Gypsy Old, Oldest Songs, 1975 Apr 2008


Gypsy Old, Oldest Songs, 1975

Gypsy Old, Oldest Songs, 1975 Apr 2008

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Romanov, Manush, 1928-2004 (person)

Manush Romanov (formerly known as Mustafa Aliev and Lubomir Aliev) was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1928. His family belongs to a Gypsy group from Erlia. He was a famous activist in the 1940s and 1950s, a theatre director, a Member of Parliament following ploitical changes in 1990-1991, an organiser and leader of one of the four Gypsy national organisations in Bulgaria - the Democratic Union Roma. He died in Istanbul in 2004. British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalo...