Tom Regan Papers 1951-2001


Tom Regan Papers 1951-2001

The Tom Regan Papers contains correspondence, research files, drafts, reprints, and audio-visual materials that span the professional career of one of the most widely-known authorities on animal rights. The collection relates chiefly to the two major intellectual pursuits of Tom Regan's career, animal rights and the moral philosophy of G. E. Moore, although there is a limited amount of personal material and unrelated subjects. Also included are files related to his thirty years of service to North Carolina State University. Materials included in the unprocessed series are: One copy of "The Animals Voice Presents The Life and Times of Tom Regan, one brochure from the Culture and Animal Foundation, one dvd of Dr. Raymond Frey, printed email correspondence between Edward Zapala and Tom Regan, one copy of Zapala's thesis entitled "One Million Dogs: Tom Regan, the Worse-Off Principle, and the Abolition of the Use of Animal in Science." Professor emeritus and former Department Head in the Philosophy Department at North Carolina State University, Tom Regan is a prolific writer on animal liberation and animal rights philosophy. The publication of Regan's marked a major advance in the philosophical underpinnings of the animal rights movement. This book brought the discussion of animal rights to new levels of serious attention within scholarly circles. The Case for Animal Rights

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