Collection of Indian classical music 1957-1989


Collection of Indian classical music 1957-1989

Sound recordings made in India and America between 1957 and 1989. The collectionconsists mostly of Carnatic music with some programs of Hindustani music. These are primarilylive concert recordings with a few programs recorded from All India Radio. Most of therecordings were made during the annual concert season in Chennai in December. Several were alsomade at the Tyāgarāja Arādhana Festival that takes place each January in the town of Tiruvayāṟu.The collection also includes copies of commercial recordings of both Indian and non-Indian musicas well as a few miscellaneous recordings. The documentation consists of 32 small handwrittennotebooks and 15 program books printed by the Music Academy. The collection also includes 431 78RPM records of Indian and Middle Eastern music as well as several books about Indianmusic.


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H. V. Rāmamūrti (person)

Raghu, Palghat (person)

Mailāttūr Maṇi Aiyar (person)

Jayaraman, Lalgudi G. (Lalgudi Gopalaiyar), 1930- (person)

Pandit C. V. Vyās (person)

Delhi Channel B (corporateBody)

M. S. Kerkar (person)

Dwaram Mangatayaru (person)

Baleri, Shashi (person)

Babu, Chittur (person)

Krishnan, Lalgudi G. J. R. (person)

Dasanjali Group (corporateBody)

Kannan, Madras A. (person)

Travandram Hariharaṉ (person)

Nehru, Madam (person)

C. Saroja (person)

T. Balasaraswati (person)

Cālakkuṭ;i N. S. Nārāyaṇasvāmi (person)

B. Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Viji Krishnan (person)

Mehmood Nizami (person)

Thanjāvūr V. Prema (person)

T. G. Dakṣinamūrti (person)

Experts Committee of the Music Academy (corporateBody)

Aiyalūr Kr̥;śṇaṉ (person)

Joshi, Gajanan (person)

Tāñcāvūr Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti Rao (person)

Mrs. Jayalakshmi (person)

Rāmanāthapuram M. N. Kandasvāmi (person)

M. L. Shangloo (person)

Madurai Somasundaram (person)

Lutheran Center Studio (corporateBody)

C. P. Nāgarājaṉ (person)

the Music Academy (corporateBody)

1968 Music Academy Conference. (corporateBody)

S. Rādhākr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

V. G. Verma (person)

Umayāḷpuram N. Kodaṇḍarāmaṉ (person)

Subrahmanya Bharati (person)

Thanjāvūr Lakṣmanaṉ (person)

Ishtiaq Hussein Khan (person)

Tiruchchirāpalli G. Tyāgarājan (person)

M. R. Gautam (person)

Pārvatakumāri Candraśekaraṉ (person)

Dīkiṣtar (person)

C. V. Narasiṃhan (person)

Iyer, Vilvadri (person)

H. P. Rāmacār (person)

Sītālakṣmiī Veṅkaṭ;eśaṉ (person)

Embar Vijayarāghavacāriar. (person)

A. Muthiah (person)

V. R. Gajalakṣmī (person)

V. Sundareśaṉ (person)

Govindasvāmi, Bangalore (person)

Tiruchchirāpalli N. Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

D. R. Merunkar (person)

Řeṣadri, Lalita (person)

Viśvanāthaṉ, Vijaya (person)

Kumar, Vinod (person)

Charumati (person)

Thanjāvūr Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti Rao (person)

Bombay Sisters (corporateBody)

Sārada and Sukanyā (person)

Tiruvanaikāval Veṅkaṭ;arāman (person)

Vādya Vrinda (corporateBody)

Raghavan, Ramnad V. (person)

Cānd, Ḥukm (person)

K. Kr̥;ṣṇamacāri (person)

T. Keśavulu (person)

Nivritti Bua Sarniak (person)

Damal Krishna Pattammal (person)

Das, Gopal (person)

Vidya Shankar (person)

Vādya Ghoṣṭ;i (corporateBody)

V. Mīṇākṣī (person)

Tiwari, Som (person)

Kumbakonam N. Gaṇeśaṉ (person)

Pūvalūr Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

P. Rājarām (person)

A. Vedavalli (person)

Lakṣmīnārāyaṇ, Vairamaṅgalam (person)

H. P. Řrīvatsan (person)

J. Anjaneyulu (person)

Namaśivayam, Tiruvālūr (person)

Kalakshetra (corporateBody)

T. S. Srinivasan (person)

Jayarāmaṉ, Calcutta (person)

Tiṉṉiyam Y. Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

N. Hemalāta (person)

Dr. Shyam Prakash (person)

Aṇṭ;āḷ's (person)

Cochin Bālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

S. P. Rāmu and Sārada (person)

Veṅkaṭ;arāma Aiyar (person)

Raghu and Ravi (person)

M. B. Mathur (person)

Palghat R. Raghu (person)

Řivaprākāśam, Tañcāvūr (person)

Sabri Khān (person)

B. N. Suresh (person)

S., Rajeswari (person)

Cuttacātvāṉantā (person)

Vēlukuṭ;ṭ;i Nair (person)

Vijayalakṣmī Jñanaskandṉ and Husband (person)

V. K. Gaṅgadhāraṉ (person)

Cakrapāni, Kumbakonam (person)

N. Tripurasundari (person)

Hindu Temple Society (corporateBody)

Bharati Cultural Association. (corporateBody)

S. Řeṣagiri Rao (person)

Nārāṇasvāmi, Kāraikkudi (person)

Jadev, Santaram (person)

K. Rāja (person)

Gopālratnam, Musiri (person)

Qawali Ensemble (corporateBody)

Reck, David Benedict, 1935- (person)

T. Gaṇapati (person)

Řrīnivāsṉ, Maithili (person)

S. V. Govindacahyalu (person)

Lokasubrahmaṇiam, Lakṣmī (person)

P. Řrīrāmamūrti (person)

Vedambal, Thanjāvūr (person)

C. Lalita (person)

K. Omanakutty (person)

T. C. Řyāmasundar (person)

Rāmacandraṉ, Kottūr (person)

Bellare, Shashi (person)

P. S. Nārāyaṇasvāmi (person)

Denison University (corporateBody)

Conjeevaram N. S. Kr̥;ṣaṇsvāmi Aiyaṅkar (person)

Nāgercoil Muttappa Bhāgavatar (person)

Thanjāvūr Poṉṉaiya Piḷḷai (person)

Bhaskar, C. P. S. (person)

Harityāga Řaṅkara Rāmanarasiṃha (person)

All India Radio (AIR) (corporateBody)

Kabir (person)

Maharāj, Savita (person)

Krishnan, Ramnad, -1973 (person)

Bangalore S. Mukund (person)

A. Řyāmasundar (person)

Chaurasia, Hariprasad (person)

Rāmasvāmi, Annavarapu (person)

William Skelton (person)

Rāmamūrti, Thanjāvūr (person)

Madras Channel A (corporateBody)

M. S. Ramā. (person)

Sisters, Kumbakonam (person)

Bangalore Sītalakṣmī Vekṅaṭ;esaṉ (person)

Seṅgālipuram Ānantarāma Dīkṣita (person)

Rāmacandraṉ, Cārumati (person)

P. Viśvanāthaṉ (person)

V. L. Vedagiri (person)

Century Club (corporateBody)

Tiruppaṉṟuti Veṅkaṭ;esan (person)

Alatūr G. Nāgarājan (person)

Řivaśaṅkar (person)

Khan, Asad Ali, 1937-2011 (person)

Hindustani Classical Musician of the Gharana Jaipur Beenkar. Son and student of Sadiq Ali Khan. British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001305.0x000259 ...

Kuñjumaṇi and (person)

G. Rāmiah (person)

Svāmināthaṉ, Jānaki (person)

Aruṇikirinātar (person)

Gopāl Kr̥;ṣṇa (person)

T. R. Padmanābhaṉ (person)

Sītalakṣmī, Pudukkotai (person)

Cakrapani, Madurai (person)

Punjani, Shivkumar (person)

Kaṇṇaṉ, Madurai (person)

Premkumār, Kumbakonam (person)

T. K. Murthy (person)

E. Kr̥;ṣṇappa (person)

Ti. Cauḍayya (person)

Cīrkāḻi Govindarājan. (person)

Dīkśitar (person)

Harold Tovish (person)

A. Cellappa (person)

Town Hall (corporateBody)

J. Krishnamurti (person)

R. Ramesh (person)

Parikh, Nina (person)

V. S. Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Rao, Lakṣmī (person)

Yas. Ār. Jānakirāman (person)

Tiruvālūr R. S. Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Ramabhadran, Vellore G., 1929- (person)

Bālaśaṅkar (person)

Kaṭ;attūr S. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Laḷitādāsa (person)

Tiruvaraṅkam Kuḻuviṉār (corporateBody)

Jambagalakśmi, Pulivalam (person)

Mīnākṣi Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Bhāgīrathī Narasiṃhan (person)

KŌṭ;ṭ;aiyūr Taṅkavēlu (person)

Řaṅkar, Hari (person)

N. C. H. Kr̥;ṣṇamācāryalu (person)

Sringeri Mandapam (corporateBody)

Vādhya Goṣṭ;i (corporateBody)

Baḍodekara, Hirābāī (person)

T. V. Bhādracār (person)

Rājalakṣmī, Kumari (person)

Bharatiya Society of New York (corporateBody)

T. V. Gopalakrishnan (person)

Tiruvacanallūr Veṅkaṭ;arāma Aiyar (person)

Syama Sastri (person)

Santhanam, Jayalakṣmī (person)

Durai, Guruvayur (person)

Rāmanujam, Chidambaram (person)

Brahmanandam, Lalgudi (person)

Madras Channel B (corporateBody)

Krishna Das Gupta (person)

Paṉcanata Aiyar (person)

Veṇkaṭ;arāmana (person)

Sundararājan, Nirmala (person)

D. V. Malar (person)

Palladam V. N. Rājaṉ (person)

K. S. Cinnakr̥;ṣṇañ (person)

Safraz Husain Khan (person)

Kāraikkudi Naṭ;esaṉ (person)

T. Visvanathan (person)

Salem D. Cellam Aiyaṇkar (person)

D. Usha (person)

Rājam Puṣpavānam (person)

Mulgaonkar, Nalini (person)

Gururājan, Erode (person)

Ēttāppūr Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

S. V. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Tiruchchirāpalli S. P. Sundaram (person)

Kr̥;ñṇasvāmi Aiyar (person)

Mēlakkāveri Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Periyāḻvār. (person)

Kaṇṇaṉ, Jambu (person)

Broadcast (corporateBody)

Kaṇṭ;atēvi Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

T. S. Bhāgavatar (person)

Řakuntala Řrīnivāsaṉ. (person)

December 30, 1965 (corporateBody)

Artist, AIR (person)

M. Kanakasābai (person)

G. N. Rājakolikam (person)

Tāyumān̦avar 1705-1742 (person)

T. M. Saundararajan (person)

Dr. Raghavan (person)

Krishna Gana Sabha. (corporateBody)

Tiruehra Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Group, Ganavarshini (person)

Erode Gururājan. (person)

Rao, K. Nagaraja (Krishnappa Nagaraja), 1921- (person)

A. V. Ānand (person)

Rāmacandraṉ, Mailāttūr (person)

Manjood Husain Khān (person)

Music Academy (corporateBody)

Puṣpavaḷḷi (person)

Arunakirinatar 1370-1450 (person)

T. N. Rāmamūrti (person)

G. G. Kharadkar (person)

Nagore T. S. Ampi Aiyar (person)

Munir Khan (person)

M. H. Otavkar (person)

Ār. En. Řrīlatā (person)

K. S. Mañjunāth (person)

Karaikudi Sambasivayer SubRamanian (person)

Tamiḻ Icai Caṇkam (corporateBody)

Shatkāla Narasayya (person)

Dhamtale, Govindrao (person)

Anai Aiya (person)

K. Paramasiva Nambūdri (person)

Subhāśini Parthasarathy (person)

Gaṇeśaṉ, Ariyalūr (person)

Cettipālayam Vēlusvāmi Piḷḷai (person)

Rājeśvari Padmanābhaṉ (person)

Arun, Nirmala (person)

N. Dayalakṣmī (person)

S. Řrīdhār (person)

V. A. Gaṇeśaṉ (person)

Mirabai (person)

L. Muthiah Bhagavatar (person)

Jayalakṣmī, Pāpanācam (person)

Vasant Rao Deu (person)

R. Vedavaḷḷi (person)

T. N. Rājam (person)

Ghosh, Nandial (person)

Muttulakṣmī Kalyāṇakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

V. L. Jānakirāmaṉ (person)

V. Seturāman (person)

Erode Rāmamūrti (person)

S. Mahādevaṉ (person)

Asia Society (corporateBody)

The Asia Society is located in Washington, D.C. From the description of Asia Society records, 1971-1976. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 64756711 The Asia Society was founded in 1956 under the guidance of John D. Rockefeller 3rd to increase American understanding and appreciation of the poeples of Asia. A non-political educational organization, the Asia Society sponsors seminars and special studies to promote discussion of public af...

Prem, Ramesh (person)

Thanjāvūr Vaṭ;ivēlu Piḷḷai (person)

UMass Boston. (corporateBody)

D. T. Desai (person)

Khan, Abdul Karim, 1978-.... (person)

Māyūram Govindarāja Piḷḷai (person)

Bhaskar, C. P. S. (person)

Narendraṉ, Tirucūr (person)

Jayadeva’s (person)

K. R. Rāghavaṉ (person)

Tirupattūrati Veṅkaṭ;esan (person)

Nāgarājan, Tiruvālūr (person)

M. Balamurali Krishna (person)

Viśvanāthan, Tiruppanturuti (person)

Ālattūr Řrīnivāsa Aiyar (person)

Chinnayya (person)

Mirzā, Maḥmūd, 1932- (person)

Azīzur Reḥmān (person)

T. A. Aṉṉāmalai (person)

T. N. Cāmināta Piḷḷai (person)

Devi, Jāniki (person)

Chaturlal (person)

Theosophical Society (Chennai, India) (corporateBody)

Sultana, Parween (person)

Sadāsubrahmanya Aiyar (person)

Tiruchchirāpalli Svāminātha Aiyar (person)

Colgate College (corporateBody)

All-India Radio (corporateBody)

Sikkil Sisters (person)

Rāmamūrti, Dindigul (person)

Aravaiyanantaṉ, Kuḻikkari (person)

K. Řivakumār (person)

A. Muralikrishna (person)

Sri Rajarajesvari Bhajan Mandali (corporateBody)

Nīṭ;āmaṅkalam V. V. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

Damal Krishna Pattamal’s (person)

M. Rādhākr̥;ṣṇa Rāju (person)

Bhaktavatsalam, Thiruvarur (person)

Mysore C. Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Madras (corporateBody)

Rāji Rāmacandraṉ (person)

B. V. Rāmaṉ (person)

K. P. Upadyaya (person)

Menon, Narayana (person)

Madurai Maṇi Aiyar (person)

M. L. Vasantakumari (person)

Mohile, Anil (person)

T. Satyamūrti (person)

Řarma, Viśvanātha (person)

M. Anantanārāyaṇaṉ (person)

Titte Kr̥;ṣṇa Aiyaṅkar (person)

Papanasam Sivan (person)

Ponuswami (person)

S. Seturāmaṉ (person)

M. G. Ramachandran (person)

A. Sundareśaṉ (person)

Irayimmaṉ Tampi (person)

Manārkuṭ;i R. R. Gopālan (person)

Tallapaka Annamacharya (person)

Kandasvāmi, Kaḷukamālai (person)

Jaya Chamaraja Wadiyar (person)

Parikh, Arvind (person)

S. P. Rāmu (person)

Nelson, David N. (person)

Bharatasāmi (person)

K̲h̲ān, G̲h̲ulām Nabī, 1925- (person)

R. N. Paradkar (person)

Rāmaṉ, Kalpakam (person)

Datta, Rash Behari (person)

Ādiappaiya (person)

Ravi Kumar (person)

Rāmasvāmi, Lalita (person)

T. N. Svāminātha Piḷḷai (person)

Bangalore (corporateBody)

M. S. Gopalakrishnan (person)

Prapañcam Sītarāmaṉ (person)

M. Pramila (person)

Ayyavayyar (person)

Bālasubrahmaṇyam, Coimbatore (person)

Fifth Guru Arjan Dev (person)

Rāmanāthaṉ, Kalpati (person)

Sri Jaya Ganesh Tala Vadya Vidyalaya (corporateBody)

U. V. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

S. Nāgavaḷḷi (person)

Tilkokaṇam K. Cellai (person)

ōlēṭ;i Veṅkateśvarlu (person)

Dharmapuram P. Svāminātan (person)

Sītarāmaṉ, Prapañcam (person)

Arunachalam, Karukurichi P. (person)

Poochi Srinivasa Iyengar. (person)

Bhāvanārāyaṇarāvu, Dvāraṃ (person)

Cavathore A. Mahadevan (person)

Papanācam Řivaṉ (person)

Śrī Hiraṇyavarṇa Mahāvihāra (corporateBody)

T. Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

A. Rāmarao (person)

Raj Saksena (person)

Nīlakaṇṭ;a Civaṉ (person)

N. C. Saundaravalli (person)

Řivakumār, Lalita (person)

Chittur G. Veṅkaṭ;esaṉ (person)

Sathi, Vasanti (person)

Tiruviṭ;aimarutūr Rādhākr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Palakkad Mani Iyer (person)

Chowdhury, Sishkanadhar (person)

V. D. Swami’s (person)

Sisters, Sikkil (person)

Subbulakshmi, Maharajapuram (person)

Rāga Ranjani (corporateBody)

G. N. Balasubrahmanian (person)

M. R. Gopināth (person)

Bālasubrahmayṇam, Madras (person)

Das, Purshottam (person)

D. K. Jayaraman (person)

Saroja, Tiruppur (person)

U. V. Veṅkaṭ;akr̥;ṣṇa Aiyar (person)

G̲ẖ;ulām Aḥmad (person)

R. Kumaresh (person)

T. V. S. Řivasubrahmaṇyam (person)

Lakṣmī, Sañji (person)

Singh, Giriraj (person)

V. Raghavan (person)

V. V. Giri (person)

Tirukarukavūr Řrīnivāsa Rāghavaṉ (person)

M. S. Babu (person)

Gurdawara Sis Ganj (corporateBody)

World Tamil Conference (corporateBody)

Vi. Doresvāmi Aiyaṅgār (person)

M. Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

Tiruchchirāpalli Hema (person)

R. Tyāgarājaṉ (person)

C. Rājagopālacari (person)

Vimala (person)

J. Veṅkaṭ;arāman (person)

Khan, Munir (person)

M. L. Vīrabhādra (person)

T. K. Jayarāman (person)

K. Murukan (person)

Tiruvayāru Veṅkaṭ;esaṉ (person)

R. Mahādevaṉ (person)

T. R. Mahalingam (person)

Řivan, Rāmasvāmi (person)

T. M. Tyāgarājaṉ (person)

K. Řrīnivāsa Aiyaṅgar (person)

Umayāḷpuram R. Nāṭ;arājaṉ (person)

K. J. Yesudas (person)

Govindarājaṉ, Sikkil (person)

Rāmamūrti, Kumbakonam (person)

R. Kannan. (person)

Gānāsmriti Group (corporateBody)

Shastry, Hari Achutharama (person)

K. Raja Gopalan (person)

Dr. E. Anasūyadēvi (person)

T. N. Pathak (person)

K. Maṇi Aiyar (person)

K. Vijayalakṣmī (person)

Kiṭ;ṭ;appā Piḷḷai (person)

Narasiṃhaṇ, Sītalakṣmī (person)

Māyūram S. Rājam (person)

Rāmanātha Maṇḍali (corporateBody)

M. K. Govindarāja Bhāgavatar (person)

Bombay Channel B (corporateBody)

Mysore Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Tirupati V. Subrahmaṇyaṉ (person)

Pattamal, Damal Krishna (person)

Janārdanaṉ, Mālati (person)

Şaṭ;akāla Narasayya (person)

of Muttusvāmi Dīkṣita (person)

T. R. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

B. V. Sīta (person)

Rāmgopāl, Nīla (person)

Tiruvayāru K. Gopālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Rāmasvāmi Piḷḷai (person)

Maṇikr̥;ṣṇasvāmi (person)

T. S. Parthasarathy (person)

N. R. Shahane (person)

Bhāṇu, Lalita (person)

Malini (person)

R. Rāmacandraṉ (person)

Khan, Masit (person)

N. C. Pārthasārati (person)

T. Rukmiṇī (person)

Pallavi Řeṣa Aiyar (person)

Tiruvannamalai S. Vinvadre (person)

Dkīitśar (person)

Prasun Kumar Banarjee (person)

Nārāyaṇaṉ, Rājalakṣmi (person)

World Pacific Records. (corporateBody)

Parween, Sultana (person)

Kalki (corporateBody)

Trichy S. Shankaran (person)

B. Rajam Iyer (person)

United Nations (corporateBody)

In 1945, four individuals who had worked on the Manhattan project-John L. Balderston, Jr., Dieter M. Gruen, W.J. McLean, and David B. Wehmeyer-formed a committee and wrote a letter to 154 public figures asking for their opinions about the possibility of the creation of a world government. Over the next year, as the various public figures responded to the letter, the responses were correlated into a report that was released in 1947. From the guide to the Balderston, John L., Jr. Colle...

Madurai Maṇi Aiyer (person)

Thanjāvūr Poṉṇaiya Piḷḷai (person)

Nageswara Rao (person)

J. Rāmiah (person)

D. Pasupati (person)

T. G. Viśvanātha Aiyar (person)

D. Kr̥;ṣṇa Aiyaṅkar (person)

K. S. Nāyāyaṇacāmi Aiyar (person)

Abhirāmi Group (corporateBody)

Dvaram Veṅkaṭ;asvāmi Naidu (person)

Kalki Building (corporateBody)

Tiruvālūr S. Mahaliṅgam (person)

R. K. Narayan’s (person)

K. R. Candramouli (person)

A. Vīrabhadriah (person)

T. R. V. Vīrasvāmi (person)

Williams College (corporateBody)

Hyderabad (corporateBody)

Khan, Sabri, 1925- (person)

AIR staff artist (person)

Svmiānāthaṉ, Kalpakam (person)

Kr̥;ṣṇakumār (person)

Maṇi, Tuticorin (person)

K. S. Gopalakrishnan (person)

Viśvanāthaṉ, Kāmala (person)

Alad Ali Khān (person)

D. Kiṭ;ṭ;appa (person)

V. N. Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

Vani Jairam (person)

L. Gaṇapati Piḷḷai (person)

Prema, Thanjāvūr (person)

K. V. Subbarao (person)

T. K. Govindarao (person)

Gordon Korstange (person)

Vivagh, Mangala (person)

Taccūr Siṅgarācāri (person)

Rabindranath Tagore. (person)

Sītālakṣmi Veṅkaṭ;eśaṉ (person)

Jayakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Āśvatthanāyāyaṇaṉ (person)

Aiyar, Ganeśa (person)

Gopālakr̥;śṇa Bhārati (person)

K. V. Alamelu (person)

Řrīrām, Maṇakkāl (person)

Maṅkuṭ;i Candraśekaraṉ (person)

Woodlands (corporateBody)

Udayaśaṅkar (person)

Dr. M. Prameela (person)

Balasubarāyalu, Tiruchchirāpalli (person)

Māyuram Viṣvanātha Řāstri (person)

Pahimam, Sri (person)

K. S. Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Viswanathan, Radha (person)

N. S. Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

K. Muttukr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

T. S. Candraśekaraṉ (person)

Āṇṭ;āḷ (person)

Rangarajan, Manakkal (person)

Ninth Guru Tegh Bahadur (person)

T. Rukmini (person)

Gopāl Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Mehmet Ali Khān (person)

Haviz Ula Khān (person)

Sambamūrti (person)

Hindu Temple and Cultural Center (corporateBody)

Jan, Mohammad (person)

C. V. Narasiṃhaṉ (person)

Pallavi Gopāla Aiyer (person)

Rajah’s Nāgasvaram College (corporateBody)

All India Radio, Madras Channel A (corporateBody)

K. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Sivaraman, Umayalpuram K. (person)

University of Massachusetts, Boston (corporateBody)

Rāmacandraṉ, Sarasvati (person)

Cary Welch (person)

Chitti Babu (person)

Subhasruti (corporateBody)

Kanakadāsa (person)

Rāmasvāmi Řivaň (person)

Shastri, Lal Bahadur, 1904-1966 (person)

V. Rāmacandraṉ (person)

M. Murugeśaṉ (person)

December 27, 1975. (corporateBody)

Tiruvālūr S. Seturāmaṉ (person)

Varahūr Muttusvāmi Aiyar (person)

Narayanaswamy, Padma (person)

Musiri Subrahmaṇya Aiyar. (person)

Nina Parikh (person)

Sabhāpati, Kanaka (person)

N. V. Balakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Davison Art Center. (corporateBody)

Puranāṭ;u Veṅkaṭ;esa Piḷḷai (person)

Gnanambal (person)

Lakṣminārāyaṇamūrti (person)

S. Jaya (person)

D. K. Viśvanātha Řarma (person)

V. Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

L. Gaṇapatyā Piḷḷai (person)

K. Vasanta (person)

Ravikiran, N., 1967- (person)

Gaṇeśaṉ, Ariyūr (person)

Subrahmaṇiam, Mīna (person)

Piḷḷai, Svāminātha (person)

Khan, Ali Akbar, 1922-2009 (person)

Hindustani Classical Musician, noted sarod player of the Gharana Senia-Maihar. Title: Ustad British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001305.0x000252 ...

Tiruvālūr Cinnatampi Piḷḷai (person)

Upendran, Tanjore (person)

Madurai Kr̥;ṣṇa Aiyaṅkar (person)

Mali, Umayālpuram (person)

Singh, Chattur (person)

Tiruveṅgarugavūr Subrahmaṇya Piḷḷai (person)

Weling, Kunda (person)

Kaṉam Kiruṣṇaiyar (person)

Vaikom D. N. Devadas (person)

Sur Das (person)

Mr. Pathak (person)

Rājeśvari, Thanjāvūr (person)

Māṇikkavācakar (person)

Tañcāvūr Řaṅkara Aiyar (person)

B. Hemakalyāṇi (person)

Ūttukkāṭ;u Veṅkaṭ;a Subbiar (person)

IḷaṅkŌvāṭ;ikaḷ (person)

Kuttālam Viśvanātha Aiyar (person)

Narayan, Ram, 1927- (person)

Narain, Rām (person)

Poṉṉammāḷ, Kuruvāyūr (person)

Patnam Subrahmaṇya Aiyar (person)

M. N. Daṇḍhapāṇi Deśikar (person)

K. R. Gaṇapati (person)

Stanford university (corporateBody)

Stanford entered into a research project with the National Iranian Radio and Television agency in 1974 to study and recommend a satellite-based communication system for Iran and how to utilize it for Iran's educational radio and television. From the description of Stanford NIRT project records, 1974-1978. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122510722 The Leland Stanford Junior University was established in 1885 in memory of Leland Stanford Jr., the only child of Senator and Mrs. ...

Trichur C. Narendran (person)

S. P. Viṣvaliṅgam (person)

Coimbatore B. Dakṣiṇamūrti (person)

Sampath, Kumbakonam (person)

Rājam Sitarām (person)

Ramanathapuram C. S. Murugaboobathy (person)

B. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

V. S. Jñānaskandan (person)

Indra Naṭ;eśa Aiyar (person)

S. Veṅkaṭ;ācari (person)

K. Řyāmasundar (person)

Gramophone Co. of India, Ltd. (corporateBody)

Sharadha (person)

Dr. S. Seetha (person)

V. L. Sudarśan (person)

Tirupati Maṇirāma Aiyar (person)

Krishnamurthy, Nedunuri, 1927- (person)

K. R. Sarasvatī (person)

Jaya Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Kasilkar, Manohar (person)

R. Kamala (person)

Neyyāttaṅkarai Vāsudevaṉ (person)

Thanjāvūr Narāyaṇasvāmi Piḷḷai (person)

Māyilaṭ;uturai Viśvanātha Řastri (person)

Madurai T. K. Rāmaṉ (person)

T. P. Nāgarājan (person)

Krishnan, Viji (person)

Kotipaḷḷi Prakāśa Rao (person)

Rukmini Alagappan (person)

M. Candraśekharaṉ (person)

Bhavani Ganeśaṉ (person)

B. V. Lakṣmanaṇ (person)

K. C. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

Bhaskaran, Sikkil (person)

Tirukaṭ;aiyūr Dakṣinamūrti (person)

Murthy, Bomman (person)

Das, Ghanshyam (person)

Srīrangam V. S. Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti Rao (person)

Aruṇakirinātar, active 15th century (person)

H. S. Madhwachar (person)

Subhasruti Group (corporateBody)

Kottūr Rājaratnam Piḷḷai (person)

Khan, Faiyaz (person)

Purandaradāsa 1484-1564 (person)

Bangalore K. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Madras R. Kalyanaraman (person)

Lakṣmī Kr̥;ṣṇa (person)

M. A. Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Kalyāṇa Kr̥;ṣṇa Bhāgavatar (person)

N. Sumati (person)

Kalkura, Champa (person)

M. Rāmadās (person)

Hariharaṉ, Prema (person)

K. Nārāyaṇaṉ (person)

Safraz Ḥusain K̲h̲;ān (person)

Therazhundur Sisters (corporateBody)

T. Mukta (person)

Bhal Bahadur Singh (person)

Kr̥;ṣṇaveni (person)

Sundararājan, Saroja (person)

C. Lakṣminārāyaṇaṉ (person)

N. Vīrasvāmi (person)

C. R. Venkatarama Aiyaṅkar (person)

Khan, Hamid (lawyer) (person)

Pālakkāṭ;u Kuñjumaṇi (person)

Rajeswari Padmanabhan (person)

G. Řrīnivāsa Rāghavaṉ (person)

A. Subbe (person)

K . S. Sundaram Aiyar (person)

Vīṇa Dhanammaḷ (person)

Tyāgarāna’s (person)

Řarma, Lokanātha (person)

M. B. Māmanarūrthi (person)

Madurai M. S. Řaktivēl (person)

Lokanāthaśarma, Tatepaḷḷi (person)

Nanjundiah, Sushila (person)

T. S. Valliśaṉ (person)

HMV/ODEON (corporateBody)

Āṉaiyāmpaṭ;ṭ;i Adiśeṣaṇ (person)

Mandir, Kala (person)

Kumbakonam A. Taṅkvēlu Piḷḷai (person)

K. Muttulakṣmī (person)

Kuntālam Viśvanātha Aiyar (person)

T. N. Krishnan (person)

Řrīkāntaṉ, ŘimŌga (person)

V. D. Swami (person)

Raṅgacāri, Řobana (person)

Natu, Jyotsna (person)

Rajagopalan, Rukmini, 1940- (person)

Cellapaḷḷi Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Mahaliṅgam, Tiruvālūr (person)

Puṣpavānam, Rājam (person)

Purandaradasar Mandali (corporateBody)

Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti Piḷḷai (person)

Avanti Meduri (person)

Krishnan, Namagiripettai (person)

Thiruvaiyāru Music College (corporateBody)

Swetzoff Gallery (corporateBody)

Viśvanāthan, GŌmati (person)

R. K. Narayan's (person)

Manjapara Devasa Ramanathan (person)

Hamid Hussein Khān (person)

Annavarapu Rāmasvāmi (person)

Řaktivēl, Thanjāvūr (person)

Řarmadevi Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Bālasamudram N. Kaṇṇan (person)

Khan, Bade Ghulam Ali, 1902?-1968 (person)

Hindustani Classical Vocalist of the Gharana Patiala. British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001305.0x00025e ...

Vijayanthimāla (person)

Bhi Bulwinder Singh (person)

M. E. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

Kṣētrayya (person)

Kanakumari, A (person)

K. S. Cellappā (person)

Sitalakṣmī Veṅkaeṭ;saṉ (person)

Vināyakarāva Paṭ;avardhana (person)

All India Radio, Madras (corporateBody)

Tittakuṭ;i Rāmeś (person)

Cakrapāṇi, Tirumandurai (person)

Dhanapāl (person)

V. Vasanta. (person)

Pālakkāṭ;u Hariharan (person)

Balamurali Krishna (person)

Khaywad, Omprakash (person)

Mukundan (person)

Saravaṇan, Vasanta (person)

Pārthasārathi, Indra (person)

Mani, T. A. S. (person)

R. K. Řrīkāntam (person)

Tiwaskar, Bhaskar (person)

Dasanjali (person)

Shankar, Lakshmi, 1926-2013 (person)

Mahadevan, Sulocana (person)

Kotiswara Iyer (person)

K. S. Veṅkaṭ;arāma Aiyar (person)

Manārkuṭ;i Rājalakṣmī (person)

Cellappa, Madurai (person)

Tamiḷ Icai Caṇkam (corporateBody)

Cucīntram Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

S. D. Sridar (person)

Tyāgarāja Arādhana Festival (corporateBody)

Rāmanāthaṇ Cettiyar (person)

Tiruviṭ;aimarutūr Rāja (person)

Tulsi Das (person)

S. Kalpakam (person)

Hafiz Ula Khān (person)

Tyāgarāga (person)

M. S. Bālasubrahmaṇya Řarma (person)

Raṅganāthaṉ, Rāmalakṣmī (person)

Bhi Daya Singh (person)

Kāmala Mūrti (person)

T. Prema (person)

S. R. Janakirāman (person)

R. M. Sāradā (person)

Shiv Kumar Punjani (person)

Řrīvañciyam Maṇi Aiyar (person)

J. Krishnamurthy. (person)

C. R. Ranganāthaṉ (person)

R. N. Duraisvāmi (person)

Delhi Channel A and B (corporateBody)

T. R. Navanītan (person)

Vasanta Gopālaṉ (person)

Ram Narayan (person)

Māyilaṭ;uturai Somu (person)

Padmanabhan, Rajeswari (person)

Kīvalūr Subrahmaṇya Aiyar (person)

Thanjāvūr T. R. Govindarājan (person)

Madurai Sarasvati Lakṣmanaṉ (person)

Vaidehi, Umayālpuram (person)

G. Kanakavalli (person)

Coimbatore Dakṣiṇamūrti (person)

Papa Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

G. V. Rāmakumāri (person)

Sadguru Saṅgīta Samiti (corporateBody)

Vihar, Visanta (person)

A. Jayalakṣmi (person)

Ghalib, Mirza Asadullah Khan, 1797-1869 (person)

Epithet: Arab Physician British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000565.0x000200 ...

T. Nāgarājan (person)

Palghat Rāma Bhāgavatar (person)

Vīrasubrahmaṇiyaṉ, Dēvaki (person)

Banerjee, Bibhuti (person)

N. Keśi (person)

Umalyapuram K. Narayanaswamy (person)

U. V. Subrahmaniam. (person)

S. P. Sāradā (person)

M. V. Varāhasvāmi (person)

A. P. KŌmalā (person)

Tirukannapuram Řrīnivāsa Piḷḷai (person)

Chittur Subrahmaṇya Piḷḷai (person)

Visalam Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

T. Chaudiah (person)

Vasantha Vihar (corporateBody)

Nellai T. V. Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Vādya Gośṭ;i (corporateBody)

Tyāgarājaṉ, Kāmala (person)

Madarimangalam S. Swaminathan (person)

PutukŌṭ;ai Nārāyaṇa Aiyar (person)

Hangal, Gangoobai (person)

Sen, Dulai (person)

Tiruceri G. Muttukumāracāmi (person)

Sampāth, Tilaka (person)

Schram, Harold (person)

Chinmoy Lahiri (person)

Yāḻpanam N. K. Padmanābhaṉ (person)

Gayathri (person)

S. Balachander (person)

Sadasivam, Mr. (person)

Cuntarar (person)

Maṇakkāl Raṅgarājan (person)

Lakmṣī (person)

Misu Krishna Aiyar (person)

K. B. Sundarambal (person)

Gouri, Sayi (person)

T. G. Tyāgarājaṉ (person)

Chowdhury, Debabrata (person)

Svātitirunāḷ (person)

T. R. Lakṣmanaṉ (person)

Rukmiṇī Kr̥;ṣṇa (person)

S. Řaṅkaraṉ (person)

Vora, Vinayak (person)

Nanjundaya (person)

T. N. Seshagopalan (person)

Tamiḻ Īcai Caṅkam (corporateBody)

DevakkŌṭ;ai Nārāyaṇa Aiyaṅkar (person)

Somasundaram, Madurai (person)

Khani, Ramzan (person)

T. H. Vinayakram (person)

R. Ravicandraṉ (person)

Ti. Lakṣmana Piḷḷai (person)

Coimbatore S. Rāmasvāmi (person)

Veṅkaṭ;arāmani (person)

Vasanta Gopālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Veṅkaṭ;anātha (person)

Thanjāvūr L. Veṅkaṭ;esa Aiyaṅkār (person)

Mavelikara Krishnakutti Niar (person)

T. K. Raṅgacāri (person)

R. K. Veṅkaṭ;arāma Řāstri (person)

Manārkuṭ;i Sāvatri Ammal (person)

Rukmini Devi (person)

Krishnan, Madurai N., 1928- (person)

Anant Lal (person)

Bangalore K. Veṅkaṭ;arām (person)

N. Rādhākr̥;ṣṇa Naidu (person)

Somu, Kottūr (person)

Kattuputūr Veṅkaṭ;asubammal (person)

Roy, Kalyani (person)

Subrahmaṇyam, Lalita (person)

Manakkal Řaṅkararājan (corporateBody)

Māyilaṭ;aturai Řrīnivāsan (person)

Seattle, WA (person)

Lakṣmanaṉ, Tāñcavūr (person)

Govindarāju, Thanjāvūr (person)

A. Rāmakr̥;śṇaṉ (person)

Āṉaiyāmpaṭ;ṭ;i S. Ganeśaṉ (person)

Gopālaratnam, Srīrangam (person)

Rāmamūrti, Cuddalore (person)

Annaswamy Sastry (person)

Cochin P. S. Bhāskar (person)

Muralidharan, Nagai (person)

Sārada Naṭ;arājaṉ (person)

S. Sīta (person)

Singh, Gurmukh (person)

M. L. Nadkurni (person)

Veṅkaṭ;arāmana Bhāgavatar (person)

Raṅganāthaṉ, Janhavi (person)

Narasimhan, Padma (person)

M. S. Anantarāmaṉ (person)

Kulikkarai Piccaiyappa Piḷḷai (person)

Narayan, Ram, 1927- (person)

A. Kalyanasundaram (person)

Annasvāmi Řāstri (person)

Pāpanācam Sivaṉ (person)

S. Paul Aubox (person)

Bālasarasvati, Pāpanācam (person)

Parūr S. Anantarāma Aiyar (person)

Rājalakṣnī Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

V. Somasundaram (person)

Bangalore L. Jaganāthaṉ (person)

Alamelu and Pushpa (person)

University of Massachusetts (corporateBody)

S. Svāmināthaṉ (person)

Gaṇapati, Řānta (person)

Paḻanisvāmi, Ālattūr (person)

Appiḷḷai Aiyaṅkar (person)

Kornstange, Gordon (person)

Sandhyavandanam Řrīnivāsa Rao (person)

Rāga Rañjani of Hyderabad (corporateBody)

Tenth Guru Gobind Singh (person)

Garbhapurivāsa (person)

Gaṇapati, Pattammaḷ (person)

V. Kamalakara Rao (person)

T. L. Veṅkaṭ;arāma Aiyar (person)

T. Rukminī (person)

M. S. Rāmiah (person)

Civappirakācar (person)

J. Maithili (person)

Vanamāmali Brothers (person)

Sengalipuram Anantarama Dikshitar (person)

Purandaradāsa 1484-1564 (person)

Svātitirunāḷ (person)

Ambi Dīkṣita (person)

J. J. Bhubha (person)

Khan, Ishtiaq Hussain 1907-1980 (person)

Mūrti, Padmā (person)

Rāmanāthapuram M. N. Ganeśa Piḷḷai (person)

Maharaja of Travancore (person)

Kausalya 1979- (person)

Dakṣiṇamūrti, Coimbatore (person)

Patnam Subrahmanya Aiyar (person)

December 23, 1975. (corporateBody)

M. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Aruṇagiri, Kuḻikkarai (person)

Dandamoodi Ramamohana Rao (person)

T. V. Vayapūri (person)

Kalakshetra Music and Dance Academy (corporateBody)

KaḷiyārkŌvil M. S. Řaṇmukhasundaram (person)

U. Jayalakṣmī (person)

T. P. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

P. G. Lakṣminārāyaṇaṉ (person)

Bombay Kalyāṇakr̥;ṣṇa (person)

Papa Veṅkaṭ;arāmiah (person)

Agastya (person)

Rāmacandaṉ, Mailāttūr (person)

M. A. Kalyanakrisha Bhagavatar (person)

Kichalu Brothers (corporateBody)

Budalur Krishnamurthy Sastrigal (person)

A. Anantakr̥;ṣṇaň (person)

Aruṇācala Kavi (person)

Sisters, Sumangalam (person)

Tiruparaṅkuṉr̥;am N. Řivasubrahmaṇya Piḷḷai (person)

Mirzā, Maḥmūd, 1932- (person)

Řrivañciam Rāmacandra Aiyar (person)

Nārāyaṇatīrtha (person)

Varataṉ, Patmā (person)

Kalki Gardens (corporateBody)

Prasād, Skanda (person)

Puri, Baij Nath. (person)

Paḻaṇi C. Kumār (person)

Omkar Nath Thakur (person)

K. Subrahmaṇya Řarma (person)

N. Vivśanātha Aiyar (person)

T. S. Mūrti (person)

Rāmasvāmi Dīkṣita (person)

Bhadalkar, Santanam (person)

Muralidhāraṉ (person)

Pāritiyār (person)

AIR staff artists (person)

Řaṅkarācārya (person)

Tiruppanturuti Naṭ;ēcaṉ (person)

Řeṣagiri Rao (person)

Nivritti Bua Sarnaik (person)

Subrahmanyam, Tiru (person)

Maḥmūd Mirza (person)

N. S. Ramachandran (person)

G. Kamala (person)

Vaidyanāthaṉ, Gīta (person)

M. R. Gaṇeśaṉ (person)

V. Gurumūrti (person)

T. D. Bālasubrahmaṇyam (person)

P. Vaidyanāthaṉ (person)

Saikr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Rājaṉ, Sundara (person)

C. V. Narasimhan (person)

Vaidyanathan, Kunnakudi, 1935-2008 (person)

Balasubrahmaniam, Parvatavardhani (person)

Gopālakr̥;ṣṇa Bharati (person)

N. L. Gāṉasaraswati (person)

Samant, Neela (person)

Mangatayaru, Dwaram (person)

S. Anand (person)

B. Rājamaṇi (person)

K. P. Řivānandam (person)

Paul Sherbent (person)

Aḥmad Riz̤;ā (person)

Madurai Řrīraṅgam Aiyaṅkar (person)

A. S. Panchapekesa Iyer (person)

Rājam, Tiruppāpuliyūr (person)

Seerkazhi Govindarajan (person)

Vedabanu (person)

Siddheśvari Devi (person)

M. S. Subbulaskhmi (person)

Merattūr Veṅkaṭ;arāma Řāstri (person)

Yuluf Al Haq (person)

Manārkuṭ;i Naṭ;eśa Piḷḷai (person)

Indian Students Association (corporateBody)

S. A. Parthasarati (person)

Tyāgarjāja (person)

Subbaraya Sastry (person)

T. A. Hariharaṉ (person)

Muthiah Bhagavathar (person)

Rehna Tyābji (person)

N. Ramani (person)

Dharmapuri Subbarāyar (person)

P. Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

Murali, Mythili (person)

United Nations International School (corporateBody)

Řaṅkara Menon (person)

Mysore Sadāśiva Rao (person)

Lakṣminārāyaṇarāju (person)

Annamācārya, 1408-1503 (person)

Annamācārya (b. May 22, 1408, Tallapaka, India–d. April 4, 1503, Tirumala, India) was a 15th-century Hindu saint and is the earliest known Indian musician to compose songs called sankirtanas in praise of the god Venkateswara, a form of Vishnu. He is the first known composer in carnatic music. The musical form of the keertana songs that he composed have strongly influenced the structure of Carnatic music compositions. Annamacharya is remembered for his saintly life, and is honoured as a great dev...

Delhi Channel A (corporateBody)

Rao, Kamalākar (person)

K. V. Narayanaswamy (person)

Babu, Chitti (person)

Veṅkaṭ;asubrahmaniam (person)

Mira Bai (person)

Lakshmī Kr̥;ṣṇasvāmi (person)

R. S. Gopālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Tyāgarājan, Erode (person)

Virimidu, Vādya (person)

Visanta Vihar (corporateBody)

Paṭ;ṭ;abhirāma Aiyar (person)

Kadiri Gopalnath (person)

Purnachander (person)

G. N. Daṇḍhapāṇi (person)

Vairamaṅgalam Lakṣmīnārāyaṇ (person)

Kalki Music Room (corporateBody)

K. M. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

M. R. Subharatnam (person)

Seeta Hirabet (person)

Madurai Sethurāmaṉ (person)

Řrīdevi, Kumāri (person)

Narvekar, Shalini (person)

V. V. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

Vegavahini. (person)

Cīrkaḻi Govindarājaṉ (person)

A. K. Jagannathan (person)

Gopālaṉ, Vasanta (person)

C. R. Sāradā (person)

Rājendraṉ, Thanjāvūr (person)

Reza, Ahmad (person)

T. N. Sundareśa Aiyar (person)

Savitri (person)

Rām, Sant (person)

Bismillah Khan (person)

Tañcāvūr S. Ānand (person)

L. Vaidyanathan (person)

Bhatawdekar, Kamalakar (person)

G. R. Bhere Bua (person)

Madurai J. Rāmiah (person)

Vādya Goṣṭ;i (corporateBody)

Alāpana Ātaravu (corporateBody)

Kr̥;ṣṇapūram Vaidyanāthaṉ (person)

Dr. Padmā Mūrti (person)

Rājarām, Madras (person)

Kuḻikkarai S. P. Viśvaliṅgam (person)

University of Pennsylvania. (corporateBody)

In 1919 Edward Bushnell was appointed publicity agent for the University of Pennsylvania. His appointment began a long and expanding effort at public relations at the University. In 1954 the Department of Public Relations expanded its work to include two new units, Motion Picture Services and the Office of Radio and Television. These two offices operated until 1975 when they were phased out of a stream-lined department. From the description of University Film Collection, 1915-1989. (...

Jaya Sītarām (person)

Chaturvedi, Balji (person)

James Rubin (person)

James Rubin was an enthusiastic collector and promoter of Indian music even though he had no formal training. He was the founder and executive director of the Pan Orient Arts Foundation, an organization that helped organize concerts by Indian artists in the United States. He was born in Boston in 1927; he graduated from Brookline High School in 1943 and Brown University in 1948. During World War II he served in the Army Air Corps. He was the vice president of the First Hartford Real...

Řanmukhasundaram, Valantēmam (person)

Rudrapatnam Brothers (corporateBody)

New York State Board of Education. (corporateBody)

Pandit Ganapat Rao (person)

M. G. Gaurikumāri (person)

Rāmacandraṉ, Ennapadani (person)

D. Pañcapakeśaṉ (person)

Shukla, Jugamaya (person)

Sundaram, Palghat V. S. (person)

Mattoo, Madhari (person)

Thanjāvūr S. Ānand (person)

Rājalakṣmī Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

R. Mallika Řrīdhāraṉ (person)

Indan Fine Arts Society (corporateBody)

Khan, Ghulam Mustafa (person)

T. M. Saundararājaṉ (person)

Rāmasvāmi Řivaṉ (person)

Periyacāmi Tūraṉ (person)

Naseer Zahiruddin Daggar (person)

Tyāgarājaṉ, Tiruvalūr (person)

T. Keśavar (person)

Duraisvāmi, Prema (person)

Madras Kalakṣetra (corporateBody)

Sundarajājan, Dhārapuram (person)

Twin (corporateBody)

Jugal Kishor Jain (person)

Cēlam Es. Ceyalaṭ;cumi (person)

Řrīnivāsaṉ, Řakuntala (person)

Svātitirunāḷ (person)

K. G. Ginde (person)

Sahreb, Hussein (person)

V. Kannakavalli (person)

T. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

R. Papa (person)

C. Bhārati (person)

M. L. Vasanthakumari (person)

Gopālaratnam, Bālam (person)

Madurai G. S. Maṇi (person)

Rāmacandraṉ, Řivajañneyam (person)

KaḷiyārkŌvil Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

N. L. Sītarāma Řāstri (person)

Jewish Theological Seminary. (corporateBody)

Trikonam Subbarāma Bhāgavatar (person)

C. K. Yellappa (person)

T. S. Babu (person)

Padmanābhaṉ, Rājeśvari (person)

Srimushnam V. Raja Rao (person)

Kumar, Shanti (person)

Pātatiyār (person)

Subrahmaṇyam, Subbulakṣmi (person)

N. V. Sarat (person)

S. Narasiṃhalu (person)

Soundarya Ladies Association (corporateBody)

Sadāśivendra Sarasvatī (person)

Maṇi, Nellai (person)

K. K. Řivarāmaṉ (person)

Aḥmad, Ishtiyāq (person)

Harvard University's Paine Hall (corporateBody)

Anjanibai Lolekar (person)

T. K. Govinda Rao (person)

Veṅkaṭ;arāma Řastri (person)

Moitra, Radhika Mohan, 1917-1981 (person)

Willard Rhodes (person)

K. B. Sundaram Aiyar (person)

Řrīnivāsaṉ, Ēttāppūr (person)

R. S. Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti Rao (person)

Sowbaghya (corporateBody)

Aṇḍāḷ (person)

Sadāśivam (person)

Hafeez Ahmad Khan (person)

Ragie Jatra (corporateBody)

Rāghavaṉ, Rāmanātapuram (person)

Tenampaṭ;i Kr̥;ṣṇasvāmi (person)

University of Madras (corporateBody)

First Guru Nanak (person)

Kokilambāl (person)

S. P. Viśvaliṅgam (person)

Guhan (person)

Indira Nagar Women's Association (corporateBody)

Āṉṉa Vaidyanāthar (person)

S. V. Rāmaṇi (person)

Padma Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Menon, Narayana (person)

Tamiḻ Icai Caṅkam (corporateBody)

T. Bālasubrahmaṇian (person)

M. V. Rāmanamūrti (person)

Tiṇṭ;ukkal S. P. Sethurāmaṇ (person)

K. Tyāgarājan (person)

Bismilah Khān (person)

Tyāgārja (person)

R. Veṇugopāl (person)

Subbaraya Řāsti (person)

Mariappa Swamigal (person)

Ganeśaṉ, Bhavani (person)

G. Hanumanta Rao (person)

Brothers, Ālattūr (person)

Parūr Veṅkaṭ;arāman (person)

G. Janaki (person)

K. N. Pakkirisvāmi (person)

K. Naṭ;arājan (person)

Vyas, Narayanrao, 1902-1984 (person)

Govind Prasad Jaipurwale (person)

N. S. Rājam (person)

Brian Silver (person)

Anūr Rāmākr̥;ṣṇa (person)

N. L. Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Devi, Siddheśvari (person)

K. M. Vaidyanāthan (person)

Bhāgyalakṣmī (person)

T. S. Vēmbu (person)

Cochin B. Sukumār (person)

Y. Rājagopālaṉ (person)

Chinmoy Lahari (person)

Improvised by artists (person)

Rāmachandraṉ, Anpil (person)

Vētanāyakam Piḷḷai (person)

Lakṣmīnarasiṃhaṉ, Embar (person)

M. Arunachalam (person)

Řrīrāmaň (person)

K. Řaṅkaranar (person)

Raghunathan, Sudha (person)

Candraśekhar, Mettur (person)

Kāraikkudi Muttu Aiyar (person)

Purundaradasa (person)

S. Prakash (person)

Shukla, Shatrughna (person)

A. Kanyakumari (person)

Vāsudevaṉ, Neyyāttaṅkarai (person)

C. H. Sītarāma Řāstri (person)

Ghanam Sinayya (person)

Rāmadās, Tāñcāvūr (person)

R. K. Narayan (person)

Thakar, Vasant (person)

Nārāyaṇaṉ, Tiruvālūr (person)

R. Gīta Řrīrām (person)

Duraisvāmi Kāvirayar (person)

Patki, Vijaya (person)

Tiruppakūr Pichiappa Piḷḷai (person)

C. V. Vīrasvāmi (person)

Aṇṇāmalai Reṭ;ṭ;iyār (person)

Devarājaṇ, Nellai (person)

T. S. Mahāliṅgam (person)

Alantūr Naṭ;arāja Aiyar (person)

L. Muthiah Bhagavathar (person)

L. K. Kunte (person)

Ālattūr Brothers (corporateBody)

Ravindraṉ, Prapañcam (person)

L. Rāmacandraṉ (person)

M. S. Paramaśivaṉ (person)

Ramalinga (person)

M. S. Subbulakshni (person)

M. Lakṣminārāyaṇa Rāju (person)

Maṇikavācakar (person)

Rukmiṇī Rājagopālaṉ (person)

Ratnam, Gauri (person)

Rāmasāmi Piḷḷai (person)

Kumbakonam Rājamāṇikkam Piḷḷai (person)

J. R. Lakṣmī (person)

Golikeri, Nalini (person)

N. P. G. Ratnappa (person)

S. Raṅgamaṇi (person)

Madurai B. A. Rāmamūrti (person)

Sūr Dās (person)

Bangalore Shakuntala, Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

Chowdaiya (person)

Nookala C. H. Satyanārāyaṇa (person)

Vasant Vihar (corporateBody)

Sarasvat Mahila Samaj (person)

Rājalakṣmi Nārāyaṇaṉ (person)

N. Rajam (person)

G. Kalyāṇi (person)

M. A. Narasiṃhācari (person)

Vyapūri, Salem (person)

KŌpālakiruṣṇa Pāratiyār (person)

T. M. Veṇugopāl (person)

Madurai Rāmadasar (person)

Ernakalam Rāmakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Traditional (person)

Tulsi Dās (person)

S. P. Seturāmaṉ (person)

Unidentified (person)

Maṇirājaṉ, Kāraikkudi (person)

Vali (person)

T. R. Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

Rāmaṉatapuram Řrīnivāsayyaṅkar (person)

Khan, Ramzan (person)

Arvind Parikh (person)

Tirupati Nārāyaṇasvāmi (person)

K. S. Raṅgacāri (person)

Handel Manual (person)

Kanakāmbujam (person)

P. Sundarājaṉ (person)

Thanjāvūr N. Veṅkaṭ;esaṉ (person)

P. B. Nannapier (person)

A. Subiah (person)

Vantalūr Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Thanjāvūr K. P. Řivānandam (person)

Kāmākṣī Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti (person)

Foruth Guru Rām Dās (person)

Subbulakṣmi Subrahmaṇyam (person)

Sarma, Kannamma (person)

Buffalo State College (corporateBody)

Srīrangam Gopālaratnam. (person)

All India Radio broadcast (corporateBody)

Pande, Malati (person)

Upaniśadbrahmayogi (person)

T. K. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Tyāgarāja Arādhana (corporateBody)

Maharajapuram, Santhanam (person)

Somu, Māyūram (person)

Rādhā and Jayalakṣmī (person)

Brothers, Rudrapatnam (person)

T. A. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Joshi, Bhimsen, 1922-2011 (person)

Bāli, Vijayantimāla (person)

R. Mahālakṣmī (person)

Tyātarāja (person)

Bhupotkar, Shankar (person)

Rāmacandraṉ, Aruṇgati (person)

Utamaipeṭ;ṭ;ai Mārumuttu Piḷḷai (person)

T. V. Namacivāyam (person)

Pañcanata Aiyar (person)

Tiger Varadachariar (person)

M. N. Kandasvāmi (person)

Řivaprākāśam, Thanjāvūr (person)

T. K. Rāmacandran (person)

Singh, Gurcharan, Dr. (person)

R. Revati (person)

Cinnamaula, Sheikh (person)

All India Radio, Bombay (corporateBody)

K. S. Alagiriswamy (person)

P. Viśvanātha Rao (person)

Akhtar, Begam (person)

Namagiripettai Krishnan (person)

Satyavaṭ;ivēlu (person)

AIR (corporateBody)

S. V. Pārthasārati (person)

T. R. Sundareśan (person)

Santhanam, Maharajapuram (person)

Gaṇapati, Dharmapuram (person)

V. Muttukr̥;śṇaṉ (person)

S. Nārasiṃhalu (person)

R. Subadra (person)

C. K.. Řyāmasundar (person)

C. R. Maṇi Aiyar (person)

Subrahmaṇyam, Cattūr (person)

Řaktivaṭ;ivēlu (person)

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan (corporateBody)

Cempai Vaittiyanāta Pākavatar (person)

Manārkuṭ;i Řaktivēl (person)

Palghat T. S. Mani Iyer (person)

Kishori Parikh (person)

Joshi, Shubha (person)

S. Natarajan (person)

Tyārarāja Arādhana Festival (corporateBody)

Govindarajan, Seerkazhi (person)

M. Prabhāvati (person)

K. V. Řakuntalā (person)

Bhai Avtar Singh (person)

Cēlam D. Cellam Ayyaṅkar (person)

Khān, Sadār (person)

R. Anathanarayan (person)

Tirumaiñānam Rāmasvāmi Piḷḷai (person)

Sushila Bai Ganu (person)

Rājam Rāmakr̥;ṇṣaṉ (person)

Kanakasabhāpati, Madurai (person)

C. V. Narasimhnan (person)

Mīnākṣisundaram (person)

Āṇṭ;āl (person)

V. P. Rājeśvari (person)

Dhandapani, Anayampatti S. (person)

T. N. Sāśikumār (person)

S. Veṅkaṭ;ācalam (person)

Mahavaidyanatha Sivan (person)

Saptasvara Group (corporateBody)

Tamiḻ Īcai Caṅlam (corporateBody)

Tiruvālaṅkāṭ;u T. N. Sundareśa Aiyar (person)

Veṅkatarāman, Ānantalakṣmī (person)

Srinivasan, Ethapur (person)

K. Řrīnivāsaṉ (person)

Tāñcavūr Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti Rao (person)

U. V. Aiyer (person)

Ariyakkuṭ;i Rāmānuja Aiyaṅkār (person)

PutukkŌṭ;ai Mahadevaň (person)

P. Sushila (person)

M. S. Subbulakshmi (person)

C. Gopālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

R. Nāgarāja Rao (person)

Kottavācal Veṅkaṭ;arāma Aiyar (person)

T. Saroja. (person)

Dēvaki Raṅkappā (person)

Campantar (person)

Mahmud Mirza (person)

Kannamma Sarma (person)

V. N. Nāgarājaṉ (person)

Maṇikkavācakar (person)

Rājalakṣmī, Lalgudi (person)

Vijay Raghav Rao (person)

T. Rājeśvari (person)

V. V. Ravi (person)

K. Subrahmaṇyam (person)

Pāratiyar (1882-1921). (person)

Haripada Chowdhary (person)

S. R. Nāthaṉ (person)

Bharatiya Music and Arts Society (corporateBody)

Řrīvatsa (person)

Rao, Řeṣagiri (person)

Gaini Sher Singh (person)

K. R. Muttuvēl (person)

Ramdas, swami, 1884-1963 (person)

B. Rājeśvari (person)

Thanjāvūr R. Naṭ;arājaṉ (person)

K. R. Gaṇeś (person)

S. M. Řivarpakāśam (person)

Lolekar, Anjanibai (person)

M. S. Subbulakshmi’s (person)

Saroja, Srīrangam (person)

Tiruppāṟkaṭ;al Vīrarāghavaň (person)

Řivacidambaram, Cīrkaḻi (person)

December 24, 1982 (corporateBody)

Rāṅgasvāmi Piḷḷai (person)

Chand, Nanak (person)

C. G. Kumāreśaṉ (person)

Rosenbloom, Jill (person)

Kāñci Kānakoṭ;i Pīṭ;ham (corporateBody)

New York (State). Department of Education. (corporateBody)

Tamiḷ Īcai Caṅkam (corporateBody)

Tañcāvūr Vaṭ;ivēlu Piḷḷai (person)

P. D. Saptarshi (person)

Madurai N. Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Thanjāvūr G. Bālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Abirami, Srimati (person)

Rām MŌham Rao (person)

M. Řrīrāmamūrti (person)

H. Rāmacandra Řastri (person)

Kalyani (person)

Thanjāvūr G. Rāmamūrti (person)

Aruṇaṅirinātar (person)

Mrs. Jayalakśmi (person)

G. N. Desikan (person)

Rāghavacāryulu, Eluru (person)

Ramanathan, S., 1917- (person)

T. Brinda (person)

Īśvaraṉ, Rāmanathapuram (person)

Viswanathan, T. (person)

Darshan Singh, 1928- (person)

Tañcāvūr G. Bālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Brahmanandam, Srimati (person)

D. Bālakr̥;ṣṇa (person)

Khan, Munnu (person)

Krishnamurthy Foundation Institute (corporateBody)

Janārdhanaṉ, Thanjāvūr (person)

Naṅkuru Ciniyan Piḷḷai (person)

Tiruñāna Sambandar (person)

S. V. Patwardan (person)

V. R. Tilakkam (person)

Dr. Johanna Spector (person)

Neyveli Veṇkaṭ;a Subrahmaṇyam (person)

Mrs. Jayalakmṣi (person)

Dr. P. B. Mathur (person)

M. Bālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

T. S. Řaṅkaraṉ (person)

Vāsudēvācārya (person)

V. Lakṣmīnarasiṃhaṉ. (person)

P. Řaṇmukhasundaram (person)

Tirupparūr Sisters (corporateBody)

K. S. Nārāyaṇaṉ (person)

R. Rangaramanuja Iyengar (person)

Deśikañ, Cēlam (person)

Madras Kalakshetra (corporateBody)

Subrahmaṇyam, Sīta (person)

R. Rājeśvari (person)

Thant, U (person)

December 28, 1975 (corporateBody)

R. Līlamaṇi (person)

Woodlands hotel (corporateBody)

M. K. Tyāgarāja Bhāgavatar (person)

Kuṇṭ;upaḷḷi Kr̥;ṣṇamūrthi (person)

Kalakṣetra (corporateBody)

Vīṇa Řeṣaṇṇa (person)

S. Vedamūrti (person)

Jalakantapuram P. S. Rāmacandraṉ (person)

Umayāḷpuram Viśvanātha Aiyar (person)

K. V. Narayanaswami (person)

Aruṇakiranātar (person)

Schenfeld, David (person)

Kr̥;ṣṇaṉkuṭ;ṭ;i (person)

Muttuttāṇṭ;avar (person)

Alagappan, Rukmini (person)

M. Shukla (person)

Subbarāmadīkṣitula (person)

Mohammad Ismail (person)

B. Kaṇṇaṉ (person)

Visant Vihar (corporateBody)

M. P. Rāmāccār (person)

Maharaja of Kashmir (person)

Dagar Brothers (corporateBody)

T. V. Bhadraghar (person)

Pithukuli Murugadas (person)

PutukkŌṭ;ai Mahadevaṉ (person)

Ace Morgan Theatre (corporateBody)

Sayyid Naṣīr Ḥusain K̲h̲;ān K̲h̲;ayāl (person)

Thanjāvūr Rājam Aiyar (person)

A. M. Ullal (person)

G. N. Balasubramaniam (person)

Tumkur D. Ramiah (person)

Salem S. Nīla (person)

Kaṭ;ayanallūr S. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

K. V. Narayanaswmy (person)

Lutheran Center Studios (corporateBody)

Vīṇa Kuppaiyar (person)

Vijay Kumar (person)

T. Ranganathan (person)

Kuppuswami, Gowri (person)

Puruṣottamaṉ, Suguṇa (person)

Kumāri Řrīdevi (person)

S. D. Řridhār (person)

Kerkar, Anant (person)

Rao, Nageswara (person)

Nīla Rāmamūrti (person)

Parikh, Kishori (person)

Tirunellikāval Vekṅaṭ;arāmaṇi (person)

Verma, Jitendra (person)

Chandra (person)

Talwalkar, Suresh (person)

Řyāmala G. Bhāve (person)

S. Gomati (person)

A. S. Řrīnivasar (person)

Tiruvalaputtūr Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti Piḷḷai (person)

Ulanderpet Shanumgam (person)

Řeṣadri, Jayalakṣmī (person)

G. S. Sohoni (person)

Mrs. Jayalakṣmī (person)

Siṅgh, Kari (person)

V. Raghurāma Aiyar (person)

Paramakuṭ;i Gaṅgādharaṉ (person)

Subbudu, Palani (person)

Tiruvoṟṟiyūr Tyāgaiyar (person)

Pālakkāṭ;u Kr̥;ṣṇamaṇi (person)

Krishnamurti, Karaikudi (person)

Eṭ;ṭ;ēntrā Maharāja (person)

Balasubarāyalu, Tiruchchirāpalli (person)

V. K. Svāmi (person)

Řarmadevi L. Subrahmaṇya Řāstri (person)

V. K. Vishvanathan. (person)

V. Sulocana (person)

Raṅganāthaṉ, Chengleput (person)

Pallavi Gopālaiyar (person)

Ādi (quadruple time) (person)

Utumālpeṭ;ṭ;ai Bālasubrahmaṇyam (person)

S. Prema (person)

Kēcavapaḷḷi Cēturāmayya (person)

Indian Fine Arts Club (corporateBody)

Nāgercoil T. Līla (person)

B. Kr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

Thanjāvūr Vaidyanātha Aiyar (person)

Tillaivutaṅjaṉ Mārimuttu Piḷḷai (person)

Umayāḷpuram Kalyāṇarāma Aiyar (person)

V. Nāgarājaṉ (person)

Rājappa, Kumbakonam (person)

Dawood, Sheikh (person)

Nārāyaṇaṉ, Rādhā (person)

James Rubin's (person)

Siṣṭ;u Prabhākara Kr̥;ṣṇamūrti Řāstri (person)

Thanjāvūr Subhādra (person)

Jani, Shreekant (person)

PāritiyapparkŌyil P. K. Soundararājan (person)

R. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaṉ (person)

Chittur Gopālakr̥;ṣṇaṉ (person)

I. Sivakumar (person)

Puliyūr Duraisvāmi (person)

Dikṣitar (person)

R. Vēṇugopāl (person)

V. C. Padma (person)

Poḻakuṭ;i Brothers (corporateBody)

Pūntanam (person)

Mrs. Jayalakśmīi (person)

Ambujam Kr̥;ṣṇa (person)

Somayajulu (person)

M. T. Selvanārāyaṇa (person)

Colgate University (corporateBody)

Rāmacandraṉ, Sri (person)

Řīdharaṉ (person)

Tyāgara Arādhana Festival (corporateBody)

G. Janikirāmaṉ (person)

Sendil (person)

Rajah's Nāgasvaram College (corporateBody)

Babanrao Gaekwad (person)

Shankar, Ravi, 1920-2012 (person)

Indian musician and composer, best known for his work on the sitar. Title: Pandit British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001305.0x0002d0 ...

R. M. Sundaram (person)

C. N. Bālappa (person)

Shankar, V. (person)

T. H. Subhash Chandran (person)

Jayalakśmī (person)

Kalakśetra (corporateBody)

Chittur G. Kumāreśan (person)

Sheikh Cinnamaula (person)

Shuddhananda Bharati (person)

Nallakumar, Māyūram (person)

R. Veṅkaṭ;arāman (person)

Brian Q. Silver (person)

Ūttukkāṭ;u Veṅkaṭ;auuppiayar (person)

Nāgarājan, Maharajapuram (person)

Conjeevaram G. Saraṅgapani Cettiyar (person)

A. Nārāyaṇaṉ (person)

PutukkŌṭ;ai G. Řaṇmukhānandam (person)

Rāma, Mysore (person)

Sarada (person)

Candraśekaraṉ, Ulcūr (person)

Yāḻrpanam N. K. Padmanābhaṉ (person)

Mylapore Fine Arts Club (corporateBody)

Mishra, Bhubaneshvar (person)

Acārpuram Veṅkaṭ;eśan (person)

T. P. Kailasam (person)

E. V. Rāmacāmi (person)

Kuṭ;uttai Bālasundaram (person)

Kr̥;ṣṇasvāmi Aiyar (person)

Kodaganalore Sundaram Aiyar (person)

M. Gaṇeśaṉ (person)

Tamil Īcai Caṅkam (corporateBody)

Radha Viswanathan. (person)

Ratnasabhāpati (person)

Sekhar (person)

Valabh, Prem (person)

Shankar, Daya (person)

Kaṭ;attūr S. Veṅkaṭ;arāmaň (person)

Subrahmaṇyam, Tiruvālūr (person)

Vēṇugōpāla Rāvu, Pappu, 1948- (person)

Gopalakrishnan, Narmada (person)

Veṅkaṭ;asubbakāvi (person)

Thanjāvūr Sārada Řivānandam (person)

A. K. Palanivel (person)

Maṅgaivallūr T. V. Kuñjitanāthaṉ (person)

Kāvikuñcara Pārtati (person)

January 17, 1972 (person)

Jayadeva, active 13th century (person)

Semmangudi R. Srinivasier (person)