My life in Germany contest, 1940.


My life in Germany contest, 1940.

Autobiographical essays submitted for a Harvard-sponsored contest by those who lived in Germany in 1933.

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Menzel, Rudolfine (person)

Stuebs, Albin (person)

Nothdurft, Erich. (person)

Gottlieb, Max (person)

Jahndorf, Ernst. (person)

Rodeck, Fred D. (person)

Steinfeld, Gerhard. (person)

Günzberger, Siegmund. (person)

Kromayer, H. E. (person)

Wolf, Hermann (person)

Mann, Edith Weiss. (person)

Lewinsohn, Marthe. (person)

Albert, Henry. (person)

Geffner, Max (person)

Dienemann, Mally (person)

Flynn, Lillian. (person)

Brüll, Paul. (person)

Flambo, Hubertus. (person)

Kretschmer, Julian. (person)

Bach, David Josef (person)

Apothaker, Harry. (person)

Hecht, Carl (person)

Pfeffer, Gerta. (person)

Meiers, J. (person)

Schubert, Franziska. (person)

Kekone, Pauline. (person)

Kronenberg, Max (person)

Benk, Willy. (person)

Hempel. E, C. (person)

Koganowsky, Maximilian Georg. (person)

Frank, Ernest (person)

Levy, Leopold. (person)

Bandmann, Otto, 1886-approximately 1944 (person)

Paeschke, Carl (person)

Albersheim, Erna. (person)

Czuczka, Fritz (person)

Gottschalk, Friedrich (person)

Klein, Hans C. (person)

Kaufman, Harry, 1894-1961 (person)

Kaufman was born on Sept. 6, 1894 in New York City; he was a pianist and music teacher at the Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia; for 17 years he headed the Dept. of Accompanying, during the time his former piano teacher Joseph Hofman was director of the Institute; he had a career as a piano soloist with orchestras in the US and Europe, and accompanied such artists as Joseph Szigeti, Toscha Seidel, Nathan Milstein, George London, William Primrose, and others; he died on Aug. 21, 1961. ...

Reuss, F. S. (person)

Necheles, Henrietta. (person)

Kurz, Emil (person)

Hay, John (person)

Epithet: Rear-Admiral 1851 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000303.0x000236 Epithet: Rear-Admiral; CB 1837 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000303.0x000237 Epithet: Jesuit; Rector of Pont-à-Mousson College, in Lorraine British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_10000000...

Beigel, Hugo (person)

Gyssling, Walter (person)

Geisler, Marianne (person)

Walter, Rudolf, 1946- (person)

Herz, Sofoni. (person)

Popper, Lotte. (person)

Fleischer, George. (person)

Deutsch, Vera. (person)

Kastan, Max (person)

Stein, Herbert. (person)

Bornstein, Willy. (person)

Old Glory. E. (person)

Brehme, Claire Eichbaum. (person)

Short, Howard E. (Howard Elmo) (person)

Hellwig, Verena. (person)

Bauer, Anton (person)

Taut, Lore. (person)

Neumann, Siegfried (person)

Kalisher, Marianne. (person)

Wolff-Arndt, Philippine (person)

Saunders, Anna F. (person)

Gebhard, Bruno (person)

Nielsen, Borge. (person)

Spiegel, Walter (person)

Elzholz, Paul H. (person)

Miedzwinski, Gerhard. (person)

Ballak, Ernst. (person)

Schwartz, Oscar. (person)

Harpuder, Erich. (person)

Boehm, ... (person)

Lederer, Gertrude Wickerhauser. (person)

Rosenthal, Henry. (person)

Neumann, Martha (person)

Blum, Julius P. (person)

Rosenmann, Wilhelmine. (person)

Schreier, Fritz (person)

Schneider, Helene (person)

Sabatzky, Kurt (person)

Jaray, Stephen W. (person)

Diel, Paul, 1893-1972 (person)

Schwartzert, Ernst. (person)

Rie, Robert, 1904- (person)

Chorin, Schalom ben. (person)

Kahler, Maria. (person)

Thieme, Karl Otto. (person)

Papanek-Akselrad, Rose Marie. (person)

Heilpern, Edmund P. (person)

Wolff, S. (person)

Kranzler, George, 1916- (person)

Ottenheimer, Elsie. (person)

Arrington, Miriam. (person)

Loewenberg, Ernst (person)

The Jewish educator and writer Meier Spanier was born in Wunstorf, Lower Saxony in 1864. 1900-1911 he was headmaster of the Jewish teachers seminary in Muenster, before moving to Berlin, where he was the director of a Jewish girls’ school. In 1942 he committed suicide to escape deportation. Meier Spanier had one son, the dentist Hans Lothar Spanier. From the guide to the Meier Spanier Collection., (Leo Baeck Institute Archives) Jakob Loewenberg was born on March...

Lahmann, Otto (person)

Bing, Rudolf, 1902-1997 (person)

General manager of the Metropolitan Opera. From the description of Rudolf Bing letter to Hubert Pryor, 1951 Sept. 4. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 614998562 Bing was the general manager of the Metropolitan Opera from 1950 to 1972. From the description of Correspondence from Alma Mahler, n. d. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155862944 Epithet: KBE, impresario British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Perso...

Linde, Bruno C. (person)

Axelrath, Elsie. (person)

Siemsen, Anna (person)

Marx, Otto (person)

Bergen, Dita. (person)

Spitz, Reinhold. (person)

Altmann, Eugen (person)

Baer, Ernst (person)

Hallgarten, Constance. (person)

Kaufman, Hans. (person)

Paschkis, Victor. (person)

Ignotus, active 1763 (person)

Freudenheim, Martin (person)

Berger, Moritz (person)

Leichtentritt, Hugo (person)

Materials consist of two manuscripts: one is apparently the first version of the overture (24 p.); the second is the revised and completed version (52 p.).--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Ouverture zu einem Trauerspiel : für grosses Orchester / H. Leichtentritt. 1898. (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 77499610 Biographical Note 1874, Jan. 1 ...

Ganser, Harald. (person)

Munk, Erich. (person)

Sevin, Barbara (person)

Sorkin, Charles. (person)

Neustätter, Otto, 1870- (person)

Donath, Maria. (person)

Ahronheim, Charles. (person)

Koch, F. (person)

Rosenthal, Walter (person)

Levy, Joseph B. (person)

Lenneberg, Robert (person)

Scherzer, Oskar (person)

Lichtenstein, Heinrich F. (person)

Steinbrüchner, Hans. (person)

Blumens, Siegfried. (person)

Hirschberg, Max (person)

Wolf, Richard (person)

Glaser, Julius, 1831-1885 (person)

Fechenbach, Irma. (person)

Littauer, Margot. (person)

Berwin, Beate Clara. (person)

Dinkel, L. M. (person)

Breuer, Robert, 1878-1943 (person)

Vogel, Julius (person)

Linauer, Rudolf von. (person)

Dreyfuss, Albert (person)

Kamm, Berta S. (person)

Stern, Fritz (person)

Braasch, Elisabeth. (person)

Herrmann, Ludwig (person)

Angel (person)

Löwith, Karl, 1897-1973 (person)

Wysbar, Eva. (person)

Yourgrau, Wolfgang. (person)

Wolfgang H.J. Yourgrau (1908-1979) served as Professor of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Denver, Denver, Colo. He was associated with the University from 1963-1978. He also served as Chair of the Philosophy Dept. and was a member of the History Dept. He earned his Ph. D. in physics from Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany in 1932. During the World War II, Yourgrau edited an anti-fascist German-language weekly, The Orient. He earned the Einstein Medal in 1970 for his work...


Spera, Helen Hirsch. (person)

Riederer, Willibald. (person)

Krug, Lily S. (person)

Friedwald, Adolph. (person)

Moses, Hugo. (person)

Reiner, Max, 1900-1985 (person)

Bartels, Elisabeth (person)

Steiner, Margarete (person)

Liepmann, Rudolf (person)

Nord, Walter (person)

Burger, Ada. (person)

Worm, Fritz (person)

R., Mrs. J. S. (person)

Spiess, Margarete. (person)

Breusch, Robert. (person)

Bohn, Alida C. (person)

Drexler, Elizabeth (person)

Bluhm, Arthur. (person)

Dudek, Erich. (person)

Samuel, Arthur (person)

Oppler, Alfred C. (Alfred Christian), 1893-1982 (person)

Biographical note: German emigre jurist and administrator. He was born in Thionville, Alsace-Lorraine and studied law and political science ast the universities of Munich, Freiburg, Berlin, and Strasslburg. His German career included service in the Prussian Ministry of Finances at Berlin, 1923-27; and as a associate justice of the Prussian Supreme Administrative Court and vice president of the Prussian Supreme Disciplinary Court, 1931-35. Oppler immigrated to the United ...

Elkan, Wolf. (person)

Stein, Erica. (person)

Behrendt, Hans (person)

Wolfram, Annemarie. (person)

Glas, Emil (person)

Laué, Ruth Heidi. (person)

Baerwald, Alice. (person)

Litterer, Gisa Bergmann. (person)

Goldman, Leopold. (person)

Kirschnek, Jean. (person)

Lange, Helen. (person)

Haynes, Edna M. (person)

Solon, Fritz. (person)

Weil, Frederick (person)

Reinheimmer, Hans (person)

Aust, Joseph. (person)

Meissner, Kurt (person)

Spiegel, Margot. (person)

Rathgeber, Ernst (person)

Frankental, Kate. (person)

Loew, Siegfried. (person)

Sass, Karl (person)

Kessel, Susan. (person)

Abraham, George (person)

Citron, W. M. (person)

Lohr, Ida Fanny. (person)

Müller, Gerhard, 1912 April 18- (person)

Lessler, Toni H. (person)

Zeitlin, Egon (person)

Mannes, Bruno. (person)

Moses, Margaret (person)

Krichtensen, Hermann. (person)

Friedländer, Karl. (person)

Wenzel, Hilde (person)

Fabian, Alfred (person)

Auernheimer, Raoul, 1876-1948 (person)

Epithet: dramatist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000696.0x000025 Irene Beate Auernheimer is Raoul's wife. From the description of Correspondence with Alma Mahler and Franz Werfel, 1935-1948. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155862855 ...

Richter, Werner (person)

Tobias, Paula. (person)

Oppenheimer, Mara. (person)

Marcus, Ernst (person)

Broh, James (person)

Kastan, Benno (person)

Sakheim, Leon. (person)

Schloss, Oscar. (person)

Devereux, George, 1908-1985 (person)

Weiss, Hilda. (person)

Tischler, Richard (person)

Ibson, Henry. (person)

Falkenfeld, Hellmuth. (person)

Federlein, Eugene. (person)

Gottheil, Walter (person)

Fiedler, Kuno (person)

Shiller, Hettie. (person)

Kollander, David. (person)

Grünebaum, Leo. (person)

Grunberg, Emile (person)

Goetz, Fritz (person)

Bielchowsky, Edith. (person)

Christoffers, Ella B. (person)

Andermann, Martin. (person)

Polke, Max Moses, 1895- (person)

Kosterlitz, Hans (person)

Bollmann, Hildegard (person)

Daya, Werner M. (person)

Schwabe, Karl (person)

Landau, Edwin (person)

Lawrence, Robert B. (person)

Rosner, Károly (person)

Flesch, Philipp (person)

Philipp Flesch was born on March 2, 1896 in Vienna. When he was eighteen, he volunteered for World War I, where he spent four years in the military. He studied German philology and received his Ph.D. in 1922 with a dissertation on Gerhart Hauptmann. From 1928 to 1938 he taught at several schools in Vienna. He immigrated to the United States via Rotterdam, and arrived in New York on December 30, 1939. Unable to find a teaching position, he studied library science at Columbia University and gradua...

Goldschmidt, Fritz (person)

Schmidt, Gerhard (person)

Peech, Sibyl. (person)

Salzburg, Friedrich. (person)

Rosenthal, Karl (person)

Karl Rosenthal was born in 1889, one of nine children. He studied at the Universities of Berlin and Münster before receiving his doctorate from the University of Cologne. He served as a rabbi in Dortmund, where he met his future wife, Trudie Schuster. They were married shortly before the outbreak of World War I and were on their honeymoon in Norway when Karl was called back to serve in the army. Their first son, Klaus, was born nine months later. Their second son, George, was born i...

Goldstein, Arthur (person)

Rodenbaeck, Louise. (person)

Sichel, Hilda Honneh. (person)

Merecki, Siegfried. (person)

Wurzel, Herman. (person)

Koch, Hilde (person)

Vordtriede, Käthe. (person)

Nathorff, Hertha, 1895-1993 (person)

Born in Laupheim in 1895 as Hertha Einstein (Gerda presumably was the Anglicized name she took on after emigrating to the United States), Nathorff was related to both Albert Einstein and Carl Laemmle. She attended Gymnasium, which unusual for young women at the time, and continued her studies, and eventually became a pediatrician in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Here she met her husband Erich Nathorff, with whom she had one son. In addition to working at Berlin hospitals, they opened their own family p...

Schürmann, Fritz. (person)

Mibberlin, Rafael. (person)

Schapira, David (person)

Bernheim, Hanna. (person)

Wilhelm, Teodoro. (person)

Silberpfennig, Henda. (person)

Steiner, Rudolf, 1964- (person)

Sussman, Walter. (person)

Katz, H. W. (person)

Klugmann, Hermann (person)