Betsy and Tom Giduz Papers 1977 - 1990


Betsy and Tom Giduz Papers 1977 - 1990

The Betsy and Tom Giduz Papers contain research materials pertaining to animal rights organizations dating from 1981-1990. The majority of the collection consists of published sources.

4.0 Linear feet, 8 archival storage boxes

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Founded in 1985 by Tom Regan and Nancy Regan, the Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF) seeks to promote animal rights through art. It supports three interrelated projects, the Research Program, the Creativity Program, and the Performance Program. Scholars, artists, and musicians whose work supports animals can apply for funding through CAF. In addition, each year, CAF hosts Triangle Animal Awareness, a conference that includes lectures, performances, and exhibits, all relating to animals. ...

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Betsy and Tom Giduz, residents of Orange County, North Carolina, amassed documents pertaining to animal rights. From the guide to the Betsy and Tom Giduz Papers, 1977 - 1990, (Special Collections Research Center) ...

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Professor and Department Head in the Philosophy Department at North Carolina State University. Regan is a prolific writer on animal liberation and animal rights philosophy. The publication of Regan's The Case for Animal Rights marked a major advance in the philosophical underpinnings of the animal rights movement. This book brought the discussion of animal rights to new levels of serious attention within scholarly circles. From the description of Tom Regan papers, 1951-2001 [manuscri...

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) was established in 1980 with offices in Norfolk, Virginia. The organization now extends throughout the world with affiliates in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, India, Italy, Greece, and Australia. Since its establishment it has worked to effect major changes in the treatment of animals by bringing together members of the scientific, judicial, and legislative communities. From the description of People for the Ethical Tr...

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