Franz Boas Professional Papers Circa 1860-1942


Franz Boas Professional Papers Circa 1860-1942

During the half century leading up to the Second World War, Franz Boas helped to define academic anthropology in the United States. Trained as a geographer at the University of Heidelberg, Boas worked initially on the Inuit of Baffin Island and subsequently on the cultures of the Indians of the Northwest Pacific Coast, becoming a leading figure in American anthropology by the first decade of the twentieth century. As Professor of Anthropology at Columbia University, Boas made significant theoretical contributions to ethnology, linguistics, and physical anthropology, helping to ingrain the four fields approach in his discipline and introducing the concept of cultural relativism into wide currency. He was, as well, a committed Socialist and an ardent opponent of both racism and fascism. The Boas Professional Papers contain a diverse assemblage of professional correspondence, family letters, and diaries, with a valuable series of essays and lectures by Boas on both professional and political topics (democracy, race, etc.).

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Ernst Boas was the son of anthropologist Franz Boas, and as a physician was noted for his work in cardiology. He was also very much involved with liberal social causes. Boas was an instructor in pathology and physiology, an expert in chronic diseases, and a developer of the cardiotachometer. He was prominent in the American Medical Association during the 1940s and 50s, actively promoted National Health Insurance, and was an organizer of the Physicians Forum. From the description of R...

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