Research Triangle Foundation Records, 1955-1999


Research Triangle Foundation Records, 1955-1999


The Research Triangle Foundation (RTF) is the owner and developer of Research Triangle Park, N.C., a research park housing research institutes and other businesses in Piedmont North Carolina. Records of the Research Triangle Foundation include files of predecessor organizations and other organizations related to the planning and development of the Research Triangle Park, among them the Pinelands Company, Inc.; the Research Triangle Committee, Inc.; the Triangle Service Center; and the Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission. Also included are materials relating to the Research Triangle Institute and the Triangle Universities Center for Advanced Studies, Inc. Files contain correspondence, memoranda, agendas and minutes of meetings, financial records, legal documents, maps, plats, architectural drawings, speeches, promotional materials, newspaper clippings, publications of Research Triangle Park organizations, reference materials, photographs, slides, film, and audiocassettes and tapes. These materials document the daily operations of the above organizations, including the recruitment and relocation of businesses and other organizations to the Research Triangle Park; land acquisition and land management; city and infrastructure planning; zoning; research and administrative facilities development; community outreach; fundraising; promotion of the Research Triangle Park area to various industries; publicity for press conferences and special events; and budgeting, loan repayment, and management of other financial operations. The materials also document the work of key figures in the development of the Foundation, Park, Institute, and related organizations, including Elizabeth Aycock; Archie K. Davis; Romeo Guest; George R. Herbert; George Watts Hill; Luther Hodges; Ned E. Huffman; G. Akers Moore, Jr.; James B. Shea, Jr.; George L. Simpson; and Pearson H. Stewart.

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Executive Committee (corporateBody)

Sedwick Pro. Center (corporateBody)

Triangle Universities Computation Center (corporateBody)

The Triangle Universities Computation Center was a nonprofit organization formed in 1965 by representatives of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University, and Duke University to provide information processing facilities for these universities and for other educational institutions in North Carolina. The center also provided information processing services to governmental and industrial laboratories in the Research Triangle area on a time-available basis. The...

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In 1945, four individuals who had worked on the Manhattan project-John L. Balderston, Jr., Dieter M. Gruen, W.J. McLean, and David B. Wehmeyer-formed a committee and wrote a letter to 154 public figures asking for their opinions about the possibility of the creation of a world government. Over the next year, as the various public figures responded to the letter, the responses were correlated into a report that was released in 1947. From the guide to the Balderston, John L., Jr. Colle...

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National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (corporateBody)

Metal Cookware (corporateBody)

Nello Teer Co. (corporateBody)

Whirlpool Corp. (corporateBody)

Industrial and Bacterialogical Labs, Inc. (corporateBody)

Wright Real Estate Co. (corporateBody)

Wachovia Bank and Trust Co. (corporateBody)

Ford Motor Co. (corporateBody)

Streiffer, Cometa (person)

Curtins-Wright Corp./Aerophysics Development Corp. (corporateBody)

United States Department of Agriculture: Agricultural Marketing Service (corporateBody)

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Southern Plastics Co. (corporateBody)

R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. (corporateBody)

Firmenich, Inc. (corporateBody)

Electronic Specialty Co. (corporateBody)

Utada, Katsuhiro (person)

Johnson & Johnson (corporateBody)

Durham Herald Co. (corporateBody)

Frontier Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Technifax Corporation (corporateBody)

Huestis, Charles B. (person)

North American Instruments, Inc. (corporateBody)

L. O. Chapman Co. (corporateBody)

Kelsey-Hayes Co.: Heintz Division (corporateBody)

Allied Mills, Inc. (corporateBody)

Container Laboratories, Inc. (corporateBody)

Sylvania Electric Products, Inc. (corporateBody)

Victor Adding Machine Co. (corporateBody)

Lord Development Corp. (corporateBody)

Little, William F. (William Frederick), 1929-2009 (person)

Born in Hickory, North Carolina on 11 November 1929. Education: B.S. Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Lenoir-Rhyme College (1950), M.S. Physical Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1952), Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1954). Employment: 1955-1956 Reed College, 1956-1992 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1957-1958, 1987-2002, 1990- Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina. From the description of Oral history...

Reynolds, C. W. (person)

Wilson-Sinclair Co. (corporateBody)

Joyner, William T. (person)

Peden Steele Co. (corporateBody)

Embrex, Inc. (corporateBody)

General Electric Co.: Chemical and Metallurgical Division (corporateBody)

Larrabee, C. X. (person)

Dresser Industries, inc. (corporateBody)

Macro-Engineering File (corporateBody)

Ganes Chemical Works (corporateBody)

Raleigh Blue Printers (corporateBody)

Louis Lesser Enterprises, Inc. (corporateBody)

SouthTrust Corporation (corporateBody)

Ore and Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Radsafe, Inc. (corporateBody)

Quaker Oats Co. (corporateBody)

Medco Research, Inc. (corporateBody)

National Biscuit Co. (corporateBody)

Chemstrand (corporateBody)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. (corporateBody)

John I. Thompson and Co. (corporateBody)

Joint Executive Committee (corporateBody)

J. E. Sirrine Co. (corporateBody)

Packard Bell Electronics (Firm) (corporateBody)

Lewis, Isobel Craven (person)

Montgomery-Green Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission (corporateBody)

The Research Triangle Regional Planning Commission was established by the North Carolina General Assembly for the purpose of regional planning and administration. The Triangle J Council of Governments is one of the 17 regional North Carolina Councils of Governments (Region J). Region J consists of Durham, Orange, Wake, Chatham, Johnston, Lee, and Moore counties. From the guide to the Research Triangle Region General Development Plan, 1980, circa 1965, (Special Collections Research Ce...

ACF Industries, Inc. (corporateBody)

Central Carolina Farmers Exchange (corporateBody)

Cornell-Dubilier Electric Corp. (corporateBody)

Gray, Gordon (person)

National Science Foundation (U.S.). Directorate for Research Applications (corporateBody)

A. & M. Karagheusian, Inc. (corporateBody)

Company was a woolen manufacturer located in Freehold, N.J. and Statesboro, Ga. It was also known as Freehold Carpet & Rug Mills. From the description of [Business records]. 1948-1963. (American Textile History Museum Library). WorldCat record id: 49627177 ...

C. M. Guest & Sons (corporateBody)

Allied Research Products, Inc. (corporateBody)

Smith, Greg (person)

Bethlehem Steel Co. (corporateBody)

Nuclide Analysis Associates (corporateBody)

Continental Group, Inc. (corporateBody)

National Institute of Ecology (corporateBody)

United Testing Labs: Division of United Electrodynamics (corporateBody)

Chevron chemical SA (corporateBody)

Aluminum Company of America (corporateBody)

Alcoa sponsored various television venues in the 1950's and early 1960's including, The Alcoa hour, Alcoa premiere, Aloca presents, and Alcoa theater. From the description of Collection of television scripts sponsored by Alcoa, 1959-1963. (University of California, Los Angeles). WorldCat record id: 40161076 The Aluminum Company of America was founded in Pittsburgh, Pa. in 1888 by a group of entrepreneurs, including Capt. Alfred E. Hunt, Charles Martin Hall, Arthur Vining Dav...

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Edwards Realty Co. (corporateBody)

Lauchlin M. Currie (person)

Acme-McCrary Corporation (corporateBody)

JMC (corporateBody)

Wynn, Phail (person)

Whyburn, W. M. (person)

ACIS (corporateBody)

Ready Mixed Concrete Co. (corporateBody)

Atlantic Refining Co. (corporateBody)

American Viewpoint, Inc. (corporateBody)

Graham, A. H. (person)

United States. Air Force. Office of Aerospace Research (corporateBody)

National Association of Purchasing Management (corporateBody)

Triangle Brick Co. (corporateBody)

Siegler Corp. (corporateBody)

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C. F. Braun and Co. (corporateBody)

Royal Industries (corporateBody)

Cardinal Products, Inc. (corporateBody)

Morton-Norwich Products, Inc. (corporateBody)

Nello L. Teer Co. (corporateBody)

Scott and Roberts, Inc. (corporateBody)

Tillman, Rollie (person)

Lutz, Worth (person)

Hanes Dye & Finishing Co. (corporateBody)

Affairs of the Park Committee (corporateBody)

Huyck Corp. (corporateBody)

North American Phillips Corp. (corporateBody)

Davidson Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Goodyear Aircraft Corp. (corporateBody)

Cardinal Products (corporateBody)

Copperweld Steel Co. (corporateBody)

Thomas P. Lydon & Co. (corporateBody)

McQuay Inc. (1983- ) (corporateBody)

Chicago Development Corp. (corporateBody)

Day & Zimmerman, Inc. (corporateBody)

Ciba (corporateBody)

Marquardt Aircraft Co. (corporateBody)

Time, inc. (corporateBody)

Roy E. Larsen, whose copies these dispatches were, was President of Time, Inc., 1939-1960 and Chairman of the Executive Commitee, 1960-1969. From the description of Dispatches from Time magazine correspondents: second series, 1956-1968. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 79093630 Roy E. Larsen (1899-1979) was the circulation manager of Time Magazine at its foundation in 1922 and he became the chief business manager of the company under Henry R. Luce. He w...

Moore and Johnson (corporateBody)

New Chemistry (corporateBody)

Murray, William (corporateBody)

Mosinee Paper Mills Co. (corporateBody)

Collins & Aikman (corporateBody)

National Environmental Health Statistics Center (corporateBody)

Taylor, Margaret C. Zacha (person)

Dozier, John (person)

Dozier was Assistant to the Vice President for Public Relations, Secretary of the University, and Business Manager during the period 1949-1966. From the description of Memoir, 1986. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 228656264 ...

Applied Science Laboratory, Inc. (corporateBody)

Lawyers Title Insurance (corporateBody)

Captain Rod Sullivan, Inc. (corporateBody)

Price, Ralph (person)

Epithet: Rebel prisoner at Carlisle British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000614.0x0003df ...

Scientific Advisory Committee (corporateBody)

Diamond Shamrock Corp. (corporateBody)

American Bakeries Company. (corporateBody)

American Bakeries Company had its beginnings when Mike Molan and Tom O'Connor, salesmen for a baking company in Minneapolis, struck out on their own and opened a small bakery in Minneapolis in 1902 and called it the Chicago Bakery. In 1906 they purchased the Schwab Bakery, also in Minneapolis, for the purpose of making pastry. In 1908 they opened a new bakery building in North Minneapolis. In 1912 they built a bakery on University Avenue in St. Paul, which operated as the Haynes Bre...

North Carolina Association of Nurserymen (corporateBody)

Vail, Charles (person)

United States. Department of Commerce (corporateBody)

Universal Match Corp. (corporateBody)

J. J. Harrington and Co. (corporateBody)

Nopco Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

North Carolina Museum of Art. (corporateBody)

Simpson, George L. (person)

Lockwood Greene Engineers, Inc. (corporateBody)

ASEA Electric (corporateBody)

Industrial Research Conference (corporateBody)

Armstrong Cork Co. (corporateBody)

Jeffreys Engineering & Equipment Co. (corporateBody)

F. S. Royster Guano Co. (corporateBody)

Karlheinz Radermacher (person)

Daniel Construction Co. (corporateBody)

Technitrol Engineering Co. (corporateBody)

Armour & Co. (corporateBody)

Mead Technology (corporateBody)

Employment Security Commission of North Carolina (corporateBody)

First National Bank of Raleigh (corporateBody)

Sperry Corp.: Ford Instrument Corp. (corporateBody)

Upchurch, Avery (person)

Rotary (corporateBody)

Rohm and Haas Co. (corporateBody)

Capital Broadcasting Corp. (corporateBody)

Armstrong, Robert T. (person)

Starlight Project (corporateBody)

Raytheon Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Carolina Poultry Farms, Inc. (corporateBody)

Budd Co. (corporateBody)

American Meter Co. (corporateBody)

Friday, William C. (William Clyde) (person)

William Clyde Friday was born in 1920 in Raphine, Va., and grew up in Dallas, Gaston County, N.C. He graduated from the Law School of the University of North Carolina in 1948, after which he served as assistant dean of students and was named assistant to University President Gordon Gray in 1951. Friday was appointed secretary of the University in 1955, named acting president of the Consolidated University of North Carolina (North Carolina State College (Raleigh), the University of North Carolina...

R. W. Greef and Co. (corporateBody)

Warner Co. (corporateBody)

Chirurg & Cairns, Inc. (corporateBody)

Bell-Northern Research (corporateBody)

E. I. DuPont de Nemours Co. (corporateBody)

Kreps, Juanita (person)

AEG (corporateBody)

Seaboard Air Line Railroad Co. (corporateBody)

Wilbur B. Driver Co. (corporateBody)

Triangle Housing Investment Fund (corporateBody)

Charlotte Chamber of Commerce (corporateBody)

Brooks, McLendon, Brim, and Holderness (corporateBody)

Evans, E. Hervey (person)

Switzerland (corporateBody)

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Ives Laboratories (corporateBody)

Technical Operations (corporateBody)

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Bethlehem Corp. (corporateBody)

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Epithet: of Add MS 34808 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000219.0x00028a Epithet: surveyor British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000352.0x00029d Epithet: of Alder. . . British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000700.0x000182 Epithet: of London B...

Alfred Williams & Co. (corporateBody)

Systems Planning Associates, Inc. (corporateBody)

Gray, Bowman (person)

Avon Products, Inc. (corporateBody)

Avon Products, Inc., is one of the oldest direct selling companies in America. It traces its origins to 1886, when David H. McConnell (1856-1937) bought the Union Publishing Company of New York City and started manufacturing perfumes to give away with his books. McConnell discovered that his customers were more interested in the fragrances than the books, and he decided to concentrate on selling perfumes. The business was renamed the California Perfume Company (CPC) in an effort to ...

Universal Foods Corp. (corporateBody)

Kessler Chemical Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

General Dynamics Corp.: Stromberg-Carlson Division (corporateBody)

George Geoghegan (person)

United States Testing Co. (corporateBody)

McDevitt and Street Co. (corporateBody)

North Carolina Trade Association (corporateBody)

Hitemp Wires, Inc. (corporateBody)

Data General (corporateBody)

United Air Lines (corporateBody)

A. & P. Tea Company (corporateBody)

Detectron Corp. (corporateBody)

Associated Insurers, Inc. (corporateBody)

Angus Barn (corporateBody)

National Science Development Board (corporateBody)

General Learning Corporation (corporateBody)

Joseph Schlitz Brewing Co. (corporateBody)

Swift & Co. (corporateBody)

Zurn Industries (corporateBody)

Roche Biomedical (corporateBody)

Addressograph-Multigraph Corp. (corporateBody)

A. E. Finley and Associates, Inc. (corporateBody)

Cerro Corp. (corporateBody)

Sun Microsystems. (corporateBody)

Wilson Laboratories (corporateBody)

United States. Public Health Service (corporateBody)

In April 1955 the Department of HEW licensed 6 companies to distribute a newly-developed polio vaccine developed by Jonas Salk of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. The vaccine's effectiveness had been endorsed by NIH and the Surgeon General. Shortly after the vaccine was distributed, however, Cutter laboratory's allotment was found to be tainted and a cause of 72 new cases of polio. Responding to the crisis, the U.S. Public Health Service directed CDC epidemiologist Alexander Lang...

Pabst Brewing Co. (corporateBody)

Edwards and Broughton Co. (corporateBody)

McClamroch, Sandy, Jr. (person)

Peaslee Galbert Paint and Varnish Co. (corporateBody)

American Machine & Foundry Co. (corporateBody)

Ford foundation (corporateBody)

Philanthropic organization established in 1936 by Henry and Edsel Ford from profits of the Ford Motor Company. From the description of Grant files, [ca. 1936-1986]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155532303 ...

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. (corporateBody)

Montgomery Ward (corporateBody)

Montgomery Ward, the world's first general merchandise mail-order business, issued its first single sheet catalog in 1872. By 1887, the Chicago based company had annual sales exceeding $1,000,000 and in 1889 it became a privately held corporation. In 1893, founder Aaron Montgomery Ward sold his controlling interest to partner George R. Thorne, and the company became a public corporation in 1919. In 1931, Sewell L. Avery became chairman and chief executive officer. His te...

Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.: Brown Instrument Division (corporateBody)

United States Army Corps of Engineers: Engineer Research and Development Labs (corporateBody)

Xerox (corporateBody)

Colonial Stores Foundation (corporateBody)

Republic Industries, Inc. (corporateBody)

Greenbrier Realty Co. (corporateBody)

Wall Street Journal (corporateBody)

United States. Weather Bureau (corporateBody)

From 1947 until 1970, the official observations of weather in Boulder were made under the direction of the Boulder fire chief, at the central fire station. The Boulder Fire Department also maintained a weather station at the South Side Fire Station starting in July 1958. Prior to 1947, observations were made from the homes of volunteering citizens of Boulder. (Cf. station history in BHS 351 b1 f6.). From the description of Voluntary oberserver's meteorological record, Boulder, Colo. ...

Mobil Oil Co. (corporateBody)

ITEMCO (corporateBody)

American Water Softener Co. (corporateBody)

Weyerhaeuser Co. (corporateBody)

Manufacturing Data Systems, Inc. (corporateBody)

Greenburg Construction Co. (corporateBody)

First-Citizens Bank and Trust Co. (corporateBody)

Sperry Corp.: Wright Machinery Co. (corporateBody)

Security Savings and Loan Association (corporateBody)

Dillon Supply Co. (corporateBody)

Baldwin's (corporateBody)

New York Department of Labor (corporateBody)

General Telephone Co. (corporateBody)

Survey Research (corporateBody)

Thiokol Chemical (corporateBody)

Beaunit Corp. (corporateBody)

Foster Wheeler Corp. (corporateBody)

Exploris (corporateBody)

Home Savings and Loan Association (corporateBody)

Lowe's Raleigh Hardware, Inc. (corporateBody)

Alamo Industries, Inc. (corporateBody)

Electro/Systems, Inc. (corporateBody)

Phoenix Precision Instrument Co. (corporateBody)

Shuford Mills (corporateBody)

Joslyn Manufacturing and Supply Co. (corporateBody)

Southeastern Factors Corp. (corporateBody)

International Latex (corporateBody)

Horn, Carl, Jr. (person)

National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health: Noise Abatement (corporateBody)

Johnson Motor Co. (corporateBody)

Macks 5, 10 and 25c Stores, Inc. (corporateBody)

Stuart, W. P., Jr. (person)

R. R. Donnelly Printing Co. (corporateBody)

IVC (corporateBody)

J. B. Harris, CPA (corporateBody)

Kirk, J. Edgar (person)

Switchgear and Control Division: General Electric Co. (corporateBody)

Southland Association (corporateBody)

Chrysler Corp. (corporateBody)

Caldwell, John, -1998 (person)

Epithet: musicologist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001026.0x0000a6 John Caldwell (1941-1993) was a curator and art critic in New York, NY, Pittsburg, PA, and San Francisco, CA. He was born on November 16, 1941 in Nashville, Tennessee. He received a bachelor's degree in modern French history from Harvard University in 1963 and his master's degree in art history from Hunter College, New York, NY, ...

Fletcher, Floyd (person)

Arco Co. (corporateBody)

Arner Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Chris-Craft Industries (corporateBody)

Chris-Craft Industries, founded by Christopher Columbus Smith, was a leader in producing powered pleasure boats. From the description of Records : of Chris-Craft Industries, 1922-1980. (The Mariners' Museum Library). WorldCat record id: 30470639 ...

Portland Cement Association (corporateBody)

Sanders Motor Co. (corporateBody)

L. T. Zoby and Sons (corporateBody)

Juno Tool and Plastic (corporateBody)

Westinghouse Electric Corp. (corporateBody)

Gaylord Container Corp. (corporateBody)

Heide & Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Devoe & Raynolds Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Silver Knit Hosiery Mills (corporateBody)

B. C. Remedy Co. (corporateBody)

Hess & Clark (corporateBody)

Witt, Peter (person)

click here to view the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History entry for Peter Witt Peter Witt (1869-1948) was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 24, 1869 to Christopher Witt and Anna Probeck Witt. He received only five years of formal schooling. He began working as a printer's devil in 1882, and then he entered the metal trades as a moulder, became involved in union activities, and after a strike, was blacklisted in his trade. He soon became interested in politics ...

Romeo Guest (person)

Bryan-Cooper Oil Co. (corporateBody)

Datalogic Optics (corporateBody)

Allied Chemical Corp.: Semet-Solvay Division (corporateBody)

United States Gypsum Co. (corporateBody)

Griffin Wheel Co. (corporateBody)

Durham Furniture Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Hunter Associates Laboratories (corporateBody)

Kenan, Frank (person)

Cutter Laboratories (corporateBody)

Cutter Laboratories was a pharmaceutical company located in Berkeley, California. From the description of Cutter Laboratories records, circa 1900s-2000s. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 745471509 ...

State Capital Life Insurance Co. (corporateBody)

Rubin, Louis (person)

Arlinco Research Laboratory, Inc. (corporateBody)

Hudson-Belk Co. (corporateBody)

Shearon Harris (corporateBody)

Bank of Chapel Hill, N.C. (corporateBody)

Continental Oil Co. (corporateBody)

Beloit-Kleinewefers Textile Machinery Corp. (corporateBody)

Richardson Foundation (corporateBody)

Olin Mathieson Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Motor Bearings & Parts Company of Raleigh, Inc. (corporateBody)

Continental Can Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Celanese Corporation of America (corporateBody)

Midland Cooperatives, Inc. (corporateBody)

Pacific Gas & Electric (Musical group) (corporateBody)

Moran, Stahl, & Boyer, Inc. (corporateBody)

Lee Brick & Tile Co. (corporateBody)

Scientific Data Systems (corporateBody)

Seventh City Corp. (corporateBody)

Debevoise, Plimpton & McLean (corporateBody)

Wrenn-Wilson Construction Company (corporateBody)

Indian Head Mills (corporateBody)

Poyner and Spruill (corporateBody)

Environmental Health Research, Inc. (corporateBody)

Dow Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Wyatt-Quarles Seed Co. (corporateBody)

Reade Fuller, Newsome & Graham (corporateBody)

Borden, Inc. (corporateBody)

Robertson, Wyndham, 1803-1888 (person)

Wyndham Robertson (1803-1888), the 20th governor of Virginia actively corresponded with southern generals during the civil war. Additionally, he traced his family heritage to Pocahontas and authored historical texts. From the guide to the Robertson, Wyndham. Papers, 1768-1925, (Special Collections Research Center, University of Chicago Library 1100 East 57th Street Chicago, Illinois 60637 U.S.A.) Wyndham Robertson was the 20th governor of Virginia. From the descr...

North Carolina National Bank of Chapel Hill (corporateBody)

Heinrich Gieder (person)

North Carolina Biotechnology Center (corporateBody)

North Carolina. Department of Water Resources (corporateBody)

North Carolina. Department of Motor Vehicles (corporateBody)

American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists (corporateBody)

The AATCC was founded in 1921 by Dr. Louis Olney. It is a not-for-profit professional association dealing with textile design, processing and testing. From the description of Records of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, 1908-1946 (Chemical Heritage Foundation). WorldCat record id: 418076263 ...

Phillips Petroleum Co. (corporateBody)

Barr-Mullin, Inc. (corporateBody)

Texas Gulf Sulphur (corporateBody)

Georgia-Pacific Corp. (corporateBody)

Clorox Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Marvin R. Thompson Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

American Hospital Supply Corp. (corporateBody)

CRS Sirrine (corporateBody)

Fieldcrest Mills Inc. (corporateBody)

Fieldcrest Mills was a Marshall Fields Company that produced an assortment of textiles including blankets, bedspreads, towels, bed sheets, bath accessories, bath rugs, rugs and furniture coverings; their warehouses were located in Draper, Leaksville and Spray, North Carolina. These three towns combined in 1967 to become Eden, North Carolina. The company changed in 1986 when Fieldcrest Mills merged with Cannon Mills of Kannapolis, North Carolina, becoming Fieldcrest Cannon, Inc. Then in 1997 the ...

Erwin Mills, Inc. (corporateBody)

Adams Engineering Co. (corporateBody)

Warrenton, N.C., Citizens (corporateBody)

Rowland, Sherwood (person)

Board of Design (corporateBody)

Barnes Engineering Co. (corporateBody)

McGraw Hill Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

Hynes Chemical Research Corp. (corporateBody)

Lutz, Worth A. (person)

Scott, Robert William, 1936-.... (person)

Shea, James B., Jr. (person)

Allied Chemical Corp.: National Aniline Division (corporateBody)

Southern Parts and Electric, Inc. (corporateBody)

Derby Foods, Inc. (corporateBody)

Home Security Life Insurance Co. (corporateBody)

Roses 5-10-25c Stores, Inc. (corporateBody)

Monogram Industries (corporateBody)

Triangle Service Center, Inc. (corporateBody)

Rankin, R. Grady (person)

Newton Instrument Co. (corporateBody)

Robert E. Leak (person)

Svenska handelsbanken (corporateBody)

Wysong & Miles Co. (corporateBody)

Armstrong, Robert (person)

Epithet: Reverend British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000498.0x0002c3 Epithet: MD, of Exeter British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000295.0x00025a ...

Frank M. Sayford Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Richardson-Merrell, Inc. (corporateBody)

MGM Studios (corporateBody)

Scott, Bob, 1928 September 19- (person)

Pearson H. Stewart (person)

Scm (corporateBody)

McCrary-Acme Foundation, Inc. (corporateBody)

Southern Interstate Nuclear Board (corporateBody)

National Canners Association (corporateBody)

Research Triangle Development Council: Development Committee (corporateBody)

Exxon Ltd (corporateBody)

Board of Trustees (corporateBody)

Control Data Corp. (corporateBody)

North Carolina. Department of Revenue (corporateBody)

ICI America, Inc. (corporateBody)

Weyerhaeuser Properties (corporateBody)

Hartman-Leddon Co. (corporateBody)

Kane, George W. (person)

Tide Water Associated Oil Co. (corporateBody)

Crum and Forster (corporateBody)

Carrboro Mills (corporateBody)

Koppers Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Hoover, Maurice (person)

Carolina Power & Light (corporateBody)

Riegal Paper Corp. (corporateBody)

York Industrial Center, Inc. (corporateBody)

White and Case (corporateBody)

Educational testing service (corporateBody)

Founded in 1947, Educational Testing Service (ETS) develops, administers and scores millions of educational tests. In addition, ETS conducts educational research, analysis and policy studies, and provides services for students, parents and institutions. Located outside Princeton, New Jersey, ETS is the world's largest private educational testing and assessment nonprofit organization. Created in 1947 by three nonprofit educational institutions and testing services, the American Council on Educati...

Association of American railroads (corporateBody)

The Association of American Railroads formed in 1934 primarily to represent the freight railroad industry. The East Broad Top Railroad and Coal Company was a short-line narrow gauge railroad, chartered in 1856 and built in 1872-1874 to service the coal fields of the remote Broad Top Mountain area of south-central Pennsylvania and to haul that product to the Pennsylvania Railroad at Mount Union or to on-line iron furnaces. The East Broad Top ceased operations in 1956 but ...

Intercontinental Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Simpson, George L. (person)

Wigton-Abbott Corp. (corporateBody)

Korf Industrie und Handel GmbH and Co., KG (corporateBody)

Public Service Gas Company (N.J.) (corporateBody)

CIBA Limited, Basle (corporateBody)

Superior Stone Co. (corporateBody)

Washington Mills (corporateBody)

ECOS Management Criteria, Inc. (corporateBody)

Polytechniques, Inc. (corporateBody)

Currie, Lauchlin M. (person)

Sunbeam Corp. (corporateBody)

American Forest Products Co. (corporateBody)

Cox, Gertrude (person)

AeroGeoAstro Corp. (corporateBody)

All Star Dairies (corporateBody)

North American Aviation, Inc.: Columbus, Ohio (corporateBody)

First Union National Bank of North Carolina (corporateBody)

Poplar Apartments, Inc. (corporateBody)

Monarch Elevator & Machine Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

ERDA-SERI (corporateBody)

Monsanto Company (corporateBody)

Monsanto Chemical Works of Saint Louis (Missouri) was founded in 1901 by John Queeny and named for his wife, Olga Monsanto. The company's first commercially successful product was saccharin followed shortly thereafter by refined caffeine, vanillin, and aspirin. Within thirty years, largely under the influence of Queeny's son Edgar, Monsanto Chemical Works expanded its business and product portfolio to include a number of manufacturing facilities in both the United States and abroad. In 1933, the...

General Paint Corp. (corporateBody)

Barthel, C. E., Jr. (person)

Willard Realty Co. (corporateBody)

Libby, McNeill and Libby (corporateBody)

Elco Corp. (corporateBody)

Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Co. (corporateBody)

Capital Cities Broadcasting Corp. (corporateBody)

Call, Joseph H. (person)

Remington Rand, inc (corporateBody)

Conap, Inc. (corporateBody)

General Dynamics Corp.: Convair Division (corporateBody)

Schenley Laboratories, Inc. (corporateBody)

C. F. Saver Co. (corporateBody)

Carolina Builders Corp. (corporateBody)

Magnavox Co. (corporateBody)

Rausch, Jordan (person)

Mead Technology Laboratories (corporateBody)

Clean Room Products, Inc. (corporateBody)

Triangle Service Center (corporateBody)

Tenneco Chemicals (corporateBody)

North Carolina Wood Products Laboratory (corporateBody)

American Research and Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Microelectronics and Computer Technology Center (corporateBody)

Vanore, A. A. (person)

Astro-Science Corp. (corporateBody)

Durham Ready Mixed Concrete Co. (corporateBody)

International Multifoods Corp. (corporateBody)

Gerber Products Co. (corporateBody)

Lederle Laboratories (corporateBody)

Timken Roller Bearing Co. (corporateBody)

American Marietta Company Booty Resineers (corporateBody)

Luther Hodges (person)

Myers, Charles F. (person)

ANSER (Project) (corporateBody)

Moloney Electric Co. (corporateBody)

Erwin Oil Co. (corporateBody)

Durham Committee of 100. (corporateBody)

AM Corporation (corporateBody)

Butler Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Washburn Printing Co. (corporateBody)

National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States (corporateBody)

International Research & Marketing, Inc. (corporateBody)

Triangle International Trade Association (corporateBody)

Riley, Bill (person)

Standard Supply Co. (corporateBody)

Geigy Pharmaceuticals (corporateBody)

Grey, Gordon (person)

Underwood Corp. (corporateBody)

Norris Industries (corporateBody)

First Securities Corp. (corporateBody)

Hanes Hosiery Mills Foundation (corporateBody)

West-Ward Pharmaceuticals (corporateBody)

Schering Corp. (corporateBody)

B. F. Goodrich Co. (corporateBody)

Petroleum Chemicals, Inc. (corporateBody)

Sutton, Louis V. (person)

Sun Oil Co. (corporateBody)

A. E. Staley Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Gulf General Atomic (corporateBody)

Star-Kist Foods, Inc. (corporateBody)

Eagles, Joseph C. (person)

Raleigh Office Supply Co. (corporateBody)

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (corporateBody)

Occidental Life Insurance Company of North Carolina (corporateBody)

Welsbach Corp. (corporateBody)

Service Insurance & Realty Co. (corporateBody)

Dart Industries (corporateBody)

Board of Directors (corporateBody)

Kimberley-Stevens Co. (corporateBody)

Burroughs Wellcome (corporateBody)

General American Transportation Co. (corporateBody)

Allied Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Rockland Industries (corporateBody)

Designers for Industry Inc. (corporateBody)

Lytle Corp. (corporateBody)

International Telephone and Telegraph Corp.: Kellogg Switchboard Division (corporateBody)

Scott Family (family)

Durham Chamber of Commerce (corporateBody)

Durham (Durham Co.), N.C. organization. From the description of Papers, [ca. 1900-ca.1960]. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 36735199 ...

Kopper Metal Products Division (corporateBody)

Pellon Corp. (corporateBody)

Martin Cummings (person)

CompuChem (corporateBody)

Regional Development Co. (corporateBody)

Chemical Industry Institute of Toxicology (corporateBody)

Synertech (corporateBody)

Parke, Davis & Co. (corporateBody)

Cochrane Corp. (corporateBody)

Howment Corp. (corporateBody)

Institute of New Business (corporateBody)

Radiation, Inc. (corporateBody)

Mead Johnson & Co. (corporateBody)

Custom Creations, Inc. (corporateBody)

Smith-Douglass Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Edward Weck & Company, Inc. (corporateBody)

Aycock, Elizabeth (person)

Dillon, C. A. (person)

Cargill, Inc. (corporateBody)

Orville Campbell (person)

International Minerals & Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Union Bank and Trust Co. (corporateBody)

Tektronix, Inc. (corporateBody)

H. K. Ferguson Co. (corporateBody)

Mike Pandrich (person)

Oscar Mayer & Co. (corporateBody)

Brown and Bigelow (corporateBody)

York, J. W. (person)

Semiconductor Research Corporation (corporateBody)

Beatrice Foods Co. (corporateBody)

Wakefield Nursery and Landscaping (corporateBody)

North Carolina Technological Development Authority (corporateBody)

MD Publications (corporateBody)

James R. Kearney Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Stephens and Associates, Inc. (corporateBody)

Durham Realty & Insurance Co. (corporateBody)

Skeist and Schwarz Laboratories (corporateBody)

Alford Studios (corporateBody)

Esso Research and Engineering Co. (corporateBody)

American Tobacco Co. (corporateBody)

Inland Container Corp. (corporateBody)

Thatcher Glass Co. (corporateBody)

Worthington Corp. (corporateBody)

North Carolina Educational Computing Service (corporateBody)

Food and Drug Research Laboratories (corporateBody)

Cook Electric Co. (corporateBody)

Johns-Manville Corp. (corporateBody)

Howerton-Bryan Funeral Home (corporateBody)

Silverman Corp. (corporateBody)

Baker, Lenox D. (person)

Professor of orthopedics and orthopedic surgery; chief of the Division of Orthopedics in the Department of Surgery at Duke University (1937 to 1967). From the description of Lenox D. Baker papers, 1930-1976. (Duke University). WorldCat record id: 65432064 ...

Phytotron (corporateBody)

Fairbanks, Morse & Co. (corporateBody)

Health Sciences Consortium (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Minneapolis-Honeywell Regulator Co.: Datamatic Division (corporateBody)

Alster and Associates (corporateBody)

Purks, Harris (person)

Office of the Chief of Engineers (corporateBody)

North Carolina Phosphate Rock Deposits (corporateBody)

Squibb (corporateBody)

Rubbermaid, Inc. (corporateBody)

First Citizens Bank (corporateBody)

United States Steel Corp. (corporateBody)

Proctor & Schwartz, Inc. (corporateBody)

Leeming & Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Southern Clays, Inc. (corporateBody)

Houck and Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Stevenson, William D. (person)

Felton, Sibley & Co. (corporateBody)

Amcel Propulsion (corporateBody)

Chemstrand Research (corporateBody)

Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. (corporateBody)

Reeves Instrument Corp. (corporateBody)

Nygard, Margaret (person)

Boney and Newcomb Associates (corporateBody)

National Aluminate Corp. (corporateBody)

Robbins, Karl (person)

Consolidated Natural Gas Systems (corporateBody)

U.S. Department of Agriculture (corporateBody)

Dole Valve Co. (corporateBody)

Arista Mills (corporateBody)

Industrial Nucleonics Corp. (corporateBody)

Covington, R. Lee (person)

F. Carter Williams, Architects. (corporateBody)

H. M. Gousha Co. (corporateBody)

Hillyer Associates (corporateBody)

Duke University. Medical Center (corporateBody)

Residential psychiatric hospital located in Asheville, N.C. and partly operated by Duke University from 1944 through 1980. From the description of Highland Hospital papers, 1934-1980. (Duke University). WorldCat record id: 60812123 Duke Health Sector Conferences (formerly known as The Private Sector Conferences) are a series of healthcare-related conferences hosted by Duke University Medical Center and Health System. From the description of Duke Health Sector Con...

ALCON Laboratories (corporateBody)

Little, William F. (William Frederick), 1929-2009 (person)

Born in Hickory, North Carolina on 11 November 1929. Education: B.S. Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Lenoir-Rhyme College (1950), M.S. Physical Chemistry, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1952), Ph.D. Organic Chemistry, Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1954). Employment: 1955-1956 Reed College, 1956-1992 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1957-1958, 1987-2002, 1990- Research Triangle Foundation of North Carolina. From the description of Oral history...

Parker, Sharron (person)

Sperry Corp. (corporateBody)

Coe, Fred A. (person)

Tropical Paint Co. (corporateBody)

White, Locke (person)

Ideal Cement Co. (corporateBody)

Hobson, Jesse (person)

Brame Specialty Co. (corporateBody)

Booz, Allen & Hamilton (corporateBody)

Stephens, Louis C., Jr. (person)

Kennecott Copper Corp (corporateBody)

Karl Robbins (person)

United Technology Corporation (corporateBody)

Standard Oil Company of California (corporateBody)

On March 27, 1964, at approximately 5:36 p.m. Alaska Standard Time, the "Good Friday" Earthquake (also known as the Great Alaska Earthquake) shook all of Southcentral Alaska. The quake's epicenter was 80 miles east of Anchorage in Prince William Sound. The quake's magnitude was originally recorded between 8.4 and 8.6 on the Richter scale, but later upgraded to 9.2. The earthquake was the most powerful earthquake ever recorded in North America. It was the second largest earthquake ever recorded, ...

United Telespectrum (corporateBody)

Burroughs Wellcome: Animal Research Division (corporateBody)

Heath Co. (corporateBody)

J. M. Thompson Co. (corporateBody)

Impel Marketing (corporateBody)

Security Life & Trust Co. (corporateBody)

Rizzo, Paul (person)

Systems Development, Inc. (corporateBody)

Ethyl Corp. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Corning Corp. (corporateBody)

Oximetrix, Inc. (corporateBody)

Restaurants (corporateBody)

INMOS (corporateBody)

Union Tank Car Co. (corporateBody)

Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Co. (corporateBody)

Beecham Group (corporateBody)

Templetons Limited (corporateBody)

Alster and Associates, Inc. (corporateBody)

McGuire, Carl. (person)

United States Department of Agriculture: Forestry Sciences Lab (corporateBody)

Morton Salt Co. (corporateBody)

Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. (corporateBody)

Buckbee Mears Co. (corporateBody)

American Viscose Corp. (corporateBody)

Urban Land Institute. (corporateBody)

Turbodyne Corp. (corporateBody)

Asteroid Corp. (corporateBody)

Schaller, Richard (person)

Airtronic Research, Inc. (corporateBody)

Organon, Inc. (corporateBody)

Rigsbee (family)

Christian Printing (corporateBody)

Aerotron, Inc. (corporateBody)

Philco Corp. (corporateBody)

Smith Kline & French (corporateBody)

National Air Pollution Control Association (corporateBody)

BARMAG (corporateBody)

Litton Industries (corporateBody)

American Telephone and Telegraph Co. (corporateBody)

Papierfabrik Heinrich Herman (corporateBody)

Alster & Associates (corporateBody)

Tandy (corporateBody)

Smith, Sherwood H., 1934- (person)

Jordan, B. Everett (Benjamin Everett) (person)

Textile manufacturer, politician, and United States Senator from North Caroina (1958-1972). From the description of Benjamin Everett Jordan papers, 1936-1974 and undated, (bulk 1958-1972). (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 25149903 1896, Sept. 8 Born, Ramseur, Randolph County, N. C., son of the Rev. Henry Harrison and Annie Elizabeth Sellers Jordan ...

Redding, Thomas Henry (person)

Triangle Amateur Radio Club (corporateBody)

Motor Equipment Manufacturers Association (corporateBody)

Society of Manufacturing Engineers (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Dean Witter & Co. (corporateBody)

Kobe (corporateBody)

Elgin National Watch Co. (corporateBody)

Nature of Man Laboratory (corporateBody)

Science Research Associates. (corporateBody)

North Carolina Motor Carriers Association (corporateBody)

General Electric Co.: Information Systems (corporateBody)

White, Calvin Coolidge (person)

International Nickel Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Pure Food Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Long Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Phillips Laboratories (corporateBody)

Style Craft Interiors, Inc. (corporateBody)

Boylan Pearce Co. (corporateBody)

Mifflin Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Henrickson, Gerhard C. (person)

Anderson, Clayton & Co. (corporateBody)

Price, Ralph C. (person)

American Thread Co. (corporateBody)

Applications Research Center (corporateBody)

Klumph, Ned L. (person)

Duke Power (corporateBody)

Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corp. (corporateBody)

Cameron-Miller Surgical Instruments Co. (corporateBody)

Hooker Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Raleigh-Durham International Airport (N.C.) (corporateBody)

Consolidated Ventures Corp. (corporateBody)

Engineering and Research Corporation (corporateBody)

Cresap, McCormick, and Paget (corporateBody)

In an effort to control operating costs in the 1970's, Northwestern University's administration hired Cresap, McCormick and Paget Inc., the management consultant firm, for the purpose of identifying ways to reduce the amount of secretarial, clerical and associated costs to a level that the University could budgetarily support while maintaining proper service and competitive salaries. A task force was formed consisting of members of the consultant's staff and University personnel, representing se...

A. M. Pullen & Co. (corporateBody)

National Laundry Institute (corporateBody)

Reeves Brothers, Inc. (corporateBody)

Search Committee (corporateBody)

United States Department of the Army: Research and Development Division (corporateBody)

Saunders, William P. (person)

Wood, Peter (person)

Epithet: of Kingston-on-Thames British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000439.0x000134 ...

Adams-Bilt Homes, Inc. (corporateBody)

Internal Revenue Service (corporateBody)

Aveeno Corp. (corporateBody)

SEMATECH (Organization) (corporateBody)

Founded 1987. Corporate interests: consulting and engineering services; semiconductor manufacturing. From the description of Archives. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 83088392 SEMATECH declared June 1, 1990, "Bob Noyce Day." The celebration was inspired by a comment that an equipment supplier had made to the San Jose Mercury News. Americans need to "change their idols, " he said. He nominated Bob Noyce "for the pedestal." SEMATECH made up T-shirts printed with the quote, Noyc...

Guaranty Bank and Trust Co. (corporateBody)

Fiber Industries (corporateBody)

Nestle Co. (corporateBody)

Research Triangle International Visitors Center (corporateBody)

United States Department of Agriculture Forestry Sciences Laboratory (corporateBody)

Glidden Co. (corporateBody)

Barton, H. W. (person)

Breon Laboratories (corporateBody)

Ford, Bacon, and Davis (corporateBody)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (corporateBody)

Ahrendt Instrument Co. (corporateBody)

Childs, Jack R. (person)

Institute for Advanced Christian Studies (corporateBody)

Joyner, L. Felix (person)

American Home Products (corporateBody)

Spangler, C. D. (person)

Farmers Exchange (corporateBody)

Southern Railway (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Organized in 1894 from the bankrupt Richmond and Danville Railroad Company and several other railroad companies; headquartered in Washington, D.C. From the description of Records, 1891-1972. (Virginia Tech). WorldCat record id: 28410983 Formed in 1894; combined with Norfolk and Western Railway to become Norfolk Southern Corporation in 1982. From the description of Records, 1899-1950. (Atlanta History Center). WorldCat record id: 28414535 ...

Bussman Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Douglas Aircraft Co. (corporateBody)

Regional Education Laboratory of the Carolinas and Virginia (corporateBody)

General foods corporation (corporateBody)

Dillard Foundation (corporateBody)

Wellons Realty Co. (corporateBody)

United States Department of Commerce: Census Bureau (corporateBody)

Spencer Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Stephens, Louis C. (person)

GSA, Ltd. (corporateBody)

Saco-Lowell Shops (corporateBody)

Textile machinery manufacturing company, Saco and Biddeford, Me. Formed in 1912 from the consolidation of Saco-Pettee Company and the Lowell Machine Shops. Saco-Pettee's history extends back on one side to 1825 when the Pettee Machine Works, Newton, Mass., were established and to 1839 on the other side when the Saco Water Power Company was founded. In 1897 these firms formed the Saco and Pettee Machine Shops. In 1930 the firm consolidated all its operations in Maine. In 1948 it acquired a plant ...

National Research Council (U.S.). Highway Research Board (corporateBody)

Thomas Tilling Ltd. (corporateBody)

E. Durrwachter KG (corporateBody)

Ruberoid Co. (corporateBody)

Charles B. Douglas Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Kirk Engineering Co. (corporateBody)

Yarnall-Waring Co. (corporateBody)

Brower Electronics (corporateBody)

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. (corporateBody)

Republic Aviation Corp. (corporateBody)

West Virginia Pulp and Paper Co. (corporateBody)

Outlook Engineering Corp. (corporateBody)

Eckerd Drugs, Inc. (corporateBody)

Southern Bell Telephone Co. (corporateBody)

United States. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (corporateBody)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was established as an independent agency of the executive branch on October 1, 1958 by the National Aeronautics and Space Act (72 Stat. 426), approved July 29, 1958. It superseded the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA). NASA conducted redsearch on problems of flight, developed aeronautical and space vehicles, explored outer space, and participated in international programs for the peaceful development of space technology....

Cooke, T. C. (person)

W. L. Maxson Corp. (corporateBody)

Southern Mapping and Engineering Company (corporateBody)

G. and W.H. Corson, Inc. (corporateBody)

Stedman Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Plutte, Koecke & Co. (corporateBody)

Raleigh Turfgrass Farms (corporateBody)

North Carolina State University (corporateBody)

Currently, there are 24 University Standing Committees. Members of each of the University Standing Committees are appointed by the chancellor at the beginning of each academic year. The Committee on Committees provides the chancellor with recommendations concerning the composition and charge for each committee, its chair, and its faculty, staff, and student members. These recommendations are in part based on voluntary expressed preferences, on a general principle of rotation, and, whenever appro...

Sealright-Oswego Falls Corp. (corporateBody)

Walker, LeRoy, 1911- (person)

Vanity Fair Mills, Inc. (corporateBody)

Glaxo, Inc. (corporateBody)

Merieux Laboratories, Inc. (corporateBody)

Stewart, Pearson H. (person)

National Institute of Dental Research (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Coke and Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

North Carolina Council of Churches (corporateBody)

Established in 1935 under the leadership of H. Shelton Smith, professor in the Religion Department at Duke University. From the description of Records, 1935-1999 (bulk 1969-1994). (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 47942690 From the guide to the North Carolina Council of Churches Records, 1935-2001, (bulk 1969-1994), (David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University) ...

Johnson, Earl (person)

Triangle J Council of Governments (corporateBody)

Ruffin, William H. (person)

Archer-Daniels-Midland Co. (corporateBody)

Von Cannon, John D. (corporateBody)

Roberts, Edd K. (person)

National Driving Center (corporateBody)

Oakley, Sid (person)

Family Health International (Organization) (corporateBody)

Holiday-Reeves, Architects (corporateBody)

Peabody Drug Co. (corporateBody)

Luger (person)

Electromec (corporateBody)

Ampco Metal, Inc. (corporateBody)

Weinschel Engineering (corporateBody)

Xonics (corporateBody)

Gregory Real Estate Co. (corporateBody)

Voorhees, Walker, Smith, Smith, and Haines (corporateBody)

National Contract Management Association (U.S.) (corporateBody)

High Voltage Engineering Corp. (corporateBody)

Raleigh Savings and Loan Association (corporateBody)

Microelectronics Conference of RTI (corporateBody)

Rand Interest (corporateBody)

Branch Banking & Trust Co. (corporateBody)

Electric City Printing Co. (corporateBody)

AVCO Manufacturing Corp. (corporateBody)

Kraftco Corp. (corporateBody)

Carpenter's, Inc. (corporateBody)

American Association of Textile Chemists (corporateBody)

Civilian Industrial Technology Program (corporateBody)

Holiday Inn (corporateBody)

Schweibinz, Mark (person)

National Irradiated Wood Products Laboratory (corporateBody)

Allegheny Ludlum Industries, Inc. (corporateBody)

Peat, Marwick, Mitchell and Co. (corporateBody)

Stephenson Corp. (corporateBody)

Wilson, John B., 1947- (person)

Holloway-Reeves and Associates (corporateBody)

Cleveland City National Bank (corporateBody)

AMP, Inc. (corporateBody)

Glaxo (corporateBody)

Dixie Machine and Tool Co. (corporateBody)

Volunteer Portland Cement Co. (corporateBody)

Ruvane, Joseph (person)

Hospital Care Association (corporateBody)

Minerals and Chemicals Corp. of America (corporateBody)

Mills Laboratories (corporateBody)

Society for the Advancement of Management. (corporateBody)

Smithsonian Institute Herbarium (corporateBody)

J.E. Greiner Company (corporateBody)

Timber Engineering Co. (corporateBody)

Food Machinery and Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Storrs, Thomas (person)

North Carolina Products Corp. (corporateBody)

J. C. Penney (corporateBody)

Standard Packaging Co. (corporateBody)

Davis Drive Associates (corporateBody)

North Carolina State University Education Foundation (corporateBody)

Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Co. (corporateBody)

Monsanto Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Morningstar-Poisley, Inc. (corporateBody)

Sanford, Terry (person)

United Industrial Corp. (corporateBody)

Trojan Sales Co. (corporateBody)

Mason, Shaver and Rhoades (corporateBody)

Standard Products Co. (corporateBody)

Stacey, Jerry (person)

North Carolina Utilities Study Commission (corporateBody)

Boyce Supply Co. (corporateBody)

Hughes Aircraft Co. (corporateBody)

Miller-Hurst, Inc. (corporateBody)

Electronic Data Systems Corp. (corporateBody)

Wood, James S. (corporateBody)

North Carolina National Bank (corporateBody)

Leak, Robert E. (person)

Blue Bell, Inc. (corporateBody)

Riverside Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

North Carolina State College (corporateBody)

McClamroch, Roland (person)

E. C. Brooks, Jr. (corporateBody)

Medical Information Center (corporateBody)

National Institute of Health (U.S.) (corporateBody)

The U.S. Hygienic Laboratory was established in 1887 under the U.S. Marine Hospital Service. It became a part of the U.S. Public Health Service in 1912. In 1930 the facility was renamed the National Institute of Health. From the guide to the Station journal of the Hygienic Laboratory/National Institute of Health, 1922-1937, (History of Medicine Division. National Library of Medicine) The U.S. Hygienic Laboratory was established in 1887 under the U.S. Marine Hospital Service....

National Lead Co. (corporateBody)

Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Vendo Co. (corporateBody)

Rath Packing Co. (corporateBody)

Research triangle institute (corporateBody)

Buckau R. Wolf Aktiengesellschaft (corporateBody)

Mechanics and Farmers Bank (corporateBody)

Brim, Kenneth (person)

Stephen Meehan Communications (corporateBody)

Nominating Committee (corporateBody)

Analytical Services Laboratory (corporateBody)

Sugg Construction Co. (corporateBody)

Hayworth, Charles E. (person)

Knoll Pharmaceutical Co. (corporateBody)

Eastern Air Lines, inc. (corporateBody)

Founded in 1927 as Pitcairn Aviation, this company changed its name in 1930 to Eastern Air Transport, and ca. 1934, to Eastern Air Lines, underwhich it was known until the company ceased operations in 1991; Dexter C. Martin (1897-1982) was an aviation pioneer and public official, of South Carolina. Eugene Earle Stone (fl. 1976) served as President of the Florence Ice and Fuel Company, Chairman of the Florence Airport Commission, and Chairman of the South Carolina Dairy Association. F...

W. H. Long Marketing (corporateBody)

Land O'Lakes Creameries (corporateBody)

Institute of American Poultry Industries (corporateBody)

Victor Chemical Works (corporateBody)

Victor Chemical Mining Works was incorporated on February 8, 1902, in Chicago, Illinois. The company closed operations at the Melrose, Montana, site on December 29. 1959. From the description of Victor Chemical Works Mining Operations, Melrose Area, records 1959. (Montana Historical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 746053583 ...

Melpar, Inc. (corporateBody)

Weapons Industry Consultants, Inc. (corporateBody)

York, Willie: Prospect (corporateBody)

Philip Morris and Co. (corporateBody)

Larry Smith & Co. (corporateBody)

Froehling and Robertson, Inc. (corporateBody)

Organon Teknika (corporateBody)

Stewart-Warner Corp. (corporateBody)

Volpe, John A. (Secretary of Transportation) (corporateBody)

Integon Life Insurance Corp. (corporateBody)

Bristol Industrial Development Corporation (corporateBody)

Triangle Research Libraries Network (corporateBody)

The consortium known today as the Triangle Research Libraries Network (TRLN) started with a collaboration betwen Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the 1930s to share the development of their respective collections. North Carolina State College began participating in these cooperative collection development programs in the 1950s. In 1977, this group became known as the Triangle University Library Cooperative Committee (TULCC), and adopted the curent name of TR...

Armour Pharmaceuticals (corporateBody)

ACF Industries, Inc.: Avion Division (corporateBody)

Commercial Solvents Corp. (corporateBody)

Dr. Richard S. Egly was Associate Scientific Director of the Research and Development Department at the Terre Haute, Indiana plane of the Commercial Solvents Corporation (CSC). CSC was started at the end of World War I as a joint U.S.-U.K. venture to provide the British with stockpiles of acetone, using the patents of Chaim Weizmann. Although they grew into a full service chemical corporation, explosives and ordinance were always a prominent part of their activities. Richard S. Egly was a specia...

Geigy Agricultural Chemicals (corporateBody)

Goldstein Study (person)

Zapolski, Todd (person)

Foundation for Research on the Study of Man (corporateBody)

A. & P. Tea Compan (corporateBody)

Pepsi-Cola Co. (corporateBody)

Kollmorgen Corp. (corporateBody)

Charles Pfizer & Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Pilkey, Orrin (person)

Project Keeper (corporateBody)

General Electric (corporateBody)

Electronics Corporation of America (corporateBody)

Aerojet-General Corp. (corporateBody)

Atomedics (corporateBody)

Whitin Machine Works. (corporateBody)

Cozart, S. M. (person)

Eli Lilly and Co. (corporateBody)

Mixon & Davis (corporateBody)

Sir Walter Chevrolet Co. (corporateBody)

Rio Tinto-Zinc Corp. Ltd. (corporateBody)

New Jersey Zinc Co. (corporateBody)

C. T. Wilson Construction Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

GTE (corporateBody)

Cutler-Hammer, inc. (corporateBody)

Gustin-Bacon Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Radian (corporateBody)

AIRCO (corporateBody)

United Aircraft (corporateBody)

Anderson, Donald B. (person)

TEEACH (corporateBody)

Great Northern Paper Co. (corporateBody)

Stewarts (corporateBody)

American Can Company (corporateBody)

Winthrop Laboratories (corporateBody)

International Biophysics Corp. (corporateBody)

Hubinger Co. (corporateBody)

Communications Industries, Inc. (corporateBody)

Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland (Organization) (corporateBody)

Cooley, Inc. (corporateBody)

United Industrial Corp.: Haynes Aircraft Corp. (corporateBody)

Walter Kidde Constructors, Inc. (corporateBody)

Al Hight Realty (corporateBody)

Austin Co. (corporateBody)

Texas Company (corporateBody)

General Aniline & Film Corp. (corporateBody)

United States Department of the Navy: Bureau of Naval Weapons (corporateBody)

Armour Laboratories (corporateBody)

Underhill, Gary M. (person)

Small Business Administration (corporateBody)

Insinger Machine Co. (corporateBody)

Mine Safety Appliances Co. (corporateBody)

Durham Builders Supply Co. (corporateBody)

Brun Corp. (corporateBody)

North Hills, Inc. (corporateBody)

General Motors Co. (corporateBody)

Currie, Claude (person)

Brumby, Captain F. H., Jr. (person)

Carolina Power & Light Co. (corporateBody)

Edens, Hollis A. (person)

P. H. Hanes Knitting Co. (corporateBody)

Black, Sivalls, and Bryson, Inc. (corporateBody)

Faber Laboratories (corporateBody)

E. H. Sargent Co. (corporateBody)

Drexel Fund, Inc. (corporateBody)

Whitehall Pharmaceutical Co. (corporateBody)

First Citizens Bank & Trust Co. (corporateBody)

Ezra Meir and Associates (corporateBody)

United Fund Campaign (corporateBody)

Kayser-Roth Corp. (corporateBody)

Bank of Tokyo (corporateBody)

Thomas Electronics (corporateBody)

Ordnance Engineering Corp. (corporateBody)

Arnar-Stone Laboratories (corporateBody)

North Carolina Association of Educators (corporateBody)

Moore, Dan. (person)

Huffman, Ned E. (person)

Ross, Macolm (person)

Daystrom, inc. (corporateBody)

Carborundum Co. (corporateBody)

Elkins Motor Co. (corporateBody)

Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company of Raleigh, N.C., Inc. (corporateBody)

North Carolina Science and Technology Research Center (corporateBody)

Sunshine Biscuits, Inc. (corporateBody)

C. H. Stoelting and Co. (corporateBody)

Norfolk Southern Railway Co. (corporateBody)

Raleigh Tractor & Truck Co. (corporateBody)

Whitmore, Carrie (person)

McDonnell Aircraft Corporation (corporateBody)

Manire, G. Phil (person)

Pure Oil Co. (corporateBody)

J. A. Jones Construction Co. (corporateBody)

Orchard Paper Co. (corporateBody)

Beneficial Management Corp. (corporateBody)

National Confectioners' Association of the United States (corporateBody)

North Carolina Board of Science and Technology (corporateBody)

Electric Motor Repair Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Marks Polarized Corp. (corporateBody)

Morrow, Whit (person)

Charles T. Main, Inc. (corporateBody)

Vulcan Materials (corporateBody)

Central Scientific Co. (corporateBody)

Peterson Leonard and Co. (corporateBody)

Kenneth E. Penrod (person)

Kimberley-Clark Corp. (corporateBody)

W. C. Lyon Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

FMC Corp. (corporateBody)

RIAS (corporateBody)

Benzol Products (corporateBody)

Vick Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

American Society of Tool Engineers. (corporateBody)

Electric Heating Association (corporateBody)

British American Tobacco Australasia (corporateBody)

W. R. Grace & Co. (corporateBody)

UNIVAC (corporateBody)

Collier Cobb and Associates, Inc. (corporateBody)

Ewing, Oscar (person)

Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (corporateBody)

Jones, Edwin L. (person)

Zema Corp. (corporateBody)

National Distillers and Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Barton Electric Construction Co. (corporateBody)

Durham Realty and Insurance Co. (corporateBody)

Gaertner Scientific Corp. (corporateBody)

Pine State Creamery Co. (corporateBody)

Gilbert M. Schucht & Associates (corporateBody)

Colonial Press (corporateBody)

Terretti, Michael (person)

Empire-Reeves Steel Corp. (corporateBody)

University of North Carolina (1793-1962) (corporateBody)

The University of North Carolina was chartered by the state's General Assembly in 1789. Its first student was admitted in 1795. The governing body of the University, from its founding until 1932, was a forty-member Board of Trustees elected by the General Assembly. The Board met twice a year; at other times the business of the University was carried on by the Board's secretary-treasurer and by the presiding professor (called president beginning in 1804). Other faculty members later assumed the r...

Althouse Chemical Company (corporateBody)

Henry A. Gardner Laboratories, Inc. (corporateBody)

Riegel Paper Co. (corporateBody)

United States. Air Force. Systems Command (corporateBody)

Gorham Laboratories (corporateBody)

Revere Copper and Brass, Inc. (corporateBody)

Noland Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

North Carolina. Department of Conservation and Development (corporateBody)

Piatt & Davis and Associates. (corporateBody)

Little, James C. (person)

Peter, Strong, & Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

William Maughan (person)

Williams, Warren R. (person)

Distillation Products (corporateBody)

United States Rubber Co. (corporateBody)

Texas Instruments Inc. (corporateBody)

Intersil, Inc. (corporateBody)

American society for testing materials (corporateBody)

Barlin Laboratories (corporateBody)

RCA Corporation (corporateBody)

The Radio Corporation of America was incorporated in Delaware on October 17, 1919, and changed its name to RCA Corporation on May 9, 1969. For over fifty years it was one of the country's leading manufacturers and vendors of radios, phonographs, televisions, and a wide array of consumer and military electronics products. Through subsidiaries, it operated the country's first radiotelegraph, radiotelephone and radio facsimile systems, as well as its pioneer radio and television networ...

J. J. Fallon Co. (corporateBody)

Henly Paper Co. (corporateBody)

Cities Service Co. (corporateBody)

Instytut Włókiennictwa (Łódź, Poland) (corporateBody)

Polsky, Robert (person)

DATAPRO, Inc. (corporateBody)

SSI-Controls Technologies (corporateBody)

Quaker Rubber Corp. Division: H. K. Porter Co. (corporateBody)

Lynchburg Foundry Co. (corporateBody)

Proctor & Gamble Co. (corporateBody)

Menius, A. C. (person)

Sheriff, Seymour (person)

General Dynamics Corp.: Liquid Carbonics Division (corporateBody)

Liggett and Myers Tobacco Co. (corporateBody)

Scientific Atlanta, Inc. (corporateBody)

Southeastern Construction Co. (corporateBody)

Virginia Electric and Power Co. (corporateBody)

Upjohn Co. (corporateBody)

St. Regis Paper Co. (corporateBody)

Alexander Motor Co. (corporateBody)

Lehmkuhl, William M. (person)

Allied Chemical Corp.: Barrett Division (corporateBody)

United States. Army. Transportation Research Command (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. (corporateBody)

S. E. Massengill Co. (corporateBody)

Peter B. Crist and Associates (corporateBody)

Phillips Roxanne Labs (corporateBody)

E. P. Secker, Inc. (corporateBody)

McGladrey, Hendrickson, and Pullen (corporateBody)

Guest, Romeo (person)

North Carolina. General Assembly (corporateBody)

Smith, Lee (person)

Studebaker-Packard Corp. (corporateBody)

American Defender Life Insurance (corporateBody)

Microdyne, Inc. (corporateBody)

A.T. Kearney Ltd. (corporateBody)

Stavid Engineering, Inc. (corporateBody)

Trundle Consultants (corporateBody)

Air Products and Chemicals, inc. (corporateBody)

Warner & Swasey Research Corp. (corporateBody)

Lindemann Kommanditgesellschaft (corporateBody)

Geoghegan, George (person)

Rhone-Poulenc Ag Co. (corporateBody)

Reese, Addison H. (person)

Admiral Corp. (corporateBody)

Triangle Land Conservancy (corporateBody)

North Carolina. Department of Transportation (corporateBody)

Chemstrand Research Center, Inc. (corporateBody)

Riegel Textile Corp. (corporateBody)

Reichold (corporateBody)

United States Vitamin Corp. (corporateBody)

Fabric Research Libraries (corporateBody)

ECSCO (corporateBody)

Camille Bauer (person)

Faulkner, Dawkins & Sullivan. (corporateBody)

Enloe, Inc. (corporateBody)

Unión Carbide Argentina (corporateBody)

TUV: Manfred Popp (corporateBody)

General Metals Corporation. (corporateBody)

Norden Laboratories (corporateBody)

North Carolina Society of Engineers. (corporateBody)

Williams Brothers Co. (corporateBody)

J. C. Penney Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Finch, Thomas A., Jr. (person)

Stanley Blackman Labs, Inc. (corporateBody)

General Mills, inc. (corporateBody)

Minneapolis, MN. From the description of Pamphlet and handbill, ca.1930. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122364952 In 1893 the Washburn-Crosby Company of Minneapolis opened a Buffalo office from which to distribute its flour throughout the East. A Buffalo flour mill followed in 1904, and in 1928 General Mills was organized with Washburn-Crosby as its nucleus. Washburn-Crosby was dissolved in 1937. General Mills Buffalo operations include a cereal...

Hull Associates (corporateBody)

Voorhees Walker Smith & Smith (corporateBody)

Hotpoint Co. (corporateBody)

Conway Publications, Inc. (corporateBody)

Amphenol-Borg Electronics Corp. (corporateBody)

Deltron 3030 (corporateBody)

Ensys, Inc. (corporateBody)

Evens Research and Development Corp. (corporateBody)

Holophane Engineering Center (corporateBody)

Robertshaw-Fulton Controls (corporateBody)

Maughan, William (person)

North Carolina. Board of Conservation and Development (corporateBody)

Aldan Rubber Co. (corporateBody)

Tennessee Products and Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Carolina Steel and Iron Co. (corporateBody)

Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Co. (corporateBody)

Bristol Laboratories, Inc. (corporateBody)

Internuclear, Inc. (corporateBody)

Compton Industries (corporateBody)

Mechanics & Farmers Bank (corporateBody)

Educom (corporateBody)

Educom (The Interuniversity Communications Council) was formed to provide universities an effective means of collaboration in their efforts to utilize the potential benefits of the emerging communications sciences for educational pursuits. In 1998, an organization originally named the College and University Systems Exchange (CAUSE) disbanded and consolidated with Educom to form EDUCAUSE. Duke University remains an active member. For more information, please go to Fr...

Harlan Laws Corp. (corporateBody)

A. O. Smith Corp. (corporateBody)

Charles A. Koons & Co. (corporateBody)

Peavey Co. (corporateBody)

Allis-Chalmers Nuclear Products: Erco (corporateBody)

Fels & Co. (corporateBody)

Carolina Power and Light (corporateBody)

Harris Research Laboratories (corporateBody)

General Precision Equipment Co. (corporateBody)

Schlage Lock Co. (corporateBody)

Morehead, John M. (person)

Texaco, inc. (corporateBody)

Martin, Bob (person)

Revlon Products Corp. (corporateBody)

Davis, Archie K. (person)

Archie K. Davis wrote "The Boy Colonel of the Confederacy" (1987) and was chair of the board of Wachovia Bank and Trust Company; president of the American Bankers Association, 1966; and president of the United States Chamber of Commerce. From the description of Archie K. Davis papers, 1927-1986 [manuscript]. WorldCat record id: 26243280 Archie K. Davis, North Carolina banker, was born 22 January 1911, in Winston-Salem. A graduate of the University of North Carol...

McKesson & Robbins (corporateBody)

Allied Chemical Corp.: Plastics Division (corporateBody)

MacCartney & Associates (corporateBody)

United States. General Services Administration (corporateBody)

Dayton Rubber Co. (corporateBody)

Crookes-Barnes Laboratories (corporateBody)

Royall, Kenneth (person)

G. Akers Moore, Jr. (person)

National Bituminous Concrete Association (corporateBody)

Penrod, Kenneth E. (person)

Shope, Gary (person)

Ciba-Geigy, S.A. (corporateBody)

Wallace and Tierman, Inc. (corporateBody)

J. P. Stevens & Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Air Force (corporateBody)

Francisco & Jacobus (corporateBody)

Daylin, Inc. (corporateBody)

Eagle Stores Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Office Service Co. (corporateBody)

Degussa (corporateBody)

Engelhard Industries, Inc. (corporateBody)

Corning Glass Works (corporateBody)

Chesebrough-Ponds, Inc. (corporateBody)

Swain, Robert D. (person)

Pearsall, Thomas J. (person)

Research Triangle Development Council (corporateBody)

C. Lever Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Alexander, T. W. (person)

Western Electric Co. (corporateBody)

Research Triangle Committee, Inc. (corporateBody)

Kendall Research Center (corporateBody)

Hazleton Laboratories (corporateBody)

Munsingwear, Inc. (corporateBody)

Semiconductor Research Corp. (corporateBody)

Southern Industrial Development Conference (corporateBody)

Nash-Steele-Warren, Inc. (corporateBody)

YWCA (corporateBody)

Herbert, George R. (person)

Xerox Corp. (corporateBody)

Hercules (corporateBody)

Van Dyck, Ken (person)

Sellers Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Formica (corporateBody)

North Carolina. Utilities Commission (corporateBody)

General Dynamics Corp.: General Atomics Division (corporateBody)

Bendix Aviation Corp. (corporateBody)

Hunt, James B. (James Bennett), 1799-1857 (person)

Harris Corp. (corporateBody)

Collier Carbon and Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Martin, James (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 35789 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001301.0x0000ce Epithet: of Vaterard, county Galway British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001301.0x0000d0 Epithet: Paston's Regt British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001301.0x0000d1 Epithet: steam...

Chapel Hill Chamber of Commerce (corporateBody)

National Center for Air Pollution Control (corporateBody)

American Institute of Architects (corporateBody)

The Western Association of Architects (WAA) was founded in Chicago in 1884 as a rival organization of the American Institute of Architects (AIA). Members consisted of architects from the Midwest and the South with chapters forming in many states. The WAA was the first architectural organization to petition for licensure of architects. Many architects were members of both WAA and AIA and a decision was made in 1889 for WAA to merge with AIA. From the guide to the Papers of the Western...

Procordia (corporateBody)

Honeywell Corp. (corporateBody)

Structural Clay Products Institute (corporateBody)

Kenan Oil Co. (corporateBody)

Miller-Warden Associates (corporateBody)

Bell Aircraft Corp. (corporateBody)

Insurance Company of North America (corporateBody)

Arkla Air Conditioning Corp. (corporateBody)

Foremost Dairies (corporateBody)

Hardwood Research Council (corporateBody)

Corn Products Refining Co. (corporateBody)

Hodges, Luther Hartwell, 1898-1974 (person)

Luther Hartwell Hodges began his career as an executive for Marshall Field & Comapny, 1919-1950. He was later consultant to the Economic Cooperation Administration, 1950-1951; lieutenant governor, 1953- 1954, and governor, 1956-1960, of North Carolina; United Sates Secretary of Commerce, 1961-1965; head of the Research Triangle Foundation, 1966-1972; and president of Rotary International, 1967-1968. From the description of Luther Hartwell Hodges papers, 1947-1969. WorldCat record...

Ash-Stevens (corporateBody)

O'Brien Atkins Associates (corporateBody)

Sheraton Imperial Center (corporateBody)

National Institute of Dry Cleaning (corporateBody)

Standard Electric Lorenz (corporateBody)

Economics Labs (corporateBody)

Fiberboard Paper Products Corp. (corporateBody)

William S. Merrell Co. (corporateBody)

Breest Eichhorn & Co. (corporateBody)

Duke University. Comprehensive Cancer Center (corporateBody)

The Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center became one of the nation's first cancer centers in December 1971 after the passage of the National Cancer Act. In 1973, the Duke Cancer Center was designated a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute. The comprehensive status recognizes centers for excellence in research and for other contributions in the areas of clinical trials, prevention and control efforts, information and educational offerings, and outreach and service activities. T...

Varian Associates. (corporateBody)

In 1989 Varian Associates established an oral history project. The primary objective of the project was to document the management philosophies that shaped the Varian organization and to provide insights into how those philosophies contributed to the company's evolution. The secondary objective was to record how the company's principal product lines evolved and their significance. The first phase of the project focused on the period prior to the formation of Varian Associates throught 1969. The ...

Ivey-Taylor Co. (corporateBody)

Wall, Monroe E. (person)

Weyerhaueser Co. (corporateBody)

P. Lorillard Co., Inc. (corporateBody)

Ashton, Sam (person)

Troxler Electronic (corporateBody)

Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. (corporateBody)

Chatham Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Eaton Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Memorial Fund, Inc. (corporateBody)

City Planning and Architectural Associates (corporateBody)

Stauffer Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

Southern Dyestuffs Co. (corporateBody)

Earl Reiss, Inc. (corporateBody)

Jamesbury Corp. (corporateBody)

Daughtry, Kay (person)

Virginia-Carolina Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

Physicians for Social Responsibility. (corporateBody)

Professional Examination Service (corporateBody)

Burlington Industries, Inc. (corporateBody)

Burlington Industries, Inc., founded by James Spencer Love (1896-1962), opened its first cotton manufacturing plant in 1924 in Burlington, N.C., with 200 employees. (An early name was Burlington Mills Corporation; the name was changed to Burlington Industries, Inc. in 1955.) The company grew quickly by switching to rayon manufacturing. During the 1920s and 1930s, Burlington added plants, a New York City sales office, and, in 1935, moved its corporate headquarters from Burlington to Greensboro, N...

Thomson, Dwight J. (person)

Vanadium Corporation of America (corporateBody)

National Library of Medicine. (corporateBody)

Mallinckroot Chemical Works (corporateBody)

M. W. Kellogg Co. (corporateBody)

Fisher & Harrison Printing Co. (corporateBody)

Bigelow-Sanford, Inc. (corporateBody)

Bissett-Berman (corporateBody)

Sumitomo (corporateBody)

Bunker-Ramo Corp. (corporateBody)

Storr Sales Co. (corporateBody)

American Oil Co. (corporateBody)

Penny Furniture Co. (corporateBody)

Job P. Wyatt & Sons Co. (corporateBody)

Phillips-Davis, Inc. (corporateBody)

Ragland, Trent (person)

Hall-Wynne and Co. (corporateBody)

Castleberry, J. L., Jr. (person)

T. A. Loving and Co. (corporateBody)

McMahon Electro-Optics (corporateBody)

United States Department of Agriculture: Soil Erosion Laboratory (corporateBody)

Carnation Co. (corporateBody)

Racine Hydraulics & Machinery, Inc. (corporateBody)

May, Claude M. (person)

General Dynamics (corporateBody)

Capital Coca-Cola Bottling Co. (corporateBody)

Shinn Engineering, Inc. (corporateBody)

Ohio Oil Co. (corporateBody)

Spindletop Research, Inc. (corporateBody)

Atlantic Aerial Surveys, Inc. (corporateBody)

Public Service Company of North Carolina (corporateBody)

Ciba Seeds (corporateBody)

Lowe's Durham Hardware, Inc. (corporateBody)

Carr, George Watts, Jr. (person)

Scott Paper Co. (corporateBody)

Donaldson Co. (corporateBody)

Benjamin Foster Co. (corporateBody)

O'Neale, Mark (person)

Hoerner-Waldorf Corp. (corporateBody)

Pittsburgh Plate Glass (corporateBody)

Consulate General of Japan (corporateBody)

Owners and Tenants Association (corporateBody)

Montgomery and Aldridge (corporateBody)

Gates Rubber Co. (corporateBody)

SIECOR (corporateBody)

Union Bag Camp Paper Corp. (corporateBody)

Advisory Budget Commission (corporateBody)

Hobart Laboratories (corporateBody)

Smith-Corona Marchant Inc. (corporateBody)

Durham Coca Cola Bottling Co. (corporateBody)

Hammarlund Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

John D. Latimer and Associates, Inc. (corporateBody)

J. P. Stevens Co. (corporateBody)

Durham County Wildlife Club (corporateBody)

Walker Martin, Inc. (corporateBody)

Linear, Inc. (corporateBody)

Engineering Associates (corporateBody)

Linde Co. (corporateBody)

Galloway, Alex (person)

Piedmont Associated Industries (corporateBody)

Thompson Ramo Woolridge Inc. (corporateBody)

American meteorological society (corporateBody)

Jones & Frasier Co. (corporateBody)

Robert and Company Associates (corporateBody)

Triangle Universities Center for Advanced Studies, Inc. (corporateBody)

Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (corporateBody)

Lockheed Aircraft Corp. (corporateBody)

Wilson, Louis R. (person)

Diener and Associates (corporateBody)

Duke University (corporateBody)

Federal Aviation Agency (corporateBody)

During and after the Second World War, the Washington D.C. metropolitan area was served by only one airport, Washington National Airport (now known as Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport). However, the growing demand for airport capacity caused Congress to pass the second Washington Airport Act of 1950, which provided for the "construction, protection, operation, and maintenance of a public airport in or in the vicinity of the District of Columbia." Eight years lat...

National Cash Register Co. (corporateBody)

O'Heron, Ken (person)

Bingham Consulting Engineers and Architects (corporateBody)

Oceanographic Society (corporateBody)

American heart association (corporateBody)

Hill, George Watts, 1901-1993 (person)

George Watts Hill (1901-1993) of Durham, N.C., was the son of John Sprunt Hill (b. 1869) and father of George Watts Hill Jr. (1926-2002). He worked in hospital administration, banking, insurance, and other industries. A University of North Carolina alumnus, he served on the University of North Carolina System Board of Trustees and later the University of North Carolina System Board of Governors, and was involved, with other Hill family members, in much financial support for the University of Nor...

National Center for Biological Education (corporateBody)

Pechiney (corporateBody)

Hallicrafters, Inc. (corporateBody)

Research Trianlge Foundation. (corporateBody)

The private, not-for-profit Research Triangle Foundation (RTF) owns the Research Triangle Park (RTP), an internationally recognized center for research and development on a 6,900-acre campus in North Carolina's Piedmont region. RTP is named for the triangle formed by the three cities and universities closely associated with the development of multi-disciplinary research strengths in the Park: the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, North Carolina State University in Raleigh...

Astra (corporateBody)

Brown Brothers Plumbing and Heating Co. (corporateBody)

Gulf Oil Corp. (corporateBody)

Durham and Southern Railway Co. (corporateBody)

Joh. Kleinewefers Sohne (corporateBody)

Tutu, Desmond (person)

Swingline (corporateBody)

Elliott S. Wood Foundation (corporateBody)

Pure Food and Drug Administration (corporateBody)

United Airlines (corporateBody)

Patterson Travel Service (corporateBody)

Crown Zellerbach Corp. (corporateBody)

Western Union (corporateBody)

Environmental Health Center (corporateBody)

Hercules, Inc. (corporateBody)

Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. (corporateBody)

International Paper Co. (corporateBody)

Ned E. Huffman (person)

Allied Chemical Corp.: Solvay Process Division (corporateBody)

Flamort Chemical Co. (corporateBody)

American Brands, Inc. (corporateBody)

Airesearch Co. (corporateBody)

Phillips, Craig (person)

North Carolina State University. School of Engineering (corporateBody)