Charles Caldwell, M.D.: The Rejection of Chemistry in America 1959


Charles Caldwell, M.D.: The Rejection of Chemistry in America, 1959

Charles Caldwell, M.D.: The Rejection of Chemistry in America 1959

The physician Charles Caldwell received his medical degree under Benjamin Rush at the University of Pennsylvania in 1796, but shared little, theoretically or stylistically with his mentor. After accepting a chair in medicine at Transylvania University in 1819, Caldwell became a champion of phrenology and racial polygenism, and he was an ardent opponent of the introduction of chemistry into the medical curriculum. In his master's thesis from the University of Pennsylvania, Richard A. Glock traces Caldwell's opposition to the introduciton of chemistry into medical education in the United States during the early decades of the 19th century, his idiosyncratic vitalistic physiology, and the relations between medical schools in the eastern and western states.

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