at the School of Sociology, Loyola University. Supported financially and physically by Loyola, the goal of the society was to study and survey the Catholic history of Illinois; collect historical works, documents, records, relics, and mementoes; create a Catholic library and museum; and disseminate knowledge of Catholic history through lectures and publications. The society published a quarterly journal, the Illilnois Catholic Historical Review, ...

Robertson, James M. (James Monroe) (person)

Daniel H. Newhall (person)

Mississippi Valley Historical Association. (corporateBody)

American Roxe Society (corporateBody)

John Iron's League (corporateBody)

Mary Greenlee (person)

Mrs. Julia D. Welder (person)

Thos. Jefferson Harrison (person)

Mack Webb (person)

R. W. Johnson (person)

Mrs. Wm. Stapleton Long (person)

Joseph Bryon (person)

Hellman, Florence S. (person)

Florence Marx Hellman, wife of Irving Herman Hellman (b. 1883), a Los Angeles (Calif.) civil engeineer and entrepreneur. The Hellmans were married on Nov. 30, 1911 at Los Angeles. From the description of Theatrical diaries kept by Florence Marx Hellman, 1903-1942. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 79458050 ...

Lawson McGee Library (corporateBody)

Brook Williams (person)

Barlett Chemicals Inc. (corporateBody)

Mississippi Department Archives and History (corporateBody)

Encainacion Chireno (person)

Maude G. Sites (person)

R. W. Winston (person)

James Dealey (person)

H. I. Priestley (person)

State Library (corporateBody)

Michigan State College (corporateBody)

Marie S. Randolph (person)

Highway Department (corporateBody)

Rosalind Langston (person)

N. B. Garner (person)

J. B. Casenav (person)

Posey, Walter Benjamin (person)

McIlwaine, H. R. (Henry Read), 1864-1934 (person)

Antonio Cordera (person)

Mrs. J. D. Welden (person)