Teatro alla Scala business letters and contracts, 1920-1942(bulk), 1917-1973 (inclusive).


Teatro alla Scala business letters and contracts, 1920-1942 (bulk), 1917-1973 (inclusive).

Teatro alla Scala business letters and contracts, 1920-1942(bulk), 1917-1973 (inclusive).

Contracts with, and letters sent from artists engaged with the opera house of Teatro allaScala, in Milan, Italy.

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Scattola, Carlo, 1878?-1947

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r922f5 (person)

Sanine, Alexandre.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tk2h77 (person)

Muzio, Attilio.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h27537 (person)

Skupevscki?, Belina.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67797wc (person)

Morelli, Carlo, 1897-1970

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63w449x (person)

Marone, Albino, 1891-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j81wb5 (person)

Colasanti, Antonio.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62h1hdk (person)

Menescaldi, Piero

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6459cth (person)

Cheli, Elena.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61x02jf (person)

Dal Monte, Toti, 1898-1975

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67h1ptk (person)

Handt, Herbert

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6p129pt (person)

Avezza, Maria.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w611178b (person)

Ferris, Adriana

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nm76v8 (person)

Maugeri, Carmelo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6s85sdh (person)

Epithet: singer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000210.0x0003bd ...

Masini, Galliano

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn2z03 (person)

Ciniselli, Ferdinando, 1893-1954

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6z174sg (person)

Legrand, Alfredo.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fp5b4k (person)

De Luca, Giuseppe, 1876-1950

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65d8wt2 (person)

Lauri-Volpi, Giacomo, 1892-1979

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62c9409 (person)

Epithet: Italian singer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000210.0x00037b ...

Franci, Benvenuto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fz1t52 (person)

Gui, Vittorio, 1885-1975

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6251ptk (person)

Italian conductor and composer. From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : Milan, 28 August 1927, to [Guido M.] Gatti, 1927 Aug. 28. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270578432 ...

Montesanto, Luigi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s75tv (person)

Carbone, Maria, 1904-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sg7c6p (person)

Ferraris, Ines-Maria, 1883-1971

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mn0wq4 (person)

Fumagalli-Riva, Zita.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b70v14 (person)

Veneziani, Vittore, 1878-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68t87h7 (person)

Dalla-Rizza, Gilda

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf2gpd (person)

Cirillo, Yolande.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63g8q43 (person)

Clausetti, Pietro

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w52c55 (person)

Stabile, Mariano

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kf2dnt (person)

Epithet: Italian singer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000210.0x0000ae ...

Sdanowski, Eugenio.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw17nq (person)

Scacciati, Bianca, 1894-1948

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f336fb (person)

Giampiero Tintori.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gg54z3 (person)

Nava, Ettore.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fg7r64 (person)

Camozzo, Adolfo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6391wft (person)

Mola, Norberto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6sw29zz (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60b0c2q (person)

Masetti-Bassi, Anna 1891-1978

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d934vn (person)

Failoni, Sergio, 1890-1948

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k076dm (person)

Leibowitz, René, 1913-1972

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gx494h (person)

Franco-Polish composer and conductor, disciple of Arnold Schönberg and leader of group of French 12-tone composers. From the description of Letters to Arnold Schönberg, 1944-1950. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34491677 French musicologist, teacher, composer, and conductor of Polish origin. From the description of Suite Lyrique pour deux Pianos. / René Leibowitz. Op. 8. .... 27 mars--5 Juin 1936. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270566626 ...

Archi, Attilla.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fc8t5v (person)

Ferrauto, Augusto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kn32q1 (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f61k27 (person)

Nini, Giani.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n72rtr (person)

Németh, Mária, 1897-1967

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pd7j64 (person)

Gavazzeni, Gianandrea.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f80g80 (person)

Francheschi, Enrico de.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6px0rt6 (person)

Zinetti, Giuseppina

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mx6kts (person)

Casei, Nedda, 1935-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kd2jhb (person)

Rimini, Giacomo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs2nf7 (person)

De Mori, Enrico.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pq38pp (person)

Somigli, Franca, 1901-1974

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r35nf8 (person)

Fagoaga, Isidoro de

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64s1fq5 (person)

Melnik, Gregorio.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6818z08 (person)

Rigacci, Bruno

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69b1xhb (person)

Palai, Nello, 1897-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6265dw1 (person)

Concato, Augusto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gs11tn (person)

Ghione, Franco

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6r50m9v (person)

Ciani, Fernanda.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67v15tt (person)

Gigli, Beniamino

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q52vsg (person)

Manuritta, Giovanni, b. 1895

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s88xt (person)

Fabritus, Oliviero de.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q95ckh (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t00w75 (person)

Bechi, Gino

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rp3g5q (person)

Epithet: singer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001186.0x0002b0 ...

Menotti, Delfino.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6v8393j (person)

Melis, Carmen, 1885-1967

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ph5pc9 (person)

Apolloni, Anita.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61401s7 (person)

Bertana, Luisa, 1888-1933

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6099t8v (person)

Marchini, Elisa.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65c430x (person)

Biasini, Piero

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jd9d60 (person)

Walter, Bruno, 1876-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h1310c (person)

Elsa Walter (née Wirthschaft, previous married name Korneck) was an opera singer and Bruno's wife; they were married from around 1900 until Elsa's death, which was apparently in 1945. Delia Reinhardt, an opera singer whom Walter had mentored, was a close friend of Walter. McLane was a friend of Alma Mahler who communicated with Alma upon Walter's death; she lived in Calif. From the description of Correspondence with Alma Mahler, Gustav Mahler, and Franz Werfel, 1911-1960. (Universit...

Montemezzi, Italo, 1875-1952

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65q5138 (person)

Italian composer. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Milan, [n.d., ca. 1913?], to Sig. [Giuseppe?] Albinati, [n.d., ca. 1913?]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270582597 From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : Milan, 14 April 1931, to [Bruno] Zirato, 1931 Apr. 14. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270900762 Montemezzi emigrated to California in 1939. He was apparently a friend of Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel from at least 1942, when they ...

Ohms, Elisabeth, 1888-1974

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n3t7r (person)

Ederle, Nino, 1892-1951

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bx1znq (person)

Macnez, Umberto.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62k9zsm (person)

De Sabata, Victor, 1892-1967

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mk6jr1 (person)

Italian conductor and composer. From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : [n.p., Milan?, answered 15 April 1912], to a named but unidentified recipient, 1912 Apr. 15. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270565785 De Sabata was conductor and then artistic director at Teatro alla Scala in Milan from 1929 to 1957. From the description of Correspondence to Franz Werfel, n. d. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155863127 ...

Nono, Luigi, 1924-1990

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69w0h4k (person)

Ferrari, Cesira

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rd16q2 (person)

Mattioli, Alfredo.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zt71d7 (person)

Fornarini, Eduardo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66v4vtx (person)

Menni, Giuseppe.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69f0qrn (person)

Marcato, Aurelio.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6721d1g (person)

Burck, Lotte.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69x4sx2 (person)

Halffter, Ernesto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tb1jvx (person)

Spanish composer and conductor. From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : Lisbon May 23 1929, to Louise Alvar, 1929 May 23. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270665268 ...

Bettoni, Vincenzo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jt9md9 (person)

Epithet: singer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001186.0x0002ba ...

Coates, Albert, 1882-1953

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61n8bwh (person)

English conductor and composer. From the description of Autograph letters signed (3) and typewritten letters signed (9), dated : New York, London, Los Angeles, [and other places], 1921-25 and 1941, to Harry Harkness Flagler, 1921 Jan. 3 and 1921 Feb. 1 and 1941 Nov. 12. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270564510 British conductor and composer. From the description of "The opening of 'Asshur.'" : autograph manuscript, 1921 Jan. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 2705623...

Morellato, Gaetano.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69m84t8 (person)

Quadri, Argeo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60t35xd (person)

Lo Giudice, Silvio Costa, 1896-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp1xrg (person)

Marcucci, Maria

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wv2tgg (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pd7j0f (person)

Adami Corradetti, Iris, 1903-

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s7q4h (person)

Favero, Mafalda

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62w6rb8 (person)

Vesselovsky, Alexander, 1885-1964

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bq3njb (person)

Piccarolo, Magda.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6qp9w9f (person)

Alfano, Franco, 1875-1954

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6183ck6 (person)

Italian composer. From the description of [Das Meer hat seine Perlen]. 3 giugno 1899. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270561482 From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : Bologna, 22 March 1920, to a lawyer, 1920, 22 March. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270680503 From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : Novara, [1904 or later], to an unidentified friend, [1904?]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270873120 Franco Alfa...

Paikin, Lily.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zb3xgj (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jn6bd4 (person)

Bagnariol, Antonio.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w658524n (person)

Cobelli, Giuseppina, 1898-1948

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6585rm6 (person)

Minghetti, Angelo, 1889-1957

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63k7hrb (person)

Mastri, Carlo.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t29m18 (person)

Carmassi, Bruno

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65c3s8d (person)

Aymaro, Lina

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vn7qqw (person)

Anitua, Fanny, 1887-1968

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c10ggn (person)

Sardelli, Piero.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wb9n5v (person)

Huder, Maria

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bh6c0x (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w52fth (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b419zz (person)

Pederzini, Gianna, 1900-1988

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6b41k4h (person)

Raissoff, Gregorio.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t298fh (person)

Llacer, Maria, 1888-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g30k8t (person)

Segrera, Carolina

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bt26sr (person)

Alabiso, Carmelo.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69m80tm (person)

Panizza, Ettore

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rn3kw1 (person)

Epithet: conductor British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001193.0x000036 Argentine conductor and composer of Italian descent. From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : [n.p., Chicago?], 16 June 1923, to Gatti[-Casazza?], 1923 June 16. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270674230 ...

Perris, Adriano.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nf02x4 (person)

Halász, László 1905-2001

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rn3993 (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66c0m8h (person)

Rossi, Lewens.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66j8m9q (person)

Gasparini, Laura

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q66nk5 (person)

Fiorentino, Mirelle.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65v802x (person)

Oltrabella, Augusta

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60w2x2m (person)

Llopart, Mercedes.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fs46pr (person)

Alessandrini, Lilia

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w80hv2 (person)

Pagnini, Gioconda.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6nq5r39 (person)

Borgioli, Armando, 1891-1960

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xb5q3k (person)

Mirassou, Pedro, 1896-1963

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66z3389 (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tv85nh (person)

De Palma, Piero

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vd7v4h (person)

Di Lelio, Umberto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h27b73 (person)

De Falla, Manuel

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bg2kz3 (person)

Manuel de Falla was a Spanish classical composer. Ricardo Vinès was a Spanish pianist. From the description of [Postcard, 1921 avril 4 to] Ricardo Vinès / Manuel de Falla. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 191100808 Spanish composer. From the description of Autograph postcard signed, dated : Granada, 30 December 1922, to O.M. Kling [at J. & W. Chester], 1922 Dec. 30. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270576695 From the description of Autograph note...

De Angelis, Nazzareno, 1881-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6zx53qc (person)

Merli, Francesco, 1887-1976

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6j121f4 (person)

Italian tenor. From the description of Typewritten document signed, dated : Milan, 11 April 1923, 1923 Apr. 11. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270970872 ...

Pasero, Tancredi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6518gdx (person)

Baccaloni, Salvatore, 1900-1969

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wx220s (person)

Scherchen, Hermann, 1891-1966

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pc343z (person)

German conductor. From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : [Leipzig?] Jan. 15 1921, to Herr Dünnebeil [at Breitkopf & Härtel], 1921 Jan. 15. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270668850 Scherchen left Germany in 1933 in voluntary protest of the new Nazi regime. Later that year he organized what he termed a musical workshop (Arbeitstagung) in Strassburg, intended especially for young musicians, and with the additional intention of providing a forum for perfo...

Sabino, Antonio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6kr27f5 (person)

Guarnieri, Antonio, 1880-1952

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fb7svp (person)

Malagrida, Luisa

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68b5hzd (person)

Elmendorff, Karl, 1891-1962

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69q5391 (person)

Toni, Alceo, 1884-1969

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6d07ckc (person)

Sayão, Bidú.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65r94wp (person)

Meliciani, Carlo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w687726w (person)

Laurenti, Maria.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c09qnv (person)

Ferranto, Augusto.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n43r0b (person)

Carozzi, Elisza.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w62s8241 (person)

Alfani-Tellini, Inès 1896-1985

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6w80248 (person)

Meletti, Saturno

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c96192 (person)

Serafin, Tullio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cf9vbz (person)

Epithet: conductor British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000800.0x000099 ...

Paci, Leone

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6wz0zm6 (person)

Ronchi, Fabio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6t28xgf (person)

Ponzana, Adele.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6c67ct8 (person)

Kovaceva, Nadia.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6n72q3x (person)

Ferrari, Maria Emilia.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pt23sm (person)

Righetti, Antonio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67z0sp4 (person)

Baracchi, Aristide

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g30m4f (person)

Polacco, Giorgio (Conductor)

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gf1dtr (person)

Italian conductor. From the description of Autograph letter signed, dated : Salsomaggiore, 16 July 1906, to [Guido Alberto] Fano, 1906 July 16. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270675079 ...

Teatro alla Scala, 1961

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67983bv (corporateBody)

The Teatro alla Scala was founded under the auspices of the Empress Maria Theresa of Austria, to replace the Royal Ducal Theatre which was destroyed by fire on 26 February 1776 and had, until then, been the home of opera in Milan. La Scala, the more common name, opened on 3 August 1778 with Antonio Salieri's opera L'Europa riconosciuta, to a libretto by Mattia Verazi. La Scala today continues as one of the world's most famous opera houses. Source: http://www.teatroallascala.org From ...

Ghirardini, Emilio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vv67k0 (person)

Gobbi, Tito

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vx0njx (person)

Epithet: Italian singer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000210.0x000287 ...

Wagner, Siegfried, 1869-1930

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gh9q5p (person)

Wagner was the son of Richard Wagner (1813-1883) and Cosima von Bülow (née Liszt), who later married Richard. From the description of Correspondence to Alma Mahler, ca. 1922-1929. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155864725 German composer and conductor. From the description of Partially printed document, dated : Lucerne, 13 October 1892, 1892 Oct. 13. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270678940 From the description of Autograph le...

Mascherini, Enzo

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6q5767b (person)

Arangi-Lombardi, Giannina (1890-1951).

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6459knr (person)

Rettore, Aurora

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6fg76xx (person)

Weissman, Frieder.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xv0609 (person)

Wolf-Ferrari, Ermanno, 1876-1948

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66m3c11 (person)

Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, Italian composer. From the description of Quartetto in la minore per 2 violini, viola, e violoncello / di Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari, Monaco, Gennaio 1895. 1895 January. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 775721388 From the description of Quartetto in C-dur per due violini, viola, e vcello / di Ermanno Wolf, Luglio-Agosto 1893. 1893 July-August. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 775852037 Italian composer. From the description of Autograph lette...

Manuga, Isabella.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6g29r3q (person)

Antoniolli, Isidoro.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6915t51 (person)

Melandri, Antonio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt7md5 (person)


http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w67n3rmv (person)

Nardi, Luigi

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6gp22n5 (person)

Falconieri, L.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cd5hjn (person)

Casazza, Elvira, 1887-1965

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6m18smc (person)

Pasini, Laura.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w64w0vr7 (person)

Roggio, Enrico

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6vk055r (person)

Parmeggiani, Ettore, 1895-1960

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xr0v6t (person)

Palombini, Vittoria

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6k49vc5 (person)

Nessi, Giuseppe 1741-1821

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6bx1c79 (person)

Covola, Antonietta.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf3cmn (person)

Bergé, Laure.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6tv8d9x (person)

Baldassare-Tedeschi, Giuseppina, 1881-1961

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6h559tk (person)

Mazziotti, Nino

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6jj70m1 (person)

Bonelli, Riccardo.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x75h2 (person)

Haug, Hans, 1900-1967

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mt7vxs (person)

Bertola, Amalia.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w60d894h (person)

Corradeti, Adami.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6px1712 (person)

Morelli, Luigi Rossi.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6390zf8 (person)

Malipiero, Giovanni, 1906-1970

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w69m84gs (person)

Santini, Gabriele, 1886-1964

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ns8r6g (person)

Respighi, Elsa, 1894-1996

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6348n01 (person)

Rieti was a student of Respighi in Rome. From the description of Correspondence to Alma Mahler, n. d. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155865038 ...

Beuf, Augusto, 1887-1969

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w66532f6 (person)

Mannarini, Ida

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w61h4w68 (person)

Cigna, Gina

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6cr6077 (person)

Epithet: singer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001186.0x00034e ...

Gigli, Renato

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x7t97 (person)

Rinolfi, Isora.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6rk80b1 (person)

Rakowski, Nicola.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6mf35dg (person)

Fumagalli, Ernesto

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w63s56hs (person)

Del Campo, Giuseppe.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w636356q (person)

Baronti, Duilio

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6xn2w7d (person)

Del Signore, Gino, 1906-1978

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w68x7rk0 (person)

Siciliani, Francesco

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6pg3qs0 (person)

Capuano, Franco.

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6f333br (person)

Cooper, Emil 1877-1960

http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6ss12gc (person)

Tozzi, Mario

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