Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations. 1900 - 2003. Moving Images Relating to Military Aviation Activities. 1947 - 1984. MISCELLANEOUS NEWSREEL CLIPS, WORLD WAR II


Records of U.S. Air Force Commands, Activities, and Organizations. 1900 - 2003. Moving Images Relating to Military Aviation Activities. 1947 - 1984. MISCELLANEOUS NEWSREEL CLIPS, WORLD WAR II

Summary: This film is composed of Newsreel Clips of WW II. Shows combat scenes in various places, President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in conference at Washington, D.C. n.d. 1) MLS English channel showing landing barges coming toward beach in formation. 2) MS CU military personnel making practice landing from landing boats. 3) MS British tank coming off landing barge. Several views of military personnel running up beach-head from landing barges. 4) MCU large artillery explosions. Two tanks come into frame from right, pass through frame. 5) LS terrain showing men rnnning and artillery explosions. 6) AS SV six aircraft, spitfires of the Royal Air Force. 7) Several AS same. 8) LS English warship. Bg shows other boats, unidentifiable. 9) CU four personnel standing on deck of same. 10) CU four commandos standing in hold of boat. 11) two ECU's two commandos. 12) CU commandos coming out of hold. 13) MS landing barges coming toward camera. 14) AS SV four Blenheim medium bombers. 15) MS landing barges, unidentified aircraft flying overhead. 16) MCU landing barges stopping, men jumping from same running up beachhead. 17) LS GC formation of Spitfires flying overhead. 18) ADS on beach, boats, landing barges with men running from same. 19) MCU men leaving barges, coming toward camera through water. 20) CU military personnel, the commandos, cutting barbed wire on beach, man on motorcycle preparing to leave. 21) CU truck pulling heavy equipment from landing barges toward camera. 22) CU SV British tanks coming from barges onto beach head. Description of above tanks were Universal Carrier type, and Churchill Infantry type tank. 23) MS CU military personnel climb over wall and cross road under fire. 24) MLS radio station being destroyed by explosions from artillery shells. 25) MS commandos running and jumping into water behind brush. 26) Several MS commandos under fire and running toward camera. UNIVERSAL NEWS REEL-COMMANDOS RAID FRANCE-EDDY AGRILHY. 27) LS heavy boats in far bg, fg, shows large waves-boats unidentifiable. 28) LS same scene description, fg shows tow men with steel helmets on. 29) LS heavy boat, possibly destroyer. Silhouette shot of unidentifiable boat in far bg. 30) MS commandos coming out of hold of boat. 31) CU night scene, showing flash from boats using heavy artillery. 32) Night scene, MS commandos on beach. 33) MS night scene, showing fires burning. 34) MLS landing boats approaching beach. 35) CU commandos unloading from same, also unloading heavy weapons. 36) MLS SV Blenheim approaching camera at low level over water. 37) MLS three Master III advanced trainer type aircraft, flying low level toward camera passing out of frame. 38) LS GC Sterling Heavy Bomber approaches camera directly overhead. Three Sterlings parked on ground. 39) AS SV shot directly over the engine of A-20. 40) SV A-20 in flight, British insignia. 41) AS SV nine A-20's, British insignia, flying in formation. PARAMOUNT NEWS-CHURCHILL'S VISITS SPEEDS SECOND FRONT-VOICE-CHET SANTON. 42) Several MS CU Winston Churchill and President Roosevelt in conference at Washington, D.C. 43) CU Mr. Winston Churchill leaving car, met by military VIP's in South Carolina. 44) LS military troops presenting arms for same. 45) MS Winston Churchill walking amidst crowd of people. 46) MS Winston Churchill inspecting troops, US paratroopers. 47) CU same, troops on parade passing reviewing stand for Mr. Churchill. 48) CU Winston Churchill on platform of reviewing stand, also War Secretary Stinson is at review. 49) CU parading troops. 50) CU Winston Churchill covering eyes to shade sun from same. Parade includes heavy equipment and machine guns mounted on trucks. 51) MLS men doing PT exercises. 52) CU Winston Churchill climbing on platform in front of men who are dressed for PT. 53) CU Winston Churchill. 54) Winston Churchill standing at microphone, addressing audience. (CU) 55) Winston Churchill leaving platform. (CU) 56) CU Winston Churchill standing with walki-talki to ear, aircraft flying overhead, C-47's, parachute drops and paratroopers descending from same. 57) MCU CU Winston Churchill using walki-talki, bg shows a large crowd. 58) CU from ground, paradrops and paratroopers in scene. 59) RV MS Winston Churchill with walki-talki. Fg shows parachutes hitting ground. 60) LS from GC, C-47's flying overhead and parachutes descending. BOMBING OF PORT MORESBY-THE WAR IN AUSTRALIA-NEWS OF THE DAY. 61) MS RV three men standing on boat. Boat in far bg. (Location: Coral Sea.) 62) CU very large boat, possibly a troop carrier type boat. (Yanks are going to New Guinea.) 63) CU men standing on deck in formation. 64) LS from boat A-29 Hudson Bomber over water flying toward camera, passes rear section of boat -- camera pans R to L with same. There are RAF insignias on it. 65) ELS Port Moresby, Papua, New Guinea. 66) CU Australian troops unloading from transport. 67) LS troop carrier boat at dock and personnel unloading from same. 68) CU troops unloading from same. 69) ELS enemy aircraft overhead at Port Moresby. They begin to open fire on enemy with machine guns and ack-ack. 70) MS boats at main harbor. Fg shows homes and buildings around Port Moresby. A large explosion in far bg near boat-several explosions around boat setting in harbor-several views of bombs dropping and exploding in same. 71) Several views showing destruction and results of bombing of Port Moresby. NEWS OF THE DAY-US FLYERS HIT BACK AT Japanese (Superimposed over scene of military personnel running down road toward camera). Bg shows farm building. 72) MCU three military personnel approaching P-39 stationary, preparing for flight, plane in wooded area, camouflaged very well. 73) CU FV P-38 warming up. 74) CU camouflage opening. 75) MS camouflage opening, P-39 taxis toward camera, camera pans L to R as plane taxis. 76) MLS P-39 taking off directly toward camera. (Fg shows cameraman taking same.) 77) MS PS L to R, as P-39 taxis for takeoff. 78) MLS GC P-39 taking off, directly overhead, also shows four P-39's flying directly overhead. 79) AFV P-39 in flight. 80) CU pilot in same, aircraft in flight. DARWIN UNDER BOMBS-PARAMOUNT ABBOT-DARWIN, AUSTRALIA. 81) MS Australian personnel walking toward chapel. Sign, MASS 7:30 AM. 82) CU cross on top of church. 83) MS civilian personnel on street. 84) MS CU bomb damage of residential district. 85) ELS from ground, enemy aircraft overhead. 86) ELS water, far bg shows land being bombed very heavily. 87) MLS oil storage depot oil fire. 88) LS same scene description. Night scenes of fires. BASES DOWN UNDER-NEWS OF THE DAY. 89) MS CU US officer and Brig. Gen. Royce talking to each other. 90) CU military personnel preparing B-25 for flight. 91) MS B-26 taxiing L to R towards camera. 92) MS from camera plane taxiing down runway showing B-26's stationary, also a C-47. 93) MS B-25 taking off L to R. 94) LS from GC two B-26's flying overhead. 95) AS squadron of four Beaufort aircraft, British insignias, dropping bombs. 96) MLS camera pans R to L B-26 coming in for crash landing. Bg shows B-25's stationary along line. US insignias, also C-47, B-26's. Aircraft makes perfect crash landing and stops. 97) CU B-26 after crash landing. 98) CU Brig. Gen. Royce shaking hands with pilot of crashed B-26. Reel 2: US NAVY SPEEDS FIGHTING PLANES TO WAR FRONT-NEWS OF THE DAY-SOMEWHERE AT SEA. 1) LS flight deck and sailor standing in ranks-seamen being inspected-also Marines being inspected. 2) CU Admiral Halsey and carrier commander. 3) CU Admiral Halsey. 4) MLS high angle, carrier deck showing P-40's massed at far end, others lining up for take off. 5) MCU deck crew placing planes in formation for take off. 6) CU P-40 front section warming up, name on same REGINA IV. 7) CU pilot in plane shaking hands with other personnel. 8) MS high angle P-40 taking off. 9) MLS RV from P-40 as it takes off from carrier. Bg shows carrier. 10 MS dock crew bringing up another plane for take off. 11) MS P-40 taking off. 12) MS RV same scene description. 13) MS P-40 crew deck setting plane up for take off. 14) CU pilot in cockpit of P-40. 15) MS P-40 taking off from flight deck. 16) ASV three P-40's in flight. 17) AFV P-40 in flight, US insignias. 18) CU crew members with thumbs up. 19) MS P-40 making fly by past carrier. 20) MLS three P-40's low level fly by rear of carrier. 21) LS carrier showing aircraft taking off from same. (Silhouette Shot). EAGLES QUIT RAF TO FLY WITH YANKS-NEWS OF THE DAY. 22) LS military personnel standing in ranks. 23) CU VIP's standing in ranks. 24) CU Brig. Gen Frank Hunter putting wings on pilot. 25) CU pilots who have just received their silver wings from Brig. Gen. Hunter. 26) MS military men standing in ranks. 27) MLS military men in parade traveling L to R. 28) MS the US flag going up. 29) MS military personnel saluting same. 30) CU the US flag, also the banner of the RAF. FLYING TIGERS IN CHINA JOIN US AIR FORCE-NEWS OF THE DAY -- SOMEWHERE IN CHINA. 31) MS Brig. Gen. Chennault turning over his Flying Tigers to Col. Scott. 32) MS Brig. Gen. Chenault and Col. Scott standing in front of a large map of China on side of building. 33) CU Gen. Chennault -- camera pans from general to Col. Scott. 34) MS general and colonel standing in front of large map of China on side of building-camera pans from map to top of building showing picture of Gen. Chiang Kai Chek. 35) MS Col. Scott talking with group of military personnel. Bg shows three P-40's. 36) CU Col. Scott being welcomed by Capt. Wong of the China Air Force. 37) CU pilot R. T. Smith in cockpit of P-40. Name on side of cockpit PILOT R T SMITH and insignias of Japanese aircraft shot down painted on side of aircraft. 38) CU Japanese flag painted on side of aircraft. 39) MLS SRV six P-40's lined up, stationary -- pilot climbing out of one in fg. 40) CU P-40 pilots coming out of stack, running toward camera pass out of frame. 41) CU officer standing in front of ranks, showing pilots new Chinese flags in case they are shot down over "Free China." 42) MCU pilots with backs to camera walking away from same, showing new flag on back of flying suits of "Free China". Bg shows building. US flag flying above same. 43) LS three P-40's flying towards camera in formation. Fg shows natives working with large cloth on ground. 44) AS FV five P-40's coming toward camera -- pass by camera. 45) CU Gen. Chennault inside aircraft. 46) INT same. 47) AS SV P-40's in flight. US SPEEDS WAR AID TO CHINA BY WAY OF BASE IN INDIA -- SUPERVISED BY RUSSEL MUTH -- DESCRIBED BY LOWELL THOMAS -- MOVIETONE NEWS. 48) CU military personnel standing about as large box is lowered from boat. Bg shows large transport type boat being pushed to dock by tug. 49) CU natives of India pushing large box on cart, camera pans R to L showing same. 50) MS railroad cars being loaded with tanks from boats and moving out from harbor. Bg shows boats at anchor. 51) CU camels pulling train of ammunition, native of India starting same. 52) MS camels pulling carts loaded with equipment. Bg shows large tent area. 53) MS INT large hangar, showing mechanics working on P-47's. 54) CU same scene description. 55) CU military personnel loading supplies from truck on C-47. 56) CU pilot talking with officer. Bg shows C-47. 57) CU combat troops loading onto C-47. 58) CU Chinese pilots, bg shows many P-47's. 59) CU pilot pulling canopy over head in cockpit of aircraft, possibly a P-47. 60) MS GC P-40's taking off. JAPANESE ATTACK ON DUTCH HARBOR -- MOVIETONE NEWS. 61) LS oil supplies burning somewhere in Aleutians. Bg shows large mountain covered with snow, fg shows buildings of air base type. 62) MLS high angle, buildings burning. 63) MS boat burning in harbor. 64) MS men fighting fires in the area. 65) Several MS's destruction caused by bombing and fires. 66) MLS boat sitting in harbor after it had burnt. Several views of same. RK0 PATHE NEWS -- NORTH AFRICA, PARATROOPERS ATTACK AFTER A 1500 MILE TRIP -- DESCRIBED BY DWIGHT WEIST. 67) MLS military combat troops approaching two C-47's stationary. 68) CU military troops loading into C-47, in front of nose of C-47 BIG JIG. 69) ASRV from inside C-47, C-47 stationary on ground. 70) LS GC C-47 in flight. 71) LS GC RV three C-47's in flight. 72) LS ASV P-38 in flight. 73) AS RV from inside of C-47, C-47's in flight. 74) ADS C-47 in flight over water. 75) ASV from C-47, C-47's in flight over mountainous area. 76) AS high angle, two P-38's in flight. 77) AS RSV a C-47. 78) CU INT C-47 as men make jump from same. 79) ADS parachutes descending, parachutes hit ground. 80) MLS C-47 parked, camera pans L to R on same. GREAT BOMBING RAID FILMS DAY AND NIGHT, RAF MAKES NAZIS TAKE IT -- NEWS OF THE DAY. 81) LS GC six A-20's in flight directly overhead. 82) AS FSV same. 83) AS FV same. 84) AS FV dolly shot, formation of A-20's over water. 85) ADS A-20 front section, in flight very low over water. 86) AS RV same. Bg shows six A-20's over water. 87) ADS from aircraft, water, approaching beach, bg shows A-20 in flight. 88) ADS shadows of A-20's on French countryside. 89) ADS as camera approaches town which is possibly target of chemical industrial section. 90) CU man pulling bomb release trigger. (This is a silhouetted shot.) 91) CU AS bombs leaving bomb bay. 92) ADS camera plane comes in to take photographs of damage done by bombing. 93) CU AS bombs leaving bomb bay. 94) ADS port and buildings under bombing, this shows bombs exploding. 95) MS INT pilots being readied for flight. 96) CU pilots climbing into flight uniforms and parachutes. 97) MS pilots standing in front of large building and milling around. 98) CU large number of carrier pigeons in cages, one pigeon sticks head from same. 99) MS man carrying cage with carrior pigeons in same, stops, gives same to pilot. 100) Sundown scene, pilot checks with crewmen about aircraft. 101) CU Halifax III stationary, British insignia. 102) MCU men loading onto aircraft, type Halifax III. This is silhouetted as the sun goes down. 103) CU men turning on flood lights. 104) CU man on runway flashing signals for take off. 105) CU Halifax aircraft taxiing toward camera. 106) MS RV Halifax taxiing. 107) CU PS L to R Halifax aircraft taking off, British insignias. 108) ADS night scene, P-40 escorts. 109) CU INT men in aircraft silhouetting same with flares. Men by machine guns and looking through windows. 110) ADS night scene, flares, tracers from ack-ack coming towards aircraft, explosions of same, silhouette aircraft in flight. 111) Several ADS's explosions at night. good(Basic:2 reels, 35mm, sound, Mas Pos)

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