William B. Provine collection of evolutionary biology reprints, 20th century.


William B. Provine collection of evolutionary biology reprints, 20th century.

William B. Provine collection of evolutionary biology reprints, 20th century.

Journal reprints on evolutionary biology.


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Shaw, Bernard, 1856-1950

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q92419 (person)

Born in Dublin, Ireland, on July 26, 1856, George Bernard Shaw was the only son and third and youngest child of George Carr and Lucinda Elizabeth Gurly Shaw. Though descended from landed Irish gentry, Shaw's father was unable to sustain any more than a facade of gentility. Shaw's official education consisted of being tutored by an uncle and briefly attending Protestant and Catholic day schools. At fifteen Shaw began working as a bookkeeper in a land agent's office which required him t...

Swank, Wendell G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds8jc2 (person)

Suzuki, Ryo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt9c2j (person)

Silini, G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tw0939 (person)

Sudak, Fredercik N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wf9jr8 (person)

Sampaio, C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v9815 (person)

Schulz, Jeanette

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq9r5h (person)

Sekera, Emil

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kr3mh0 (person)

Stephens, Jane

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gb59xb (person)

Simkins, Cleveland Sylvester

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68b6t2v (person)

Sirén, Matti J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h57g6b (person)

Schlesinger, Michael

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66k05cj (person)

Simon, Charles E. (Charles Edmund), 1866-1927

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f922z3 (person)

Singh, Beena Devi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g02wwb (person)

Sultanian, I. V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63w534n (person)

Stene, Jon

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf3p7j (person)

Snipes, Wallace C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n5zhr (person)

Schneidewin, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g02x8p (person)

Stanley, Steven M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60q6mcq (person)

Stewart, T. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66n8rsp (person)

Smith, Frank

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69m6v0f (person)

Frank Smith conducted work with the Pacific Ocean Biological Survey in 1966. Smithsonian Institution Archives Field Book Project: Person : Description : rid_85_pid_EACP84 ...

Sabine, Winifred S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj5b0r (person)

Stanley, Harold R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62q0mws (person)

Stoll, Norman R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn419q (person)

Sewall, Henry

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kv29m8 (person)

Sarasin, C. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d7jb1 (person)

Smith, Christianna

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt4dk9 (person)

Strohmeyer, Günther

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fd0sb0 (person)

Stevens, Leroy C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k35qv (person)

Sioli, Harald

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6392w5m (person)

Salord, Juana

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p71b4r (person)

Sussdorf, Dieter H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nj09qc (person)

Sturges, F. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w24v81 (person)

Stearns, Albert Warren, 1885-1959

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6np9j4f (person)

Sinke, Namio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65p1shw (person)

Schulze, Paul.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65g16rx (person)

Schoffeniels, Ernest

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c698v7 (person)

Scharnke, Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x10s4 (person)

Sweadner, Walther R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dw764f (person)

Schwarz, Eugen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m19sz7 (person)

Seitz-Mayr, G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6238czm (person)

Sanz, Carmen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x12pm (person)

Sokoloff, Stephen, 1943-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m48gk7 (person)

Starr, Anna M. (Anna Morse)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt9ctd (person)

Schultz, Eugen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6tf3 (person)

Sironi, G. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4nvg (person)

Sungnist, Melvin E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sg8jmh (person)

Shands, R. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j25q59 (person)

Skallerup, Harry R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m93hg4 (person)

Schitz, Victor

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs7m9q (person)

Storey, H. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b43djk (person)

Short, Lester L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rj4x70 (person)

Lester L. Short (1933-) is an American Ornithologist who worked for the Division of Birds, National Museum of Natural History. Smithsonian Institution Archives Field Book Project: Person : Description : rid_719_pid_EACP716 Short was born in 1934. From the description of Photographs, 1969-1972. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155518033 ...

Schweizer, Dieter.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f34m9w (person)

Storer, John B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw37zh (person)

Sarukhan, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p71b39 (person)

Sirover, M. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66k05tc (person)

Smith, C. R. (Cyrus Rowlett), 1899-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zh06qk (person)

President of American Airlines, 1934-1968; U.S. Secretary of Commerce, 1968-1969; and Chairman of the Board of American Airlines, 1973-1974. From the description of Papers, 1926-1979. (University of Notre Dame). WorldCat record id: 25210469 Aviation company executive. From the description of Reminiscences of Cyrus Rowlett Smith : oral history, 1960. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122512911 ...

Sauer, Jonathan D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q9710h (person)

Schleip, Waldemar

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc9tgc (person)

Skude, Gunnar

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6626ktf (person)

Sievert, Rolf M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64w24bx (person)

Shimotsuma, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65g4c5h (person)

Smith, E. Lucile

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s914bk (person)

Strawbridge, Dennis

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6392vzh (person)

Smyth, J. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6626n5r (person)

Sinskaya, Evgenija Nikolaevna

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b1stx (person)

Sacharov, V. V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b1vrv (person)

Sedliakova, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vk1c62 (person)

Stewart, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t23pc9 (person)

Schuler, Josef F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn816g (person)

Speert, Harold, 1915-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dd3mwx (person)

Schmitt-Krahmer, Constanz

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k51hsq (person)

Sell, Stewart, 1935-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40gnx (person)

Sze, L. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z47jbn (person)

Sembrat, Kazimierz

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw99qv (person)

Self, J. Teague (John Teague), 1906-1995

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h70drq (person)

Schwartz, Drew

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fg9gx0 (person)

Schneider, Lillian K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb6095 (person)

Sasaki, Masato

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6586z3b (person)

Silva, E. T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64w24w3 (person)

Smith, Sedgwick.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rk23vq (person)

Smith earned his Harvard AB in 1909 and his Harvard AM in 1911. From the description of A study and comparison of the southeast border of the Boston Basin and the northeast border of the Norfolk Basin in the region of the Blue Hills : [thesis in] Geology 12, June 14, 1910. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77074917 ...

Shillito, James F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fp6s4b (person)

Schoch, Eugene P. (Eugene Paul), 1871-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pp6t6t (person)

The Eugene Paul Schoch Papers reflect much of Dr. Schoch's research while a faculty member at the University of Texas at Austin. He was elected to positions at the University as follows: Chemistry Instructor, 1897, Assistant Professor, 1905, Associate Professor, 1908, Professor of Physical Chemistry, 1911, Professor of Chemical Engineering, 1938, Director Bureau of Industrial Chemistry, 1928. In 1912, Dr. Schoch studied the production of reactive hydrocarbons from methane. During World War II, h...

Strack, H. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f63cgw (person)

Skovsted, Aage

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr9p2n (person)

Sanders, Mary E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t01znr (person)

Sivertzev-Dobzhansky, N. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40kpm (person)

Sletten, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m4zr9 (person)

Strange, Frank B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zn1388 (person)

Steyvers- Verlinden, L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p7rsq (person)

Schmidt, Frederic C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6392v2v (person)

Squire, Helen M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f5gw4 (person)

Swanson, Elizabeth S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69t7cj8 (person)

Stephens, S.G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw67n0 (person)

Stanley George Stephens (1911-1986), "Steve" as he was called, retired from North Carolina State University as a professor emeritus after 25 years on the faculty. Stephens joined the faculty of North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering (later North Carolina State University) in 1949, serving first as a professor of agronomy, then as head of the Faculty of Genetics from 1951 to 1957, and retiring in 1974, 12 years prior to his death. From the guide to the Stanley Geo...

Selye, Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68q8h9t (person)

Schramm, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hc4s5j (person)

Sweek, W. O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66r7h78 (person)

Schindewolf, Otto H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn71h7 (person)

Svedelius, Nils

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wr5qv8 (person)

Swartz, Richard Carlyle, 1943-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q39pc0 (person)

Skinner, Renate Wittig

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6238f6k (person)

Sheaffer, Charles I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f8jzp (person)

Sing, Charles F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rw6969 (person)

Shiyomi, Masae

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn70bg (person)

Semper, Juan V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x50j2f (person)

Sonneberg, Walter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c95wv6 (person)

Stieglitz, Walter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40h18 (person)

Schauinsland, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67811vr (person)

Skinner, M. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m1xf1 (person)

Scott, P. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h65w9 (person)

Selander, Robert K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk854m (person)

Sinha, H. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b3wtq (person)

Smart, J. J. C. (John Jamieson Carswell), 1920-2012

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61g7xrn (person)

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Adelaide (1950-72) and the Australian National University (1976-86). Author of books on such topics as ethics and the relationship between science and philosophy. From the description of Papers of Jack Smart. 1951-1996. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 221394000 ...

Scott, K.J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6392w7h (person)

Ssacharow, W. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q688jx (person)

Szilagyi, D. Emerick

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qd4w50 (person)

Shengün, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f63c7r (person)

Spiegel, Melvin

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f8dss (person)

Somaroo, B. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vg2p5p (person)

Schaeffer, Elizabeth White

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63647sj (person)

Stimpfling, J. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds8hd3 (person)

Schneider, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq9tp2 (person)

Syrjämäki, Jaakko

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66841k0 (person)

Schrijver, M. P. Roels-De

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q689vc (person)

Shuman, Richard F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k804st (person)

Spärck, J. V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp8vd9 (person)

Strugger, Siegfried.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f5f8n (person)

Straughan, I. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b727km (person)

Schuurman, J.J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph7czz (person)

Slatkin, Montgomery.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pd8mrh (person)

Sánchez-Monge y Parellada, Enrique

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d669sx (person)

Sharp, Aaron J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt4c42 (person)

Stewart, R. N

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40frv (person)

Skougaard, Mogens

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jj97mp (person)

Sax, Hally J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hv8cjv (person)

Schaffer, Henry E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67529p5 (person)

Sheppard, W. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr9m9z (person)

Stolp, R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jz4469 (person)

Sharma, D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65p1t5t (person)

Statz, Georg

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w84rz (person)

Sinnott, Edmund W. (Edmund Ware), 1888-1958

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ht2rxq (person)

Botanist and historian; taught botany at University of Connecticut, Barnard, and Yale. From the description of Edmund Ware Sinnott papers, 1923-1981. (New Haven Colony Historical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 319705878 Edmund Ware Sinnott received an A.B. degree from Harvard in 1908, an A.M. in 1910, and a Ph.D. in 1913. He was on the faculty of Harvard University from 1908 to 1915. Sinnott was a professor of botany at the Connecticut Agricultural College from 1915 t...

Stubbe, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nm9385 (person)

Simões, I. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6529jbk (person)

Sifton, H. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66843gg (person)

Sedgwick, Barbara

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6015mqx (person)

Seath, Dwight M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64p4tw2 (person)

Simson, S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6112sn8 (person)

Sanders, N. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60m7zqp (person)

Schreiber, Walter R

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v27pzr (person)

Slizynska, Helen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69m9zcr (person)

Sengel, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gw175n (person)

Schneider, Gertrud

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63646g3 (person)

Strandskov, Herluf H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69j17f7 (person)

Smith, Oliver H. (Oliver Hampton), 1794-1859

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6930vwn (person)

A native of New Jersey, Smith moved to Indiana and studied law. He served in the Indiana General Assembly, was prosecuting attorney for the third judicial district, and later served in the U.S. House and Senate. He founded the town of Yorktown in Delaware County. Smith spent the last years of his life in Indianapolis. From the description of Papers, 1826-1859. (Indiana Historical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 31906333 Oliver H. Smith, a native of New Jersey moved to ...

Sharpe, H. Subak

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61q3n45 (person)

Simon, E. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m212q (person)

Schroeder, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bd3t6t (person)

Epithet: percussion player British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000624.0x0002c5 ...

Saunders, E. R. (Edith Rebecca), 1865-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6km2tdc (person)

Saunders was a fellow and lecturer in botany, Newnham College, Cambridge. From the description of [Letter, 19]17 Jul. 29, Newnham College, Cambridge [to H. Stuart Thompson] / E. R. Saunders. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 432077619 ...

Schnecke, Christian

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m20t5 (person)

Schacht, Lee E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66g1cz0 (person)

Schneberger, Edw.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hc4qrb (person)

Shimony, T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xf6r2z (person)

Stack, S. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jz4340 (person)

Savage, A. (Anna)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62p8x7p (person)

Sacchi, C. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f8hrk (person)

Silvestri, L. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cx047b (person)

Siminovitch, L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh87g9 (person)

Swift, Marguerite N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h861m0 (person)

Schlesinger, Allen B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r65bjx (person)

Senkbeil, Edward

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cq2p5r (person)

Singarajah, K. V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64p4rk6 (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h65xr (person)

Shacklette, Hansford T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67b9rm1 (person)

Storch, Otto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tp2xkq (person)

Stroud, Angnes N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6px25c3 (person)

Steffensen, Dale

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nq7sfz (person)

Swarup, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dw747z (person)

Sentz, J. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x108d (person)

Smith, Luther H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hk24jx (person)

Smith, James Penn

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60731d5 (person)

Sasaki, Kiichiro

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t58bs (person)

Sauer, Fred Charles

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6141bv7 (person)

Shimizu, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn446m (person)

Schroeder, Traute

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn7wz9 (person)

Schwanitz, Hanna

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f921bm (person)

Solitano, G. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cq2p3v (person)

Saul, George B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wr5q4v (person)

Sitzung, Erste

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp8z4z (person)

Schröder, Kurt, 1888-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zx78cq (person)

Salyer, J. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nm91g1 (person)

Stummer, Albert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn7wrm (person)

Schierbeck, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68784w2 (person)

Snyder, Michael A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v254kf (person)

Suzuki, Shigetake

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt4gw5 (person)

Schmula, first name not provided

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p42m3z (person)

Steiglitz, Walter O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mx82gv (person)

Srivastava, M. D. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj88g1 (person)

Sprague, Victor, 1908-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65z7x19 (person)

Sadanaga, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q96zbs (person)

Stroman, Govan N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m48hg9 (person)

Snieszko, Stanislas F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60d7shv (person)

Seeler, Edgar Viguers, 1867-1929

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n01d76 (person)

Spengel, J. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs5kxt (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vz61v4 (person)

Sinsheimer, Robert L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gm9hpz (person)

Sinsheimer (1920- ). Biophysicist. California Institute of Technology. From the description of Papers. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 80830846 Biographical Sketch Robert L. Sinsheimer was born the second of three brothers in Washington, D.C. in 1920, but he grew up in Chicago. He was one of the first graduates of M.I.T.'s biophysics undergraduate program in 1941. Sinsheimer stayed on for graduate study in biophysics, earn...

Smith, Frances Grace, 1871-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bp2z3h (person)

Frances Grace Smith was born in Springfield, MA on Dec. 27, 1870, the daughter of George B. Smith and Mary L. Stebbins. Her father was the City Assessor for Springfield, MA and she was raised in the Baptist faith. She graduated from Smith College with the Class of 1893. During her undergraduate career she focused her studies on the Classics and taught Latin at the high school in Warren, MA during 1895-1897. Frances redirected her life to Botany and returned to Smith College and received her M.A....

Soldo, Anthony T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s33nhq (person)

Sonnenscheim, Carlos

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s9cjh (person)

Shaffer, James G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kv2bcj (person)

Smithers, Reay H. N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fg9fmj (person)

Shapiro, Herbert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sk7834 (person)

Suman, Theodore W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b7253h (person)

Stöhr, Philipp, 1849-1911

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mr0nrq (person)

Snyder, Bertha

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rd2rfg (person)

Stout, John F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s0509w (person)

Stewart, W. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h28n2z (person)

Stelmach, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63h07xx (person)

Schmid, Gunther

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gs2jz1 (person)

Stelos, Peter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt9gpv (person)

Scott, Robert B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t59d1t (person)

Strauss, Maurice B. (Maurice Benjamin), 1904-1974

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zx755s (person)

Schneider, Michael J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jc1vqq (person)

Starr, Richard C...

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xz0466 (person)

Sanford, Heyworth N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6626n83 (person)

Serebrovosky, A. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60x3znc (person)

Saure, Lauri

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6209r56 (person)

Schaap, Catherine J. (Catherine Jo), 1954-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jz40zh (person)

Sosnin, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6432g7s (person)

Suter, Robert B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nj0bw1 (person)

Schwarz, Ilse

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j54d8k (person)

Spencer, Warren P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68639nr (person)

Schultz, Vincent.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t023wx (person)

Schumacher, Walter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x9342 (person)

Stephen, R. O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hz70s3 (person)

Stout, Arlow Burdette, 1876-1957

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rr2pf3 (person)

Arlow Burdette Stout (1876-1957) research botanist and geneticist served as Director of Laboratories, Curator of Education and Curator of Laboratories at the New York Botanical Garden, 1911-1947. He was known for his experiments in plant genetics, especially relating to processes of self-sterility and seed reproduction in flowering plants. His research at NYBG led to important advances in the science and development of Hemerocallis, Persea, Vitis and Populus. Stout was the first to breed seedles...

Souza, Valeria

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn7xzq (person)

Schenck, Günther O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj8922 (person)

Shapiro, Hillel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rw6bg9 (person)

Szabo, George

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69j182q (person)

George Szabo was a staff photographer for the United States Information Agency in the 1960s and 1970s. From the description of Szabo, George (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 10611159 ...

Slinger, Ian

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh8chd (person)

Sauer, Klaus Peter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65p1r50 (person)

Shatz, V. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s913b5 (person)

Saussey, Michel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sk75rd (person)

Stockar, Alejandro

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv4hnr (person)

Stuckey, Irene H. (Irene Hawkins), 1911-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6306rtw (person)

Schmidt, E. R. (Erwin R.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n5vzb (person)

Sin-Ike, Tamotu

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61t28t7 (person)

Stella, Emilia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w829dh (person)

Small, Meredith F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k22rxr (person)

Silver, A. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fd0sfb (person)

Steadman, David W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68v0c48 (person)

David W. Steadman (1951-) received his M.S., Zoology from the University of Florida and his Ph.D. in Geosciences from the University of Arizona. He was the curator of birds and mammals at New York State Museum. Smithsonian Institution Archives Field Book Project: Person : Description : rid_744_pid_EACP741 ...

Simpson, Ethel D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67812kk (person)

Sykes, E. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dh2btc (person)

Stocking, Ruth J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6461818 (person)

Spruill, W. Austin

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v66x5 (person)

Solbrig, Otto T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w240zn (person)

Shiwago, P. I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gw1bb4 (person)

Sharatchandra, H. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6752cts (person)

Sierp, Hermann

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v85884 (person)

Sundström, Kurt-Erik

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m4vvd (person)

Stewart, D. R. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b3x3q (person)

Sillers, Peggy Janice Margaret, 1954-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt9g37 (person)

Sandow, Alexander

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6112p1z (person)

Steinmann, Paul, Dr.-Ing

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63s6d2t (person)

Snyder, Wade F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g88zrd (person)

Schildkrant, Carl L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h57dmw (person)

Seto, Takeshi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6820qgz (person)

St. John, R. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t595z (person)

Schneider, I. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68r1p67 (person)

Steward, David L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ts1p9w (person)

Saltman, Paul

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v0069 (person)

Biography Born in Los Angeles, California, on April 11, 1928, Paul Saltman received a B.S. in chemistry (1949) and Ph.D. in biochemistry (1953) from the California Institute of Technology. He taught biochemistry at the University of Southern California from 1953 until 1967, when he accepted the position of provost of Revelle College at the University of California, San Diego. In 1972 Saltman was appointed Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs....

Schwat, Howard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6752f4n (person)

Stuart, Neil W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68r1knt (person)

Steyskal, George C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4p5x (person)

Santoro, Antonietta

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bm72xq (person)

Saint-Hilaire, Auguste de

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xv1jkf (person)

Stubers, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66g1c1w (person)

Sasaoka, Tsunetaro

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67j76sz (person)

Schonfeld, Murray D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vk19dx (person)

Sillo-Seidl, Georg

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg3gbq (person)

Sijpkens, B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p7q1f (person)

Stone, George B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn7wpq (person)

Sawyer, Charles H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x18ftq (person)

Biography Charles Henry Sawyer was born on January 24, 1915 in Ludlow, Vermont; AB, Middlebury College, 1937; Ph.D. in zoology, Yale University, 1941; on academic staffs in anatomy, Stanford and Duke Universities, 1941-51; professor of Anatomy, Duke University, 1950; professor of anatomy, UCLA School of Medicine (1951-85); served as chairman of the anatomy department, 1955-63; vice-president, American Association of Anatomists, 1968-70, and w...

Selles, William D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v395q (person)

Schmidt, Konrad

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s3jn8 (person)

Schreiber, Richard W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kr3rtp (person)

Smithberg, Morris

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k51gzj (person)

Stein, Georg H. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pb019x (person)

Seiber, James N., 1940-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xz03v9 (person)

Swift, Charles H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s33q2q (person)

Charles Henry Swift (1881-1966), served on the faculty of the University of Chicago's Department of Anatomy from 1910 to 1946. Swift came from an educated Kentucky family whose acquaintance with William Rainey Harper spurred a move to Chicago. As an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, Swift earned bachelor's degrees in history and in anatomy and botany. He then went on to receive an M.D. from Rush Medical College in 1910, and a Ph.D. in anatomy from University of Chicago. ...

Sheffner, A Leonard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60x405w (person)

Stoy, Volkmar

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t59c90 (person)

Sandberg, Gary R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60x42w4 (person)

Snyder, Dana P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z76c16 (person)

Slater, E. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x79683 (person)

Semler, David Edward

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw39s3 (person)

Salamini, Francesco

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69n01vs (person)

Sherman, Harry

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nf1qdn (person)

Smilanick, J. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40gt5 (person)

Schloßberger, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw46wg (person)

Sando, W. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40jm9 (person)

Swanson, Jane

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wz34jh (person)

Saura, Anssi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jg0kk8 (person)

Sommermeyer, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw49gb (person)

Sears, Barbara B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65s0k0b (person)

Samter, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bq5q6f (person)

Simpson, Q. I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt4bhk (person)

Scott, Miriam Jackson

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tp31d3 (person)

Smith, Pearl Mabry

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xv1jrp (person)

Sieling, Fred W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61q3nzx (person)

Smith, Donald A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hc4sxd (person)

Smallwood, W. M. (William Martin), 1873-1949

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jj89wq (person)

William Martin Smallwood (1873-1949) was an American biologist and a professor at Syracuse University. Smallwood collected books and manuscript material related to the history of science in the United States, much of which he donated to the Syracuse University Library. Most of this collection originated with Smallwood's research for a 1937 article on Amos Eaton. From the guide to the Smallwood Collection, 1801-1887, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries)...

Stoddard, E. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67r4k78 (person)

Singh, R. K. (Ram Keshwar), 1943-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt7pxq (person)

Samborski, D. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq9rqp (person)

Schat, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv4fxh (person)

Shine, Richard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qn8305 (person)

Sauer, Wilhelm

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vg1j29 (person)

Steel, Robert G. D. (Robert George Douglas), 1917-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6q27 (person)

Schedel, Jos

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw451v (person)

Schneider, W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wr5q3d (person)

Saraux, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60f0f9q (person)

Shimek, B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg3htd (person)

Stanley, Suzanne M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x50jrd (person)

Smith, J. A. B. (James Andrew Buchan)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66k03g2 (person)

Shreffler, Donald C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c11s82 (person)

Smith, F. R. (Frederick Richard), 1876-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k775xb (person)

Shimotomai, Naomasa

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m1xqm (person)

Sanyal, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq4v04 (person)

Sattler, R. (Rolf)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv4hc5 (person)

Strangio, V. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x7990r (person)

Saxena, A. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h8641m (person)

Sorensen, Henning

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63645t5 (person)

Strickland, C. F. (Claude Francis), 1881-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp3t78 (person)

Shannon, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qd5qv8 (person)

Schultz-Larsen, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68784qt (person)

Schwidefsky, Günter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv4f9f (person)

Sundaram, T. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn44m0 (person)

Stewart, G. N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ch589n (person)

Sawa, Takashi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65c5rjb (person)

Schell, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f8jvb (person)

Silliman, Ralph P. (Ralph Parks), 1913-1999

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j13bqt (person)

Sutton, Walter B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6432jdv (person)

Steel, W. O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p99xd3 (person)

Steinkraus, Keith H., 1918-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d08ww0 (person)

Schnyder, U. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p13tbx (person)

Scudamore, Harold H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x798xf (person)

Scrivenor, J. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w675297b (person)

Schilling, Claus Karl, 1871-1946

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64007rt (person)

Satô, Shin-ichi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z76c8b (person)

Stoller, Alan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s04xfg (person)

Simitch, Tsch.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b1v2w (person)

Scofield, W. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n748tq (person)

Smits, B.L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bm6zrv (person)

Steiniger, Fritz.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k51h5n (person)

Sanger, Christine

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wc0vg9 (person)

Schreider, Eugene

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m48kd7 (person)

Sanner, Tore

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6586zv6 (person)

Stunkard, Horace W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f5j7f (person)

Stephan-Dubois, Françoise

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f8j21 (person)

Sperry, R. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh88jm (person)

Schmidt, Robert S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw4830 (person)

Saley, D. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k90fv (person)

Scholl, Mary Louise L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tz93gv (person)

Stein, Werner

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wr45df (person)

Seshachar, B.R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p7rf7 (person)

Schneider, L. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jc1rsc (person)

Scharf, Joachim-Hermann

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h57drp (person)

Shrode, Robert R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hp0v4h (person)

Sluss, T. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq4tjw (person)

Sanada, Masao

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s9ch2 (person)

Spalding, Douglas

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d667hh (person)

Savoca, Giuseppina Furnari

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b3w4r (person)

Smith, Frank H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x5x4g (person)

Sulzbach, D. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kf7hr9 (person)

Spillman, W. T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh1d22 (person)

Stewart, William S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67z20mg (person)

Slocombe, Alan Gilson

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rw68wv (person)

Salpeter, M. M. (Miriam M.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62n56nw (person)

Professor of Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University from 1973-2000. From the description of Miriam Salpeter papers, 1952-2003. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 64037626 From the guide to the Miriam Salpeter papers, 1952-2003, (Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library) ...

Sannomiya, Masanobu

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wc0vdd (person)

Sprague, G. F. (George Frederick), 1902-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zs657x (person)

George Sprague was a Twin Falls, Idaho, businessman who was involved in various deals related to development and the sale of irrigated lands. He was an officer in several corporations, including The Northwestern Investment Company of Boise, the Irrigated Lands Company of Twin Falls, and the Twin Falls News Publishing Company. From the description of Papers, 1905-1912. (Idaho State Historical Society Library & Archives). WorldCat record id: 42929054 ...

Saini, Mohan S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f922jq (person)

Surrey, Kenneth

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt4c08 (person)

Shindo, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw47ww (person)

Serota, Cornelia Ann

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x21t7b (person)

Seller, Timothy J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x50h3g (person)

Sturtevant, A. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qd2r0b (person)

Smiley, Edwina M. (Edwina Maria)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m4xqf (person)

Sublette, James E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6198rk0 (person)

Simonds, Austin O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c97wfk (person)

Scheinberg, S. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nb2whd (person)

Strøman, Per

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf3rnr (person)

Spencer, R. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60h94nk (person)

Sutton, Stephen L., 1938-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt2jjv (person)

Shuto, Tsugio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b43gbq (person)

Stiles, Walter, 1886-1966

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j82prf (person)

Walter Stiles, 1886-1966, botanist. Stiles was educated at Latymer Upper School, Hammersmith, London, and Emmanuel College, Cambridge where he graduated in the Natural Science Tripos Part I 1907 (First Class), Part II 1909 (First Class). From 1910-1919, Stiles was assistant lecturer in the Department of Botany, University of Leeds, and from 1918-1920 he undertook work for the Food Investigation Board. From 1919-1929 he was Professor of Botany at the University of Reading, and from 1...

Stanley, M.A. (Melinda Anne)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62677df (person)

Summitt, Robert L. (Robert Layman), 1932-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w687863k (person)

Steinbrinck, C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg3jrx (person)

Schiller, I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mr0sn1 (person)

Schlesinger, Kurt.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6820pmb (person)

Stern, Kurt G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65t5r7s (person)

Sampson, Dexter Reid.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w845b (person)

Stojka, R. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wf9m6x (person)

Salmon, Theodora N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g60ccq (person)

Sandell, E. B. (Ernest Birger), 1906-1984

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6306sb1 (person)

Straney, Margaret J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j54gd6 (person)

Schwartz, V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh8953 (person)

Schwartz, Charles Warren

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h6765 (person)

Springer, Mary Grace

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vp00k3 (person)

Sexton, Owen J. (Owen James), 1926-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp8x9s (person)

Same-Ekobo, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kz15m8 (person)

Soukhow, K. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64p4s3b (person)

Storer, B. John

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x91f8 (person)

Schalet, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h861tp (person)

Sturkie, Paul D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr2qf2 (person)

Sharrocks, Horace F. (Horace Fielding), 1912-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn7wmt (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m51jt (person)

Stephenson, S. N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k803v9 (person)

Smith, Philip, 1928-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69c78pb (person)

Sauer, Kenneth

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66559dd (person)

Sivickis, Pranis Baltras

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc9r7d (person)

Solano, Haydee

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64k63z0 (person)

Suzuki, Akio S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw46q7 (person)

Schumacher, Irwin C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6303ff3 (person)

Sarachek, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63h0b02 (person)

Savkovic, N. V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x21xnz (person)

Stromsten, Frank A. (Frank Albert), 1872-1958

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zp7k5b (person)

Frank Albert Stromsten was born April 5, 1872, in Corydon, Iowa. He received his B.S. in June 1900 from the State University of Iowa. He held a fellowship in the Department of Animal Morphology and Physiology under Professor Gilbert L. Houser from 1900 until 1902. He received his M.S. in June 1902 and then served as assistant instructor for one year. From 1903 until 1905 he held a fellowship at Princeton University and took the Sc.D. degree. He returned to the State University of Iowa as instruc...

Shiota, Giza

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b1svc (person)

Stauffer, R. C. (Robert C.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69c8bch (person)

Sampath, S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kv2crw (person)

Seeley, Thomas D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv7g0n (person)

Stebbins, Florence M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6403wqc (person)

Sanchez, Patricio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s9c9c (person)

Schuller, Rita C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw99xj (person)

Sweet, David P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jz413q (person)

Skupinski, W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6015n2t (person)

Smit, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xz078b (person)

Steele, Dewey G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6917pg5 (person)

Sinnock, Pomeroy

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64p4t80 (person)

Schierman, Louis W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tk4b34 (person)

Schlough, James S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bx32f1 (person)

Swingle, Charles F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d667pr (person)

Shikata, Morikazu

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hk26q0 (person)

Sakuma, Seishi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf4kpd (person)

Sundför, Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nq7rwc (person)

Sayre, Edward V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v72v1j (person)

Stone, H. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w678137h (person)

Swineford, Oscar, Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64c8mw0 (person)

Silber, Joel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66c2r8x (person)

Shwachman, Harry

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fd0rdg (person)

Shelton, R. G. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64c8qfd (person)

Stouffer, Samuel A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xx8sv8 (person)

Sakaguchi, Bungo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m77567 (person)

Smith, Hobart M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w83mr (person)

Sill, W. H., Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6500x3w (person)

Soler, Consuelo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66g1dv2 (person)

Szafer, Wladyslaw

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r65cnp (person)

Sibaoka, Takao

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gw1bpm (person)

Sparrow, Arnold H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6306vpb (person)

Stieber, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zt8jjm (person)

Siegel, R.W. (Richard W.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph7b00 (person)

Szepsenwol, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69f2k6k (person)

Small, Parker A

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m21j0 (person)

Skinner, L. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62q0p90 (person)

Serebriakow, Paul

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d7mc9 (person)

Stollberg, Bruce P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64p4t7j (person)

Scott, Jesse F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn40ns (person)

Schiff, Robert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj8c74 (person)

Sidis, Boris, 1867-1923

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bk4jcv (person)

Schachtschabel, D. O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f91z8h (person)

Sampson, Lilian V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x798f5 (person)

Scobee, Richard G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69t7dw5 (person)

Southhard, Janice L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s62f5d (person)

Saxena, Meena

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6238hrk (person)

Snyder, Fred

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68r1q6n (person)

Skaare, S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v27vc6 (person)

Salmon, Denise

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp8xfk (person)

Sun, V. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r36khq (person)

Second, Gerard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6684217 (person)

Skinner, Dorothy M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x1448 (person)

Shryrock, E. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64617nx (person)

Stevens, Frank Lincoln, 1871-1934

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cc1hjs (person)

Stevens, Leroy C., Jr

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4jfv (person)

Simoes, L. C. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6586zbg (person)

Shilling, C. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f5j9b (person)

Sheehan, Marion R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k807pq (person)

Stein, George J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sf3xth (person)

Schoepfle, Gordon M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w687829m (person)

Schwartz, Hermann.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66c2rw0 (person)

Seddon, George, 1927-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6474p3m (person)

George Seddon was Professorial Associate, Centre for Studies in Australian Literature, Department of English, University of Western Australia. He has held Chairs in English at UWA; Geology at Oregon; History and Philosophy of Science at UNSW; Environmental Scienc at Melbourne, and has taught at universities in Lisbon, Toronto, Bologna, Rome, Venice, Minnesota and Oregon. He was Director of the Centre for Environmental Studies at the University of Melbourne (1974-82), later becoming Dean of the F...

Silvestri, L. (Lucio)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6112qzg (person)

Stafford, Richard E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c6992b (person)

Silver, D. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w53fx7 (person)

Stocker, ann Jacob

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66z4wn4 (person)

Scott, W. E. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb5xfr (person)

St. John, Harold

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65b0snv (person)

American botanist. From the description of Papers, 1912-1957. (Washington State University). WorldCat record id: 29852960 Harold St. John was an American botanist and taxonomist known for his book, List and Summary of the Flowering Plants of the Hawaiian Islands. He was born in 1892 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania received his Ph.D. from Harvard University in 1917. St. John was a well-known professor of Botany at University of Hawaii where he served as chair of the Botany Depart...

Sigot, Michel.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt4dmr (person)

Strain, Harold H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w82dn (person)

Silva, Marcela

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g31q7d (person)

Schalet, Abraham

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66r7jfc (person)

Summers, Francis M. (Francis Marion), 1906-1994

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66b1cm4 (person)

Francis Marion Summers was born in Fredericktown, Missouri on June 8, 1906. He graduated from high school in Calexico, California, and attended Junior College in El Centro. He received his A.B. in zoology from University of California, Berkeley and his M.A. in 1932 and Ph.D. in 1935 in biology from Columbia University. His Ph.D. dissertation was on cytology of ciliate protozoa. He taught biology courses, including human anatomy, at Bard College, Columbia University; Cornell University Medical Co...

Scholz, Friedrich.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq9spn (person)

Stanford, Ernest Hall, 1911-1986

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k34ts (person)

Sugiyama, Sadao

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc9w38 (person)

Schuel, Herbert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd6nvq (person)

Sampson, Homer C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64g7d83 (person)

Steindl, Fritz

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60733cj (person)

Saxen, Lauri

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb51vg (person)

Schultz, Alfred S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c11scd (person)

Stich, W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sg8jw3 (person)

Stone, Marshall H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bx334d (person)

Simpson, James.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67b488v (person)

Epithet: GCB, General British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001130.0x00002b Epithet: American Consul at Gibraltar British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001034.0x0003cb Epithet: Consul at Gibraltar British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001072.0x0003a8 Epithet: ...

Spirtes, M. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b1vg8 (person)

Saito, Takuma

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xv1gj5 (person)

Strong, Leonell C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gg6hjn (person)

Strauch, G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p7s52 (person)

Steinberg, Sonia N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r36p8t (person)

Smith, Clarence A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6626kvw (person)

Steyaert, R.-L

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f63934 (person)

Steineger, Leonhard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65p1v91 (person)

Strausbaugh, P. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6px25bn (person)

Stiner, Frederic M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x21vcj (person)

Sullivan, B. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zj2g7q (person)

Sprugel, George

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t884rk (person)

Savile, D. B. O. (Douglas Barton Osborne), 1909-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc9sgz (person)

Schwartz, H. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66k02qs (person)

Stimpson, W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f8hjw (person)

Skachova, I. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h57d8d (person)

Stewart, Robert E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kn4xh2 (person)

Shafer, Stephen J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67810vb (person)

Siple, Paul A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r07xgr (person)

Scalfati, M. Carla

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69q8rdc (person)

Salceda, Victor M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67z22c5 (person)

Smarsh, Anne

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r9450b (person)

Samoggia, V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6xk4 (person)

Smith, A. G., Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61t2c32 (person)

Sheppard, Philip M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w24vmh (person)

Swez, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r0802k (person)

Susa, Torasaburo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj8d5n (person)

Sponsler, O. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kj678c (person)

Shafer, George D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h5454k (person)

Smith, Joseph W., Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh1d05 (person)

Sereni, Enrico

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rw678c (person)

Simpson, George Gaylord, 1902-1984

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pv6mt4 (person)

George Gaylord Simpson was a vertebrate paleontologist perhaps best known for his contributions to the founding and further articulation of the modern evolutionary synthesis. He studied at Yale University (Ph.D. 1926), having initially worked at the American Museum of Natural History in 1924. He returned to work the AMNH as a curator (1927-1942) and later as chairman of the Department of Paleontology and Geology (1942-1959). Simpson accepted an Alexander Agassiz Professorship from Harvard's Muse...

Smith-Sonneborn, Joan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qh4gj0 (person)

Surana, Rawatmal B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg5hp5 (person)

Smith, John W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6389x8p (person)

Staden, Rodger

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68r1kgk (person)

Schut, John W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62q0qc9 (person)

Shimada, T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hz6z74 (person)

Salvat, B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vc3vkg (person)

Sanders, Murray

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s324qt (person)

Stevens, Neil E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6583t40 (person)

Saayman, G. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d08tt8 (person)

Stiles, Charles Wardell, 1867-1941

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qz4g26 (person)

Sagen, H. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s33qg3 (person)

Smith, D. A. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j25p6b (person)

Simpson, George B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh6srr (person)

Stiebel, S. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f34kpd (person)

Short, R.V. (Roger Valentine), 1930-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vq6vpd (person)

Sheppard, C. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6403s7v (person)

Steinmetz, Ferdinand H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kv2b0m (person)

Stärk, Otto J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h8644z (person)

Shoemaker, Clarence R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67t136k (person)

Sugihara, G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x134v (person)

Stevanovic, Dragica

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6403sjw (person)

Sheba, Chaim

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p7r9f (person)

Sutton, H. Eldon (Harry Eldon), 1927-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6708hkv (person)

Shapiro, Bettison E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z47jks (person)

Shehata, M. El-Tabey

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63d1ph8 (person)

Stevenson, Henry M. (Henry Miller), 1914-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vh63t1 (person)

Storez, Robert A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cx06zk (person)

Serra, Angelo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb81j8 (person)

Seabra, Paulo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wf9nxr (person)

Smith, Harry M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ww9kxd (person)

Stehn, John R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jj9858 (person)

Scott, Donald H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s9cw0 (person)

Sutherland, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kz1597 (person)

Stainer, Edward

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f5fv8 (person)

Straib, W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sk7851 (person)

Spannuth, John R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6917s3g (person)

Spaas, J. T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65588dt (person)

Scott, Roland B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h001x0 (person)

Scheinberg, Eliyahu

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc9s5x (person)

Smadel, Joseph E. (Joseph Edwin), 1907-1963

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nk83g4 (person)

Stein, Robert Carrington

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dp9q3w (person)

Smith, H. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6917rtg (person)

Schulz, R. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw9892 (person)

Stewart, Sarah E. (Sarah Elizabeth), 1905-1976

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nd6q8d (person)

Dr. Sarah Elizabeth Stewart (b. Aug. 16, 1905, Tecalitlán, Jalisco, Mexico–d. Nov. 27, 1976, New Smyrna Beach, FL) was a Mexican-American researcher who pioneered the field of viral oncology research. She earned her BS at New Mexico State University (1927), her MS at the University of Massachusetts Amherst (1930), her PhD at the University of Chicago (1939), and the first woman to receive a MD from Georgetown University (1949). She began her career at the National Institutes of Health in 1935 an...

Sficas, A. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wz365d (person)

Smith, Jared G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s6rpq (person)

Schürhoff, P. N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64w27gz (person)

Srivastava, B. I. Sahai

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p99x89 (person)

Streedain, A. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b1sbn (person)

Stevens, Charles F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jv5c4n (person)

Schaper, Alfred

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s05199 (person)

Scheerer, H. (Hans)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40kmq (person)

Sigot, André

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h68wj (person)

Seeliger, Rudolf

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62q0rkd (person)

Sonnet, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dh2dvn (person)

Schouteden, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pr7tkt (person)

Styles, E. Derek

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d94zfk (person)

Sagher, Daphna

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v679h (person)

Spencer, D.A. (Douglas Arthur), 1901-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6007cm3 (person)

Sørensen, Thorvald

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68n2z23 (person)

Sang, J. H. (James H.), 1912-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tz94zj (person)

Saxe, L. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62676q2 (person)

Sato, Tadao

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63s6h79 (person)

Šulc, Karel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dm151n (person)

Semper, Max, 1870-1952

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r07xcd (person)

Smyth, Charles Phelps, 1895-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ng4xc5 (person)

Charles Phelps Smyth was born in Clinton, New York on February 10, 1895. He died in Bozeman, Montana on March 3, 1990. He received his bachelors and masters degrees from Princeton University and his Ph.D. from Harvard University where he studied under the Nobel laureate Theodore W. Richards. From 1920 onwards he was associated with Princeton University. His field of interest was dielectrics and atomic structure. He served in Chemical Service Corps in World War I and was recalled to duty in World...

Shantz, H. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w697545t (person)

Suyama, Y.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6626pbd (person)

Shick, J. Malcolm (John Malcolm), 1947-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb80tf (person)

Stone, R. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6586x85 (person)

Steuber, Maria.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn70v9 (person)

Shannon, Leland M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dm11ph (person)

Saks, Norman M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6820q6c (person)

Stein, Olga

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63d1mvx (person)

Steopoe, Ioan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66c2sz9 (person)

Smith, Peter K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cg2nd2 (person)

Sheng, Ted C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p13xn6 (person)

Surface, Frank M. (Frank Macy), 1882-1965

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z33b2q (person)

American economist and author; acting chief, Statistical Division, United States Food Administration, 1917-1918; chief statistician, American Relief Administration, 1919-1920; assistant director, United States Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, 1926-1933; director of sales research, 1933-1945, and assistant to the president, 1945-1947, Standard Oil Company. From the description of Frank Macy Surface papers, 1906-1984. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754867295 ...

Smith, Sheila Maynard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w53kkd (person)

Suriray, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d6678c (person)

Sayar, H. Z.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xf6qvv (person)

Simpson, David J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rm07q5 (person)

Stokke, T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w636450d (person)

Shah, Prabhaker N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s050pt (person)

Schmitz, Thomas H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wr5sct (person)

Sugahara, Tsutomu

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40h8d (person)

Schweers, V. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d08wkz (person)

Stephenson, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tn7phg (person)

Schulman, J. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6723qjp (person)

Stockberger, W. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g8926v (person)

Schmidt, L. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mx85s4 (person)

Smulyan, Marcus T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jj9534 (person)

Smith, Falconer

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dm11t9 (person)

Schramm, Gerhard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4mcs (person)

Sorokina, O. N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6500z73 (person)

Sizer, Irwin W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j25p30 (person)

Scott, John, 1785-1861

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r659kz (person)

Sedgwick, Adam

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk28pr (person)

Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873) was born in Dent, Yorkshire, on 22 March 1785, and educated at Sedbergh School and Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 1808. He gained a Fellowship in 1810, was ordained in 1816, and was elected to the Woodwardian Professorship of Geology at Cambridge in 1818. Over the next fifty years he lectured regularly and did much to promote the study of natural science in the university, and was a founder of the Cambridge Philosophical Society. He often spent his vacations ...

Sansoy, Orhan M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6112n94 (person)

Smith, George A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vf7g7n (person)

Seaton, A. P. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61t2f7p (person)

Szmelcman, Sevec

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6403sz8 (person)

Schaar, Bernard E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63645zz (person)

Spanier, Graham B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g31kq1 (person)

Smyly, W. J. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v95rb (person)

Šepeleva, E. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j834md (person)

Surver, William M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nj09bf (person)

Stempel, M. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s9d6f (person)

Saenger, Eugene L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p4q6j (person)

Schacklette, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6044dd2 (person)

Sitt, Walter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69752pq (person)

Slautterback, David B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69t796z (person)

Shaw, Richard F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn43t8 (person)

Seecof, Robert L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vg2j4k (person)

Schlanger, Gladys

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k806nv (person)

Sullivan, Robert T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60h96bc (person)

Singer, C. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt3fb9 (person)

Snider, Philip J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q39q0g (person)

Shadle, Albert R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cm42q6 (person)

Small, James

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c980t4 (person)

Schuh, Joseph E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k22qww (person)

Smith, Val H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g31n7k (person)

Stern, Vernon M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fp6sfc (person)

Smith, A. Gilbert (Alan Gilbert), 1937-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt3gm9 (person)

Scudder, Samuel Hubbard, 1837-1911

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kw660t (person)

Epithet: palaeontologist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000707.0x0001c4 Samuel H. Scudder was an American entomologist and paleontologist. Scudder specialized in the study of Orthoptera, which at that time was defined to include grasshoppers, crickets, cockroaches and other insects. He also did extensive work on the classification of Lepidoptera and Coleoptera (beetles), and was a pion...

Stone, B. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jg0htk (person)

Salomon, Kurt

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x79b8r (person)

Schweizer, Michael

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x10q7 (person)

Sairam, T. V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ct1d2r (person)

Swartz, Morton N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s62b6m (person)

Schoennagel, Erich

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk840d (person)

Solere, Maurice

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dm122v (person)

Salzano, Francisco Mauro

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n16wc1 (person)

Sternberg, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fv26vx (person)

Stopes, Marie C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mq80gz (person)

Spiess, Luretta D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wf9jw2 (person)

Schery, Robert W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62d4h1r (person)

Schröder, Johannes Horst.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs7h81 (person)

Svenson, Henry K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64p2j8x (person)

Stokes, James

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zx1sd3 (person)

Epithet: of the Office for Trade British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000444.0x00033c ...

Sanborn, C. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq4t89 (person)

Sybesma, Christiaan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq9wrs (person)

Simmons, John R

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dd3msk (person)

Stewart, J. S. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w697565n (person)

Schröder, Jochen (1971- ).

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xf6r59 (person)

Schroeder, Duane D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sk75h8 (person)

Sumner, Francis B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s33q9v (person)

Sung, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t5d1d (person)

Stuart, W. Dorsey

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69x642r (person)

Sherwood, R. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v27sbx (person)

Sawyer, Roy T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv4gs4 (person)

Strzemienski, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c11s9h (person)

Sastry, C. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6489w8k (person)

Serban, Mihai

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mn229k (person)

Sweet, Haven C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x50jw6 (person)

Saunders, A. M. Carr

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69x62sb (person)

Salmon, Ch.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jg0jzs (person)

Sobell, Henry M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk81sg (person)

Stickney, Eleanor H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x21s7x (person)

Smyth, C. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn80r7 (person)

Sinha, Phanindra Kumar

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v27tg4 (person)

Samuels, Edmund W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv4gps (person)

Seifert, G. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m775h8 (person)

Stumpf, P. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60f0k44 (person)

Sinderman, C. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66842wf (person)

Smith, L. Jean

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6238fmz (person)

Snoad, Brian

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kj66vk (person)

Sanders, Frank Knight, 1861-1933

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64q8d43 (person)

The son of ABCFM missionaries to Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Frank Knight Sanders (1861-1933) taught at Jaffna College, Ceylon from 1882 to 1886. He was on the faculty of the Yale Divinity School from 1891 to 1907, serving as Dean from 1901 to 1905. He was President of Washburn College in Topeka, Kansas from 1908 to 1914 and Director of the Board of Missionary Preparation for the Foreign Missions Conference of North America from 1914 to 1927. From the description of Frank Knight Sanders pape...

Szejnman, Aleksander.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p71b8j (person)

Schwerin, Karl H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65c5nj3 (person)

Steiner, John F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vc3wr4 (person)

Slinn, D. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bq5nwk (person)

Sagar, G. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p42k23 (person)

Sitowski, L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60731rn (person)

Smith, Harry S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qz4h5z (person)

Sprinson, David B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h000ss (person)

Sjögren, Erik

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs5kq4 (person)

Sundell, Gunhild

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wf9kxx (person)

Senjaninova, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h28qwj (person)

Stearner, S. Phyllis

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69t7f72 (person)

Smock, R. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x10cr (person)

Sierts-Roth, Ursula

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62q0nk5 (person)

Schellack, C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tk48v5 (person)

Simon, Eric J

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zn13fh (person)

Szubinska, Barbara

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k804cf (person)

Swingle, Walter T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k48k9k (person)

Sendrail, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d7mgn (person)

Skreb-Guilcher, Yvette

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63d1jkh (person)

Saylor, Lawrence W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pb01tn (person)

Seulberger, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh885p (person)

Simm, Kazimierz, 1884-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bd9hn6 (person)

Spence, M. Anne

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w24wcs (person)

Stevenson, Earl P. (Earl Place)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dd3q66 (person)

Solow, Robert M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rv3jts (person)

Nobel Prize-winning economist, professor, and professor emeritus in Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since 1949. From the description of Robert M. Solow papers, 1951-2011. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 704272950 ...

Selim, A. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt3gf2 (person)

Smith, James H. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jh4zc0 (person)

Schuler, Johannes

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw3cq1 (person)

Schalet, Abraham P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h28ppf (person)

Sone, Chuzaburo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6spt (person)

Shellenberger, John Alfred

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69j164s (person)

Storck, R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qh4dcx (person)

Smith, Ralph I. (Ralph Ingram), 1916-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gn2ffp (person)

Smith-Stocking, Helen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f34pb5 (person)

Summerson, H. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m19s6c (person)

Stine, Charles J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k51h0d (person)

Suzuki, David T., 1936-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6575rzb (person)

Saila, S. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6306tm1 (person)

Seeler, Dewey A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq4vc2 (person)

Schall, Jos. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fg9gq9 (person)

Sonbati, Etamid M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v37mq (person)

Schultze, Oskar

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65z7z1q (person)

Sheldon, Joseph Kenneth, 1943-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr9ndq (person)

Spamer, Earle E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p5949v (person)

Schuntner, C. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb5vgc (person)

Sörgel, Georg

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z47j22 (person)

Stein, Kathryn F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s9g3x (person)

Soifer, Waleri

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw48b4 (person)

Sandvik, Oystein

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vc3vv2 (person)

Schour, I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g8903p (person)

Schaeffer, Asa A. (Asa Arthur), 1883-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6md0351 (person)

Solem, Alan, 1931-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6n1z (person)

Smith, Sydney

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg055d (person)

Sydney Smith (1911-88), zoologist and Darwin specialist, attended St. Catharine's College, Cambridge, 1929-32. He later became a Fellow, 1939-88, and University Lecturer in Zoology. From the guide to the Sydney Smith: Papers on Charles Darwin, 1967-1988, (Cambridge University Library, Department of Manuscripts and University Archives) Epithet: Dr praelector St Catharine's College Cambridge British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description ...

Steinhart, C. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6px2668 (person)

Scossiroli, Savina

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6820pvg (person)

Sadun, Elvio H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q110df (person)

Semple, John C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69g8kdw (person)

Strecker, R. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69q8rbg (person)

Storch, Volker

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf3pcb (person)

Sinha, A. K. (Anil Kumar), 1948-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k34j6 (person)

Searcy, William A., 1950-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf4p4g (person)

Smith, Malcolm, 1938-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nh4hw8 (person)

Epithet: singer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000210.0x0000a7 ...

Stein, Abraham M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb5x38 (person)

Sanders, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6127nmd (person)

Sikora, Karol

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63h0ct7 (person)

Scott, Barry R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vn9z8q (person)

Sommer, A.-L. (Anne-Louise)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h28nwq (person)

Shelford, Victor E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mj3b5f (person)

Schrott, Helmut G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n5vmv (person)

Siivonen, Lauri

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6820s83 (person)

Sumner, James B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rm04t8 (person)

Schneiter, Roy

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6626kd2 (person)

Soltwedel, Friedrich

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hv88dt (person)

Singh, B. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v6926 (person)

Seaman, Gerald R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf056r (person)

Stewart, Margaret M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh1hds (person)

Stemke, G. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d666t4 (person)

Scott, A. Ian

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64w26h0 (person)

Spiller, D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mj3d8m (person)

Schubert, Gerhard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bb0wp3 (person)

Subir, Sen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p7pb2 (person)

Schread, J. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67z21v1 (person)

Shibata, Kazuo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb5xwk (person)

Slack, H. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bq5sb2 (person)

Schmalhausen, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s915dw (person)

Samuels, J. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nb2xdg (person)

Sheldon, A. J

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x936z (person)

Smalley, Richard V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m1zvt (person)

Sollunn, Frank Jörgen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jz40cw (person)

Saurin, E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r941hd (person)

Schwalbe, G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hc4swz (person)

Staples-Browne, Richard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h67n0 (person)

Schmidt, Wilhelm

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62d4m7p (person)

Spicer, C. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n16s53 (person)

Small, Lawrence F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66r4f05 (person)

Schnetter, Martin

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gs2mc7 (person)

Sieh, James G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69x61vt (person)

Steffee, C. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zn12h0 (person)

Savariau, N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nq7qc7 (person)

Steinberg, C. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf4nzt (person)

Strudel, Georges

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hv8bc6 (person)

Smith, Elizabeth C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg3jwq (person)

Szoke, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb52jv (person)

Strike, Peter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tw0bvk (person)

Smith, William K. (William Kirby), 1944-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67j755g (person)

Silberstein, Richard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68v0cjn (person)

Shoup, Jane Rearick

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n7482v (person)

Stegemann, Hermann, 1923-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68n2zc4 (person)

Swindle, P. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ts1m01 (person)

Shoemaker, V. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t5c3w (person)

Stetson, R. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t8867p (person)

Shaw, Charis P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6306ts8 (person)

Salmon, D. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xp7463 (person)

Daniel Salmon was a member of Cornell University's first class of graduates. He earned his bachelor's degree in veterinary medicine in 1872, and four years later Cornell awared him the the first DVM degree in the country. Dr. Salmon went on to serve as the founding chief of the US Bureau of Animal Industry and is best known today for identifying the infectious pathogen Salmonella and pioneering the fight against contagious diseases. From the description of Daniel E. Salmon papers 188...

Stock, Chester, 1892-1950

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pn9z4c (person)

Biography Chester Stock was born in San Francisco on January 28, 1892. At the University of California, where he received a B.S. degree in 1914 and a Ph.D. in 1917, Stock studied geology and vertebrate paleontology under John C. Merriam. In 1918, he began working on the Rancho La Brea (now Hancock Park) collection of ground sloths, saber-tooths, and other fossil bones, housed at the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science, and Art, in Expositi...

Serra, J. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65p1r33 (person)

Stewart, Dorothy Robson

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m48ggw (person)

Sargant, Ethel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66r7hj9 (person)

Sparrow, F. K., Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ts1mcz (person)

Schaffnit, E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m1xvd (person)

Simoni, Diego

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b43frp (person)

Southern, R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60f0j4q (person)

Sieger, F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sp5w1z (person)

Stallcup, Jerre Ann

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd6nfb (person)

Schwartz, Samuel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6914jzn (person)

Samuel Schwartz was born April 13, 1916 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the son of Russian immigrants. He earned both a B.S. (1938) and a M.D. (1943) from the University of Minnesota, where he spent most of his academic career. Schwartz was a pioneering worker in biomedical studies, especially involving the biological effects of radiation and metals. His contributions to the field of medicine are found in several tests, such as the “Watson-Schwartz Test,” the “HemoQuant Test,” and pionee...

Simpson, G. C. (George Clarke), Sir, 1878-1965

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vd9zfj (person)

George Clarke Simpson was born in Derby in 1878. He was educated at the University of Manchester and studied atmospheric physics at the University g Gttingen. After caring out an investigation into the electrical state of the atmosphere in Lapland, he was appointed to a lectureship in meteorology at Manchester University, and in 1906, awarded a doctorate (DSc). He joined the British Antarctic Expedition, 1910-1913 (leader Robert Falcon Scott), as meteorologist. In Septem...

Siebert, W. Stanley

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k51fdz (person)

Snelling, Ralph O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63d1pqz (person)

Salomon, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cx06dd (person)

Schwarzenbach, Fritz Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt3kdv (person)

Sladen, Brenda K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kn529d (person)

Simons, Katerina V. (Katerina Victorovna)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kz12tq (person)

Simkover, Harold G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66z4z2b (person)

Scott, W. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kr3n88 (person)

Segun, A. O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x924n (person)

Sarto, Gloria E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x21smv (person)

Sawitz, Willi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w607328s (person)

Smith, E.A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ch2bmc (person)

Stoddard, Herbert L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nk6mc7 (person)

Semeniuk, William

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf3r6x (person)

Schoening, H. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h861pw (person)

Schulz, Gerhard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n7484r (person)

Siemens, G. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65g4d5x (person)

Simmons, R. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hp0tr5 (person)

Spierer, Pierre

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61t28n0 (person)

Scheibel, Inga Fjord

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rm061s (person)

Spencer, Charlotte.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gz6wnc (person)

Sato, Minbu

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60q6nhx (person)

Shattuck, Ray H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f920xt (person)

Straszweska, Z.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6nk4 (person)

Stein, J. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63d1prd (person)

Strohl, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n16v7t (person)

Silberschmidt, Karl

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6875db2 (person)

Straub, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6140cc0 (person)

Singer, Michael C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kn4xqr (person)

Short, J. R. T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xz05qb (person)

Schockaert, J. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d08sgc (person)

Schneider, Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68h93j9 (person)

Epithet: bookseller and publisher British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000298.0x0002e1 ...

Simon, Martha N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m19s14 (person)

Sideris, E. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4mzd (person)

Shaw, Donald H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kr3ntf (person)

Stelzner, Kathren F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ch5c53 (person)

Smith, W. John

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw48k8 (person)

Stanley, Walter C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6015ng6 (person)

Schmelzer, Carlo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v670g (person)

Segre, Beniamino

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs4rx9 (person)

Skaggs, L. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bb0tqq (person)

Solodovnikov, V. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q971rc (person)

Sorsa, Veikko.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66c2rzw (person)

Snell, Chester Arthur.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gw1bvv (person)

Saharov, V. V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v6b15 (person)

Schallmayer, W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6489xf7 (person)

Starmach, Karol

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c697z5 (person)

Spickett, S. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6238hxt (person)

Sonnenblick, W. Antopol

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh1j0t (person)

Suche, Meta L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6489zcr (person)

Smith, Priscilla M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cq2sth (person)

Shulman, N. Raphael

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xz04w5 (person)

Seghers, Benoni H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62m21ps (person)

Stubbs, E. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63d1md3 (person)

Sybenga, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69q8qfd (person)

Suematsu, S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64w24t6 (person)

Smith, Gerald Ray.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qh3n3v (person)

Sandhoff, Konrad

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs5j9b (person)

Streng, K.O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bb0wr0 (person)

Shi-Fan, Fan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf4pb5 (person)

Stuart, Alexander, 1673-1742

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k177qd (person)

Epithet: MD British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000571.0x00018d Epithet: Captain British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000571.0x00018b ...

Suita, Nobuhide

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vc3t64 (person)

Sheals, J. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t4c79 (person)

Sarvas, Matti

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k22tqw (person)

Saas, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr9k5r (person)

Sherwin, C. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cq2pt8 (person)

Sotavalta, Olavi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61706kn (person)

Sokolowskaja, I. I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vc3tnz (person)

Schnarf, Karl

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6295x3z (person)

Stallions, Donald R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w24rkt (person)

Segawa, Michiharu

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt9fxk (person)

Stefansson, Vilhjalmur, 1879-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jb6wh0 (person)

Vilhjalmur Stefansson was born on November 3, 1879 in Arnes, Manitoba, Canada. He attended the University of North Dakota from 1897-1902. He was voted the best orator in 1900, and also worked for the school newspaper. In 1930 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree, only the third such degree awarded. He then transferred to the University of Iowa and graduated in 1903 with a degree from the School of Liberal Arts. He next enrolled at Harvard, graduating with a Master of Arts degree in 1...

Sawyer, John O., 1939-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65f3324 (person)

Santer, Melvin

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t02219 (person)

Stone, G. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj8bk6 (person)

Seiskari, Pertti

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6015nx1 (person)

Shaw, J. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w24sxq (person)

Scammon, C. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k9325 (person)

Stallcup, William B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w53h8j (person)

Sparvoli, Elio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kj6912 (person)

Shahi, B. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6655bdt (person)

Smolka, Heinrich

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6295vn9 (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60q6jbf (person)

Schal, Coby

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m4zt6 (person)

Siniscalco, Marcello

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh1hzz (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk845n (person)

Seton-Watson, R.W. (Robert William), 1879-1951

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vq4k5m (person)

Sauvageau, C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f638k0 (person)

Stewart, Robert N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65p1w5n (person)

Siegel, S. M. (Sanford Marvin), 1928-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zt8g9n (person)

Swett, W. W. (Walter Whittier)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq4rmz (person)

Stanton, T. R. (Thomas Ray), 1885-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sp5vsd (person)

Schlösser, L. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qd5rf9 (person)

Schifferli, L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd6p4q (person)

Salzberg, Herbert S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v56djq (person)

Smith, Ralph W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xp7nhb (person)

Mayor. From the description of Ralph C. Smith papers, 1820(ca.)-1970. (New York State Historical Documents). WorldCat record id: 155425867 ...

Sudd, J. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s9dn8 (person)

Sneed, Kermit E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6529n61 (person)

Ström, Gunnar

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs5gss (person)

Schull, John Marion

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x21vhb (person)

Sutton, W. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q10w64 (person)

Smart, Reginald

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h0011b (person)

Studnicka, F. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kn505s (person)

Sutton, Arthur W. (Arthur Warwick), 1854-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nm91d4 (person)

Scheraga, H. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65g4g0h (person)

Stewart, M. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b3tc2 (person)

Speers, Charles F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj5d5t (person)

Setzer, R. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6044d9q (person)

Sauer, Louis W. (Louis Wendlin), 1885-1980

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66k06p0 (person)

Starkey, Robert L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f76wr5 (person)

Stuart, J.J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65870xw (person)

Sachar, R. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60m7vj6 (person)

Shows, Thomas B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6917sbm (person)

Small, Eugene B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wf9q7m (person)

Stonesifer, Geary L., Jr

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tk45z8 (person)

Stoeckeler, J. H. (Joseph Henry), 1908-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g189dn (person)

Suzuki, Kazuko

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tw0bnw (person)

Shoup, Charles Samuel, 1905-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b0dww (person)

Shemanchuck, J. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t0224n (person)

Speicher, Benjamin Robert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jc1t37 (person)

Stenhouse, J. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k22rz6 (person)

Sato, Syôiti

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n45h3j (person)

Sasaki, I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67r4j32 (person)

Shensa, Lewis S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66c2pqx (person)

Stewart, Ivan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w24sw8 (person)

Spassky, B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6twx (person)

Skarén, U.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p99zc2 (person)

Siewing, R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j25q76 (person)

Sugisaki, Hiroyuki

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mn20hf (person)

Stahl, Marianne.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb60bm (person)

Sather, Lois

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h680w (person)

Scheib, Denise

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6752dbx (person)

Shepherd, R. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hv8bdn (person)

Seiger, Marvin Barr

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r07xz1 (person)

Stopford, Sheila C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq9s4g (person)

Speirs, J. Murray (John Murray), 1909-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r52mfd (person)

Dr. John Murray Speirs was born in Toronto in 1909. His lifelong fascination with birds first began with the sighting of a ruby-crowned kinglet in his garden at the age of 6. He kept detailed daily bird sighting notebooks from the age of 15 until his death in 2001. He published hundreds of articles, and was editor of many books and journals, including 12 volumes of The Illustrated Natural History of Canada, 6 volumes of Birds of Ontario County, and co-authored A Naturalist's Guide to Ontario. ...

Sharp, Benjamin, 1858-1915

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kh139x (person)

Benjamin Sharp, Jr., zoologist and explorer. Received his A.B., 1878 from Swarthmore College, M.D., 1879 and Ph.D., 1880 from the University of Pennsylvania, and Ph.D., 1883 from the University of Wurtzburg, Bavaria. Professor of Invertebrate Zoology at the Academy of Natural Science, 1883-1915 and at the University of Pennsylvania, 1884-1888. Expeditions to: Caribbee Islands, 1888-1889; Hawaiian Islands, 1893; Arctic, 1895; Alaska, Siberia, and Arctic, 1895. Representative for Nantucket to the ...

Shambaugh, George F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gs2k8g (person)

Spencer, J. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66r7jn2 (person)

Swatek, John A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bb0v5z (person)

Stone, Henry

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m41crk (person)

Smith, Herbert Gladstone

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x21tzr (person)

Shen, S. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4p6c (person)

Schütz, Victor

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cx048s (person)

Spikes, John D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m5098 (person)

Setterfield, George

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mr0pp7 (person)

Stanford, R. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rw6ccc (person)

Scholten, G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m4znz (person)

Schultz, Arnold

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n5tmf (person)

Slater, P. J. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc9stf (person)

Scott, G. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68n2x6g (person)

Slatis, Herman M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6112qm0 (person)

Schrank, A. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kb8v4q (person)

Smirnov, Sergius S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6295v6g (person)

Showalter, Hiram M. (Hiram Miller), 1903-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qm368r (person)

Savic, Dragutin J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v9582 (person)

Smith, Clayton O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cc1gjc (person)

Seifriz, William, 1888-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs5qgf (person)

Schread, John C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6654ccd (person)

Seitz, Karl-August

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j54cn3 (person)

Stroila, Carmen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6170601 (person)

Skibinski, D. O. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bq5nnf (person)

Sasaki, Motomichi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40hzc (person)

Schifferdecker, Ilse

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg5k1g (person)

Snyder, Noel F.R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b14s8w (person)

Schindler, Otto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s04x9p (person)

Sawada, Hiroichi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j25nf2 (person)

Stauffer, H. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65z8002 (person)

Schneider, Margaret

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t30qtr (person)

Sarabhai, A. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t59gp5 (person)

Shackell, L. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv4h6x (person)

Soyfer, V. N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6ks0 (person)

Signaigo, Florence I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dh2c6q (person)

Schuster, Peter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6qgm (person)

Sharp, Robert G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tf2rmp (person)

Schairer, Lloyd A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6403tws (person)

Spence, G. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m50p6 (person)

Sapir, Edward, 1884-1939

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gt5qdd (person)

American anthropologist and linguist. From the description of Yana field notes: holographs, 1907. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 227536942 ...

Smith, C. L., Dr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x673qk (person)

Shang, K. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6849dv8 (person)

Sheppard, David E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6849dbj (person)

Sampson, F. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f05zjh (person)

Smith, Richard J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62h3893 (person)

Schwartz, E. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds8dh6 (person)

Scheuber, Lillian M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q68d7j (person)

Spronk, N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6946ccr (person)

Schram, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kn4zg1 (person)

Samassa, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g02x3f (person)

Sokoloff, Boris

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k2spg (person)

Schmalfuss, Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n16s6j (person)

Sowls, Lyle K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r07xn0 (person)

Schreiber, Bruno

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sg5ngt (person)

Stephenson, Gordon R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zq9vh7 (person)

Schwartz, James H. (James Harris), 1932-2006

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hp0v6d (person)

Scali, Valerio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4m9w (person)

Stroun, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v96x0 (person)

Simchen, Giora

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dp9szx (person)

Sokoloff, V. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bx355p (person)

Saxod, MM. Raymond

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bd9jdg (person)

Steinhaus, Edward A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w23vm4 (person)

Stanton, Timothy W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj8b68 (person)

Secretaria de Agricultura y Ganadería

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f88tk (corporateBody)

Smith, Ray F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t27cr1 (person)

Shetty, K. T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j25r3t (person)

Sjolander, J. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65s0gsd (person)

Samuelson, Paul A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61685r5 (person)

Shank, D. Boyd

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62q0rfm (person)

Schwartz, Oskar

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds8gc7 (person)

Synge, R. L. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj4w00 (person)

Senftle, F. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j25p87 (person)

Shrigley, E. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63w53wh (person)

Simpson, J. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p42j4k (person)

Stein, Gary S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60q6mjz (person)

Shaver, Evelyn L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f34k81 (person)

Sado, Toshihiko

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh8881 (person)

Siedlecki, Michel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s62d8b (person)

Steiner, George

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62d1x4x (person)

Sharma, Arun Kumar, 1924 December 31-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp8v72 (person)

Smith, Marian B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b1qf5 (person)

Silvestri, Filippo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67j73zz (person)

Schmacker, B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t886k5 (person)

Sharp, first name not provided

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65c5nrs (person)

Shivers, C. Alex

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sp5vrz (person)

Shaklee, James B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jg0hmw (person)

Schmidt, Otto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kf4h8w (person)

Otto Schmidt was born in Minnesota in September of 1866. He was a full- or part-time resident of Missoula, Montana, from at least 1890 to 1900 where he worked as an engineer with the Electric Light company. In both the 1910 and 1920 Census records, Schmidt is listed as living in Stevens County, Washington, married to Mary A. with a son named Glen B. From the guide to the Otto Schmidt photograph album, circa 1890s, (University of Montana-Missoula Maureen and Mike Mansfield Library Arc...

Siegel, B. Z.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qt0g63 (person)

Spjeldnaes, Nils

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f34m70 (person)

Smith, Paul V., Jr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s915t8 (person)

Schwabl, Gerda

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv7fsj (person)

Siegelman, H. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv7gtd (person)

Snell, Fred M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds8jgd (person)

Schechter, Victor

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67r4hqq (person)

Smith, Joan E. (Joan Elsen), 1920-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k21xsn (person)

Schulz-Schaeffer, Jurgen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj5d4c (person)

Sewell, William H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n5t28 (person)

Standen, R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd6mc1 (person)

Stiven, Alan E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p7pxp (person)

Silver, Dowding E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg5h5f (person)

Spohn, Adelaide A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc9vcf (person)

Shaver, H. N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r94349 (person)

Schartau, Walter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66z4zf8 (person)

Seevers, Charles H. (Charles Hamilton), 1907-1965

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67814wf (person)

Spencer, Thomasia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t01zt0 (person)

Skerlj, Bozo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63h08jd (person)

Silow, R. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x62jw (person)

Savageau, Michael A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gz93xk (person)

Sarian, Jirair N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jz43dk (person)

Schumacher, Siegm

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6295tbv (person)

Schopler, Eric

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62d4j7v (person)

Sahrhage, Heinrich

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6rz0 (person)

Svoboda, Gordon H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66n8sfm (person)

Saiki, Arthur K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68782vs (person)

Söll, Dieter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6500wqj (person)

Stapleton, George E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6489whq (person)

Scheid, Wolfgang

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t5c10 (person)

Scharff, R. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67r4km6 (person)

Simon, S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb4qbb (person)

Sarma, Y. S. R. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fd0mxj (person)

Sharma, T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vn9xcn (person)

Shkvarnikov, P. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gs2j7m (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62d4k95 (person)

Sprites, M. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dd3n31 (person)

Sayre, J. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t57d8 (person)

Stigler, S. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd6n2d (person)

Siwecki, R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6364887 (person)

Serpell, James, 1952-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb7wc0 (person)

Symonds, Neville

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z73bhx (person)

Schweikart, Alexander

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gg6g3d (person)

Scott, B. I. H. (Bruce Ian Hamilton)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tz92hw (person)

Scheer, Bradley T. (Bradley Titus), 1914-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp3thv (person)

Schlosser, Max.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nj0dwv (person)

Sweet, Helen E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64g7d49 (person)

Shiomi, Toshio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zj2cf5 (person)

Saunders, George M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6820rx6 (person)

Schmauder, H. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kf7kjf (person)

Spiess, Eliot B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68b6rkr (person)

Southin, J. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67z1xzr (person)

Sadler, John R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tz9222 (person)

Schilling, A. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt4d31 (person)

Schechtman, A. Mandel (Abraham Mandel), 1909-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v39n0 (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs7nqh (person)

Smith, Albert G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6529k1z (person)

Steinegger, Ernst

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cm43vd (person)

Salif, N'Diaye Alassane

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm64vc (person)

Schilde-Rentschler, L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nb312m (person)

Swallen, Jason R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kj33g8 (person)

Senior, Harold D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zt8kcs (person)

Shaw, Wilma G. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d94zkc (person)

Sundberg, Marshall David

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65587bh (person)

Sorger, George J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c97v9c (person)

Scott, G. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w618597n (person)

Historical Background G.W. Scott was a member of the Doheny Research Foundation, which was established to investigate and report on political and economic conditions in Mexico. Scott wrote Mexico: An Impartial Survey as a preliminary report. From the guide to the G. W. Scott report on Mexico, 1918, (Special Collections and Archives, University of California, Irvine Libraries) ...

Sleeper, Edward

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb8120 (person)

Saville, Thorndike

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm62bt (person)

Simon, M. I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66n8scq (person)

Sotelo, J. Roberto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs7hxj (person)

Steiner, William W.M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n45jvt (person)

Salvatorelli, Germano

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dh29m8 (person)

Scarascia, G. T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67j758t (person)

Stolurow, Lawrence M

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hv8b99 (person)

Shweder, Richard A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60x3z2r (person)

Stein, Gabriel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh0gjs (person)

Starck, D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zx75z3 (person)

Sedar, Albert W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r9439j (person)

Steward, F.C. (Frederick Campion)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61p2drm (person)

Socolow, E. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vk19mm (person)

Shooter, K. V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xv1h9f (person)

Sharma, Basu Dev, 1950-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6529m8h (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f91zj3 (person)

Simonsen, Vibeke

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x91cc (person)

Scarascia Mugnozza, Gian Tommaso

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sc9qs5 (person)

Seller, Mary J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dw76td (person)

Saghir, Abdur-Rahman B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6tt1 (person)

Schultz, W. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ch59v7 (person)

Smith, Helen B. (Helen Belle)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v5n6f (person)

Sabharwal, P. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj8850 (person)

Schweigert, Jacob F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mx867c (person)

Steinbock, O.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4n42 (person)

Strickler, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rm06h2 (person)

Stone, D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6752bq1 (person)

Snow, Albert G. (Albert Granville), 1907-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66r7m8z (person)

Schmidt, Frank Rainer

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gk5322 (person)

Sonleitner, F. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wc10p1 (person)

Sauer, Carl Ortwin, 1889-1975

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67p8zqx (person)

Sauer was a professor at the University of California, Berkeley. From the description of Carl Ortwin Sauer papers, 1909-1975. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 26643557 ...

Schulman, Cyril A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q68cbg (person)

Sachs, Roy M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wq7kcr (person)

Southern, David I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b3xqs (person)

Šapiro, N. I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6044c1q (person)

Stockwell, Palmer

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6209rtq (person)

Susmano, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62q0r6g (person)

Spek, Josef

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s3jjx (person)

Salmon, M. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6529k9j (person)

Skowron, Stanislaw

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh887k (person)

Schäferna, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vr8qs6 (person)

Sabatier, M. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66g1gk9 (person)

Stasěk, Charles Robert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z18wxr (person)

Steffens, A. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm623p (person)

Stinson, Harry T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cq2tgf (person)

Sokolow, Iwan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60m6z2s (person)

Shatoury, H. H. El

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w8225 (person)

Shaw, Charles R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vk1b1d (person)

Swingland, I. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s3dgc (person)

Svihra, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt9gg5 (person)

Sinclair, John G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s7hgh (person)

Sanderson, Glen C

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n45h7b (person)

Scudder, G. G. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62q0p8j (person)

Sigemoro, Eizen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62h395q (person)

Sitton, B. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb5wt8 (person)

Schott, Barbara Willcox

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b43hck (person)

Sprey, Benno

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f34p9q (person)

Spratt, Nelson T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kr3mwx (person)

Stephens, Stanley G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w626749v (person)

Schwartz, Ernest

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w83tf (person)

Simoes, Luiz Carlos G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b3ws8 (person)

Salvidio, E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k8zvf (person)

Shetter, David S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jc1rkp (person)

Spight, Tom M. (Tom MacMahon), 1942-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hr9k2d (person)

Scherz, Wilhelm

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68785s4 (person)

Signoret, Jacques

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6238h4h (person)

Stewart, Charles R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6141ds5 (person)

Simonson, Ray W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bb0zcw (person)

Stossberg, Margarete

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq4rx0 (person)

Sheridan, William

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69h5b8d (person)

Epithet: deprived Bishop of Kilmore British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000878.0x000310 ...

Smith, Francis E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b41fqg (person)

Silver, James

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w8282m (person)

Schlesch, Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62h3c09 (person)

Spear, Gerald S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q39k7z (person)

Schmid, Gustav

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v56g45 (person)

Satinoff, Evelyn, 1937-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mb5zmd (person)

Sheldon, Carolyn

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf3qb9 (person)

Svetlov, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qm354j (person)

Schönbauer, L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb4xk8 (person)

Seyfried, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69x63w3 (person)

Sengbusch, Peter V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6112skc (person)

Smith, D. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b717tc (person)

Storer, Robert W., 1914-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67h1gvj (person)

Epithet: of Wirksworth British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000838.0x0001bb ...

Stein, P. (Paul), 1852-1921

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68v0bqg (person)

Smith, G. Pugh

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gg6f7s (person)

Sehgal, Surinder M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63w5620 (person)

Stern, Janet L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm65dz (person)

Schmidt, Frederico Miranda

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6655dbr (person)

Sissman, Norman J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v3cf4 (person)

Schlegel-Oprecht, Eva

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tw0d6w (person)

Schreiner, Oswald, 1875-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6424j8g (person)

Severinghaus, A. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj5d85 (person)

Sölch, Johann

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nx56xh (person)

Streisinger, George, 1927-1984

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63j82tw (person)

Schocken, Victor

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s3f1z (person)

Siler, Margaret B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s915b0 (person)

Serrell, Robert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt3jc0 (person)

Schlater, Gustav

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cm41pb (person)

Sievers, A. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nf1prq (person)

Spencer, John

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj2hjj (person)

Epithet: of Althorp and Wormleighton British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001392.0x000319 Title: 1st Earl Spencer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001296.0x0001a2 Epithet: of Add MS 12503 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001392.0x000244 Epithet: Cap...

Sauter, J. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6500w8q (person)

Schoener, Thomas W., 1943-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68r1n3g (person)

Sabath, Michael D

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68b3v7c (person)

Searcy, Dennis G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xz04h7 (person)

Smith, E. Chalmers

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6nvq (person)

Stevenson, James

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w76b32 (person)

Epithet: Lieutenant; Adjutant of York Hospital, Chelsea British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000362.0x000274 Epithet: formerly Bellairs; of Uffington, county Lincolnshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000362.0x000273 Surveyor. From the guide to the James Stevenson city plan, 1794, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections) ...

Smith, Wilson R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6917pkh (person)

Stoeckenius, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh1jcr (person)

Schlegel, Robert J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk84h4 (person)

Schrader, Karl

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68n2jr3 (person)

State Game Research Inst.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p13p9t (corporateBody)

Sturtevant, E. Lewis (Edward Lewis), 1842-1898

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6708j30 (person)

Botanist and agriculturist. He gave his herbarium and pre-Linnean library to the Missouri Botanical Garden. From the description of Edward Lewis Sturtevant papers, 1839-1898. (Missouri Botanical Garden). WorldCat record id: 61772658 ...

Stienswat, W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z47nds (person)

Shimiju, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs7h9g (person)

Spalding, J. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kn4x1s (person)

Sieber, H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63p7nx8 (person)

Steinberger, Emil

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s3f83 (person)

Sarvella, Patricia Ann

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v8548g (person)

Sampson, Myra Melissa

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p717b6 (person)

Myra Sampson was born on January 31, 1887 in Fall River, Massachusetts. Sampson received her Ph.B. from Brown University, and both her M.D. and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. A member of the Smith College faculty from 1909 to 1955, Sampson was a professor of Zoology and became Chairman of the Committee on Graduate Study. With an interest in bacteriology and physiology, Sampson was an expert on nutrition and Vitamin A, and directed a research project determining the effect on the thyroid ...

Sarich, Vincent M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t30pw7 (person)

Somers, Carolyn E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gg6d3k (person)

Sire, Marjorie W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x50hzp (person)

Schönmann, Walter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m48hdd (person)

Starr, T. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zx7923 (person)

Sidki, A. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp8w27 (person)

Spassky, N. (Nicolas)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qt0hwg (person)

Scott, Flora Murray

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xh7dnh (person)

Scott was born in Craig, Scotland, on Sept. 6, 1891; BSc, 1914; MA, St. Andrews Univ., 1911; Ph. D, Stanford, 1925; came to US in 1922 and was naturalized in 1935; faculty member at American College for Women at Constantinople (1921) and Stanford (1922-25) before coming a professor at UCLA in 1925; Chairman, Dept. of Botany, UCLA; first president, UCLA Assn. of Academic Women; research focused on physiological plant anatomy; became professor emeritus in 1959; honors include Order of the British ...

Snell, George D. (George Davis), 1903-1996

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fz9zcf (person)

Stahnke, Herbert L. (Herbert Ludwig), 1902-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66d940w (person)

Stanescu, P. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62677rx (person)

Sinha, R. N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zt7jv8 (person)

Struckmeyer, B. Esther

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tg5n19 (person)

Schultz, Jane S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nm9491 (person)

Satchell, J. E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64c8q5t (person)

Smith, Stuart N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp3x8z (person)

Swaak, Door A. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68b6vdr (person)

Schachlewitsch, M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pb01zf (person)

Smith, C. Earle (Claude Earle), 1922-1987

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m33kd0 (person)

Shepard, Jane H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vg2hw1 (person)

Shigenaga, Michio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66z510n (person)

Scott, W. J. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k22r2j (person)

Sedgwick, S. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k807b7 (person)

Samejima, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67j77v8 (person)

Smith, Loren B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qq1s1x (person)

Shen, Gertrud

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vr8pdv (person)

Suguna, S. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw39jz (person)

Shackell, L. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vk1895 (person)

Stevenson, Frederick Boyd

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s33rgh (person)

Siefert, G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v855zv (person)

Sirks, M.J. (Marius Jacob), 1889-1966

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb2b0j (person)

Epithet: General Secretary International Union of Biological Sciences British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000837.0x000195 ...

Smyth, Michael

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pd8nqg (person)

Sarner, Nitza Z.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b43jgb (person)

Sutton, T. S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6655d99 (person)

Silver, Ruth K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mj38bv (person)

Steinhardt, Jacinto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn72cv (person)

Schellenberg, Adolf

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kb8sp2 (person)

Smith, M. W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d7jdx (person)

Schmitz-Lohner, Margot

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61705js (person)

Singer, Miriam F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w675296w (person)

Sturdivant, Harwell P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66k06rw (person)

Shiroya, T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k803j8 (person)

Stearns, Forest W

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rc1g4d (person)

Sturtevant, A. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w649003h (person)

Sienicka, Antonina (1898-1979).

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p71bj4 (person)

Spearing, John K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d08w9c (person)

Sorenson, John C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph7f24 (person)

Spinrad, Bernard I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b14qbz (person)

Silberglied, Robert E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h57f7c (person)

Study, E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b725c3 (person)

Suminski, E. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rm076f (person)

Sipos, Tipor

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm6568 (person)

Serlin, Irving

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60m7zdn (person)

Singh, R. P. (Ramesh P.)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f05zxf (person)

St. John, Ralph C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nx547q (person)

Sarkar, Ira

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp8xmt (person)

Schulze, Karl Ludwig

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf4nbr (person)

Schwemmer, Susan S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w697560d (person)

Shivers, Richard R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn71fb (person)

Seal, W. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rd2rrh (person)

Szybalska, Elizabeth Hunter

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6qc8 (person)

Sebens, Kenneth

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68781sg (person)

Sartory, R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60h98q4 (person)

Stickel, Lucille F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k33q1 (person)

Schmidt-Nielsen, Bodil

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b7249s (person)

Scherz, Robert G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd6mrz (person)

Söderström, Adolf

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6kn6 (person)

Shaffer, E. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq4trk (person)

Stadelmann, Edward

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv7gb4 (person)

Seiffert, Jurgen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jv5cpt (person)

Sibal, Louis R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mx84nx (person)

Sandison, James Calvin

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68b6rhv (person)

Shen-Miller, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b7289f (person)

Su, Tchou

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d666w1 (person)

Strother, George B., 1918-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mk8njb (person)

Stadler, Janice

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb506j (person)

Sandfaer, Jens

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x50hvb (person)

Sokame, C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fw4902 (person)

Spencer, Nigel, 1967-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6529mhn (person)

Sondheimer, Ernest

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s62cvj (person)

Scheinert, Willi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp3t1k (person)

Steele, Robert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qp6066 (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 39944 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000245.0x0003e4 Epithet: of Add MS 36541 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000245.0x0003e3 Epithet: of Add Ch 55594 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000245.0x0003e1 Epithet: of the Protest...

Siegfried, W. R

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj8b85 (person)

Steggerda, Morris, 1900-1950

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64f2dr4 (person)

Anthropologist with the Carnegie Institution. From the description of Steggerda collection, 1910-1940. (Armed Forces Institute of Pathology Association Library). WorldCat record id: 70952611 Steggerda graduated from Hope College in 1922. He earned an M.A. and Ph. D. in anthropology from the University of Illinois. He taught anthropology at Smith College and the Kennedy School for Missions, Hartford Seminary Foundation. From the description of Papers, 1925-1950. (...

Scott, Florence Marie

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6723nz7 (person)

Sadoglu, Perihan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6238fq9 (person)

Stebler, A. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6015rhw (person)

Schoefl, Gutta I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nt6fvv (person)

Shaw, F. J. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69t793m (person)

Shipman, Margaret

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66c2rmd (person)

Smith, Louie H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fk849f (person)

Strickland, J. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63h0c1x (person)

Seaton, Sara

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f8dpf (person)

Sinotô, Yosito

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nq7q5j (person)

Sharp, Margaret A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b3whp (person)

Söding, Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b43fkf (person)

Staats, Joan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6195tsc (person)

Sutton, Martin H. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60q6j1d (person)

Schaller, George B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6526cwj (person)

Short, Robert B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6km2w4m (person)

Sitte, P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dd3rnf (person)

Scholander, P. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt4gvq (person)

Stauffacher, Hch.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh1hqt (person)

St. Amand, W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60732qm (person)

Schoenichen, Walther

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hz73bh (person)

Schanz, Gisela

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q96zjg (person)

Soane, I. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64615rf (person)

Smith, J. J. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hp0wc2 (person)

Stewart, Fred W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jv593c (person)

Sanford, Fillmore H. (Fillmore Hargrave), 1914-1967

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f22n4z (person)

Schlitt, Steven C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g02xbk (person)

Silva, Manuel Vianna e

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bd9kfb (person)

Smithsonian Report for 1901

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj84m5 (corporateBody)

Smith, Elizabeth W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf3s13 (person)

Schiemann, Elisabeth

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x79bgf (person)

Schooley, J. P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6170675 (person)

Scott, M. I. Hylton

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h57fww (person)

Schneider, Henry

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr023z (person)

BIOGHIST REQUIRED Henry Schneider (1910-1998) served in the United States Army from September 1942 to October 1945. The Henry Schneider Collection documents his service as an U.S. Army officer immediately after World War II. Schneider served as a Deputy Chief under Colonel Bernard Bernstein (1908-1990), Director, Finance Division, Individuals' External Assets Branch, Division of Investigation of Cartels and External Assets (DICEA). As a deputy chief, Schneider was primarily engaged ...

Simola, Liisa Kaarina

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v27sr9 (person)

Strelzoff, Eunice

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69m9z18 (person)

Salisbury, E. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g85p5b (person)

Shiraishi, Yukimasa

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q687vj (person)

Scandalios, John G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6432gk8 (person)

Squiers, C. D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r36n35 (person)

Springer, Robert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jg0k87 (person)

Sayli, Bekir Sitki

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v857tw (person)

Stein, D. B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62d4kzp (person)

Smith, J.E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tk0xp8 (person)

Spieth, P. T.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6392z5f (person)

Stern, Curt

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sp2k13 (person)

Suzuki, Hitoshi, 1958-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q970qh (person)

Saccardo, F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qh4dkm (person)

Stabenau, Reinhart

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6392tph (person)

Stanley, William C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68j45pc (person)

Scherz, Christa

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n746kr (person)

Singer, Gustav

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m4z81 (person)

Schulten, G. G. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mn12m7 (person)

Saiduddin, Syed

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v27rts (person)

Sanders, Howard L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s91477 (person)

Schechmeister, I. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6w4w (person)

Silbernagel, Wynne M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g31m3c (person)

Spruit, C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61t28pf (person)

Six, N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v379p (person)

Schwartz, Irving L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s912mb (person)

Steinecke, Fr.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj89dj (person)

Smirnoff, W. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg3k3t (person)

Steeves, Taylor A., 1926-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6715mq3 (person)

Shkolnik, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6849bkv (person)

Stankovic, D.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69q8kzg (person)

Stahl, A. (Arne), 1931-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m46rjb (person)

Sagan, Carl, 1934-1996.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vm4fjv (person)

Biographical Note Carl Sagan 1934, Nov. 9 Born, New York, N.Y. 1954 A.B., University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. 1955 B.S., University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. 1956 ...

Spieler, R. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r080gz (person)

Stearns, S. C. (Stephen C.), 1946-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6572gxf (person)

Stelt, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63d1k60 (person)

Shantz, E. M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bm72d0 (person)

Stroeva, O. G. (Olʹga Georgievna)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xj5dpj (person)

Shinozaki, Kichiro

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ds8fbc (person)

Svihla, Ruth Dowell

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp3sq4 (person)

Schopfer, Peter, 1938-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p13wvg (person)

Stevens, Nettie Maria

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph4640 (person)

Smith, Carole Greer

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ct1dmx (person)

Stamminger, Gudrun

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65s0gbk (person)

Smith, A. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm3g6v (person)

Stephens, J. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62676n5 (person)

Sarychev, J. F.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r65b6f (person)

Stewart, Paul A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg3fcr (person)

Seelye, Anne Barrows

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nb2zw5 (person)

Schwinghamer, E. A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr2v6k (person)

Sarà, Michele

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6wrz (person)

Stokes, Alfred C. (Alfred Cheatham)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65r7hcr (person)

Smart, Isabelle Thompson

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66843jc (person)

Sokólska, Julia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jc1vt2 (person)

Salunkhe, D. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf4p14 (person)

Schroeder, Alice L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h57bft (person)

Scheinfeld, Amram, 1897-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vt3hm8 (person)

Journalist, author, professional cartoonist. Scheinfeld (1897-1979) worked as a journalist in Milwaukee, Baltimore, and New York. From the description of Papers, 1918-1975. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122589763 ...

Sella, Gabriella

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pm61j3 (person)

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63648rh (person)

Stark, Oded.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qd5pvv (person)

Sidman, Richard

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6x21vff (person)

Stempell, Walter, 1869-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ct1csr (person)

Sawada, Nobuaki

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rh1cz9 (person)

Shumway, George

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wn70bk (person)

Sharman, B. C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wj8d0d (person)

Smith, Geoffrey

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x06rs (person)

Smith, Emil L., 1911-2009

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wq38b2 (person)

Born in New York City, New York on July 5, 1911. Education: B.S. Biology, Columbia University (1931), Ph.D., Zoology, Columbia University (1937). Employment: 1931-1938 Columbia University, 1946-1959 University of Utah, College of Medicine, 1963- University of California, Los Angeles. From the description of Oral history interview with Emil L. Smith 1991 June 19 and 1994 March 17 (Chemical Heritage Foundation). WorldCat record id: 746329589 ...

Schermerhorn, L. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6112pvq (person)

Sackett, David L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nh7dmk (person)

Subramaniam, M. K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq4wcg (person)

Schiefferdecker, first name not provided

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m19qq8 (person)

Sørensen, A. Neimann

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v69vh (person)

Spronk, Friedrich

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c697d0 (person)

Strong, Donald R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68n2zbp (person)

Seth, Shanti K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66z4xj6 (person)

Sulerud, Ralph L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dm144k (person)

Stevens, Barbara J., 1946-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6112r1s (person)

Scott, Harold W. (Harold William), 1906-1998

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65k06kb (person)

Shvart︠s︡, A. S. (Alʹbert Solomonovich)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c40kb4 (person)

Samaroo, B. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69m9x9f (person)

Scherf, Heinz

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hv88xj (person)

Sutton, Walter S.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xv1dqk (person)

Sonnenblick, Benjamin P. (Benjamin Paul), 1910-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf4pd2 (person)

Sommerfeld, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rw687b (person)

Smyth, D. R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dw75hz (person)

Szweykowski, Jerzy

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jc1wcn (person)

Schonberg, Steven

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xv1ftb (person)

Ståhle, Ulf

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d37mz7 (person)

Sugimura, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wc0xkg (person)

Sokolowska-Kulczycka, Alicia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dp9v1n (person)

Schreiner, A

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61d7hsf (person)

Saifer, Abraham

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63h0d0w (person)

Smith, George P., 1941-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s488wb (person)

Shapley, Deborah

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6dp73f5 (person)

Strong, Richard P.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jr6kxs (person)

Spain, Kate C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w636467z (person)

Sturtevant, E. Lewis (Edward Lewis), 1842-1898

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6708j30 (person)

Botanist and agriculturist. He gave his herbarium and pre-Linnean library to the Missouri Botanical Garden. From the description of Edward Lewis Sturtevant papers, 1839-1898. (Missouri Botanical Garden). WorldCat record id: 61772658 ...

Starnes, Ordway

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v95dv (person)

Sharma, R. P. (Raghunath Prasad), 1919-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67j75jd (person)

Sandberg, Avery A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v96d8 (person)

Shull, Geroge Harrison

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv7ds4 (person)

Slate, George L

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h28mrh (person)

Schuler, Werner

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bm6znh (person)

Schull, W. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zf3rm9 (person)

Snell, Terry W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr2sx5 (person)

Sãnduleac, E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67f8d5q (person)

Schriever, Elinor M.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64w25d7 (person)

Stillman, C. J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69x62p0 (person)

Schreiber, Hans

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rs7mpn (person)

Spivey, W. Allen

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z75g3z (person)

Skirm, George W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf4m19 (person)

Stephens, Porter A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60f0k1s (person)

Shishkin, B.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gw1bz6 (person)

Stock, J. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66k05b3 (person)

Shalucha, Barbara

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bm70g2 (person)

Stossich, Michele

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x92g4 (person)

Schütz, Friedrich, 1845-1908

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sk76hp (person)

Shupe, John Whitstein, 1819-1846

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ff6b6f (person)

Shelton, Emma

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66k04kt (person)

Siegel, Benjamin V.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68f5h0w (person)

Schmid, E.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s62fwt (person)

Steel, G. G.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65c5rr1 (person)

Shaver, John R.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tp2zb0 (person)

Storer, Tracy I.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss4n1q (person)

Scheer, Beatrice A. (Beatrice Anna)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tp309b (person)

Saller, K.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hg0vrh (person)

Smólska, A.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r07z8g (person)

Soltan, Hubert C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68j496r (person)

Swietlinska, Z.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w53j45 (person)

Schneck, J.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kj67fm (person)

Sharon, Nathan

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j54c85 (person)

Sambrook, J. (John)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h28r60 (person)

Strey, Martin

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h57dfn (person)

Sherwin, Richard N.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c11vsm (person)

Snyder, Elmer

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hk28pc (person)

Sandground, J. H.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q39ks4 (person)

Sturelid, Sören

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn416c (person)

Singer, Marcus, 1914-....

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64z2k0h (person)

Schatz, Gerald S., 1939-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc6s36 (person)

Stearns, Harold T. (Harold Thornton), 1900-1986

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w661276c (person)

Harold Thornton Stearns was born in Wallingford, Connecticut on August 25, 1900. He received his B.S. degree from Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut in 1921, and his Ph.D. in geology from George Washington University in 1926. He began his career with the United States Geological Survey in 1923 and was the author of numerous reports to the General Land Office on Carey Act and Irrigation Projects in Idaho. He also explored the Craters of the Moon region and was t...

Smith, Frederick E. (Frederick Escreet), 1919-2012

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tc3pmj (person)

Born in Blanchard, Washington, Frederick E. Smith (1914-1979) held a keen interest in the history of his hometown and the surrounding region. Much of his research focused on the history of the Equality Colony, a socialist utopian community near present-day Bow-Edison between 1897 and 1907. In the course of his research, Smith conducted numerous interviews with former colony members and nearby residents, and gathered photographs documenting the colony and its inhabitants....

Schuberg, August

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65g4f5b (person)

Shieh, Paul

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qw96x9 (person)

Shirato, Kazushi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69q8qq0 (person)

Smyth, John C.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66n8tdk (person)

Seibt, U.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60h97h1 (person)

Simpson, J. J. (James Jenkins), 1881-1937

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z768fb (person)

Syrstad, Ola.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66g1c5p (person)

Sibley, Charles G. (Charles Gald), 1917-1998

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6611s6m (person)

Seagle, Steven W.

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Smith, Susan M.

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Seilern- Aspang, Friedrich

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Scherffel, A.

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Sato, Gordon

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Smith-Gill, Sandra J., 1944-

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Shapiro, Boris

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Snow, W. E.

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Schmidt-Nielsen, Knut

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Schweiger, E.

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Smyth, Gareth

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Schweizer, Jakob

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Schlaeger, Dorothy A.

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Schlapfer, Theophil

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Smith, Patrick, Dr.

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Sands, Jane

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Shigeura, Harold T.

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Snyder, L. L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61m4z3s (person)

Smith, William

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60w82pm (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 32490 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000022 Epithet: Lieutenant British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000011 Epithet: of Banham county Norfolk British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001304.0x000035 Epithet: at Lisbon ...

Stewart, J. H.

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Safford, William E.

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Sander, Gerhard F.

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Stinson, Robert H

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Sosna, Milan

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Siggia, Salvatore

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Schmidt, Edwin L.

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Schmitt, Otto H. A.

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Santibañez, Susi Koref

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Streissle, G.

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Slonimski, Piotr P.

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Shaposhnikov, L. K. (Lev Konstantinovich)

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Shohl, A. T.

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Sutherland, T. M.

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Setty, Laurel Raymond

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Stenius, Christina

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Sheffield, F. M. L.

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Schroeder, H.

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St. Gimesi, F.

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Sterling, Clarence

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Shambulingappa, K. G.

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Savel, Herbert

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Seckel, Gunter R

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Seal, William P.

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Stone, George E., 1903-1967

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vq46kf (person)

Captain, United States Army Signal Corps. From the description of George E. Stone papers, 1918-1919. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754867012 George E. Stone was a motion picture cameraman working in Hollywood. While on location near Monterey, he bought a property on the Peninsula near or in Carmel, circa 1914, from Frank Devendorf, and in the early 1920s built a house he and his wife named "Seagirt." From the description of Stereoscopic collection ca. 1927-193?....

Stone, Peter W.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vr8s6d (person)<