Maurice Hugh Farrier Papers 1876-1991


Maurice Hugh Farrier Papers 1876-1991

The Maurice Hugh Farrier Papers includes personal and professional correspondence, entomology research materials, and a reprint collection of articles and works by internationally acclaimed scientists writing on mites and other insects. The collection chiefly documents Farrier's research and professional activities during his tenure as a professor of Entomology and Forestry in the departments of Entomology and Forestry at North Carolina State University. One of Farrier's main subjects of research was the Veigaiidae (Acarina). In March 1957 he published which is included in this collection, as is (December, 1969). Farrier also wrote numerous articles for scholarly journals, news columns in various North Carolina newspapers, and other works. The bulk of the collection consists of a comprehensive compilation of original publications, reprints, and annotated photocopies of articles on mites written by scientists from all over the world. Farrier and his student Michael K. Hennessey used these articles to compile and publish (1993), a taxonomic index on mites. Farrier and Hennessey also co-authored (1988) and (1989). A Revision of the Veigaiidae (Acarina), Mites of the Superfamily Parasitoidea (Acarina: Mesostigmata) Associated with Dendroctonus and Ips (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) Soil-Inhabiting and Free-Living Mesostigmata (Acari-Parasitiformes) from North America: an Annotated Checklist and Bibliography and Index Systematic Revision of Thirty Species of Free-Living, Soil-Inhabiting Gamasine Mites (Acari: Mesostigmata) of North America Mites of the Family Parasitidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) Inhabiting Forest Soils of North and South Carolina Maurice Hugh Farrier received a B.S. in Zoology and Entomology in 1948 and a Masters degree in Entomology in 1950, both from Iowa State College. Farrier subsequently earned a Ph.D. in Entomology from North Carolina State College (University) in 1955. That same year, he was appointed Assistant Professor at North Carolina State in the Department of Entomology. In 1960, Farrier was promoted to Associate Professor of Entomology, and in 1961, he became Associate Professor of Entomology and Forestry. In 1971, Farrier was promoted to full professor. He retired in 1991.

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Arthur Sperry Pearse was Professor of Zoology at Duke University from 1927 until his retirement in 1948. Pearse played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Marine Biology Laboratory in Beaufort, North Carolina, and served as the lab's first director from 1938 until 1945. From the description of Arthur Sperry Pearse papers, 1904-1960. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 426482731 Arthur Sperry Pearse was born 15 March 1877, on the Pawnee Indian R...

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Harvard University., Museum of Comparative Zoology (corporateBody)

The Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard Univ., was founded in 1859 by Louis Agassiz as a public, research and teaching museum. For further information see Edward Lurie's The Founding of the Museum of Comparative Zoology (MCZ, 1959). Directors include: Louis Agassiz; Alexander Agassiz; Samuel Henshaw; Thomas Barbour; Alfred S. Romer; Ernst Mayr. From the description of Records of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, 1860-1985 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 769...

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Fallis, A. M. (Albert Murray), 1907-2003 (person)

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Banditsing, Chettachai (person)

Saikku, P. (person)

Rodriguez, Juan G. (person)

Massoud, Z. (person)

Solomon, Libertina (person)

Pengelly, G. H. (person)

Hoy, Marjorie A. (person)

International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. (corporateBody)

Grokhovskaya, I. M. (person)

Roshdy, Mohamed A. (person)

Leahy, Mary G. (person)

Al-Neami, Khawla T. (person)

Abdel-Shaheed, G. A. (person)

Baker, G. H. (person)

OConnor, Barry M. (person)

Bernini, Fabio (person)

Childs, M. (person)

Nannelli, Roberto (person)

Stefaniak, Ojcumila (person)

Kinn, Donald N. (person)

Dumbleton, L.J. (person)

Miller, W. W. (person)

Kok, Nico J. J. (person)

Douce, G. K. (person)

Mello, D. A. (person)

Foreyt, W. J. (person)

Reynolds, H. T. (Henry T.) (person)

Lemke, Lisa A. (person)

Carlson, Robert W. (person)

Suvorova, L. G. (person)

Boethel, D. J. (person)

Barker, Phillip S. (person)

Parasitologia (corporateBody)

Hevers, Jurgen (person)

Hyche, L. L. (person)

Loureiro, Milgar C. (person)

Mollin, Karl (person)

Kethley, John B. (John Bryan), 1942-2004 (person)

Anderson, Lauren D. (person)

Hammen, L. van der. (person)

Southern Region Agricultural Research Service (corporateBody)

Amitai, S. (person)

Vaivanijkul, Pensri (person)

Liu, Su-Lan (person)

McKinley, D. J. (person)

Maydell, Arthur (person)

Bennett, Paul M. (person)

Mori, Hans (person)

Bultman, Thomas L (person)

Francke-Grosmann, Helene. (person)

Ingram, Dewayne L. (Dewayne Lebron), 1952- (person)

Lee, Dwayne (person)

Griffiths, Henry Joseph, 1910- (person)

Shinkaji, N. (person)

Hall, R.D. (person)

Lidster, P. D. (person)

Post, A. (person)

Rejman, Stefan. (person)

LeBrun, Ph. (person)

Nilsson, A. (person)

Arckiv fur Naturgeschichte (corporateBody)

Tanigoshi, L. K. (person)

Elzinga, Richard J., 1931-.... (person)

Dicker, G. H. L. (person)

Balazy, Stanislaw (person)

Turner, E. C. (person)

Chang, Min-Ru (person)

Callaini, Giuliano (person)

Sheals, J. G. (person)

Steffey, Kevin Lloyd, 1950- (person)

Noble, W. E. (person)

Blanc, Georges, 1943-.... (person)

Chesebro, J. W. (person)

Logan, J. A. (person)

Semtner, Paul J. (person)

McIver, James D. (person)

Woelke, Otto (person)

Usher, Michael B., 1941- (person)

Lu, Pu-Yen (person)

Parker, R. R. (person)

Shiyomi, Masae (person)

Frechette, J. L. (person)

Oswald, E. T (person)

Byers, George William, 1923- (person)

Kantack, Edmon J. (person)

Williams, J. F. (person)

Patel, C. B (person)

Jakeman, Lou Anne (person)

Wade, Claude F. (person)

Graham, S. A. (person)

Hall, Franklin R. (person)

Groult, Paul (person)

Remmert, Hermann (person)

Ong, S. H. (person)

Webster, R. L. (person)

Swan, D. C. (person)

Gibson, Jr., George E. (person)

Tanton, M. T. (person)

Markkula, Martti (person)

Tatchell, Roger J. (person)

Schuster, Michael F. (person)

Brand, Raymond Howard, 1928- (person)

Cone, Wyatt W. (person)

DeLoach, J. R. (John R.) (person)

Vrie, M. van de (person)

Krivolutzky, D. A. (person)

Jones, Gwilym S. (person)

Packard, Jr., A. S. (person)

Desender, K. (person)

Abro, Arnold (person)

Rack, Gisela. (person)

Rust, H.-J. (person)

Machado-Allison, C. E. (Carlos E.), 1938- (person)

Pringle, K. L. (person)

Funke, Werner (person)

Bald, J.G. (person)

Tietze, Frederico (person)

Gardiner, M. R. (person)

DeAngelis, Jack D. (person)

Jahn, Else (person)

Bergeon, P. (person)

Tuxen, Søren Ludvig, 1908- (person)

Leroux, E. J. (Edgar J.) (person)

Livshitz, I. Z. (person)

Csiszar, Judith (person)

Reiss, Frederick (person)

Marchiondo, Alan A. (person)

Moznette, G. F. (person)

Hodson, W. E. H. (person)

Rusek, J. (person)

Scholten, T. H. (person)

Matthewman, W. G. (person)

Fitch, Asa, 1809-1879 (person)

The Saratoga Patent was originally granted to Peter Schuyler and others on November 4, 1684. From the description of Map of Saratoga Patent and Margaret Livingston's and Bayard's Lots, Saratoga and Washington Counties, New York, 1849. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122346632 Asa Fitch (1809-1879) of Salem, New York was an entomologist and genealogist. He was the grandson of Jabez Fitch (1737-1812) of Norwich, Connecticut and Hyde Park, Vermont, a soldier in the French and In...

Daly, Howell V. (person)

Morgan, C. V. G (person)

Ueckermann, E. A. (Edward Albert), 1951- (person)

Trave, J. (person)

Damas, Mission H. (person)

Tasmanian Journal of Agriculture (corporateBody)

Taksdal, Gudmund (person)

McKercher, D. G. (person)

Liebisch, A. (person)

Kulczyński, Władysław (person)

Huffaker, C. B. (person)

Peck, John H. (person)

Wibo, C. (person)

Styer, W. E. (person)

Deunff, J. (person)

Virginia State Department of Health (corporateBody)

Sepasgozarian, H. (person)

Landwehr, Val R. (person)

Magnarelli, Louis A. (person)

Chant, D. A. (person)

Farrier, Maurice H. (person)

Maurice Hugh Farrier received a B.S. in Zoology and Entomology in 1948 and a Masters degree in Entomology in 1950, both from Iowa State College. Farrier subsequently earned a Ph.D. in Entomology from North Carolina State College (University) in 1955. That same year, he was appointed Assistant Professor at North Carolina State in the Department of Entomology. In 1960, Farrier was promoted to Associate Professor of Entomology, and in 1961, he became Associate Professor of Entomology and Forestry. ...

Van Volkinburg, Dale (person)

Hagley, Elmer A.C. (person)

Taufflieb, R. (person)

Severin, H. C. (person)

Sherborn, Charles Davies, 1861-1942 (person)

Epithet: zoologist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000496.0x0001ab Epithet: of Seal CL British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000878.0x0002b8 ...

Shanks, Jr., Carl H. (person)

Kwangtung Entomological Institute (corporateBody)

Block, William (person)

Woodring, J. P. (person)

Jorgensen, Clive D., 1931- (person)

Brusca, R. C. (person)

Kramer, P. (person)

Feiertag-Koppen, C. C. M. (person)

Hall, Harry V. M. (person)

O'Donnell, A. E. (person)

Charlet, Laurence D. (person)

Ying-Shin, Peng (person)

Wade, Larry L. (person)

Loomis, Richard B., 1925- (person)

Heath, A. C. G. (person)

Hollingsworth, Craig S. (person)

Marshall, Valin G. (person)

Tan, Frances Mong (person)

Galbreath, R.A. (person)

Butler, Linda, 1947- (person)

Oudemans, A.C. (Anthonie Cornelis), 1798-1874 (person)

Crawford, R. L. (person)

Schmidt, U. (person)

Quist, J.A. (person)

Hsu, Yin-chi (person)

Watt, J. Charles (person)

Michelbacher, A. E. (Abe Ezra), 1899-1991 (person)

A.E. Michlbacher worked on materials relating to invertebrates for the United States National Museum during the 1930's. Locations included the American southwest. His materials can be found in Smithsonian Institution Archives RU 007260. Smithsonian Institution Archives Field Book Project: Person : Description : rid_222_pid_EACP219 ...

Zhou, M. S. (person)

Leonardi, Gustavo (person)

Weis-Fogh, T. (person)

Genis, N. De L. (person)

Gabbay, Shoshana. (person)

Smith, BC. (person)

Stables, Lorna M. (person)

Alejnikova, M.M. (person)

Stark, R. W. (person)

Muir, W. E. (person)

Williams, A.J. (person)

Maninder (person)

Larochelle, André, 1925- (person)

Strelkovi, P. P. (person)

Macauley, B. J. (person)

Mashke, K. (person)

Bloszyk, Jerzy (person)

Cole, M. M. (person)

Kolodochka, L. A. (person)

Unterstenhofer, G. (person)

Zimmermann, G. (person)

Athias-Henriot, C. (person)

Butschek, Elisabeth (person)

Strandtmann, R. W. (person)

Edney, E. B. (person)

Hilsenhoff, William L. (William Leroy) (person)

Young, Valerie E. (person)

Shaw, George Gerald (person)

Balogh, P. (person)

Hefnawy, Tawfik (person)

Wernz, J. G. (person)

Spencer, G. C. (person)

Wasmann, E. (person)

Werman, Steven D. (person)

Moniez, R. (person)

Radford, Charles D. (person)

Essig, E. O. (person)

Moldenke, Andrew R. (person)

Martignoni, Mauro E., 1926- (person)

Hadi, Tuti R. (person)

Kohn, M. (person)

Stenseth, Christian (person)

Hodgson, Ronald K. (person)

Gould, Fred (person)

Reed, J. T. (person)

Thomas, H. A. (Horace Augustus), 1901- (person)

Betz, Thomas G. (person)

Smith, Martha A. (person)

Musiel, Adam (person)

Barnes, H. F. (Horace Francis), 1903-1960 (person)

Schaefer, Carl W. (Carl Walter) (person)

Information concerning Dr. Carl W. Schaefer and his professional interests and activities is available on the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department or his homepage From the description of Carl W. Schaefer papers, 1963-1992. (University of Connecticut). WorldCat record id: 171171818 Information concerning Dr. Carl W. Schaefer and his professional intere...

Young, O. P. (person)

Hansell, Roger I. C. (person)

Bonin, W. (person)

Mikhaltzova, Z. A. (person)

Abonnenc, E. (Emile) (person)

George, C. F. (person)

Meyer, Ronald H. (person)

Hazan, A. (person)

Yunker, Conrad E. (person)

Beer, Robert Edward (person)

Shepherd, A. J. (person)

Nickel, J. L. (person)

McGarth, John C. (person)

Spadafora, Robert R. (person)

Patan, Krystyna (person)

Dove, Walter, E. (person)

Reuter, Enzio (person)

Vukasovic, Pavle (person)

Cottier, W. (William), 1905- (person)

Toit, R. du (person)

Davydova, M. S. (person)

Kavanagh, P.J. (Patrick Joseph), 1931- (person)

Nicholas, G. (person)

Lipa, J. J. (Jerzy J.) (person)

Myers, John Golding, 1897-1942 (person)

Nyein, Maung Maung (person)

Vobrazkova, E. (person)

Folts, D. D. (person)

Booth, R.G. (person)

Harland, E. C. (person)

Heß, Michael, 1958- (person)

Cornejo, Beatriz Villa (person)

Dean, Howard J. (person)

Samuel, W. M. (person)

Moulder, B. C. (person)

Burt, A. D. (person)

Gray, E. G. (person)

Gregoire-Wibo, Colette (person)

Smiley, Robert L. (person)

Whitsel, R. H. (person)

Rohani, Ibrahim B. (person)

Duviard, Dominique (person)

Larson, David G. (person)

Wheeler, William M. (person)

Askari, Ahmad (person)

Woodiel, Neil L. (person)

Costa, Michael (person)

Comroy, Harvey Leonard (person)

Hart, B. J. (person)

Hull, J. E. (person)

Boer, R. de (person)

Pfaffenberger, Gary S. (person)

Walker, A. R. (person)

Bercovier, H. (person)

Saunders, Robert C. (Robert Christopher), 1970- (person)

Short Communication (corporateBody)

Regev, S. (person)

Darst, Philip H. (person)

Leonowitch, S. A. (person)

McBrayer, J. B. (person)

Kohls, Glen M. (person)

Blower, J. Gordon (person)

McBride, Dean K. (Dean Kenneth) (person)

Ortega, J. C. (person)

Conroy, John C. (person)

Laing, J.E. (person)

Nieminen, Mirja (person)

Ireson, J. E. (person)

Barritt, Bruce Harold, 1942- (person)

Channabasavanna, G. P. (person)

Hughes, Howard C. (person)

Collison, Clarence H. (person)

Till, W.M. (person)

Dawkins, C. C. (person)

Strother, G. R. (person)

Soans, A. Benedict (person)

De Jong, David. (person)

McLaren, Gillian F. (Gillian Frances) (person)

Yamamoto, S. (person)

North Carolina Science and Technology Research Center (corporateBody)

Tadkowski, Thaddeus M. (person)

Daele, E. Van (person)

Ambros, Michal (person)

Rice, R. E. (person)

Harris, Kerry F. (person)

Greve, J. H. (person)

Chamkrachang, Prasert (person)

McMurty, J. A. (person)

Micherdzinski, Wiktor (person)

Yates, III, Harry O. (person)

Jones, E. Miles (person)

Smith, Floyd F. (Floyd Franklin), 1900- (person)

Floyd Franklin Smith (1900-1984) worked as an entomologist at the USDA for 40 years and was recognized as an international authority on the biology and control of insect pests of flowers and ornamental plants. In 1929 Smith seved as an associate entomologist with the Bureau of Entomology stationed at Arlington Farms in Rosslyn, Virginia. From 1931 until the time of his retirement in 1970, Smith served as an entomologist for the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Truck Crop and Garden Ins...

Palacios-Vargos, Jose G. (person)

Rettenmeyer, Carl W. (person)

Baumler, Walter (person)

Cannon, Jr., William N. (person)

Lucas, James L. (person)

Cadogan, B. L. (person)

Enigk, K. (person)

Springett, B. P. (person)

Mitchell, Rodger David, 1926- (person)

Kendall, James, 1769-1859 (person)

Fashing, Norman J. (person)

Huhta, Veikko (person)

Newton, J. R. K. (person)

Knowles, Charles O. (person)

Van Pelt, Jr., Arnold F. (person)

Khalil, Galila M. (person)

Faasch, Heide (person)

Gordon, S. C. (person)

Spicer, Greg S. (person)

Association of Economic Entomologists. (corporateBody)

Antony, Lucille M. (person)

Rowse, Arthur E. (Arthur Edward) (person)

Field, R. P (person)

Spackman, Everett W. (person)

Melvin, Roy (person)

Brader, L. (person)

Tardiff, Mark F. (person)

Smythe, Robert B. (person)

Wilson, William T. (person)

Ma, E. P. (person)

Husband, Robert W. (person)

Atkins, M. D. (person)

Haig, Janet (person)

Heugens, A. (person)

Langenscheidt, Marta (person)

Hays, Kirby L. (Kirby Lee), 1928- (person)

Guillot, F. S. (person)

Stoner, Allan K. (person)

Holt, J. A (person)

Danthanarayana, W. (person)

Sutton, Stephen L., 1938- (person)

Welbourn, Jr., W. C. (person)

Rimes, G. D. (person)

Cheetham, R. J. (person)

Everson, P. (person)

Valiela, Ivan. (person)

Huber, Ivan, 1931- (person)

Jacot, Arthur Paul (person)

Ohkubo, Norihide (person)

Lunn, Elizabeth Teter (person)

Bhat, U. K. M. (person)

Neunzig, H.H. (person)

Merritt, T. Allen, 1946- (person)

Sagdieva, P. D. (person)

Humiczewska, Miroslawa (person)

Sokolow, Iwan (person)

Krauße, Anton Hermann, 1878- (person)

Aponte, Orlando R. (person)

Bowley, C. R. (person)

Ballard, Ralph C. (person)

Smith, J. H. C. (person)

Buskirk, Ruth E. & William H. (person)

Rees, N. E. (person)

Mendel, Z. (person)

Flatt, Ronald E. (person)

Nunes, Vera Alvarenga (person)

Dziuba, Stanislaw (person)

Kohl, J. (person)

Coulon, J. (person)

Utrobina, N. M. (person)

Thrune, Elaine (person)

Passlow, T. (person)

Pherson, Daivd A. (person)

Macgill, Elsie I. (person)

Boer, J. den (person)

Ret, M. Le (person)

Bulka, V. (person)

Dewez, Alex (person)

Ing, Robert T. (Robert Tso-Ho), 1944- (person)

Kishaba, A. N. (person)

Jennings, D.H. (David Harry), 1932- (person)

Van Daele, Els (person)

Woodard, Alan G. (person)

Kneissl, Ludwig (person)

Rosas Costa, Julio A. (person)

Rivero, J. M. del (person)

Robinson, James V. (James Vance) (person)

Childers, Carl C. (person)

Mrciak, Milan (person)

Pecina, Pauel (person)

McKeon, J. P. (person)

Storch, R.H. (person)

Roush, Richard Tyrone (person)

Haramoto, Frank H. (person)

Bianchi, Simona. (person)

Wysoki, M. (person)

Patarroyo, J. H. (person)

Hockenjos, P. (person)

Van den Berg, R. A. (person)

Parrella, M. P. (person)

Mumcuoglu, Y. (person)

Seyd, E. L. (person)

Seniczak, Stanislaw (person)

Vannier, Guy (person)

Tamm, Jochen Christian (person)

Elizarov, Y. A. (person)

Tseng, Yi-Hsiung (person)

Abo Korah, S. M. (person)

Meier, Jane E. (person)

Tomlin, A. D. (person)

Kanagaratnam, P. (person)

Fisher, William F. (person)

Olsen, Alan R. (person)

Mihelcic, F. (person)

Anonymous (person)

The author of this volume informed his correspondents about the trade of pepper and rum in New York between November and December 1801. He also did business in Philadelphia, Boston, and Baltimore. From the guide to the New York Mercantile letter book, 1801, (William L. Clements Library, University of Michigan) This volume contains copied passages from several sources, including the works of John Locke, histories of England and Europe, and treatises on religion. F...

Krendovsky, M. E. (person)

Weldon, George P. (person)

Schowalter, Timothy Duane, 1952- (person)

Hoying, S. A. (person)

Thewke, Siegfried E. (person)

Aoki, Jun-ichi (person)

Mitrofanov, V. I. (person)

Ahlstrom, Kenneth R. (Kenneth Roger), 1943- (person)

Zalom, F. G. (person)

Nawrocka, Ewa (person)

Bagnall, R. S. (person)

Forest, J. (person)

Nemenz, Harald (person)

Bright, Donald B. (person)

Pence, Danny B. (person)

Forsslund, Karl-Herman (person)

Leitner, E. (person)

Linzey, Donald W. (person)

Gould, H. J. (person)

Browning, Ernest. (person)

Thalenhorst, W. (person)

Hubbell, T. H. (person)

Helson, G. A. H. (person)

Hill, Aagje (person)

Wharton, R. H. (person)

McGregor, E. A. (person)

Norval, J. (person)

Hayes, Jane Leslie (person)

Kulkarni, S. M. (person)

Prasad, V. (person)

Reed, Jr., H. B. (person)

Montali, R. J. (person)

Sanford, K. H. (person)

Gordh, Gordon. (person)

Canestrini, Giovanni, 1835-1900 (person)

Bram, Ralph A. (person)

Batra, Suzanne W. Tubby (person)

Irvin, Michael T. (person)

Stephen, F. M. (person)

Lebel, Robert Roger (person)

Hoy, James B. (person)

Barr, A. Ralph (person)

Martin, N. A. (Nicholas A.), 1944- (person)

McCoy, C. W. (Clayton W.) (person)

Johnson, D. L. (person)

Garcia, A. (person)

Sixl, W. (person)

Pinichpongse, Surin (person)

Klag, Jerzy (1945- ). (person)

Ward, C.R. (person)

Halliday, R. B. (person)

Nettleton, W. A. (person)

Gruber, F. (person)

Kolata, K. J. (person)

Abbacova, E. D. (person)

Berlowitz, A. (person)

Hagel, G. T. (person)

Kramer, David A. (person)

Park, Chong Kee (person)

Trumble, J. W. (person)

Benham, Jr., Gerald S. (person)

Richardson, Lloyd T. (person)

Linnaei, Caroli (person)

Rawlins, S. C. (person)

Koehhoek, H. H. M. (person)

Lynch, S. M. T. (person)

Mendez-Olivo, Celia (person)

Mathys, Gustave (person)

Schwartz, A. (person)

Allison, Anne, 1950-.... (person)

Smith, D. (person)

Binns, Eric S. (person)

Joosse, Els N. G. (person)

Batchelor, G. S. (person)

Lussenhop, John (person)

Barr, Thomas C., Jr., 1931-2011 (person)

Baker, J. R. (person)

LeVeque, Norma (person)

Canerday, T. D. (person)

Daftari, A. (person)

Jacobson, J. H. (person)

Carlson, Elmer C. (Elmer Carl), 1918- (person)

Ostaff, D. P. (person)

Munchberg, Paul (person)

Jameson, Jr., E. W. (person)

Uspenkii, I. V. (person)

Yoshiwawa, Midori (person)

Blaszak, Czeslaw (person)

Newell, Wilmon, 1878-1943 (person)

Wilmon Newell was born March 4, 1878, in Hull, Iowa. He was educated in Iowa and received his B.S. and M.S. from Iowa State University in 1897 and 1899 respectively. He served briefly at experiment stations before being appointed State Entomologist of Georgia in 1903. In 1905, he was appointed Entomologist of the Louisiana Experiment Station and Entomologist and Secretary of the Louisiana Crop Pest Commission. It was at Louisiana that Newell made important contributions in the control of the Cot...

Germain, Max (person)

Byrne, D. H. (person)

Rupes, V. (person)

Imbriani, J. L. (person)

Abreu, Edwin (person)

Smith, Ralph H. (person)

Dearolf, Kenneth (person)

Zon, A. Q. Van (person)

Gispert-Galvan, Maria del Carmen (person)

Baltac, Miora (person)

Lee, David C. (person)

Hantsbarger, W. M. (person)

Weisbroth, Steven H. (person)

Allred, Dorald M. (person)

Dorald M. Allred was born July 11, 1923 in Lehi, Utah. He later married Berna Wilate Brown Allred in the Salt Lake Temple on March 14, 1952. They had five children, sixteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. He graduated from Lehi High School, from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology, then earned his Masters degree there in Entomology. He received his PhD degree from the University of Utah in 1954. Dorald joined the faculty at BYU in 1956 and ...

Nelson, Bernard C. (person)

Gorirossi, Flora (person)

Newell, Irvin M. (person)

Sauer, J. R. (person)

Zambelli, N. (person)

Bolotin, E. I. (person)

Mistra, Binayak (person)

Hamdy, Bariah H. (person)

Rajski, Aleksander (person)

Marchal, P. (person)

Jeuniaux, Ch. (person)

Chastel, C. (person)

Loots, G.C. (person)

Westrom, Dale (person)

Hilton, Donald F. J. (person)

Wilkinson, P.R. (Peter Richard), 1926- (person)

Gartel, Wilhelm (person)

Williams, G. L. (Graham L.) (person)

Readshaw, J. L. (person)

Doube, B. M. (person)

Cooreman, Jean (person)

Fujita, Kazuyuki (person)

Hirschmann, Werner-Arcarologie (person)

Faust, Ernest Carroll (person)

Elbadry, E. A. (person)

Burditt, A. K. (person)

Gilot, B. (person)

Zuk, Peter (person)

Haarlov, Niels (person)

Nef, L. (person)

Furumizo, Roy T. (person)

Eide, Paul E. (person)

Popova, E. V. (person)

McGraw, James, 1942-1996 (person)

Abell, D. H. (person)

Grube, A. E. (person)

Hussein, Mohmed F. (person)

Gui-Ying, Beng (person)

Artemenko, L. P. (person)

Tuttle, Donald M. (person)

Zacharda, Miloslav (person)

Hui-Fu, Wang (person)

Catling, H. D. (H. David) (person)

National Pest Control Association (corporateBody)

Kudon, Louis H. (person)

Wyatt, I. J. (person)

Hopkins, A.R. (person)

Hislop, R. G. (person)

Ruggles, A. G. (person)

Hetrick, L. A. (person)

Furman, Deane Philip, 1915- (person)

Petrova, A. D. (person)

Lundblad, O. (person)

Williams, R.E. (person)

Gerson, Uri (person)

Laboulbene, Alexandre (person)

Hirst, Stanley (person)

Nelson, Vernon A. (person)

Suggars, Amy L. (person)

Harrel, Richard C. (person)

Skorski, P. (person)

Kempson, Denys (person)

Pielou, D. P. (person)

Wolfenbarger, Dan A. (person)

Reinking, R. B. (person)

Clark, J. Derrell (person)

Hurlbutt, Henry W. (person)

Haller, Gottfried (person)

Gunthart, E. (person)

Evensen, Kathleen B. (person)

Dubinin, W. (person)

Cantelo, William W. (person)

Jeffrey, I. G. (person)

Eklund, J. (person)

Kattes, David Hugh, 1952- (person)

Taylor, S. M. (S. Martin) (person)

Parameswarappa, R. (person)

Fleschner, C. A. (person)

Ludlam, F. A. B. (person)

Nelson-Rees, Walter A. (person)

Dondale, C. D. (person)

Amano, Hiroshi (person)

Kuang, Xai Yan (person)

Hall, Jr. C. C. (person)

Barnes, M. M. (person)

Cross, J.V. (person)

Samsoe-Petersen, Lise (person)

Schreck, C.E. (person)

Posern, Hubertus Von (person)

Taylor, G. G. (person)

Butt, B. A. (Bill A.), 1931- (person)

Ruttner, Von H. (person)

Eaton, J. K. (person)

Adis, Joachim, 1950-.... (person)

Cadigan, Jr. Francis C. (person)

Hassan, Ahmed S. (person)

Whitmire, H. E. (person)

Drummond, R. O. (person)

Zachvatkin, A. A. (person)

Macfadyn, A. (person)

Short, Don (person)

Macfarlane, R. P. (person)

Yuguang, L. (person)

Womersley, H. (person)

Renaud, J. (person)

Dorrestein, G. M. (person)

Selhime, A. G. (person)

Lions, Jean-Claude (person)

Popenoe, C. H. (person)

Bengston, Sven-Axel (person)

Brooks, Derl Len (person)

Putman, William L. (person)

Supino, Felice (person)

Williams, Carroll M (person)

Smith, Carroll (person)

Pugh, P. J. A. (person)

Strube, H. G. R. (person)

Ishikawa, Kazuo (person)

Crystal, Maxwell, M. (person)

Stoll, Otto, 1849-1922 (person)

Potter, Daniel A. (person)

Bhattacharyya, S.K. (person)

Andre, H. (person)

Hiramatsu, Nobuo (person)

Pratt, H. D. (person)

Lloyd, Monte (person)

Nourrit, J. (person)

Rubcova, Z. I. (person)

Mothes, Ursula (person)

Thompson, Patrick H. (person)

Hilton, W. A. (person)

Harris, Donna Ann (person)

Berker, J. (person)

Finnegan, Susan (person)

Longstaff, Barry C. (person)

Megnin, P. (person)

Keh, Benjamin (person)

Boero, Juan J. (person)

Kennedy, Polly Ann (person)

British Museum. Natural History. (corporateBody)

Simmons, Thomas W. (person)

Macqueen, Angus (person)

Gentry, Ph. (person)

Rabbinge, Rudy (person)

Fonseca da Flavio (person)

Dohany, A. L. (person)

Berg, N. W. (person)

Hutson, Barry R. (person)

Jenkins, C. F. H. (Clee Francis Howard), 1908- (person)

Battye Library, MN 2371, Papers of Clee Francis Howard Jenkins, ACC 6291A. Naturalist, broadcaster, and entomologist. Born in Adelaide in 1908 and moved to W.A. with his parents in 1926. In 1929 became a cadet at the W.A. Museum. Moved from the Museum to the Department of Agriculture in 1933. Became the Government Entomologist in 1939, then Chief of the Biological Services Division in 1964. He published numerous articles on birds in the "Emu" and other journals. For over...

List, George M. (George Milton), 1885-1956 (person)

Call, R. Ellsworth (person)

Solomon, M. G. (Mark Geoffrey) (person)

Shih, C. I. (person)

Thor, Sig. (person)

Smith, John P., active 19th century (person)

Mowery, Paul D. (person)

Whiteside, J. O. (Jack Oliver) (person)

Broadbent, A. B (person)

Hansen, H. N. (person)

Wolf, B. (person)

Brinton, Lyle P. (person)

Abou-Awad, Badawai A. (person)

Mohanasundaram, M. (person)

Kunkle, G. A. (person)

Smith, J. C. (person)

Teng, K-F (person)

Somme, Lauritz (person)

Asanuma, Kiyoshi (person)

Lustgraaf, Barend Van De (person)

Osman, A. A. (person)

Prokopy, Ronald J. (person)

Wilson, Nixon (person)

McClain, J. H. (person)

Parker, R. J. (person)

Cook, C. (person)

Wong, S. W. (person)

Camin, Joseph H. (person)

Wiseman, B. R. (person)

March, Ralph B. (person)

Viets, Kurt O. (person)

Steigen, Andreas L. (person)

Jesiotr, Leszek J. (person)

Witalinski, Wojciech (person)

Feldman-Muhsam, B. (person)

Daniels, Norris E. (person)

Bauer, Cheryl A. (person)

Ito, Masamichi (person)

Schenker, Rudolf, 1948- (person)

Chittenden, F. H. (person)

Ministry of Agriculture (corporateBody)

Swirski, E. (person)

Spain, A. V. (person)

Hutu, Marina (person)

Whitmoyer, Robert E. (person)

Eastwood, E.B. (person)

Mast, R. B. (person)

Mostafa, A. R. (person)

Trojan, Emanuel (person)

Caresche, L. A. (person)

Purrini, K. (person)

Johnson, Michael D. (person)

Eveleigh, Eldon S. (person)

Krauss, N. L. H. (Noel Louis Hilmer), 1910- (person)

Delattre, P. (person)

Bostanian, Noubar J. (person)

Andre, Marc (person)

Černý, V., 1940- (person)

Anderson, J.M. (person)

Flechtmann, Carlos H. W., 1938- (person)

White, N. D. (person)

Shatrov, A. B. (person)

Jarvis, Tennyson D. (person)

Dittrich, V. (person)

Luxton, Malcolm (person)

Uchida, Tohru (person)

Nickel, P. A. (person)

Shoemake, Rodger R. (person)

Brimblecombe, A. R. (person)

Childress, Steven Addison, 1954- (person)

Cunnington, A. M. (person)

Wright, Barry, 1904- (person)

Bhat, H. R. (person)

Lombert, H. A. M. P. (person)

Laszlo, Koltai (person)

Sturhan, Dieter (person)

AliNiazee, M. T. (person)

Neal, Talmadge J. (person)

Nakamura, Yoshio (person)

Samson, Robert A. (person)

Habeeb, Herbert (person)

Schwoerbel, Jurgen (person)

Hobart, J. (person)

Parr, W.J. (person)

Eaton, K. K. (person)

Lundquist, Lars (person)

Plowman, Kristine P. (person)

Rivard, I (person)

Davis, Richard M. (person)

United States Army soldier during the Civil War. From the description of Richard M. Davis letter, 1864 July 5. (Louisiana State University). WorldCat record id: 70271351 Richard M. Davis collected in Gambia and Senegal as part of the Smithsonian Institution African Mammal Project, 1965 - 1966. He collected primarily in Mozambique, South Africa, Botswana, Senegal, and the Gambia. Smithsonian Institution Archives Field Book Project: Person : Description : rid_657_p...

Fain, A. (person)

Tewarson, Naresh C. (person)

Spies, A. (person)

Goksu, K. (person)

Communicable Disease Center (corporateBody)

Wasti, Syed Salman, 1944- (person)

Kummel, Georg (person)

Smith, William W. (person)

Ghai, Swaraj (person)

Witte, Harald (person)

Marais, J. F. (person)

Axtell, Richard C. (person)

Davis, Angela J., 1956-.... (person)

Nucifora, Alfio (person)

Londt, Jason G. H. (Jason Gilbert Hayden), 1943- (person)

Blumberg, Andrea Y. (person)

Croft, B. A. (person)

Smith, A. M (person)

Komblas, K. N. (person)

Goddard, Susan J. (person)

Seastedt, T. R. (person)

Karppinen, Eero (person)

Strickland, A. H. (person)

Aina, O. J. (person)

Dabrowski, Z. T. (person)

Ulrich, Carl Jost (person)

Smith, Jr., I. Barton (person)

Schulze, Paul. (person)

Nelson, R. D. (R. David), 1938- (person)

Schuntner, C. A. (person)

Moran, V. C. (person)

Ward, P. S. (person)

Roberts, Lorin Watson (person)

Borden, Arthur D (person)

Castrode, M. P. (person)

Theron, P. D. (person)

Oshima, S. (person)

Keirans, James E (person)

Lieutier, F. (person)

Wendt, R. (person)

Hendrickson, Jr., R. M. (person)

Otero-Colina, Gabriel (person)

Herrick, Glenn W. (Glenn Washington), 1870-1965 (person)

Professor of entomology, Cornell University. Cornell University Class of 1896. From the description of Glenn Washington Herrick papers, 1872-1963. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 64075002 ...

Yothers, W.W. (person)

Hirano, Masachika (person)

Cunliffe, Frederick, 1911- (person)

Rensburg, C. A. Jansen (person)

Doucette, Charles F. (Charles Felix), 1898- (person)

Bailey, Jack C. (Jack Clinton) (person)

Fjelddalen, Av Jac. (person)

Lawrence, R. F. (Reginald Fredrick), 1898- (person)

Southcott, R.V. (person)

Smith, Bruce P. (person)

Heyer, J. Den (person)

Bullock, R. C. (person)

Mitchell, Robert W., 1958-.... (person)

Boykin, L. S. (person)

Audy, Jack Rolph (person)

Jenkins, Dale W. (person)

Tichomirov, C. (person)

Mahunka, S. (person)

Gray, J. S. (James Sinclair), 1954- (person)

Koeniger, N. (person)

Moriya, Seiichi (person)

Bagdasarian, A. T. (person)

Yamamoto, Tadashi, 1936- (person)

Richards, K. W. (person)

Canaris, Albert G. (person)

Haitlinger, Ryszard (person)

Holldobler, Bert (person)

Mague, Diane L. (person)

Jeppson, L. R. (person)

Jorgensen, Marie (person)

Geden, C. J. (person)

Hirschmann, Werner, 1923- (person)

Fisher, R. W. (person)

Wrensch, Dana L. (person)

Reid, R. W (person)

Toerner, Therese (person)

Dinsdale, D. (person)

Needham, G. R. (Glen R.), 1951- (person)

Hartenstein, Roy. (person)

Schwan, Tom G. (person)

Liang, Guowei (person)

Caltagirone, L. E. (person)

Chang, Kuo-Mei (person)

Bower, Colin C. (Colin Charles) (person)

Garrett, L. E. (person)

Gretillat, S. (person)

Dolejsky, W. (person)

Lipovsky, Louis J. (person)

Rock, George C. (person)

Smith, T. D. (person)

Christie, J. E. (person)

Moritz, R. F. A. (person)

Wang, Yuanmin (person)

Hughes, T. E. (person)

Nadchatram, M. (person)

Miller, S. E. (person)

Locatelli, D. P. (person)

Smith, Grant N. (person)

Swingle, H. S. (person)

Margioles, D. C. (person)

Woolley, Tyler (person)

Tulisalo, Unto (person)

Dhanda, Vijai (person)

Dammerman, K. W. (person)

Bonet, F. (person)

Schmidt, Gabriele (person)

Rabatin, S. C. (person)

Ebeling, Walter, 1907- (person)

Del Fosse, Ernest S. (person)

Phillipsen, William James (person)

Reddell, James R. (person)

Chapman, R. B. (person)

Bond, E. J. (person)

Ehrnsberger, Rainer. (person)

Liu, T. P. (person)

Nesbitt, H.H.J. (Herbert Hugh John), 1913- (person)

Teel, P. D. (person)

Blommers, Leo H. M. (person)

Hallas, Thorkil E. (person)

Eldefrawi, M. E. (person)

Hopkins, A. D. (person)

Cooley, R. A. (person)

Fellin, David G. (person)

Lascaud, D. (person)

Colin, M. E. (person)

Jonczy, Jan (person)

Uvarov, A. V. (person)

Payne, Roderick A. (person)

Kirkland, Willis L. (person)

Kunst, Miroslav (person)

House, G . J. (person)

Groocock, C. M. (person)

Schweizer, J. (person)

MacPhee, A. W. (person)

Zack, R. E. (person)

Singer, George. (person)

Congdon, B. D. (person)

Quintero, M. T. (person)

Rey, J. R. (Jorge R.) (person)

Ward, A (person)

Knudyakov, I. S. (person)

Blatchley, W. S. (person)

Ellis-Adam, Albertine C. (person)

Delfinado, Mercedes D. (Mercedes Delfino), 1933- (person)

Neuhauser, Edward F. (person)

Smith Meyer, Magdalena K. P. (person)

Nomura, Kenichi (person)

Ramsdell, D. R. (person)

Sardar, M. A. (person)

Conil, Auguste P. (person)

Britt, D. P. (person)

Veitch, L. G. (person)

Andrews, J.R.H. (person)

Stewart, Thomas Bonner, 1924- (person)

Emel'yanova, Nadezhda D. (person)

Kunhelt, Wilhelm (person)

Colwell, Robert K. (Robert Knight), 1943- (person)

Mathewson, John A. (person)

Crampton, P. L. (person)

Richards, L. A. (person)

Biographical note: Mining family; from the photographs it appears that, at various times, they lived on the Coast, in Tombstone, Arizona, in Mexico, Minnesota, and South Dakota. From the description of Richards family photograph albums, ca. 1885-1905. (Arizona Historical Society, Southern Arizona Division). WorldCat record id: 50470048 ...

Matheson, R. (person)

Yoder, Wayne Alva (person)

Lasebikan, B. A. (person)

Felt, Ephraim Porter, 1868-1943 (person)

Baker, R. T (person)

Malan, F. S. (person)

Hagvar, Sigmund (person)

Aucamp, J. L. (person)

Morlan, Harvey B. (person)

Boczek, Jan (person)

Wallace, M. M. H. (person)

Cleveland, Merrill L. (person)

Kuo-Fan, Teng (person)

Radovsky, Frank J. (person)

Frank J. Radovsky taught medical entomology at Oregon State University (OSU) in 1986-1987 and returned to OSU in 1994 in retirement as a Courtesy Professor of Entomology, a position he held until his death in 2010. Born in Fall River, Massachusetts, Frank Jay Radovsky's fascination with nature led him to study zoology at the University of Colorado, where he earned his undergraduate degree in 1951. After serving in the Korean War, Radovsky pursued graduate studies in para...

Wilson, G. I. (person)

Booth, Jill P. (person)

Weil, R. R. (person)

Sachse, Burkhard (person)

Lang, James D. (person)

Muraoka, Minoru (person)

Saint-Georges-Gridelet, Daniele de (person)

Smith, Ian M. (person)

Weires, R. W. (person)

Marston, Norman L. (Norman Lee), 1937- (person)

Ahrens, E. H. (person)

Cutcher, Joseph (person)

Thompson, W. L. (person)

Heim, F. (person)

Streit, Bruno (person)

Lienk, S.E. (person)

Nikulina, N. A. (person)

Frick, J. H. (person)

Warren, S. D. (person)

Rasmy, Aly H. (person)

Yi-Hsiung, Tseng (person)

Heyden, Carl Heinrich (person)

Burnett, Thomas, -1750 (person)

Epithet: General Clerk of Lieutenancy, county Aberdeenshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001030.0x0001aa Epithet: of Aberdeen British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001030.0x0001ab Epithet: of West Kington British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description :...

Balcazar Ruiz, Ignacio (person)

Kowal, N. E. (person)

Asano, Shoji (person)

Davids, C. (person)

Lindquist, R. K. (person)

Trouessart, E. (person)

Parrott, P. J. (person)

Vandel, M. Albert (person)

Holzapfel, Monika (person)

Ah, Hyong-Sun (person)

Fritz, Gary (person)

Chirov, P. A. (Pavel Abramovich) (person)

Ascerno, Mark E. (person)

Heller-Haupt, Agnes (person)

Johnson, Samuel, 1709-1784 (person)

Samuel Johnson (1709-1784) was one of the leading literary figures of eighteenth-century England. He is best remembered for compiling the first comprehensive dictionary of the English language, published in 1755. Prominent among his diverse other works, he also wrote the satirical History of Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia (1759), edited The Dramatic Works of William Shakespeare (1765), and produced the important Prefaces, Biographical and Critical, to the Works of the English Poets (first collect...

Edge, V. E. (person)

Nalepa, A. (person)

Turk, Frank A. 1911-.... (person)

Scarborough, Charles S. (person)

Bedard, William D. (person)

Mangini, Jr., Alexander (person)

Foster, W. A. (William Arthur), 1884-1941 (person)

Bull, Michael, 1948- (person)

Groves, Joan R. (person)

Scopoli, Johannes A. (person)

Lourens, J. H. M. (person)

Li, Chang-Chiang (person)

Gordon, M. J. (person)

Poe, S. L. (person)

Auerbach, S. I. (person)

Jones, Vincent P. (person)

Driel, C. D. Van (person)

Bruce, W. G. (person)

Beerwinkle, Kenneth R. (person)

Gjelstrup, Peter (person)

Saint G. Light, W. I. (person)

Kurceva, G. F. (person)

Herbert, H. J. (person)

Kuenen, D. J. (person)

Kaluz, Stanislav (person)

Mallow, David (person)

Wise, G. U. (person)

Brandt, Robert L. (person)

Dean, H. A. (person)

Saunders, William, 1743-1817 (person)

Epithet: MP British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000386.0x00022b English physician and chemist. From the description of Note, undated, [between 1800-1817]. (Duke University). WorldCat record id: 35328995 Epithet: of Plymouth British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000492.0x000075 Epithet: MP; of Add MS 46290 ...

Carr, W. R. (person)

Vanwetswinkel, G. (person)

Schroder, Robert F. (person)

Fauvel, Guy (person)

Heffner, Rickye S. (person)

Nakada, Eikichi (person)

Colloff, M. J. (person)

Gahm, O. E. (person)

Banerjee, Barundeb (person)

Bmaduri, A. K. (person)

Motter, Murray Galt (person)

Adam (Brother) (person)

Pongthep Akratanakul, 1951- (person)

Schatz, H. (person)

Pritchard, A. (person)

Bailey, J. Blair (person)

Madej, G. (person)

Torne, Therese Von (person)

Sibilia, Cesare (person)

O'Gara, P. J. (person)

Chow, Yien-Shing (person)

Shaw, J. G. (person)

Patterson, Cary G. (person)

Stone, P. C. (person)

Athias-Binche, Francoise (person)

Franz, H. (person)

Crowell, Robert M. (person)

Tierney, Frances (person)

Sampaio, A. S. (person)

Nagar, S. K. (person)

Berkett, Lorraine P. (person)

Feilder, Zicman (person)

Porres, M. A. (person)

Henriksen, Kai L. (person)

Asada, M. (person)

Striganova, B. R. (person)

Wallwork, J. A. (person)

Knight, Gregory (person)

Davis, Donald Walter (person)

Watve, C. M. (person)

Leeson, H. S. (person)

Gilstrap, Frank E. (person)

Herrin, C. Selby (person)

Angelkova, Elisaveta B. (person)

Egan, Michael E. (person)

Santos, Perseu Fernando dos, 1946- (person)

Baker, Arthur D. (person)

Dritschilo, William (person)

Zalewska, Maria. (person)

Foster, D. G. (person)

Thompson, G D (person)

Costa, Cyro P. Da (person)

Donisthorpe, H. St. J. K. (person)

Crane, Eva. (person)

Dosse, Von Gudo (person)

Philip, Cornelius (person)

Dahm, Paul A. (person)

Borland, J. G. (person)

Wheeler, Jr., A. G. (person)