Jacob Ben-Ami scripts 1927-1967


Jacob Ben-Ami scripts, 1927-1967

Jacob Ben-Ami scripts 1927-1967

Jacob Ben-Ami (1890-1977) was an actor and director, and prominent figure in American Yiddish theater. The collection contains thirty-four theatrical scripts dating from 1927 to 1967.

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Ben-Ami, Jacob

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Jacob Ben-Ami was a twentieth century actor and director and prominent figure in American Yiddish theater. Ben-Ami was born on November 23, 1890, in Minsk, then a part of the Russian Empire. Before immigrating to the United States, he performed with Yiddish theater troupes throughout Russia and in London. In the United States, he worked with prominent figures on the Yiddish theater scene, including at Maurice Schwartz's Irving Place Theatre. He was a leading figure in th...