Audrey Beck Papers. undated, 1930-1983.


Audrey Beck Papers., undated, 1930-1983.

Audrey Beck Papers. undated, 1930-1983.

Audrey Phillips Beck was born on 6 August 1931, in Brooklyn, New York. Her family moved to Norwalk, Connecticut, where Audrey grew up. In 1949, she entered the University of Connecticut, where she received both her B.A. and M.A. degrees. In 1961, Audrey Beck became a University of Connecticut faculty member in the Economics Department, a position she held for seven years. In 1967, she took a position as economist with the Windham Regional Planning Commission, and was elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives, where she served until 1975. Following her three terms in the House, Beck spent one year as a visiting professor of practical politics at Rutgers University. That same year, she was elected to the Connecticut State Senate, where she sat on the State Senate Education Committee, the Senate Finance Committee, and acted as Assistant Majority Leader from 1977-1983. Audrey Beck died on 11 March 1983, at the age of fifty-one.


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