Henry Jerry John Photographs 1910-1960


Henry Jerry John Photographs 1910-1960

Henry Jerry John (1885-1971) was a Cleveland, Ohio, physician who specialized in diabetes. He was born Jindrich Jeroslav John, In Czechoslovakia, and emigrated to the U.S. ca. 1889. He and his wife founded Camp Ho Mita Koda for diabetic children in 1929. He served in the Army Medical Corps during both world wars. The collection consists of photographs of Dr. John of Cleveland, Ohio; his family, his wood carvings, and of camp Ho Mita Koda for diabetics. Included are portraits of Dr. John in World War I and World War II and a photograph album containing photographs ca. 1930s of Camp Ho Mita Koda in Newbury, Ohio; including campers, camp facilities, and activities.



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Henry Jaroslav John was born in 1885 in Olomouc in the province of Moravia (Czech Republic) and joined his parents in the U.S. at age 14. He worked in Oklahoma and in Kansas, where he went to school at the University of Kansas. In 1912, he recieved his Masters at the University of Minnesota. He received his M.D. in 1916 from Western Reserve University of Medicine. When practicing in New York, he worked with diabetes specialist F.M. Allen. On October 9, 1928, John married Betty Beaman and the cou...