"Study of the Sick" Conference : Oral History Collection May 20-22, 1991


"Study of the Sick" Conference : Oral History Collection May 20-22, 1991

Nineteen scientists, medical researchers, sociologists and historians were brought together to engage in a "long discussion" structured by clusters of questions formulated by the co-chairs. The agenda explored the post-war interconnections made between American and European clinical investigators, research teams, and institutions that came to represent these "golden years" of biomedical research.



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Allegheny-Singer Research Institute

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Acadia Institute

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The Study of the Sick conference was held on May 20-22, 1991 at the Allegheney General Hospital in Pittsburgh, PA. It was organized by Judith Swazey of the Acadia Institute (Bar Harbor, ME) and co-sponsored by the National Library of Medicine and the Alleghany-Singer Research Institute (Pittsburgh). According to the conference proceedings, the "goals of the conference were to generate an account of an especially creative and productive era in clinical research that ocurred in the Un...

National Library of Medicine (U.S.)

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In the 1870s the Surgeon General's library occupied space in Ford's theater in Washington, D.C. Beginning in 1872 library officials began seeking legislative funding and approval for a proper building. Concerted efforts during the 1880s won approval for a new building at 7th and Independence, which was occupied in 1887. In the 1910s, having outgrown this facility, the library began requesting another new building. These attempts failed until 1938, when a new Armed Forces Medical Library building...

Swazey, Judith P.

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Judith P. Swazey, PhD, principal investigator, the Acadia Institute ; Renée C. Fox, PHD, co-principal investigator, the University of Pennsylvania. From the guide to the Records of research of Judith Swazey and Renée Fox, 1955-1987, (History of Medicine Division. National Library of Medicine) ...