Kevin Delaney Collection, 1970-1994


Kevin Delaney Collection, 1970-1994

Kevin Delaney was born in 1946 in Washington, D.C. Between 1970 and 1974 he traveled through Ireland, Scotland, and the American Midwest and Southeast, recording country, blues, gospel, bluegrass, and old-time musicians and performers who otherwise might not have been heard. The collection documents the culture and history of Irish and American music. It consists primarily of field recordings made by Kevin Delaney in various regions of Ireland and the American Southeast. There are also many dubbed recordings of both Irish and American folk music. The Irish field recordings are primarily individual performances, while the dubbed recordings are groups of musicians playing different instruments, including fiddle, uillean pipes, spoons, flute, and pennywhistle. There are also some examples of Gaelic and shape-note singing. Songs include jigs, airs, reels, strathspeys, and others. The American recordings are composed primarily of fiddle and banjo music, along with some spoken word material. Some recordings are of Tommy Jarrell. There is also a practice tape of Delaney on fiddle and guitar. Several commercial audiocassettes are included, as well as dubbed recordings of jazz, blues, and pop music. Also included are Delaney's personal notebooks documenting the musicians he recorded while in the field, along with several posters, fliers, a collection of musicians' autographs, and a photograph.

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Kevin (Chris) Delaney was born in 1946 in Washington, D.C. He was first exposed to folk music while studying at Duke University, where he earned his B.A. in 1968. Between 1970 and 1974, he traveled across Ireland, Scotland, and the midwestern and southeastern regions of the United States, recording country, blues, gospel, bluegrass, and old-time musicians and performers who might otherwise never have been heard. Delaney earned his Master of Library Science degree from the University of North Car...

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