Peter Reddaway photograph collection, 1968-1988.


Peter Reddaway photograph collection, 1968-1988.

Photographs of Soviet dissidents, collected by Peter Reddaway. This collection is part of the Andrei Sakharov Archives.

5 boxes (2 linear ft.)


SNAC Resource ID: 6384651

Houghton Library

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Sakharov, Andreĭ, 1921-1989 (person)

Andreĭ Dmitrievich Sakharov was born May 21, 1921, into a Moscow family of cultured and liberal intelligentsia. His father was Dmitri Ivanovich Sakharov, a private school physics teacher and an amateur pianist. Sakharov's mother was Ëkaterina Alekseyevna Sakharova (née Sofiano, of Greek ancestry). Although his paternal great-grandfather had been a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church and his mother had had him baptized, his father was an atheist. Sakharov married Klavdia Alekseyevn...

Amalrik, Gyuzel (person)

Zeitullayev, Aider (person)

Detengof, Professor Fyodor (person)

Khakhayev, Sergei (person)

Alpert, Yakov (person)

Levin, Ilya (person)

Kandyba, Ivan, 1930- (person)

A Terleckas (person)

Dima Plyushch (person)

Balakhonov, Vladimir (person)

Kovalchuk, Vasily (person)

Lefortovo Prison, Moscow (corporateBody)

Petrov, Sergei (person)

Pashnin, Evgeny (person)

Petrov-Agatov, Alexander A. (person)

Kandyba, Ivan A. (person)

Korsunskaya, Irina (person)

Galich, Alexander (person)

Balys Gajauskas (person)

Vlasov, Andrei (person)

La Pensee Russe (corporateBody)

Antonyuk, Taras (person)

Paulaitis, Petras (person)

Astashova, Galina (person)

Karapetyan, Anait (person)

Marchenko, Anataly (person)

Kukk, Juri & Silvi (person)

Polyakov, Igor (person)

Lerner, Alexander & Judith (person)

Kestutis Subacius. (person)

Ternovsky, Dr Leonard (person)

Grodetsky, Yury (person)

Kravchuk, Malania (person)

Sergei Batovrin (person)

Tribarisis, Bronius (person)

Dr Andrei Sakharov (person)

Fefelov, Valery (person)

Paris Match (corporateBody)

Musa Mamut (person)

Alekseyevna, Luda (person)

Shchiglik, Dmitry (person)

Zhiltsov, Vladimir (person)

Marchenko, Elena (person)

Sarnatskaya, Veresa (person)

Zhitnikova, Tanya (person)

Iofe, Olga (person)

Plyushch, Dima & Lesik (person)

Stroyeva, Elena (person)

Vytautas Vaiciunas (person)

Myasnikov, Alexei (person)

Neplekhovich, Masha (person)

Makhfire Mustafayev (person)

Lvov. (person)

Tatyana Osipova (person)

G Davidov (person)

Plumpa, Petras Pluira (person)

Uku Maasing (person)

Glansky (person)

Fedyakina, Roza (Rushania) (person)

Jaroma (person)

Maslyayeva, Dr (person)

Cherkassy (person)

Israel Today (corporateBody)

Galina Lyubarskaya. (person)

Perebikovsky, Oleg (person)

Galetsky, Rostislav N. (person)

Mukovazchik, Sergei (person)

Shpiller, Fr. Vsevolod (person)

Horska, Alla (person)

Petkevicius, J (person)

Davidov, Viktor (person)

Monblanov, Viktor (person)

Helsinki Monitors D.C. (corporateBody)

Firsov, Vladimir (person)

Peter Reddaway (person)

Danilyuk, Ivan G. (person)

Levinson, Sender (person)

Garpinyuk, I. S. (person)

Fr. Svarinskas (person)

Arshakyan, Azat (person)

Alexander Ginzburg (person)

Polina Svirskaya (person)

Nazaryan, Deacon Robert (person)

Gorbal, Mycola (Nikolai) (person)

Davidova, Valeria (Lera) (person)

Meiman, Naum (person)

Kalinichenko, Vitaly (person)

Ada Naidenovich (person)

Sokiryany camp (corporateBody)

Saledinov, Khalil (person)

Sichko, Stefaniya (person)

Borisov, Vadim (person)

Little Alexander Sanya. (person)

Fr T Chekladze (person)

Rotshtein, Sergei (person)

Algirdas Petrusevicius. (person)

Finger, Arnold Shai (person)

Bakhmin, Slava (person)

Jastrausaks, Antanas & Irena (person)

Butyrka Prison, Moscow (corporateBody)

Podrabinek, Pinkhos (person)

Mendelevich, Iosif (person)

Fedotova, Varvara (person)

Rachel, Max. (person)

Stefaniya Petrash-Sichko (person)

Nikolai Tarnavsky (person)

Kabinov, Anatoly S. (person)

Mikhalashvili, Haim (person)

Brailovsky, Victor (person)

Maftsier, Boris (person)

Fleishgakker, Maria (person)

Vins, Alexander (person)

Mrs Kerler. (person)

Kopeleva, Maia (person)

Naum Korzhavin (person)

Stalin, Svetlana (person)

Crimean Tatar (corporateBody)

Catholic Committee for the Defence of Believer's Rights (corporateBody)

Langin, Pyotr T. (person)

Livinov, Pavel (person)

Stromberger, Victor (person)

Radygina, Zoya (person)

Litvinov, Pavel Mikhaĭlovich, 1940- (person)

Vladimir Keidan (person)

Va Sakalys (person)

Topeshkina, Aida (person)

Smirnov, A. (Aleksandr), 1842-1905 (person)

Skornyakov, Yakov (person)

Angald, Alexander (person)

Bariev, Aider (person)

Fedotov, Ivan (person)

Dremlyuga, Vladimir (person)

Sarie Tokhlu (person)

Marinovich, Miroslav (person)

Dnepropetrovsk Special Psychiatric hospital (corporateBody)

Kornilov, Vladimir (person)

Lisovskaya, Nina (person)

Nekrassov, Victor (person)

Ivanova, Tatyana (person)

Svetlichny, Ivan (person)

Marchenko, Valery (person)

Reshat Dzhemilev (person)

Kallas, Teet. (person)

Ivan Yakhimovich (person)

Goldshtein, Grigori (person)

Lukyanenko, Lev (person)

Paltorakas, Petras (person)

Ovsienko, Vasyl (person)

Rev S Tamkevicius (person)

Shumuk, Danilo (person)

Kalynets, Igor (person)

Tokhlu, Sarie (person)

Plakhotnyuk, Mykola G. (person)

Mash, Vladimir (person)

Zarins, Alfreds (person)

Shakirov, Bobuir (person)

Mikyn (person)

Borisova, Elena (person)

Nekrich, A. M. (Aleksandr Moiseevich) (person)

Biographical Note 1920 March 3 Born, Baku, USSR 1941 M.A. in History, Moscow State University, USSR 1942 1945 Military service in the Soviet Army ...

Matusevich, Nikolai (Mykola) I. (person)

Vashchenko, Grigori (person)

Georgy Shepelev. (person)

Bogatyrev, Konstantin (person)

Crimean Tatars (corporateBody)

Zhikharev, Mikhail (person)

Pisarev, Sergei P. (person)

Pokh, Yuri (person)

Sorokin, Nikolai (person)

Khokhluskin, Igor (person)

Budris, Jonas (person)

Chernovtsky, Ukraine, MVD Investigation Prisor (corporateBody)

Gershuni, Vladimir (person)

Nekrasov, Victor (person)

Fefelov, Valery A. (person)

Scharansky, Anatoly (person)

Klassen, D. A. (person)

Kovner, Professor Mark (person)

Gastev, Yury (person)

Irina & Alexander Ginzburg. (person)

Vibe, Genrikh (person)

Kopelev, Lev (person)

Dymshits, Mark (person)

Goldshtein, Isai & Grigory (person)

Boiko, Nikolai (person)

Korekhov, Sergei (person)

Poresh, Vladimir (person)

Velikanov, Vyacheslav Ivanovich (person)

Bakal camp, Chelyabinsk region (corporateBody)

Nikolskaya, Ada (person)

Evdokimov, Boris (person)

Voikhanskaya, Dr Marina (person)

Kaplun, Irina (person)

Ilya II, Patriarch (person)

Boguslavsky, Victor (person)

Bogusis, Vytautas (person)

Matviyuk, Kuzma (person)

Kochubievsky, Felix (person)

Mashkov, Yury T. (person)

Sergei Kovalyov's (person)

Kerler, Iosif (person)

Giedra, Romas (person)

Mickoleit, Herbert (person)

Seifert, Arkady (person)

Lyapin, Alexander S. (person)

Sychev, Vladimir (person)

Khairov, Izzet (person)

Talantov, Boris (person)

Sakalys, Vladas (person)

Rozenshtein, Grigory (person)

Groberman, Yankel (person)

Päts, Konstantin, 1874-1956 (person)

President of Estonia, 1921-1924 and 1931-1940. From the description of Konstantin Päts miscellaneous papers, 1954-1992. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754870846 Biographical/Historical Note President of Estonia, 1921-1924 and 1931-1940. From the guide to the Konstantin Päts miscellaneous papers, 1954-1992, (Hoover Institution Archives) ...

Lipavsky, Sanya (person)

Shnarr, Friedrich (person)

Tverdokhlebov, Andreĭ, 1940- (person)

Raksha, Pyotr (person)

Ivanysenko, Victor (person)

Gaidamachuk, Ekatarina (person)

Zdebskis, Father Juozas (person)

Antonov, Ivan (person)

Adelgeim, Pavel (person)

Irakili Kostava (person)

Vins, Pyotr (person)

Madisson, Tiit (person)

Yesenin Volpin. (person)

Zvyagin, Ilya (person)

Irma (Bernstein) Poltinnikov. (person)

Olga Ternovskaya (person)

Bondarenko, Iosif (person)

Bulakh, Eduard (person)

Svarchenskaya, Dina (person)

Olitskaya, Elena (person)

Gerasimchuk, Maria (person)

Vinarov, Yakov (person)

Lunts, Alexander (person)

Piskarev (person)

Ekaterina Velikanova (person)

Iesmantas, Gintautas (person)

Mandelshtam, Nadezhda (person)

Navasardyan, Ashot (person)

Gamsakhurdia's (person)

Irina Filatova (person)

Grandmother Lydia Vins (person)

Meshko, Oksana (person)

Kovalchuk, Petr (person)

Adreika, Algimantas (person)

Chapkovsky, Igor (person)

Mikhail Maksimovich. (person)

Varvilov, Nikolai Ivanovich (person)

Butman, Gilel (person)

Alexandrovich, Ruth (person)

Sokirko, Viktor (person)

Maria M Romanyuk-Antonyuk. (person)

Simutis, Liudvikas (person)

Yazydzhiev, Ismail (person)

Nudel, Ida (person)

Daniėlʹ, I︠U︡liĭ, 1925-1988 (person)

Yakhimovich, Ivan (person)

Masha Neplekhovich (person)

Boris Tsukermann (person)

Protsenko, Pavel (person)

Vernik, Ivan Alekseyevich (person)

Shcheglov, Vadim (person)

G Svirsky (person)

Special Psychiatric Hospital (corporateBody)

Tanya Borisova (person)

Juri Kukk (person)

L Alekseyeva. (person)

Ratas, Endel (person)

Salansky, Naum (person)

Romanova, Avgusta (person)

Ternovskaya, Lyudmila (person)

Khristianin publishing house (corporateBody)

Lyubarskaya, Galya (person)

Rudenko, Mykola & Raisa (person)

Sidenko, Fyodor & Vera (person)

Virgilijus Jaugelis (person)

Stus, Vasily S. (person)

Pomazov, Vitaly (person)

Col. Lev Ovsishcher (person)

Markish, Esther & David (person)

Dirksen, Yu. F. (person)

Refusniks (corporateBody)

Delone, Vadim. (person)

Sini︠a︡vskiĭ, A. (Andreĭ), 1925-1997 (person)

Dragosh, Nikolai (person)

Sannikova, Yelena (person)

International herald tribune (corporateBody)

Plyushch, letters (person)

Vera Olekhnovich (person)

Mashkova, Valentina (person)

Dolishny, Vasyl (person)

Plakhotnyuk, Mykola (person)

Abramkin, Valeri (person)

Mozhayev, Boris (person)

Purtov, Sergei (person)

Rudnitsky, Vasily (person)

Eduard Bulakh (person)

Lapin, Vladimir (person)

Alla Shimanova (person)

Venclova, Tomas (person)

Maia Kopeleva (person)

Stus, Vasil (person)

Yudina, Maria (person)

Spinenko, Vasily (person)

Avetyan, Edmund (person)

Silinskas, Jonas (person)

Serbsky Institute, Moscow (corporateBody)

Sery, Leonid (person)

A Pdyachy (person)

Tsigolia, Omar & Tanya (person)

Galminas, Jonas (person)

V. Pestov (person)

Fedosseyev, Rachael (person)

Mikheev, Dmitriĭ, 1941- (person)

Mustafa Dzhemilev's (person)

Artsimovich, Nadezhda (person)

Soroka, Mikhail (person)

Agapova, Lyudmila (person)

Baranov, Nikolai (person)

Dobrovolsky, Alexy (person)

Neifeld, Genrikh (person)

Suslensky, Yakov Mikhailovich (person)

Gusarov, Vladimir (person)

Luisa Knoubinuskaya (person)

Brengauz, Yuri (person)

Chuiko, Bohdan (person)

Kadyrov, Nariman (person)

Pronyuk, Evgeny (person)

Makhovik, Stephan M. (person)

Furman, Lev (person)

Leonas Laurinskas (person)

Pailodze, Valentina (person)

Fokanov, Ivan (person)

Julia Vishnevskaya (person)

Petrusevicius, Algirdas (person)

Khodorovich, Tanya (person)

Bondar, Nikolai (person)

Karim, Abdula (person)

Dr Gery Low-Beer (person)

Gluzman, Dr Semyon (person)

Gilyutin, Isaac (person)

Zilberberg (person)

Fyodor Sidenko (person)

Alex Pyatigorsky (person)

Balkaitis, Stasys (person)

Rode, Gunars (person)

Volpina, Victoria (person)

Bishop Vincentas Sladkevicius (person)

Milgrom, Ida (person)

Sergei Zherdev (person)

Felix Serebrov (person)

Mustafayev, Gani (person)

Matulaitis, Vytautas (person)

Oldenburger, Robert (person)

Igor Guds (person)

Kuznet︠s︡ov, Ėduard (person)

Kremen, Mikhail, 1884-1964 (person)

Kalynets, Igor M. (person)

Skripnikova, Aida (person)

Klebanov, Vladimir (person)

Catholic Committee for the Defense of the Rights of the Faithful (corporateBody)

Julius Telesin (person)

Moshinsky (person)

Negrut, Paul (person)

Lithuanian Helsinki Group. (corporateBody)

Mikhail R Keifets (person)

London Times (corporateBody)

The New York Times (corporateBody)

Slepak, Vladimir (person)

Ginzburg, Lyudmila (person)

Zimens, Pyotr (person)

Dzhemilev, Reshat (person)

Kaminsky, Lassel S. (person)

Azadovsky, Konstantin (person)

Babitskaya, Julia (person)

Juozas Stelmokas (person)

Malva N Landa. (person)

Podrabinek, Alla & Mark (person)

Grigorenko, Andrei (person)

Vadim Borisov (person)

Alikhan Turr (person)

Belov, Yury (person)

Leah Friedlender (person)

Ozolins, Pyotr (person)

Zaritskaya, Ekaterina (person)

Viktoria (person)

Gyuzel Amalrik (person)

Vladyanu, Konstantin (person)

Andrei V. (person)

Kolbe, H. (person)

Vilena (person)

Iraida Yakunina (person)

Kuznetsov, Vyacheslav V. (person)

Antonenko-Davidc, Boris (person)

Gleb, Fr (person)

Tsitovskaya, Liza (person)

Surovtseva, Nadezhda (person)

Yachot, Victor (person)

Naritsa, Mikhail Alexandrovich (person)

Temkin, Alexander (person)

Vainman, Arkady (person)

Balashov, Victor (person)

Kazakevicius, Liuttauras (person)

Kravchenko, Natalya (person)

Viktor Nekipelov (person)

Skobov, Alexander (person)

Zdorovy, Anatoly (person)

Starchik, Pyotr P. (person)

Yury Zeifert - Baptists. (person)

Arutyunyan, Shagen (person)

Pakh, Tibor (person)

Myuge, Kolya (person)

J Sasnauskas (person)

Avetisyan, Lev (person)

Lutsik, Mikhail P. (person)

Fr Alfonsas Svarinskas (person)

Kuprianov, Pavel (person)

Alexander Podrabinek (person)

Anatoly Futman. (person)

Razumovsky, Pyotr Alekseyevich (person)

Alexander Kurtel. (person)

Starchik, Saida (person)

I Zisels (person)

Terelya, Olena (person)

Shelkov, Rev Vladimir (person)

Alajaan, Alan (person)

Ovchinnikov, V. (person)

Moldavian camp (corporateBody)

Bishop Juilijus Steponavicius (person)

Galetsky, Rostislav (person)

Rybakova, Vera (person)

Sadunaite, Nijole (person)

Bauer, Lili (person)

Pugachev, Mikhail A (person)

Tissen, Cornelius (person)

John Paul II, Pope, 1920-2005 (person)

Pope John Paul II (b. Karol Jozef Wojtyla, May 18, 1920, Wadowice, Poland-d. Apr. 2, 2005). He was elected pope in 1978, the first non-Italian chosen as Pope in 456 years. He survived an assassination attempt in May 1981. From the description of John Paul II, Pope, 1920-2005 (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration). naId: 10678008 ...

Rasputin, Valentin, 1937- (person)

Fast, Gerhard (person)

Smirnov, Aleksei (person)

Alexander Petrov-Agatov (person)

Yury Medvedkov (person)

Yury Titov (person)

Marchenko, Anatoli (person)

Probatova, Svetlana (person)

Shatravka, Alexander (person)

Galya Lyubarsskaya (Salova) (person)

Germanyuk, Stepan G. (person)

Dr Maia Shchirina (person)

Shenkar, Arieh (Lev) (person)

Abibullayev, Fevzi (person)

Azbel, Prof. David (person)

Babayan, Dr. (person)

Pavlov, Jacob (person)

Dubrov, Andrei (person)

Stepanov, Yury (person)

Buiko, Valery (person)

Skuodis, Professor Vytautas (person)

Tsitovskaya, Eliz. (person)

Ind. Bulakh (person)

Trust Group's (corporateBody)

Umerov, Riza (person)

Tribuna (corporateBody)

Barabanova, Natasha (person)

Altunyan, Genrikh (person)

Katya Shikhanovich (person)

Verkhnii Chov, Komi ASSR (corporateBody)

Oldenburger, Ludmila (person)

Argentov, Aleksander Alexandrovic (person)

Romanyuk, Fr. Vasily (person)

Akselrod, Dmitry (person)

Shteffen, Ivan (person)

Vladimir Shelkov (person)

Elizaveta Alekseyeva (person)

Zaporozhets, Valentina (person)

Podrabinek, Mark (person)

Gubka, Ivan (person)

Vasserman, Yuri (person)

Ryakhovsky, Vasily (person)

Podrabinek, Alexander P. (person)

De Telegraaf (corporateBody)

Smirnov, Vasily (person)

Elistratov, Viktor & Batsheva (person)

Makarenko, Mikhail (person)

Demyanov, Nikolai (person)

Anatoly Scharansky (person)

Kurt Valtheim (person)

Vinkelis, Juris (person)

Viktor Rodionov (person)

Babitsky, Konstantin (person)

Dzhemilev, Mustafa (person)

Sevruk, Vatslav (person)

Begun, Yosif, 1932- (person)

Bakhmin, Viktor (person)

Sirotenko, Elena (person)

Smail Chani (person)

Dzyuba, Ivan (person)

Terleckas, G (person)

Fyodorova, Natalya Buzyreva (person)

Gabai, Ilya (person)

Fonchenkov, Father Vasily (person)

Saranchuk, Pyotr (person)

Litvinova, Maia (person)

Lapienis, Vladas (person)

Bakholdin, Semyon (person)

Nefedovo, Varvara (person)

Fevzi Poska (person)

Wagner, Richard, 1966- (person)

Verkhovsky, Anatoly M. (person)

Sergei Rozenoev (person)

Pukinskas, Petras (person)

Victor Nekrasov (person)

Nadzharov, Professor Ruben A. (person)

Ekaterina V. (person)

Mogilover, Vladimir O. (person)

Naboka, Sergei (person)

Mila Futman (person)

Yury Kiselev (person)

Gayenko, Vladimir (person)

Raciunas, Fr. (person)

Bolonkin, Alexander (person)

Iosif Kerler (person)

Marchenko, Elena Vasilevna (person)

Friedrich Ruppel (person)

Mashkova, V (person)

Rips, Ilya (person)

Zinaida Katz (person)

Yakir, Irina (person)

Orlov, Yury (person)

Maria Slepak (person)

Koshelik, Roman (person)

Pervushin, Vasily (person)

Andrei Sinyavsky (person)

V Khaibulin (person)

Lubyanka, Moscow (corporateBody)

Petro Sichko (person)

Bashkirov, Pavel (person)

Juozas Poska (person)

Istomin, Vitaly (person)

Vadim Nechayev (Bakinsky) (person)

Kilciauskiene, Adele (person)

Khantsis, Yakov (person)

Matrosskaya Tishina, Moscow (corporateBody)

Dr Sergei Polikanov (person)

Golfand, Yury (person)

Serbski Institute for Forensic Psychiatry (corporateBody)

Alexander P Podrabinek (person)

Furtseva, Yekaterina (person)

Zinets, Maria M. (person)

Pavlenkov, Vladlen K. (person)

Istomin, Nina (person)

Statkevicius, Dr Algiradas (person)

Naidenovich, Adel (person)

Khorev, Mikhail (person)

Evert, Eduard (person)

Brailovsky, Viktor (person)

Rudkevich, Lev (person)

Kuzin, Evgeny (person)

Bychkov, Sergei (person)

Laurinskas, Leonas (person)

Natan Faingold (person)

Krasivsky, Zinovy M. (person)

Sverstyuk, Yevhen (person)

Dubrovlag camp (corporateBody)

Moiseyev, Ivan (person)

Zlobin, Stepan P. (person)

Borisov, Vladimir (person)

Sergei Khakhayev (person)

Lokshin, Iosif (person)

KGB (corporateBody)

Khasan Dzhemilev (person)

Kolman, Arnosht (person)

Shevchuk, Anna v. (person)

Sichko, Volodymyr (person)

Ruta (person)

Litvinov, Pavel Mikhaĭlovich, 1940- (person)

Mustafa Dzhemilev (person)

Pavlinchuk, Valery A. (person)

Meshener, Iosif (person)

Caryl Emerson (person)

Antosha (person)

Valery Chalidze (person)

Andrei D Sakharov (person)

Vladimir Gershuni (person)

N. Matusevich (person)

Yankov, Vadim (person)

Sapelyak, Stepan (person)

Abel, Ergard (person)

Sergei Yesenin. (person)

Neues Leben (corporateBody)

Chalagone, Fr Alexi (person)

Khrapov, Nikolai Petrovich (person)

V. Uzlov Nizh. (person)

Herman-Enehielm, Annes (person)

Lunts, Daniil R. (person)

Radzinsky, Oleg (person)

Gusarov, Vladimir N. (person)

Pasternak, Boris Leonidovich, 1890-1960 (person)

Pasternak was a Russian poet, who declined the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1958 for his novel Doctor Zhivago. Reavey was an English surrealist poet. From the description of Letters to George Reavey, 1931-1960. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 77990740 From the guide to the Boris Leonidovich Pasternak Letters to George Reavey, 1931-1960., (Houghton Library, Harvard College Library, Harvard University) Boris Leonidovich Pasternak, 1890-1960 ...

Mikholeit, Herbert (person)

Sunday Times (corporateBody)

Moroz, Raisa. (person)

Osipov, Vladimir (person)

Oblast Executive Committee (corporateBody)

Shikhavovich (person)

Khodorovich, Sergei (person)

Tsigolia, Omar (person)

Sobkov, Dr Igor (person)

Ksenia V (person)

Anatoly Sysoyev (person)

Revnyuk, Marfa (person)

Orlov, Prof. Yury (person)

Koryagina, Galina (person)

Rudenko, Mykola (Nikolai) (person)

Terleckas, Antanas. (person)

Lithuanian dissident and political prisoner; leader, Lietuvos Laisves Lyga. From the description of Antanas Terleckas papers, 1958-1990. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 123430084 Biographical/Historical Note Lithuanian dissident and political prisoner; leader, Lietuvos Laisves Lyga. From the guide to the Antanas Terleckas papers, 1958-1990, (Hoover Institution Archives) ...

Rudenko, Mykola Danylovych, 1920- (person)

Berdnik, Oles (person)

Yuri Kiselev (person)

Korchnoi, Igor (person)

Vins, Georgi (person)

Terelya, Iosip (person)

Fr S Tamkevicius (person)

Maria Fleishgakker. (person)

S. Shibayev (person)

Nikolia Bokov (person)

Shepshelovich, Mikhail (person)

Murd, Herbert (person)

Fr. Sigitas Tamkevicius (person)

Kalanta, Roman (person)

Anatoly Ievitin (person)

Stepan Kostyuk (person)

Mamsakova (?), Natasha (person)

Guberman, Igor (person)

Snegirev, Gely (person)

Eshref Shemizade (person)

Koryagin, Anatoly Ivanovich, 1938- (person)

Ruzer, Alla & Sergei (person)

Sergienko, Alexander (person)

Bogoras, Larissa (person)

Voinovich, Vladimir (person)

Kriksciukaitis, Rev K. (person)

Grachikov, Yury (person)

Kravchenko, Nikolai (person)

Mikalauskas, Albinas (person)

Davidov, Georgy (person)

Spalin, Rikhard (person)

Lashkova, Vera (person)

Petrov-Agatov, Alexander (person)

Zinaida Perchatkina (person)

Osipova, Tatyana (person)

Zaritska-Soroka, Kateryna (person)

Czech Embassy (corporateBody)

Popovych, Oksana (person)

Ehin, Andres, 1940-2011 (person)

John Dornberg. (person)

Pyotr Grigorenko (reading) (person)

Ogorodnikov, Alexander (person)

Sado, Mikhail (person)

Sergienko, Alexander F. (person)

Sokolov, Valentin P. (person)

Jaugelis, Father Virgilijus (person)

General Staff Academy (corporateBody)

Rumachik, Pyotr (person)

M Fleishgakker (person)

Khaustov, Victor (person)

Roitburg, Piotr (person)

Ryzhov (person)

Girgorenko, Pyotr G. (person)

Grigorenko, Pyotr G. & Zinaida (person)

Kosterin, Aleksei E. (person)

Ovcharenko, Felix (person)

Kasper, Elya (person)

Renert, Khaim (person)

Belopolsky, Roman (person)

Moscow Working Commission on Psychiatric Abuse. (corporateBody)

Shakhverdyan, Bagrat L. (person)

Vladimir Bukovsky (person)

Khavkin, David (person)

Serebrov, Felix (person)

Ogorodnikov's Seminar. (corporateBody)

Molotov (person)

Patackas, Algis (person)

Artsimovich, Viktor (person)

Nekipelov, Victor (person)

Borisov, Igor' (person)

Vladimir Khailo (person)

Ėtkind, E. G. (Efim Grigorʹevich), 1918-1999 (person)

Abdulgaziyev, Enver (person)

Doronina, Lydia (person)

Oksana Meshko (person)

Komsomola ulitsa, Leningrad (corporateBody)

Prikhodko, Grigory (person)

Shpilberg, Arkady (person)

Calitis, Ints (person)

Mikhail Mager (Vinnitsa) (person)

Kislik, Dr Vladimir (person)

Pranckunaite, Ona (person)

Zalmanson, Israil (person)

Serebrennikov, Pyotr (person)

Kashchenko OPH (corporateBody)

Nekipelov, Viktor, 1928- (person)

Nizhny Seimchan, Magdan Oblast (corporateBody)

Malakhovskaya, Natalya (person)

Lev Ovsishcher. (person)

Solzhenitsyn, Alexander (person)

A G Zimina. (person)

Akhmet? Izzet Khairov (person)

Dr Leonard Ternovsky (person)

Kazarinova, Natalya (person)

Sergiyenko, Alexander (person)

Shafarevich, Igor (person)

M Zhikharev (person)

Podyapolskaya, Maria (person)

Grigorenko, Pyotr G. (person)

Volkova, Lena (person)

Tarnapolsky, Yury (person)

Kirill Podrabinek (person)

Pavelenkova, Svetlana (person)

Kashka, Bekir & Vadzhie (person)

Aikhenvald, Yury (person)

Alexander Serhienko's (person)

Cerniauskas, Fr. Ricardas (person)

Writer's Union (corporateBody)

Kimmel, Juri (person)

Gorbanevskai︠a︡, Natalʹi︠a︡ (person)

Samsonova, Tamara (person)

Karasik, S. (person)

Catholic Committee (corporateBody)

Mordovian camp, Potma (corporateBody)

Demidov, Dmitry (person)

Nedobora, Vladislav (person)

Tkalich-Petrov, Alexander (person)

Anastasia (person)

Title: Saint British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000923.0x000326 ...

Borodin, Leonid, 1938-2011 (person)

Kots, Nikolai (person)

Ksana ? (person)

Dzhemilev, Kadyr Tarni (person)

Plumpa, Petras (person)

Evgeny Murashov? (person)

Alla Khromova. (person)

Father Dmitri Dudko (person)

J Volungevicius. (person)

Lukyanov, Ermak (person)


Samkharadze, Beglar (person)

J Petkevicius. (person)

Pyotr Grigorenko (person)

Sergei Maslov's (person)

Ginzburg, Alyosha & Sanya (person)

Kerimov, Akhmed (person)

Chana (person)

Kukk, Jüri, 1940-1981 (person)

Garuckas, Father Karolis (person)

Yarym-Agayev, Yury (person)

Pavel Leonov (person)

Supreme Court, Vilnius Lithuanian SSR (corporateBody)

Peceliunas, Povilas (person)

Silnitsky, Alexander (person)

Medvedkova, O (person)

Vail, Boris (person)

Gusyak, Odarka (person)

Mordovian camp, Camp no 3 (corporateBody)

Ginzburg, Evgenia (person)

Grevtsov, Vladimir (person)

Okulova-Voznesenskaya, Julia (person)

Pasilis, Aleksis (person)

Lyubishchev, Alexander (person)

Sinyavin, Igor (person)

Polikanov's (person)

Shilyuk, Vasily (person)

Left Vytautas Visniauskas (person)

V, maria (person)

Zavalniuk, Vladislav (person)

Khairova, Vasfie (person)

Rutkovsky, Alexander (person)

Poludnyak, Lyudmila (person)

Nikolai Demyanov (person)

Radygin, Anatoli (person)

Sychovka Special Psychiatric Hospital (corporateBody)

Bereslavsky, Mykola (person)

Fast, A. F. (person)

Bayev, Gomer (person)

Lupinos, Anatoly (person)

Maly Nikolovorobinsky Lane. (person)

Rafalsky, Viktor (person)

Amet-Kham Sultan. (person)

Niitsoo, Viktor (person)

Tsurkov, Arkady (person)

Larissa Bogoraz (person)

Kudirka, Simas (person)

Sasha Podrabinek (person)

Lina (person)

Smailov, Settar (person)

Feldman, Alexander (person)

Stroyev, Elena (person)

Elistratov, Victor & Batsheva (person)

Elya Kaspa (person)

Gel, Maria (person)

Medvedkova, Olga (person)

Goldshtein, Isai (person)

Koryagin, Dr Anatoly (person)

Leoniuk, Vladimir (person)

Tilgals, Janis (person)

Mordovian camp, Camp no 19 (corporateBody)

Ginsburg, Alexander (person)

Mrs Lean Friedlender (person)

Helsinki Monitoring Group (corporateBody)

Telnikov, Vladimir (person)

Ada Plyusnina (person)

Baku camp (corporateBody)

Fedoruk, Ivan (person)

B Futterman (person)

Emelkina, Nadezhda (person)

Volungevicius, J (person)

Vladimir Lazaris. (person)

Murzhenko, Lyubov (person)

Svetlychnaya, Nadezhda (person)

Mendelevich, Moses (person)

Andrei Reznikov. (person)

Volokhonsky, Lev (person)

Dnepropetrovsk SPH (corporateBody)

Velychkovsky, Vasyl (person)

Merab Kostava (person)

Soldatov, Sergeĭ, 1933- (person)

Grimm, Yury (person)

Rabin, Oskar (person)

Skachinsky, Alexander (person)

Leonard Ternovsky (person)

Galetskaya, Lyubov (person)

Yury Belov (person)

Lesik Plyushch (person)

Fokanova, Lyubov (person)

Galanskov, Yuri, 1939-1972 (person)

Rutman, Roman (person)

Fr Gleb's (person)

Pusankov, Veniamin Yakovlevich (person)

Mnyukh, Yury (person)

Yury Orlov's (person)

Rozumny, Pyotr P. (person)

Klink, Valentin (person)

Pimenov, Revolt (person)

Zyryanovsk Camp, Sverdlovsk region (corporateBody)

Terleckiene, Elena (person)

Airikyan, Paruir, A. (person)

Yakobson, Anatoli (person)

Rendel, Leonid (person)

Klaid Grimm (person)

Mother Nadezhda Vins (person)

Yury Ivanov (person)

Newsweek, inc. (corporateBody)

In 1970 a number of women working in Newsweek's editorial departments complained about sex discrimination; in response Newsweek issued a "Memorandum of Understanding," affirming its commitment to nondiscrimination. From the description of Memorandum, 1973. (Harvard University). WorldCat record id: 232007819 Newsweek, Inc. donated its research archive of approximately 3000 linear feet to the Center for American History in 2001. In 1933, concurrent with the magazine's birth, N...

Starchik, Pyotr (person)

Tufeld, Vladimir (person)

Efrom (person)

Barladyanu, Vasily V. (person)

Kvachevskaya, Dzhemma (person)

Alla Khromova-Podrabinek. (person)

Orlova, Irina (person)

Shovkovoi, Ivan V. (person)

Malkin, Anatoly (person)

Baranov, Nikolai I. (person)

Slepak, Leonid (person)

General Staff Building, Moscow (corporateBody)

Kushev, Evgeny (person)

Katz, Lyudmila (person)

Albrekht, Vladimir (person)

Kuznetsov, Eduard (person)

V Abramkin (person)

Shragin, Boris (person)

Azbel, Mark (person)

Fridman, Kim (person)

Alexei, (Alyosha) (person)

Elena Bonner (person)

Makayeva, Valeria (person)

Anatoly Yakobson. (person)

Mokk, A. Ya (person)

Telesin, Julius (person)

Uspensky, Kirill (person)

Valery Fefelov (person)

Olga Medvedkova (person)

Mordovian camp, Map of complex (corporateBody)

Penson, Boris (person)

Kobakhidze, Gege (person)

Countess Zamayska (person)

Maslov, Sergei (person)

Shcharansky, Leonid (person)

Kuvakin, Vsevelod (person)

Voznesenskai︠a︡, I︠U︡lii︠a︡ (person)

Sokulsky, Ivan (person)

Kostava, Merab (person)

Sumskis, Algimentas (person)

Shtern, Dr Mikhail (person)

Kapicins, Jan (person)

Iofe, Veniamin (person)

Moroz, Valentyn (person)

Kosterina, Elena (person)

Kukobaka, Mikhail I. (person)

N. Rerick (person)

Chukovskai︠a︡, Lidii︠a︡ Korneevna (person)

Rivka (person)

Ivan Gel (person)

Karavansky, Svyatoslav I. (person)

Ivan Kovalyev (person)

Trust Group (corporateBody)

Fedorov, Yury I. (person)

Pentecostal (person)

Cahiers du Samizdat (corporateBody)

Ziemelis, Juris (person)

Krakhmalʹnikova, Zoi︠a︡, 1929-2008 (person)

Buryat, Mongolia (corporateBody)

Dzhegolya, Ivan (person)

Evgeny Komarnitsky. (person)

Sakharov, S. (person)

Shcharansky, Anatoly (person)

Tikhy, Aleksei (person)

Kozorezov, Aleksei (person)

Zdorovy, Anatoly K. (person)

Iosif Keblitsky (person)

Poresh, Tatyana (person)

Psychiatric Hospital no 14 (corporateBody)

Fr. Velavicius (person)

Misjon ban Jernteppet (corporateBody)

Peredelkino Cemetery (corporateBody)

Shelkov, Vladimir Andreyevich (person)

Tvardovsky, Alexander (person)

Palatnik, Reiza (person)

Lithuanian Committee to Monitor the Helsinki Accords. (corporateBody)

Dreizner, Solomon G. (person)

Ginzburg, Alexander. (person)

Ryzhuk, Vasily (person)

Sitnikov, Vasiliĭ 1915-1987 (person)

Lyublino District People's Court (corporateBody)

Mustafayeva, Adzhimilek (person)

Ugincius, Juozas (person)

Chornovil, Vyacheslav M. (person)

Shukhevych-Berez, Yury (person)

David Ben-Gurion (person)

Virginia Johnson. (person)

Voikhansky, Misha (person)

Grigorenko, P. G. (Petr Grigorʹevich), 1907-1987 (person)

Zaitsev, Vyacheslav (person)

Medvedev, Roy & Zhores (person)

Brodetskaya, Tina (person)

Superfin, Gabriel Gavrilovich (person)

Romanov, Alexander (person)

Cronid Lubarsky's (person)

Faruk (Parikh) Asanov (person)

Ogurtsov, Igor (person)

Kinas, I. (person)

Landa, Malva (person)

Svarinskas, Fr Alfonsas (person)

Mager, Mikhail (person)

Gerasimchuk, Nikolai (person)

Serov, ... (person)

I Blagodarny (person)

Father Jonas-Kastytis Matulionis (person)

Kovalenko, Leonid (person)

Kalendarev, Boris (person)

Evdokimova, Galina (person)

Abdullayev, Esvet Arifdzhanovovich (person)

Vaiciunas, Vytautas (person)

Anatoly Marchenko (person)

Gajauskas, Balys (wife of) (person)

Dzhambul camp, Kazakhstan (corporateBody)

O. Iofe (person)

Maloyaroslavets (person)

Working Commission (corporateBody)

Naro-Fomins (person)

Altman, Anatoly (person)

Fr Tamkevicius (person)

Kheifets, Olga (person)

Tatyana Velikanova (person)

Zotov, Mikhail (person)

Levalds, Alfreds (person)

Slinin, Alexander (person)

Lazaris, Vladimir (person)

Kukui, Valery (person)

Dontsova, Anna (person)

Akselrod, Ernst (person)

Dolgoter, Yakov, N. (person)

Fedotov, Bishop Ivan (person)

Galina Gabai. (person)

Igor Kogan (person)

Pshenitsyn, Mikhail (person)

Mikun (person)

Podyachaya, Dina A. (person)

Saakyan, Kadzhik Varazdatovich (person)

Chernobilsky, Boris (person)

Bukovskaya, Nina (person)

Liis Kukk (person)

Fr Dudko's (person)

Arutyunyan, Eduard (person)

Didyk, Galina (person)

Simchich, Miroslav (person)

Viktor Bakhmin (person)

Khnokh, Meri (person)

Abramavich, Pavel (person)

Natalya Ostrovskaya (person)

Paritsky, Alexander (person)

Ebel, family (family)

Nikitin, Aleksei V. (person)

Alexander T Tvardovsky (person)

Konovalikhin, Vadim (person)

Shakhverdyan, Bagrat (person)

Rubin, Vitaly (person)

Bieliauskiene, Jadvyga (person)

Cherdyntsev, Ivan (person)

Arkhangelsky, Vladimir (person)

Khromova, Tatyana (person)

Povilanskis, Fr Benediktas (person)

Ryzhik, Mikhial S. (person)

Pavel Litvinov (person)

G. Davidenko (person)

Kim, Yuly (person)

Dimov, Dmitry (person)

F A Svarinskas (person)

Memetov, Seidamet (person)

Galya Salova (person)

Eristʻavi, Giorgi, 1813-1864 (person)

Rublenko, Anatoli (person)

Shchipkova, Tatyana (person)

Catholic Committee fro the Defense of Believers (corporateBody)

Lotman, Yury (person)

Henk Wolzak (person)

G Svirsky's (person)

Rodygin) (person)

Andrei Grigorenko (person)

Sofia Batovrin (person)

Khailo, Anatoly (person)

Gluzman, Semyon, 1947- (person)

Ovsishcher, Col. Lev (person)

Zelinsky, N. D. (person)

Shavrov, Vadim (person)

Ravins, Maigonis (person)

Evdokimov, Rostislav (person)

Matsyuk, Arsenty (person)

Ponomaryov, Sergei (person)

Khlgatya, Ambartsum (person)

Bresenden, Evgeny (person)

Tokar, Pyotr (person)

Golub, Vasily (person)

Ivan Biblenko (person)

Leikina, Mrs Meita (person)

Grigas, Vytautas (person)

Bernshtam, Mikhail (person)

Kharkov Polytechnic Institute (corporateBody)

Sonya (person)

Serbsky Institute (corporateBody)

Nikolai Khmara (person)

Andrushka Bakhmin (person)

Khromova, Alla (person)

Sloboda, Shura & Galya (person)

Seitvelliyev, Seitnafe (person)

Papson, Teet (person)

Open Doors UK (corporateBody)

Leonid Slepak (person)

Shikhanovich, Ada (person)

Novikov, S. P. (person)

Shmykalov (person)

Bublik, Sergei (person)

Sonya's (person)

Balovlenkov, Yuri (person)

V. Chamovskikh (person)

Gafarov, Ridvan (person)

Bogomolov, Gleb (person)

Baturin, N. G. (person)

Reddaway, Peter, collector. (person)

This collection is part of the Andrei Sakharov Archives. Peter Reddaway, Ph.D., was on the faculty of the London School of Economics and Political Science (1965-1986), directed the Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies (1986-1989), and was, until his retirement in 2000, professor of Political Science and International Affairs, and chairman of the Committee of the Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies at the George Washington University. Reddaway is one of the ...

Davidenko, Georgy (person)

Kvetsko, Dymtro (person)

Tobolsk Prison (corporateBody)

Abduramanov, Uzeyir (person)

Alexander Hertzen Foundation (corporateBody)

Bakhmin, Victor (person)

Furman, Lily (person)

Lazarenko, Evhen (person)

Alexander (Sasha) Podrabinek (person)

Azernikov, Boris (person)

Strokata, Nina (person)

Chalidze, Valeri (person)

Baptist) Cronid Lubarsky (person)

Polishchuk, Arkady (person)

Perchatkin, Boris (person)

Murzhenko, Alexei (person)

Korsunskaya, Ira (person)

Novikov, Dr Yury (person)

Ma-Khun (person)

Victor Fedoseyev (person)

Novy Mir (corporateBody)

Murashkin, Vladimir (person)

Belousov, Pavel, V. (person)

Simokaitis, Jonas-Vytautas (person)

Vadim Gayenko (person)

Viktoras Petkus (person)

Kosterina, Nina (person)

I Ginzburg (person)

Amalrik, Andrei (person)

Ester Khavkin (person)

R E. Liberman (person)

Melenko, Lydia (person)

Surovtseva-Olitsi, Nadezhda (person)

Kovalyov, Ivan (person)

Savenkova, Valentina (person)

Nora (person)

Yury Galanskov (person)

Kononchuk, Adolf (person)

Vail, Boris B. (person)

Pyotr Byshevoi's (person)

Kibartas, Mecys (person)

Natalya Aleksandrovna V (person)

Voloshanovich, Dr Alexander (person)

Chernoglaz, David I. (person)

Kormer, Vladimir, 1939- (person)

Markman, Vladimir (person)

Gajauskas, Balys (person)

Lithuanian political activist and legislator and Soviet political prisoner. From the description of Balys Gajauskas correspondence, 1982-2000. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70984275 ...

Krivosheino (person)

Galanskov, Yuri (parents of) (person)

Dyak, Mikhail D. (person)

Keidan, Vladimir (person)

Turchin, V. F. (Valentin Fedorovich), 1931-2010 (person)

Stepanov, Anatoly (person)

Yankelevich, Efem (person)

Anisimov, Viktor P. (person)

Rostislav Galetsky (person)

Barinov, Valeri (person)

Mamonova, Tatyana, 1943- (person)

Rybak, Georgy (person)

Shabatura, Stefania (person)

Dubnov, Boris (person)

Oleg Radzinsky (person)

Alexander Sherhienko (person)

Lerner, Lev (person)

Koplik, Anatoli (person)

Moscow Pentecostal church (corporateBody)

Kapranov, Mikhail (person)

Voznesenskaya, Yulia (person)

Shatunovskaya, Nadezhda Ya (person)

Sokolov, Alexander (person)

Kuznetsov, Victor Vasilievich (person)

Poresh, Olga & Xenia (person)

Kiirend, Matti (person)

Lenin Library (corporateBody)

Vilyams, N (person)

Maksimov, Vladimir (person)

Senik, Irina (person)

Fainberg, Victor (person)

Ruban, Pyotr (person)

Mart Niklus (person)

Teifukov, Abdul (person)

Butman, Gilya I. (person)

Gauer, Evgeny K. & Amalia (person)

Washington Post Company (corporateBody)

The Washington Post Company is best known for its ownership of the daily newspaper, The Washington Post. The paper was founded on Dec. 6, 1877. It was founded by Stilson Hutchins and sold several times. The Meyer-Graham family owned the paper from 1933-2014 when it was bought by founder Jeff Bezos. The paper is well known for reporting by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein in 1970s for investigating Watergate Scandal. ...

Mocius, Rev Algirdas (person)

Barkhatov (person)

Antonyuk, Zinovy Pavolovich (person)

Miller, Andrei (person)

Zinaida Grigorenko (person)

Pyotr Yakir (person)

Kampov, Pavel (person)

Yakubovich, Mikhail (person)

Roman Rutman's (person)

Kazakevicius, Liutaueras (person)

Koop, David Ivanovich (person)

Chronicle (corporateBody)

Vilnius KGB Investigatior, Vilnius (corporateBody)

Bairamov, Reshat (person)

Gesse, Natalya (person)

Zalmanson, Silva (person)

Kolchinsky, Iona (person)

Olga Zaitseva (person)

Rytikova, G. Yu. (person)

Stokmanis, Peteris (person)

Vologodsky, Alexander (person)

Stasiv-Kalynets, Irina (person)

Moshkov, Sergei (person)

Nelyubin, Stepan (person)

Janis Rozkalns (person)

Janulis, Anastazas (person)

Yukhnovets, Yury (person)

Geiko, Olga (person)

Vaicius, Bishop A. (person)

Chikatuyeva, Valeria I. (person)

Isachev, Alexander (person)

Morkovkin, Dr Valentin (person)

Tarnavsky, Nikolai (person)

Averbukh, Alexander Isai (person)

Novoseltsev, Valentin (person)

Babish, Sergei (person)

Grilyus, Semyon (person)

Natalya Lesnichenko. (person)

Geishis, Grigory (person)

Patriarch Ilya II (person)

Arie (Lich) Khnokh (person)

Gulʹko, Boris, 1947- (person)

Karikh (person)

Iarissa Simanovich (person)

Mamut, Musa (person)

Kalinauskas, Antanas (person)

C Lubarsky (person)

Goldfeld, Anatoly (person)

Ragaisis, Romualdas (person)

Zisels, Iosif (person)

Chistopol Prison (corporateBody)

Lozanskaya, Tatyana (person)

Memedinov, Mustafa (person)

Yuly Daniel (person)

Rozkalns, Janis (person)

Bogoraz, Iosif (person)

Leven, Ivan Ivanovich (person)

Yuri Titov (person)

Reshidov, Abduraman (person)

Grigorenko, Zinaida (person)

Gel, Ivan (person)

Martynov, Evgeny Petrovich (person)

T. Osipova (person)

Baturina, Pelageya (person)

Donetsk region camp (corporateBody)

Shiman, David (person)

Jenny Robertson (person)

Prokopchuk, Vladimir (person)

Andrei Amalrik. (person)

Sapelyak, Stepan E. (person)

Gorbovoi (Horbovy), Vladimir (person)

Fr. Zdebskis (person)

Kansberg, Marina (person)

Senchatov, Vyacheslav (person)

Major General Pyotr Grigorenko. (person)

Lavut, Alexander (person)

Ponomaryov, Anatoli (person)

Alekseyevna, Lyudmila (person)

Ivanov, Yury (person)

Kauneckas, Rev. Jonas (person)

Sichko, Petrash (person)

Sidenko, Fyodor (person)

Krasivsky, Zinovy (person)

Tatyana Bayeva. (person)

Europa-Civilta (corporateBody)

Beilin, Iosif and Dina (person)

Klink, Victor (person)

Byshevol, Pyotr (person)

Shreider, Pavel (person)

Rebryk, Bogdan (person)

Ponomaryov, Vladimir (person)

Levitin (Krasnov), Anatoly (person)

Valentina Savenkova Yakir (person)

Elya Levin (person)

Ilya Gorbai. (person)

Yarema (person)

Miss Nijole Sadunaite (person)

Merab Kostava's (person)

Krivoberets, Elena (person)

Mattik, Kalju (person)

Sultan, Amet-khan, 1920-1971 (person)

Mark Reitman (person)

Crimean Tatar National Movement. (corporateBody)

Natalya Valdimova. (person)

Anatoly Levitin-Krasnov (person)

Nikolai Loiko (person)

Poltinikov, Isaac (person)

Fr Sergei Zheludko (person)

Fokanov, Vladimir (person)

Karpenko, Boris (person)

Maltsev, Yury (person)

Grabar, Mstislav (person)

Ivanov, Nikolai (Musician) (person)

Ronkin, Valery (person)

Yudovich, Lev (person)

Baranova, Elena Moiseyevna (person)

Levich, Benjamin & Tanya (person)

Rodionov, Vyacheslav (person)

Ivan Fedotov (person)

Sychevska Prison-Hospital. (corporateBody)

Davidovich, Col. Yefim (person)

Bogoraz (Daniel), Larisa (person)

Ginzburg, Sanya (person)

Bedarev, Viktor (person)

Oksana Sichko (person)

Boris Penson (person)

Ovcharenko, Nina (person)

Galanskova-Timofe, Olga (person)

Kapitanchuk, Viktor (person)

Tsukerman, Boris (person)

Yarkov, Ilya P. (person)

Margarita (person)

Streltsov, Vasily (person)

Vysotksy, Vladimir (person)

Daniel, Alexander (person)

Gamsaxurdia, Zviad, 1939-1993 (person)

Seferov, Ridvan (person)

Vladimir Prison (corporateBody)

Marsall, Artur (person)

Fertikh, Ivan (person)

Belogorodskaya, Irina (person)

Elena Stroyeva (person)

Razveyev, Boris (person)

Nikorshchina (corporateBody)

Albertas Zilinskas (person)

Suslensky, Yakov (person)

Mikhel, A. (person)

Sakalys, V (person)

Rubin, Vitaly & Ina (person)

Aid Fund. (corporateBody)

Volpin, Alexander (person)

Statkevicius, Algirdas (person)

Mordovian Camp, Camp no 1 (corporateBody)

Belov, Zhenya (person)

Gatanov, Tserendzab (person)

Possev Verlag (person)

Ufa (Bashkira) (person)

Ginzburg, Alyosha (person)

Sknarev, Alexander I. (person)

Zavurov, Amner (person)

Kalep, Veljo (person)

Kochubievsky, Boris (person)

Ogurtsov, Igor V. (person)

Litvinov, Misha & Flora (person)

Evgeny Obertas (person)

Leningrad Pychiatric Hospital (corporateBody)

Navickaite, Genovaite (person)

D F Konkin (person)

Bayeva, Tanya (person)

Sergei Kazilo. (person)

Mikhel, Nina F. (person)

Kovalyov, Sergei (person)

Kashirin, Alexander (person)

Helsinki Group (corporateBody)

Listening Device (corporateBody)

Sasnauskaite, Leonora (person)

Vinnitsa Region(?). (person)

Krylsky, Yan (person)

Litvinov Daniela (person)

Roginsky, Arseny (person)

Vinokurov, Evgeny (person)

La Pense Russe (corporateBody)

Bukovskiĭ, Vladimir Konstantinovich, 1942- (person)

Popadyuk, Zoryan (person)

Soroka, Mykhaylo (person)

Ulle (person)

Vladimir Borisov (person)

Korenblit, Lev L. (person)

Lyubarsky, Kronid (person)

Podrabinek, Pinkhos A. (person)

Victor P Nekrasov (person)

Lukauskaite-Poskii, Ona (person)

Ermolayev, Sergei (person)

Podrabinek, Alla (person)

Stanclyte, Jadvyga (person)

Zinoviev, Dr Alexander (person)

Reimer, Heinrich (person)

Soviet Post Offices (corporateBody)

Sarbayeva, Larissa (person)

Mitskevich, Valentin & N. (person)

Titov, Yuri, 1935- (person)

Bogoraz, Larisa (person)

Lazareva, Natalya (person)

Kochur, Grigory (person)

Ditta. (person)

Chertkova, Anna (person)

Irina Grivnina (person)

Davydova, Sanya (person)

Steponavicius, Bishop Julijonas (person)

L. Laurinskas. (person)

Lithuanian Information Centre (corporateBody)

Matveyev (person)

Shevchenko, Alexander (Oles) Evgene (person)

Varato, Arvo (person)

Menders, Dr Fritz (person)

Kazansky, Academician (person)

Lyubarsky, Lazar (person)

Konovalikhin, Vadim & Tanya (person)

Shpilberg, Aron (person)

Lutsker, Mark (person)

Velavicius, Rev Vincas (person)

Yury Osmanov (person)

Krasnoyarsk, KGB HQ (corporateBody)

Fleishgakker, M (person)

Korzhanets, Lidia (person)

Gershovich, Vladimir (person)

Vorboyov, Oleg (person)

Jursa, Napoleonas (person)

Vins, Pyotr G. (person)

Batovrin, Sergei (person)

Abdullayev, Ablyaz (person)

Nikolayev, Evgeny (person)

Shilo, Vladimir Dmitrievich (person)

Menshagin, Boris Georgiyevich (person)

Makov, Sergei (person)

Kornblit, Mira (person)

Pauls, Ivan (person)

Simas Kudirka (person)

Afanasev, Vladimir (person)

Pavlenkova, Svetlana (person)

Fyodorova, Irina (person)

Zaitseva, Lyudmila & Larissa (person)

Roitburd, Lev (person)

Irina Ginzburg (person)

Het, Ivan (person)

Savelev, Pavel (person)

Mlasekera Yu. (person)

Zisels, Irena (person)

Julia Zaks. (person)

Gulya, Roman (person)

Grimm, Yuri (person)

Litvin, Yury (person)

Svetlana Pavlenkov. (person)

Kiselev, Yuri (person)

Igrunov, Vyacheslav (person)

Mikhailov, Georgy (person)

Refusnik, Odessa (person)

Stolbovaya Psychiatric hospital (corporateBody)

Matyash, Irina (person)

Nina Komarova (person)

Agapova, Antonina (person)

Vladimov, Georgy (person)

Koch, Ida (person)

Bakhmin, Vyacheslav (person)

Velikanova, Ksenia (person)

Giorgi Eristavi (person)

Lesiv, Yaroslav (person)

Petrenko, Grigory Aleksandrovich (person)

Lyuda Alekseyeva. (person)

Ivasyuk, Vladimir (person)

Bek, Alexander (person)

Rostislav Evdokimov (person)

Khodorovich, Tatyana (person)

Erofeyev, Venedikt (person)

Lysenko, Pavel (person)

Victor Rtskhiladze (person)

Dzhemilev, Rosa (person)

Ulanovskaya, Nadazhda (person)

Murashkink, Vladimir (person)

Vyacheslav Bakhmin. (person)

Evgeny Nikolayev (person)

Gennady Kryuchkov (person)

Levin, Arkady (person)

Ira Korsunskaya (person)

Vytautas Grigas (person)

Cidzikas, Petras (person)

Shalamov, Varlam (person)

Bumeisters, Juris (person)

Rozenoev, Sergei (person)

Makarenko, Olga (person)

Tsitlionok, Boris (person)

Badze, Yury (person)

Aidov, Vyacheslav (person)

Goretoi, Bishop Nikolai (person)

Pavlenkov, Vladlen (person)

Rytikov, Pavel (person)

Paradzhanov, Sergeĭ, 1924-1990 (person)

KGB HQ, Vilnius (corporateBody)

Seitmuratova, Aishe (person)

Ihor Kalynets. (person)

Chornovil, Vyacheslav (person)

Lein, Evgeny (person)

Slava Bakhmin (person)

Lysenko, Anatoly (person)

Morozov, Dr G. V. (person)

Nashpitz, Mark (person)

Pavel Rytikov (person)

Melnichuk, Taras (person)

Yagman, Lev N. (person)

Bergman, Peter (person)

Dr Anatoli Koryagin (person)

Mikhalashvili, Albert (person)

Godyak, Valery (person)

Menkhard, Yurka (person)

Karpenko, Valentin (person)

Osya (person)

David Koop (person)

Zalmanson, Vulf (person)

Plyushch, Leonid, 1939- (person)

Valdmann, Juhan (person)

Finkelshtein, Eitan (person)

Niklus, Mart (person)

Sasnauskas, Julijus (person)

Gabovich, Evgeny (person)

Begun, Barukh & Barak (person)

Babitsky, Fyodor (person)

Palatnik, Katya (person)

Opie, John Lindsay, 19..?-.... (person)

Brodskiĭ, V. E. (Vladimir Evseevich) (person)

Semchenko, Alexander (person)

Yakunin, Fr Gleb (person)

Zeitullayev, Haydar (person)

Nazaryan, Robert (person)

Rev K Garuckas (person)

Vilig, Alexander (person)

Nekhotin, Sergei (person)

Tsern, Valery (person)

Lapovskya, Fr Valeri (person)

Sichko, Vasily (person)

Maria Petrenko-Podyapolskaya. (person)

Serebryakova, Dr Zoya (person)

Berman, Grigori (person)

Shikhanovich, Yury (person)

Medvedev, Zhores A., 1925- (person)

Russian scientist and dissident. From the description of Postcard, 1970 June 29, Kaluga, U.S.S.R., to F. C. Steward [manuscript]. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647804981 ...

Antanas Kalinauskas (person)

Reitman, Mark (person)

Perm camp, Camp no 36 (corporateBody)

Gorky (person)

Tilgals, Maris (person)

Lithuanian Helsinki (corporateBody)

Kheifets, Mikhail R. (person)

V, Kirill (person)

Oksman, Julian (person)

Ukhtomskaya, Galina (person)

T. Zaochnaya (person)

Khailo, Vladimir Pavlovich (person)

Vasiliev, Victor (person)

Svetlana Kirichenko (person)

Kheifets, Natasha (person)

Linitsky, Vitali (person)

Chuprina, Anna (person)

Working Commission to Investigate the Use of Psychiatry for Political Purposes. (corporateBody)

Vagin, Evgeny A. (person)

Lev Kopelev (person)

Pesti, Arvo, 1956- (person)

Zekimov, Yakub (person)

Gabai, Galina (person)

Ivanova, Faina (person)

Dr Alexander Voloshanovich (person)

Kuibyshev (person)

Abibullayev, Ibraim (person)

Zekeryayev, Idrie (person)

Burmistrovich, Ilya (person)

Podyapolskaya, Maria Petrenko (person)

Angete (person)

Tokayuk, Grigori Alexandrovich (person)

Dudko, Fr. Dmitri (person)

Kizelov, Fedor (person)

Malinkovich, Vladimir (person)

Mordovian camp, Camp no 11 (corporateBody)

Dr Marina Voikhanskaya (person)

Kalnins, Victor (person)

Belorusets, Mark (person)

Ermogen, Archbishop (person)

Galetskaya, Galina (person)

Tanya Tsigolia (person)

Zheludkov, Fr Sergei (person)

Abduldzhemil Mustafayev (person)

Baturina, Valentina (person)

Yury P Fyodorov (person)

Daniel, Sasha (person)

Mikhail Kalik (person)

Pyatigorsky, Alexander (person)

Orlov, Alexander Y. (person)

Alexander Shuster (person)

V I Klimov (person)

Titov, Yury (person)

Osipchuk, Zinovya (person)

Agursky, Mikhail (person)

Grigory Podyapolsky (person)

Lepshin, Ilya (person)

Dr Ternovsky (person)

Lavut, Alexander & Serafima (person)

Shimanov, Gennady (person)

Khristinich, Bogdan (person)

Natlya Slepyan (person)

Parek, Lagle, 1941- (person)

Zubko, Stanislav (person)

Svetov, Felix (person)

Furlet, Sofia (person)

Eshliman, Fr Nikolai (person)

Ibramov, Enver (person)

Barabanov, Evgeny (person)

Einasto (person)

Navon, I (person)

Skvirsky, Vladimir (person)

Kalyuzhny, Vladimir (person)

Bella Korchnaya (person)

Grigas, Romualdas. (person)

Verner, Viktor (person)

Chukovsky, Kornei Ivanovich (grave of) (person)

Rybakov, Anatoliĭ, 1911-1998 (person)

Milyavsky, Leonid (person)

Klimanova, Lyudmila (person)

Meremaa, Olev (person)

Goldszmid, Dr Henryk (person)

Islyam Musayev Shevket Beitullayev (person)

Yuskevich, Artem V. (person)

Bobarykin, N. G. (person)

Kornev, Vladimir (person)

Li︠u︡bimov, I︠U︡. (person)

Serbsky Institute of Forensic, Moscow (corporateBody)

Bonnėr, Elena, 1923-2011 (person)

Russian pediatrician and political activist, married to Andrei Sakharov. From the description of Papers, 1930-1993 (Brandeis University Library). WorldCat record id: 77928448 ...

Kadiyev, Rollan (person)

Turensky (person)

Bekirov (person)

Rakhlenko, Yakov (person)

Regelson, Lev (person)

Hannah (person)

Khnokh, Arie Leib (person)

Rerikh, Yu. N. (person)

Fedosseuev, Victor (person)

Yasik (person)

Velikanova, Tatyana Mikhailovna (person)

Zinovy Antonyuk (person)

Dandaron, B. D. (person)

Garuckas S. J., Father Karolis (person)

Veniamin Puzankov (person)

Gluzman, Semyon F. (person)

Butyrka Investigation Prison, Moscow (corporateBody)

G. Podyapolsky. (person)

Krivulin, Viktor (person)

Ex-Major General Pyotr Grigorenko (person)

Ginzburg, Irina (person)

Roman Rutman (person)

Grisha Feigin (person)

Fyodorov, Yury P. (person)

Kerbel, Adele & Mikhail (person)

Klimanskis, Pronas (person)

Abduramanov, Ahmet (person)

Antonyuk, Zinovy (person)

Khumago, Elena (person)

Ilya Levin. (person)

Voronina, Lydia (person)

Stashko, Mikhail (person)

Vala (person)

Ivan Kovalev (person)

Vartanyan, Professor Marat E. (person)

Gunta (person)

Podrabinek, Aleksandr, 1953- (person)

Superfin, Gabriel (person)

Viktor Nekipelov's (person)

Sapoka, Fr Leonas (person)

Janusz Korczak. (person)

Isolda (person)

Ivanchenko, A. (person)

Lyudmila Ginzburg (person)

Belov, Yury & Vera (person)

Raiz, Vladimir & Karmela (person)

Laurinavicius, Rev Bronius (person)

Vytautas Bastys. (person)

Rozkalns, Gunte (person)

Vudka, Yuri (person)

Los, Tamara (person)

Vladimir Slepak (person)

Christian committee for the defense of believers. (corporateBody)

G Rickevicius (person)

Grigorenko, Major General Pyotr G. (person)

Stasiv-Kalynets (person)

Essas, Ilya (person)

Khanefi. (person)

Lisovoi, Vasyl S. (person)

Kevin Klose (person)

Shukhevych, Yury (person)

Svetlychnaya, Nadia (person)

Men, Fr Alexander (person)

Jurevicius, Mecislovas (person)

Rev Karolis Garuskas (person)

Jonas Basanavicius (person)

Soroka, Stepan Klimentevich (person)

Karavansky, Svyatoslav (person)

Khusainov, Faizulla (person)

Osadchy, Mykhailo (person)

Snezhnevsky, Prof. Andrei V. (person)

Aliyev, Fedi (person)

Lisovskaya, Nina Petrovna (person)

Genkin, Sergei (person)

Irina Kaplun (person)

Dagdzhiev, Ali-Riza (person)

Tarkovskiĭ, Andreĭ Arsenʹevich, 1932-1986 (person)

Ariah (person)

Tamkevicius, Fr Sigitas (person)

Vasya (person)

Bakhmin, Andrei (person)

Barina, Ekaterina (person)

Fain, Benyamin (person)

Fleishgakkers (person)

Shkolnik, Isaac (person)

Volungevicius, Jonas (person)

Amalrik, Andrei & Gyuzel (person)

Nedrobova, Marina (person)

Bonnėr, Elena, 1923-2011 (person)

Russian pediatrician and political activist, married to Andrei Sakharov. From the description of Papers, 1930-1993 (Brandeis University Library). WorldCat record id: 77928448 ...

Konkin, D. F. (person)

Mykola Rudenko (person)

Davarashvili, Boris (person)

Fr L Laurinskas (person)

Leonid Plyushch. (person)

Venediktov, Dr. Dmitry (person)

Akhonen, Heiki (person)

Dombrovskiĭ, I︠U︡riĭ Osipovich (person)

Altonyan, Genrikh (person)

Platonov, Vyacheslav (person)

Boris Tsukerman (person)

Davidov, Children (person)

Central Committee of the Ukraine Komsomol (corporateBody)

Gulya, Anna (person)

Litvinov, Misha (person)

Yankov, Dmitry (person)

Hasuik, Yaroslav (person)

Lerner, Alexander (person)

Moscow Helsinki group (corporateBody)

Ryskal, Anatoly (person)

Capt. Alexei Galperovich (person)

Novodvorskaya, Valeria (person)

Y Ivanov camp (corporateBody)

Fedorenko, Vasily Petrovich (person)

Grivnina, Irina (person)

Glezer, Ilya (person)

Testing Institute (corporateBody)

Fyodor Kuskin (person)

Kosharovsky, Yuli (person)

Vitkauskaite, Ona (person)

Mityashin, Boris (person)

Strutinsky, Ivan (person)

Schmerler, Israel (person)

Neplekhovich (Grivnina), Masha (person)

Nozhkin, M. (person)

Filimonov, Vadim (person)

Algimantas Andreika (person)

Gross, Heinrich (person)

Podrabinyek, Alexander (person)

Mtaulionis, Kastytis (person)

Kallistratova, Sofia (person)

Mr Lasse Traedal (person)

Krasin, Viktor. (person)

Patrushev, Vasily F. (person)

Nimirinskaya, Nelli (person)

V, Tatyana (person)

Marin, Serafim Ivanovich (person)

Nastya Podyapolskaya. (person)

Lovkaitis, Vatlava (person)

Shults, Valdemar (person)

Spalin, Arnold (person)

Danilyuk, Ivan Filaretovich (person)

Petkus, Viktoras. (person)

Yakir, Pyotr (person)

Miurentas, Algirdas (person)

Davidovich, Yefim (person)