Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection. 1951 - 1951. Motion Picture Newsreel Films. 10/1941 - 3/1957. PARAMOUNT NEWS [DEC. 17]


Paramount Pictures, Inc., Collection. 1951 - 1951. Motion Picture Newsreel Films. 10/1941 - 3/1957. PARAMOUNT NEWS [DEC. 17]


Part 1, shows a Christmas parade down Hollywood Boulevard. Part 2, Amb. Stanton Griffis is driven in a horse-drawn carriage through the streets of Buenos Aires to the President's palace where he presents his credentials to Pres. Peron. Vice Pres. and Mrs. Barkley are shown in their honeymoon retreat on Sea Island, Ga. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit a Maltese villa on their 2nd wedding anniversary. The funeral procession of Bill "Bojangles" Robinson, Negro dancer, proceeds down Broadway and through Harlem and Times Square, N.Y. Flashbacks show "Bojangles" dancing. Part 3, football: Army vs. Navy. Pres. Truman, Sec. of Defense Johnson, and Brit. Gen. Montgomery are present.

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