Papers, 1920-1995.


Papers, 1920-1995.

Papers, 1920-1995.

Papers of Harry Levin, American literary critic, scholar of modernism andcomparative literature, and the Irving Babbitt Professor of Comparative Literature atHarvard University.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (corporateBody)

The Department of General Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) did not officially exist until 1882. Courses in general studies were offered as early as 1865, when the MIT Catalog offered a curriculum option called the Course in Science and Literature. At that time, all regular MIT students were required to take “general studies” classes from the Course in Science and Literature, in addition to English, history, and modern languages. In 1882 the Course in Scienc...

Krieger, Murray, 1923-2000 (person)

Murray Krieger was born in Newark, New Jersey on November 23, 1923 and died in Laguna Beach, California on August 5, 2000. His older brother was Leonard Krieger, who became one of the leading intellectual historians in the United States. Krieger attended local high schools, and his undergraduate work at Rutgers University was interrupted by service in the armed forces in World War II, including a stint in India. After graduating with an A.M. degree from the University of Chicago in ...

De Man, Paul, 1919-1983 (person)

Paul de Man was a prominent and influential literary critic, scholar, and teacher best known as one of the principle theorists behind an approach to literary texts that became known as deconstruction. This approach to literary texts, which had a profound effect upon the field of literary studies, was developed throughout his career in the numerous essays that appear in the collection. A biographical overview of de Man is provided, followed by a more detailed chronology of significan...

Wellek, René, 1903-1995 (person)

René Wellek was an influential literary critic and theorist known for his pioneering work in the field of comparative literature. He taught at numerous institutions throughout his career, including Yale and the University of Iowa. Best known for his works Theory of Literature and A History of Modern Criticism, he was an advocate of the "intrinsic" literary critical method, which rejects the political and social influences on works of literature and stresses the content of the work itself. Wel...

Hollander, John, 1929-2013 (person)

John Hollander was born in New York City on October 28, 1929. He attended Columbia and Indiana Universities and was a Junior Fellow of the Society of Fellows of Harvard University. He is the author of more than a dozen volumes of poetry, including Picture Window (Alfred A. Knopf, 2003), Figurehead: And Other Poems (1999), Tesserae (1993), Selected Poetry (1993), Harp Lake (1988), Powers of Thirteen (1983), Spectral Emanations (1978), Types of Shape (1969), and A Cracklin...

East Carolina College (corporateBody)

Columbia University (corporateBody)

The Columbia University community and administration mobilized to the fullest extent in answer to the entry of the United States into World War I. Summed up by President Nicholas Murray Butler in the 1918 Annual Report, the effects of the war on the University were far-reaching: "Students by the hundred and prospective students by the thousand entered the military, naval, or civil service of the United States; teachers and administrative officers to the number of nearly four hundred...

Eliot, T.S. (Thomas Stearns), 1888-1965 (person)

American poet and critic. From the description of Letter to Walter Elder, Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio [manuscript], 1946 July 1. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647823193 English poet, playwright, critic, editor, and publisher. From the description of Letters, 1950 Mar. 10 and 1958 Nov. 14, London [England], to M[ary] Elis[!]abeth Barber, London [England]. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34364335 Revolutionary American born ...

University of California, Davis (corporateBody)

The University of California, Davis campus, originally known as the University Farm, was established by an act of the State Legislature in 1905. A committee appointed by the Regents purchased land near Davisville in 1906. The Regents officially took control of the property in September 1906 and constructed four buildings in 1907. By 1930, the campus had grown to 1,000 acres and by 1951, it had become 3,000 acres. In 2007, the campus has expanded to 5,300 acres, making it the largest UC campus in...

University of Glasgow (corporateBody)

John J. Adam was a Scottish immigrant, member of Michigan legislature, holder of various state offices, regent and treasurer of the University of Michigan. From the description of [Diploma, granting to Ioannis Iohnstone Adam a degree in liberal arts] 1826 April 7. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34368441 John Baird Hunter was born in 1837 in Paisley, the son of an apothecary named William Hunter. Together with his older brother, William Munn Hunter...

Waseda Daigaku (corporateBody)

Winter, Bert (person)

Robert Patterson Cumming (person)

Bernard M. Goldman (person)

Irish press (Dublin, Ireland) (corporateBody)

R. H. Winnick (person)

Ursula Hennig. (person)

Karpovich, Michael, 1888-1959 (person)

Karpovich worked in the Russian embassy in Washington in 1917-1922, and later spent many years as a history professor at Harvard University. From the description of Papers, ca. 1920-1939. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309749109 Karpovich taught history and Slavic languages and literatures at Harvard. From the description of Papers of Michael Karpovich, 1943. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973084 Michael K...

City university of New York (corporateBody)

Trinity university San Antonio, Tex. (corporateBody)

Freedman, Ralph, 1920- (person)

Farnham, Anthony E. (person)

W. S. (William Sentman) Taylor (person)

University of Toronto press (corporateBody)

Baker, Dorothy, 1907-1968 (person)

Author; interviewee married Howard Baker. From the description of Reminiscences of Dorothy Dodds Baker : oral history, 1962. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309730073 Baker had just brought out CASSANDRA AT THE WEDDING, Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1962. From the description of Letter to "Camilla, " ca. 1962. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122510638 ...

Newby, Gordon Darnell, 1939-.... (person)

Catholic Renascence Society. (corporateBody)

Vendler, Helen Hennessy (person)

Hall, Lawrence Sargent. (person)

James, Max H. (person)

Ferdinando W. Maurino (person)

Max Bluestone (person)

Harvard University. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. Office of the Dean. (corporateBody)

Patrick De Elye Cole (person)

Teplitz, Zelda (person)

Mumford, Sophia (person)

Basker, James G. (person)

Lynskey, Winifred (person)

Morrison, Madison (person)

Mrs. E. M. Shelton (person)

Scott, Foresman and Company. (corporateBody)

Jean Albert Bédé. (person)

John Moore (person)

Kenny, Herbert A. (person)

Roe, John, 1949- (person)

Epithet: of Santiago British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001391.0x000004 ...

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1959 (corporateBody)

Parker, William R. (person)

American Repertory Theatre (Cambridge, Mass.) (corporateBody)

The American Repetory Theatre was founded in 1980, and is physically situated within Harvard University's Loeb Drama Center. The A.R.T. is a professional not-for-profit theatre that maintains a resident acting company and an international training conservatory. From the description of General information by and about the American Repetory Theatre, 1980- (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 228511099 The Loeb Drama Center at Harvard University opened in 1960...

Jac Tharpe. (person)

Shirley Society (corporateBody)

The Analyst (corporateBody)

Emily Souvaine. (person)

Kobayashi, Shigeko (person)

Phelps, Reginald H. (Reginald Henry) (person)

World Centre for Shakespeare Studies Ltd. (corporateBody)

Harvard University. Dept. of Romance Languages and Literatures (corporateBody)

Reuben Arthur Brower (person)

Honig, Margot (person)

Marius-François Gruyard (person)

Siegle Hall Fleisher (person)

Miles, Josephine (person)

Edel, Leon, 1907-1997 (person)

Author, editor and educator. From the description of Papers of Leon Edel, 1855-1972. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 53436427 Author. From the description of Reminiscences of Leon Edel : oral history, 1978. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309737832 ...

North Carolina State University (corporateBody)

Currently, there are 24 University Standing Committees. Members of each of the University Standing Committees are appointed by the chancellor at the beginning of each academic year. The Committee on Committees provides the chancellor with recommendations concerning the composition and charge for each committee, its chair, and its faculty, staff, and student members. These recommendations are in part based on voluntary expressed preferences, on a general principle of rotation, and, whenever appro...

Peter, Alexander (person)

Russel, Myra Teicher, 1920-2005 (person)

Myra Teicher Russel (1920-2005) was a professor and authority on the works of James Joyce. She returned to school later in life, completed her graduate work at Sarah Lawrence College, and taught literature at Elizabeth Seton College (later Iona College) for many years. Her area of interest within Joyce studies was music set to the poems of the author. In the early 1980s, Russel rediscovered the manuscript for Geoffrey Molyneux Palmer's Chamber Music (1909) at the Southern Illinois University at ...

Harold E. Toliver (person)

Kadarkay, Arpad (person)

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Parks & Spencer (corporateBody)

Corti, José (person)

Peter D. Smith (person)

Clio (corporateBody)

Maria Ujházy. (person)

Kazunori Yokota. (person)

Hightower, James Robert (person)

Potts, Abbie Findlay, 1884-1964 (person)

Abbie Findlay Potts, author, received her A.B. (1906) and A.M. (1914) from Radcliffe College and her Ph.D from Cornell (1920). From the description of Masque, 1916. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232009170 ...

Griffith, Clark, 1924- (person)

Internationale Vereinigung für Germanische Sprach- und Literaturwissenschaft. (corporateBody)

Gill, Brendan (person)

Spingarn, Lawrence Perry, 1917- (person)

American author, educator. From the description of Correspondence and manuscripts, 1949-1964. (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC); University of Texas at Austin). WorldCat record id: 122597847 ...

English Graduate Association of New York University. (corporateBody)

Hammond, Mason, 1903-2002 (person)

Hammond earned his Harvard AB in 1925. From the description of Notes in History 23, 1922-1923. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77075504 From the description of Final honors examination in Latin 7, May 7, 1925. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77075614 Hammond graduated from Harvard in 1925 and taught Latin at Harvard. From the description of Papers of Mason Hammond, 1922-1968 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973...

Bryant, Douglas W. (Douglas Wallace), 1913- (person)

Bryant served as librarian and director of the Harvard Library. From the description of Papers of Douglas Wallace Bryant, 1935-1979 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973321 ...

Colin, Amy D. (Amy Diana), 1956- (person)

Comito, Terry, 1935- (person)

Donal M. Sullivan (person)

Kimbrough, Robert (person)

Nagasawa, Juichi (person)

J. T. Dunlop (person)

Lloyd L. Allen (person)

Norman Rudich (person)

Sprout, Rosalee (person)

Gaynor Francis Bradish (person)

Johnson, Edgar (person)

Buddhadeva Bose. (person)

Field Enterprises Educational Corporation (corporateBody)

Ingrid Scherff. (person)

George G. Harrap & Co. (corporateBody)

University of Sussex. (corporateBody)

Frye, Roland Mushat (person)

University of Wisconsin (corporateBody)

The University of Wisconsin-Extension promotes continuing education and lifelong learning by providing statewide access to university resources and research to the people of Wisconsin. Its four divisions are continuing education; cooperative extension; entrepreneurship and economic development; and broadcast and media innovations. From the guide to the University of Wisconsin Extension Program Reports, 1960-1969, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) ...

Lowenthal, Leo (person)

Lowenthal (1900- 1993) was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and was professor of sociology at the University of California, Berkeley from 1956 to 1968. He was affiliated with the Institut für Sozialforschung for several years. The Institut was founded in Frankfurt in 1923 and was closed by the Nazis in 1933. During the war years it relocated to Columbia University (as the Institute of Social Research) and was reestablished in Frankfurt am Main, in 1949 under the direction of Max Horkheimer and Theodo...

George White (person)

John Vernon Patrick, Jr. (person)

Sargent, Porter (person)

Newton, Caroline (person)

Emil Rothstein. (person)

Burelbach, Frederick M. (person)

Martinet, Marie-Madeleine. (person)

Hyman, Stanley Edgar, 1919-1970. (person)

Literary critic and educator. From the description of Papers, 1932-1978 (bulk 1938-1970). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 30891852 From the description of Papers of Stanley Edgar Hyman, 1932-1978 (bulk 1938-1970). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71070459 Biographical Note 1919, June 11 Born, New York, N.Y. 19...

Vowles, Richard B. (person)

Blum, Ralph, 1932-.... (person)

Epithet: motion picture agent British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000564.0x00015b ...

National Endowment for the Humanities (corporateBody)

Arac, Jonathan, 1945-.... (person)

Elena Levin (person)

St. Johns' College (University of Oxford) (corporateBody)

Committee for a New Politics (corporateBody)

Deborah Heller Roazen (person)

Jean Bruneau (person)

Harvard University. Department of Music (corporateBody)

A professorship in music was first proposed in 1832, but it wasn't until 1855 that Harvard's catalogue listed its first music course. The music program was developed further in the 1870s by John Knowles Paine. From the description of General information by and about the Department of Music. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 236231892 ...

Polley, Vincent I. (person)

Dike, K. Onwuka (Kenneth Onwuka) (person)

Noakes, David, 1925-.... (person)

Merrill Moore (person)

Bottkol, Joseph McG. (Joseph McGrath), 1909-1988. (person)

Panichas, George A., 1930-2010 (person)

Monash University (corporateBody)

Donald F. Rock (person)

C. A. (Carl Adolf) Bodelsen (person)

World Shakespeare Congress, Vancouver, B.C., 1971. (corporateBody)

Inter-University Committee on Travel Grants (corporateBody)

The Inter-University Committee on Travel Grants was founded in 1955 to facilitate the exchange of students and scholars between American universities and the Soviet Union. Administration of the program moved from Columbia University to Indiana University in 1960, where the organization merged into the International Research and Exchanges Board in 1968. From the description of Records of the Inter-University Committee on Travel Grants, 1958-1966. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 6650504...

Serkin, Barry (person)

United States. Department of State (corporateBody)

At the Dept. of State, Blake was Assistant Chief of Special Projects Division, in 1946; and Leland King was the Acting Chief of the Foreign Buildings Operations, in 1949. Theodor Eberstaller was the brother of Richard Eberstaller, the husband of Alma Mahler's half-sister Maria; Richard and Maria Eberstaller were both deceased at this point. From the description of Correspondence to Alma Mahler, 1946-1949. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155864672 Of...

Hill, Roberta (person)

Emily Allen Souvaine. (person)

Globe Newspaper Co. (corporateBody)

Steele, von (person)

Yerushalmi, Yosef Hayim, 1932-2009 (person)

Professor of Jewish History at Columbia University married to pianist Ophra Yerushalmi. From the description of Correspondence with Chaim Potok, 1974-1983. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 724495335 BIOGHIST REQUIRED Yosef Yerushalmi, born Joseph Erushalmi, was born May 20, 1932 in Bronx, New York. His father was a Hebrew teacher and scholar. Yerushalmi received his bachelor's degree from Yeshiva University in 1953 before att...

M. K. M. Schreier (person)

Jan Kott. (person)

Bart, Benjamin F. (person)

Valgemäe, Mardi. (person)

Fagin, Nathan Bryllion (person)

University system of Maryland (corporateBody)

Marilyn Starkman Greenberg (person)

Russell P. Gollard (person)

Cohn, Robert Greer. (person)

Baker, Herschel Clay, 1914- (person)

Herschel Clay Baker (1914-1990) was the Francis Lee Higginson Professor of English Literature at Harvard. He taught at Harvard from 1946 to 1984. From the description of Papers of Herschel Clay Baker, ca. 1946-ca. 1984 (inclusive) (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77062609 ...

Gjems, Lina (person)

Lindeman, Yehudi (person)

Thirlwall, John C. (person)

Niko Qiasašvili (corporateBody)

Ross, Malcolm Mackenzie. (person)

Schwartz, Jacob (person)

Hatcher, Anne S. (person)

Koelb, Clayton, 1942-.... (person)

Gacècìlaze, Givi (person)

World Book Encyclopedia, inc. (corporateBody)

Stanford University Press. (corporateBody)

Biographical/Historical note The Stanford University Press was established as an independent printing operation at Stanford University in 1892. The university purchased it in 1917, and expanded it into a full-service publishing house in 1925. In 1999, the Press became part of Stanford University Libraries and Academic Information Resources (SULAIR). It publishes scholarly monographs, textbooks, and professional reference works. Fr...

Sears, Richard A. (person)

Cid Corman. (person)

Prawer, S. S. (Siegbert Salomon), 1925-2012 (person)

Saitō, Hikaru, 1915- (person)

Harvard University. Committee on African Studies (corporateBody)

The Committee on African Studies was established in 1969 to coordinate teaching and research on Africa and advance knowledge and understanding of the continent and its people. From the description of General information by and about the Committee on African Studies. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 228511442 ...

C. A. Martin (person)

Wise, Kelly (person)

Brower, Reuben A. (Reuben Arthur), 1908-1975 (person)

Brower (1908-1977) was Cabot Professor of English Literature at Harvard. From the description of Papers of Reuben A. Brower, 1951-1977 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973311 ...

Ott, Peter (person)

Biggs, Murray. (person)

R. S. (Robert Sonné) Cohen (person)

New Republic (corporateBody)

Hartley, Wesley (person)

Brockway, George (person)

Claudio Guillén (person)

The Reconstructionist (corporateBody)

Hobi (corporateBody)

José Morilla Critz (person)

Amaya Lacasa (person)

Edwards, Ethel (person)

Spariosu, Mihai. (person)

Bachmann, Lawrence Paul, 1912-2004 (person)

The Radcliffe Quarterly. (corporateBody)

English Literary Renaissance (corporateBody)

Eisendrath, Regina (person)

Shillingsburg, Peter L. (person)

Nieuw (corporateBody)

John Goheen. (person)

Benson, Larry Dean (person)

Perry, Bernard. (person)

Eliot, Valerie (person)

Ellrich, Robert J. (person)

McKendry, Ruth, 1920- (person)

Names (corporateBody)

C. M. (Cecil Maurice) Bowra. (person)

Evans, G. Blakemore (Gwynne Blakemore), 1912-2005 (person)

Arthur Burkhard. (person)

Reeves, George (person)

Walters, Morgan L. (person)

Homans, George Caspar (person)

James Joyce Research Center (Boston, Mass.). (corporateBody)

Vanderbilt University. (corporateBody)

Purdy, James, 1914-2009 (person)

James Otis Purdy (July 17, 1914 - March 13, 2009) was an American novelist, short story-writer, poet, and playwright who debuted in 1956. Purdy was born in Hicksville, Ohio, and attended Bowling Green State College (now Bowling Green State University), the University of Chicago and the University of Puebla in Mexico. His most well-known works are the novels "Malcolm" and "The Nephew.": From the guide to the James Purdy papers, 1956-1973, (Ohio University) ...

Edmund Wilson. (person)

Subrahmanian, Krishnaswami (person)

Wixted, John Timothy (person)

Friederich, Werner P. (Werner Paul), 1905- (person)

Moore, Clifford B. (Clifford Bennett) (person)

Carter, Everett. (person)

Wayne University (corporateBody)

H. Simmons Tate (person)

M. H. (Meyer Howard) Abrams (person)

Sullivan, Edward D. (Edward Daniel), 1913-1995 (person)

Victorian Studies (corporateBody)

Jane Austen society of North America (corporateBody)

Prawer, S. S. (Siegbert Salomon), 1925-2012 (person)

Moore, Harry Thornton (person)

Ellsworth Mason (person)

Feinstein, Herbert. (person)

Updike, John (person)

American novelist. From the description of Rich in Russia : corrected typescript signed, ca. 1969. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122552988 John Updike, born 18 March 1932, in Shillington, Pennsylvania, was a novelist, critic, short story writer, poet, essayist, and dramatist; he died 27 January 2009. From the description of John Updike letters and manuscript short story, "Killing," 1976-1981. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 6714887...

Goodman, Nelson (person)

Nelson Goodman (1906- ) was Professor of Philosophy at Harvard from 1968-1977. From the description of Papers of Nelson Goodman, 1943-1979 (inclusive) 1949-1979 (bulk). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76974729 ...

Hebald, Anne (person)

Holmberg, Arthur (person)

Theodore Ziolkowski. (person)

Obler, Loraine K. (person)

Channing, Susan R. (person)

Julian Crandall Hollick (person)

B. Talbot Kardos (person)

Revue Belge de Philologie et d'Histoire (corporateBody)

Dušan Stojanović. (person)

Harvard University. Secretary to the Corporation. (corporateBody)

The Secretary to the Corporation functions as a corporate officer on behalf of the President and Fellows of Harvard College. The Secretary's job responsibilities are many and varied. From the description of Records of the Secretary to the Corporation, 1945-1996 (bulk), 1846-1996 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77066776 1901 Office of Secretary to the President created ...

University/Resident Theatre Association (corporateBody)

Tiger, Kenneth (person)

Francis H. Duehay (person)

Renée Lang. (person)

Andrew M. Hanfman (person)

Babcock-Davis Associates Inc. (corporateBody)

Starobinksi, Jean (person)

Mellon Faculty Fellowship Program in the Humanities at Harvard University. (corporateBody)

Collier Books (Firm) (corporateBody)

AMS Press. (corporateBody)

Rössel, James (person)

Harvard University. Dept. of English. Personnel committee. (corporateBody)

Guthrie, Shirley (person)

Hutchins, Patricia. (person)

Javitch, Daniel. (person)

Sweezy, Paul Marlor (person)

Baldenne, Fernand, 1871-1958 (person)

Esty, Jane (person)

Connecticut College (corporateBody)

MacDonald, Edgar E. (person)

Edgar Edgeworth MacDonald was born in Richmond on 5 March 1919, the son of John Edgar and Marie Edgeworth MacDonald. He attended the University of Virginia (1936-1938), Sorbonne, University of Paris (1947- 1948), Richmond Professional Institute [VCU] (B.S.), University of Richmond (M.A.) and the University of Paris, D. de l'Universit鮠A professor of English at Randolph-Macon College from 1953 until his retirement in 1984, Dr. MacDonald is currently the Senior Cabell Scholar at Virginia...

Schapiro, Meyer, 1904-1996 (person)

Educator, art critic, and professor of fine arts at Columbia University, 1928-1965, University Professor, 1965-1973, Prof. Schapiro (Columbia Univ BA, 1924; MA 1926, Ph.D., 1929) died in 1996. From the description of Meyer Schapiro Correspondence with Whittaker Chambers and James Thomas Farrell, 1923-1991. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 467178770 d. March 3, 1996. From the description of Artist file : miscellaneous uncataloged ...

Craig, G. Armour (George Armour) (person)

Michael Palencia-Roth. (person)

Diogène (corporateBody)

Eric Mottram. (person)

American antiquarian society (corporateBody)

The American Antiquarian Society was founded in Worcester, Mass., in 1812, largely through the efforts of Isaiah Thomas (1749-1831). The Society's original stated purpose was to "encourage the collection and preservation of the Antiquities of our country, and of curious and valuable productions in Art and Nature [that] have a tendency to enlarge the sphere of human knowledge." AAS from its inception attempted to be national in its collecting and its membership, which is by election....

Dorothy Dudley Harvey (person)

Edelman, Edward. (person)

Trimpi, Helen P. (person)

Marc Blitzstein Opera Company (corporateBody)

Wang, Zuoliang (person)

Singh, Kirpal (person)

Hurwitz, Henry (person)

Boorstin, Daniel J., 1956 (person)

Librarian of Congress, author, educator, and historian. From the description of Daniel J. Boorstin papers, 1882-1995 (bulk 1944-1994). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71070411 Biographical Note 1914, Oct. 1 Born, Atlanta, Ga. 1934 A.B., Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. ...

Norman Friedman (person)

Duncan, Hugh Dalziel (person)

Winsor, Phil, 1938-2012 (person)

Das, Nila (person)

V. Y. Kantak (person)

Rinehart & Company, Inc. (corporateBody)

Harcstark was in the College Department at Rinehart & Company, in New York City. From the description of Correspondence with Alma Mahler, 1948. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155865054 ...

Ostendorf, Bernhard (person)

White, Robert W. (person)

Sale, William Merritt, 1899-1981 (person)

Keller, Abraham C. (person)

Social activist and professor of Romance Languages and Literature at the University of Washington. From the description of Oral history interview with Abraham C. Keller, Jan. 19, 1989. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 50816418 ...

Texas Technological College (corporateBody)

Dr. Billy Ross, the chair of the School of Mass Communications at Texas Tech University, and a Mass Communications faculty member, Richard Schroeder, went to Pueblo, Colorado, to film German World War II art works which were supposed to be returned to Germany. Ross received permission from the U. S. Army to film the works. Ross wrote down the documentation information that went with each art work while Schroeder did the photography work. From the guide to the German Art from the Bill...

Gregg, Richard A. (person)

Harvard International Office. (corporateBody)

Leonard, Esther (person)

Merton M. Sealts (person)

Michael Robin Lopez (person)

Mrs. Louis François Cazamian (person)

Berti, Luigi (person)

Andrews, John F. (person)

Lawner, Lynne (person)

Roche, James F. (person)

Barber, C. L. (Cesar Lombardi) (person)

Wellfleet (Mass.) (corporateBody)

Nock, Arthur Darby, 1902-1963 (person)

Epithet: of Harvard University British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000386.0x0002af ...

Sir Isaiah Berlin (person)

Wm. K. Pfeiler (person)

Macleish, Archibald (person)

Archibald MacLeish (1892-1982) was an American poet. Kaiser is a professor of comparative literature at Harvard. From the description of Letters to Walter Jacob Kaiser, 1955-1957 and undated. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 612367921 MacLeish (1892-1982) was a Pulitzer Prize winning American poet, playwright, teacher, librarian of Congress, and public official. He was also Boylston professor at Harvard (1949-1962). From the description of Scratch : manu...

American Academy of Achievement (corporateBody)

Aaron, Stephen (person)

Tangen, John N. (person)

Howard, Herbert (person)

Guérard, Albert J. (Albert Joseph), 1914- (person)

Guérard is an emeritus professor of English at Stanford University and a novelist. From the description of Research materials on John Hawkes, 1959-1994. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754866725 From the description of Research Materials on Lya de Putti and Lois Moran, 1923-1996. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122510610 Albert Joseph Guérard is Professor Emeritus of English at Stanford University, and a novelist. From the description of Albert J. Guéra...

Knowles, Asa S. (Asa Smallidge), 1909- (person)

Asa S. Knowles (1909-1990) was President of the Associated Colleges of Upper New York (1946-1948), Vice-President of University Development at Cornell University (1948-1951), President of the University of Toledo (1951-1958), and President, later Chancellor, at Northeastern University (1959-1981). He was also on the board of directors of Shawmut Bank of Boston, N.A. from 1961 to 1989 and on the board of directors of Shawmut Corporation from 1965 to 1989 . Knowles wrote a history of Shawmut Bank,...

Heaney, Seamus (person)

Seamus Heaney (b1939), poet, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, was born in April 1939, the eldest of nine children. His father owned and worked a small farm in County Derry in Northern Ireland. At the age of twelve he won a scholarship to St. Columb's College, a Catholic boarding school situated in the city of Derry, From 1957 he lived in Belfast, moving in 1972 to the Irish Republic, where he now lives. His poems first came to public attention in the mid-1960s when he was active as one ...

Steven Victor Daniels. (person)

Wu, Eleanor B. Morris (person)

Meyers, Jeffrey (person)

Repertory Boston, Inc. (corporateBody)

University of Newcastle upon Tyne. (corporateBody)

Smith, Henry Nash (person)

Biography Henry Nash Smith was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1906. He took his bachelor's degree in English at age 19 from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, where he taught from 1927 to 1941, taking time out for his M.A. in English (1929) and his Ph.D. in the History of American Civilization (1940), both at Harvard. He subsequently taught in the English departments of the University of Texas (until 1947) and the University of Minnesota (un...

Wasiolek, Edward. (person)

Davies, Robert M. (person)

Occidental Book Club, inc., Massapequa, N.Y. (corporateBody)

M. E. Audra (person)

Gerald Graff (person)

Helen H. Peck (person)

Buck, Paul Herman, 1899-1978 (person)

Buck (Harvard, Ph.D., 1924) taught history at Harvard, served as Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Provost of the University, and Director of the Harvard Library. From the description of Papers of Paul Herman Buck, 1913-1975 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973290 Author, educator. From the description of Reminiscences of Paul Herman Buck : oral history, 1967. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122569413...

Harry David Feltenstein (person)

E. K. (Edward Killoran) Brown (person)

Kits Van Heyningen (person)

Coe, Liz (person)

Gerald, John Bart, 1940- (person)

Bersani, Leo. (person)

Smith, Alpheus W. (Alpheus Wilson), 1876-1968 (person)

Physicist. From the description of Intellectual autobiography, ca. 1962. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 84971943 Dean Emeritus of the Graduate School and Emeritus Professor of Physics, The Ohio State University. Dean Smith was instrumental in establishing the University as a major research center. From the description of Papers, 1921-1960. (Ohio State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 15055877 ...

Sasayama, Takashi, 1930-.... (person)

Dudley House (Cambridge, Mass.) (corporateBody)

Dudley House, one of the undergraduate residences at Harvard, is named for Thomas Dudley, a founder of Harvard College, and was developed to meet the needs of commuting students. From the description of Records of Dudley House, 1937-1970 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76972503 ...

Solomon, Barbara Probst (person)

American author and editor; b. 1928.. From the description of Barbara Probst Solomon collection, 1979-2001. (Boston University). WorldCat record id: 70969776 ...

Jonathan Bate. (person)

Lerner, Anne Lapidus (person)

Yoken, Melvin B. (person)

Jones, Howard M. (Howard Michael) (person)

Harvard University. West European Studies. (corporateBody)

Donald Haverstick Goodyear (person)

Basil Payne. (person)

Wexler, Murray (person)

Sociological Abstracts, Inc. (corporateBody)

SCN (corporateBody)

Mrs. Donald Smith (person)

Mastrangelo, Aida (person)

Sweeney, Robert (person)

Padmore, Thomas (person)

Robert Adolph. (person)

Hoy, Cyrus, 1926-2010 (person)

Scientific American, inc. (corporateBody)

Mary M. Hupfel (person)

English Language Notes (corporateBody)

Silverman, Debora, 1954-.... (person)

Pappenheimer, A. M. (Alwin Max), 1908-1995 (person)

Robert Mark Lewis. (person)

Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616 (person)

William Shakespeare was likely born April, 23, 1564; he was baptized in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 26, 1564. He grew up, had a family, and bought property in Stratford while working in London, the center of English theater. As an actor, a playwright, and a partner in a leading acting company, he became both prosperous and well-known. His parents were John and Mary Shakespeare. John was a leatherworker and involved in local politics, first becoming an alderman and eventually a town bailiff. ...

Kentridge, Catherine (person)

Bernard O'Kelly (person)

Goodman, Helen C. (person)

Davis, Robert Gorham. (person)

Professor of English at Columbia University. From the description of Papers, 1778-1976. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122575338 Robert Gorham Davis (1908-1998), was a literary critic and a professor of English at Columbia University. He became a member of the Communist Party, but after the Hitler-Stalin pact of 1939, he grew disillusioned with Communism. In 1953, Mr. Davis testified before the House Committee on Un-American Activities, gi...

Carlo Jahn-Rusconi (person)

Charles Fantazzi. (person)

Bluestone, Max (person)

Max Bluestone (Ph. D. Harvard University, 1959), became an Associate Professor of English at the University of Massachusetts at Boston in 1965 as a member of the University's founding faculty. Through his committee work, Bluestone was directly involved in policy decisions that concerned not only the English department but also the University as a whole. A Shakespeare scholar, he was also an active writer, editor, and composition teacher. From the description of Papers, 1947-1980 (bul...

Harris, Victor (person)

Lienhard Bergel (person)

World Institute for Advanced Phenomenological Research and Learning. (corporateBody)

Association of the Bar of the City of New York (corporateBody)

Woodlock, Douglas P., 1947- (person)

A. M. (Abraham Moses) Klein (person)

Halperin, John, 1941-.... (person)

Schneider, Robert (person)

Harvard University. Morris Gray Committee. (corporateBody)

Barroll, J. Leeds (John Leeds), 1928- (person)

Sweeney, John L. (person)

Engle, Paul, 1959- (person)

Craven, Kenneth (person)

McGill University Press (corporateBody)

Xerox University Microfilms. (corporateBody)

J. W. Scheideman (person)

Newman, Eric P. (person)

J. Wayne Conner (person)

Boas, Frank (person)

Harvard University. Archives (corporateBody)

The Harvard University Archives was established in 1939 as a department of the University Library during the administrations of James Bryant Conant as President and Keyes Dewitt Metcalf as Director of the Library. For a number of years prior to this date, the Library had collected and preserved historical records and other material relating to the history of the University. From the description of Correspondence files, 1896-2004 (inclusive), 1955-2004 (bulk) (Harvard University). Wor...

Victor Lange. (person)

Medelman, Katherine (person)

Robert Fitzgerald. (person)

Peter Lang Publishing (corporateBody)

C. L. (Cesar Lombardi) Barber (person)

Pirrotta, Nino (person)

Rosenzweig, Saul, 1907-2004 (person)

Saul Rosenzweig was born February 7, 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts. Rosenzweig received his Artium Baccalauretus degree in Philosophy Summa Cum Laude in 1929. From 1932 until 1934 Rosenzweig was associated with the Harvard Psychological Clinic. He earned his PhD in Clinical Psychology in 1932 from Harvard University. From 1934 to 1943 Rosenzweig was a member of the staff of the Worcester State Hospital. In addition to his work at the hospital he lectured at Clark University from 1938 until 1943....

Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich, 1799-1837 (person)

Rosati, Salvatore (person)

Satterthwaite, Alfred W. (person)

Intercultural publications, inc., New York. (corporateBody)

Theodore Dreiser (person)

Grudin, Peter D., 1942- (person)

Mācave, Prabhākara (person)

Rose, Vera (person)

Y. E. Clogenson (person)

Frankena, William K. (person)

Professor of philosophy at the University of Michigan, scholar and writer on moral philosophy, ethics, and philosophy of education. From the description of William K. Frankena papers, 1927-1991 (bulk 1961-1981). (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34422408 ...

Haynes, Robert H., 1931- (person)

Harvard University Graduate Society Fund. (corporateBody)

Schatz, Stuart (person)

Brady, Patrick, 1933-.... (person)

Marbury, William L. (William Luke), 1901- (person)

Supporter and committee member of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. From the description of Oral history interview, 1977. (Maryland Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 32821943 Lawyer; interviewee d.1988. From the description of Reminiscences of William L. Marbury : oral history, 1961. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122608669 Lawyer, of Baltimore, Md. From the description of Alger Hiss collection, 1934...

Silverman, Oscar A. (person)

Salmagundi; A Quarterly of the Humanities and Social Science, Flushing, N.Y. (corporateBody)

Mendelson, Edward (person)

Newton College of the Sacred Heart (corporateBody)

Knight, W. Nicholas (William Nicholas), 1939- (person)

Nims, John Frederick, 1913-1999 (person)

American poet, editor, and translator. From the description of John Frederick Nims collection of miscellaneous writings and reviews, 1936-1998. (Indiana University). WorldCat record id: 776694600 ...

Esterly, David. (person)

David Gullette. (person)

Hughes, Muriel (person)

Hoffmann, Stanley. (person)

Rosen, Gerald Paul (person)

Shenandoah (corporateBody)

Sabin, Margery (person)

Greene, Thomas (person)

Epithet: late MP British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000982.0x0001f5 Epithet: of Sloane MS 4041 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000982.0x000201 Epithet: MP; of Add MS 43255 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000982.0x0001f8 Epithet: Bishop of Norwic...

Liburt, Warren (person)

Barbara H. Desind (person)

W. G. (Wilfred George) Moore (person)

D. S. Carne-Ross. (person)

University of Texas at Dallas (corporateBody)

Robert Forrey. (person)

Bradford, Alan (person)

National Foundation for Jewish Culture (U.S.) (corporateBody)

Radcliffe College. Search Committee (corporateBody)

Nikola Banasević (person)

Andrews Wanning. (person)

Four Quarters. (corporateBody)

New College (University of Oxford) (corporateBody)

University of California press (corporateBody)

Sobral, Geraldo (person)

Donald Bacon (person)

Gelley, Alexander (person)

Jean L. Bruneau (person)

Robert F. Creegan (person)

Wald, Alan M., 1946-.... (person)

National Film Board of Canada (corporateBody)

Delmar Leighton. (person)

Konomi Ara. (person)

Norman Ayrton (person)

Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (corporateBody)

Seltzer, Daniel. (person)

Oswald LeWinter. (person)

Brown University Press. (corporateBody)

John Edwin Bakeless (person)

John Volkmann. (person)

Hornback, Bert G., 1935-.... (person)

University of Leicester. (corporateBody)

F. E. L. (Francis Ethelbert Louis) Priestley. (person)

F. W. (Frederick Wilcox) Dupee (person)

Lebowitz, Alan (person)

Lillian Hellman (person)

Northwestern university (corporateBody)

During World War II, Northwestern offered its facilities for use by the War Department. The Army, Navy, and Civil Aeronautics Administration operated eleven training programs at Northwestern in addition to the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (N.R.O.T.C.) established in 1926: the Navy V-7, Naval Reserve Midshipmen's School; the Navy V-5, Naval Aviation Prepatory Program; the Navy V-1, Accredited College Program; the Naval Training School (Radio); the Army Signal Corps Officers Training Scho...

Hubler, Edward. (person)

Jacquart, Emmanuel C. (person)

Robert Saudek (person)

Edward Allen Edwards (person)

Rosenberg, Edgar. (person)

Ferguson, Priscilla Parkhurst (person)

Van Ghent, Dorothy Bendon, 1907- (person)

Ali Miller. (person)

Vickery, John B. (person)

Partisan Review (corporateBody)

Berea College (corporateBody)

Although the sources of photographs are not always indicated, the bulk was apparently generated in the Berea College Publicity Department and the College News Bureau. In addition, portions of the photographs were donated by individuals, most of whom have some connection with the College. Chief among these is Roy N. Walters who was dean of the Berea College Foundation School from 1943 to 1968. Walters established the College Publicity Department in 1933 and was an unofficial campus photographer t...

Peters, Margot (person)

David R. Pursley (person)

University of Georgia. International Student Life Office (corporateBody)

The University of Georgia (UGA) is the largest institution of higher learning in the state of Georgia. Located in Athens, Georgia, approximately 70 miles northeast of Atlanta, it was the first state-chartered university in the United States. In 2005 U.S. News & World Report magazine ranked UGA 19th in its list of the top 50 public universities for a sixth year in a row. UGA also ranks 58th overall (public and private) in the nation. Today, it is the largest university of the University Syste...

Trent University. (corporateBody)

Henry Holt and Company. (corporateBody)

Henry Holt was born on January 3, 1840 in Baltimore, Maryland. He was educated at General Prosser’s school in New Haven before attending Yale University. Although he graduated from Columbia University School of Law in 1864, Holt was fascinated by literature and decided to enter the publishing world. He started his first company, Leypoldt and Holt in 1866. In 1873 Leypoldt retired and the firm became Henry Holt and Co. His most popular series was the Leisure Hour series, launched in 1872. Later i...

La Drière, James Craig, 1910- (person)

Gliner, Robert (person)

Montgomery, Robert Langford. (person)

John Pával (person)

Steven F. Walker (person)

Michigan State university (corporateBody)

Quasimodo, Salvatore (person)

Salvatore Quasimodo (1901-1968) was an Italian poet, critic, and translator. His early work was part of the Hermetic movement, which was characterized by its metaphysical content. Following World War II, Quasimodo's work focused on modern, social conditions. He was awarded the Etna-Taormina International Prize in Poetry along with Dylan Thomas in 1953 and the Nobel Prize for literature in 1959. His poetic works include: Acque e terre (1929); Òboe sommerso (1932); Odore di eucalyptus...

Dartmouth College (corporateBody)

The celebration of the 150th anniversary of the decision of the U.S. Supreme Court in the Dartmouth College Case was held on April 9, 1969, in the Court of Claims, Washington, D.C.; the celebration also commemorated the career of Daniel Webster, the advocate who defended the case before the Supreme Court. During the ceremony Justice Earl Warren, Senator Thomas J. MacIntyre, and Dartmouth College President John Sloan Dickey spoke before an audience of legislators, jurists, historians, and alumni....

Lewis, Paul (person)

Bates, Paul (person)

Howe, Mark De Wolfe (person)

Lower, Lucy (person)

Sekler, Eduard F. (Eduard Franz) (person)

Shimada, Tarō, 1937- (person)

Bevington, David M (person)

Frank, Joseph, 1918-2013 (person)

Henkle, Roger B. (person)

Western Review (corporateBody)

Partner, Peter (person)

Martin, Jay (person)

Alex De Jonge (person)

E. M. Beekman. (person)

Lyon Phelps. (person)

Leonard S. Field (person)

Suhrkamp Verlag (corporateBody)

Dorothy Baker. (person)

Starr, Peter (person)

Senelick, Laurence (person)

Rikkyō Daigaku (corporateBody)

Higonnet, Margaret R. (person)

Harvard University. Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Office of the Registrar (corporateBody)

Dell, Steven. (person)

Long Beach State College (corporateBody)

Andrews, John F. (John Frank), 1942- (person)

Basis Books (corporateBody)

McDougall, Richard (person)

Golden, Leon (person)

Chiari, Margaret (person)

Katz, Milton, 1927-.... (person)

Lengyel, Balazs (person)

Martin, Elma. (person)

United States., Department of Health, Education and Welfare (corporateBody)

In March 1972 President Richard Nixon called for an "intensive study" and requested a plan for developing a "safe, fast, and efficient nationwide blood collection and distribution system." Nixon's request was the result of several independent events and initiatives throughout the late 1960s that focused on the U.S. lack of an efficient system for maintaining a sufficiently ample, risk-free national blood supply. The primary aim of the policy was to eliminate the nation's dependence on an oft-con...

Asociación Española James Joyce (corporateBody)

The James Joyce Society was founded in February 1947 at the Gotham Book Mart in New York City. From the description of Records, 1947-1976. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 123406097 From the guide to the Records, 1947-1976, (The New York Public Library. Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature.) ...

Rockman, Robert (person)

The White House (corporateBody)

Mills College (corporateBody)

Cambridge Drama Festival (corporateBody)

Comparative Drama. (corporateBody)

Linder, Erich (person)

University of Nottingham. (corporateBody)

Ludwig Lewisohn. (person)

Mark Schorer (person)

Fairchild, Hoxie Neale, 1894-.... (person)

Ridley, Florence H. (person)

Conway, John. (person)

Historical or Biographical Note Vessel History: The C.A. Thayer is a wooden-hulled, three-masted schooner, designed for carrying lumber. She was built in 1895 in Northern California at Hans D. Bendixsen's shipyard in Fairhaven, CA. The original hull was made of dense, old-growth Douglas fir carefully chosen for shipbuilding. She sailed with a small crew consisting of four seamen, two mates, a cook, and the captain. From the guide ...

Li, Dasan (person)

Washington Post Company (corporateBody)

The Washington Post Company is best known for its ownership of the daily newspaper, The Washington Post. The paper was founded on Dec. 6, 1877. It was founded by Stilson Hutchins and sold several times. The Meyer-Graham family owned the paper from 1933-2014 when it was bought by founder Jeff Bezos. The paper is well known for reporting by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in 1970s for investigating Watergate Scandal. ...

Austin, Lloyd J. (Lloyd James), 1953- (person)

Macgowan, Kenneth, 1888-1963 (person)

His "The living stage" was published in 1955. From the description of Letter, 1951 Sep. 18, Los Angeles, to Maurice Browne, London. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34365417 Macgowan was born in Winthrop, MA, Nov. 30, 1888; graduated Harvard, 1911; married Edna Behre, 1913; drama critic for Philadelphia evening ledger, the New York globe, Vogue, Theatre arts magazine, and Shadowland; publicity director for Goldwyn Pictures Corp., 1918-19; formed an association w...

Harvard Cooperative Society. (corporateBody)

Andersson, Theodore Murdock, 1934-.... (person)

Spencer B. Marx (person)

Barish, Jonas A. (person)

Chwalewik, Witold (person)

Art association of Indianapolis (corporateBody)

Bynum Edward Green, Jr. (person)

Case Western Reserve University (corporateBody)

Juan Durán Luzio (person)

University of York (corporateBody)

Lord Eric John Francis James was born in 1909 in Derbyshire. He studied at Queen's College at the University of Oxford and graduated with first class honors in chemistry in 1931. James was a teacher at Winchester College for twelve years before he became High Master of Manchester Grammar School in 1945. As head of Manchester Grammar, James demanded the highest standards from his staff and pupils. James believed that the purpose of the school was to take pupils from all echelons of s...

Gregory S. Breacher (person)

Lytle, Andrew Nelson, 1902-1995 (person)

Andrew Nelson Lytle (Dec. 26, 1902-Dec. 12, 1995) was born in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and graduated from Vanderbilt University. He was a novelist, dramatist, essayist, and professor of literature. As a member of the Agrarians, he contributed a chapter to that group's manifesto, I'll take my stand. He taught at the University of the South and edited the Sewanee review. Among his greatest works are Bedford Forrest and his Critter Company, a biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest; The velvet horn, a ...

Sams, Eric (person)

Lydenberg Symposium (corporateBody)

Staines, David, 1946-.... (person)

Dieckmann, Herbert, 1906-1986 (person)

Professor of French and comparative literature, Cornell University. Herbert Dieckmann was born in Germany, and received his Ph.D. from the University of Bonn. He was a member of the Harvard University faculty, and served as chairman of Harvard's Department of Romance Languages. Dieckmann was noted for his research on French philosopher and essayist Denis Diderot. In 1948, he discovered the Diderot manuscripts and made the first critical inventory of the collection publis...

Wild, Payson Sibley, 1869- (person)

University of London. (corporateBody)

The University of London was established in 1836 out of the principle of a more inclusive approach to education, free from religious tests and more affordable. With its power to grant degrees the University worked generally in close alliance with University College and King's College London as well as numerous other colleges around Britain. In terms of degrees awarded, the University was the first in England to introduce a Bachelor of Science, tending away from the more ...

B. A. Reichenbach. (person)

Mihajlov, Mihajlo, 1934-2010 (person)

Yugoslav dissident author and political prisoner; subsequently literary scholar, journalist and Radio Free Europe analyst in the United States. From the description of Mihajlo Mihajlov papers, 1921-2010. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754872357 Biographical Note September 26, 1934 Born in Pančevo, Yugoslavia 1959 ...

Gotham Book Mart (corporateBody)

Gotham Book Mart is a New York City bookstore and gallery, founded in 1920 by Frances Steloff. From the description of Gotham Book Mart collection, [1938-1948]. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122597056 From the guide to the Gotham Book Mart records, 1938-1948, (The New York Public Library. Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature.) ...

William Van Lennep (person)

Lodge, David (person)

David John Lodge (b 1935), Professor of English, novelist. Education: BA, MA, University of London; PhD, University of Birmingham. Career: British Council, London, 1959-60; Assistant Lecturer, 1960-62, Lecturer 1963-71, Senior Lecturer, 1971-73, Reader in English, 1973-76, Professor of Modern English Literature, 1977-86, Honorary Professor, 1986-, University of Birmingham. Publications: Novels: The Picturegoers, 1960; Ginger, You're Barmy, 1962; The British Museum is Fal...

Galbraith, John Kenneth, 1908-2006 (person)

Galbraith taught economics at Harvard. From the description of Papers of John Kenneth Galbraith, 1958. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973248 John Kenneth Galbraith was born in Iona Station, Ontario, Canada in 1908. He emigrated to the United States in 1931 and became an American citizen in 1937. He received degrees from Ontario Agricultural College (1931), University of California (1933, 1934), and studied at Cambridge, England (1937-38). His academic career has...

Addams, Jane, 1860-1935 (person)

Social reformer; founder of Hull House settlement, Chicago. From the description of Letter: Hull-House, Chicago, to Louis J. Keller, Chicago, 1912 May 13. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 26496308 From the description of Letter: Hull-House, Chicago, to Paul M. Angle, Springfield, Ill., 1932 June 24. (Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library). WorldCat record id: 26496294 Founder of Hull House in Chicago. From the description of Cor...

University of California (System). University Extension (corporateBody)

Roessler was professor of mathematics at the University of California Davis. His work for University Extension begain in 1961, and in 1964 he became Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; he was eventually named University Dean of University Extension, a post which he held until his retirement in 1970. From the description of University extension records of Edward B. Roessler, 1957-1967. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 39022533 ...

International Editors' Co. (corporateBody)

Thayer, S. (person)

John Van Sickle. (person)

Harvard University. Information Office. (corporateBody)

Nelson, Truman, 1911-1987 (person)

Canby, Henry Seidel, 1878-1961 (person)

Writer, editor, critic. From the description of Reminiscences of Henry Seidel Canby and Amy Loveman : oral history, 1955. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122481130 Epithet: editor of 'Saturday Review of Literature' British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000758.0x0001e2 Canby was a critic, editor and Yale University professor (1899-1922). He was one of the founder...

University of the Witwatersrand (corporateBody)

Friedman, Donald M. (person)

Mrs. Robert Hartstone (person)

Pennington, Frederic Adams. (person)

The Centennial Review of Arts & Science (corporateBody)

Jones, Everett L., 1915-1990 (person)

Hawthorne, Barbara (person)

Miller, James Wilkinson (person)

Shepley, Bulfinch, Richardson, and Abbott (corporateBody)

Lowes, John Livingston, 1867-1945 (person)

Lowes was an American scholar of English literature, especially the poetry of Samuel Taylor Coleridge. At the time of these letters he was professor at Harvard University. Grace Hazard Conkling was a professor of English at Smith College (1914-1947) and the author of many books of poetry. From the description of [Letters to Mrs. Conkling, 1920-1922] / John L. Lowes. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 259487545 Lowes received a doctorate from Harvard in 1903 and taught Engl...

George Washington University (corporateBody)

The Executive Vice President and Treasurer writes the yearly budget report for the Board of Trustees. From the description of Treasurers Office records, 1903-1990. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 641695165 The University Marshal reports to the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, and oversees official functions at the University, such as commencements, the conferring of honorary degrees, opening convocation for the school year, and other special ceremonies. Robert...

Morrison L. Edwards. (person)

Davidson, Henry Martin Perkins, 1901- (person)

Peter Chermayeff (person)

Boston University (corporateBody)

W. Heffer & Sons (corporateBody)

G. K. Hunter (person)

McGeorge Bundy. (person)

Dubois, Rhoda (person)

Muir, Kenneth (person)

Guérard, Lundie (person)

United States Information Agency (corporateBody)

John Voss. (person)

Philip B. Sullivan (person)

Anson, John S. (person)

Fleisher, David (person)

Professor at Yeshiva University, New York, N.Y., and personal friend of Potok. From the description of Correspondence to Chaim Potok, 1967-1992. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 700036188 ...

Drerup, Engelbert (person)

Philip Fisher. (person)

Victor H. Brombert (person)

Winthrop Sargent Prize Committee. (corporateBody)

Engel, Eva J. (person)

A. K. (Asim Kumar) Mukherjee (person)

Seymour Lainoff. (person)

Walter Kaiser. (person)

Jacoff, Rachel. (person)

M. Herschel Levine (person)

S.-Fischer-Verlag (corporateBody)

Gottfried Bermann Fischer became Franz Werfel's publisher in 1938. Bermann-Fischer Verlag and Bermann-Fischer/Querido Verlag were publishing enterprises established by Bermann Fischer during his exile from Germany and in the immediate postwar period; they were eventually superceded by S. Fischer Verlag, which Bermann Fischer reestablished in Germany in 1950. S. Fischer Verlag subsequently presided over the German publishing rights to Werfel's works. Frisch held an editorial position at Bermann-F...

Frank Hyneman Knight (person)

Lloyd Raymond Free (person)

University Press of Virginia. (corporateBody)

Fadiman, Clifton, 1904-1999 (person)

Translator, anthologist, author, and radio and TV entertainer. Full name Clifton Paul Fadiman. From the description of Papers of Clifton Fadiman, 1952-1964. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 71068775 Author, literary critic. From the description of Reminiscences of Clifton Fadiman : oral history, 1955. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122411663 Writer, editor. Fadiman worked on many projects for the...

Parker, William Riley, 1906-1968 (person)

Milton scholar and Indiana University Professor of English. From the description of Papers, 1937-1968. (Indiana University). WorldCat record id: 49678206 ...

United States Information Agency (corporateBody)

K. M. A. Munim (person)

Otto Georg von Simson. (person)

Hill and Wang. (corporateBody)

Ebenezer, Jane (person)

Colgate University (corporateBody)

Frye, Northrop (person)

Northrop Frye was a Canadian critic. From the description of Northrop Frye collection. [1971]. (University of Victoria Libraries). WorldCat record id: 667848472 ...

Alexandrov, Vladimir E. (person)

Dell, Stephen (person)

Cunningham, Thomas J. (person)

Rathbone, Perry Townsend 1911- (person)

Willey, Frederick (person)

Kaji, Shinzō (person)

Roberta Roberts Edel (person)

University of Arkansas, Fayetteville (corporateBody)

Mersand, Joseph E. 1901- (person)

Morris Bishop (person)

Kiely, Robert. (person)

Ronder, Paul (person)

Grunebaum, Henry, 1926- (person)

Social Science Research Council (U.S.) (corporateBody)

W. H. (William Harold) Cowley (person)

Lehman, Herbert H. (Herbert Henry), 1878-1963 (person)

Herbert H. Lehman, American politician. He served as Governor of the State of New York from 1933 to 1942, and represented New York in the United States Senate from 1950 to 1957. From the description of Herbert H. Lehman manuscript material : 3 items, 1934-1935 (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 708247459 Lehman was Lieutenant Governor of New York, 1928-1932; Governor of New York, 1933-1942; Director General of the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administ...

Aintree (corporateBody)

Sheldon Norman Gerbstein. (person)

Hamm, Victor (person)

Jaanus, Maire (person)

Mark Epstein. (person)

Bellagio Study and Conference Center (corporateBody)

American Humanities Seminar. (corporateBody)

Office de radiodiffusion-télévision française (corporateBody)

Ōyama, Toshikazu, 1917- (person)

J. Hart (person)

Dorothy Harrison (person)

Frick, Scilda O. (person)

Jeremy Knowles. (person)

John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur foundation (corporateBody)

National Humanities Institute (corporateBody)

The National Humanities Institute at Yale University was established in 1974 with a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. From the description of National Humanities Institute, Yale University, records, 1974-1979 (inclusive). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702170063 ...

F. E. Holliday (person)

Gundersheimer, Werner L. (person)

Werner L. Gundersheimer, historian, educator, and Director Emeritus of the Folger Shakespeare Library, was born in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, in 1937. He emigrated to the United States at age 3, becoming a U.S. citizen in 1945. His chief field of scholarship is in European history, 1300-1600, with special emphasis on French and Italian intellectual, social and urban history. Dr. Gundersheimer attended Amherst College, graduating in the Class of 1959. He received an M.A....

Brick, Howard, 1953-.... (person)

Torrey, Norman L. (Norman Lewis), 1894-1980 (person)

Plant, Richard (person)

Field, Andrew (person)

Harris Lentz III (person)

Margarita de Mayo. (person)

George F. Brunner. (person)

Harvard Project Zero (corporateBody)

Elliott, John R. (person)

Dalera? (person)

Evans, Robert O. (Robert Owen), 1919- (person)

J. Allen Conway (person)

Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery. (corporateBody)

Slochower, Harry (person)

Platt, Michael (person)

John Joseph Moakley Archive & Institute (corporateBody)

Jessup, Philip C. (Philip Caryl), 1897-1986 (person)

Judge, diplomat. From the description of Reminiscences of Philip Caryl Jessup : oral history, 1974. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122419673 From the description of Reminiscences of Philip Caryl Jessup : oral history, 1980. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 309739696 From the description of Reminiscences of Philip Caryl Jessup : oral history, 1958. (Columbia University In the City of New York). Wor...

Great Britain. Consulate General (Boston, Mass.) (corporateBody)

Alexander, Robert Joseph, 1944- (person)

Raymond F. Gagnon. (person)

Brown, Milton P. (Milton Peers), 1919-2009 (person)

Van Buren, Abigail, 1918-2013 (person)

Nuwer, Henry (person)

Johnson, S. F. (Samuel Frederick), 1918-2005 (person)

University of Denver (corporateBody)

Aoki, Keiji (person)

Grace C. Shohet (person)

Pauly, Thomas H. (person)

Jane Sherwin. (person)

Plaut, James S. (James Sachs), 1912-1996 (person)

James S. Plaut (1912-1996) was an art administrator and writer from Chestnut Hill, Mass. From the description of Oral history interview with James S. Plaut, 1971 June 29. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 779477517 James S. Plaut, b. 1912, Art administrator, writer of Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. From the description of Oral history interview with James S. Plaut, 1971 June 29. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 646397480 Art administrator, writer; Chestnut Hil...

Guetti, Barbara Jones (person)

Ashmead, John, 1917- (person)

Learning from Performers (corporateBody)

Leinert, Michael, 1942-.... (person)

Petersson, Robert T. (Robert Torsten) (person)

Elton, William R., 1921-2000 (person)

May, Henry Farnham, 1915-2012 (person)

Biography Henry Farnham May was born in Denver, Colorado on March 27, 1915, the son of Henry F. and May (Rickard) May. He received an A.B. from the University of California, Berkeley in 1937, with his M.A. and Ph.D. from Harvard in 1938 and 1947. May worked as an instructor of history at Lawrence College from 1941 to 1942 and from 1942 to 1945, served as a lieutenant (j.g.) in the United States Navy Reserve. He returned to his teaching career...

Nicholas S. De Marco (person)

Arndt, Walter, translator. (person)

Charles W. Chatfield (person)

Horton, Philip. (person)

Frenz, Horst, 1912-1990 (person)

Horst Frenz was a professor in the Department of Comparative Literature and English at Indiana University from 1940-1981, and served as chair of the Comparative Literature department from its creation in 1949 until 1977. From the description of Horst Frenz papers, 1905-1990, bulk 1940-1980. (Indiana University). WorldCat record id: 476231708 Born June 29, 1912, in Oberlauringen, Germany, Horst Frenz attended the University of Goettingen, where he received his Ph...

Plutzik, Hyam, 1911-1962 (person)

Chou, Lily (person)

Linpinsel, Elsbet, 1901- (person)

Léon, Lucie (person)

Elon College (corporateBody)

Richie, Eugene (person)

Harvard University. Fellows in Law and the Humanities (corporateBody)

Wien, Clementine (person)

Kifer, Devra Rowland (person)

Lehrer, Mark (person)

Marquette University Press. (corporateBody)

Andrew W. Calkins (person)

Jack Levin (person)

Harvard University. Office of the Director of the University Library. (corporateBody)

Woodhouse, A. S. P. (Arthur Sutherland Pigott), 1895-1964 (person)

Comer, Suzanne (person)

I. D. (Ian Dalrymple) McFarlane (person)

Borough of Manhattan Community College (corporateBody)

Marcus Cunliffe. (person)

Central Connecticut State College (corporateBody)

White, Morton Gabriel, 1917-.... (person)

Sarton, May, 1912-1995 (person)

By Source, Fair use, Link May Sarton (May 3, 1912-July 16, 1995), poet and novelist, was born Elanore Marie Sarton in Wondelgem, Belgium, the daughter of George Sarton, a noted historian of science, and Eleanor Mabel Elwes, an English portrait painter and designer. Sarton moved with her parents to England, and in 1916 the family immigrated to the United States. All three became naturalized Americans in 1924, by which time Sarton's name had been Americanized to Eleanor May. Sart...

Wilbur, Charlee (person)

Beer, Samuel H. (Samuel Hutchison), 1911-2009 (person)

Samuel Hutchison Beer (b. July 28, 1911, Bucyrus, Ohio-d. April 7, 2009, Washington, D.C.) was a military officer, historian, educator, and Massachusetts political figure. He was a captain in the Office of the U.S. Military Government of Germany (OMGUS) in 1945. In 1946, he joined the faculty of Harvard University where he became one of Harvard's most popular and iconic professors, teaching its undergraduates "Western Thought and Institutions". Later, Beer was the Massachusetts chairman of the A...

Millgate, Michael. (person)

Michael Millgate, University Professor of English Emeritus at the University of Toronto, is one of the leading textual scholars, critics and biographers working in the field of English literature today. He has published major editions and books on Thomas Hardy (including seven volumes of letters) and William Faulkner, and is a world authority on both authors, as well as a highly respected commentator on their contemporaries. Excerpts from his publications have appeared steadily in collections, a...

Short, Raymond W. (Raymond Wright), 1903- (person)

Glynn, Patrick. (person)

Peter Heller. (person)

Elizabeth Lickindorf. (person)

Dawson, Giles E. (Giles Edwin), 1903- (person)

Giles E. Dawson worked at the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C. Matthew W. Black was a professor in the English Department at the University of Pennsylvania. He worked on the Variorum editions of Richard II and Henry IV, Part 2 and was curator of the H. H. Furness Memorial Library from 1945 to 1965. From the description of Letter to Matthew Wilson Black, 1947. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155883056 ...

Whallon, William, 1928- (person)

Cazamian, Louis François, 1877-1965 (person)

College Center of the Finger Lakes (corporateBody)

Jakobson, Roman (person)

Hilton James Landry (person)

South Carolina College (corporateBody)

University of Saskatchewan. (corporateBody)

Robert B. Reade. (person)

California Film Institute (corporateBody)

Marguerite L. Dalton (person)

Cheyette, Bryan (person)

A. N. Marquis (corporateBody)

Sam Bloomfield. (person)

DeVoto, Mark (person)

Professor of music at Tufts Univerity and son of Bernard DeVoto, composer and writer, and coauthor of HARMONY. From the description of Remarks for a conference, "Devoted to the American West: The century of Bernard DeVoto, " 1997 Jan. 11. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122586156 ...

Duits Seminarium van de Universiteit van Amsterdam (corporateBody)

University of Michigan. (corporateBody)

Outside of museum holdings, no comprehensive survey and inventory of campus artwork had been attempted since 1937. With support from the Michigan Commission on Art in Public Places, 1,076 items were inventoried during 1988-1990. Additional inventory work was undertaken in 1997-1998 for risk management purposed, but generated little new information. From the description of Inventory of University of Michigan-owned art, 1988-1990, 1997-1998. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id...

Benford, Judith (person)

Thompson, Lawrance Roger (person)

Gundersheimer, Werner L. (person)

Werner L. Gundersheimer, historian, educator, and Director Emeritus of the Folger Shakespeare Library, was born in Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, in 1937. He emigrated to the United States at age 3, becoming a U.S. citizen in 1945. His chief field of scholarship is in European history, 1300-1600, with special emphasis on French and Italian intellectual, social and urban history. Dr. Gundersheimer attended Amherst College, graduating in the Class of 1959. He received an M.A....

Jiyang Hu. (person)

Southern Illinois university at Carbondale (corporateBody)

Established in 1869. From the description of Southern Illinois Normal University photograph collection, 1860-1940. (Southern Illinois University). WorldCat record id: 367589142 Southern Illinois University was established in 1869. From the description of Southern Illinois University Carbondale Student Affairs photographs, 1947-1965. (Southern Illinois University). WorldCat record id: 319871718 From the description of Southern Illinois University Carbonda...

Brigitte Bermann Fischer (person)

Pierre Renouvin. (person)

Clayton Koelb. (person)

Hall, Donald, 1928-.... (person)

Hall is an American poet, essayist, and teacher. From the description of Compositions 1962. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122609338 From the description of Papers, 1956-1965. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 122357326 From the guide to the Donald Hall papers, 1956-1965., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) From the guide to the Compositions, 1962., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard Universit...

Wanning, Andrew (person)

Humanities Association of Canada (corporateBody)

Institute of International Education (New York, N.Y.) (corporateBody)

University of California, Santa Cruz (corporateBody)

Organization history UCSC Colleges Cowell College, founded 1965 Adlai E. Stevenson College, founded 1966 Crown College, founded 1967 Merrill College, founded 1968 Benjamin F. Porter College, founded in 1969 as "College Five" and formally dedicated as "Benjamin F. Porter College" in 1981. Kresge College, ...

Morse, Josiah Mitchell (person)

Millett, Fred Benjamin, 1890-.... (person)

Fred B. Millett (1890-1976) was a professor of English and director of the Honors College at Wesleyan University. From the description of Fred B. Millett World War II Letters from Students, 1913, 1939 - 1948. (Wesleyan University). WorldCat record id: 166275327 ...

Lowell, Robert, 1917-1977 (person)

American poet, playwright, translator, educator. From the description of Papers, 1845-1988 (bulk 1970-1977). (Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center (HRC); University of Texas at Austin). WorldCat record id: 122453067 Lowell was an American poet. Bidart (1939-) was a student of Lowell's and is also an American poet. From the guide to the Robert Lowell letters to Frank Bidart, 1970-1976., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) An...

Edward Carpenter. (person)

Bender, Eloise (person)

Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-1989 (person)

Robert Penn Warren (1905-1989), first poet laureate of the United States, was a poet, writer of fiction, and co-author with Cleanth Brooks of influential textbooks on literature. He won Pulitzer Prizes for All the King's Men (1946) and for volumes of poetry, Promises (1958) and Now and Then (1979). From the description of Robert Penn Warren papers, 1906-1989. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702132948 Robert Penn Warren served on the faculty of Louisiana State University, Dept...

Bryan Magee. (person)

Mann, Walter (person)

University of Waterloo (corporateBody)

Kern, Edith, 1912-2005 (person)

Société Européenne de Culture (corporateBody)

Horovitz, Michael (person)

Books Abroad. (corporateBody)

Janiche, Irene (person)

Shiverick, Nathan C. (Nathan Crary) (person)

Betts, D. S. (David Sheridan), 1936- (person)

Exxon Education Foundation (corporateBody)

Engell, James, 1951-.... (person)

Kunst, Arthur E. (Arthur Egon), 1934- (person)

Leisi, Ernst (person)

Ruben J. Kleiman. (person)

Wilson, E. Bright (Edgar Bright), 1908- (person)

Born in Gallati, Tennessee on 18 December 1908. Died: 12 July 1992. Education: B.S., Chemistry, Princeton University (1930), M.A., Princeton University (1931), Ph.D., Physical Chemistry, California Institute of Technology (1933). Employment: 1933-1934 California Institute of Technology; 1942-1944 Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution; 1944-1946 National Defense Research Committee; 1952-1953 Department of Defense; 1934- Harvard University. From the description of Oral history interview...

Nicholson, John Greer (person)

University of Oklahoma. Press (corporateBody)

David Dunaway. (person)

Cowley, Malcolm, 1898-1989 (person)

American editor and writer. From the description of Letter to Matthew Bruccoli [manuscript], 1975 December 30. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647812058 From the description of Papers of Malcolm Cowley [manuscript], 1969. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647810601 From the description of Papers of Malcolm Cowley [manuscript], 1936-1955. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647874698 Malcolm Cowley was an influential liter...

John B. Shackford (person)

Murray, Natalia Danesi. (person)

Stauffer, Donald A. (Donald Alfred), 1902-1952 (person)

Sultan, Stanley. (person)

Knapp, J. Merrill (person)

John Merrill Knapp (1914-1993) is most widely known for his accomplishments as an educator, editor, and writer. He received his undergraduate degree from Yale University in the mid-1930 and then briefly taught history in California. After earning his masters degree at Columbia University, Knapp served four years in the Navy during World War II. He returned to Princeton as assistant director of the glee club and was appointed chairman of the Department of Music in 1949. In 1953, Knapp became an a...

Instituto Brasil-Estados Unidos (corporateBody)

Amneus, Daniel (person)

Grattan, Henry, 1746-1820 (person)

Epithet: of Add MS 12099 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000839.0x000357 Henry Grattan, Irish politician. From the description of Henry Grattan manuscript material : 2 items, 1771-1805 (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 244251584 Epithet: MP British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000839.0x000355 ...

Great Britain. Consulate General (Philadelphia, Pa.) (corporateBody)

Ehrlich, Leonard, 1905- (person)

University of New South Wales. (corporateBody)

Established in 1949 as New South Wales University of Technology; became University of New South Wales in 1958. Major role in regional higher education at Newcastle, Wollongong and Broken Hill, and at University College, Australian Defence Force Academy. For history to 1969 see A.H. Willis, The University of New South Wales: the Baxter years (1983). From the description of Records of governance and administration. (Libraries Australia). WorldCat record id: 225819074 ...

Warren, Austin, 1899-1986 (person)

Austin Warren was an American educator and writer. Born in Massachusetts, he was educated at Harvard and Princeton and embarked on a career as an instructor of English at major American universities. He published several books, chiefly on literary theory. His primary interests were theology, philosophy, and religious history, and his writing is generally concerned with these topics. Warren died in 1986. From the description of Warren Austin letters to Philip Young, 1943-1985. (Pennsy...

Kunst, Arthur E. (Arthur Egon), 1934- (person)

Perspectives USA. (corporateBody)

Oakland University (corporateBody)

Arnold, Maxwell (person)

Maxwell ("Bud") Arnold was a member of the San Francisco advertising agency, Guild, Basrom & Bonfigli, Inc., that handled the campaign publicity. The firm began in 1948 and in 1965 was bought out by a New York agency. The client for the campaign publicity was the Democratic National Committee. It was the first time television was used in a presidential campaign. Arnold was the principal script writer. From the description of John F. Kennedy Presidential campaign materials, 1959-1...

Rabb, Jane M. (Jane Marjorie), 1938- (person)

Jane M. Rabb, Radcliffe A.B. (1961), Harvard Ph.D. (1968), former Bunting Fellow, Radcliffe College, is a lecturer at the Radcliffe Seminars. From the description of Transcripts of oral histories, 1978-1985 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007881 ...

John Gassner (person)

Harvard Crimson (corporateBody)

Sweeney, Máire (person)

Luke, David (person)

The Marianne Moore Fund for the Study of Poetry at Bryn Mawr College (corporateBody)

Morse, J. Mitchell (Josiah Mitchell), 1912- (person)

Simmons, Charles S. (person)

Thompson, Stith, 1885-1976 (person)

Professor of English and Folklore at Indiana University. From the description of Papers, 1911-1972. (Indiana University). WorldCat record id: 52599598 ...

American academy of arts and sciences (corporateBody)

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences was chartered by the legislature of Massachusetts in 1780 and is the second oldest learned society in the U.S. Among its incorporators were James Bowdoin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock. Academy publications began with the first volume of its Memoirs in 1785, and from the first the Academy collected a library, which was augmented in 1791 by the donation of James Bowdoin's private collection of over 1200 volumes. Early papers presented before ...

Leitch, Alexander, 1900- (person)

Alexander Leitch '24 was an administrator at Princeton University for the entirety of his professional career, most notably holding the Office of the Secretary from 1933 to 1963. He is also the author of A PRINCETON COMPANION, a reference containing 400 articles on Princeton life and traditions. From the description of Alexander Leitch Princeton Athletics Scrapbooks collection, 1925-1944. (Peking University Library). WorldCat record id: 74214917 Alexander Leitch was the Secr...

Yaddo (Artist's colony) (corporateBody)

Yaddo is an artists' retreat located on a 400-acre estate in Saratoga Springs, New York. Yaddo first began welcoming creative guests in 1926, but its roots extend back to the final decades of the 19th century. After the loss of their fourth child, Spencer and Katrina Trask decided to bequeath their baronial mansion and its surrounding grounds to future generations of creative men and women. Yaddo's guest list has included Newton Arvin, Milton Avery, James Baldwin, Leonard Bernstein,...

Byrne, Patrick F., 1948- (person)

Kirkland House (Cambridge, Mass.) (corporateBody)

Kirkland House, located at 70-78 Boylston Street, was incorporated in 1930 following a generous gift to the College from Edward S. Harkness, Yale University Class of 1897. The House encompasses Hicks House (now the Howe Library), Bryan Hall, Smith Halls and the Master's Residence. Kirkland House was named after John Thornton Kirkland, Class of 1789 and President of Harvard from 1810 to 1828. From the description of General information by and about Kirkland House. (Harvard University)...

Canterbury Club (Tufts College). (corporateBody)

Trocard, Catherine (person)

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art (corporateBody)

Peter Cooper (1791-1883) was a manufacturer, inventor, philanthropist, and founder of Cooper Union. Cooper's son-in-law Abram S. Hewitt (1822-1903) was a manufacturer, philanthropist, U.S. Representative from New York, and mayor of New York. From the description of Cooper-Hewitt collection, [ca. 1783-1953] (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155472943 Art museum, N.Y., N.Y. Founded 1897. Name changed to Cooper-Hewitt Museum. Housed in the Carnegie Mansion...

Natalie Frohock. (person)

Giraud, Raymond (person)

Dallett, Joseph B. (person)

Renata Berg-Pan (person)

Frenz, Horst (person)

René Jasinski. (person)

Baum, Bernard, 1924- (person)

Moore, Geoffrey, 1920-1999 (person)

Pratt Institute (corporateBody)

October 2nd, which was Charles Pratt's birthday, was for many years celebrated as Founder's Day at the Institute. From the description of Founder's Day record group, 1888-1966. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 155455515 Art school; Brooklyn, New York. From the description of Pratt Institute exhibition catalogs, 1916-1924. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122577345 Pratt Institute was founded in 1887 by industrialist Charles Pratt. Pratt was owner of Charles ...

Fisher, John Hurt (person)

Lovejoy, Arthur O. (Arthur Oncken), 1873-1962 (person)

Epithet: Professor of John Hopkins University British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000974.0x000256 Arthur O. Lovejoy was a philosopher and historian of ideas. He died in Baltimore in 1962. From the description of Arthur O. Lovejoy papers, 1872-1963. (Johns Hopkins University). WorldCat record id: 49311041 ...

Wang, Effie (person)

Goldstone, Herbert (person)

Elizabeth Bartlett (person)

Virginia G. Krog (person)

Huntington Brown. (person)

Alain Renoir (person)

Perspectives in American History (corporateBody)

Trinkner, Charles L. (person)

Edman, Irwin (person)

Revol, Enrique L. (Enrique Luis) (person)

Souvaine, Emily (person)

Devereux, Stephen E. (person)

Perkins, Elliott (person)

Kirk, Irina. (person)

Nathanial Hawthorne (person)

Stewart, Andrew, 1942-.... (person)

Epithet: 3rd Lord Ochiltree Title: 1st Baron Castle Stuart 1619 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000362.0x0002e7 ...

Osborn, James Marshall (person)

James Marshall Osborn (1906-1976), literary historian and author of several works, including Young Philip Sidney (1972), as well as the founder of the James Marshall and Marie-Louise Osborn Collection of rare books and manuscripts. From the description of Whirlwind Hill Farm papers, 1940-1977. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702144748 From the description of James Marshall Osborn correspondence, 1928-1977. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 702144904 The Jam...

Brav, Stanley R. (Stanley Rosenbaum), 1908- (person)

Speculum. (corporateBody)

Matlov, Joel (person)

Klemenčić, A. Slavo (person)

Cambridge Series of Arts and Letters. (corporateBody)

Phillips Academy (corporateBody)

Carroll, Mark (person)

Walter Allen (person)

Bucknell University (corporateBody)

Lawlis, Merritt E. (Merritt Eugene), 1918- (person)

Phelps, Lyon, 1923- (person)

Sylvia Poggioli. (person)

Erickson, Peter (person)

Staff member in the Student Life Office beginning in the 1980s. Previously was head resident of the dormitories. From the description of Peter Erickson collection, 1983-1997. (St. Edward's University Library). WorldCat record id: 53876367 ...

Tarbet, David (person)

Wellwarth, George E., 1932-.... (person)

Tillich, Paul, 1886-1965 (person)

Association of Commonwealth Universities. Council (corporateBody)

Fogg Art Museum. (corporateBody)

The Index of American Design was a project of the research division of the Federal Art Project of the Works Progress Administration which produced approximately 20,000 reproductions (photographs and original drawings) and classifications of a wide variety of American art, paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, and folk art. From the description of Records relating to Index of American Design Exhibition, 1937. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122404372 Founded in 1891, through the...

English institute (corporateBody)

The English Institute has been associated since 1939 with a number of institutions of higher education, among them Harvard University. From the description of Harvard University Archives accession 13763 (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77065725 ...

Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale (corporateBody)

Harrod, Roy, 1900-1978 (person)

William Bentinck-Smith. (person)

Hardy, Barbara Nathan (person)

György Lukács (person)

Brooks, Cleanth, 1906-1994 (person)

American scholar and writer; professor of English at Louisiana State University and Yale University. From the description of Cleanth Brooks letter, 1984 Dec. 21. (Louisiana State University). WorldCat record id: 243464696 Louisiana State University English professor, and co-founder of Southern Review, a literary journal. From the description of Cleanth Brooks oral history interview, 1992. (Louisiana State University). WorldCat record id: 244443354 Cleant...

A. L. (Alfred Leslie) Rowse. (person)

Warren Anderson. (person)

Harris, C. Cleland (Charles Cleland), 1919- (person)

Alioto, Joseph L. (person)

Alioto was San Francisco's 36th mayor, serving two terms beginning Jan. 8, 1968, and ending Jan. 1974. From the description of Joseph L. Alioto papers, 1958-1977 (bulk 1968-1974). (San Francisco Public Library). WorldCat record id: 48891244 Biography Joseph Lawrence Alioto was born February 12, 1916 in San Francisco to Giuseppe and Domenica Alioto. His father, a Sicilian imimgrant, was a successful San Francisco fish whol...

McCarty, Luan (person)

Halsband, Robert, 1914-1989 (person)

Robert Halsband (1914-1989), scholar, author, authority on 18th century literary studies. Halsband was adjunct professor of English at Columbia University, 1963-1967 (Columbia University A.M., 1936). Professor Halsband died in 1989. From the description of Robert Halsband papers, 1708-1976. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 458423819 ...

Levin, Elena (person)

Fredson Bowers (person)

Creevy, Patrick (person)

World Publishing Company. (corporateBody)

In 1905, Alfred H. Cahen opened the Commercial Bookbinding Company in Cleveland and acquired the World Syndicate Publishing Company in 1928. His company then began publishing Bibles, dictionaries, and children's books and went public with a stock issue in 1929. By 1940, when the name was changed to The World Publishing Company, it had become the largest publisher of Bibles and dictionaries in the United States. Two reprint lines, Tower Books (sold at $.49) and Forum Books (sold at $1.00) were la...

Appleton-Century-Crofts, inc. (corporateBody)

Auster, Henry (person)

Ziolkowski, Jan M., 1956-.... (person)

Farmer, Bette Anne. (person)

Soichi Saeki. (person)

Michael, R. Keith, 1930- (person)

Harnett, David. (person)

Germania - S. C. A. G. E. L. (corporateBody)

Nareśa Guha. (person)

Shakespeare association of America (corporateBody)

William Matthews. (person)

E. L. Pattullo (person)

Frederiksen, Lillian (person)

Band, Arnold J. (person)

J. P. (Joseph Peter) Stern (person)

David Riesman. (person)

Harold Von Arx (person)

Harvard University. Student Employment Office (corporateBody)

Burchard, John E. (John Ely), 1898-1975 (person)

John Ashbery. (person)

Smith, Kendrick (person)

Milosz, Czeslaw (person)

Kissinger, Henry (person)

Cheng, Stephen H. L. (person)

Carroll, Mary Ellen (person)

Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal (corporateBody)

Glynn, Thomas (person)

Lida, Denah, 1923- (person)

Denah Lida was a prominent faculty member at Brandeis University from 1955-1986. She taught in the departments of Spanish, Romance Languages, and Comparative literature. She was the first woman to serve on the University's Faculty Senate. From the description of Papers, 1903-2007. (Brandeis University Library). WorldCat record id: 416556050 ...

Lerner, Max, 1902-1992 (person)

Editorial director and columnist for the daily newspaper PM. From the description of Correspondence to Maxwell Struthers Burt, 1947. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 122583177 Author, lecturer. From the description of Reminiscences of Max Lerner : lecture, 1963. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 86100443 ...

M. Jolas (person)

Allen, Robert F., Jr. (person)

Faris, Wendy B. (person)

Fontenot, Eunice Fox (person)

Barron, Frank (person)

Henri Peyre. (person)

Gillespie, Gerard. (person)

A. F. B. (Alfred Frederick Bruce) Clark (person)

Dorius, R. J. (Raymond Joel), 1919- (person)

Fisher, Alfred Young (person)

Fisher was educated at Princeton University (A.B., 1927) and received his doctorate in 1931 from the University of Dijon. He taught English at the Valley Ranch Preparatory School, Valley, Wyoming, 1927-1929; University of Dijon, 1930-1931; Occidental College, 1934-1936; and Smith College, 1937-1967. He died 1970 in Princeton, N.J. From the description of Alfred Young Fisher papers, ca. 1930-1970. (Smith College). WorldCat record id: 53452857 ...

J. M. Haas (person)

Lilly, Jean (person)

Boston (Mass.) (corporateBody)

Madison College (corporateBody)

Council on Leaders and Specialists (corporateBody)

Mills, Gordon H., 1914-1978 (person)

John Stanhope Coolidge. (person)

Arnaldo Orfila Reynal (person)

Erik Arne Hansen (person)

Harpur College (corporateBody)

Markey, Timothy (person)

University of Tennessee (System). Division of University Extension (corporateBody)

Hughes, H. Stuart (Henry Stuart), 1916-1999 (person)

Henry Stuart Hughes was born in New York City on May 7, 1916, to Marjory Stuart and Charles Evans Hughes, Jr. His grandfather was former Secretary of State and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Charles Evans Hughes. H. Stuart Hughes attended Amherst College (B.A. 1937) and Harvard University (Ph.D., History 1940). During World War II, Hughes served in the Office of Strategic Services in many theaters of the war, including Algeria, France, Italy, England, and Germany, and ascended to the rank o...

Brotherhood of Temple Ohabei Shalom (corporateBody)

Booth, Stephen, 1952-.... (person)

Everett Carter (person)

Radcliffe College. Institute for Independent Study (corporateBody)

U.S. National Commission for UNESCO (corporateBody)

Delakas, Daniel L., 19..-19.. (person)

Susan Wilson. (person)

Burelbach, Frederick M. (person)

Leach, W. Barton (Walter Barton), 1900-1971 (person)

January 6, 1900 b. Boston, Massachusetts. s. Walter Barton and Grace Winifred (Wise) L. 1921 A.B., cum laude, Harvard University Summer 1920 Graduate student, Universite de Grenoble, 1924 LL.B., cum laude, Harvard Law School ...

Library of Congress. Copyright Office (person)

Whitman, Cedric Hubbell (person)

Whitman joined the Harvard University faculty as a lecturer in the Classics Department in 1947 and became tenured in 1954. He served as chair of the department from 1960 to 1966, and was the Eliot Professor of Greek Literature from 1974 until his death in 1979. From the description of Papers of Cedric Hubbell Whitman, ca. 1916-1981 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77003200 ...

Gilbert, Felix (person)

Parker-Holsman (corporateBody)

Leslie Hotson. (person)

Lehrman, Paul D. (person)

Hisanosuke Izui. (person)

Lubell, Cecil (person)

Krause, Stephen (person)

Journal of the History of the Behavioral Sciences. (corporateBody)

University of Massachusetts Press. (corporateBody)

Hawkins, Hugh (person)

Hugh Hawkins was born in Topeka, KS on September 3, 1929, and raised in El Reno, OK. He received a Bachelor's degree from DePauw University in 1950 and a Ph.D from John Hopkins University in 1954. He served in the U.S. Army, 1954-1956, and taught at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 1956-1957. Hawkins began teaching History and American Studies at Amherst College in 1957. He was active in several notable social movements and causes, including academic freedom and anti-M...

Haase, Wolfgang (person)

Kelman, Herbert C. (person)

Harvard Foundation for Advanced Study and Research. (corporateBody)

Fanger, Iris M. (person)

Stone, George Winchester, 1907-2000 (person)

Henne, Dagmar (person)

Harvard University. General Counsel. (corporateBody)

Lena Cowen Orlin (person)

גרין, יעקב ג'פרי (person)

Archibald F. Robertson (person)

Folger Shakespeare Library (corporateBody)

The Folger Shakespeare Library is the world’s largest Shakespeare collection. In addition to being the world's largest Shakespeare collection, the Folger is home to major collections of other rare Renaissance books, manuscripts, and works of art. Located a block from the US Capitol, the Folger serves a wide audience of scholars, visitors, teachers, students, families, and theater- and concert-goers. The Folger opened in 1932, as a gift to the American people from founders Henry and Emily Folger....

Hoffman, Georges (person)

University of Mississippi (corporateBody)

WGBH (Radio station : Boston, Mass.) (corporateBody)

Raymond Thibeau McClure (person)

Watson, James D. (person)

Crain, William (person)

Feuer, Lewis Samuel (person)

University of Queensland (corporateBody)

Jack Webster was a member of the General Staff Association of Queensland since 1966 and was President between 1984-1986 and 1988-1990. He worked in the laboratories of the Dept. of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering and the Dept. of Clinical Studies & Vetinary Medicine. He served on the University of Queensland Senate since 1984. From the description of Papers associated with the retirement of Jack Webster from the staff of The University of Queensland. 1990. (The University of...

Shimada, Kinji (person)

Aronhime, Gordon (person)

King, Maurice (person)

Robbins, Rossell Hope (person)

Shakespeare Studies. (corporateBody)

White, John (person)

Epithet: Reverend; brother of Gilbert White British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001152.0x00003c Epithet: parish clerk of Camerton British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001152.0x00003b Epithet: of Add MS 38458 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001152.0x000030 ...

Aymard, André (person)

Richard Bartlett Davidson (person)

Christian, Lynda G. (Lynda Gregorian), 1938- (person)

Byrne, Archibald (person)

Robert F. Whitman (person)

James Andrew Phelan (person)

Griffin, Robert (person)

John Gillard Watson (person)

Quinones, Ricardo J. (person)

Torchiana, Donald T. (person)

Donald Thornhill Torchiana was born to Paul John and Martha (Fitzgerald) Torchiana on October 22, 1923 in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania. Torchiana joined the faculty of Northwestern University in 1953, afters serving in the Air Force and earning a Ph.D. at the University of Iowa. His research interests focused on 18th century English and Irish literature, the Irish Literary Renaissance, modern literature, and the writings of Joyce, Yeats, Swift and Pope. Torchiana retired in 1989 and die...

Guthke, Karl Siegfried, 1933-.... (person)

Richard Herr. (person)

Smith, Hallett Darius, 1907-.... (person)

University of Iowa Press. (corporateBody)

Douglas Grant (person)

Hassan, Ihab Habib, 1925-.... (person)

Ihab Hassan is a prominent literary critic, scholar, and theorist best known for his work on postmodernism. He was born in Cairo, Egypt on October 17, 1925. He studied electical engineering at the University of Cairo and came to the United States in 1946, where he has remained ever since, to pursue graduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania (Penn). Shortly after receiving his MS in 1948, Hassan concentrated on literary studies and received his Ph. D. from Penn in...

Howard Felperin. (person)

Studies in the Literary Imagination (corporateBody)

Katherine Pierson States (person)

Mrs. Elisabeth Muser Neilson. (person)

Alexander, Eleanor E., translator. (person)

Porter, Lucy Kingsley (person)

Sweeney, John L. (person)

Malarkey, Sally (person)

Jerome Minot. (person)

Dersofi, Nancy (person)

Daniel E. Henderson, Jr. (person)

Elder Olson (person)

Max van Rossum Daum (person)

John E. Pederson (person)

B. J. Whiting (person)

Knopf, Blanche W. (person)

New American Library. (corporateBody)

NAL, based in New York and beginning in 1948, produced affordable paperback reprints of classics and scholarly works, as well as popular, pulp, and "hard-boiled" fiction. Non-fiction, original, and hardcopy issues were also produced. Victor Weybright and Kurt Enoch founded the New American Library of World Literature, Inc. (NAL), in 1948. NAL was established as an autonomous American publishing house after branching off from its British-based parent company, Penguin Book...

Hocking, Richard (person)

Meech, Sanford B. (Sanford Brown) (person)

Charles Kerby-Miller (person)

Adams, James Luther, 1901-1994 (person)

James Luther Adams (1901-1994) is considered to be the most influential theologian among Unitarian Universalists in the twentieth century. He was born in Washington and graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1924, and from Harvard Divinity School in 1927. He was ordained as a Unitarian minister in 1927 in Salem, Massachusetts and he served the congregation there until 1934. He was also a minister in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts from 1934 to 1935. He taught at the Meadville Lombard Theol...

Herbert, Frank M. (person)

Harper, George (person)

Ortiz, Gloria (person)

Wilmer Douglas Bentley (person)

Gonville and Caius College. (corporateBody)

Mark A. Baker (person)

Fisher, Laura Gordon (person)

Broderick, James H. (person)

Hoffman, Stanley (person)

University of Tulsa. (corporateBody)

Michels, Volker (person)

Staley, Thomas F. (person)

Whitman, Mark, 1937- (person)

Blaisdell Pub. Co. (corporateBody)

Marc Blitzstein (person)

Bok, Sissela (person)

Hawkins, Sherman (person)

Price, Meredith (person)

Arcádia (corporateBody)

Northern Illinois University (corporateBody)

University of California, Santa Barbara (corporateBody)

The Physical Planning Committee was an advisory committee to the Office of Architects and Engineers, comprised of the Chancellor, the campus architect, and faculty members. The committee was responsible for discussion, approval, and planning of physical installations on campus. The duties of the Office of Architects and Engineers now fall under the Office of Campus Planning and Design, a division of Campus Design and Facilities. From the description of University of California, Santa...

Onorato, Richard J. (person)

Tillotson, Geoffrey, 1905-1969 (person)

Kathleen Mary Tillotson (KT), b. 3 April 1906, d. 3 June 2001, the daughter of journalists Eric and Catherine Constable, was brought up in Berwick-upon-Tweed. Her parents were both members of the Society of Friends (Quakers) and she attended Ackworth School, Pontefract, and The Mount, York. She herself officially dissociated from the Society of Friends in 1949. She graduated in English from Somerville College, Oxford, in 1927, and then studied for the B.Litt under David ...

Falconer, Graham (person)

PTL : A Journal for Descriptive Poetics and Theory of Literature. (corporateBody)

Queen's University (Kingston, Ont.) (corporateBody)

Alberta Arthurs. (person)

New England College English Association (corporateBody)

Herbert, Schneider (person)

Lebowitz, Joyce. (person)

Alan Pryce-Jones (person)

Harvey B. Matthews. (person)

Sammons, Jeffrey L. (person)

Harvard University Gazette (corporateBody)

Deutsch, Babette, 1895-1982 (person)

Allen Tate was an American poet, essayist, literary critic, novelist, and translator. From the guide to the Allen Tate collection of papers, 1935-1971, (The New York Public Library. Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature.) American author Babette Deutsch published novels, criticism, essays, translations, children's stories, and biography, but is most remembered for her eloquent poetry. Her verse is generally short, exploring artistic or lit...

Noyes, Russell (person)

Martz, Louis Lohr (person)

Schwarz, Alfred, 1904- (person)

Roethke, Theodore, 1908-1963 (person)

Educator, poet. From the description of Correspondence, with University of Michigan officials, 1962. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34370061 Theodore Roethke won the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1954 for his volume of verse "The Waking." He was born in Saginaw, Michigan in 1908 and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1929. He taught at Lafayette University, Penn State, Bennington College and finally at the University of Washington. His books include "...

Sir George Williams University (corporateBody)

Modern Language Journal (corporateBody)

Fowler, Alastair (person)

Johnson, George W (person)

Shakespeare Globe Theater Center (corporateBody)

R. Tschumi (person)

Gian Napoleone Giordano Orsini (person)

Surtz, Edward (person)

Lapo Berti. (person)

Leonie Judith Gibson Kramer (person)

Filreis, Alan, 1956-.... (person)

Jacqueline Wolfowicz-De Geest (person)

Kenneth McQuillen. (person)

American Academy of Arts and Letters (corporateBody)

Organized 1904, incorporated 1914; New York, N.Y. The American Academy of Arts and Letters was established "to afford recognition to distinguished achievement in literature and the fine arts ..." [The American Academy of Arts and Letters and the National Institute of Arts and Letters merged on Dec. 30, 1976]. From the description of American Academy of Arts and Letters records, 1864-1942. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122565401 The National Institute of Arts and Letters was...

G.P. Putnam's Sons (corporateBody)

Publishing house in New York, N.Y. From the description of Papers, 1886-1908. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 32604641 ...

Louis Hartz. (person)

McCrossen, Vincent A. (person)

Zhirmunsky, Nina (person)

Corpus Christi College (University of Oxford) (corporateBody)

J. Rosenthal. (person)

Jenkins, Ronald Scott (person)

Broughton, Maureen (person)

Remak, Ingrid (person)

Holton, Gerald James (person)

Harris, Joseph (person)

Epithet: Page of the Backstairs to the Dowager Queen Catharine of Braganza British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000132.0x0001b0 ...

Daniels, Guy. (person)

University of Hawaii (corporateBody)

Grove Press. (corporateBody)

U.S. publishing firm, 1949- . From the description of Press releases, 1959, re D. H. Lawrence's "Lady Chatterley's Lover" [manuscript]. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647833316 Grove Press is an American alternative book press founded in 1951 by editor and publisher Barney Rossett. It merged with The Atlantic Monthly Press in 1991 and as of 2010 is an imprint of the publisher Grove/Atlantic, Inc. Grove Press was known for its unusual and sometimes controversia...

State University of New York College, Geneseo (corporateBody)

Linden, James (person)

Bragg, Frances (person)

American Center for Students and Artists (Paris, France) (corporateBody)

Renaissance Drama (corporateBody)

Shackleton, Robert (person)

Donald Byker (person)

Yearbook of Comparative and General Literature (corporateBody)

Hinkle, James (person)

McGraw-Hill book company (corporateBody)

Sheed and Ward (Firm) (corporateBody)

Francis J. Sheed and his wife Maisie Ward founded the London publishing firm of Sheed & Ward in 1926. In 1933 they founded a second publishing house, also called Sheed & Ward, in New York City. Philip Scharper served as editor-in-chief of Sheed & Ward (New York), 1957-1970. This American corporation operated until 1973, when Universal Press Syndicate bought it and made it the basis of a new firm, Sheed, Andrews & McMeel (later Andrews & McMeel). ...

Sutherland, John (person)

Epithet: MD, sanitary reformer British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000688.0x00018d Epithet: of Add MS 32702 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001305.0x0001b3 Epithet: Indian Army Surgeon British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000679.0x0000e0 Title: 16th E...

University of Edinburgh. (corporateBody)

The University of Edinburgh was established by Royal Charter in 1582 . It was originally called Tounis College, when part of a legacy left by Robert Reid, Bishop of Orkney in 1558 had established a college of which the Town Council had gained control to establish a College of Law on the South side of Edinburgh. The inception of the University took place in 1583 . In 1617 when King James VI of Scotland (I of England) visited the College it was decreed that the College should change i...

Randolph-Macon College (corporateBody)

Allewaert, René (person)

Helge Kökeritz (person)

Keenan, Edward L. (Edward Louis), 1937- (person)

University of Toronto (corporateBody)

Harvard University (corporateBody)

The Committee on the Choice of Electives recommended in 1910 that in order to guarantee students' reading knowledge of French or German, every student must pass a special oral examination in either one of the two languages before admission to the junior class. The rule was revised in 1920. From the description of Oral examination papers in French and German, 1912-1913. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 228513467 During World War II, Harvard University trained militar...

Wagenknecht, Edward, 1900-2004 (person)

Professor of English; author; book reviewer. Born Mar. 28, 1900, in Chicago. Graduated from University of Chicago, 1923, M.A. 1924. Ph. D., University of Washington (Seattle), 1932. Teaching: University of Chicago, 1923-1925 (assistant); University of Washington, Seattle, 1925-1943 (associate, assistant professor, associate professor); Illinois Institute of Technology, 1943-1947 (associate professor); Boston University, 1947-1965 (professor). Literary editor of Seattle Post-Intellig...

Neustadt, Beth (person)

Rubens Hotel. (corporateBody)

Adele Hugo. (person)

Harvard University. Marshal. (corporateBody)

Robert L. Riter (person)

Takeo Kuwabara. (person)

Belitt, Ben (person)

Ward, Aileen. (person)

Sola, Ricardo J. (person)

Locke, Frederick W. (person)

Bledsoe, Thomas. (person)

Chen, Jiying (person)

Travis Bogard. (person)

Rakower, Benito. (person)

Fink, Leon, 1948- (person)

Fagles, Robert (person)

Poggioli, Renato, 1907-1963 (person)

Weinstein, Philip (person)

Anderson, Chester G. (person)

Beall, Chandler Baker (1901-1993). (person)

Mallette, Richard, 1936- (person)

L'Esprit Créateur (corporateBody)

Yu-yŏng Yi (person)

Marx, Leo, 1919-.... (person)

Ian Robert James Jack (person)

Coutinho, Afrânio (person)

C. E. (Carlos Eduardo) Zavaleta (person)

Mandelbaum, Allen, 1926-2011 (person)

Lewis, Wyndham, 1882-1957 (person)

Wyndham Lewis was an artist, novelist, and critic, who was born in Canada but lived for many years in England. He was a leader of the Vorticist movement. From the guide to the Wyndham Lewis collection, 1877-1975, (Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library) English author and painter. From the description of Letters, 1921-1934. (University of Iowa Libraries). WorldCat record id: 233126882 Author and artist Wyndham Lewis was b...

Robert M. Beers (person)

Mouton Publishers. (corporateBody)

Blackwell, Vera. (person)

Poulet, Georges (person)

Gold, Ben-Zion (person)

Director of the Riesman Center for Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel. From the description of Correspondence to Chaim Potok, 1985. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 699487955 ...

Charles and Julia Henry Fund. (corporateBody)

Frost, Robert, 1874-1963 (person)

American poet from New England. Winner of the 1932 Pulitzer Prize. From the description of Letters, 1931-1943. (University of Iowa Libraries). WorldCat record id: 122464432 American Pulitzer Prize-winning poet. From the description of Letter to Mr. Beggen [?], 1928. (Huntington Library, Art Collections & Botanical Gardens). WorldCat record id: 86129842 Robert Frost was an American poet. From the description of Papers concerning the Kenned...

Moynahan, Julian, 1925-.... (person)

Schneider, Heinrich (person)

Routledge & Kegan Paul (corporateBody)

Langer, William L. (William Leonard), 1896-1977 (person)

William L. Langer was born in Boston in March 1896. His early education concentrated on foreign languages, but he studied history, in which he ultimately obtained his MA and Ph. D. from Harvard. He joined the faculty there in 1927, obtaining a reputation in the field of diplomatic history. In a leave status from Harvard, he served as Deputy Chief, then Chief, of the Research and Analysis Branch of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) during World War II, and was appointed an assistant to the S...

Henry Frederic Selle (person)

Harvard Bulletin (corporateBody)

Geoffrey Clive. (person)

Joseph W. Kelly (person)

Benardete, Jane. (person)

Jeremy R. Knowles (person)

Ana Fernández Seín (person)

Dan Riviera. (person)

Texas Tech university (corporateBody)

Organized on the Texas Technological College campus as the Eagle Scout Club in the fall of 1938, the club officially became the Beta Sigma Chapter on April 30, 1939. A service organization, APO is a national service fraternity affliated with the Boys Scouts of America. The chapter was recognized in 1942 for having the nation's largest pledging class. Service projects have included placing benches across campus, helping conduct student elections and the Carol of Lights events, planning homecoming...

Dominic Tancred Kelly. (person)

Arnold, Armin. (person)

Bertram, Paul Benjamin (person)

Carpenter center for the visual arts (corporateBody)

The Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts opened in 1963 in a building designed by Le Corbusier. The Center offers a concentration on visual and environmental studies. From the description of Records of the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts, 1958- (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76972705 The Carpenter Center is located between the Faculty Club and the Fogg Art Museum on Quincy Street. Construction was financed by Alfred St. Vrain Carpenter '05 and by the Program ...

Hong, Zhu, 1967-.... (person)

Judith Illsley (person)

Brady, Valentini Papadopoulou (person)

Gabriel Josipovici (person)

William Van O'Connor (person)

Thompson, Bruce (Bruce R. T.) (person)

Clay, James H. (James Hubert), 1927- (person)

Cauman, Samuel. (person)

Epstein, Joseph (person)

Curtiss, Mina Kirstein, 1896-1985 (person)

Mina Stein Curtiss was born on October 13, 1896, in Boston, Massachusetts. She graduated from Smith College in 1918, received a M.A. in English from Columbia University in 1920, and returned to Smith, where she was an associate professor until 1934. She was a research assistant for the Mercury Theater from 1935 to 1938, and she worked for the Office of War Information during World War II. She taught at Smith from 1940 to 1941. In 1942, Curtiss wrote and produced a local radio program in Des Moin...

Collins, Robert G. (person)

Bell, Robert, 1942- (person)

Epithet: Major; of Add MS 32854 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001164.0x0003af Epithet: Captain 5th Dragoon Guards British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000350.0x000305 Epithet: of Leeds British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_1000...

Roazen, Deborah Heller. (person)

Foster, Edward (person)

Ellman, Mary. (person)

Harvard University. President's Office (corporateBody)

Derek Bok (1930- ) served as President of Harvard University from 1971. From the description of Records of President Derek Bok, 1971-1985 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76972488 Nathan Marsh Pusey was President of Harvard from 1953 to 1971. His presidency produced great expansions in the endowment and infrastructure of the university, yet it is marked at either end by strife originating from political forces beyond Harvard's walls. Under his administr...

Spender, Stephen, 1909-1995 (person)

Stephen Spender was a British essayist, literary critic, playwright, poet, and translator. From the description of Stephen Spender collection of papers, [1931]-1993 bulk ([1931]-1967). (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122430876 From the guide to the Stephen Spender collection of papers, 1928]-1993, 1931-1967, (The New York Public Library. Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature.) Stephen Spender was an English poet and...

Harvard university press (corporateBody)

The Harvard University Press was established by the Corporation as a separate department of the University in 1913. It acted as both a printing and publishing organization but in 1942 the University Printing Office, which was started in 1872, was re-established as a separate unit, and Harvard University Press became responsible only for publishing activities. From the description of Correspondence, 1929-1972 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76975908 ...

S. (Sigfried) Giedion (person)

Ruth Rootes Smith (person)

Oren C. McCleary (person)

Frederick Alan Grossberg (person)

Pipes, Richard (person)

American historian. From the description of Richard Pipes interview, 1989. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 123379409 Richard Pipes, Frank B. Baird, Jr., Professor of History at Harvard, was born in Poland in 1923. A member of the faculty since 1950, Pipes also served as Director of Harvard's Russian Research Center from 1968 to 1973. From 1981 to 1982 he was Director of East European and Soviet Affairs for the United States National Security Council. From the desc...

Norman Knox (person)

Lockspeiser, Edward, 1905-1973 (person)

Ott, Friedrich Peter (person)

Schultz, Joel H. (person)

Allan Temko. (person)

Drayton, John N. (person)

Princeton University (corporateBody)

The collection documents the physical expansion of the University from its earliest period through the acquisition of large tracts of land in the 20th century, including the properties around Carnegie Lake and numerous farms. Early records document transactions with such Princeton University notables as Nathaniel Fitz Randolph, John Witherspoon, Walter Minto, John and Richard Stockton, and John Maclean. For the most part, the papers consist of standard legal documents with detailed descriptions ...

Katia Mann (person)

Melody Sue Owens (person)

Brennecke, Ernest (person)

Harvard University. Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (corporateBody)

The Graduate Department was created in 1872 and became the Graduate School of Harvard University in 1890. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences was established in 1905. From the description of Student records : admission books, 1886-1944 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76974844 Office of the dean held by Reginald H. Phelps. From the description of Correspondence to Edward F. Fry, 1958-1962. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat ...

Suzanne Schlatter (person)

Anthony de Meeus (person)

Bahn, Horst (person)

Poirier, Michel (person)

Stevens, Holly (person)

MacGregor, Robert M. (person)

Ethel Ríos de Betancourt (person)

Francastel, Pierre (person)

Swisher, Nevada (person)

Hinman, Myra (person)

Praz, Mario, 1896-1982 (person)

J. Caldwell (person)

Hagstrum, Ruth (person)

Adele Mary Brebner (person)

Mus, David, 1936-.... (person)

John Fitzgerald Kennedy School of Government (corporateBody)

Ingalls, Daniel Henry Holmes (person)

Mary Teresa Egerer (person)

Sin, Tong-uk (person)

I. A. (Ivor Armstrong) Richards. (person)

Werner Wilhelm Jaeger (person)

Wright, Gerald (person)

Wylie, Laurence, 1909-1995 (person)

Laurence William Wylie (1909-) served as the first C. Douglas Dillon Professor of the Civilization of France at Harvard University, 1959-1980. From the description of Papers of Laurence Wylie, ca. 1955-1986 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77005718 Laurence William Wylie (1909-1995) served as the first C. Douglas Dillon Professor of the Civilization of France at Harvard University from 1959 to 1980. From the description of Papers of Laurence...

Drezga, Tihomil (person)

Sanesi, Roberto (person)

Moulton, William G. (William Gamwell), 1914-2000 (person)

University College, London (corporateBody)

Zimmerman, Samuel (person)

Boston Herald and Traveler (corporateBody)

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (corporateBody)

Milwaukee, WI. From the description of Annual reports, ca.1900-1925. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122523866 ...

Gillet, Louis, 1876-1943 (person)

Jin'ichi Konishi (person)

Aranow, Henry (person)

Jaime Salinas (person)

Ribner, Irving. (person)

Enid Mayberry. (person)

Anne Wasserman Weiss (person)

Lonsdale, Roger H. (person)

Carmen Flys Junquera (person)

Godden, Malcolm. (person)

New York Times Book Review. (corporateBody)

Weisinger, Herbert, 1913-1999 (person)

Sir Michael Redgrave (person)

Reichley, James (person)

Hoffmann, Horst (person)

Deveney, J. C. (person)

New York Times. (corporateBody)

Highet, Keith (person)

Cawley, Robert Ralston (person)

Lu, Runtang (person)

Shakespeare Quarterly. (corporateBody)

Deutsch, Babette, 1895-1982 (person)

Allen Tate was an American poet, essayist, literary critic, novelist, and translator. From the guide to the Allen Tate collection of papers, 1935-1971, (The New York Public Library. Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature.) American author Babette Deutsch published novels, criticism, essays, translations, children's stories, and biography, but is most remembered for her eloquent poetry. Her verse is generally short, exploring artistic or lit...

Baldwin, Thomas Whitfield, 1890-.... (person)

Shakespeare Authorship Information Centre. (corporateBody)

Kaplan, Justin (person)

Aretê Publishing Company. (corporateBody)

Harvard University. Committee on Undergraduate Admissions. (corporateBody)

Nathan A. Nickerson III (person)

Karl V. Teter. (person)

Hiram Clough. (person)

Rajan, Balachandra. (person)

Sperry, Willard Learoyd, 1882-1954 (person)

Congregational minister, dean of Harvard Divinity School. B.A. Olivet College, 1903; B.A. Oxford, 1907; M.A. Yale, 1909. Ordained a Congregational minister, 1908, serving churches in Fall River and Boston, Mass. (1908-1922). Dean, Harvard Divinity School (1922-1953), Plummer Professor of Christian Morals (1928-1953). See sketch in Dictionary of American Biography, Supplement Five. From the description of Papers, 1902-1955 (inclusive). (Harvard University, Divinity School Library). Wo...

Harvard University. Dept. of Germanic Languages and Literatures. (corporateBody)

G. S. P. Peacocke (person)

Harvard University. Dept. of English and American Literature and Language. (corporateBody)

Université de Lille (corporateBody)

Heberle, Mark A. (person)

Tigerstedt, E. N. (Eugène Napoléon), 1907-1979 (person)

J. G. McMahon (person)

Koljević, Nikola (person)

Brustein, Robert Sanford, 1927-.... (person)

Director. From the description of Reminiscences of Robert Sanford Brustein : oral history, 1967. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 122569433 ...

Berol, Alfred C., 1892- (person)

Alfred C. Berol (1892-1974), who assembled this collection, was the president of the Eagle Pencil Company (later renamed Berol Corp.) of Danbury, Connecticut. Though an avid collector of a wide array of rare books and manuscripts, Berol was a particularly ardent collector of Lewis Carroll materials. Lewis Carroll, the pseudonym used by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, was born in Daresbury, Cheshire, England in 1832. He was a writer, teacher, photography enthusiast, mathematician and Oxford don. While ...

Université de Montréal. (corporateBody)

Shakespeare Memorial (Stratford-upon-Avon, England). Theatre (corporateBody)

Pfeffer, Max (person)

Ivask, IUrii (person)

King's Crown Hotel. (corporateBody)

Comparative Literature Studies. (corporateBody)

Church, Richard (person)

Harris, Frederick John (person)

Frederic Ernest Pamp (person)

Hallengren, Anders, 1950-.... (person)

Hamlin, Cyrus, 1839-1867 (person)

Nigel Hamilton. (person)

Johnson, Charles Wsir (person)

Fitzgerald, Robert (person)

Epithet: 2nd son of George, Earl of Kildare British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001161.0x000001 Epithet: formerly JP British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001161.0x000003 Epithet: of Add MS 34418 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001161.0x000004 Epithet:...

William H. F. Lamont. (person)

University of Kansas. (corporateBody)

The University of Kansas (KU) in Lawrence, Douglas County was established in 1864 under constitutional provision. KU is a major comprehensive research and teaching university that serves as a center for learning, scholarship, and creative endeavor. The university is committed to offering the highest quality undergraduate, professional, and graduate programs and offers a broad array of advanced graduate study programs. It fulfills its mission through faculty, academic, and research programs of in...

American folklore society (corporateBody)

Established in 1888 to further the discipline of folklore, the AFS's primary emphasis is directed toward the publication of a journal and the convening of an annual convention. From the description of American Folklore Society records, 1890-9999. (Utah State University). WorldCat record id: 43959320 Brinton joined the American Folklore Society in 1889 and served as its president. From the description of Correspondence to Daniel Garrison Brinton, 1894. (University...

Axel B. Graven (person)

Brown, John Mason (person)

Lerner, Daniel (person)

Ptashne, Mark (person)

Janssen, Marian, 1953- (person)

Fleming, John V. (person)

Seznec, Jean. (person)

John Freccero. (person)

New England Mutual Life Insurance Company (corporateBody)

Friedman, Maurice S. (person)

Barnstone, Willis, 1927-.... (person)

Elisséeff, Serge (person)

F. Von Broembsen (person)

Harvard University. Center for Middle Eastern Studies (corporateBody)

The Center was established for research in the languages, history, economics and culture of the Middle Eastern region. From the description of Records of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, 1954-1979 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76972579 ...

Savrat, Minas (person)

Joint Center for urban studies (corporateBody)

The Joint Center for Urban Studies was founded by M.I.T. and Harvard in 1959 to conduct research in urban and regional affairs. From the description of Records of the Joint Center for Urban Studies of M.I.T. and Harvard, 1959-1969 (inclusive) (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76972699 Joint Center, a research organization established in 1959 by M.I.T. and Harvard to stimulate research in urban and regional studies. From the description of Reports on Ciuda...

Cole, Phyllis (person)

Bernard Baldensperger (person)

Mandrake Bookstore (corporateBody)

Leavitt, Charles L. (person)

Wellesley College (corporateBody)

The New Republic. (corporateBody)

Hurley, Andrew, 1961-.... (person)

Miller, Perry (person)

American Association for Asian Studies (corporateBody)

Heinrich Straumann (person)

Rafael Solari. (person)

University of the State of New York (corporateBody)

Thomas Y. Crowell, Publishers. (corporateBody)

Thomas Y. Crowell Publishers was founded by Thomas Y. Crowell in 1834. The company began publishing books in 1876. The company was owned and operated by the Crowell family until 1968, when it was bought by Dun & Bradstreet; in 1978 ownership passed to Harper & Row. From the guide to the Thomas Y. Crowell Publishers Records, 1926-1963, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) ...

Organ, Perry (person)

Hunter college (corporateBody)

The Hunter College Dance Therapy Program was begun in 1971 with the support of the National Institute of Mental Health. Forming part of the Department of Health and Physical Education of Hunter College of the City University of New York it offered the first Master of Science degree in dance therapy in the United States. The program was developed by Claire Schmais, Elissa White, and Martha Davis. In 1982 a three-year dual degree program combining social work and dance therapy was started, grantin...

Janet E. (Janet Elizabeth) Ashbee (person)

Waldron, Randall H., 1936- (person)

André Lorant. (person)

University of California, Riverside. (corporateBody)

Kaplan, Felicia (person)

A. D. (Alec Derwent) Hope (person)

American philosophical society (corporateBody)

Benjamin Franklin founded the American Philosophical Society in 1743 in Philadelphia, patterning it after the Royal Society of London. It's purpose was the promotion of the study of science and the practical arts of agriculture, engineering trades, and manufactures. Subjects of today's "philosophy" were generally excluded from the societies of the 17th and 18th centuries and the word "philosophy" meant to them "love of knowledge," and was essentially the equivalent of today's "science." Interest...

Curtis, Edith Roelker (person)

The author Edith Goddard Roelker was born on July 29, 1893 to William and Eleanor (Jenckes) Roelker. The family's roots in Rhode Island stretched back to the colonial era, and Edith grew up in a privileged environment on an East Greenwich homestead and a city residence in Providence. With the marriage strained by Eleanor's alcoholism, the Roelkers divorced in 1901. Edith attended school in Providence and lived for a time with an aunt in Cincinnati. She subsequently attended the elit...

Jean-Paul, Sartre (person)

Carter, Jimmy, 1924- (person)

Jimmy Carter (James Earl Carter, Jr.), thirty-ninth president of the United States, was born on October 1, 1924, in Plains, Georgia, and grew up in the nearby community of Archery. His father, James Earl Carter, Sr., was a farmer and businessman; his mother, Lillian Gordy, a registered nurse. He was educated in the Plains public schools, attended Georgia Southwestern College and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and received a B.S. from the U.S. Naval Academy in 1946. In the Navy he became a ...

Jacqueline Oriet Kramer (person)

Parnassus: poetry in review. (corporateBody)

Parnassus: Poetry in Review, a journal devoted to long reviews of new books of poetry and in depth retrospective essays covering the careers of particular poets, was founded in 1972 by Herbert Leibowitz (Editor) and Stanley Lewis (Publisher). In 1975 Leibowitz purchased the magazine from Lewis and set up the non-profit Poetry in Review Foundation whose only function was to publish Parnassus. Leibowitz assumed the duties of publisher in addition to his duties as editor. ...

Krog, Virginia (person)

Cook, Albert, 1925-1998 (person)

Sargent, Ralph M. (Ralph Millard), 1904- (person)

Ellman, Richard. (person)

P.F. Collier & Son Corporation. (corporateBody)

American Quarterly (corporateBody)

Beekman, E. M., 1939-2008 (person)

Dutch author, linguist, and teacher; teaches at University of Massachusetts in Amherst; full name: Eric Montague Beekman. From the description of E.M. Beekman collection, 1959-2002. (Boston University). WorldCat record id: 70967635 ...

Pickman, Hester (person)

Gordon, Julie P. (person)

Don Louis Demorest (person)

Daniel Franks Margolies. (person)

Stuart Atkins (person)

Terrence Des Pres (person)

Kazaska, Julie (person)

Lauritzen, Peter (person)

Beijing shi fan da xue (corporateBody)

A. Lytton Sills (person)

Dore Ashton (person)

Times literary supplement. (corporateBody)

State university of New York at Binghamton (corporateBody)

John Berryman. (person)

Wilson Library Bulletin (corporateBody)

Seminar on Technology and Culture at M.I.T. (corporateBody)

Florida State university (corporateBody)

The Florida State College for Women (FSCW) Artist Series began in 1923. Dean Ella Opperman was the first person in charge of organizing the series. The series was intended to bring renowned artists to FSCW. After FSCW became Florida State University (FSU), the FSU School of Music managed the series. However, in 1974 the FSU Artist Series Committee assumed control. Because of financial difficulties in the early 1990s, the Artist Series was briefly discontinued. The series was then entitled the "C...

Sprague, Arthur Colby, 1895-1991 (person)

Sprague was American Shakespearean scholar. From the guide to the Letters from various correspondents, 1925-1976., (Harvard Theatre Collection, Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Sprague was an American Shakespearean scholar. From the description of Letters : from various correspondents, 1925-1976. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122560940 ...

Morse, Samuel French, 1916-1985 (person)

Elena Wilson (person)

West, Herbert Faulkner (person)

Conant, James Bryant (person)

James, David (person)

Epithet: Perpetual Curate of Kirkdale, county Lancashire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000214.0x0002c2 Epithet: teacher of Gateshead British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001035.0x00008c ...

New York Poetry Forum (corporateBody)

Jay Sutterlin (person)

Anderson, Gilbert (person)

Waggoner, Hyatt Howe (person)

Střihy, Zdemh (person)

Scripps College (corporateBody)

Administrative History of Scripps College Press The Scripps College Press, originally named the Hartley Burr Alexander Press in honor of the Scripps philosophy professor (1927-1939), was established in 1941. The Class of 1941 instigated its establishment by donating the press as part of their class gift. They also managed to convince Frederick W. Goudy, renowned type designer, to create a unique type for exclusive use by the Press. Catherine ...

Richard, Marius (person)

Balakian, Anna, 1915-1997 (person)

Levin, Harry, 1912-1994 (person)

Correspondence to Lewis and Sophia Mumford from Harry Levin and his wife, Elena Ivanovna Zarudnava Levin. From the description of Letters, 1973, n.d., to Lewis and Sophia Mumford. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155871479 Harry Levin was an American literary critic, author, and a professor of comparative literature at Harvard University. From the description of Papers, 1920-1995. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 84670178 ...

John Harvard Library (corporateBody)

Katsurada, Shigetoshi (person)

Baron, Hans (person)

Blunden, Edmund (person)

Edmund Charles Blunden (1896-1974) was a poet, teacher, critic, and biographer. From the guide to the Letters from Edmund Blunden to A.H. Buck, 1917-67, (University of Oxford, Bodleian Library) ...

Hay, Eloise Knapp. (person)

McKinley, Hugh (person)

Lüdeke, Henry (person)

Munsterberg, Hugo (person)

Tufts University (corporateBody)

Karin Ann Rex (person)

Altick, Richard D. (Richard Daniel), 1915-2008 (person)

Stephen C. Lerner. (person)

Thimann, Kenneth Vivian (person)

Indiana university press (corporateBody)

Founded in 1950 in Bloomington, Indiana, the Indiana University Press is a an academic publisher specializing in the humanities and social sciences. The majority of publications emphasize scholarship, but the the press also publishes text, trade, and reference titles. From the guide to the Indiana University Press mss. II, ca. 1950-1969, (Lilly Library (Indiana University, Bloomington)) ...

Przeździecki, Jerzy, 1927- (person)

Lurie, Alison (person)

Alison Lurie was born in 1926 and is the author of Love and Friendship (1962), Imaginary Friends (1967), The War Between the Tates, Real People (1969), Only Children (1979), Language of Clothes (1981), and other novels. She is a Professor of English at Cornell University. From the guide to the Alison Lurie papers, [ca. 1960-1977], (Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library) Lurie (b. 1926) graduate from Radcliffe College (1947) and writes novels...

Robinson, James K. (person)

Harvard University. Committee on General Scholarships (corporateBody)

Anderson, Keith Alayre (person)

Dietrichson, Jan W. (person)

Kelleher, John (person)

Jean-Charles Seigneuret (person)

Sven Linnér. (person)

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (corporateBody)

Marvin Rosenberg. (person)

Stravinsky, Igor (person)

Russian born composer and conductor. From the description of Audio materials [sound recording]. 1931-1965. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 40723194 Igor Stravinsky was a Russian composer. From the description of Sketchbook, [1917?]. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122465769 Stravinsky's opera The Rake's Progress, set to the libretto by W. H. Auden and Chester Kallman, was inspired by William Hogarth's series of paintings. Stravinsky had wan...

Ray Allen Billington (person)

Muller, Peter (person)

Peter, Mary (person)

Jean Renoir (person)

Lamont, Corliss, 1902-1995 (person)

John Reed (1887-1920) was an American journalist and revolutionary. He graduated from Harvard College in 1910, joined the staff of The Masses in 1913, was a war correspondent in Mexico and Europe for Metropolitan Magazine, publicist for the Russian Revolution, and head of the American Communist Labor Party. From the guide to the Corliss Lamont papers concerning John Reed, 1910-1967., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Reed (1887-1920) was an Amer...

Murdock, Kenneth Ballard, 1895-1975 (person)

Murdock graduated from Harvard in 1916; taught English at Harvard and served as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. From the description of Papers of Kenneth B. Murdock, 1932?-1971 (inclusive). (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 76973140 ...

Simmons, Ernest J. (Ernest Joseph), 1903-1972 (person)

Bettelheim, Wilhelm (person)

Ciardi, John, 1916-1986 (person)

American poet and critic. Winner of Avery and Jule Hopwood Award in poetry, 1939. Professor of English at Harvard, 1946-48, and Rutgers, 1953-61. From the description of Letter, 1980 Feb. 4, Key West, Fla., to Henry F. Pommer, Ripon, Wis. (University of Michigan). WorldCat record id: 34364896 Poet, editor, literary critic, lecturer, and journalist. Full name: John Anthony Ciardi. From the description of John Ciardi papers, 1910-1997 (bulk 1960-1985). (Unknown). W...

Versluys, Kristian. (person)

Eron, Theodore (person)

Paul Philip D'Andrea (person)

Schwartz, Lloyd (person)

Harvard University. Office for Graduate and Career Plans. (corporateBody)

Julliard (Firm) (corporateBody)

Otto Eugene Schoen-René (person)

Harvard University. Dept. of Comparative Literature. (corporateBody)

University of Warwick. (corporateBody)

Kates, Judith A., 1941- (person)

Vahedy, Gholamreza . (person)

Mann, Emily (person)

Emily Mann, playwright. From the description of Execution of justice: typescript, 1985. (New York Public Library). WorldCat record id: 122485820 ...

David N. Klarfeld (person)

Littlejohn, David (person)

Waith, Eugene M. (person)

Constable, Evhy (person)

Paturis, Cleo (person)

Schalk, Fritz, 1903- (person)

University of Tennessee, Knoxville (corporateBody)

Charles Michael Hancher (person)

Leopold, Joan. (person)

Cru, Jean Norton (person)

Brown, Herbert Ross, 1902-1988 (person)

Herbert Brown was born 1902 in Allentown, Pa., and died 1988 July 26. He was a professor of American Literature at Bowdoin College and was the managing editor of the New England Quarterly for 36 years. He lived in Brunswick. From the description of Letter, to Arthur Andrew Hauck, University of Maine [Orono, Me.], 1945 Jan. 5. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 49296226 ...

Moisan, Thomas (person)

Wiese, E. (Ellen) (person)

Boston Public Library (corporateBody)

Gallimard (Firm) (corporateBody)

Mayoux, Jean-Jacques. (person)

Renault, Maurice (person)

Connery, Brian A. (person)

Bercovitch, Sacvan (person)

Sacvan Bercovitch is a literary scholar and professor of English and American Literature and Language, Harvard University. From the guide to the Sacvan Bercovitch Papers, 1940-2011, (David M. Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, Duke University) Professor of English at Harvard University. From the description of Sacvan Bercovitch papers, [circa 1940]-2010. (Duke University Library). WorldCat record id: 38247429 From the description of Papers, [...

Crawford, Robert (person)

Epithet: Major British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000756.0x000061 Epithet: of Add MS 38152 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001094.0x000034 Epithet: Lieutenant-General British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000410.0x000126 ...

Richard Ellman (person)

Haffenden, John (person)

Sir William Empson (1906-1984) was an English literary critic and poet. John Haffenden wrote a biography of Empson and edited Empson's poetry, prose, and correspondence. From the guide to the John Haffenden papers on William Empson, ca. 1984-2007., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Epithet: Professor of English Sheffield University British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000758...

Harold Skulsky (person)

Erlich, Victor, 1914-2007 (person)

Gingerich, Owen (person)

Conway, Eileen (person)

Grolier Publishing Company (corporateBody)

Mehta, Ved, 1934- (person)

Ved Mehta, Indian-American author of novels, family biographies, and essays, was born in 1934 in Lahore (then an Indian city, now part of Pakistan). Blind since childhood, he attended boarding schools in India and in the United States. He continued his education at Pomona College and Harvard University, eventually becoming an American citizen. Among his many writings are A Portrait of India (1970), the series of family biographies Continents of Exile (1972-1993), and the collected essays Fly and...

Snow, Pamela (person)

Solomon, Samuel, 1904-1988 (person)

B. R. Mullik. (person)

Abrams, M.H. (Meyer Howard), 1912- (person)

Cornell University Professor of English, Emeritus. From the description of M. H. Abrams oral history, 2008. (Cornell University Library). WorldCat record id: 299953528 ...

Edwards, Robert H. (Robert Hazard), 1935- (person)

Pennsylvania State University Press (corporateBody)

The Pennsylvania State University Press is the publishing arm of the university which serves the University community, citizens of Pennsylvania, and scholars worldwide by publishing books and journals with an emphasis on the humanities and social sciences, books about University life and history, and Pennsylvania history. The Pennsylvania State University Press traces its origins back to 1945, when the university created a committee "to study the advisability and practicability of establishing a...

Evelyn Barish. (person)

Lord, Mary Louise, 1916-2009 (person)

Douglas Woolf. (person)

Isabel Pope Conant (person)

Bethurum, Dorothy, 1897- (person)

Universität Hamburg (corporateBody)

Newman, Charles Hamilton (person)

Kistiakowsky, George B. (George Bogdan), 1900-1982 (person)

Physical chemist. Special Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, 1959-1961. From the description of Diary, 1959-1960 (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 84398466 George Bogdan Kistiakowsky (1900-1982) was a Ukrainian-born American chemist. He was not only a renowned in academic circles, but was also a consultant, defense researcher, and public policy advisor. Abbott and James Lawrence Professor of Chemistry at Harvard University, Kistiakowsky was also a participan...

Stoll, Elmer Edgar, 1874-1959 (person)

Karth, Joseph E. (Joseph Edward), 1922-2005 (person)

Joseph E. Karth, a U.S. representative (Democratic-Farmer-Labor) from the Minnesota fourth district, was born in 1922 in New Brighton, Minnesota. He was educated in Ramsey County elementary schools and North St. Paul High School, and studied engineering at the University of Nebraska. Karth served in the Minnesota House of Representatives from 1950 until 1958, when he was first elected to Congress. In Congress, Karth's committee assignments included Merchant Marine and Fisheries and, Ways and Mea...

Aloysius B. McCabe (person)

Anderson, George LaVerne, 1905-.... (person)

Anderson received his B.A. from KU in 1926, his M.A. from KU in 1931 and his Ph.D. from Illinois in 1933. He joined the faculty of KU in 1945 in the Department of History, reaching full Professor status in 1949. He served as Chairman of the department from 1949-1968. He retired in 1968 and died in 1971. From the guide to the Personal Papers of George L. Anderson, 1945-1968, (University of Kansas Kenneth Spencer Research Library University Archives) From the guide to the Pape...

Douglas, Kenneth. (person)

Jacques Voisine (person)

Constable, John (person)

Epithet: Physician to the Grand Duke of Tuscany British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000367.0x000365 Epithet: painter British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000497.0x0000a6 Epithet: Kt, of Burton Constable NR Yorkshire British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001149.0x000...

Harvard Library Bulletin. (corporateBody)

Lester, John A. (John Ashby), 1915-1983 (person)

United States. Government Printing Office (corporateBody)

Frank, Roberta (person)

Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. Education Department (corporateBody)

Avis MacVicar De Voto (person)

R. V. (Ronald Verlin) Cassill (person)

Kissinger, Henry, 1923- (person)

Henry Alfred Kissinger (born May 27, 1923) is an American diplomat and political scientist who served as the Secretary of State and National Security Advisor under the presidential administrations of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. Born in Germany as Heinz Alfred Kissinger, he was a Jewish refugee who fled the Nazi regime with his family in 1938. He became National Security Advisor in 1969 and later Secretary of State in 1973. For his actions negotiating a ceasefire in Vietnam, Kissinger received...

Dabney, Lewis M. (person)

Bowman, Herbert E., 1917-1996 (person)

Mather, Kirtley F. (Kirtley Fletcher), 1888-1978 (person)

Geologist. Taught at Harvard University. From the description of Papers, 1943-1946 (inclusive). (University of Chicago Library). WorldCat record id: 52247418 Kirtley F. Mather was a professor of geology at Harvard University and Radcliffe College from 1924 to 1954. He also served as chairman of the geology department and director of the Harvard Summer School. From the description of Student papers, 1933. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232009654 ...

Teele, Roy E. (person)

Michael Dorsey Bliss (person)

History and Theory. (corporateBody)

Stoehr, Taylor, 1931-.... (person)

Hamm, Victor Michael (person)

Ohio state university (corporateBody)

The Medical Alumni Society of The Ohio State University College of Medicine, since 1931 with the exception of 1939, has given the honor of "Man of the Year" to a doctor(s) during their annual reunions. In 1973 the award name changed from the title "Man of the Year" to "Professor of the Year." And in 1975, Margaret (Peg) Hines was the first woman to be so honored. From the guide to the Man/Professor of the Year Photograph Collection, 1934-1993, (Medical Heritage Center) ...

Daniel, Howard, 1911- (person)

John Ayre (person)

Sackton, Alexander H. (Alexander Hart) (person)

Lars M. Berkman (person)

Time (corporateBody)

Simmons, Lydia (person)

Alan Heimert. (person)

Toshihiko Satō. (person)

Shady Hill School (Cambridge, Mass.) (corporateBody)

Green, Paul D. (person)

Speaight, Robert (person)

Penguin (Firm) (corporateBody)

Poetics Today (corporateBody)

Matthews, Charles (person)

Danjiang wen li xue yuan (corporateBody)

Elma Martin. (person)