Southern Economic Journal Records, 1937-2003


Southern Economic Journal Records, 1937-2003

The , the journal of the Southern Economic Association, began publication in 1933 at the University of Georgia and was produced from 1935 through 1997 by the Association and the University of North Carolina. The moved to the University of Florida in fall 1997. The originally was intended to examine economic issues peculiar to the American South. Over the years, its focus shifted to more general economic topics. Records deposited in 1997 cover the period during which the was affiliated with the University of North Carolina; the original accession begins in 1937 and ends with the Journal's move to the University of Florida in the fall of 1997. The collection has since expanded to include records through 2003. The bulk of the collection consists of correspondence with authors of articles submitted to the journal, but there are also records relating to the 's financial and administrative operations, including correspondence, ledgers, bank statements, and subscription information. Southern Economic Journal Journal Journal Southern Economic Journal Journal

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Kreps, Juanita M. (Juanita Morris), 1921-2010 (person)

Clara Juanita Morris Kreps (January 11, 1921 – July 5, 2010) was an American government official and businesswoman. She served as the United States Secretary of Commerce from January 23, 1977 until October 31, 1979, under President Jimmy Carter and was the first woman and first economist to hold that position, and the fourth woman to hold any cabinet position in the United States Executive Branch. Born in Lynch, Kentucky, she graduated from Berea College in 1942, and earned her master's and P...

Culbertson, William Patton, 1941- (person)

Robert Drago (person)

Bellante, Don (person)

Schlesinger, Harris (person)

Myles, Gareth D. (person)

Choi, Eun Kwan, 1946-... (person)

Cushman, David O. (person)

Ullah, Aman (person)

DeBoer, Larry (person)

White, Eugene Nelson, 1952-.... (person)

Butler, Michael R. (person)

Lott, William F. (person)

Smith, Robert (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 46927 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001199.0x00017e Epithet: of Add MS 37914 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001199.0x00017d Epithet: of Add MS 36059 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001199.0x00017c Epithet: of Glanbrydan ...

Robinson, Michael D. (Professor of psychology) (person)

Jacob Paroush (person)

Edmonds, Jae (person)

Mayor, Thomas H. (person)

Kapur, Basant (person)

Harter, John F. R. (person)

Welling, Linda (person)

Shughart, William F. (person)

Hartman Shughart enlisted in the Pennsylvania Associates on 15 November 1775. On 3 February 1776, Shughart enlisted in the 5th Pennsylvania Battalion. He and his unit were captured at Fort Washington, New York on 16 November 1776. By 8 December 1776, all of the enlisted men, including Shughart, had escaped or been released. On 20 February 1777, he re-enlisted in the Army with the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment for 3 years service. He was assigned to Captain Jacob Moser's Company. He received an honor...

Tremblay, Victor R. (person)

Vivian W. K. Ko (person)

Tower, Edward (person)

Quandt, Richard E. (person)

Stefanou, Spiro E. (person)

Coe, Richard D. (person)

Warren, Ronald S (person)

Leijonhufvud, Axel (person)

Melese, Francois (person)

Daniel R. Hollas (person)

William Clifford (person)

Formby, John P. (person)

Emilio Pagoulatos (person)

Barber, Clarence L. (person)

Cho, Jae-Ho (person)

McCracken, Paul W. (Paul Winston), 1915-2012 (person)

Professor of business administration at the University of Michigan, member of the President's Council of Economic Advisers under President Eisenhower, chairman of the Council under President Nixon. From the description of Paul Winston McCracken papers, 1943-1990. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 77833835 From the description of Paul Winston McCracken papers, 1943-2000. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 85778137 From the description of Paul W...

Boughton, James M. (person)

Grieves, Robin (person)

R. Kelley Pace (person)

Dickie, Mark T. (person)

Leeds, Michael A. (person)

Cho, Dong W. (person)

Jessica Goodfellow (person)

Nichol, Michael B. (person)

Allen, Stuart D. (person)

Oz Shy (person)

Goddeeris, John Henry (person)

Beck, William (person)

Feldman, David (person)

Nardinelli, Clark (person)

James R. Kuhn (person)

Conway, Karen Smith (person)

Garfinkel, Michelle R., 1960-.... (person)

Stephen Devadoss (person)

Mayer, Walter J. (person)

Blau, Francine D. (person)

Takayama, Akira, 1932-.... (person)

Susan K. Washburn (person)

McFarland, James W. (person)

West, Edwin G (person)

Bagi, Faqir S. (person)

Murrell, Peter, 1950- (person)

Hayashi, Paul M. (person)

Gramm, Wendy Lee, 1945- (person)

Forster, Bruce A. (Bruce Alexander), 1948- (person)

Yücel, Mine K. (person)

Chris D. Radcliffe (person)

Hae-shin Hwang (person)

Uri Ben-Zion (person)

Zheng, Buhong (person)

Fosu, Augustin Kwasi. (person)

Walter Enders (person)

Whitney, Simon Newcomb, 1903-.... (person)

Leigh, J. Paul (person)

Pelzman, Joseph (person)

Stein, Bruno (person)

Nechyba, Thomas J. (person)

Jones, Alison S. (person)

Yang, Yung Y. (person)

Kristin McCue (person)

Jhunjhunwala, Bharat (person)

Carolyn Harper (person)

Spann, Robert M. (person)

Harris, Russell. (person)

David S. Kraybill (person)

Kwack, Sung Y. (person)

Quick, Perry (person)

Davidson, Lawrence S. (person)

Hegji, Charles E. (person)

William L. Scott (person)

Hong Hwang (person)

Puckett, Richard H. (person)

Stephen Davies (person)

Tai Van Nhan (person)

Currier, Kevin M. (person)

Christenson, C. L. (person)

Triangle (corporateBody)

Mitchell, Bridger M. (person)

Bandyopadhyay, Subhayu (person)

Ali Reza Nasseh (person)

Eric K. Green (person)

Broll, Udo (person)

Brian Rungeling (person)

Tschirhart, John (person)

Marks, William H. (person)

Hay, Joel W. (person)

Kramer, Susan W. (Susan Wendy), 1954- (person)

Kosicki, George (person)

Mason, Charles, 1616-1677 (person)

Stahl, Dale O. (person)

Acs, Zoltan J. (person)

Whinston, Andrew B (person)

Jewell, R. Todd (person)

Ahking, Francis W. (Francis Wilson), 1951- (person)

Gerking, Shelby D. (person)

Yip, Chong K. (person)

Sindelar, Jody Louise (person)

Tower, Ed (person)

Ioannis Kessides (person)

Canto, Victor A. (person)

Hsueh-Fang Tsai (person)

Fratrik, Mark R. (person)

Horváth János 1921- (person)

Yunker, James A. (person)

Vandermeulen, Alice (person)

Butos, William M. (person)

Harris, Robert Samuel, 1905-.... (person)

Hess, Gregory D. (person)

Michael Alexeev (person)

Formby, John P. (person)

Alain Sheer (person)

Kolodny, Richard (person)

Singer, Neil M. (person)

Russek, Frank S. (person)

Tannen, Michael (person)

Bradford, William D. (person)

Hammond, J. Daniel (person)

Goodwin, Thomas H. (person)

Lapan, Harvey E. (person)

Murray, Tracy (person)

Vijverberg, Wim P.M. (person)

Zandamela, Rogério Lucas 1957- (person)

Lean, David F. (person)

Employment Security Commission (corporateBody)

Vincent, James W. (person)

Lundborg, Per (person)

Smith, V. Kerry (person)

Mirer, Thad W. (person)

King, Richard A. (person)

Haessel, Walter W. (person)

Reynolds, J. M. (person)

Mulherin, J. Harold (person)

Director, Steven M. (person)

Gallaway, Lowell E. (Lowell Eugene), 1930- (person)


Frenkel, Jacob A. (person)

Yu, Eden S. H. (person)

Eaton, Peter J. (person)

Pearsall, Edward S. (person)

McGarvey, Mary G. (person)

Kamerschen, David R. (person)

Lanoie, Paul (person)

MacDonald, James M. (James Michael) (person)

Casas, Francisco R. (person)

Price, James E., 1936- (person)

Hodgson, John S. (person)

Edward M. McNertney (person)

Pollak, Robert A., 1938-.... (person)

Lai, Ching-chong (person)

Mason, John M. (person)

Mohammadi, Hassan (person)

Bear, Donald V. T. (person)

Mason, Charles, 1616-1677 (person)

Ballentine, J. Gregory (person)

Harry Watson (person)

Flowers, Marilyn (person)

Low, Stuart L. (person)

Ogur, Jonathan D. (person)

Poitras, Marc (person)

Rodolfo A. Gonzalez (person)

Mountain, Dean C. (person)

Clarkson, Kenneth (person)

Chambers, Catherine M. (person)

Lee, Dwight R. (person)

Wall, Richard A. (person)

Otto, Glenn D. (person)

Timothy Dunne (person)

Pami Dua (person)

Davis, J. Ronnie (person)

DeLorme, Charles D. (person)

Bradley, Michael W. (person)

H. Wade German (person)

Thomas, Janet M. (person)

Marvel, Howard P. (person)

Holahan, William L. (person)

Hunt, Janet C. (person)

Ho, Yhi-min (person)

Watson, John Keith (person)

Hayes, Kathy J. (person)

Balvers, Ronald J. (person)

Alan Tucker (person)

Gill, Harley Leroy (person)

Stutzer, Michael J. (person)

Mazek, William F. (person)

Anthony M. Romeo (person)

Mehra, Yash P., (Yash Pal) (person)

Moorhouse, John C., 1943- (person)

Arize, Augustine C. (person)

Shieh, Yeung-nan (person)

Scheffler, Richard (person)

Maurice, S. Charles. (person)

Landau, Daniel L., 1938- (person)

Grace, Martin F. (person)

Helmberger, Peter (person)

Woglam, Geoffrey (person)

Evanoff, Douglas D. (person)

Nowell, Clifford (person)

Williamson, Robert B. (person)

McCallum, Bennett T (person)

Sjoquist, David L. (person)

Klaus Conrad (person)

Culler, Steven D. (person)

Deborah Haas-Wilson (person)

Shawna Grosskopf (person)

Ping, Wang (person)

Thornton, James R. (person)

Conn, Robert Lawrence (person)

Tootell, Geoffrey M. B. (person)

Lee, Wayne (person)

Wunnava, Phanindra V. (person)

Donnenfeld, Shabtai (person)

Bowes, Marianne (person)

Ni, Shawn X. (person)

Gottschalk, Peter T. (person)

Smith, James O. (person)

Balke, Nathan S. (person)

Bale, Malcolm (person)

Gaston, Robert J (person)

Kilpatrick, Robert W. (person)

Pirog, Robert L. (person)

Brada, Josef C. (person)

Chihwa Kao (person)

Paul Sicilian (person)

Warner, John T. (person)

Danielson, Albert L. (person)

Heien, Dale (person)

Mqasqas, Ibrahim M. (person)

Kanago, Bryce (person)

Robert G. Wolf (person)

Dellas, Harris (person)

Poirier, Dale J. (person)

Wolf, Thomas A. (person)

Bremmer, Dale Simeon, 1957- (person)

Olsen, Randall J. (person)

Michael Brooks (person)

Ng, Yew-Kwang (person)

Thies, Clifford F. (person)

Elyas Elyasiani (person)

Saltz, Ira S. (person)

Mueller, Willard Fritz (person)

Stephen Silver (person)

Cover, James Peery (person)

Gustely, Richard D. (person)

Loucks, Christine (person)

Bilas, Richard A. (person)

Sheehan, Richard G. (person)

Morrison, Clarence (person)

John Landon (person)

Dale J. Knapp (person)

Ghosh, S. K. (Satyendra Kumar) (person)

Mark Jackson (person)

Black, David E. (person)

Scott, R. C. (Robert Clyde), 1921- (person)

Gary L. French (person)

Ruiz-Mier, L. Fernando (person)

Ramaiah, Kirupakaran C. (person)

Pope, Rulon (person)

Alston Flynn Lippert (person)

Komura, Chikara (person)

Turnbull, Geoffrey K. (person)

Matthew N. (person)

Trapani, John M. (person)

Findlay, M. Chapman. (person)

Ralph Lankford (person)

Wu, Chunchi (person)

Isaac, Alan G. (person)

Shelby Gerking (person)

Kadiyala, K. R. (person)

Kevin T. Deno (person)

Samuelson, Paul A. (person)

Wessell, Robert H. (person)

Albert Danielsen (person)

Gustman, Alan L. (person)

Yong Y. Yoon (person)

Uhr, Carl (person)

Tanner, Evan (person)

Chiu, Y. Stephen (person)

Comay, Yochanan (person)

Shahin, Wassim N., 1957- (person)

Lee, Kangoh (person)

Keller, Robert R. (person)

Scoggins, John F. (person)

Stevens, Guy V.G. (person)

Abraham Hollander (person)

Laird, William E. (person)

Chu, Yun-peng (person)

Hadar, Josef. (person)

Canterbery, E. Ray (person)

Noussair, Charles (person)

Hakes, David R. (person)

Clower, Robert (person)

Leland, Hayne Ellis (person)

Higgins, Richard S. (person)

Richard Higgins was from Lexington, Kentucky. From the description of Richard Higgins papers, 1833-1876. (Kentucky Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 747110854 ...

Hopkins, Mark Myron (person)

Swamy, P.A.V.B. (person)

Turnovsky, Stephen J. (person)

Fesmire, James M. (person)

Canto, Victor A. (person)

Deardorff, Alan V. (person)

Erekson, Owen Homer (person)

Ching-Sheng Chou (person)

Bischoff, Charles W. (person)

Ganpathi Ramamurthy (person)

Grant, E. Kenneth (person)

Kleindorfer, Paul R. (person)

Maloney, Michael T. (person)

Kamalich, Richard F. (person)

Shrieves, Ronald E. (person)

Stratmann, Thomas (person)

Laumas, G. S. (person)

Jehle, Geoffrey Alexander. (person)

Hirsch, Barry T., 1949-.... (person)

Bond, Ronald S. (person)

Mehay, Stephen L. (person)

Greenlees, John S (person)

Ronald N. Johnson (person)

Veronika Eberharter (person)

Ostas, James R. (person)

Greenhut, John G. (person)

Chu, Wan-Wen (person)

Dajani, J. (person)

Johnson, Marvin B. (person)

Julia Lane (person)

Beck, Roger (person)

Iltae Kim (person)

Means, Tom S. (person)

DeSerpa, Allan C. (person)

Stone, Jack Herbert (person)

Jack Stone was in partnership with Fred Thompson. Their music publishing company had offices in New York, Atlanta, and Montgomery, Ala. From the description of Song, 1928. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122562437 ...

Sonia Abubacker (person)

Kuo-Shung Cheng (person)

Gregory, Allan (person)

Hatzipanayotou, Panos (person)

Jacob Kamin (person)

Peterson, Richard L. (person)

Hazlett, Denise (person)

Dalamagas, Basil A. (person)

Niho, Yoshio (person)

Harvey Iglarsh (person)

Gonce, Richard A. (person)

Dunlevy, James A (person)

Foran, Terry (person)

DeVault, James M., 1961- (person)

Michele I. Naples (person)

Sisk, David (person)

Kenneth R. Stitt (person)

Beckenstein, Alan R. (person)

Hoelscher, Gregory (person)

Starks, Laura (person)

Aizcorbe, Ana M. (person)

Rashid, Salim (person)

Rose, Peter S. (person)

Frank, Robert H. (person)

Rhoades, Stephen A (person)

Justice of the peace, of Gloucester County, N.J. From the description of Stephen Rhoades deed, 1801. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 428814698 ...

Phillips, Richard A. (person)

Jon Breslaw (person)

Zee, Howell H. (person)

Vroman, Wayne and Susan (person)

Ronald D. Kneebone (person)

Shilling, James D. (person)

Shepherd, A. Ross (person)

Maxwell W. Hudgins, Jr. (person)

Bivin, David G. (person)

Macesich, George‏ (1927- ).‏ (person)

Hirao, Yukiko (person)

Miller, Stephen M. (person)

Saurman, David S. (person)

Famulari, Melissa (person)

Fraedrich, Ann I. (person)

Lowinger, Thomas C. (person)

Trandel, Gregory A. (person)

Morey, Mathew J. (person)

Munley, Vincent (person)

C. F. Sirmans (person)

Wrightsman, Dwayne. (person)

Humphreys, Jeffrey M. (person)

Carter, Thomas J. (person)

Sang-Kwon Kim (person)

Chappell, William F. (person)

Woodbery, Sabrina R. (person)

Hogan, Timothy D. (person)

Ratti, Ronald A. (person)

Simkins, Scott (person)

Coppock, Lee (person)

Thayer Watkins (person)

Yawitz, Jess B., 1946- (person)

Haynes, Stephen E. (person)

Ekelund, Robert B., Jr. (person)

Baik, Kyng Hwan (person)

Hazlett, Thomas W. (person)

Griffin, Peter (person)

Carstensen, Fred V. (person)

Atack, Jeremy (person)

Ali Abderrezak (person)

La Croix, Sumner J. (person)

Xu, Kuan (person)

Kathy Hayes (person)

Hazari, Bharat R. (person)

Grier, Kevin B. (person)

Müller, Ronald E. (person)

Ashraf Nakibullah (person)

Taylor, Larry W (person)

Ben P. Klotz (person)

Kenneally, Martin (person)

French, Michael T. (person)

Kenny, Lawrence W. (person)

Coughlin, Cletus C. (person)

Hoyt, William H. (person)

Melanie Sevier (person)

Allen, W. David (person)

DuBoff, Richard B. (person)

Hanssen, Andrew (person)

Robert A. Musacchio (person)

Cho, Joonmo (person)

Bolch, Ben (person)

Saba, Richard P. (person)

Jonathan Hamilton (person)

Don E. Schlagenhaur (person)

Watson, Harry, 1901-1977 (person)

Panos Hatzipanayotou (person)

Hughes, Joseph P. (person)

Almon, Clopper (person)

Murphy, Kevin J. F. (person)

Carl A. Kogut (person)

Lindley, James T. (James Thomas), 1939- (person)

Esposito, Frances and Louis (person)

Bakhtiar Moazzami (person)

Bogart, William T. (person)

Garfinkel, Irwin (person)

Kai Kao (person)

Cloutier, Norman R. (person)

Willett, Thomas D. (person)

Perloff, Jeffrey M. (person)

Fu, Jiarong (person)

Ryan C. Amacher (person)

Kling, John L. (person)

Madden, Janice F. (person)

Moore, W. J. (William James), Sir, 1828-1896 (person)

Singell, L. D. (person)

Amacher, Ryan C. (person)

King, Allan G. (person)

Beard, T. Randolph (person)

Towe, Christopher M. (person)

Grosskopf, Shawna (person)

Chappell, William F. (person)

Steindl, Frank G. (Frank George), 1935- (person)

Frank Zahn (person)

Chunchi Wu (person)

Lucken, Jack A. (person)

Kathleen Rehbein (person)

Murphy, Michael M. (person)

Mark A. Gold (person)

Conlon, John R., 1936- (person)

Haworth, Charles T. (person)

Basmann, R. L. (person)

Torto, Raymond G. (person)

Juergen Backhaus (person)

Spencer, David E. (David Ellsworth) (person)

Maloney, Kevin J. (person)

Ofek, Haim (person)

Shear, William B. (person)

Bond, Eric (person)

B. Philip Jeon (person)

Johnson, Thomas (person)

Epithet: of Sloane MS 4056 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000356.0x00026f Epithet: of Add MS 36045 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000356.0x000266 Epithet: of Sloane MS 1778 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000356.0x00026e Epithet: of Add MS ...

Hedayeh Samavati (person)

Friedland, Thomas S. (person)

Ferris, J. Stephen (person)

Moore, Robert E. (person)

Laplante, Benoît, 1958- (person)

Arnould, Richard J. (person)

Garbade, Kenneth D. (person)

Lewis, Kenneth A. (person)

Rice, Edward M. (person)

Paul W. Dobson (person)

Inaba, Frederick S. (person)

Van Belle, John J. (person)

Stephens, John Kirker, 1941-1996 (person)

Alam, M. Shalid (person)

Joerding, Wayne. (person)

Vandoren, Peter M. (person)

Kreinin, Mordechai Elihau, 1930-.... (person)

Lawrence Thurston (person)

Hannelore Weck (person)

Holub, Hans-Werner (person)

Guilkey, David K. (person)

Mbaku, John Mukum, 1950-.... (person)

Baldwin, Marjorie (person)

Anastasios Anastasopoulos (person)

Pustay, Michael W. (person)

Susan Skeath (person)

Schieren, George A. (person)

Roberts, Brian E. (person)

Sexton, Edwin A. (person)

David Appel (person)

Brocato, Joe (person)

Roberts, Bruce B. (person)

Stein, Sheldon H. (person)

Kant, Chander (person)

Hanson, Donald A. (person)

Smith, Dennis Stanton (person)

Vamvoukas, George A. (person)

Sherman, Roger, 1721-1793 (person)

Declaration of Independence signer from Connecticut. From the description of Document signed by Roger Sherman, 1764 August to 1766 November. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 55230754 Roger Sherman was born in 1721 in Newton, Massachusetts, and early moved to Stoughton, Massachusetts, where he attended the public schools and later learned the shoemaker's trade. He moved to New Milford, Connecticut, in 1743 and became surveyor of New Haven County in 1745. During t...

Gupta, Kanhaya L. (person)

Martin, Stephen, 1948- (person)

Graves, Ronald L. (person)

Gant, Paula A. (person)

Chowdhury, Abdur R. (person)

Phillips, Owen R. (person)

Fackler, James S. (person)

Ibrahim Mqasqas (person)

Amsler, Christine E. (person)

Koray, Faik (person)

Waterson, Michael (person)

Fain, James R. (person)

Trandel, Gregory Allyn (person)

Smith, Stephen D., 1961 August 1- (person)

Henson, Steven E. 1953- (person)

Madelyn Antoncic (person)

Carol Matheny Szakmary (person)

Hersch, Philip L. (person)

Hung, Chao-shun (person)

Richardson, David H (person)

Thomas, Christopher R. (person)

Withers, Glenn A. (person)

Saleh Amirkhalkhali (person)

Hubbard, R. Glenn (person)

Wenders, John T. (person)

Theodore Palivos (person)

Holcombe, Randall (person)

Liu, Peter C. (person)

Hein, Scott E. (person)

Smith, Lewis H. (person)

Amir Barnea (person)

Chappell, Henry W. (person)

Shields, Michael P. (person)

Yip, Chong K. (person)

Roger Tutterow (person)

Canner, Glenn (person)

Tremblay, Carol Horton (person)

Link, Albert N. (person)

De Vany, Arthur S. (person)

Yeager, Leland B. (person)

Frank L. Sloan (person)

Miller, Edward M. (person)

Jack Strauss (person)

Jerry Hartzog (person)

Seldon, James R. (person)

Guthrie, Robert S. (person)

Michael, Michael S. (person)

Reece, William S. (person)

Paris, Quirino (person)

H. Ohta (person)

Kennedy, Thomas E. (person)

Chang, Cyril F. (person)

Ekelund, Robert B. (Robert Burton), 1940- (person)

Goldberg, Michael A. (person)

Imkoo Park (person)

Horowitz, John Berghout, 1959- (person)

Wood, G. E. (person)

Gordon, Peter, 1966- (person)

Philip Gregorowicz (person)

Naughton, Michael, 1962-.... (person)

Dickson, Vaughan (person)

Sosvilla-Rivero, Simon (person)

Morrison, Clarence C. (person)

Veendorp, Emiel C. H. (person)

Robert Tollison (person)

Hamid Baghestani (person)

Mordechai Kreinin (person)

Ye, Meng-Hua (person)

Williams, Donald R. (person)

Palivos, Theodore (person)

Gajanan, Shailendra N. (person)

Venieris, Yiannis P. (person)

Dowell, Richard S. (person)

Goodwin, Craufurd D. W. (person)

Craufurd D. W. Goodwin has served as a Professor of Economics and administrator at Duke University since 1962. He was born on May 23, 1934 in Montreal, Canada. He earned a B. A. in Economics and Political Science from McGill University in 1955 and a Ph. D. in Economics from Duke University in 1958. He joined the faculty at Duke as a Professor of Economics in 1962. From the description of Crauford D. W. Goodwin papers, 1963-1994. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 16013349...

Joyeux, Roselyne (person)

Kursat Aydogan (person)

Gunning, J. Patrick. (person)

Butkiewicz, James L. (person)

Burton A. Weisbrod (person)

Morrison, C. C. (person)

Arvind Panagariya (person)

Asher, Ephraim (person)

Meisel, John B. (person)

Junsoo Lee (person)

Lee, Chung-H. (person)

Addison, John (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 38728 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000741.0x000289 Epithet: of Preston British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000741.0x00028a Epithet: of Addison & Co music publishers British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000499.0x000177 Epithet...

James Yeoung-Jia Goo (person)

Batlin, Carl Alan (person)

Mandy, David M. (person)

Meyer, Paul A. (person)

Besen, Stanley M. (person)

Filer, John E. (person)

Ramírez, Miguel D. (person)

Boehm, Thomas P. (person)

Finn, Thomas J. (person)

Law, Peter J. (person)

Haulman, C. A. (person)

Lee, Tong Hun (person)

Johnson, William R. (William Russell), 1905- (person)

Stratton, Leslie S. (person)

Jones, Clifton T. (person)

Thirsk, Wayne R. (person)

William Lee Eubank (person)

Ratti, Ronald A. (person)

Boyes, W. J. (person)

Beron, Kurt J. (person)

Bomberger, William A. (person)

Talley, Wayne Kenneth. (person)

Gordon Karels (person)

Arnould, Richard J. (person)

Kelly, William A., Jr. (person)

Slottje, Daniel Jonathan, 1957-.... (person)

Jim Thornton (person)

Temple, Judy A. (person)

Higgins, Richard S. (person)

Richard Higgins was from Lexington, Kentucky. From the description of Richard Higgins papers, 1833-1876. (Kentucky Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 747110854 ...

Fisher, Douglas, 1919- (person)

Rose, David C. (David Charles) (person)

Roe, Terry (person)

Lee, Wayne Y. (person)

Andre de Palma (person)

Duetsch, Larry L. (person)

Davanzo, Julie (person)

Horbulyk, Theodore M. (person)

Martin Schmidt (person)

Amit, Eilon (person)

Soper, John C. (person)

Hafer, R. W. (person)

Chou, Chien-Fu (person)

Thomas, Lloyd Brewster, 1941- (person)

Chang, John. (person)

Spencer, Barbara (person)

Gopal Tribedy (person)


Barnett, A. H. (Anthony H.), 1951- (person)

Chang, Ching-huei (person)

Rea, Samuel A. (person)

Dhaliwal, Dan S. (person)

Phillip V. Bertrand (person)

Levy, Daniel (person)

Kartman, Arthur E. (person)

Stigler, George J. (George Joseph), 1911-1991 (person)

Sankar, Ulaganthan (person)

Show-Lin Chen (person)

Lin, Chung-cheng (person)

Bleaney, M. F. (person)

Crocker, Thomas D. (person)

Fackler, James S. (person)

Booth, G. Geoffrey (person)

Kwon, Jene K. (person)

Havrilesky, Thomas (person)

Laumas, Gurcharan S. (person)

McHugh, Richard J. (person)

Nelson, Randy A. (person)

David A. Denslow, Jr. (person)

Nosari, E. Joe (person)

Hogan, Timothy D. (person)

Pluta, Joseph E. (person)

Wu, Jyh-Lin (person)

Mann, Patrick C. (person)

Hill, M.Anne (person)

J. C. Walcutt, Jr. (person)

Gir S. Gupta (person)

Thornton, James (person)

Epithet: Secretary to the Bishop of Peterborough British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001344.0x0002ca ...

Agapos, A. M. (person)

Davidson, Lawrence (person)

Renas, Stephen M. (person)

Linn, Scott C. (person)

Anderson, Richard K. (person)

Swofford, James L. (person)

R. W. Hafer (person)

Fish, Mary (person)

Fesmire, James M. (person)

Zuehlke, Thomas W. (person)

Timberlake, Richard H. (person)

Link, Charles R. (person)

Dunson, Bruce H. (person)

Morgan, Celia (person)

Spencer, Byron G. (person)

Morgan, George Emir (person)

Falls, Gregory A. (person)

Kwast, Myron L. (person)

Mai, Chao-Cheng (person)

Rushing, Francis W. (person)

McCormick, Robert E., 1946- (person)

Toma, Eugenia Froedge and Mark (person)

Matthew P. McGivney (person)

Lentz, Bernard F., 1948- (person)

Hamermesh, Daniel (person)

Choudhury, Sharmila (person)

Nguyen T. Quan (person)

Hayes, Kathy (person)

Persky, Allan (person)

Jones, Ethel B. (person)

Rasmussen, David W. (person)

Possai, Kathleen W. (person)

Caves, Douglas W. (person)

Clague, Christopher K. (person)

Walter J. Mayer (person)

Joyce, Jon M. (person)

Hazari, Bharat R. (person)

Wendel, Jeanne (person)

Tae-Hwy Lee (person)

Ferguson, Brian S. (person)

Shaanan, Joseph (person)

Voss, Graham M. (person)

McHugh, Richard. (person)

Sheldon Kimmel (person)

Rakowski, James J. (person)

Das, Satya P. (person)

Arnold Hite (person)

Mott, Tracy (person)

Roger Betancourt (person)

Hu, Sheng Cheng (person)

Primont, Daniel (person)

Berger, Mark C. (person)

Mellow, Wesley (person)

Bradley, Michael D., 1938- (person)

Gohmann, Stephen F. (person)

J. Michael Woolley (person)

Stelcner, Morton (person)

Ehrenberg, Ronald G. (person)

Yip, Chong Y. (person)

Blomquist, Glenn C. (person)

Wilder, Ronald P. (person)

Yarrow, George K. (person)

Mountain, Dean C. (person)

Darity, William, Jr. (person)

Muth, Richard F. (person)

Kerr, Peter M. (person)

Bohara, Alok K. (person)

Sun G. Kim (person)

Asher, Martin (person)

Koo, Anthony Y.C., 1918-.... (person)

John A. Kelingos (person)

Chulho Jung (person)

Chen, Zhiqi (person)

Truett, Lila (person)

McKinney, John (person)

Moszer, Irene M. and Max (person)

Gillingham, Robert (person)

M. McKee (person)

Tanner, J. Ernest (person)

Green, Richard D., 1944- (person)

Lars J. Olson (person)

Gupta, G.S. (person)

Phillips, Joseph M. (person)

Danielsen, Albert (person)

Fortune, John Neill, 1940- (person)

Eide, Eric (person)

Hansen, Niles M. (person)

Sugiyama, Alexandre B. (person)

Holt, Matthew T. (person)

Krainer, Robert E. (person)

E.R. Johnson Associates (corporateBody)

Toevs, Alden (person)

Rosenbaum, David I. (person)

Ragan, James F. (person)

Fournier, Gary M. (person)

C. B. Hefford (person)

Robson, Martin T. (person)

Tresch, Richard (person)

Robert Wichers (person)

Kottke, Frank Joseph, 1913- (person)

Wasylenko, Michael (person)

Hansen, Niles M. (person)

Zhang, Junsen and Junxi (person)

Sandra P. Logan (person)

Andersen, Torben M. (person)

Scheidell, John M. (person)

Skomp, Stephen E. (person)

Baas, Hessel J. (person)

Husted, Thomas A. (person)

Miller, James C., III (person)

McCalmont, David B. (person)

Chang, Myong-Hun (person)

Borukhov, Eli (person)

Russell, William R. (person)

Elliott, J. Walter, -1895 (person)

Roemer, John E. (person)

Elizabeth Becker (person)

Agee, Mark D. (person)

Cochrane, James L. (person)

Schmalensee, Richard (person)

Hayashi, Paul M. (person)

Birnbaum, Howard (person)

Rickman, Dan S. (person)

Pfouts, R. W. (person)

Smithson, Charles W., 1946-.... (person)

Park, Timothy A. (person)

John S. Rizzo (person)

Simonetta Zarrilli (person)

Joseph Deutsch (person)

Maldonado, Rita M. (person)

Clotfelter, Charles T. (person)

Singamsetti, Rao N. (person)

Luksetich, William (person)

Benham, Harry C. (person)

James Mak (person)

Pitts, Robert (person)

Ying, John Shan-chuan (person)

Mark E. Ferris (person)

David Bjornstad (person)

Scarth, William (person)

Wichers, C. Robert (person)

Ziemer, Rod F. (person)

Catherine C. Eckel (person)

Jun-ji Shih (person)

Iljong Kim (person)

Redman, Milton (person)

Whitmore, Harland W. (person)

Darrity, William, Jr. (person)

Clague, Chrisopher K. (person)

Mayo, John W. (person)

Griepentrog, Gary L. (person)

Gillespie, Robert W. (person)

Asch, Peter (person)

White, Kenneth J. (person)

John Golden (person)

Schaafsma, Joseph (person)

Steinnes, Donald N. (person)

Gruben, William C. (person)

Rudy Fichtenbaum (person)

Andrew Stoeckel (person)

White, Alice P. (person)

Areskoug, Kaj. (person)

Robert L. Wills (person)

Goldstein, Gerald S. (person)

Ronald N. Lafferty (person)

Shun-Ying Charles Lin (person)

Sherony, Keith R. (person)

Deno, Kevin T. (person)

Subarna Samanta (person)

Field, Barry C. (person)

Hansen, Robert S. (person)

Mark Wheeler (person)

Bartel, Ann (person)

Andron, Geoffrey Teetor (person)

Betancourt, Roger R. (person)

John Rosine (person)

Humphrey, David B. (person)

S. R. Johnson (person)

Fred Harris (person)

Kemme, David M. (person)

Erekson, Owen Homer (person)

Hébert, Robert F. (person)

Reed, W. Robert (William Robert), 1956- (person)

Kamin, Jacob Y. (person)

Keenan, Donald C. (person)

Neela Manage (person)

Porter, Philip K. (person)

Graham, Glenn G. (person)

Ekelund, Robert B., Jr. (person)

Nakosteen, Robert A. (person)

Murphy, J. Austin (person)

Jackson, Mark, 1937- (person)

Moszer, Max (person)

Chiang, Raymond (person)

Robert Sandy (person)

Ornstein, Stanley I. (person)

Carr, Richard P. (person)

University of North Carolina Press. (corporateBody)

The University of North Carolina Press was incorporated as a non-stock company in 1922. Its original purpose was threefold: to publish periodicals devoted to the research and writing of University of North Carolina faculty; to publish catalogs and other documents for the university; and to promote the arts, sciences, and literature by publishing generally deserving works. Throughout its history, the Press has been espeically strong in the areas of Southern history and literature. Although suppor...

Arterburn, Alfred (person)

Hugh Rockoff (person)

Zacharias, Thomas P. (person)

Willenborg, John Francis (person)

Leamer, Edward E. (person)

Needy, Charles W. (person)

Scaperlanda, Anthony E. (person)

Macpherson, David A. (person)

Thomas Deaton (person)

Johnson, Michael S., 1946- (person)

Mayer, Wolfgang (person)

Ormiston, Michael B. (person)

Joonmo Cho (person)

Norman J. Ireland (person)

Zhen Zhu (person)

Martin Gaynor (person)

Cheng, David C. (person)

Eakin, B. Kelly (person)

Cooley, Thomas F. (person)

Beard, Thomas R. (person)

Amihud Dotan (person)

Sushka, M. E. (person)

Ahsan, Syed M. (person)

Batra, Raveendra (person)

Raviv, Artur (person)

Tolley, George S., 1925-.... (person)

Das, Sanghamitra (person)

Fujii, Edwin T. (person)

Tollison, Robert D. (person)

Glassman, James E. (person)

Tracy, Ronald L. (person)

Allen, Ralph C. (person)

Coate, Malcolm B. (person)

Fair, Ray C. (person)

Floyd C. Newton (person)

Berg, Sanford V. (person)

Hamermesh, Daniel S. (person)

Anstine, Jeffrey D. (person)

Machan, Tibor R. (person)

Edmonds, Radcliffe G. (Radcliffe Guest), 1970- (person)

Croppenstedt, Andre (person)

Robert Haveman (person)

Wolkowitz, Benjamin (person)

Fuhrer, Jeffrey C. (person)

Dobbs, Ian M. (person)

Smeeding, Timothy M. (person)

Qualls, David (person)

Worcester, Dean A., Dean Amory, 1918-1998 (person)

Nadeem Naqvi (person)

Michaels, Robert J. (person)

Vernon, Jack R. (person)

Damon, William W. (person)

Beavis, Brian (person)

Grossberg, Adam J. (person)

Nasser Vasegh-Daneshvary (person)

Don Bellante (person)

Benson, Bruce L., 1949- (person)

Clague, Christopher K. (person)

Campbell, Carl M. (person)

Farrell, John P. (John Patrick), 1939- (person)

Cushing, Matthew Jonathan (person)

Grubaugh, Stephen Gayle, 1952- (person)

Frankel, Jeffrey A. (person)

Furubotn, Eirik G (person)

Gonce, R. A. (person)

Stout, Richard A. (person)

Muhammed Q. Islam (person)

Naylor, John A. (person)

Robert Archibald (person)

Silver, J. Lew (person)

Steve Laybourne (person)

Michael McCarthy (person)

Scherer, F. M. (person)

Richardson, Martin (person)

Naqvi, Nadeem (person)

Roger L. Faith (person)

Fixler, Dennis J. (person)

Vonortas, Nicholas S., 1958-.... (person)

Keleher, Robert E. (person)

Randall S. Brown (person)

Bolch, Ben W. (person)

Guarnieri, Raymond L. (person)

Variyam, Jayachandran N. (person)

Conroy, Michael E. (person)

DeLorme, Charles D. (person)

Khalil, Elias L., 1957- (person)

Hipple, F. Steb (person)

Von Press (corporateBody)

McMillin, W. Douglas (person)

Purkayastha, Dipankar (person)

Wible, James R. (person)

Nelson, Jon P. (person)

Porter, Philip K. (person)

Russek, Frank S. (person)

Weber, Warren E. (person)

Landsberger, Michael (person)

Anderson, Gerard (person)

Minabe, Nobuo (person)

Settle, Russell F. (person)

Sirmans, Clemon Fielding (person)

Robert Sorensen (person)

Pagoulatos, Emilio (person)

Alberto di Pierro (person)

Hamlen, Susan S. (person)

Hersch, Phillip L. (person)

Black, Harold S., 1898-1983 (person)

Rao, P. Someshwar (Ponugoti Someshwar), 1947- (person)

Salkever, David S. (person)

Kiefer, Donald W. (person)

Green, David Jay (person)

Pratt, Michael D. (person)

Alexander, Donald, 1935- (person)

Lee, Chi-wen Jevons (person)

David Joulfaian (person)

Gabriel, Stuart A. (person)

Goetz, Michael (person)

Blau, David (David M.) (person)

Richard B. McKenzie (person)

Breit, William (person)

Bobbs-Merrill Company (corporateBody)

Publishing company located in Indianapolis, IN. Founded by Samuel Merrill, Sr. in 1850, initially as a bookstore that expanded into a publishing house under his son, Samuel Merrill, Jr., and subsequent partners following the Civil War. The name went through several permutations Merrill, Meigs, and Company; the Bowen-Merrill Company; and finally Bobbs-Merrill, named in part after director William Conrad Bobbs, in 1903. Bobbs-Merrill published works of many significant authors, including James Whi...

Shawky, Hany Amin, 1947- (person)

J. R. Marchand (person)

Succar, Patricia (person)

Wahlroos, Bjorn (person)

Egon Neuberger (person)

Hamilton, Bruce (person)

Vrooman, John (person)

Hunter, William C. (William Charles), 1958- (person)

Epithet: formerly of Tamworth British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001031.0x00030b ...

Sgro, Pasquale M. (person)

Vaughan, Michael B. (person)

Risa, Alf Erling 1952- (person)

Hamilton, James L (person)

Cleeton, David L. (person)

Shaffer, Sherrill (person)

Dillard, Dudley D. (person)

From the guide to the Dudley Dillard papers, 1948-1990, 1948-1990, (University of Maryland) ...

Vogel, Ronald J. (person)

Il-joong Kim (person)

Kaufman, Herbert M. (person)

David Kreutzer (person)

Bremmer, Dale (person)

Chang Min Kong (person)

Schwarz, Peter M. (person)

Wilkinson, James T. (person)

M. McElroy (person)

Johnson, George E. Q. (George Emmerson Quincy), 1874-1949 (person)

George Emmerson Quincy Johnson (b. July 11, 1874, Harcourt, Iowa-d. Sept. 19, 1949), lead prosecution attorney of Alphonse Capone income tax evasion case. From the description of Johnson, George E. Q. (George Emmerson Quincy), 1874-1949 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 10599240 ...

Donnelly, Lawrence (person)

Thomas H. Forester (person)

Vaughn, Karen I. (person)

Jean A. Gauger (person)

Edward L. Millner (person)

Kleit, Andrew N. (person)

Primont, Diane F. and Daniel (person)

Kaestner, Robert (person)

Rabin, Alan (person)

Horn, Robert N. (person)

White-Means, Shelley I. (person)

Cuthbertson, Keith (person)

Mirakhor, Abbas. (person)

Thompson, Henry, Sir, 1820-1904 (person)

English surgeon. From the description of Autograph letter signed : London, to J.E. Millais, [year not specified] July 26. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 690673469 Epithet: bookseller British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001083.0x0000a4 Epithet: Customs officer in I of St Thomas British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001344.0x0...

Gwartney, James D. (person)

Holtmann, A. G. (person)

Unversity of Florida Graduate School of Business (corporateBody)

Todd A. Knoop (person)

Mikesell, Raymond F., 1913-2006 (person)

Cothren, Richard D. (person)

Jorge Martinez-Vazquez (person)

Kamp, Brad (person)

A. G. Holtmann (person)

Thoumi, Francisco E. (person)

Choi, Jai-young (person)

Libecap, Gary D. (person)

Bamberger, William A. (person)

Clauretie, Terrence M. (person)

Canzoneri, Matthew B. (person)

Zvi Lieber (person)

Hill, Peter Jensen (person)

Derrick, Frederick W. (person)

Olsen, Reed Neil, 1955- (person)

Makin, John H. (person)

Lareau, Thomas J (person)

Kahn, James R. (person)

Viscusi, W. Kip (person)

Stephen Layson (person)

Thomas, Christopher R. (person)

Andriana Vlachou (person)

Chae W. Lee (person)

Rizzo, John A. (person)

Glasner, David (person)

MacMinn, Richard D. (person)

Wheat, Leonard F. (person)

Ellis, Michael A. (person)

Robert Van Order (person)

Ferber, Marianne A., 1923- (person)

Yabuuchi, Shigemi (person)

Shaw, Kathryn (person)

Gapinski, James H. (person)

Crew, Michael A. (person)

Dimitrius Hatzinikolaou (person)

Ordover, Janusz A. (person)

Yerger, David B. (person)

Davis, George K. (person)

George Kelso Davis was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 2, 1910. He attended Pennsylvania State University and was awarded the B.S. degree in Agricultural and Biological Chemistry in 1932. He received a Ph. D. in Animal Science from Cornell University in 1937. After four years as a faculty member at Michigan State University, Davis came to the University of Florida in 1942. He was appointed Animal Nutritionist in the Agricultural Experiment Station in Gainesville and was lar...

Netter, Jeffry M. (person)

Laney, Leroy O. (person)

Kraft, Arthur (person)

Melvin V. Borland (person)

Berg, Sanford V. (person)

Schulze, William D. (person)

Warner, John T. (person)

Buckles, Stephen (person)

Glascock, John L. (person)

Seung-Jun Kwak (person)

Maeshiro, Asatoshi (person)

Kandil, Magda (person)

Toma, Eugenia Froedge (person)

Whitehead, John C. (person)

Cutler, Preston S. (person)

Anderson, Kathryn H. (person)

Schmidt, Torsten (person)

Ragan, James F. (person)

David Clark (person)

Kaserman, David L. (person)

Byong H. Bahk (person)

Dobra, John L. (person)

Darrat, Ali F. (person)

Chen, Chau-nan (person)

Fujii, Edward T. (person)

Terza, Joseph V. (person)

Grabowski, Richard (person)

Levy, David T. (person)

Barnali Gupta (person)

Trapani, John M. (person)

Lombra, Raymond E. (person)

Mueser, Peter (person)

Warren, E. H. (Eugene H.) (person)

Whaples, Robert (person)

Thottathil, Pelis Andrew, 1926- (person)

Levy, David T. (person)

Roy F. Gilbert (person)

Anam, Mahmudul (person)

Richard Fowles (person)

Greenberg, David H. (person)

Walker, Michael C. (person)

Waller, Christopher J. (person)

Rosenbaum, David I. (Davin Ira) (person)

Morrison, Catherine J. (person)

Ranney, Christine K. (person)

Lapp, John S. (person)

Allen, Jeremiah (person)

Tavlas, George (person)

Golbe, Devra L. (person)

Miller, Richard A., 1911-1983 (person)

Epithet: of Meigle British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000474.0x000112 ...

William Byrd Press (corporateBody)

Richard McHugh (person)

Lage, Maureen J. 1963- (person)

McGuire, William J. (person)

Wang, Yan (person)

Stone, Gerald W. (person)

Edmund R. Beckler (person)

Hans-Jorg Schmidt-Trenz (person)

Mark C. Schechter (person)

Susan W. Taylor (person)

Schnitzel, Paul (person)

Mutti, John (person)

Globerman, Steven, 1945- (person)

Steven Globerman, WWU faculty member 1994-; BA Brooklyn College, MA University of California Los Angeles, PhD New York University. From the description of Steven Globerman collection, 1992-[ongoing]. (Western Washington University). WorldCat record id: 52787857 ...

Ihlanfeldt, Keith R. (person)

Baesel, Jerome B. (person)

Wisley, Thomas O. (person)

Finkelstein, John M. (person)

Willem Thorbecke (person)

Moffitt, Robert A. (person)

Greytak, David (person)

Brorsen, B. Wade (person)

Dutton, John. (person)

Epithet: of Dutton, county Cheshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000752.0x0001b0 Title: Baronet British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000752.0x0001bd Epithet: of Sherborne Title: 2nd Baronet British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000752...

Hamid Beladi (person)

Miller, Jon R. (person)

Smith, Gary, 1954-.... (person)

Loviscek, Anthony L. (person)

Richard E. Romano (person)

Froyen, Richard T. (person)

William R. Hosek (person)

Patrick Conway (person)

University of North Carolina (1793-1962) (corporateBody)

The University of North Carolina was chartered by the state's General Assembly in 1789. Its first student was admitted in 1795. The governing body of the University, from its founding until 1932, was a forty-member Board of Trustees elected by the General Assembly. The Board met twice a year; at other times the business of the University was carried on by the Board's secretary-treasurer and by the presiding professor (called president beginning in 1804). Other faculty members later assumed the r...

Agarwal, Vinod B. (person)

Mok, Henry M. K. (person)

Dennis R. Starleaf (person)

Haliassos, Michael (person)

Singell, L. D. (person)

Anderson, Richard K. (person)

Kaserman, David L. (person)

Cheung, Francis K. (person)

Stern, Robert M (person)

Zimmer, Michael A. (person)

Kushner, Joseph W. (person)

Michael I. Muoghalu (person)

Arthur S. DeVany (person)

Berkowitz, M. K. (Michael K.) (person)

Hsiao, Frank S. T. (person)

Weston, J. Fred (person)

Makinen, G. E. (person)

Block, Michael K. (person)

Zuehlke, Thomas W. (Thomas William), 1957- (person)

Keith Leffler (person)

Seaks, Terry G. (person)

David M. Garman (person)

Hoffer, George E. (person)

George E. Hoffer is a professor of economics in VCU's School of Business. He has focused his research in the last 30 years on the automobile industry. He came to VCU in 1970. He received a B.S. from the University of Richmond, an M.S. from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and a Ph.D. from the University of Virginia. Hoffer has authored or co-authored approximately 60 academic articles on the economics of the auto industry. He has also conducted research for the Federal Trade C...

Nguyen, Dung (person)

Horowitz, John Berghout, 1959- (person)

Hammermesh, Daniel S. (person)

Meyer, Robert A. (person)

Seidman, Laurence S. (person)

Larson, John C. (person)

Abeysekera, Sarath P. (person)

Joutz, Frederick L. (Frederick Ludwig) (person)

Shaw, Lois Banfill (person)

Allen, Robert F., Jr. (person)

American economic association (corporateBody)

Primary professional association for economists in the United States, organized in 1885. It publishes the AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, the JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC LITERATURE, and the JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES. From the description of American Economic Association records, 1886-2008 and undated (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 47708485 From the description of Records, 1886-2001 and n.d. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 85027478 Primary pro...

Bishop, John A. (person)

Olsen, E. Odgers, 1942- (person)

Luckett, Dudley G. (person)

Rulon Pope (person)

Gupta, Vinod K. (person)

Twomey, Michael J. (person)

Sheehan, Richard G. (person)

Lee, Woo Bong (person)

Swallow, Stephen K. (person)

Marshall, William J., 1944 April 1- (person)

Jansen, Dennis W. (person)

Roback, Jennifer (person)

Sorenson, Robert (person)

Shaffer, Greg (person)

Vegari, Sheila (person)

Akin, John S. (person)

Boyes, William J. (person)

Beck, Roger L. (person)

Wallace, Myles Stuart (person)

Palomba, Neil A. and Catherine A. (person)

Alban, Edward (person)

Zellner, B.Bruce (person)

Schnabel, Morton (person)

Fan, L. S. (person)

Kelejian, Harry (person)

Carroll, Thomas M. (person)

Gyapong, Anthony O. (person)

Ostrosky, Anthony L. (person)

Blair, Roger D. (person)

Agarwal, Rajshree (person)

Williams, Edward E. (person)

Epithet: Vice President American Optical Company British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000837.0x000397 ...

Tarr, David G. (person)

Herbert Wong (person)

Lamberton, Charles E. (person)

Ghali, Moheb (person)

Froyen, Richard T. (person)

Moomaw, Ronald L. (person)

Dar, Atul A. (person)

Register, Charles A. (person)

Mathur, Vijay K. (person)

Innes, Robert (person)

Epithet: of Innes, Commissioner for county Elgin British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001295.0x000155 Epithet: of Madeira British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001295.0x00014b Title: 1st Baronet of that ilk British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001295.0x000156 ...

Greer, Douglas F. (person)

O'Neill, Patrick B. (person)

Shughart, William F. (person)

Hartman Shughart enlisted in the Pennsylvania Associates on 15 November 1775. On 3 February 1776, Shughart enlisted in the 5th Pennsylvania Battalion. He and his unit were captured at Fort Washington, New York on 16 November 1776. By 8 December 1776, all of the enlisted men, including Shughart, had escaped or been released. On 20 February 1777, he re-enlisted in the Army with the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment for 3 years service. He was assigned to Captain Jacob Moser's Company. He received an honor...

Stano, Miron (person)

Vernon, John M. (John Mitcham), 1937- (person)

Meyer, Laurence H., 1944-.... (person)

Mark Dickie (person)

Askari, Hossein (person)

John H. Landon (person)

Sheldon, Russell (person)

Sumner, Scott (person)

Greg Pompelli (person)

Hanlon, Audrey C. (person)

Turner, John A. (person)

Bower, Richard S. (person)

Mehra, Y. P. (person)

Stuart A. Low (person)

Yi, Gregory J. L. (person)

Liles, W. Pierce (person)

Evans, William N. (person)

Kumbhakar, Subal (person)

White, Lawrence H. (Lawrence Henry) (person)

Atkinson, Scott E. (person)

Meyer, Robert A. (person)

Cassidy, Henry J. (person)

Plaut, Thomas R. (person)

Jonathan T. Uhl (person)

Johannes, James M. (person)

Cushing, Brian J. (person)

McCandless, George T. (person)

Klein, Yehuda L. (person)

Fethke, Gary C. (person)

Suranovic, Steven M. (person)

Reading, Steven L. (person)

Samed Amirkhalehali (person)

Kingston, Geoffrey H., 1950- (person)

Swint, John Michael, 1945- (person)

Rishi Kumar (person)

Zhou, Su (person)

Steven B. Fleming (person)

Tim R. Sass (person)

Bodvarsson, Örn Bodvar (person)

Adelman, M. A (person)

Marlow, Michael L. (person)

Newman, Robert J. (person)

Stockton, David J. (person)

Coulson, Edward (person)

Skaggs, Neil T. (person)

Buechner, M. Northrup (person)

Phillip A. Beutel (person)

Thomas Mitchell (person)

Johnson, Dennis A. (person)

Hartigan, James C. (person)

Atkinson, Lloyd C. (person)

J. S. Butler (person)

Ohta, Hiroshi (person)

Kang, Heejoon (person)

Gregory, Paul (person)

Mann, H. Michael (person)

Gilad Elbaz (person)

Parks, Rolla E. (person)

Wertz, Kenneth L. (person)

Miller, Ted R. (person)

Salina S. M. Woo (person)

P. Brewer (person)

Anderson, Terry L. (person)

Blair, Roger D. (person)

Neale, Walter C. (person)

Sims, William A. (person)

Smyth, David J. (person)

Collins, William H. (person)

McDougall, Gerald S. (person)

Stephen O. Morrell (person)

Hiebert, Larry Dean (person)

Atkinson, Sherry S. (person)

Hong Kwang (person)

Kathryn H. Anderson (person)

Pedro Portugal (person)

Peek, Joe (person)

Day, A. Edward (person)

Kohlhagen, Steven W. (person)

Smith, William T. (person)

Swidler, Steve (person)

Thomas Weiss (person)

Headen, Alvin E. (person)

Shea, Koon-lam (person)

Saleh Amirkhalehali (person)

Coughlin, Peter (person)

Scott, John T., 1947-.... (person)

Graeser, Paul (person)

C. A. Nicolau (person)

Chang, Myong-hun (person)

Gilligan, Thomas W. (person)

Martin, Randolph C. (person)

Sweeney, George H. (person)

T. R. Beard (person)

Ali, Mukhtar M. (person)

Makinen, Gail E. (person)

Liew, Chung J. (person)

Lyman, R. Ashley (Rufus Ashley), 1944- (person)

Fox, William F. (person)

Huang, David S. (person)

Goff, Brian L. (person)

Kahn, Lawrence M. (person)

Slottje, Daniel Jonathan, 1957-.... (person)

Leonardo Auernheimer (person)

Schmitz, Mark (person)

Joel Hay (person)

Hooks, Donald L. (person)

Babu Nahata (person)

Horiba, Y. (person)

Mashalah Rahnama-Moghadam (person)

Hassin, Refael (person)

Callan, Scott. (person)

Ladenson, Mark L. (person)

McPheters, Lee R. (person)

Zhang, Jie (person)

Geoffrey Booth (person)

Field, Martha K. (person)

Anderson, Terry L. (person)

McBride, Mark E. (person)

Crosslin, Robert L. (Robert Lee) (person)

Anderson, Keith B. (person)

Goldstein, Jonathan P. (person)

Ghali, Moheb (person)

Lane, W. J. (person)

Lane was Vehicle Project Rep. From the description of Ranger Block IV Launch Vehicle / Spacecraft Integration Document, 1963 Jun 10. (Jet Propulsion Laboratory Library and Archives). WorldCat record id: 733097304 ...

Polzin, Paul (person)

Garcia, G. G. (person)

McPheters, Lee R. (person)

King, Ian P. (person)

Menz, Fredric C (person)

Farber, Stephen (person)

Samuel H. Williamson (person)

Winkler, Donald R. (person)

Veendorp, Emiel C. H. (person)

A. H. Barnett (person)

Riezman, Raymond Glenn (person)

Harris, Frederick H. deB. (person)

Kulman, John M. (person)

Britto, Ronald (person)

John Devereaux (person)

Singell, Larry D. (person)

Nelson, Michael A., 1950- (person)

NOLLER, CARL W. (person)

Tufte, David (person)

Bruggink, Thomas H. (person)

Medoff, Marshall H. (person)

Feldman, Roger D. (person)

Lee, Dwight R. (Dwight Ryndle) (person)

Niemi, Albert W. (person)

Acs, Zoltan J. (person)

Babcock, Michael W. (person)

Henry Barker (person)

Morrison, Steven A., 1949- (person)

Denzau, Arthur (person)

Razavi, Hossein (person)

Michael Treglia (person)

Ault, Richard W. (person)

Peter Seeley (person)

Kennedy, Thomas E., 1944-.... (person)

Newman, Robert J., 1947- (person)

Miller, Stephen M., 1945- (person)

Parai, Amar K. (person)

Saba, Richard (person)

Fan, Liang-Shing (person)

Cheng, Leonard K. (person)

Cushing, Matthew J. (person)

Frantz, Roger S. (person)

Gawande, Kishore S., 1959- (person)

Gilley, Otis W. (person)

Dowling, J. M. (person)

Eric C. Rosengren (person)

Salkever, David S. (person)

Zahid, Khan Hasan, 1953- (person)

J. Howard Finch (person)

Kohn, Robert E. (person)

Southern economic association (corporateBody)

Samuelson, Paul A. (Paul Anthony), 1915-2009 (person)

Paul A. Samuelson (1915-2009) was a Nobel Prize-winning economist and professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. From the description of Paul A. Samuelson papers, 1933-2010. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 664246147 1915, May 15 Born in Gary, Indiana, son of Russian-born parents Frank Samuelson and Ella Lipton 1932 ...

James A. Rasulo (person)

Primeaux, Walter J. (person)

Katherina Y. S. Kwok (person)

Yu, Eden S. H. (person)

Wright, Brian D. (person)

Ron Wilder (person)

Winegarden, C. R. (person)

Jones, Michael (person)

Epithet: Colonel; Governor of Dublin British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000441.0x000069 Epithet: Lieutenant -General British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000441.0x00006a Epithet: Colonel; commanding the Forces in Leinster British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_10000000044...

Chen, Lein Lein (person)

Gilsdorf, Keith F. (person)

Simon, Marilyn (person)

Eli Finerman (person)

Dutkowsky, Donald H. (person)

Evan Tanner (person)

Cho, Dongchul (person)

Ahiakpor, James C. W. (person)

Taylor, Mark P. (person)

Hartwick, John M. (person)

Marc R. Reinganum (person)

Clifford Nowell (person)

Mack Ott (person)

Womer, Norman K., 1945- (person)

Miller, Joseph C. (person)

Berger, Mark C. (person)

Joel W. Sailors (person)

C. Thomas Woodward (person)

Victor K. Chow (person)

Bradley, Michael D. (person)

Clark, Don P. (person)

Munger, Michael C. (person)

Whitaker, John K. (John King) (person)

Gardner, Bruce (person)

Danielsen, Albert L. (person)

Saving, Thomas R. (person)

Oscar Bajo-Rubio (person)

Yeager, Leland B. (person)

Gregory Willis (person)

A. M. Kutan (person)

Willett, Thomas D. (person)

Stegemann, Klaus (person)

Fackler, James S. (person)

Su, Teddy T. (person)

Bartik, Timothy J. (person)

Paroush, Jacob (person)

Sweeney, George (person)

Felix R. DyReyes, Jr. (person)

Gallasch, H. F. (person)

Rao, B. Bhaskara (person)

Satyajit Ghosh (person)

Wilbratte, Barry J. (person)

Mizzi, Philip J. (person)

Briggs, Hugh Clark, 1950- (person)

Kraft, John, 1944- (person)

Steinmeier, Thomas L. (person)

Barth, James R. (person)

Beard, T. Randolph (person)

Beauvais, Edward C. (person)

Schwab, Robert M. (person)

Louis Amat (person)

Smith, Marvin M. (person)

Horowitz, Ira (person)

Herander, Mark G. (person)

Don Reading (person)

Ikeda, Sanford (person)

Nti, Kofi O. (person)

Paul, Chris (person)

Custer, William Sanders 1954- (person)

Kimenyi, Mwangi S., 1956-.... (person)

Hine, Steven Christopher (person)

Stansell, Stanley R. (person)

Anderson, Lee G. (person)

Kaufman, Herbert M. (person)

Hylan, Timothy R. (person)

Michael R. Ward (person)

Scott, Frank A. (person)

Frank Augustus Scott (1873-1949) was born in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of Robert and Sarah (Warr) Scott. He attended Cleveland Public Schools and received additional private tutoring from John H. Dynes of Western Reserve University. He began working at the age of eighteen as a stenographer for a railroad company. Through the years he moved into increasingly responsible positions and was Presidetn and Chairman of the Board at Warner and Swasey from 1920-1928. He also served on the boa...

Kobrin, Paul R. (person)

Michael Grossman (person)

Morrison, Thomas K. (person)

O'Driscoll, Gerald P (person)

American economist. From the description of Gerald P. O'Driscoll correspondence, 1974-1982, with Friedrich A. von Hayek. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 123379167 Biographical/Historical Note American economist. From the guide to the Gerald P. O'Driscoll correspondence with Friedrich A. von Hayek, 1974-1982, (Hoover Institution Archives) ...

Charles Gallagher (person)

Morris Silver (person)

Kraus Reprint Corp. (corporateBody)

Clower, Robert W. (person)

1926, Feb. 13 Born in Pullman, Washington (the day Francis Ysidro Edgeworth, the great economist, died), son of F. W. Clower (Professor of Economics at Washington State University) and Mary V. Clower 1943 Graduated from Pullman High School, 52nd out of 54 on academic honors list 1943 J...

Shapiro, David, 1946-.... (person)

Iyoha, Milton Ame. (person)

Brown, Drusilla K. (person)

Rowley, Charles Kershaw (person)

Schlottmann, Alan (person)

Gray, Jo Anna (person)

Chung, Jae W. (person)

Irwin Garfinkel (person)

Crain, Mark (person)

Hunt, Gary L. (person)

Burmeister, Edwin (person)

Professor Edwin Burmeister joined the Duke faculty as a Research Professor in 1991. He previously taught at the University of Virginia and the University of Pennsylvania. After receiving his undergraduate and M.A. degrees from Cornell, Burmeister completed his graduate studies at M.I.T., where he earned his Ph.D. in 1965. He has published numerous articles in the areas of mathematical economics and economic theory, particularly in the fields of capital theory, economic growth, and macroeconomics...

Bulkley, George (person)

Webb, Robert I. (person)

Graham, Fred C. (person)

Walker, D. A. (Donald A.) (person)

Kohli, Ulrich, 1948-.... (person)

Dalton, Thomas R. (person)

Spencer, B. (person)

Yeager, F. C. (person)

Pompe, Jeffrey (person)

Jackson, John D. (John Davies), 1834-1875 (person)

Rogers, Robert P. (person)

Dorsey, Stuart (person)

Fare, Rolf (person)

Marquis, Milton H. (person)

Leite, Sergio Pereira (person)

Petry, Glenn H. (person)

Yun-peng Pierre Chu (person)

Robison, H. David (person)

Irvine, F. Owen (person)

Roger Sherman (person)

Witt, Tom S. (person)

Stern, Gary, 1964-.... (person)

Browning, Edgar K. (person)

Basudeb Biswas (person)

Gyimah-Brempong, Kwabena (person)

Kaufman, Bruce E. (person)

Lin, Scott C. (person)

Kasper, George M. (person)

McDermott, John H. (person)

Liebhafsky, H. H. (Herbert Hugo), 1919-1993 (person)

Hexter, J. Lawrence (person)

Lyon, Kenneth S. (person)

Cosimano, Thomas F. (person)

Cardell, Nicholas Scott (person)

Mitchell, Mark L. (person)

Munger, Michael C. (person)

Joseph Prinzinger (person)

Culbertson, William Patton, 1941- (person)

Chen, Elaine T. (person)

Holtman, A. G. (person)

Eli Talmor (person)

Sexton, Robert L. (person)

Collins, Glenn S. (person)

Schwartzman, David (person)

Roberts, Blaine (person)

Richard D. Marcus (person)

Brown, Robert W. (person)

Jiong Chen (person)

Terrell, Dek (person)

Yoon, Yong J. (person)

Chander K. (person)

Calvo, Guillermo A. (person)

David Y. Hsu (person)

Song, Frank (person)

Reed, W. Robert (person)

K. Victor Chow (person)

McCrickard, Donald L. (person)

Benjamin Kwok (person)

Paula Bracy (person)

Nakao, Takeo (person)

Martin, Williams (person)

Parsons, Steve G. (person)

Cottle, Rex L. (person)

Zhang, Junxi (person)

McMillin, W. Douglas (person)

Lynne M. Pepall (person)

Spulber, Daniel F. (person)

Jansen, W. J. (person)

Bhandari, J. S., 1937-2001 (person)

Russell, Clifford S. (person)

Keil, Manfred (person)

Zahn, Frank, 1936- (person)

Thomas Kniesner (person)

Hébert, Robert F. (person)

Mullineaux, Donald J. (person)

Blackhurst, Richard (person)

Buck, Andrew J. (person)

Jin, Fuchun (person)

James H. Wyckoff (person)