Photographs of theatrical productions, 1865-1902.


Photographs of theatrical productions, 1865-1902.

Collection of scenes from theatrical productions depicted in photographs, cartes-de-visites, cabinet photographs, photographic postcards, and copy prints.

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Friederick Bruckmann (corporateBody)

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Seabrooke, Thomas Q. (Thomas Quigley), 1860-1913 (person)

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Madison Square Theatre. (corporateBody)

Huntley Wright (person)

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Boston Theatre (corporateBody)

E. M. Holland (person)

William Castle (person)

Gibbs, Robert Paton, -1940 (person)

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J. Gurney & Son (corporateBody)

Rotary Photographic Series. (corporateBody)

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Boston Museum (corporateBody)

Ada Rehan (person)

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Fred Stone (person)

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Ethel Sydney (person)

Wallack's Theatre (corporateBody)

Wallack's Theatre was located in New York City. From the description of Wallack's Theatre programmes, 1864 September-December. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 612801285 Wallack's Theatre was opened in New York City in 1852. From the description of Wallack's Theatre cast lists, 1852-1888. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 612801271 ...

J. G. Saville (person)

Harned, Virginia, -1946 (person)

Conly (corporateBody)

Dion Boucicault (person)

Nancy McIntosh (person)

Morrison (corporateBody)

H. J. Montague (person)

Thomas Whiffen (person)

Josephine Bennett. (person)

John Drew (person)

J. L. Mackay (person)

Mabel Hirst (person)

Thorpe & Watson. (corporateBody)

Celebrities Studios (corporateBody)

Crighton, Madge (person)

Isabel Irving (person)

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James, Lewis, 1892-1959 (person)

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London Stereoscopic Company (corporateBody)

The London Stereoscopic Company was a photographic company in London, England. It was established in 1854 by George Swann Nottage, and was also known as the London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company. The company published photographs, with William England and Thomas Richard Williams as the main photographers. It was also involved in the manufacture of photographic equipment. The company was dissolved in 1922. William Edward Kilburn (1818-1891) was a photographer in En...

Stocker, Doris (person)

Mary Fraser (person)

Doris Stocker (person)

Mrs. Patrick Campbell (person)

Mrs. Glendinning (person)

Richard Mansfield (person)

Walter Jones (person)

Barraud (corporateBody)

Laura Keene (person)

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George, Alexander L. (person)

Alexander L. George was professor of political science at Stanford University from 1968 until his retirement in 1990. From the description of Stanford student unrest collection, 1968-1972. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754864083 Biographical/Historical Sketch Alexander L. George was professor of political science at Stanford University from 1968 until his retirement in 1990. From the guide to the Alexander L....

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Gurney (corporateBody)

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Mattie Southwell (person)

Pach Brothers (corporateBody)

Walter Pach was a painter, critic, and art historian; New York,N.Y. He was the son of Gotthelf Pach, a commercial photographer who, along with his family, ran the New York firm of Pach Brothers. Walter Pach often accompanied his father on photographic assignments at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. From the description of [Walter Pach] / [graphic] Pach Bros. [192-] (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 779477618 ...

L. R. Shewell (person)

Louis James (person)

Berkeley Lyceum (corporateBody)

Francis Wilson (person)

Lyceum Theatre Company. (corporateBody)

George Patrick Huntley (person)

Newsboy (corporateBody)

Theodor Stroefer (corporateBody)

Julie Opp (person)

Marie Jansen (person)

Hermine Bosetti (person)

Doris Severn (person)

Ellen Terry (person)

Fritz Williams (person)

Florence Farr (person)

Window &Grove (corporateBody)

Painter, illustrator; Philadelphia, Pa. From the description of [Edwin A. Abbey] [graphic] Window & Grove. [ca. 1870] (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 220201082 ...

Serpolette (person)

Maurice Farkoa (person)

J. Gurney (corporateBody)

Anderson (corporateBody)

Fraser, Mary (person)

Elliot & Fry (corporateBody)

Warren's Portraits (corporateBody)

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Jessie Millward (person)

Bradley & Rulofson (corporateBody)

Elliott & Fry (corporateBody)

London portrait photographers Joseph John Elliott and Clarence Edmund Fry established a talbotype photography studio in Baker St. in 1863. From the description of Letters received, ca. 1832-1894. (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 79626125 ...

W. & D. Downey (corporateBody)

William J. Borren (person)

Krips (corporateBody)

Lyceum Theatre (corporateBody)

Mora (corporateBody)

Baker's Art Gallery (corporateBody)

Shakespeare Liverpool (corporateBody)

Madge Kendal (person)

Betty Rigl? (person)

W. Ramsey (person)

Boning and Small (corporateBody)

Anne Gilbert (person)

Marie Cahill (person)

The Royal (corporateBody)

Elvia Grox (person)

J. Albert (corporateBody)

Hickman, Alfred D. (Alfred Devereux), 1873-1931 (person)

Agnes Robertson (person)

Mrs. Barry (person)

Rose Barrington. (person)

The mastersinger (person)

Marie Wainwright (person)

Glendinning, John (person)

Rockwood (corporateBody)

John Gilbert (person)

Winifred Emery (person)

Wendell, Evert Jansen, 1860-1917 (person)

Webster, ... (person)

Garden Theatre (corporateBody)

Kate Claxon (person)

Nina Sevening (person)

Fred Kaye (person)

Ditrichstein, Leo (person)

Daly's Company (corporateBody)

Henry Irving (person)

Carolyn Gordon (person)

Edgar Brothers (person)

Tuppie Story (person)

Gentile (corporateBody)

Marie Lloyd (person)

Glines (corporateBody)

Charles Stephenson (person)

Lillian Russell (person)

Gilbert and Bacon (corporateBody)

FALK (corporateBody)

Forbes Robertson (person)

Clair de Lune (person)

Aime Dupont (corporateBody)

Joan Keddie (person)