Spanish Refugee Aid Records Bulk, 1953-1983 1941-2006, (Bulk 1953-1983)


Spanish Refugee Aid Records, Bulk, 1953-1983, 1941-2006, (Bulk 1953-1983)

Spanish Refugee Aid Records Bulk, 1953-1983 1941-2006, (Bulk 1953-1983)

Spanish Refugee Aid (SRA) was founded in 1953 to assist refugees of the Spanish Civil War who were then residing in France. Nancy Macdonald (1910-1996) was the leading figure in the founding of Spanish Refugee Aid and remained at the organization's helm until her retirement in 1983. SRA maintained an office in New York City and coordinated aid efforts in France from Paris, Toulouse and Montauban. Between 1953 and 2006 when SRA, by then a program of the International Rescue Committee, was dissolved, over 5,500 refugees received aid from SRA. The collection includes case files, photographs, and office records consisting of correspondence, administrative files, financial records and clippings. The case files of the Spanish refugees are a rich source of demographic data. Many of the case files also have corresponding photographs. The voluminous correspondence files for both the New York and Toulouse offices highlight the concern of those working in SRA for the needs of the individual refugees, and reveal the contacts and working relationships SRA developed with other aid organizations, political groups and individuals to assist the refugees. Records documenting aid distribution are also extensive. Although the needs of the Spanish refugees were always paramount, the correspondence in the SRA records also reflects the political allegiances of those involved with SRA (as staff, as contacts and as recipients of aid) and of Nancy Macdonald in particular. The SRA records, therefore, provide extensive information not only on Spanish refugees residing in France following the Spanish Civil War, but also on left-wing politics in the United States and Europe from the World War II era through the 1980s.

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Martinez Padilla, Manuel (I) (person)

Villagrasa Samper, Antonio (person)

Bosch Masuet, Marcelino (person)

Mayordomo, Domingo (person)

Artigas, Rafaela (née Arto) (person)

Llansola Renau, Vicente (person)

Careaga Odriozola, Pablo (person)

Barris Fabregas, Florencio (person)

Riera Ordeix, Tomas (person)

Delgado Riu, José (person)

Lopez Fernandez, Sandalio (person)

Rebole Redin, Gabriel (person)

Maigi Ferre, Josefa (née Amposta) (person)

Fernández, Carmen (née Almellones) (person)

de la Osa, Vicenta (née Palomino) (person)

Conesa Collante, Pedro (person)

Perez Gordo, Manuel (person)

Almazor Cascara, Santiago (person)

Inic, Paulette (person)

Martinez San José, Balbina (person)

Calleja Collado, Eduardo (person)

Acon Laguna, Victoriano (person)

Ibanez Allo, Angel (person)

Ruiz Cobo, Severo (I) (person)

Bové Blasi, Francisco (person)

Jorge Comejero, Ernesto (person)

Tarrago, Carmen (née Martinez) (person)

Justo Aler, Inocencio (person)

Ruiz Nello, Luisa (I) (person)

Garcia Cuenca, Pilar (person)

Pablo Palacio, Feliz (person)

Cerezo Garcia, Raimondo (I) (person)

Vazquez Vazquez, Pedro (person)

Garcia Conde, José (person)

Enjuto Rubio, Manuel (person)

Yague, Pablo (person)

Arbona Vidal, Maria (person)

Olucha Marimon, Joaquin (person)

Riudavetz, Maria (person)

Luna Trivino, José Luis (person)

Alsina, Alberto (person)

Lorenzo Ramos, Juan (person)

Rolla, Vicente (person)

Mons, Antoine (person)

Echevarria, Ricardo (person)

Castillo Richarte, Miguel (person)

Perez, Carmen (née Gonzalvo) (person)

Yarza Plana, Natividad (person)

Vila Callis, Salvador (person)

Masvezy Gomez, Fernande (person)

Ripoll, Adelina (person)

Liedana, Maria (née Lizana) (person)

Padros, Josefa (née Corominas Macia) (person)

Rionda, Ricardo (person)

Martinez, Félicie (person)

Solera Nieto, Feliciano (person)

Luengas Arriortua, Miguel (person)

Llonga, Emilia (person)

Llop Feliz, Miguel (person)

Mas, Juan (person)

Albareda, Dolores (person)

Ascaso, Tomasa (person)

Climent Martinez, Antonio (person)

Borras Grino, Ramon (person)

Riudavetz Recurt, Francisco (person)

Seone, Luisa (née Gareta) (person)

Gerona, Antonia (née Agut) (person)

Villalba, Consuelo (née Sanchez) (person)

Ruiz Ruiz, Antonio. (person)

Mediavilla, Luis (person)

Carcel Gonzalez, Amancio (person)

Sanchez, Salvador (person)

Fano Aresti, Emilio (person)

Rodriguez Gomez, Antonio (person)

Alaiz y Pablo, Felipe (person)

Saez, Maria (née Puerta Molina) (person)

Rodriguez Fernandez, Ignacio (person)

Aranda, Maria (person)

Lombera Lavin, Francisco (person)

Gracia, Yvonne (née Perrin) (person)

Martinez Segura, Pedro (person)

Papiol Reventos, Joaquin (person)

Vidal, Antonio, 1928- (person)

Soto Sanchez, Francisco (person)

Junqueras Bosch, Gil (person)

Etxebarria Garitacelaya, Guillermo (person)

Serra Tubau, Ramon (person)

Mestre, Manuel (person)

Bardonaba Andres, Emilio (person)

Ramos Gonzalez, Benigno (person)

Ysequilla Ysequilla, Francisco (person)

Abad Gutierrez, Mario (person)

Caparros Rodriguez, Francisco (person)

Perez Sanchez, Antonio (person)

Quintanilla, Nieves (née Olartecoechea) (person)

Besa Espi, Bernardo (person)

Bach-Esteve Mon, Fernando (person)

Sanchez, Juan (person)

Epithet: public notary British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000409.0x0001cb ...

Gainza, Miguel (person)

Blanco Escudéro, Eugénio (person)

Rodriguez Diaz, José (person)

Alvarez Garcia, Pauline (person)

Tapias, Thomas (person)

Simarro Valero, Francisco (person)

Valles Emperador, Antonio (person)

Valdés Sanchez, José (person)

Hernández, Emeterio (person)

Jimenez Herrero, Miguel (person)

Soler Bertomeu, José (person)

Anoro Degracia, Juan (person)

Casassas Mestres, Carmen (person)

Flores, Carlota (née Blanco) (person)

Bueno, Ana (née Nunes Predosa) (person)

Rivero Rivero, Vicente (person)

Gracia, Pascuala (person)

Vera Guerrero, Pedro (person)

Carrion, Telesforo (person)

Garcia del Apio, Pio Luis (person)

Trivino, Anita (née Soto) (person)

Valiente, Francisca. (person)

Alvarez Pastor, Julio (person)

Ochoa Onandia, Esteban (person)

Fernandez y Fernandez, Sagrario (person)

Gomez, Mia Teresa (person)

Escude, P? (person)

Bergareche Bergareche, José (person)

Serra Oliva, Antonio (person)

Marti Solé, Andrés (person)

Pinos Vidal, Francisco (person)

Marmol Millan, Francisco (person)

Garrofe, Batiste (person)

Canto, Maria Luisa (person)

Muneca, Silverio (person)

Tudela Corbalán, Pedro (person)

Gomez Torres, Domingo (person)

Varela Puente, Anselmo (person)

Castillo Villanueva, Ignacio (person)

Belmonte Garcia, José (person)

Esquerra, José (person)

Castella Montaner, Teresa (person)

Polo Pulgar, Basilio (person)

Culla, Teresa (née Suan) (person)

Nunez Alonso, Petre (person)

Abenia, Pilar (née Alonso Usón) (person)

Guiraud Pujol, Dolores (person)

Catalan Portoles, Faustino (person)

Vivancos Muños, Mateo (person)

Almaden Rodriguez, Cecilia (née Orgaz) (person)

Meseguer Bayeza, Antonio (person)

Murria Anglada, Joaquin (person)

Redondo Garcia, Carolina (person)

Jara Saguar, Longinos (person)

Caraballo, Antonia (person)

Peralta, Michela (née Ezquerra Roya) (person)

Bernabeu Perez, Antonio (person)

Garcia, Margarita (person)

Lopez, Nieto Gerardo (person)

Suarez Vigil, Pedro (person)

Llatge Beltran, Pascual (person)

Pequerul, Agustina (née Clavero) (person)

Soria Maseda, Ramon (person)

Buils, Dionisio (person)

Lopez Casas, Martin (person)

Hevia Díaz, Cándido (person)

Pastor Puigosiol, Dolores (person)

Torres Villasanz, Julian (person)

Iso Lamarca, Martin (person)

Garcia Gimenez, Manuel (person)

Santamera Rondon, Ceferino (person)

Palomar Piqueras, Alfredo (person)

Fernandez Menendez, José-Luis (person)

Bueno Marin, Serafin (person)

Calera, Martin (person)

Ferri Martinez, Vicente (person)

Gimeno Monsillon, Olga (person)

Lopez, Josephine (née Alcazar) (person)

Munoz de la Rubia, Pedro (person)

Pasanou Garcia, Tomas (person)

Manzanera Esteller, Vicente (person)

Blaya, Florentina (person)

Suarez Ahedo, José (person)

Garcia Alvarez, Angel (person)

Toy, Luis (person)

Tarraso Sanchis, Louis (person)

Vigo, Dolores (née Garcia) (person)

Duran Giralt, José (person)

Moncasi, Nieves (née Badia) (person)

Sadacca Crespi, Haim (person)

Vasques Guarido, Juan (person)

Agudo, Pedro (person)

Guinovart Barenys, Alfonso (person)

Molist-Estalella, Jaime Jacques (person)

Cubells Porta, José (person)

Mur Andreu, José (person)

Rebelles Perez, Saturnino (person)

Zapirain Goicoechea, Antonio (person)

Solanes, Isidro (person)

Torras, Pedro (person)

Vidal, Dolores (née Gonzalez) (person)

Sureda, Joaquin (person)

Fernandez, Santos (person)

Rosell Ingles, José (person)

Barbosa Correa, Ricardo (person)

Obrador, Martin (person)

Muñoz Rebolla, Gregorio (person)

Gomez, Violeta (person)

Aragues Salillas, Baltasar (person)

Angel Soler, Mariano (person)

San Pascual, Gonzalo (person)

Morera Fernandez, Manuel (person)

Misas Gil, Julio (person)

Altisen Alcadia, José (person)

Verde Olmedo, Luis (person)

Garcia, Carmen (née Gil Navarro) (person)

Manero Gascon, Valero (person)

Sagrera Oms, Marie-Antoinette (person)

Toro-Muriel, Manuel (person)

Castan, Alejandro (person)

Perez Palacio, Francisco (person)

Miron Bosque, Joaquin (person)

Margalef Castellvi, Emilio (person)

de la Serna Rodriguez, Aurora (person)

Paredes, José (person)

Esteban Gil, Felipe (person)

Tomas Pujol, Salvador (person)

Cañas Espinosa, Eustaquio (person)

Portero Granados, Maria (person)

Moya Sanchez, Valentin (person)

Basterrechea Aranguena, Ascencio (person)

Calero Milane, Rosario (person)

Penalver, Elios (person)

Domenech Casas, José (person)

Calero Jurado, Domingo (person)

Sempere Bernabeu, Vicente (person)

San José Exposito, Mariano (person)

Moreno Sanchez, Pedro (person)

Oliva, Encarnacion (person)

Perez Pena, Pura (Viuda de Garzon) (person)

Arruego Dubon, Francisco (person)

Ventura Balleste, Antonio (person)

Acitores, Luis (person)

Fernandez Canga, Joaquin (person)

Perez Munoz, Diego (person)

Porcel Zamorano, Juan (person)

Manrique, Agustin (person)

Talaban Parra, ? (person)

Ferrate Baxados, Ricardo (person)

Gulias Otero, Secundio (person)

Caubet Colominas, José (person)

Baños Reina, Ana (person)

Fernandez Garcia, Luis (person)

Olivares Tejeda, Francisco (person)

Fernandez Gomez, Isaura (person)

Arnaiz Gomez, Demetrio (person)

Luri Berisa, Julio (person)

Dominguez Pastor, Emilio (person)

Bosch Fuertes, Jacinto (person)

Truco Barcelo, Francisco (person)

Elias, Antonia (née Pastor) (person)

Baixeras, Luis. (person)

Guit, Madeleine (née Sutra) (person)

Casanova Garcia, Maria (person)

Segura Morera, Luis (person)

Barqueño Burgos, Lucia (person)

Gallego, Maria del Carmen (née Ruiz) (person)

Vidaller Llanas, José (person)

Espinosa Bonillo, Rafael (person)

Lorenzo, Hede (II) (person)

Moncho, Antonio (person)

Perez Alvarez, Ricardo (person)

Sanroma, Nieves (née Gallofre Virgili) (person)

Gallego, Rufino (person)

Baselga, José (person)

Del Rio Marti, Lorenzo (person)

Galdeano Sanchez, Juan (person)

Griot, Alfred (person)

Palacios Abula, Jesus (person)

Lacabra Quintana, Toribio (person)

Martos, Manuel (person)

Murcia, Josefa (person)

Bel Gil, Juan (person)

Ales Diaz, Andres (II) (person)

Zabalia, Emilio (person)

Ribero y Garcia, Esteban (person)

Lamadrid-Rivas, Manuel (person)

Treig, Domingo (person)

Salaber Toa, Mariano (person)

Trapero Garcia, Narciso (person)

Durango, Felipe (person)

Aymami, Thomas (person)

Pallerola, Incarnation (person)

Lafont Vila, José-Miguel (person)

Poyo Lleixi, José (person)

Macdonald, Dwight (person)

Dwight Macdonald was born on March 24, 1906 in New York City. He graduated from Yale University in 1928 (B.A.). He served as associate editor of Fortune Magazine (1929-1936) and editor of the Partisan Review (1937-1943). Macdonald joined the Socialist Workers Party (Trotskyist Party), and was a member from 1939-1941. He published numerous books, articles, and essays in addition to publishing a journal, Politics, from 1944-1949. He also wrote for Esquire and The New Yorker, and publi...

Suarez, Paula (person)

Pagés, Pelegrin (person)

Guiterrez, Angeles (née Lopez) (person)

Cerdan Cerdan, Eutropio (person)

Sallés Ferrell, Antonio (person)

Lopez Martinez, Andres (person)

Zungia Herran, Angel (person)

Marsal, Milagros (Viuda de Agramunt) (person)

Morgades, Antonia (née Morgades) (person)

Alvarez Coque, Juan (person)

Carrillo Cazorla, Maria (person)

Ruiz Conde, Benito (person)

Gomez Martinez, Arelino (person)

Laguna, Pilar (II) (person)

Davia Gil, Antonio (person)

Basols, Isabel (née Buil Espada) (person)

Sanz, José (person)

Fransoy Garcia, Carlos (person)

Juanola Viñas, Josefa (person)

Montes, Maria (person)

Rubio Velasco, Santiago (person)

Laboreo Gonzalvo, Santiago (person)

Torrado Gordillo, Francisco (person)

Fernandez Garcia, Sixto (person)

García Rodriguez, Generoso (person)

Mendez, José (person)

Martinez Yusa, Agustin (person)

Formento Boadilla, Antonio-Manuel (person)

Outeiral Guillan, Manuel (person)

Sorolla, Ambrosio (person)

Sarabitarte Elquezua, Ignacio (person)

Perez Perez, Antonio (person)

Lombarte, Mariano (person)

Avila, Maria (person)

Royo, Natalia (née Tudo) (person)

Reyes Yague, José (person)

Pastor Segui, Antonio (person)

Dauder Guardiola, Jorge (person)

Rull, Antoine (person)

Daura, Amparo (née Arnaz) (person)

Cabrera, Antonia (née Ferrer) (person)

Lopez Lopez, Josefa (person)

Gomez Lopez, Felix (person)

Baquero Martinez, Angel (person)

Palacios, Gregoria (née Revuelta) (person)

Ruiz, Agapita (née Reigadas) (person)

Lopez Martinez, Francisco (person)

Aranda Algantara, Antonio (person)

Llanos Manteca, Francisca (Viuda de Pastor) (person)

Barnes, Juana (person)

Bascones, Pedro (person)

Fragol, Manuela (née Gonzalez) (person)

Lopez, Clemencia (née Dias Aranda) (person)

Otero, Delphine (née Aparicio) (person)

Ruiz, Eduarda (née Vega Sanchez) (I) (person)

Garcia Moreno, Juan (person)

Reyes Luque, Antonio (person)

Estella Pages, Amadeo (person)

Marin Carrion, Angel (person)

Marin, Maria Guadelupe (née Gutierrez Ezquerra) (person)

Seibane Rech, Alfonso (person)

Altafulla Masgrau, Ignacio (person)

Soler Roca, Antonio (person)

Ibanez, Florentin (person)

Zamora Becerra, Teresa (person)

Segura, Louis (person)

Banos Perez, Antonio (person)

Sanchez Castilla, Tomas (person)

Fallo, Guillerma (Viuda de Falco) (person)

Robles Arena, Eufemio (person)

Orts Bou, Antonio (person)

Fraile Sola, Candido (person)

Paredes Navarro, Diego (person)

Bergua Arasanz, Carlos (person)

Clar Alexandre, Joaquin (person)

Espierrez Cancer, Mercedes (person)

Lepine, Madeleine (Viuda de Bosch) (person)

Lopez Oliva, Juan (person)

Saez, Maria (Viuda de Flores) (person)

Paz Perez, Ramon (person)

Pastor Marrahi, Vicente (person)

Martinez, Blanca (née Baset) (person)

Ugalde Gandiaga, Juán (person)

Ribera Badia, José (person)

Jimenez, Miguel (person)

Moulet, Maria (née Gomez Lopez) (person)

Moron, Francisca (person)

Gonzalez Buelga, Celso (person)

Bellavista Giral, Secundina (person)

González, Pepita (née Ancares) (III) (person)

Cucurull Fort, Salvador (person)

Romero, Uriel (person)

Reguera, Esteban (person)

Flores Bautista, Eustaquio (person)

Martin Prieto, Benito (person)

Guillem Enquidanos, Alberto (person)

Sanchez, José (person)

Mangado, Maria (née Viva Saenz) (I) (person)

Garcia, Petra (née Escalona) (person)

Moraques Dolores, Mariano (person)

More Bernad, Florian (person)

Blasco Lacal, Dámaso (person)

Brosset Val, Fidel (person)

Fernandez Pelliser, José (person)

Tejidor, Felix (person)

Selbeto Freixas, José (person)

Baqué Ballve, Carlos (person)

Lopez Gomez, Andre (person)

Ibanez Palomar, Andres (person)

Gamboa Uriarte, Bernarda (person)

Burillo Garcia, José (person)

Ros Oten, Maria (person)

Valle Parejo, Antonio (person)

Zaro Enciso, Juan (person)

Vallejo Cuenca, Teofilo (person)

Sopena, Migela (person)

Salame, Maria (née Monclus) (person)

Gutierrez Carracedo, Victor (person)

Farrell, James T. (James Thomas), 1904-1979 (person)

James T. Farrell (1904-1979) was an Irish-American novelist, short story writer, journalist, travel writer, poet, and literary critic. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, he attended the University of Chicago and published his first short story in 1929. He is best known for his Studs Lonigan trilogy and for his A note on Literary Criticism, in which he described two types of the American Marxist character. From the guide to the James T. Farrell Collection, 1953-1961, (Special Colle...

Miranda Posada, Luciano (person)

Satue Costa, Valentina (person)

Cortes Garcia, Valentin (person)

Ruiz Collado, Angel (person)

Oxfam (corporateBody)

Frutos, Rosalia (née Perez) (person)

Miguel, Antonia (née Mata) (person)

Arjo, Antoine (person)

Solanas, Manuel (person)

Terrén Sánchez, Francisco (person)

Aviles Marcos, Berthe (person)

Lopez Palmoa, José (person)

Torres Torres, Bienvenido (person)

Julian Peira, José (person)

Herrera, Josefa (née Quevedo Diaz) (person)

Lopez Cordon, Fernando (person)

Gil Perez, José (person)

Herrada Buendia, Angeles (person)

Yelle Aristiguieta Egana, Asunción (person)

Marcó Torras, José (person)

Lopez, Emmanuelle (person)

Escartin Coch, Carmen (person)

Castano Rubio, Salvador (person)

Garcia Martinez, Delfin (person)

Martinez Navarro, Juan Bautista (person)

Perez Laborda, Justo (person)

Castro Pozuelo, Crescenciano (person)

Gonzalez Moreno, Antonio (person)

Fernandez Remis, Manuel (II) (person)

Garcia Barcelona, Domingo (person)

Cuadrado-Castillon, Antonio (person)

Ballester Ferre, Vicente (person)

Navarro, Isolina (née Roche) (person)

Prat, Therèse (née Segarra) (person)

Aragones Valmana, Jacinto (person)

Gomez Rodriguez, Julian (person)

Rojo, Carmen (person)

Paez Gomez, Rafael (person)

Arcos Eduardo, Jaime (person)

Raventos Momau, Mateo (person)

Martinez Agut, Manuel (person)

Duras, Enrique (person)

Martinez Alonso, Francisco (person)

Trapero Recuero, Lorenza (person)

Miguel, Maria (née Dolores Solano) (person)

Monroig Boras, Joaquin (person)

Salazar Pinedo, Pedro (person)

Femenia, Josefa (II) (person)

Baqué, Joseph (person)

Munoz Gutierrez, Miguel Teofilo (person)

Zayuelas, Teofilo (person)

Romana Liendo, Antonio (person)

Gutierrez, Esperanza (née Corbacho) (person)

Ramos Galvez, José (person)

Gelabert Ribell, Pedro (person)

Droulin, Mathilde (person)

Lisa Lopez, Calixto (person)

Dominguez, Maria (née Garcia) (person)

Berastegui, Raphael (person)

Cordo Lopez, Carmen (person)

Rincon Molina, Martos (person)

Inza Vaquero, Jesus (person)

Tonijuan, José (person)

Gomez Montero, José (person)

Just, Julio (person)

Finster Gomez, Ramon (person)

Canal Basols, Buenaventura (person)

Latre Rodrigo, Francisco (person)

Tellechea, Ignacio (person)

Murga, Herácleo (person)

Moreno, Francisca (née Bonaque) (person)

Garcia Ontega, Andrés (person)

Samano Calderón, Manuel (person)

Moline Serral, José (person)

Vara Sanchez, Ignacio (person)

Motes Calvo, Palmira (person)

Lago Bianco, Saturnino (person)

Hidalgo Villalon, Justiniano (person)

Huertas Florez, José (person)

Bou Garcia, ? (person)

Taules Villagrasa, Bienvenido (person)

Vidal Aldoma, Ramon (person)

Pages Rey, Pedro (person)

Nebot-Navarro, Lorenzo (person)

Casado, Maria (née Torres Flores) (person)

Anglada Juanola, Juan (person)

Porras Bris, Arturo (person)

Valldenau Mas, François (person)

Andres, Victoria (née Garcia) (person)

González Bargueño, Valeriano (V) (person)

Mestre, Raymond (person)

Tomas Arios, ? (person)

Wachter, Israel (person)

Santiago Rodriguez, José (person)

Puig, Teresa (person)

Garces, Joaquin (person)

Bori Corominas, Ramon (person)

Gambus, Xavier (person)

Albo Cuesta, Pablo (person)

Duran Sanchez, Josephine (person)

Borreda Ferrer, Ramon (person)

Ferrari, Consuelo (person)

Perez, Maria Rosa (née Bories) (person)

Espinasa, Carmen (person)

Poveda Riqueline, Antonío (person)

Ros Fernandez, Antonio (person)

Chamorro, Ana (née Rubio) (person)

Orts, Maria (née Cuenca) (person)

Radigales, Andrea (person)

Blanch, Ramon (person)

Fernandes Sanches, Basilisa (person)

Azuaga Santiago, Francisco (person)

Munoz Marti, Juan (person)

Gonzalez, Maria (née Duran) (person)

Cardona Climat, José (person)

Cruz-Sabalera, Julian José (person)

Porta, Pablo (person)

Prats Bardi, Angela (person)

Apodaca, Clementina (née Lopez) (person)

Rodriguez Pereira, Rufino (person)

Flamenco, Fermin (person)

Yserman Ragma, José (person)

Cabanero, Rufina (née Arnal) (person)

Vicente, Agustin (person)

Ballester Ibanez, José (person)

Santos, Losada (person)

Almohalla Ramos, Diego (person)

Sellart Castello, Marcelino (person)

Ferrer Garcia, Melchor (person)

Martinez, Ruperto (person)

Andres Folgado, Vicente (person)

Jaen Aranda, Antonio (person)

Mateu Serra, Benito (person)

Amutio Tuya, Carlos (person)

Guill, Maria del Carmen (née Peris Olmos) (person)

Sanchez Perez, Fulgencio (person)

Muela, Marina (née Dominguez) (person)

Pardo, Teresa (née Viciano) (person)

Lacambra, Felix (person)

Redondo Garcia, Angel (person)

Fraga Sicilia, Ubaldo (person)

Vitaller Ruiz, Eugenio (person)

Andres Alcazar, Tomas (person)

Rosas, Evsibi (person)

Villa Jabien, Antonio (person)

Altes Sune, Magdalena (person)

Guzman, Ana (née Fiorini) (person)

de Laguia, Eugenio (person)

Alcalde Garcia, Rosendo (person)

Alvarez Manzano, Justo (person)

Mateo Medina, Rufino (person)

Villanueva Garcia, Eladio (person)

Alcubilla Blanco, Maria (person)

Leiva, Pedro (person)

Hidalgo Garcia, Francisco (person)

Del Campo Franco, Emilio (person)

Arnau, Isabel (née Fernandez) (person)

Arnal Campo, Joaquin (person)

Sanz Sanahuja, Rosa (person)

Castellote Benito, Consuelo (person)

González Navarro, Alfonso (person)

Cussi del Valle, José (person)

Sanchez Torico, ? (person)

Miguel Fraile, Rafaêl (person)

Rodriguez Ramirez, Manuel (person)

Rocafull, Joaquin (person)

Ramos Martinez, Elias (person)

Puigblanque, Mariano (person)

Eslava Reyes, Rosario (person)

Diaz Perea, Angel (person)

Lopez, Carmen (née Rodriguez Playa) (person)

Gonzalez, Adelino (person)

Saez de Zaitegui, Jesus (person)

Bautista Tabarna, Celio (person)

Cirera-Manent, Sebastian (person)

Tenreiro, Maria del Carmen (née Cueli Jocha) (person)

Guerrero Almona, José (person)

Leal, Elisa (née Carmona) (person)

Oteiza Basabe, José (person)

Gomez Lopez, Valeriano (person)

Fuertes, Maria (person)

Paredes, Salvadora (née Fernandez Zamora) (person)

Gallego Ponce, Luis (person)

Rueda Berbis, Miguel (person)

Castro, Juana (née Vilaso) (person)

Escridre Gilabert, Miguel (person)

Millan Elipe, Anunciacion (person)

Aguado, Madeleine (née Lafforit) (person)

Santoja Aracil, Vicente (person)

Capdevila Merino, Juan (person)

Chicharro Gamo, José (person)

Llaurado, Antonio (person)

Aguado Valientes, Pablo (person)

Bullido Munoz, Gumersindo (person)

Campo Escalona, Antonio (person)

Burgos, Julio (person)

Fernandez Grandizo Martinez, Manuel (person)

Gijon Criado, Ignacio (person)

Jimenez, Antonio (person)

Martinez Serrano, Ramon (person)

Bielsa Puyuelo, Enrique (person)

Cortes Navajas, Joaquin (person)

Perello Clemente, Jaime (person)

Muñoz Martínez, José (person)

Ruaix Mundus, Juan (person)

Villaverde Alvarez, Ricardo (person)

Sabano, Mme. Manuel (person)

Villagrasa, Concepcion (née Gomez) (person)

Perulero Blanco, Adolfo (person)

Perez Murillo, Juan (person)

Salgado, Ginette (person)

Gutierrez Ruiz, Dionisio (person)

Garcia Cuenca, Enrique (person)

Puigvert Budoy, Simon (person)

Chavarria, Lorenzo (person)

Alonso Fernandez, Damaso (person)

Asenjo, Basilisa (person)

Lopez del Pino, José (person)

Curbi Pons, José (person)

Tejada Gomez, Amadeo (person)

Gimenez, Simon (person)

Carballido Trapiello, Isidore (person)

Labrador, José (person)

Lopez, Clementina (Viuda de Suarez) (person)

Ono Sanchez, Rosario (person)

Fernandez Rodriguez, Jaime (person)

Moreno, Pedro Moreno Aranda (person)

Carvajal, Raimundo (person)

Gimenez, Antonio (person)

Soriano Castellas, José (person)

Olcina Gisberto, Remigio (person)

Cadena Alue, Victor (person)

Torres Montanola, Bautista (person)

Garcia Suarez, Ricardo (person)

Mateu, Francisca (née Conus) (person)

Cobo Bedía, Rosa (person)

Gomez, Pilar (Viuda de Boxaca) (person)

Amigo Martin, Rafael (person)

Lopez Fernandez, Francisco (person)

Villacampa Maza, Ramon (person)

Garrofé Capdevilla, Francisco (person)

Morlans Mauri, Rosa (person)

Rovira Ceda, Jaime (person)

Cintas, Ana Maria (née Carrion) (person)

Montero Cabeza, Luis (person)

Fuentes Moreno, Alfonso (person)

Gallardo I., Francisco (person)

Moreno Palaez, Julio (Jules) (person)

Parras Jerez, Encarnación (person)

Fernandez Rodriguez, José (person)

Gonzalez, America (née Ponce) (person)

Piedrafita Sanclemente, Luis (person)

Perez Merino, Tomás (person)

Poveda Campoy, David (person)

Marquina San Vicente, Julian (person)

Espinosa Gil, Francisco (person)

Izquierdo Heran, Mariano (person)

Conchas Pozas, Antonio (person)

Minarro Molina, Juan (person)

Munoz Canca, José (person)

Insa Vaquero, Jesus (person)

Diez Mediavilla, Enrique (person)

Navarro Gallardo, Diego (person)

Varela, Anselmo (person)

Ariznabarreta Montes, Maria (person)

Trujillo, Miguel (person)

Herrandiz Estalrich, Salvador (person)

Roig, Jacinto (person)

Caceres Barroso, Gabriel (person)

Pastor Velasco, Angel (person)

Roiz Gomez, Eliseo (person)

Vecilla de las Heras, Cesar (person)

Pinillas Alcobendas, Alejandro (person)

Ridorsa Delmar, Esteban (person)

Garcia del Arco, Emiliano (person)

Edo, Vicenta (née de los Angeles) (person)

Magrina, Rene (person)

Vidal Gunfaus, José (person)

Bartomeu Milla, Esteban (person)

Laforga Fort, Ramon (person)

Soriano Martinez, José (person)

Tervel Sanchez, Eustaquio (person)

Blanch, Josefa (née Marine) (person)

Gallego Calcerrada, Tomas (person)

Sabido Azuaga, Ramon (person)

Vilchez, José (person)

Riera Aguilar, Esteban (person)

Santamaria Cortiquera, Roque (person)

Ruiz Lopez, Silverio (person)

Bosch Casella, Narcisse (person)

Recio Nadales, Manuel (person)

Garcia Fernandez, Patricio (person)

Gomez, Isidora (person)

Solans Martín, Lorenzo (person)

Serveto, ? (person)

Selga Vinas, José (person)

Caraballo, Miguel (person)

Salvo Oliveros, Joaquin (person)

Ruiz San Emeterio, Candído (person)

Garcia Palacio, Jaime (person)

Ruiz Trillo, Julien (person)

Recio Hurtado, Gregoria (person)

Montero Sierra, Joaquin (person)

Sanabria Viana, Juan (person)

Aragon Cabezon, Marcos (person)

Serra Oliver, Ramon (person)

Casan Candel, Ignacio (person)

Moreno, Gerardo (person)

MUNOZ, PILAR (person)

Martinez Sansano, Vicente (person)

Torremade Borras, José Maria (person)

Vicens Gironella, Aniceto (person)

Ruiz Gonzalez, Emilio (person)

Garcia Arenas, Agustin (person)

Parra Diaz, Sirio (person)

Calvet, Pilar (née Giral) (person)

Javierre Citoler, Mariano (person)

Lopez Delgado, Santiago (person)

Marti, Benita (née Fernandez Saldana) (person)

Montero Martínez, Francisco (person)

Gali, José (person)

Monera Martinez, José (person)

Angles Hernandez, Francisco (person)

Lazaro López, Felix (person)

Infante Garcia, Rafael (person)

Ozcoz Villa, Maria (née Nerin) (person)

Vallejo Leon, Antonio (person)

Catala Sole, Jean (person)

Arrebola, Marie-Antoinette (née Rouet) (person)

Marques Pons, José (person)

Alcarez, Nemesio (person)

Montserrat Turron, Antonio (person)

Martinez Castaner, Rosalia (person)

Fores Bosch, Angel (person)

Suarez Moran, Ascencion (née Suarez Vinas) (person)

Abella, Balbina (née Sebastia-Marin) (person)

Laria, Antonio (person)

Frejo Antolin, Felipe (person)

Riba, Raphael (person)

Rodriguez Vinolo, José (II) (person)

Canabate, Mercedes (person)

Salas, Isidora (person)

Guinot, Miguel (person)

Arruabarrena, Maria Carmen (person)

Giralda Monjes, Tomas (person)

Condon Zapates, Pablo (person)

Diaz Rodriguez, Armando (person)

Roman, Eulalia (née Texido) (person)

Vives, Consolacion (née Castillo) (person)

Quintana Martinez, Isidro (person)

Gomez de Lara, Francisco (person)

Arguelles Gonzalez, Harmodio (person)

Valbuena Creu, José Maria (person)

Villamor Brunet, Francisco (person)

Sanahuja Roig, José (person)

Lopez Mellado, Manuel (person)

Obiso Urbina, Paulino (person)

Reig Montull, José (person)

Herrero, Maria (née Badal) (person)

Gallardo Segura, Diego (person)

Gomez, Dolores (née Toledo) (person)

Llinares, José (person)

Fernandez Valcarcel, José (person)

Quiros Medina, Aurelio (person)

Soriano Rubio, Joaquin (person)

Garcia Rodriguez, Augusto (person)

Martin, Paulino (person)

Valls Civit, Jaime (person)

Gallego, Geronimo (person)

Robles Araquete, Jesus (person)

Ibarz Bernal, Nicolas (person)

Fuentes, Josefina (née Rocamora) (person)

Gabarrón-Pérez, Juan (person)

Fabrega, Anita (née Melia Marmaneu) (person)

Recalde, María Luisa (person)

Macian Bueno, Mariano (I) (person)

Gomez, Antonia (née Contero) (person)

Viladas Monsonis, Ramon (person)

Garcia Martinez, Claudio (person)

Samit Serrano, Vincent (person)

Murillo, Isabel (née Marquez) (person)

Gonzalez Gonzalez, José (person)

Vidal, Josefa (née Fernandez) (person)

Martinez Perea, Crispiniano (person)

Ruiz Llama, Felix (person)

Cuevas Rumbeu, Enriqueta (person)

Palacin Langa, Juan (person)

Segues Noguero, Ramon (person)

Mompart, Emilia (person)

Val Montull, Andres (person)

Romero Lopez, José (person)

Lopez Perez, José (person)

Argelic Sala, Juan (person)

Ortiz, Francisco (person)

Abella Murt, José (person)

Gonzalez Gutierrez, Maria Luisa (Viuda de Garcia) (person)

Pozo, Dolores (née Galera) (person)

Suarez Gonzalez, Juan Antonio (person)

Olivé, Theresa (person)

Migoya De La Llama, José (person)

Bosch-Domènech, Antoni (person)

Sabalete Jimenez, Manuel (person)

Linares Guerrero, Miguel (person)

Navares Castro, Pristilo (person)

Domingo Navarro, Joaquin (person)

Perez Espinosa, Juan (person)

Mombiela, Francisca (née Crespo) (person)

Estan Frias, Ricardo (II) (person)

Rodriguez Ortiz, Francisco (person)

Miralles Cruz, Manuel (person)

Biosca Galle, Serafin (person)

Rodriguez, Isabel (née Haro) (person)

Diaz Motos, Jesus (person)

Abadia, Filomena (née Rueda) (person)

Sanchez Lucena, Julio (person)

Barrionuevo, Jose (person)

Valles, Joaquina (née Gimenez) (person)

Benitez Sanchez, Enrique (person)

Munoz Fernandez, Carmen (person)

Robles Lopez, José (person)

Brunet, Maria (person)

Rivera Bergada, Ramón (person)

Jordan, Margarita (née Valencia) (person)

Barellas, Joaquina (née Castillon) (person)

Rodriguez Zurco, Fabio (person)

Lacasta Lain, Enrique (person)

Cordo Lopez, José (person)

Casas Romero, Mariano (person)

Anicet, Vicens (person)

Lopez Ortiz, Leopoldo (person)

del Amo Sanz, Francisco (person)

Gonzalez, Jose (person)

Recalde Labarte, Luciano (person)

Vidal Garcia, Pascual (person)

Estebanez Martin, Basilio (person)

Carpena Parra, José Maria (person)

Recasens Farre, Juan (person)

Insa Trullaque, Santiago (person)

Fernandez, Antonio (person)

Perez, Clemente (née Arnal) (person)

Sos, Enriqueta (née Baron Lopez) (person)

Hellin Rodriguez, Libertad (person)

Esparza Gilbert, José (person)

Guerrero, Alejandro or Gonzalo? (person)

Navaur Tejeir, Benedicto (person)

Blanco Ruissanchez, Enrique (person)

Boixasa, Maria (née Casmian) (II) (person)

Arrebola Marmol, Miguel (person)

Sanchez Huertas, Baltasar (person)

Alonso Alonso, Andrea (Viuda de Perodia) (person)

Olivan Escuer, Ignacio (person)

Badia, Agustina (née Cerda) (person)

Torrenti Saundia, José-Maria (person)

Castellano Lopo, Julio (person)

Boada Domenech, Luis (person)

Vidal Palau, Rigoberto (person)

Soriano Azorin, José (person)

Prellezo Gonzalez, Manuela (person)

Andrade, Juan, 1897-1981 (person)

Amenos Gabarro, Angel (person)

Deladio Guasch, Maria (person)

Perez, Alfonso (person)

Gaton Hernando, Carmen (Viuda de Moreno) (person)

Andrada Gayosa, Luis (person)

Gallas, Guillermo (person)

Giral, Concepcion (person)

Escartin, Pascual (person)

Perez, Isabelle (née Jimenez) (person)

Martos Perez, Luis (person)

Lopez Rubio, Mateo Policarpo (person)

Anson, Nicolas (person)

Asensio Lostal, Joaquin (person)

Diaz, Anastasio (person)

Hernandez, Cristobal (person)

Blanco, Hilario (person)

Wintzer, Juana (née Palou) (person)

Valdez Rendueles, José (person)

Villalba de Marco, Juan Antonio (person)

Olivé, Juan (person)

Corbi Esteve, Maria (person)

Sevilla Barbera, José (person)

Cruañas Quintana, Josefa (person)

Carreras Gomer, José (person)

Folguera, Joseph (person)

Carrasco Garcia, Arturo (person)

Guerrero Cabeza, Nicasia (person)

Deu i Priu, Baudilio (person)

Gómez Alcántara, Manuel (person)

Porteles, Joaquina (née Martin) (person)

Carreras Sánchez, Arturo (person)

Planas, Marie-Louis Léonie (née Pouget) (person)

Zapiador, Maria (person)

Cirac, Francisca (née Ozanque) (person)

Lozano Arribas, Lorenzo (person)

Justicia Rubio, Dionisio (person)

Pedraza, Angela (née Orue Echevarria) (person)

Mellinas Rurofa, Rafael (person)

Oliveras, Madeleine (née Canet-Soy) (person)

Martinez, Ignacio (person)

Ballester, Josefa (née Ros) (person)

Poreda Caballero, Sebastian (person)

Roma, Alexandre (person)

Gay Parès, Juan (person)

Ibarra Martinez, José (person)

Lopez Imbernon, Juan (person)

Botella, Dolores (née Tomas) (person)

Esquerra Gracia, Alice? (person)

Vinuesa Torres, Jesus (person)

Gimenez Ferrer, Roberto (person)

Domenech Perez, José (person)

Falla Vazquez, Hipolito (person)

Soto Frutos, Domingo (person)

Aspiazu, José (person)

Serrano Rosales, Manuel (person)

Talavera Gallego, Pedro (person)

Garcia Cordoba, Manuel (person)

Moig, Esteban (person)

Prior Sopena, Mariano (person)

Gibanel, Luis (person)

Lacruz, Dionisio (person)

Casanova Elisaldo, Doroteo (person)

Garcia Martinez, Artemio (person)

Marin Pastor, Dolores (person)

Campos Marquez, José (person)

Marimon Vives, José (person)

Sabatés Homs, Gabriel (person)

Mata Sevil, Benito (person)

Rico, Maria (née Monge) (person)

Bonilla Guerrero, Diego (person)

Facundo, José (person)

Munoz, Francois (person)

Cabullida, Manuel (person)

Hernandez Garcia, Fulgencio (person)

Garcia Arroyo, Santos (person)

Corbi Esteve, Juan (person)

Del Moral Cejudo, Adolfo (person)

Echeguren Lazcano, Segundo (person)

Cabrejas Elvira, Angel (person)

Carbon Espluga, Patrocinio (person)

Tejerina Gareta, Rosina (person)

Morales, Jose (person)

Sagaro Tocabens, José (person)

Mestre Teixido, Pedro (person)

Castro Vitales, Telesforo (person)

Alvarez Perez, Euristeo (person)

Lopez Pancorbo, Andres (person)

Martin Acebes, Julian (person)

Prieto Palomo, Teresa (person)

Barbeito Cal, Angel (person)

Serrano Ruiz, Rafael (person)

Sadacca Crespi, Carmen (née Fleta) (person)

Ortiz Garcia, Tomas (person)

Solivella Amores, Clotilde (person)

Bel, Valentin (person)

Vicher, Soledad (née Gomez Hernandez) (person)

Pages Teixidor, Pedro (person)

Sanchez Gomez, Arturo (person)

Nunez Villatoro, Fernando (person)

Puig Comas, Emilio (person)

Costa Arla, Matias (person)

Llonch Sala, Jaime (person)

Recio, Enriqueta (née Miquel) (person)

Lada Santero, Laudelino (person)

Varela Ferró, Luis (person)

Mas Marti, José (person)

Catarineau Clausell, Marcelo (person)

Gimeno Cervantes, ? (person)

Chacon, Rosario (person)

Feliu Carpi, Antonio (person)

Ramirez Clavejo, José (person)

Enajas Sierra, Juan (person)

Vidal Barnes, Jacinto (person)

Jaulin Agustin, José (person)

Gimenez Dotor, José (person)

Guevara Moreno, Diego (person)

Pascual Matencio, Antonio (person)

Vilella Garlandi, Ramon (person)

Clofent, José (person)

Gonzaléz Sanchez, Ramón (person)

Ramirez, José 1922- (person)

Andraca Asensio, Higinio (person)

Lopez Diaz, Enrique (person)

Martinez Legaz, Julio (person)

Alvarez, Francisca (person)

Recuerda Amaya, Cristobal (person)

Nadales, Manuel (person)

Pascual, Maria (née Quartararo) (I) (person)

Olle Rique, Maria (person)

Gonzalez Zubillagas, Manuel (person)

Arnal Martin, Adolfo (person)

Borras Ibars, Agustin (person)

Ruiz Lopez, Dionisio (person)

Hernandez Prieto, Mercedes (Viuda de Blazques Marto, Manuel) (person)

Orozco, Ida (née Correale) (person)

Prieto, Servando (person)

Gazol Coto, Pedro (person)

Laín Alcrudo, Fausto (person)

Guillamon Herrero, Enrique (person)

Heep, Theo (person)

Asensio Luque, Maria (Viuda de Consejo) (person)

Palazon, Francisco (person)

Achotegui Larrea, Narciso (person)

Martin Aparcio, Florentino (person)

Albaladejo Garcia, Francisco (person)

Puelles Gredilla, Silvestre (person)

Dande, José (person)

Anto Gracia, Aurora (person)

Morcillo, Juan (person)

Cubilo Portella, Salvador (person)

Panes Gil, Antonio (person)

Sabater Hurtado, Baptista (person)

Tortajada Muñoz, Salvador (person)

Ruiz, Clarisa (née Fernández) (person)

Carrera Noguiras, Pedro (person)

Barcons Puig de Canet, Pedro (person)

Boticario Sierra, Marcelino (person)

Fernandez Parra, Fidel (person)

Dominguez Lopez, Diego (person)

Gallardo Diaz, Cerefino (person)

Nunez, Auguste (person)

Garcia Vicente, Lucas (person)

Sole, Ramona (person)

Saez Manas, José (person)

Cardus-Duran, Juan (person)

Esteves Peruyero, Enrique (person)

Torne Mestres, José (person)

Servitje, Felipe (person)

Borraz Laguna, Juan (person)

Teres Turmo, José (person)

Morales, Francisco (person)

Garcia Garcia, Francisco (Felix) (person)

Pechs-Trull, Tomas (person)

Pereira Barreiro, Alberto (person)

Farreras Valenti, Francisco (person)

Margalef Pena, Francisco (person)

Gómez Baños, Antonio (person)

Ariño, Luisa (person)

Font Vila, José (person)

Rodriguez Garcia, Florentino (person)

Mongay, Manuel (person)

Fuentes Minguez, Joaquin (person)

Simon, Regina (née Serrano) (person)

Suarez Martinez, Constantino (person)

Murillo, Antonio (person)

Royo Usac, Juan (person)

Garcia Suarez, Dario (person)

Albacenol, Francisco (person)

Barchino, Francisco (person)

Valencia Calderon, Victoria (person)

Lopez Rodriguez, Francisco (person)

Echave, Pedro (person)

Roche Maten, Roman (person)

Mendes Corton, Maria (person)

Lopez Fernandez, Rafael (person)

Guillem, Tomas (person)

Gutierrez Gomez, Andres (person)

De Las Rivas, Luis (person)

Puzo, Nieves (III) (person)

Bravo Castillo, Francisco (person)

Borrego de Rueda, Antonio (person)

International Rescue Committee (corporateBody)

Private international organization for aid to refugees. From the description of International Rescue Committee records, 1933-2009. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 754871906 ...

Ferrando Benavent, Emilio (person)

Montoya, Maria (née Segura) (person)

Iso, Librada (née Garcia) (person)

Altimiras, José (person)

Boria Navarro, Antonio (person)

Rodon Porta, Francisco (person)

Perez Castro, Pedro (person)

Munoz Martinez, Julio (person)

Garcia Salmones, Vicente (person)

Mur, Maria (née Hostal) (person)

Baron Franco, Joachin (person)

Lopez Rivero, Mariano (person)

Gonzalez, Acension (person)

Garcia Garcia, José (person)

Nortes, Camilo (person)

Miguel, Javier (person)

Vignals Martin, Ramon (person)

Navarro, Aurora (person)

Alcacer Sales, Vicente (person)

Zamora, Ramon. (person)

Calduch Garcia, Vicente (person)

Serrat Pons, Agustin (person)

Gonzalez Moran, Celso (person)

Flores, Paulina (person)

Orallo Rodriguez, Francisco (person)

Gomez Diaz, Thomas (person)

Aramayo Echevarria, José (person)

Consul Subria, Ricardo-Juan (person)

Fernandez Rosados, José (person)

Aguilar Meseguer, Sylvestre (person)

Riba Morera, Antoine (person)

Valle Campodarve, Jesus (person)

Gascon Valles, Aurélio (person)

Fernandez, José (person)

Ramos Campoy, Antonio (person)

Nagore Garcia, Salustiano (person)

García Segovia, Esteban (person)

Laforga Fort, Enrique (person)

Zaballos, Francisco (person)

Perez Novau, Angela (person)

Borrajo Delgado, Manuel (person)

Espes Lau, Daniel (person)

Saurina, Gabriela (née Barajas Antruejo) (person)

Sanchez Sagarra, Jesus (person)

Perez Fontal, Martina (person)

Vilardaga, Eulalia (née Pajerols Casals) (person)

Floria Cebollada, Teleoforo (person)

Rodriguez Veseda, Rafael (person)

Vidal Marti, Juan (person)

Sole Sererols, Ramon (person)

Continente, Andresa (née Casamian) (person)

Cepa del Rio, José (person)

Carrillo Franco, Pedro (person)

Cantarero Herros, Angel (person)

Pedrol Marco, Salvador (person)

Bernabe Cortes, Martin (person)

Martin Abad, Miguel (person)

Muela Iniguez, Victor (person)

Martinez Peña, Angel (person)

Garcia Martinez, Manuel (person)

Gil Alvarez, Alberto (person)

Hernandez Salvador, Salvador (person)

Autonana Martinez, Angel (person)

Rocabert Grau, Santiago (person)

Fuster, Dolores (née Abril) (person)

Munoz Romero, Antonio (person)

Parra Gonzalez, José (person)

Linero Burgos, Pedro (person)

Baena Leon, Evaristo (person)

Alcobendas Magan, Valentin (person)

Barañano Maiz, Benigno (person)

Gallego, Manuel (person)

Latorre, Mateo (person)

Bautista Calero, Francisco (person)

Suarez Redal, Manuel (person)

Casado, Maria (née Hernandez Gil) (person)

Sanchez Torico, Valeriano (person)

Agraz Mayral, Joaquin (person)

Marin Vazquez, Felix (person)

Battle Salvat, José (person)

Gomez Ortiz, Silvestre (person)

Conesa, Mercedes (née Juan Vila) (person)

Castell Marti, José (person)

Melendez Marquez, Adolfo (person)

Espierrez Cancer, Augustin (person)

Sabalete Hurtado, Antonio (person)

Exposito Chinchon, Lucio (person)

Martin Laviella, Luis (person)

Lopez Palazon, ? (person)

Gonzalez Lopez, Romualdo (person)

Terencio-Andres, José (person)

Fernandez Fernandez, Juan Fermin (person)

Miguel Bravo, André (person)

Galán Sánchez, Francisco (person)

Rebollida, Ramona (person)

Munarriz Ros, Jesus (person)

Losada Marques, Alejandro (person)

Farina Seren, Ramon (person)

Tejon Baquera, Juan (person)

Gonzalez Bou, Joaquin (person)

Grasa Lacosta, Oreste (person)

Ortense, Luis (person)

Navarro, Luis (Luis Eduardo) (person)

Colomer Verdaguer, Maria (person)

Morlans Mauri, Juan (person)

Luque Ramirez, Manuel (person)

Ferre, Maria Luz (née Rueda) (person)

Mena Saenz, Leonor (person)

Aranda, Josefa (person)

Selgas Galan, Luis (person)

Gomez Sanchez, Antonio (person)

Bermon Citoler, Manuel (person)

Prior Rios, Ramon (person)

Casetas Binoles, Juan (person)

Nagore, Marguerita (née Ruiz) (person)

Sanchez Pedrero, Andrés (person)

Canovas Lopez, Sebastian (person)

Donas, José (person)

da la Vina, Mario (person)

Rodriguez Martinez, Angel (person)

Cuartas Palacio, Aurelio (person)

Hernandez Gómez, Juan (person)

Garcia, Carmen (née Sanz) (person)

Brias Romero, Trinidad (person)

Sanz, Julia (née Miron) (person)

Biesa Oliva, Antonio (person)

Mir Pujades, Alfonso (person)

Cancer Calasanz, Felipe (person)

Martinez Carrión, Matias (person)

Ponz, Alberto (person)

Rincon Garcia, Antonio (II) (person)

Ferre de Valencia, Francisco (person)

Monzo Garcia, Silvestre (person)

Gracia, Francisco (person)

Martinez Navarro, Juan Francisco (person)

Comaposada Guillen, Carmen (person)

Espes Lau, Fausto (person)

Garcia Alvarez, Manuel Benigno (person)

Espino Mendoza, Juan (person)

de los Santos Martinez, Felix (person)

Vidal Cubells, José (person)

Arrufat Sorolla, Francisco (person)

Marimon, Joseph (person)

Lahoz Martin, Luis (person)

Vila Blanch, Fulgencio (person)

Olivas Roche, Fernando (person)

Valls, Pilar (Viuda de Sorroche) (person)

Estan, Ana (née Enriquez Arivalo) (II) (person)

Tarazona Tadeo, Manfredo (person)

Cano Ruiz, Francisco (person)

Laruelo, Luis (person)

Miranda, Rosada Aurelio (person)

Vidal Fernandez, Laureano (person)

Satue Pons, Miguel (person)

Bulete Soriano, Antonia (person)

Solgado Muino, Emilio (person)

Bernad-Bernad, Valentin (person)

Trueba Calvo, Agustin (person)

Mendez Saenz, José (person)

Cervia Sabate, Narciso (person)

Sansa Monjo, Francisco (person)

Andujar Lopez Montero, Pedro (person)

Rodriguez Gomez, Manuel (person)

Blanch Palles, Martin (person)

Brias Romero, José (person)

Curia Arimany, José (person)

Asin Coso, Francisca (née Arroniz) (person)

Tenreiro Leira, Antonio (person)

Garcia Luque, Francisco (person)

Spanish Refugee Aid (Organization) (corporateBody)

Spanish Refugee Aid (SRA) was founded in 1953 to assist refugees of the Spanish Civil War who were then residing in France. Nancy Macdonald (1910-1996) was the leading figure in the founding of Spanish Refugee Aid and remained at the organization's helm until her retirement in 1983. SRA maintained an office in New York City and coordinated aid efforts in France from Paris, Toulouse and Montauban. Between 1953 and 2006 when SRA, by then a program of the International Rescue Committee, was dissolv...

Peirat, Julian (person)

Cubeles, Rosa (née Martinez) (person)

Canas, Carmen (person)

Lopez Vazquez, Eugenio (person)

Ferruz Blasco, Antonio (person)

Gomez Robles, José (person)

Cebrian Sanchez, Donato (person)

Fernandez, Matilde (Viuda de Saez) (person)

Iranzo Garcia, Julian (person)

Fernandez Martinez, Roberto (person)

Vaquer, Adela (née Paradeda Vilaseca) (person)

Marquez Rodriguez, Antonio (person)

Piazuelo, Luis (person)

Aler, Justo (person)

Tomas Gaso, José (person)

Cabestany, Francisco (I) (person)

Serracanta, José (person)

Moreno Alcoroche, Melíton (person)

Calvo Gonzalez, Joaquin (person)

Sanchez Guerrero, Francisco (person)

Royo Trallero, Manuel (person)

Almaden Rodriguez, Rafael (person)

Abellan, Hermenegilda (née Vicente) (person)

Cerezuela, Francisco (person)

Lasierra, Manuel (person)

Velasco, Matias (person)

Arruego Gimenez, Aurelia (Viuda de Ballarin) (person)

Foncillas, Angelina (née Ruesca) (person)

Vallé, Angèle (person)

Esterlich Benet, Vicente (person)

Zarco Gimenez, Josefa (I) (person)

Sanchez Ortega, Federico (person)

Garcia, Mariano (person)

Fernandez, Armando (person)

Lamora, Paulina (née Mur) (person)

Ruiz, Diego, 1881-1959 (person)

Cruz Ortiz, Agustin (person)

Martorell, Angel (person)

Sanvicente Gosset, Francisco (person)

Lario Maldonado, Antonio (person)

Baldu, José (person)

Arnau Meseguer, Arturo (person)

Navero, Marie-Louise (née Laurent) (person)

Rodeja Marti, Jaime (person)

Castillon Eurech, Francisco (person)

Gonzalez Galvez, Brigido (person)

Calzado de la Rosa, Manuel (person)

Vinas Ferri, Alberto (person)

Berrio Melgares, Hypolite (person)

Alarcon Munos, Antonio (person)

del Rio, José (person)

Gomez de Castro, Ciriace (person)

Basagana, Juan (person)

Lozano, Maria (née Valledor) (person)

Gonzalez Cruzado, Juan (person)

Prat Ornaque, Emilia (person)

Ortiz Labarga, Jesus (person)

Soler Quevedo, Lucila (née Garcia) (person)

Ramos Gimenez, José (person)

Martinez Sarmiento, Valeriano (person)

Sanchez Prieto, Antonio (person)

Batalla Batalla, José (person)

Gil Saiz, Angel (person)

Segura Buenafuente, Adelaida (person)

Lozano, Francisco, 1912- (person)

Gomez Serrano, Jean (person)

Dalmau, Ramone (née Gomez) (person)

Guerrero Acevedo, Juan (person)

Guernica Echevarria Ugalde, José (person)

Barrufet Gelonch, José (person)

Contreras, Angel (person)

Iranzo Casanova, Carmen (person)

Espes, Angel (person)

Ferrer Farriol, Juan (person)

Ibanez Lopez, José (person)

Estaun, Francois (person)

Cales, Vicente (née Rufau) (person)

Campos del Molino, José (person)

Muñoz Ballestero, Florencio (person)

Comabella, Juana (person)

Reixach Bonemaison, Emilia (person)

Pena, Denise (person)

Cruz Valverde, Francisca (person)

Carrascal Moreno, Mariano (person)

Miranda Jimenez, Téofilo (person)

Damper Lacruz, Aurea (person)

Sanchez, Roman (person)

Cutillas, Martin (person)

Hernandez, Maria (née Ballabriga) (person)

Garrigos Mira, Georgette (person)

Gomez Rios, Luis (person)

Almunia Gombau, Salvador (person)

Rofes Llorens, Bonaventura (person)

Elias Manuel, Luis (person)

Garcia, Manuela (née Bonachera) (person)

Bou Cervera, Joaquina (née Amela) (person)

Berdie Ateas, Manuel (person)

Carrera, Pilar Fernandez (person)

Fernandez, Victoriano (person)

Castello Galiano, Antonio (person)

Gras Sinent, Bernardo (person)

Arechavaleta, Ricardo (person)

Padilla Sanchez, José (person)

Orero Capilla, José (person)

Munoz, José Maria (person)

Ruiz, Rosario (née Ruiz) (person)

Naveso Marrupe, Silverio (person)

Valero Perello, Francisco (person)

Fernandez Lopez, José (person)

Alierto Pardinas, Ponciano (person)

Morales Guerrero, Daniel (person)

Valles Ano, José (person)

Urrea Fumanal, José (person)

Pique, Teresa (née Masvet) (person)

Valls Collelli, Luciano (person)

Luño Gilaberte, Gregorio (person)

Molla Companys, Carmen (person)

Rincon Garcia, Antonio (I) (person)

Rodriguez, Teresa (née Sequera) (person)

Rico Acebes, Andres (person)

Montarroso, Galino (person)

Gomez Baeza, Pedro (person)

Garcia Magrane, Maria (person)

Fernandez, Isaura (person)

Garrido Martinez, Casimiro (person)

Mirones Uruña, Cipriano (person)

Ariza, Josefina (person)

Barrios Garcia, Maria Francoise (person)

Busquets Vilanova, Magin (person)

Dominguez, Marcial (person)

Vizcaino, Ricardo (person)

Garbi, Francisco (person)

Bartolome Fernandez, Acracio (person)

Sanchez Ruiz, Manuel (person)

Segui Fernando, Antonio (person)

Fernandez Granados, Sebastian (person)

Ferrer, Isabel (née Gil) (person)

Alvares, Josefina (person)

Gil Porcar, Francisco (person)

Ortuño Perez, Mariano (person)

Garcia Fernandez, José (person)

Fernandez Gutierrez, Matias (person)

Suarez Sierra, Joaquin (person)

Morelló Torer, Joaquin (person)

Morano Esteban, Marcelino (person)

Bisbal Junyent, Antonio (person)

Casalduero Musso, Ramon (person)

Lleixa Garcia, Anaclet (person)

Calle Perez, Sabiniano (person)

Exposito, Amelia (née Camardiel) (person)

Dorronsoro, Toribio (person)

Dolset Comes, Carlos (person)

Martinez Blanco, Ramon (person)

Nebot Nieto, Rafael (person)

García Fraile, Ulpiano (person)

Ros, Maria (née Gil) (person)

Gimeno, Engracia (née Burriel Sagarra) (person)

Sanchez Ruiz, Charlotte (person)

Rodriguez Quideillo, Venerando (person)

Rodriguez, Rogelia (née Gonzalez) (person)

Boroz Sanosa, José (person)

Martinez Fernades, Isidro (person)

Trueba Calvo, Feliza (person)

Lopez, Salvador (person)

Moreda Vega, Edelimiro (person)

Maestro, Rosa Julia (née Roca) (person)

Prieto Exposito, Jaime (person)

Baratou Casas, Antonia (person)

Jimenez Munoz, Antonio (person)

Solans Sagarra, Francisco (person)

Solé Borras, Rafael (person)

Rodriguez Palomo, Juan (person)

Paredes Galindo, Antonio (person)

Lopez Ruiz, Anastasio (person)

Perez, Anna (person)

Arres, Juana (née Martinez) (person)

Zamora Becerra, Maria (person)

Torres Clavero, Miguel (person)

Zabala y Abarcaz, Martin (person)

Perez Oliva, José (person)

Perez Tornel, José (person)

Corbo Lozano, Pedro (person)

Juste Moral, Salvador (person)

Brugarolas Planas, Hilarion (person)

Leralta, Teodoro (person)

Lopez Manzano, Pilar (Viuda de Torres) (person)

Velasco, Adelina (née Fernandez) (person)

Castro Vensala, Manuel (person)

Puzo Cabero, Mariano (II) (person)

Prescens, Francisco (person)

Regue Mas, Antonio (person)

Guirado Diaz, Rafael (person)

Hernandez Herrero, Santos (person)

Fontbote Gispert, Luis (person)

Bentavio, Juan (person)

Gomez, Eusebia (née Martin) (person)

Delgado Cacharro, Tomás (person)

Lafarga Miro, José (person)

Mas Ibañez, Therese (person)

Benito Martinez, Fernando (person)

Aznar Lobera, Juliana (person)

Martinez Munoz, Francisco (person)

Segues, Dolores (née Caurat) (person)

Gutierrez, Aldea (person)

Guillo Miralles, Pedro (person)

Garruz Torres, Angel (person)

Izquierdo Carreras, Luis (person)

Berges Abad, José (person)

Dalmau Corda, Gervais (person)

Burgos Munoz, Eulalio (person)

Guerrero Ortega, José (person)

Duarte, Francisco (person)

Commissary General of the Fleets and Troops of Carlos I; little is known about him. From the description of Document signed : Antwerp, 1544 Dec. 31. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270874607 ...

Miron, Simone (née Deleuze) (person)

Garcia, Julia (person)

Artero Sanchez, Matias (person)

Iglesias Docampo, Dositeo (person)

Voces Olego, Melguiades (person)

Floristan-Urrecho, Julian (person)

Brell Dura, Enrique (person)

Esteban, Eladio (person)

Aznar Lobera, Pablo (person)

Nomdedeu Rius, Francisco (person)

Amalia, Bautista (person)

Serna Izquierda, Segundo (person)

Martin Caro, Pedro (person)

Montes Riesco, Maria (person)

Arbos, Luis (person)

Rio Menendez, Antonia (person)

Horta Iranzo, Santos (person)

Martinez, Carmen (person)

Job and Housing Coordinator, Freedom Community Resource Center. From the description of Reminiscences of Carmen Martinez : oral history, 2001-2002. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 269259201 ...

Lopez Angulo Iniguez, Jacinto (person)

Gomez Lopez, Tomas (person)

Cartana, Maria (person)

Navarro, Julia (née Vacas&gt (person)

Lluis, Eudaldo (person)

Pardina Sarrato, Pedro (person)

Sala-Llanta, Joaquin (person)

Daura Florenza, José (person)

Susin, Nieves (née Perez) (person)

Casanovas Aria, Antonio (person)

Sanroma, Mariano (person)

Oliva, Dolores (née Pujol) (person)

Puyo Manero, David (person)

Checa, Emilia (née Balaquer) (person)

Alvarez de la Rosa, Joaquin (person)

Esteva Portolés, Vicente (person)

Cela Fernandez, Miguel (person)

Martinez, Bernabea (person)

Tejedor, Elisa (née Cardo) (person)

Moreno, Angela (née Garcia) (person)

Padros, Rosa (person)

Fuentes Mainero, José (person)

Oscoz Urriza, Juan Antonio (person)

Armantera Calvo, Eduardo (person)

Martinez Amigo, Rufo (person)

Lozano Atochero, Pablo (person)

Ibarrando, Carmen (née Mateu) (person)

Canedo, Barbara (née Huerta) (person)

Sebastian, Ignacio (person)

Lopez Perez, Benigno (person)

Del Rio Martinez, Luis (person)

Mainar Gracia, Elias (person)

Abadia, Juan (person)

Gimenez Cervantes, Antonio (person)

Santos Gomez, Dolores (person)

Cotes Faulón, Fernando (person)

Domenech Cerceño, Benita (person)

Fernandez Perez, Gonzalo (person)

Aure Cera, Teodoro (person)

Rodriguez Merino, Manuel (person)

Baras, Manuel (person)

Sánchez, Miguel, 1594-1674 (person)

Garrido Parrado, Rogelio (person)

Ribot Lluchi, Benito (person)

Cantarino, Maria (née Gallego) (person)

Pascua, Mariano (person)

Puértolas, Santiago (person)

De Molina, Carlos (person)

Rodriguez Lancho, Pedro (I) (person)

Androher, Livorio (person)

Aso Ferrando, Baldomers (person)

Martinez, Concepcion (née Gracia Lahoz) (person)

Martinez Castello, Angel (person)

Bravo, Teresa (née Hidalgo) (person)

Perez, Vicente (person)

Lison Lorenzo, Alice (née de Loma) (person)

Marzo Barona, Michel (person)

Gracia, Francoise (née Gil) (person)

Serres, Marguerite (person)

Perez Laguna, Juan (person)

Bernabe Mula, Antonio (person)

Climent Palmer, Ramon (person)

Garvi, Joaquin (person)

Javierre, Pilar (née Buil) (person)

Encabo Munoz, Felipe (person)

González Bargueño, Valeriano (I) (person)

Teran Alonso, Julian (person)

Brasas, Pedro (person)

Hernandez, Isabelle (person)

Ibarz Mauri, Antonio (person)

Villagrasa, Segundo (person)

Llonga Vert, José (person)

Miguel, Carmen (née Rostoll) (person)

Villena Palacios, Faustino (person)

Garcia, Romero (person)

Roca, Benito (person)

Perez Elvira, José (person)

Moreno, Luis (person)

Tejada Borjas, Antonio (person)

Morando Camacho, Theodomiro (person)

Guiraud Pujol, José (person)

Menchaca Echerarria, Simon (person)

Martinez Lobera, Maximo (person)

Pardo Herrera, José (person)

Riera Santacreu, Ramona (person)

Perea Fernandiz, Daniel (person)

Guillen Ferrer, José (person)

Fernandez Alonso, Rufino (person)

Vargas Soria, José (person)

Frande Martin, Rafael (person)

Sanz Pinilla, Isidoro (person)

Vergara Aguirre, Abelardo (person)

Torner Tort, Juan (person)

Alcaina Grau, Manuel (person)

Boxaca, Pilar (née Gómez) (person)

Piquer, Maria del Pilar (née Cebrian) (person)

Salmerón Rocamora, Francisco (person)

Gil Albertin, Pablo (person)

Nebot Nicolau, Felix (person)

Sanmartin Pastor, Ramon (person)

Burgos Lozano, Pilar (person)

Jal Zamora, Sebastian (person)

Cañas, Maria (née Gonzalez) (person)

Vazquez, Juan (person)

Ester, Odette (person)

Agustín, María (person)

Angles Monroig, Vicente (person)

Cabestany, Francisco (person)

Avila Diaz, Modesto (person)

Ispizua Asla, Jésus (person)

Granda Fernandez, Atilano (person)

Almohalla, Maria (née Lopez) (person)

Carrera Olivan, Benito-Arbol (person)

Soriano Villa, Manuel (person)

Molano de Paz, Juana (person)

Vicente, Tomasa (née Lopez) (person)

Martin Gimenez, Lorenzo (person)

Cofrades, Petra (person)

Armentia Nunez, Angel (person)

Vera y Morata, Juan (person)

Urdanos Gone, Tiburcio (person)

Ramon, Angela (née Junyent) (person)